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The Little Glass Cat: Roadtrip
Dramatis Personae

India and Peter

26 February, 2017

India and Peter sets out to find the little glass cat figurines true home. Also; pre-story for possible Locus application


Kentucky, heading east!

Nevada is long behind them now. It had taken some doing, among others selling his cab, but they had scraped together enough cash to fix her VW Bus to such a degree that it was street legal. It would be necessary to have it. It had become clear that the little glass figurine from the pawn shop did not belong anywhere in Nevada. East, it seemed to indicate. It wanted to go east! And so, VW Bus all fixed up, east they went. It is a nice, crisp early morning and Peter is at the wheel, driving the bus due east along the interstate. They have just passed another stateline, leaving Missouri and entering Kentucky. Its not the warmest of mornings, but the heating unit of the bus had been fixed as well. He has been driving through the night, letting India sleep.

India is, of course, sleeping in her beast form. The restrictions of the bus make it far more comfortable for both of them to sleep that way, and she's curled on one of his hoodies on the back seat. Or was. She's waking up now, a front leg stretching as eyes blink and look around before settling on the back of Peter's head. <<Awake>> she communicates, pushing lazily to her feet for an all body flex and stretch. Her back arches and her tail flicks, and as she hops down to the floor she shifts effortlessly into human form and squeezes herself through the gap between driver and passenger seats and drops to a sit. "Sorry I slept so long. Where are we?" And she peers out the window at the featureless road.

Peter looks in the rear view mirror as he notices movement behind him, "Awake finally?" he says, turning his head just partially to the side before she squeezes past and drops into the passenger seat, "I hope you slept well? I tried to avoid as many bumps in the road as I could." he looks to where he is driving, "We just passed into Kentucky. Well, about an hour ago, or so. Then its Virginia.. then we hit the coast. Guess we decide then if we have to get across the sea or if the little orange cat will give us a new direction."

"I slept good," India says, smiling across at Peter. She works an elastic band off her wrist and uses it to catch back her hair into a messy ponytail, the ribbons that are woven through it spilling colourfully through its lengths. "Kentucky? That means we're making pretty good time." She fishes a bag of peppermints from the glove compartment, then hoists her feet up onto the dashboard, helping herself to a mint before offering them over to him. "I'll get some coffee on in a minute. You must be half-dead. Did you get any sleep at all?"

"Oh, yeah. Several minutes, but then there was a turn in the road and we went off into this field of corn.." Peter begins, then grins a bit to her, "Naw. I kept on driving. Coffee would be good, but I should probably get away from behind the wheel soon. Need to rest a bit." he does not look too tired though. Seems all that time being a cab driver in various parts of Nevada helped him focus his mind behind the wheel!

"Oh you!" India says, a giggle forming as she swats at his arm with the bag of sweets. It splits, and the mints go everywhere, rolling under the seats and under his feet, something that seems to amuse her even more as she balls the bag up and lobs it at his head. "I'll make the coffee." She's onto her feet and heading back between the seats to make them some coffee, glancing up to the little glass cat where it sits securely on an overhead shelf. "I am hoping that you are not wishing to go over the sea, monsieur cat," she says pulling a face at it as coffee gets spooned into cups. "I like it here and do not wish to go home just yet."

Peter blinks a bit as there are suddenly mints flying all over the place to then get a rolled up bag tossed at his head. He lets out a, "Hey! Driving here! Thats dangerous!" he then makes a face at her, "You made a mess in your car, India. There's mints all over the floor." he reaches down to pick one up and, without standing on ceremony, tossing it into his mouth, "Three second rule." he says. Eyes goes to the rearview mirror, "I hope he listened to you. Or she. It." he pauses, "I don't particularly want to leave America just yet."

India hands Peter his coffee through the gap in the seats before relocating herself in the passenger one. She's also got half a packet of ginger biscuits with her, and after removing a couple from the top, wedges the rest by the gear shift. She picks up a couple of the mints that have rolled onto her side of the footwell, these getting stuffed into the back pocket of her jeans for later retrieval. "I hope it listened too, but if not, then it will still be an adventure. I get the feeling that the little cat is not European though, it does not feel that way to me." She glances back at it and scrunches her nose before dunking her biscuit into her coffee.

Peter gives a quick nod to that, "You are right. I agree with you. It did not get the feeling that it wanted us to go on a grand adventure to find its home. And taking us over the sea? That would have been a grand adventure." he drums his fingers on the wheel a bit, waiting for a straight part of the road to drive on before he reaches for his coffee. He takes a sip from it, "I think that once we leave Kentucky and hit Virginia, we find a place to park and then we meditate by the figurine a bit, see if we can get a feel for where it wants us to go next."

"Well," India says, balancing her mug on up-propped knees. "I suppose that I am already in the middle of a 'grand adventure'. I mean, if going overseas counts for that. I am on a grand, grand adventure. A grander one than my friends who have long since returned home. Maybe you would like to come to France on your own grand adventure when this one is done." She nudges some bits of paper that litter the dash over to one side, and curls her toes into the metal, twisting her head to the side to look at Peter's profile as he drives. "Are you sure you can last until we hit Virginia? I though you said that we had only just entered Kentucky. Maybe we should just stop at the next diner we hit and park up for a bit. Get some breakfast and stretch our legs?"

Peter blinks a bit to that, "Oh, I wont be driving to Virginia in one stretch!" he exclaims to that, "Oh, no no. That is not what I meant at all. I meant when we hit Virginia, as in many hours from now. I am good, but not that good." he smiles, "And yes, a diner sounds good. I am hungry and my legs need to be stretched. All four of them." he looks up the road, "Hopefully something will come up along the road here soon." he glances to her, "Then, once we've eaten, you get to drive." he grins, "France, huh? Always wanted to go to Europe."

India laughs, and leans across to dot a kiss to Peter's cheek. "I am glad I found you, or you me," she says, not giving him any time to duck or avoid the brief show of affection before settling herself more comfortably in her seat. It's ancient, the leather cracked and splitting at the seams, but oh so comfortable in the way that only old things can be. A mouthful of coffee is taken before she speaks again, and when she does it's to add to her earlier statement about having found each other. "We are quite alike, and yes, you really should see Europe. Eventually. You would love it."

Peter does not try to avoid the kiss on the cheek; her show of affection is accepted readily. He is after all a cat. And when he wears his beast form, he is more then eager to snuggle up. A nod is given to her, "I think I would as well. Perhaps then, one day, we shall go. But not quite yet." he glances to her, "Perhaps the little orange cat brought us together." he says then, "We did find it shortly after we found eachother."

"Not quite yet," India agrees, munching on her biscuit before taking another sip from her mug. She's quiet for a bit after that, watching the road slip past with the radio filling the silence for them. Not that it's an uncomfortable silence, it's the silence of two people that don't need to fill the gaps in their conversations with idle chatter, and it's perhaps ten minutes later that she points with her mug to something coming into view. "There!" she suddenly exclaims. "A diner! Let's shake the dust off our feet."

Peter does not seem to mind the silence. She is near, he has company. If you have company, physical such, in the same space as yourself then why do you need to fill the space with constant chatter? He does not seem to think it is necessary atleast. He enjoys his coffee as he drives, even cat-ing down a biscuit or two before she spots the diner. A nod is given, "Looks like one." he agrees. He locks his attention on to the diner and once it comes up he slows down and heads off the road. He puts the vehicle in park and shuts down the engine, "I am more hungry then I thought I would be."

India takes Peter's mug off him and scrambles into the back, leaving them in the sink before sliding the back door open and clambering out. She's wearing a faded green tee-shirt with a red cartoon cat on it, this tucked into the low-riding waist of a favourite pair of jeans. Thrice-wrapped about her left wrist is a string of colourful beads and slipped her feet into hairy yeti boots. A stretch follows a yawn, and after collecting up a jacket from where she'd thrown it the night before, she slips it over her shoulders and slides the door back into place. "I could eat a horse," she declares happily, pulling a face at Peter as he comes around the van to where she's waiting.

Peter scrambles from the drivers seat and moves to the back of the van. He stretches a bit once in the back, then pokes his head out the side door, "I wonder if they allow cats inside." he mutters, then shakes his head, "Naw. They most likely do not." he sighs, then pops his head back in. He puts on his jacket, then pulls his boots on before he gets out of the van, closing the door behind them. He stretches, looking around a bit, "Cold." he says, "It was warm in Nevada. I got used to the heat. Now I recall how the winters were in Colorado."

India loops an arm through Peter's. "Oui. Cold," she agrees, shoving her other hand into the pocket of her jacket as they start to walk towards the diner. "And I would not want to go in here as a cat, I want to eat waffles and bacon, toast, sausages, eggs, beans... the lot." She jingles some coins in her pocket and flashes a grin Peter's way. "Being a cat has its advantages, cheaper for one, but sometimes you just want to eat and eat and eat too." And as they approach the diner, she hangs back just enough that it'll allow him to pull the door ahead of her.

Peter nods once to that, "Mmm. All of that sounds good." he says, "I think I will have all of that." he walks up to the diner, reaching out with one hand to grab the handle, opening the door. As he does, he steps aside to let her enter the the diner first, being a real gentlecat and holding the door open for her! "But I think with that kind of breakfast, it might take a little while before heading off on the road. Food coma is a serious thing when you are driving a vehicle, you know."

India laughs. "Mmm. Food coma. Not had one of those in an age," she says, ducking into the diner ahead of Peter. It's relatively empty still with the hour being early, and she picks a table that's near a window, shrugging out of the jacket she'd only just donned. She drapes it over the back of her seat and picks a sugar sachet from a bowl of them on the table before plopping herself down. "I noticed something about the cat," she says, tearing across the top of the sachet. "I was not sure at first, but just now when I was making the coffee, I realised that its colour has changed. It is brighter than it was before. Yesterday I thought it was just a trick of the light, but today I am sure."

Peter removes his own jacket as they find a table by the window. He sits down opposite to her, leaning back some and relaxing; it was a long drive for him after all, "Brighter?" he wonders, then nods once to this, "That is good. That must mean we are on the right path. I wonder.. I wonder what it will look like when we do find its home. I wonder what it truly is." His voice has a hint of anticipation to it, as if he was barely containing his curiosity at knowing the secrets about the little cat figurine. He fishes into his jacket to this, taking out a few dollar bills; breakfast money!

"Mmhmm," India says, picking up the menu for a quick perusal of what's on offer. She places her own order which has somehow been pared down to eggs, bacon, toast and fresh coffee, and pulls a face before going on to say. "It was darker before, I am sure of it. More of a burnt orange, especially around the face. And now it is not. I am looking forward to later, even if we are not able to get anything more meaningful from it beyond what we already know." And with her choice of food made and given the waitress that appears, she tilts her head back and pours the contents of the sugar sachet into her mouth, eyes narrowing as the crystals dissolve on her tongue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Peter waits for India to place her order to the waitress before he goes, "I will have the same." in regards to what he wants to eat. It cuts down on time after all, if they both order the same thing! He leans back in his seat slowly, "I am very curious to find out where it leads us. Will it be a populated area? Will it be a deep, dark forest? An open plain? A house?" he looks out the window and over to where the bus is sitting, "I wish we could find a locus." he says, "Perhaps then we could go into the Shadow and see if it .. exists there as well. Perhaps talk to it." This is said, ofcourse, after the waitress has left the table.

India scrunches up the now empty sachet, dropping it to one side of the table. ""That at least sounds a solid plan," she nods, "... though we would probably need to stop at least a little longer than a couple of hours to even have a chance of finding one." The crumpled sachet gets flicked Peter's way and she drops her elbows to the table, cupping her chin within her hands. "Maybe when we stop later, we could run around on four legs rather than two. You never know."

Peter gives a quick nod to that, "I think we should do that." he says, "Stop later, go out on a little hunt, see if we can find a place to enter the Shadow." he smiles, "I have been too long from it. I want to go back.." he drifts off ab it in thought before he adds, "..to perhaps find out what is up with the figurine, that is." he muses, "Oh, for sure.. as cat. I've worn this form too many hours already."

It does not take long for the kitchen to finish with the breakfast the pair ordered and once the waitress brings the food out to them, talking becomes a difficult thing. There is food to be had and plenty of it. As far as typical diners go, this one is highly typical. The food may not be the best of quality but when you’ve spent a few hours in a VW Bus on the road along endless highways, even this sort of food can seem like a five star restaurant. When there is time to talk, Peter takes the time to offer one or two anecdotes about his Uncle and his many adventures; some of which seem a bit too far fetched to be fully accurate. With food eaten and coffee had, the meal is payed for before the pair heads out to the VW Bus to enjoy an hour or so of extreme food coma after which they once more head back on the road.