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The House That Death Built

"You going to set this one on fire too?"

Dramatis Personae

Kharn, Merina, Shane and ST


There's signs of Azlu in the woods of Hanging Hills.


Woods of Hanging Hills

There's been a few whispers around town, a house that's been abandoned for a few years on the outskirts of Hanging Hills. Not too far from where a few people grew up actually. There's a spider problem, but as of late it's gotten /really/ bad. Small animals have been reported missing and weirder stuff than that.

"You going to set this one on fire too?" Astrid asks Kharn as they are heading up the trail to the house. She's dressed in jeans and a black sweater that's a few sizes too big. A bow is slung over her shoulder as well. Apparently they were hunting again as brothers and sisters do.

The fire headed viking has a machete strapped to his back and is walking along next to his sister. "It was the only way to be sure." He quotes from some old movie. He looks up ahead at the abandoned house and squints. It's not quite a full moon anymore, but the area is illuminated by the waning gibbous. "Spiders, hm? Great..."

Though it's not precisely his problem, Shane's been having restless dreams about infestations lately, and ignoring problems when they're still small will generally tend to come back and bite you in the ass somewhere down the line. So Shane got in touch with the other pack in the area to see if they'd had any similar tidings, and has tagged along with Astrid and Kharn to investigate on behalf of his pack. "It might be a cliche move, but that's because it's effective," is his two cents on just burning the place down. With the gibbous moon in the sky, he's bristling with even more energy than usual, a bounce to his rolling gait.

Merina might have had her own reasons to look at an abandoned house, largely, house hunting. She trots to catch up to the group, her eyes brimming with curiosity. "What's going on? On your way to a hunting?" She wonders and settles her bag on her shoulders.

Astrid looks to her brother and there's a soft laugh, "Alright. I'm sure it's just people over exaggerating." she tells him. She gives a look over her shoulder to the Cahalith and flashes him a soft smile. The moon in the sky was noted and she didn't want the guy upset if it could be avoided. She gives a look to Merina and there's a wave, "Nah, just checking out something." she tells her.

Up the road towards the house there's low hanging strands that blow in the cold breeze. Little gossamer strands that blow and catch the light of the moon and send them shimmering in the night. Spider webs to be exact.

Shane looks back over his shoulder with Merina's arrival, an initial sharp look that quickly softens back into an easy smile when he recognizes who it is. "Might become a hunt. Might just become a screaming bonfire." He laughs as he looks back towards the house, and though his grin remains, his gaze is more serious. Searching, assessing, then fixing in on the strands of webbing glinting in the moonlight. His already wide smile grows all the more wolfish as his anticipation surges, his weight rolling forward restlessly onto the balls of his feet, then settling back on his heels. "I can get in there quietly. Scope the place out, set up a distraction."

"Yea, that's what I thought the rat situation was too." Kharn says sarcastically. He reaches back and untabs the utton holding the machete in it's sheath, but he doesn't alter his gait or his sensitivity to anything...yet. He does, in fact, pat down his pockets looking for something to start a fire with before looking back to Shane, "I don't have any matches. Just in case." His grin splits the beard wide, teeth gleaming in the moonlight.

"Oh? I heard the place was abandoned, I thought I could buy it for a deal. What is wrong?" Merina asks looking about the group and grinning. "I burn things for my prayers, I have a lighter if you need to borrow it."

Astrid walks a few more steps and then realizes something. Her pendant is gone. The Wolfblooded looks back to the road and frowns, "Back in a jiff. Go one without me." she waves them on. Then she's heading back down the road into the darkness.

Meanwhile, up the road and looming is the house. There's nothing cheerful about it. The windows are boarded up and there's a feeling of uneasiness that comes over someone when they linger too long.

Kharn does linger, just not in one place. He is searching the eaves, doorways, and windows for any sign of anything that might be movement. He doesn't stare where he wants to see, but off to the side. It's an old trick that helps the eye track movement and subtle bits of light. So far though, nothing. The arm he would use to wield the machete is tense as he moves though. Soft footfalls are not his forte, so he doesn't really try to sneak. Anyone who was listening knew they were coming...or knew /he/ was outside at least. As his comrade trots off to become invisible, the Rahu actually makes more noise.

Shane had started patting down his pockets, but as soon as Merina confirms she's got a lighter he gives her a nod of satisfaction and leaves off trying to locate his. "Keep an eye on things out here for us, yeah?" he half-calls after Astrid, before she's gotten far enough away that he has to yell. Then to Merina, "Azlu, looks like." His expression sours, his mouth twisting in distaste. He scans the street, then ducks down behind some half-collapsed fencing -- and with the moon in the sky the change comes easily and swiftly, and a stockily-build black Labrador quickly slinks back out and quietly down the side of the house, nosing out a broken window or door that'll let him sneak inside for a closer look.

Looking up at the moon, Merina mouths a silent howl and follows after the two as quietly as she can on foot. Kharn is being loud so Mer goes around the other side looking about the outside.

As the Cahalith does what an Irraka should be doing for the night he slithers through the dark and up to the house. The spider webs get thick as one draws closer. If you don't like spiders this is not the house for you!

If Shane looks through the half boarded up front door he'd see the outline of something.

Then there's the smell of rot as the wind picks up...

The scent of rot wafts toward Kharn on the breeze. He knows that smell. As he puts on bulk and height, his body assuming the near-man form, Kuthgurim's hackles raise. The white t-shirt he's wearing would stretch under the new size. Senses a bit keener, he inches toward the house, waiting for any sign of the Cahalith or the Wolfblood.

The black-furred not-really-a-dog bristles as he stares through the gap in the front door, nostrils flared but his scenting huffs kept muffled. He casts a look back over his shoulder, lifting his head to draw Kuthgurim's attention. <<I'll sneak in, get numbers, sneak out.>> Look who's got some tricks up his sleeve; the Cahalith produces a clear and fluent First Tongue even in his urhan form, albeit barely audible at present. <<If they mark me, I'll howl for backup.>> Then he's squeezing carefully through the gap and into the house.

Merina continues to move quietly around the back of the house. All houses have back doors right? The French girl pushing back her curls and curling her hands into fists so she's ready to swing.

The beast is a little closer to the surface in Kuthgurim's near-man form, and he senses the other beast's call for attention. The first tongue is received in the moon-illuminated darkness loud and clear. Elongated ears twitch and an almost silent snort is an affirmation. A monstrous almost-human hand sits just behind the nape of his neck, an inch from the blade on his back as he waits, ready to burst through the door.

Once inside the house Shane will realize that this place is sorta looking like that old movie Arachnophobia. Just wait for that one really aggressive spider to rear up and you can start shouting 'SHE'S ANGRY!' and book it.

The smell of rot comes from the body that's currently in the mid stages of decay. It's a scent that the paramedic might know well. There's a few spiders that skitter back into their webs as well. Ones that don't look to friendly at all. Which is probably not a good sign.

Meanwhile, the backdoor is blocked completely from the looks of it. As are the windows that lead out. If anyone runs it's going to be an amusing thing to see!

As soon as he's through the gap Shane presses himself low to the ground, creeping forward with a methodical care, ears tilted forward and scenting the air ahead of him and the ground beneath him. He creeps around the circumference of the room, checking out the body and keeping particularly alert for any signs of other entities still occupying the space. Then he flows quickly back to and out of the gap in the front door, finding his way back to Kuthgurim and keeping an eye out for Merina in the process. <<Azlu, but only old scents. A rotting corpse. Probably holding eggs. I say we burn it down, make it look like drunk kids.>>

A wicked grin crosses the beast-man's face, his even more wild beard parting. <<Only way to be sure.>> The quote doesn't come off as well in slightly garbled first tongue. He would circle the house to find Merina and look for her lighter, already looking for places on the house to set fire to it. Fucking spiders.

Looking up at the beast-man in need of a light, Merina can't help but grin a little. "Find nothing worth saving?" She asks softly and wanders back around to the front with lighter in hand. If the back is sealed, burning spiders might flee the front so front door is the place to be as she gathers dry grass and weeds.

Kuthgurim would grab the bottles from the not-dog's mouth and shove them into openings where he could, pouring the contents around the pile to make for better fire starting. Once enough of it has accumulated, he would look over at the Wolfblood with a wild grin. In garbled english, he says, "Want to do the honors?"

"Oui." Merina gives a nod and strikes her light before retreating back quickly once the flames catch the tinder. "This might get dangerous now, non?" She asks, nerves making her accent thicker. "I suppose I will not be buying this house then.

Shane is happy for the help, able to step up his game that little bit more once he's just playing fetch and not having to manipulate the positioning of the bottles. As Merina strikes the light he's bounding energetically back and forth behind them, breathing heavily in the sort of whuff-whuff-whuff that suggests he's having to restrain himself from being a great deal nosier in his enthusiasm. <<Tell her I'll put her in touch with a good real estate agent.>>

Such a pretty fire, and thankfully the ground around the house and the trees around it won't catch. Should be a clean fire that no one notices until it's too late. This was a bad property to buy. Another one could be found.

Though the wind shifts and something else can be smelled by the two Werewolves now.

And that's blood.

Kuthgurim chuckles, sounding like stones in a rolling steel drum. "No, I suppose you won't." He admires the fire, the smoke billowing into the night sky. He smells the blood as well, but at the moment he's too busy waiting for some giant flaming spider to attack them, so he stands his ground. His alertness level has dropped considerably, though he stays in his Dalu form.

Shane is content to park his rear end down on the grass with a thump, dark eyes gleaming as he watches the dry old house go up in flames. By the time the building is burning steadily he suddenly lifts his snout, whuffing heavily at the air. <<Blood,>> he alerts sharply, then whuffs some more. <<Human.>> His muzzle waves back and forth until he's pinpointed a direction -- the direction Astrid left. <<Keep an eye on the house. I'll check.>> He turns and lopes off down the s treet.

Shane is content to park his rear end down on the grass with a thump, dark eyes gleaming as he watches the dry old house go up in flames. By the time the building is burning steadily he suddenly lifts his snout, whuffing heavily at the air. <<Blood,>> he alerts sharply, then whuffs some more. <<Human.>> His muzzle waves back and forth until he's pinpointed a direction -- the direction Astrid left. He looks up at Kuthgurim. <<I'll keep an eye on the house. Go check.>>

She misses the exchange between wolves but now that the fire is set Merina looks uneasy. "We shouldn't stay to watch. You have fire department right? We need to leave before anyone comes." She reminds the two backing away slowly.

The blood didn't immediately raise Kuthgurim's concerns, but when the Urhan mentions that it's the direction his sister went, he's already in the air. Mid-leap he would change into a wolf the size of a car, his paws ripping into the ground the second they strike the dirt. Speed is of the essence and he sprints off in the direction of the smell.

Once the fire is burning well, Shane huffs in agreement to Merina and turns, loping off in the same direction as the other werewolf -- though at a slow enough pace for the woman to keep up, if she follows.

Giving a last look at the fire, Merina nods to the Shane-wolf and sets off in an athletic run to keep up with the wolf. Hopefully what ever has them so eager to beat feet is not bad news.