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The Gambler pt. 1

You might want to look into moving somewhere safer. Like Brooklyn.

Dramatis Personae

Mackenzie Barron-Skinner ST: WorldWeaver

17 June, 2017

Mackenzie pulls a smooth getaway from a Sin Eater.


Pidgeon Hill

The streets are rough and ready, the thick kind of night in the depths of Fallcoast that sing songs of blood, grit, and violence beneath it's dirty veneer. Litter tumbles through the streets like weeds between dueling cowboys. Shouting can be heard up the street and around the corner, the voices thick and heavy, the accent steeped in urban violence. It sounds like gang bangers--Pidgeon Hill isn't far.

A few blocks away, Mackenzie received a tip. There's apparently a guy in town with the best ex money can by. He's slinging it cheap, too, like a desperado trying to move blood money. Doesn't matter where it comes form when it's this good, though, and word on the street is that it's this good. Temporary market surges like this don't typically last, and it's likely to be gone before long.

Good and cheap? Kenz smells a rat. Mind you, x not being her drug of choice, she can sit on it and sell it herself later if it's that good. And if it's not, well, then she can sell it cheap. Kenzie keeps her hood up as she walks along the streets at night, unspoken code among those in the know that she's not there. She doesn't like being in this part of town. Well, at least not when the gangers are fighting over turf. They get stupid when they are fighting like this. Stupid gets people killed. People that aren't involved.

A shot rings out. The arguing stops cold, and is replaced with the sound of beating feet. Still holding a black matte glock, he nearly plows right into Mackenzie, so quickly are his feet pounding. "FUCK!" he cries out, eyes wide and scared. He's pointing that gun at her. "W-who the fuck are you?" That must have been his first time using his piece, the way his hands are shaking. As he stands there, she'll notice the growing red stain at his stomach, below a small tear in his hoodie. He's just been stabbed.

At the sound of the gunshot, Kenz instantly plasters herself to the closest wall. Make herself less silhouetted by the streetlights. Not fast enough, however. She holds her hands up, showing that she isn't armed, and takes this moment to look the guy over. Lovely. He's shaking. Probably going through his initiation. "I'm nobody. Just a freak here to get some E." She glances down to his stomach, nodding to it with her head. "Yer gonna want your colours looking to that. Gut rot sucks if you don't deal with that quick."

"Shit, man," He tells, his hand still shaking hard enough that Mackenzie can hear the rattle of the firearm as it's internals beat against one another. It's not cold out, but he's outright trembling. His eyes look down at his wound, spending too much time on that. "You.. you gotta drive!" He tells, his expression moving back up to her. If he hadn't just killed his first man, she might think he'd just taken a bump. "C'mon, is that your car?" He tells. There's a beat up 90's Civic parked nearby that he's looking toward wildly. "Let's go, bitch! You gotta drive!"

====> Mackenzie to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 1 Success 
    < 1 3 8 >
=====================================>  Dexterity + Brawl - 3 [No Flags] <====

Rolling her eyes as the kid holds the gun with a jittery grip, Kenz nods her head. "Yeah, it's my car," she tells him. She takes a step closer and then quickly hits the kid in the opposite shoulder, while her other hand wraps about his wrist and twists the gun out of his hand before holding it at her hip, now pointed at him. "I'll drive, but you need to calm the fuck down. Now stick a fist against that before you bleed out, fucking amateur."

She walks over to the nearest car, looking it over and pulling out the right slimjim for the job. A quick glance, making sure it's not alarmed and then it's in, wiggle and pull. She gets in and leans over to unlock the passenger side door. "Newer model then I like to steal, but we need to get you fixed up. What's your name kid?" Keep him talking. Keep him awake. Meanwhile, her fingers start working on the wires under the steering wheel.

The kids eyes go wide when his arm suddenly hurts and his gun is pointing at him. He takes a step back, but when he turns to look back over his shoulder, he seems more afraid of whatever is around that corner than her. "Please, we have to go." He puts a hand on his wound, moving to follow her about with an urgent expression on his face. "Fuck, we gotta go!" He's so worried, he doesn't even notice her work with the slimjim until she comments on it. "It's E-Z Bit," he manages to answer in a quick stammar, just as a figure steps around the corner. "Where you going?!"

He stands shirtless, ebon skin tattooed with various sigils of the streets. What is more alarming, however, is the ghostly holes in his form, with whispering cloudy tendrils of smoke that linger their way out of what was once no doubt bullet holes. "Shit, shit, shit!" E-Z tells, tearing his way into the car. "Hurry!" Kenzie's new friend's eyes are so wide they may roll right out of his skull.

====> Mackenzie to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 5 Successes for an exceptional success.
    < 1 3 9 9 9 9 9 >
=======================================>  Dexterity + Larceny [No Flags] <====

"Okay, EZ. Strap yourself in." She's not looking at him. She's looking out into the street but isn't really seeing it, concentrating on her fingers. She smiles, letting out a chuckle. "That's right, baby. Spread for momma like butter in the sun," she says with a lick of her lips as the engine roars to life. She pops it into gear and only now sees the man at the corner. She sees the tattoos, now knowing who EZ has gone up against.

But it's the eyes. "Oh fuck! You have to be kidding me!" She doesn't need any more encouragement, pushing the gas pedal down like she has a lead foot and just driving away from here for now. She'll worry about the destination later.

====> Sebastian to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 4 Successes 
    < 2 3 4 4 5 5 8 8 10 10 >
=================================================>  3 + 2 + 3 [No Flags] <====

The man falls down to the floor. E-Z, meanwhile, slumps back, and attempts to curl up as small as he can. She can see him actually crying--how perfectly useful is that shit. "Oh, fuck.. fuck!" he tells. It's not hard for her to drive past whatever it is that E-Z shot, but as she does, she'll see a slowly forming mass begin to manifest above the slumped, unconscious figure of the apparently undying gangster. That mass forms into a skeleton, wearing a red and black suit with a deck of cards in his hand. As soon as she begins to tear down the street, the ominous figure begins to tear down the road behind her, taking flight and cackling like a madman.

Kenz is glancing at the rearview mirror perhaps a little more often the every three seconds that is taught in driving schools. Yeah, that is all manners of not good. "So, EZ-Bit. Why did you pick him to bust? You couldn't find a new wetback like yourself to off?" Corners are taken to try and evade. Straightaways for distance. She can feel her heart beating faster, sweat starting to form in her palms.

====> Mackenzie to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 2 Successes 
    < 1 1 2 2 3 4 6 8 10 >
=====================================>  Dexterity + Drive + 3 [No Flags] <====
====> Sebastian to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 2 Successes 
    < 1 2 5 5 7 8 10 >
=====================================================>  3 + 3 [No Flags] <====

"You think I picked him?" She's focused on driving, E-Z is focused on the thing that's chasing them. "He came after me! I'm not even working that motherfuckers block but he's.. fuck, he's a monster!" He's forgotten all about his wound already, the blood soaking the seat of his car. He quickly moves back into pressing himself hard against the back of the seat, pressing his eyes closed tight as though he can will this away like a dream. "You gotta get us out of here, lady!" That figure, meanwhile, loses some ground. It seems to have no problem flying around the corners and weaving through whatever obstacles are in the way, but the raw speed of the vehicle gives an advantage.

"Fist in the wound please," Kenzi says as a reminder that if the kid doesn't keep the pressure on the wound that her driving them out of here might not matter. Her mind is racing, trying to think of where to go, where to take him. "And yeah. Turns out this town is pretty full of monsters. You might want to look into moving safer. Like Brooklyn." More random turns. More driving as if Hell itself is after them, which it might very well be.

====> Mackenzie to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 7 Successes for an exceptional success.
    < 1 3 3 4 6 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 >
=====================================>  Dexterity + Drive + 3 [No Flags] <====
====> Sebastian to Here <=====================================================
    Rolled 1 Success 
    < 2 4 4 5 5 6 10 >
=====================================================>  3 + 3 [No Flags] <====

Kenzi continues to drive. she can't see the phantom flying after them anymore, but considering it seems to be able to go through buildings, she is not going to take any chances. "Okay, you got any contacts that can patch you up?" She'd rather not have to pull in a favour with one of her contacts, but she will if she needs to.

The creature, whatever it is, is lost. Moments ago, it twisted around corners like a wraith, easily whisping past any obstacle while it endlessly shuffled its deck, cackling madly. Yet, as she drives, she spots an alleyway, and her instincts tell her to go for it. A perfect powerslide sets the car speeding between the narrow pass, sending explosions of cardboard as she tears through a pile of boxes. The entity, meanwhile, is long gone, another turn after the alleyway and the creature is completely missing, no doubt still trying to figure out which direction she left the alley from. "Just get me to pidgeon hill," he tells, breathing hard and pressing against that wound just as thickly as he can. "Shit, I fucking owe you for this, white girl." He's breathing a bit steadier now, but his face is still wet with his tears from before.

Giving the ganger a brusque nod, Kenzi keeps driving. She slows down to just a little above the speed limit, driving just like everyone else on the street. Nothing to see here, folks. Just another ordinary car. "First of all, if you're gonna call me anything, call me Freak or Monster. You'd be threatening to shank me if I started talking about the color of your skin, so let's keep the colour of mine off the fucking table. Second, when I get you to Pigeon Hill, we'll trade numbers. You need a car? Something from a store at a major discount? Call me."

She finally lets EZ-Bit off at a corner, tossing him his gun once the safety is on. Driving off, she takes the car to her favourite garage, taking a hit for the blood on the seats. Still, enough for dinner and a hit of something sweet. Not the E she was looking to buy, but not a bad night overall. If one ignores the flying skeletal jesters.