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The Robot Soccer Mission

Dramatis Personae

Ashlyn, Haywood, Kristy

1 August, 2015

Ashlyn's first mission for OMEGA is to infiltrate a building under the cover of a soccer game. Robots show up too.



Kristy has summoned her favourite pair of psychics to a meeting. It is being held in a small room at the Human Potential Network headquarters - all very modern yet at the same time a bit gloomy. Kristy addresses the pair; there is also coffee and Danishes. "This should be a quick job, just to get Ashlyn used to the idea and wanting to help us out more." On the wall behind her is a map of a university campus - Portland University. "We're using Ashlyn's soccer team as cover and have organised a match to take place against PU. Haywood will be joining the squad as a coach." She stops to look over the nerd. "Or the guy who cuts up the oranges at half time. At some point during the first half, Ashlyn will come off injured and the two of you will then infiltrate the science building and retrieve a disc from their secure storage." Kristy points out each building on the map as she does so. "Basic electronic security to it should be easy for you two. But you can't be discovered and you need to be back on the bus before the end of the game."

It's mission time! And thus, Haywood is dressed in appropriate mission accoutrements, or at least ones appropriate to Kristy's briefings; that is a black polo shirt with a Fila logo on it, a whistle thing and a pair of shorts and running shoes. "Hey, a coach doesn't have to be able to do any of the things they ask the team to actually perform. I read the rules for soccer, and I watched a DVR match of the women's world cup. I probably know the rules better than the ref." He glances over the provided maps of the place and raises a brow at the disc. "They need to get with the times too if they are still using discs like that. Should we bring a taser or something? Look a lot less suspicious, and be a whole lot less lethal than us zapping anyone."

Ashlyn is rocked back in her chair with her knees to the table as that said chair is tipped a back, teetering on its hind legs. Clad in jeans that have seen better days, and a v-neck white shirt - she is currently chewing on the straw to an iced coffee drink. Her eyes drift between Haywood and Kristy at appropriate intervals, but for the most part Ash is listening to Kristy, tracking the movement of the other woman's lips when she speaks.

Thankfully Kristy's lips don't move too far from her mouth as she speaks. "Most spectators know the rules better than the ref" she smirks to Haywood before continuing. "PU has been doing some experiments in the psychic field and we would like to see the results. A precog assures us it will be in the location we are hitting. I'll come along to keep you all company." And probably hang out in the team locker room. "Any questions?" She looks at her watch. "We leave in fifteen minutes."

"Just if there is anything special that they want us to have like ear pieces, radios and whatnot." Haywood glances between the two in thought a moment but shrugs. "Aside from that I guess it’s just getting ready and pretending to be someone who wants to watch sports." He chuckles at that but shrugs.

"The girl’s locker room, hmmm?" A smirk from Ashlyn to Kristy at this then a grin as she regards the other woman. "I bet you'll be sure to get a good view of... the game." Slluuurrrppp. Up she takes an intentional irritating sip of her coffee drink before swallowing it down. "He could be a ref in training - or the like. To where he's not calling all the major shots. I don't want us to lose the game."

"Standard infiltration equipment will be supplied" Kristy confirms to Haywood. "And you have about an hour before we're in Portland and you have to show some intelligence about soccer." There is a smirk back to Ashlyn at her words. "Are you reading my mind? It seems new powers have already taken root" she winks to the other woman before clapping her hands. "Let's move it out."

"You mean like when to let a penalty go to utilize the Advantage rule?" Haywood tilts his head looking to Kristy. "Done and done. I'll be sure to find more rules to look up to take advantage of." Standing he stretches and lets out a sigh at the clapping hands, "Now to pretend to be a jock. I think that means spitting about every three minutes minimally."

Ashlyn rocks her chair back down onto the ground with a 'thunk' as she stands, another slurp of her iced coffee drink and a swallow. "Okie dokie then." Her coffee set down briefly as she stretches out her form, arms lifting above her head as her fingers wriggle out. "Haywood. I must say. I'm pretty excited to see you in those short referee shorts. I bet your legs are all pale and delicious." A grin to the man at this before Ash just gives a soft laugh - she has had coffee after all. "Anywho."

The three of them...and the college soccer team...are soon on the road to Portland. Haywood and Ashlyn were given their equipment and all three now have earpieces to talk with each other...or pretend they're listening to hip and happening beats. Once they've arrived they get shown the visiting team changing rooms...Kristy makes sure everything is secure...before there is some giggling at Haywood's knobbly knees. "Have a good game" Kristy tells the players before taking a seat in the stands.

Haywood rolls his eyes at the comment concerning his legs and he takes up his position, Not in the locker room unfortunately. Testing the headpiece he presses buttons "Just making sure this doesn't have interference with skills." He really wished he didn't have to pretend to like sports for a few hours, but at least it's all girls he'll be watching.

Ashlyn is already in her soccer uniform, which includes a v-neck shirt with the college logo, her own pair of short shorts, soccer cleats and those socks that go up to their knees. Hair in a twisted up ponytail. She's standing at the opposite end of the locker room, whispering sweet nothings to Haywood to test the volume. "You get that?" Asked as she wanders toward the man as Ash tugs her shirt a moment. "We good to go?" A glance to Kristy as she departs, then back to Haywood, "Your knees look fine, by the way. Just means it would hurt if you hit someone with them. More bone."

The game begins and Ashlyn has all the skills. At least more than the woman marking her. Kristy watches from the stands. "Nice form, Ash" she whispers to her agent. "Keeping up, Hay?" she adds. "You two really need codenames and I can't call you both Sparky." She glances at her watch. "Five minutes, Ash, then come down with the injury. I'll meet you in the tunnel. You too, Haywood."

"Yep, I'll be sure to give the rest of the agents the play by play later," Haywood replies but does his best keeping the rest of the team going properly anyway. He thinks a moment on the matter of code names though. "Bolt, Flash, Zap, Electron, Current, are all easy. Or go the MiB route and go by letters. Agent H at least is better than preparation H."

Ashlyn is playing okay today, but nothing spectacular - probably because she knows what's about to happen. Ball kicked, the young woman running after it as a female from the opposing side runs into her, briefly pushing her off course to the side. "I." Pant. "Like." Pant. "Ash." Another pant as the ball is kicked to her before quickly passed to another girl next to her. "If I.." Pantpantpant, "Truly hurt myself." Grunt, "I demand to be pampered." The game goes on a few more minutes, Ashlyn trailing behind an aggressive player of the opposite team, "Okay. Gonna bump this chick."

"Depends how you apply it" deadpans Kristy to Haywood's comment. "Okay, Flash and Ash. Time for stage two." She slips from her seat and heads down to the tunnel. She peers out at the field. No doubt the others will join her presently.

"I thought all soccer players knew how to pretend to be hurt," Haywood says with a slight grin and moves to the side of the field getting ready to escort his 'injured' player off the field to go steal something. "Just don't be too realistic, I don't know how to put a bone back into a leg if it comes out." He runs that statement against memory a moment, "Okay, not true, I've seen how to do it but I've never done it. So let’s not make it a first."

Sure enough, Ashlyn bumps the girl from the other team with her shoulder, and she bumps Ashlyn back. It wasn't a /hard/ bump, but it was a bump and a tripping to the side, a falling, then a rolling for a few feet as she cries out. Then she's on her back, holding her calf - eyes all squinty shut. Ash isn't fake screaming or crying, but she does kinda roll back and forth on her back, the other soccer players running around her - keeping on game point until that whistle is blown.

Perfect. Ashlyn's measured dramatics have the desired effect and Haywood is called over to escort her from the pitch...past the changing rooms...and directly to Kristy where she waits with clothing for the pair. "Get into these...just put them over your clothes." They are maintenance overalls. Then she is leading them out of the stadium and directly to the science building. "I'll take care of the guard, you take care of their security systems. We have fifty minutes."

Putting the uniform on as he walks, Haywood seems amused. "Any fake moustaches to be had? Maybe a baseball cap?" Hopping a few times to get the last bit settled into the pants part he glances around the campus. "From your map, the building should be just over there right?"

Ashlyn pulls on her coveralls as well, zipping, and buttoning as needed. Her shoes are pulled off and boots slipped on, lacing them up before the coveralls are stuffed into her boots. No words from her as she gets ready, really having nothing to add.

"Can't grow your own moustache, Haywood?" Kristy smirks before nodding to his direction giving. "That the one" she agrees before stepping straight into the lobby and marching up to the security man at the desk. "Good afternoon" she smiles sweetly, her voice already enchanting and soothing. "They are here to fix the gyroscope." A jerk of her thumb to the two maintenance individuals. "Would you let them in, please?" It looks like he would object but there is something about Kristy's voice...her eyes...the way her mind is controlling his...that gets him to nod and flick a switch before pointing to an opening elevator. "Thank you" Kristy smiles before looking back to her agents. "Ten minutes. That only gets you to the level...not in the room."

Inclining his head to Kristy, Haywood makes his way to the elevator and pushes the button. When the doors shut with him and Ash in it, he offers her a smile. "Welcome to your first task. Having a considerable amount of stress and confusion yet?"

"No. I'm fine." A small smirk to Haywood at this from Ash as she rests up against the elevator wall, turning her face into her shoulder as she gives a yawn - muffling it. "I am tireds. No stress and confusion, but I could use a coffee." Says the barista, fingers lifting to rub lightly at her eyes. "Just tell me what to do. And I'll do my best to do it."

With the chiming of a bell the lift stops and the doors open to reveal a white corridor leading off into the distance. Directly in front of them, about three feet from the lift door, is a glass door with an electronic keypad next to it. There is a gentle hum of machinery beyond but luckily no sign of people.

"Well then, Madam Ash. Would you care to do the honors of frying a simple electronic keypad?" Haywood gestures to it as he looks around the white corridor. "Shouldn't take much to take it out, a couple amps ought to be enough to surge the thing putting it into default failsafe mode." He takes up position beside the door to look through the glass to what's inside.

A sigh from her when Haywood offers her up to take out the key pad, "Fine." As it's not a held current, Ash simply lifts a hand and zap it with a bolt of electricity after a small static build up. The whole thing takes about ten seconds before she's lowering her hand and rubbing her palm on her pants. "You are lucky. The last time I tried to work a current I kept losing focus. Could also be because I was... well, I just wasn't concentrating." A shrug of her shoulders at this, "Next one is you."

With sparks aplenty the box is fried and the door slides open. Their footsteps echo on the tiled floor. Ahead there are a number of doors in each side of the corridor...they want Room 6B. There are also cameras in the ceiling so hopefully someone is taking care of those.

"It comes and goes, a good meal, a bad day. Sometimes I can't get current to do anything." Haywood shrugs as he notices the cameras up ahead and raises his hand up. And like a sith lord Lightning arches out of his hand into the nearest camera sending a wicked arc along the line, searing a mark along the wall with how strong the energy is. "Other days, you get to be a super hero."

Ashlyn gives a small shrug as she follows after Haywood, fingers lifting to rake through her long bangs before they are tucked behind her ear. "My focus has been off lately. My roommate, you know, my gay BFF? He hasn't been around lately, and I'm worried about him. He did mention he has a sordid past." A glance to the cameras when he fries them, then back to Haywood. "Apartment is awfully quiet."

Hopefully there are no microphones to catch the chatty pair as well. They walk past closed doors, each with a keypad next to them on the wall, until they reach a T-junction. The A rooms are left, the B rooms are right. So 6B must be to the right. A light flickers overhead for a moment. 6B appears on the left. Could it really be this easy?

"If you need help looking for him, we may be able to," Haywood looks to the keypad and taps his ear piece, "Everything is going smoothly here, things good there?" he checks back with Kristy just to make sure nothing is doom and gloom where they aren't paying attention. He does look to Ashlyn though. "Feel up to this one?"

Ashlyn really is having an off day. Off with soccer. Off with her powers. When they arrive to the door, she hits it with electricity, but it's a weak current - and maybe that is why it only opens halfway. Through the door she slips - going first as she was the one who opened it. "No. no help with finding him. Thanks though."

"Five minutes" is Kristy's reply to Haywood...everything must be okay. As Ashlyn slips inside the light flickers on overhead to reveal a circular table in the center. Upon it is a single CD-Rom case. Otherwise the room seems empty...but then there is an automated voice. "Please state name and code." A panel in the wall opens up and what looks like a metal shoebox rolls out and stops in front of Ashlyn.

"Alright, we'll keep the count," comes Haywood's reply as he squeezes into the room after Ashlyn. Seeing the drive on the table he raises a brow thinking it's too easy, then frowns with acceptance as the voice and shoebox pop out. "Now what brand are you..." he says to himself as he looks over the thing.

"Yup. Your turn." As Haywood tackles that, Ashlyn steps away and just stares at the disk on the table. Somehow she has gum in the overalls, which she pulls out now, unwraps, and puts in her mouth that she starts to chew. Oh so casually she bends down and starts untying the laces of her shoe, quite quickly. The end result is that one of her boots is yanked off, aimed, and thrown at the disc on the table in an attempt to knock it off. But it's slid across the table, a glance over her shoulder to Haywood. "Okay. No lasers. Should I grab it?"

"Go for it," Haywood says in a low voice as he looks around the room for any other sensors, cameras and things separate from the previous fried things. A small metal box by itself is ominous enough after all, and he keeps his face downward facing towards the floor examining the box too.

As Haywood stares at the shoebox, electricity arcs from it, past his shoulder and slamming into Ashlyn...who did just throw something at the disc. It stings like her own electronic attacks. Smoke rising from her overalls where it hit and hit hard.

Ashlyn was walking toward the disc, still seeming a bit leary when that electricity arcs from the box and slams into Ashlyn - catching her off guard. A painful cry as she staggers forward and slams into the edge of the table, a string of words coming from her, "JESUSFUCKINGCHRISTDISARTHEDAMNTHINGGODDAMNIT!" All of them slurred together, even as her bare toe hits a leg of the table. Ouch.

Electricity shoots out again from the box, this time it crackles into Haywood and his overalls start smoking. The little box pulling back slightly as hums softly.

As the shock hits his body, Haywood lets out a grunt as his muscles start clenching up. He lets out a breath and pants for air when the current ends and he points his fingers back at it, "Login attempt failed, initiating countermeasures." With the power that had come at him arcing back into the thing far far worse than it struck with.

Ashlyn lays up against the table for a moment, and then a shudder of pain passes over her body as does a wave of concentration. A grunt as she wills herself to become immune to the electricity the machine is spitting out before she simply makes to reach for the disc on the table. "Is this is another test. I will be perturbed."

The box shoots out more electricity but this time it completely misses its target and Ashlyn is safe to grab the disc.

The current shooting from Haywood keeps up its intensity into the little metal box. "Get the disc out of here and we can run for the elevator. Time is running short and we don't need to keep playing with that thing, whatever it is."

"Fine." A small jerk from Ashlyn when she sees the electricity shoot by her - albeit missing her as she grabs the disk (and her boot), before turning and simply making to run toward the door. "Come on, baby. Stop fucking around with your little pet and let's go!"

The continuing flow of electricity into the shoebox is overloading the poor little thing's circuits and suddenly it blows. Smoke rising up from the burning machine...towards the smoke detectors.

"Yeah yeah, fine I'll take my little pet with us. We need to get to the elevator asap before it goes into fireman mode. Once we're in it we can use the override commands." Haywood grabs the fried robot, and makes his way out of the closed door behind Ashlyn. "Otherwise it's the stairs for us."

"Already there!" Words behind her shoulder to Haywood as she makes to slide through the halfway open door unless it closes - and if she gets through, is already running down the hallways toward the elevator they rode up in.

The pair of them sprint for the exit. No alarms - smoke or otherwise - but there is another shoebox trundling towards them from the opposite end of the T-junction. It starts to hum a little louder as they come into view.

Lugging the heavy metal box, Haywood grumbles as he tries to run after the soccer player. Seeing another shoebox coming his way he tries to bring up his protections again, but something just isn't feeling right.

Ashlyn is an athlete - so turning the corner before the box thingy can attack her is easyish for her. Thudding footsteps, one booted - one bare as she runs down the hallway. She keeps glancing over her shoulder to Haywood, but then suddenly remembered something, "Kristy - we got boxes up here shooting electricity. How good are we on time?" Because it's probably running out. Fast.

"Boxes? Shooting electricity? Lucky you two are immune then" Kristy replies. "Two minutes." A pause. "You're not on fire or anything..." Back downstairs the box zaps the slow moving nerd and fries his overalls. The fabric starting to melt into his flesh.

"Sunovabitch!" Cries out Haywood as he takes another hit, hobbling a bit more as he tries to get to the elevator. "Get the doors shut so it can't hit me any goddamnmore."

Ashlyn was running toward the elevators, but when Haywood cries out, Ashlyn simply does a small arc in the hallway and runs back toward Haywood. Disregarding his request (or was it orders?), Ash runs past the man and simply makes to kick the rolling machine down the hallway, and away from Haywood. She's immune after all - unlike /some/ people. Ahem.

The box is heavier than it looks and the kick only makes it teeter-totter in place...but enough for it to lose its bearings for a moment. At least it won't be shooting for a moment.

Haywood just keeps limping along till he falls over into the elevator and holds down the buttons in the appropriate emergency override configuration. "Things set off the fire alarm up here. We're coming down, and we're hurt. So there’s that." Leaning his head to the side he calls back out "Get back in here, it's time to bail."

Ashlyn watches the box just teeter in place before she gives it another kick for good measure, this one with a little oomph behind it. But then she's turning and running after Haywood, "Coming!" There is a small sing song tone in her voice before she skids into the elevator after him, maybe even stepping on him a bit as he's all laying there. The button up is pushed a few times - as if the door closed button. "Fret not Haywood, I'll dress our wounds. With love."

The lift rises slowly and then stops. Another bell and the doors part to reveal the lobby and Kristy waiting at the front desk. The security guard seems to be asleep. She offers a brief smile to the pair before starting for the front door. No time to waste!! "The game is almost over...we're winning."

"I'll accept whatever healing comes. I think there's a song about that..." Haywood recalls and shakes his head, then lets out a sigh as he sees Kristy at the front desk. "Brought an extra souvenir for the lab," he says holding up the fried metal box as he limps out. "I'm heading to the bus, and sitting."

Ashlyn moves over to Haywood, looping an arm around his waist as her free hand holds her boots by the laces. "I'm going to the buss as well. I'm injured, right?" A smirk to the man she helps when calls after Kristy, "Make sure there is an ice pack and towel and a belt. Need to get my leg red." And apparently she's going to smack it with the belt.

"Where else would we be going?" Kristy asks the pair before quirking a brow at the shoebox. The just a shake of her head. "I'll want a full debrief once we get back to Fallcoast" she whispers as she walks. "But if you have the disc then...well done."