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The Games We Play

...or don't, as the case may be.

Dramatis Personae

Alireza, Tock, Vox

8 July 2015

The Gilded Retinue Motley mates go out for coffee and talk games.


Faire Game Cafe

The inside of the shop is divided into two sides. To the right is a hipster coffee shop and juice bar, the competing smells of espresso and blended fruit nice and strong. There is a counter with a chalkboard menu, mostly saying what fruits and dairy/pseudo dairy options are available in colorful, cheery lettering. There aren't very many food options, mostly pre-packaged muffins and cookies, but there are places to sit and drink at the very least. A smattering of eclectically sourced tables and chairs provide seating for customers to enjoy their beverages and snacks. Power outlets are readily available near each table, and a little card in the center of the table announces the free wifi password (for customers only, please).

The other side is devoted to the Gaming side of things, actually larger than the cafe side of things. The space in between is flanked by large signs with friendly lettering requesting, 'Please no food this side of the divide'. There are games in the traditional sense, entailing boards and dice, but also games involving tiny metal painted men, and games requiring pen and paper and imagination. It takes up more room due to the tables set up for use for those purposes, and around the walls are neatly stacked games on shelves which are freely available for anyone who has paid the $5 cover charge to come in and play. Games are available for purchase as well, with payments available in cash, credit and paypal.

Quite cool for a summer evening, the weather seems to beg for warm beverages. This particular shop, hipstery as it is, has the distinct advantage of not batting an eyelash at more unique choices in attire even during an evening rush. As such, Tock has made few concessions in her choice of a springtime-suited tea gown in lilac layered over white with a hint of sage run sash-like across its narrow waist. Her hat, at least, is a deliberately simple boater style, oval brimmed and straight-sided in its crown, decorated only with a matching lilac ribbon and no veils or other such adornments. A bit of purple velvet ribbon holds a gold locket at her throat, a woven metal bracelet glittering at one wrist. Tock has settled herself into a chair at the group's table with a mocha cappuccino and chocolate-hazelnut biscotti that lend themselves well to slow dipping and nibbling during conversation.

Sipping from the dark dark cup of (probably Turkish style) coffee with its considerable amount of sugar, Ali reclined slightly in his chair with one leg crossed up onto his knee. His attire was as fancy as ever, showing off the money he's acquired through various means with a silken button up shirt, thin golden chain and comfortable slacks. "Not quite the place I'd have chosen normally. Still a friendly place is a friendly place." His thoughts trailed as he glanced around another time and out the window but offered a shrug.

A large mug of steaming beverage - some variety of ridiculously sugared and creamed concoction with numerous shots of an assortment of flavors - is held in front of Vox's face, hiding a bemused smirk as she looks around at the place. "I find it quite charming," Vox says with a smile, sipping slowly from her massive mug, "And the staff is pleasant enough." Wearing a dove gray three-piece suit in a rather modern cut, Vox is sitting with her legs crossed, relaxed into the chair to observe the goings on in the cafe. Dark, shining eyes, regard Tock over the rim of the coffee mug, "And what do you think of it?"

Tock pauses in her fiddling with drink and biscuits to adjust her hat over her cornsilk hair, worn mostly tucked up beneath it though with stray curls escaping here and there just so. She smiles at Ali's pronouncement. “Yes, well, I always do have to find a place for decent coffee. Not to be trusted preparing it myself. Just about any kind of tea I've got handled solidly back at home. Coffee is a different beast entirely. Bracing, however.” A light chuckle answers Vox, the girl's clear-crystal blue eyes glancing over at the other half of the establishment. “Can't say I'm entirely sure what the goings-on are over there. But they seem very enthusiastic about it, which is good atmosphere.”

"Mm yes, it can be hard to find good coffee, but it's better to have with stimulating conversation none the less," Ali says with a nod. "They seem to do well in preparations at least. A shame it is so far from places I would be spending many an evening hour." Drumming a finger against his cup he glances over at the game section with a smile. "Games dear, games. Something more popular in recent years to make games far more complicated, probably to compete with video games for attention."

"I imagine you could handle the instant coffee," Vox says, taking a deep pull from her sugary drink, "But that is mostly instant, very little coffee, as I have heard." Balancing her mug on her knee, at least partially to stop the constant bounce in her leg and her restless fidget, Vox smiles brilliantly, "This place is a lovely find, though. Coffee is delicious." There is a quiet, amused snort at the complaint about distance, "Worth the trip, I'd say. Perhaps we'll find a short cut of some sort." She sips thoughtfully at her beverage, "I'd like to try the games some time. There was a sign about gaming evenings by the counter. Could be worth a bit of a trip out here. Good coffee, good amusement. That is the theory, anyway."

“Handle /making/ it, yes. Drinking it? Less so. I did say /decent/ coffee, after all.” Tock smirks with her clarification, even this simple expression seeming somehow measured. “It is nice to get out and about and to different places, though. The area is nice for biking,” she assures in the tone of one who has been about the task more than once, at least. “Hm. I don't imagine people would be content sitting about playing bridge and chess forever. Need new stimulation for the mind from time to time. They certainly have gotten lots of fiddly pieces going on some of them, though, haven't they?” She continues to watch the players across the way over her coffee cup with interest. “We /should/ see about it some time, Vox. I agree.”

"Eh, you can probably count me out on that. It's... boring. Moving pieces around, decks, all that mess. You don't win anything worth winning," Ali let out a sigh at that. "Perhaps if there was a wager involved." He sipped from his coffee in thought, then shook his head. "Probably not, you guys would never let me touch a die or a piece," he grinned somewhat at that last bit. "I'll just come to drink the coffee. Perhaps Winston or the others would like it more?"

Vox chuckles, smiling in amusement, "Fair enough. It does smell pleasant at least. Even if it tastes vaguely of dirt." She crinkles her nose - a dainty, displeased expression - at the thought, "Bit fiddly, yes. Rather interesting though, all the tiny little pieces, for such large adventures. We should certainly sign up for one of the game nights, Tock. Even if there are some spoil sports among us." Her eyes dart towards the gaming side of the cafe, knee bouncing slightly with the restlessness that occasionally plagues her mind. "Bah. Yes. Come for the coffee. Follow along. Eventually we will drag you along for the ride," she sips her coffee daintily, glancing back at Ali, "Seems only fair."

“I don't imagine it's a frequent pass-time I'll pick up, but it is a novelty worth experiencing, I think.” Tock's shoulders rise and fall incrementally in a slight shrug. “Don't know what the others might be up for. It is worth a mention, at least.” Raising her mug to her lips is a bit ill-timed with Vox's teasing. The cup gives a small clatter as it settles back onto its saucer too quickly, the girl pressing her lips firmly together to avoid losing any of her mouthful of hot beverage to laughter. It takes a moment for her to steady herself once more. “She does have you there, Ali.”

Ali grins at Vox and raises his cup in salute to the word play. "I have decided to label that piece of history a Rescue. It sounds more dramatic for the memoirs." He nods, as if his statement is all that matters for the way it should be recalled. "I am not particularly one for games that involve me sitting around and doing very little. Speaking of which," he says as he glances down at Vox's leg, "I wouldn't think you'd be able to sit for a whole game. I have heard some of the games take longer to play than Monopoly."

"New thing to try - novelty is a wondrous thing," Vox says with a charming smile at Tock, "We'll pick up one of the adverts, post it on the bridge of the Lily. See who else is interested in signing up. Call it a team building exercise or some such thing." She takes a long pull of her coffee, waving long fingers vaguely towards the game side. Tock's struggling to suppress the laughter earns an even wider smile from the Fairest. "Writing those yourself, or planning to smarm your way into someone writing them for you?" Vox muses, arching one perfectly manicured eyebrow. "Give it a try. What's the worst that could happen?" she asks of Ali, though her lips tug downward in a faint frown when her twitch is pointed out. "I could sit through a game," Vox says, her tone a bit hurt, "I do sit and read sometimes. Why wouldn't a game be so different?" Sipping the last of her coffee, she makes a decided effort to still her bouncing leg, to some success, "Besides. Monopoly is a terrible example."

“You would,” Tock answers, tone sardonic but eyes betraying an ongoing glitter of amusement. “And I would imagine he has people for such things, Vox. Writing would be too much of him sitting around doing very little.” An honest laugh finds its way out, a hint of music box quality hidden in the sound. “Did you /honestly/ just utter the words 'what's the worst that could happen?' There's an open door if ever there was one.” A final sigh wraps the ongoing trace of laughter in her words, a nod given Vox's direction. “She does sit through certain things. It would just have to be something more exciting than...business? I'm assuming from the name. Business seems like it would be a very dull sort of game. Those fellows seem very excited by what they're playing over there, at the least.”

"Oh I'll probably get someone to make a magic quill or something to write it out for me," Ali gestures vaguely as if not precisely concerned. "Hrm, I could go hijack some more crew to play games with you. But I like the room set up as we have it. It would be a shame to pick up someone who ruins the whole aesthetic," setting aside his cup he leans back in the chair once more looking to the ceiling. "Maybe you could make some new crew in the workshop?" he queries with a hand wave towards Tock. "Something willing to play boardgames." The smile to accompany that statement was rather more cheery than it ought to be. "And Monopoly is a perfect example. Has pieces, has cards, has dice. And the one acting as the banker wins because he controls the money and has been embezzling since the game began." He rolls his head to the side glancing over to the excited people. "Must be one of those pretending games then."

"Monopoly is just that. Playing at business practices. Boring as ever," Vox feigns a yawn, setting the now empty coffee cup on a table. She smiles ruefully at Tock, a mischievous glint in her jet eyes, "Perhaps. But a shop like this seems like a decidedly safe place to say such a thing, if there ever was one." There is a glance towards the door, as if making certain that no such thing would walk through the proverbial open door. As if to prove a point, Vox is sitting quite still - even if it involves locking fingers around her bouncing knee to keep it still. The easy smile she had when talking to Tock falters as Ali mentions collecting more people, becoming a smirk, "You should likely be a bit more careful about threatening to steal people away, Thief. Some might get the wrong idea," Vox muses, her voice lilting with amusement, uncrossing her slender legs and then recrossing them, "I worry about the day we discover a spare room on the ship where you have been storing people you 'rescued' from some threat or another, and forgot about."

“Quill that writes what you say, easy enough to make with the appropriate ingredients. Or you could go simple and use dictation software on a computer. I could teach you.” A perfectly measured shiver travels the length of Tock's spine. “Really...collecting people to play games for you. That sounds a bit...too familiar, don't you think?” The thought of /creating/ players of games seems to be more to the girl's taste, however, as she bounces just once in her seat. “I would think crafting an automaton to play a particular game would be simple enough. Once I knew the rules of the game quite well myself.” Her head shakes as she drains the dregs of her own cup. “You would be finding the way to cheat at games of money. There is not one hint of surprise in me, I assure you.” The cup meets its saucer once more, the girl's fingers tap-tapping in succession on the table top, but once apiece. “All games are just pretending, aren't they?”

Ali makes a dismissive gesture at the comments about collecting people, and lets out a sigh about the rooms. "I wouldn't have the patience to Feed them. Honestly it's not like I keep even half of what I acquire. People stay when they wish to and leave when they don't." He does not at all seem offended by the lack of surprise on Tock's part, though he does think about the games. "Nah some games are just following directions and trying to win within the rules. It's like how most people live in the first place." He stretches as he gets out of his chair looking at the empty cup. "There are actual games where you do nothing but pretend to be something else. Which may hit a bit too close to home in some ways." Itching his chin a bit, he offers a shrug. "Check and see what people are playing, perhaps you may find it fun. I have an appointment to get to I'm afraid. I need to see a man about some documents."