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The Image

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Angry, Aurore

7 February, 2017

Hunters investigate a strange image loaded to the internet.


Suburban Hanging Hills


A bitterly cold Tuesday morning. Snow falling from dark skies to settle on suburban yards. The pre-dawn street empty. Only a few houses that line it have lights on inside. So why would anyone be out here? Because there was a 'sighting' on this very street. A photo loaded to the internet that was taken on this very street. A photo that made its way to Network Zero and then to the Hunters of Fallcoast. A photo that was supposedly taken only hours earlier so a group were organised to check it out as quickly as possible. Triple A is on the case.

Yep. Thats a demon. Thats a demon alright. Angry can tell. He's seen.. a whole three demons in his life! That there? That would be a fourth! Thats a demon alright, no lie. The internet never lies and images are always truth. So, he grabs his Mossberg 930, gets into his huge ass truck and sets off to the place in question. He does not load it with riot rounds either. He loads it with slugs.

"There's no guarantee that it *is* anything demonic. There're at least three other possibilities for what it could be, even just from the ephemeral side of things." Aurore is cheerfully musing, peering with interest at the picture as she reaches their destination... her paranormal senses primed for, well, probably a whole lack of anything, if most Hunts are a guide. She really does need to find a way to attune her warning 'systems' to the infernal, given what keeps cropping up in Fallcaost...

Amanda's bundled up, and is only out here to stop other N0ers from ribbing her about her sex life taking priority. She has her usual bag of anti-spook measures, and has on a pair of running shoes in case she needs to book it. She also has a camera for better quality footage. "Yeah, it could be 'shopped," she says to Aurore.

Angry might very well arrive first. Perhaps! He has a large truck and he has good tires so driving on winter roads is not that difficult. Reaching the spot agreed upon, whether coming there first or second, at least he stands out. That truck is not easy to miss. He gets out, donning his winter jacket and, actually, leaving his shotgun in the truck for now. He looks around a bit, raising his hands up to blow on them.

Bundled up warmly against the cold, the native's peering at the picture on an older-model smartphone held in one gloved hand. Looking up, she offers the man a cheery little wave and a dazzling smile. "Hi. I'm Aurore. I believe you've met Amanda."

Amanda offers a wave to Angry. "Yeah, I'm rather memorable," she says with a smile.

It doesn't take long for them to pick out the right yard. Comparing the image to the street, even if it is a lot whiter than in the photo, finds the location. From about a hundred yards away there is no demon to be seen standing there and surely they wouldn't miss the tall, winged figure. But there is also no tree there to be confused for that shape.

The house behind is the same as those next to it. Single story. Cheap. A partially built car on blocks being buried under the snow.

Angry gives a nod to that, looking at both the women. A nod is then given, "Names' Angry." he says, "And yes, I think I've seen Amanda before." he looks out to the street then, "This is the place then?" he says, "The image looked authentic to both of you, right?" he wonders, "I certainly thought it did."

"Given the low quality of the photo, it could be genuine or fake," Amanda says. "Worth checking out in case it's real."

Aurore offers an amiably gentle shrug. "There're a few possibilities. And yeah. We've got at least one ghost we should really follow up on, too, come to think of it. But things like snipers keep distracting us. Right now... I'm not sensing anything amiss. But if you guys can give me a minute - perhaps in the truck? - then I can try to see if anywhere in view is somewhere that the bounds of mundane reality have begun breaking down."

Angry just stares a few moments. Like a man who just heard something really wacky. A nod is then given, "..right, yes. Ghosts. I'll stick to this possible Demon sighting I think, thankyouverymuch." he moves up to his truck to that, then reaches in to start preparing his shotgun, "Bounds.. Mundane. Breaking. Well, I need to get filled in more I think." Someone’s not getting the FULL Hunter story from his fellow Kniggits!

Amanda moves and gives Aurore her space. She readies her camera, making sure it's ready to capture evidence at a moment’s notice, knowing Aurore and her mojo.

Aurore shoots Angry a slightly startled look, that turns into one of sympathy. "I think I should try running another lecture series," she murmurs dryly, before slipping into the truck. She's back out again barely a minute later, shaking her head. "I'm not picking anything up... but that might just be a mark of inexperience, not really knowing what I'm looking for. If it *is* a demon, then I've not *knowingly* dealt with a site of infernal corruption before. It's at least possible I'm simply not reading things right... but hopefully it's a sign that things aren't breaking down too badly here."

Once he has prepared his shotgun, Angry pulls out a bag which he puts it in before slinging the bag over his shoulder. Won't do to walk around with a shotgun in public; he's not here on Bounty Hunting business and that isn’t loaded with riot rounds. A look is given to Aurore, "Well.. that means we get to take a walk around the place then. See what we can see."

"Yeah, I don't want to have to deal with breaking reality. We don't have any Scranton Reality Anchors," Amanda says, having read too much SCP entries recently. "A walkaround would be a good idea."

Aurore nods agreement. "If we find something suitable, I can try having a peek at things in various ways. And if we're really lucky, there'll be something around that wants to chat to me of its own accord... but 'have a wander' is often the best way of investigating, it seems."

Angry nods once to that, "That it is." he agrees, looking down the street, "Would not have been sad if I could talk to the one that put up the image either. But that is rarely an option. Who knows how many people that image circulated via before it ended up posted."

The trio walk through the snow. The sun will rise soon to, hopefully, provide a little warmth but for now they are chilled to the bone. Ice clinging to their shoes. Snowflakes melting slowly on their clothes. The first stop is where the 'thing' once stood. It is actually easy to find because there is a circle of bare ground where snow does not reach; waves of heat rise from the black patch of earth to melt it before it lands.

Amanda records the odd circle of bare ground on her camera. "Strange," she says.

Aurore has her gloved hands tucked into her coat pockets, a small pack hitched up onto her shoulders as they move closer. The patch of heated ground prompts a low snort from her, however. "Hunh. Well... that certainly looks like something non-mundane is happening here," she says dryly, cautiously sniffing at the cold air to see if she can detect anything stereotypically infernal - acid, the tang of blood, or the rotten-egg smell of sulphur.

Angry comes to a stop and just stares at the circle, "Well. I think we found our proof that the image was not fake." he says, as if enjoying the fact that he can comment on the obvious. He eyes Aurore, a look of appreciation for her dry humour, "This is bad though." he notes, "Whatever this thing is, it either just arrived or its looking to do some serious damage."

There is indeed the faint smell of rotten eggs in the air; sulphur. And then there are the smaller bare patches leading off towards the house. Some may call them footprints. They go for about ten yards before suddenly stopping next to the now snow covered car on blocks.

To the East the sun starts to rise. It's feeble light struggling to penetrate the dark clouds as the snow continues.

Amanda records the patch and footsteps on her camera. She then walks over the the car the footsteps stop next to and wipes some of the snow off a window.

"Careful," Aurore murmurs, sounding more than a little apprehensive as she peers around... now more than usual wishing that her assortment of unconventional senses might prickle. This seems all too thoroughly infernal, thus far. "I'd guess it used that to boost off, and go... up?" She darts a glance towards the house for anywhere that might have been sprung to with the car as a starting-point - though at least half her attention remains upon Amanda, and the horror-film possibility of something (assailant or terrified survivor) springing out of the stranded vehicle at her.

Angry is silent a few moments, looking at the pool then the footsteps to then let his eyes travel to the house. He lets out a breath, crouches down and puts the bag on the ground. He takes out his shotgun to this, then slings the back over his shoulder and holds the weapon at the ready, "Well, if anyone asks.." he pauses, "..let’s hope no one asks." he mutters. He checks and makes sure the thing is loaded with at least one slug before he eyes the house, "I think we can guess where this thing is at."

Amanda wipes away the moisture on the window to reveal a dark interior that at least seems empty...save for cans of paint, old tools and a paint spattered sheet curled up on the floor. A gust of wind and the boot/trunk rises an inch and falls with a clunk - it's unlocked.

There is a clump of snow next to the house as if it fell from the roof but there is no sign of disturbance. Not after the snow has been falling for so long. The house itself is quiet. No light within.

Amanda sighs. Hearing the boot open and close, she moves round to open the boot, grimacing as if expecting something to jump out of it. "Any ideas you two?" she says.

"This does not look welcoming," Aurore observes quietly. "Crap. Umm... well. I'd guess it used the car to get up onto the roof, perhaps?", she suggests, nodding up and towards the house. "If you want, I can spend some time warding the building from the outside. I'd need to work my way around the whole exterior, and it'd take at least ten minutes - maybe longer. But if I can get it to work, then anything inside that's not naturally *physical* will be weakened. And might be trapped. For as long as the ward lasts. It's not a 'fix', but it might make it a *little* safer to nose around inside... so long as it doesn't come out while I'm working, or hasn't moved on already."

"Last time I went into a house, I was unprepared. Ran into a creature like this that pretty much minced me and Sadie." Angry notes, "I am still unprepared but at least this time I know what we are going in after. I didn't that time." he mutters, "I say we have little choice in the matter. We have to get in there. If I can get close enough to it, I should be able to take it out of the fight pretty quickly." he looks to Aurore, "Ten minutes is a pretty long time and if it’s there, it will know what is being done. Risky, but so is going inside."

Nothing leaps out of the boot at least but another gust of icy air flings it open to reveal...a body. It's a woman but it's hard to tell much else. The body contorted and curled as if stricken by arthritis for a thousand years. Fingers are more like bony claws; one hand wrapped tight around a cell phone. The face stuck in a grimace of terror. The eyes black pits. The lips curled back to reveal blackened gums and shattered teeth. The skin a pale grey that doesn't seem to be the result of the dark, moonless night but rather some kind of atrophy. The clothes singed as if exposed to intense flames.

"Oh yeah, Sadie told me about that Angry. Sadie ended up getting a black eye," Amanda says, looking to Angry. Looking to Aurore she says. "If you think it'll help, go for it." Looking back into the boot, she sees the body and sighs. She bites her lip, and reaches in to tentatively grab the phone and tug it out of the hand.

Aurore gags... but manages to bite back the urge to vomit. Still, she whimpers a little as she turns away, shakily gulping down air before nodding. "Crap. Okay. I'd be rather grateful for some people watching my back during this. I'm going to be awake, but busy. I, ahh... don't suppose that phone'll confirm she's the person who uploaded the image, is she?"

"Hm? Oh, no. That was the second time. The first time she just got shot." Angry replies to Amanda, "Guess she never told you about that one." A look is given to the trunk, shaking his head slowly, "Well, that kinda does it. A casualty pretty much settles the matter in my book." he eyes the house, "I think that whatever we do, we do it collectively. Can't have one go in and the rest stay out." he looks to Aurore, "If you are warding this place, I'll stand guard along with Amanda here." he looks to Amanda, "Unless you have other plans, of course."

The hand is reluctant to release the phone. It's almost as if it tugs back against Amanda. But then there is a crack and petrified fingers break off to surrender the device to the college girl. The phone screen is scratched and a little warped but an image does appear. Hazy. Dark. A black shape looming over the lens. Red eyes staring.

The rear of the house can be accessed via the gates in the fence. The backyard covered with snow. Old machinery and junk making mounds in the whiteness. The back door to the house flapping in the wind - must be a safe neighborhood to leave it unlocked.

"Looks like the demon, or whatever, got her," Amanda says sadly, showing the photo to the others. She gives the phone back to the body, then closes the boot. "I'll go with you Aurore. Don't want you to be surprised alone."

Though she looks more than a little nervous - especially so whenever she's close to that open door - Aurore does indeed get to work. It might seem that there's little prospect of anything she does actually having any real effect, since her efforts entail little more than finding dryish patches of the exterior of the house - especially around its corners - and making strange chalk markings, while mumbling in outlandish languages. But over the course of ten minutes or so, she works her way right around the building... before standing back and taking a deep, if unsteady, breath.

"Okay. I've taken the risk of putting up a ward against that *specific* entity. It's stronger and will last longer... but won't affect anything else," she says quietly. "But if it's in there, it's probably regretting it right now."

Throughout the procedure, Angry does what Amanda does; he makes sure nothing can surprise Aurore. He sets up guard so that he has a good outlook over the house and the roof, shotgun held at the ready. If anything comes at anyone, there will be hell to pay; sort of. Once she is done, though, he nods once, "Well, that is good. Hopefully it is in there and not on the roof still, if that was where it went. Might have increased our odds considerably. Now, if I can only get close enough to it, I can take it out."

"So, should we go inside now?" Amanda asks the others. "Try and find it?" She approaches the house and taps the clump of snow that possibly fell from the roof with her foot.

"I'm not wholly sure... but I *think* the ward should affect anything on the roof, too. It's not something I've ever tested. But... if there's 'just' the one, then being inside will give us some protection against its, umm, abilities, even if it's outside." Aurore sighs softly. "So, yeah. Into the horror-house we go, I think."

"I say we do." Angry looks to both of them, "And unless either of you are sporting weapons, anyone mind if I take the lead?" he wonders, "Not trying to be chivalrous here but, it is what I am trained for and I have a pretty big .. shotgun." he starts to move for the door as well.

The back door flings open in the wind with a sudden crash into the back wall. Beyond is a pitch black corridor that leads into the laundry and then towards what is probably the kitchen. The rooms even colder than the snowy exterior...and there is a definite lack of furniture.

The pile of snow that Amanda kicks is nothing but snow. Above her she can see it still drifting slowly down from the gutter.

Inside, beyond the kitchen, is the combined dining and lounge room. No furniture once more but if there had been then there wouldn't be the giant circle painted in a dark red 'paint' on the floor. Strange symbols around the circumference. A pentagram in the center.

Amanda looks round for anything out of the ordinary as they look through the house. Seeing the pentagram and symbols, she keeps her distance and records this on her camera. Looking to Aurore, she asks, "How do you want to handle this, babe?"

Aurore pauses a few moments, surveying the scene... before wincing and shaking her head. "They didn't discover there was a 'bind dimensional shambler' spell before they tried out 'summon dimensional shambler'. It's... well. It's amateurish. I'd be pretty confident it's the first successful attempt. But it's all, ummm, *opening*. Calling. No binding or limiting. And I can't tell how many'd be required for this: it *could* have been a solo effort, potentially. I can't tell you how many we might be looking for, by way of survivors. Or bodies. But it looks like it should be, umm, targeted as a rite. Just the one entity invited through."

Angry spots the darkness. He does not attack the darkness however, instead he reaches into his pocket and withdraws .. a flashlight! This he attaches to the barrel of the shotgun and turns it on, "Well. That is certainly disturbing." he comments, spotting the pentagram, "So what you are saying.. is.. that people summoned this?" He has moved in first, of course, and is taking it very carefully. Shotgun at the ready, he is making sure he keeps corners and openings covered, "Well. That’s just fantastic. Alright, I want to clear the first floor before we move on upstairs."

"Is there anything we can do to bring it back here and get rid of it?" Amanda asks. "If there's a loose wibbly walking around, I'd like to be able to bring it back and trap it somehow."

Luckily it is only a one story building so no need to check upstairs. The pre-fabricated hovel doesn't even look like it has a basement either. Two bedrooms are on the opposite side of the hallway that leads to the front door. They too lack in furniture save for a couple of a piles of dust covered broken chairs - nothing recent there. A large wardrobe stands against the far wall of the main bedroom. Its doors are shut. Outside the wind is getting a little louder. The wooden frame of the building creaking and shifting. There is also bathroom of course, located between the two bedrooms.

"Oh, we could try summoning it ourselves," Aurore says dryly. "We've got one of its victims and the place it came through. It'd be ad hoc... but I could try calling it. Especially if it's already inside the Ward. Could *try* banishing it, but that'd be harder without knowing more about it. The 'slow path' to dealing with these things tends to involve a lot of research."

"Well, either way, if we get it here I will put as many bullets as I can into it to make sure it stops moving long enough for smarter people then me to figure out how to deal with it." Angry replies to this, "Ok, lets clear the floor." he says. To this, he begins to sweep the entire area. Each room is taken as it comes up; he is moving like a military might and, well, he also moves as if he had actual military backup behind him, naturally he does not. But some things are hard to change.

"I've got my bag of stuff if things get out of hand," Amanda says, patting her anti-paranormal bag. "Should I go get something from the body in the trunk?"

The wardrobe is so tall it almost reaches the ceiling. Dark wood. The doors locked and refusing to budge at inquiring touches. The bathroom - one seldom cleaned toilet though also not used for a while - and a bathtub with a shower screen pulled around it. Behind that grey plastic screen is a dark shape. A humanoid form? It stands with an eerie stillness.

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better.... "I'd guess that's another victim," Aurore murmurs, nodding towards the silhouette dimly visible through the curtain, voice trembling a little to match the tremor visible in the beam of her flashlight. "But... crap. I don't like any of this...."

"Wardrobe, locked. That’s unusual." Angry notes, "Could be in there." he then finds the bathroom and the shape. He sighs, "Well, shit." he slowly inches closer, "Most likely a victim but.." getting close enough, he slowly moves the muzzle of the shotgun forward to use that to pull the screen aside.

Amanda holds Aurore's hand as Angry opens the shower curtain. "If we don't die now, I'll pick the lock on the wardrobe door," she says. Yes, Amanda can pick locks.

Slowly the screen is pulled to the side. No movement from the 'figure'. Then it is revealed - a bathrobe hanging on the soap shelves, giving it a more bulkier shape like a body. Though why anyone would hang their bathrobe there is a mystery. The bathtub has a dark swirling stain on the bottom and leading to the plug hole. Drops of water suggest the taps have been turned on recently. So that just leaves the wardrobe...

"That's... weird," Aurore says hoarsely. "And I doubt that weird is good in this context. Fuck. Ummm. D'you want to take a sample of whatever that is, Amanda? Or... well. Who wants to check out the robe?"

"I.. am speechless." Angry notes, looking at the bathrobe, "Well, that leaves the wardrobe." he says in a muted voice, "Unless you want to handle the robe first. But I don't think it is going to fly off on us if we check the locked doors first." To this, he begins to move out of the bathroom, turning his attention to the wardrobe.

Amanda takes photos of the robe and bath. "Don't have any evidence bags," Amanda says. "I'll go try the wardrobe," she says. With that, she pulls a few thin pieces of metal out of her bag, slips them into the wardrobe lock, and starts feeling the interior of the lock out.

Aurore is briefly tempted to stick around to investigate the robe... but opts instead to stick firmly with the others... though she does position herself to have a good view of *both* the wardrobe and the door to the bathroom. Preferably while standing out of easy grabbing range for any other door (or window).

Angry simply takes up position with the gun aimed at the doors, making sure he is not aiming at Amanda. He then waits, letting the girl do her thing.

Amanda slides the metal into the lock but finds it hard going. The lock sticky and wet. It is hard for her to move her tools and then impossible. The keyhole having tightened around the metal piece and then snapping it like a vice. The tall wardrobe trembling and then lurching forward as if to topple onto the lockpicker but instead huge wings fold out from the rear. The shape of the wardrobe changing...more humanoid. Legs. Arms. Limbs muscled. Extremities clawed. A head...red eyes glaring at the trio over sharp, yellow, blood-spattered fangs. It looms over Amanda. The stench of sulphur filling the air as rank air is expelled from its mouth.

Amanda takes photos of the robe and bath. "Don't have any evidence bags," Amanda says. "I'll go try the wardrobe," she says. With that, she pulls a few thin pieces of metal out of her bag, slips them into the wardrobe lock, and starts feeling the interior of the lock out.

Aurore is briefly tempted to stick around to investigate the robe... but opts instead to stick firmly with the others... though she does position herself to have a good view of *both* the wardrobe and the door to the bathroom. Preferably while standing out of easy grabbing range for any other door (or window).

Angry simply takes up position with the gun aimed at the doors, making sure he is not aiming at Amanda. He then waits, letting the girl do her thing.

Amanda slides the metal into the lock but finds it hard going. The lock sticky and wet. It is hard for her to move her tools and then impossible. The keyhole having tightened around the metal piece and then snapping it like a vice. The tall wardrobe trembling and then lurching forward as if to topple onto the lockpicker but instead huge wings fold out from the rear. The shape of the wardrobe changing...more humanoid. Legs. Arms. Limbs muscled. Extremities clawed. A head...red eyes glaring at the trio over sharp, yellow, blood-spattered fangs. It looms over Amanda. The stench of sulphur filling the air as rank breath is expelled from its mouth.

Amanda lets go of the tools, then stumbles back into Aurore, wanting to get away from the demon is inadvertantly gave a rimjob to. "Guys, what do we do now?" she asks, staring up at the demon's face.

Aurore lets sleep a startled squeak when the demon takes shape, then yelps as Amanda backs into her. One hand settles on the brunette's shoulder, while the other rather shakily points her flashlight at the infernal critter. Instinct, however, takes over... and there's a distinctly preternatural timbre to her normally-rich voice as she fires a burst of The Dragon's Tongue at it. Go back where you came. Your time here is at an end.

There is really nothing else for it. He has to react. Aurore reacts too! This is good. It might even cause the demon to be somewhat.. distracted! Distracted enough for him to just grab the shotgun in his left hand before he then rushes the demon in an attempt to get his fist to connect to .. well .. anywhere on its body. There might even be a somewhat indistinct glow comin from his fist as he does so, as if one of his tattoos came to life.

Angry's tattooed fist connects with the hideous creature and it reels from the blow. The demon stumbling back into the wall as it hisses in pain. Aurore's words would cause it to laugh if it wasn't so stunned. It feels weak. The warding is doing its job.

Amanda lets Angry do the heavy hitting. "Hey big guy, why not go back home, instead of tricking students into feeling you up!" she calls to the demon, her voice wavering a little.

Well, it's probably a sign of Aurore's inexperience in 'field' hunting that she's surprised when Angry opts to *punch* the thing. She boggles for a moment, then tries another bit of The Dragon's Tongue, attempting to add some fear to the creature's disorientation and Ward-weakening. ~Depart this realm while you still can. The brute has barely even started, and we don't even need to lift a finger to help him.~

And then, as if punching a Demon who's powers are more or less unknown to them, Angry does that one thing that most smart and wise people would most likely not do! He starts to hug it! Or rather, grapple with it! He just tosses his body into it and begins to try to get a hold on the Demon! Guess that's why he is a Knight. No sense! He does seem to get a hold of it though; not the best hold but he has it in a grip, "Give you, you fucker!"

Amanda stares at Angry then rolls her eyes. "Damn it, don't /hug/ the demon!" she chastises Angry. She looks back at the demon and says, "Save us all the trouble of banishing you and just leave!"

The demon shakes clear its head in time to hear Aurore trying to threaten it. But just before it can mock her...there's an Angry hugging it. It doesn't even get to process the 'feeling up' comment before it is straining and struggling against Angry's embrace. It hisses once more. Red eyes burning bright. And then it starts to...dissolve. Its body no longer solid. A black ooze that begins to seep into the floorboards.

  • Hugging* it has that sort of effect? Oh, my. Aurore honestly isn't sure whether the demon's dissolving deliberately, or in response to Angry's unconventional combat techniques. Either way, she watches it with wide-eyed astonishment. "Downstairs. See if it's reforming there," she suggests dazedly.

Angry just .. stops. He blinks once, "It.. deflated." he says, looking at the goo that runs down his front and off him and into the floorboards, "I.. it.." he looks to Amanda and Aurore, "I have no idea what to do now." he admits, "It .. deflated. It.." he looks to Aurore, "Basement? Basement." he nods once, reaching down to grab his shotgun which, as he hugged the Demon, he had to let go of.

Amanda follows Aurore's suggestion and makes her way to the basement with Angry. She won't be able to /do/ anything but she can help pull Angry away if needed.

The basement is more of a small pit than a full room. A few stairs descending from a door in the kitchen and into the dank, mud-walled excavation. They can see the floorboards above them, stained black by the goo that drips down into the swampy mud beneath their feet. The demon doesn't seem to be reforming at least. Weakened by the assaults upon it, it may be returning home as commanded...if only to recover.

The only object in the basement is a...coffin. The lid lying beside it after having been splintered open by what was probably an ax. The remaining contents only a couple of bones.

"Coffin *and* a summoning circle?!?" Aurore boggles in disbelief. She shows no inclination to step down into that mud/demon mix. "What the heck did these guys stumble across and then stir up?"

Angry shows no such tact though. He has a flashlight on his shotgun so he is all good to step into any old pit. Rifle raised, he starts to move into the basement, shining the light on the coffin.. then on the puddle of demon goo, "Thats right buddy. You just slither on home." he warns it, "You are slithering home, right? You better be." he looks to Aurore and Amanda, "You two are the expects. Is he slithering on home?"

Amanda looks the situation in the basement over. "Well, I think I might have holy water or something in my bag, that'd help maybe?" she says to Aurore.

The black ooze is slowly sinking into the ground. The smell of sulphur filling the small room. A last popping bubble of the dank ichor and then it has gone into the earth. Though some holy water to prevent it coming back couldn't hurt.

Amanda rummages round her bag then pulls out a water pistol filled with holy water. She starts squirting it on the ichor then onto the bones and coffin. "I am so glad I got in the good books of those priests," she says quietly.

"Given a bit of time, I can try making sure it can't come back," Aurore says - sounding *mostly* sure of herself. "Not exactly my specialist field, but... weakened as it is, and inside the warding, it should be possible to sever its links here. Though I'm more than a little concerned about that coffin."

"We have a murderous.." Angry begins, silencing as he eyes Amanda, "You're just full of tricks." he chuckles, "Holy water. Never thought of that." he mutters, then returns his eyes to Aurore, "Well, you two know more of this shit then I do. I know how to punch things. If that does not work, I can shoot it. If that does not work, I run real good. This.. making sure that thing does not come back, that is definitively your thing." he eyes the coffin, shining the light on it, "That though. As it was said, what the hell is going on here."

"I can go put some holy water on the summoning stuff upstairs too, if that'll help," Amanda says to Aurore.

"Leave the summoning stuff for the moment, I think," Aurore muses. "Might be easiest to use that as a way of sending it back. I'll need some time to check things out. Try to see if it's being *held* here by that or the coffin or whatever, or if they're serving as a door we can kick it through before we seal it up. But this'll probably involve an hour or two's work, I think, at the very least. If you guys are willing to hang around that long."

Amanda nods. "I can hang round, make sure you don't get in trouble, provide some resources," she says with a smile.

"Well, I am not about to walk out on you two now. I mean, we hugged a demon together." Angry notes to that, "I'll.. sit here and make sure that it wont come back. If it does, I'll grab it again." he eyes Amanda, "Just.. don't go poking your lockpicks in any more holes, ok?" Thats right. He saw what she did to that poor demon!

Aurore snerks, half-stifling a laugh, before flashing a weak grin at the other two. "C'mon. Let's get to work on this. I can see about teaching you guys some more about what I've called 'the slow path' to this sort of thing. Many of the fancier things I've learned are short-cuts to things you can reach the slow way. Banishing demons... I don't have a short-cut for, so we can find out together how good I am at putting the theory into practice."

Amanda nods then follows Aurore to fully banish the demon.

The room is warm...much warmer than it should be...but the demon does not return while Aurore does her thing. Any Holy Water splashed on the earth causes it to bubble and smoke but nothing more violent.

Angry gives a nod to that, "Teaching me stuff? You sure that is possible?" he wonders, "I barely learned how to walk when I was a kid." he takes up a good position to have an overview of the room while trying to to also keep himself in a position to soak up whatever Aurore tries to teach.

Aurore was quite serious about 'the slow path'. Even compared to her thaumaturgy, applying mere 'conventional' occultism takes quite a bit of time, and entails a good deal of investigation of every element of the demon's assorted interactions with the building... and a more thorough search of the structure itself. To that, she adds a thaumaturgical rite that lets her check for the presence of any lingering ghosts, in case they're an added element in the site's unfortunate history.

Liberal use of blessed water is a heavy feature of Aurore's approach, as she attempts to ensure that demonic influence is confined to the coffin and the summoning circle at most, before she sets about endeavouring to force any remnants of the creature back to its infernal origin. Eventually, with the coffin, bones, cellar, and every implement of the summoning tools individually sprinkled with water and incanted over, she dismantles and scrubs out the circle.

"Now... we just need to get the remains buried on sanctified ground. Then we might be able to risk calling the cops to report that poor girl's body. Though using Society connections for that would be wise, lest we wind up as suspects. Still... *hopefully* a good night's work, even if we were too late to save everyone."

Somewhere around the first chant, Aurore lost Angry. He was going to learn, he really was. But when she started chanting she lost him. There was no more learning to be had. So, he took on the position of guard instead, making sure no more demons pop out of the wood work to attack. Or crazy cultists. Or anything else, "I am thinking an anonymous tip for the girl." he says, "Or I can claim I was out here looking for a bounty and stumbled over the body? I am a bounty hunter after all."

"Licensed bounty hunter stumbling across the body might work," Aurore agrees... figuring that a shifty-looking character poking around seedy potential hide-outs probably isn't at all unusual in Fallcoast, and that the cops'd be glad of a simple (and legal) explanation for it. "Thank you."