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The Fox and the Angel - Introductions
Dramatis Personae

Suzanne and Cecily

November 15, 2020

The Beast finds the Wizened after rumors of a new place for homeless to gather and offers her services.


Pigeon Hill

It was likely one of Cecily's allies that let her know about the sheltered alley, and what one small woman is trying to do there, even going so far as to call her a street angel. Finding out where the alley was also wouldn't have been hard, as it isn't being kept hidden. And so she will find herself here, in an alley that really is sheltered, or as much so as it can be, the eaves of the two perimeter buildings covering up most of the space. And there actually is an angel there.. sort of. At least, there's a small figure in layers of ragged clothing with small, bent wings at her back, the plumage white stained with something inky at the edges, long almost-white hair spilling to her waist.

She is, just now, sitting on a crate speaking with an older woman who looks similarly homeless, though after a moment the conversation ends with Suzanne reaching out to touch her arm for a moment. Then the old woman is shuffling off, leaving the alley actually empty, aside from Suzanne herself, her canine companion not currently present or at least not visible. The Wisened girl shivers a bit, pulling her hoodie in close about her form, though a gentle little smile plays upon her lips.

Cecily waits at the mouth of the alley for her and Suzanne to truly be alone, and then slowly, she makes her way forward. She's not blind to the Mien, obviously, being that she has fox ears and a fox tail herself, limbs a little more lithe than human. Claws tipping her fingertips, fangs visible when she breathes, mouth partially open with vapor drifting from it. But despite her animalistic traits, she looks... warm. And kind. She's wrapped up in an old coat, likely second or third hand, ill-fitting and obviously made for a larger man than a petite woman. "It continues to surprise me as to how many of us there truly are in this tiny town..." she says as she approaches, cautious but optimistic, voice as warm and gentle as her smile.

Suzanne's head turns before Cecily speaks, alerted by the sound of footsteps or perhaps something else altogether. Seeing her mien, it may actually be a little more difficult to tell at first that the girl isn't actually looking at the approaching Fox woman, given that sapphires by their very nature have neither pupil nor iris, for sapphires are precisely what her eyes are, ones that glow ever so faintly.

She rises quickly, turning to face the woman, her head tilting. "Us?" she asks, perhaps a bit cautiously, her wings rustling. The caution doesn't seem to equate to wariness of Cecily herself, though, merely that s he doesn't leap to conclusions. She does offer a smile, though, and it's a sweet one, at that. "I'm not sure what kind of us you mean, Miss, but.. hi, there. Are you in need of shelter?"

Cecily's approach stops within a conversational distance, but outside of arm's reach, giving a respectful gap between the two. She glances around, ears lifted, swivelling to and fro, catching distant sounds and staying cautious. Then she nods, eyes obviously flicking towards those wings, and the bespectacled woman herself showing her vulpine claws before they retract. Her hands fold at her waist, and she sighs, nodding. "...us..." she says, simply, then shakes her head. "No, not seeking shelter, dear. Just seeking to offer help in my own way, if you'll have it?" she smiles, genuine and warm, her tail rustling at the bottom of her coat before it curls around her leg, dark tip twitching.

Suzanne looks thoroughly and utterly unenlightened, however, the puzzled look remaining on her angellic features. Then again, there's no tilt of the head, no sign of motion to her odd eyes as Cecily displays what she means. In fact, it's really only when the tail moves, causing the tiniest, most subtle of sounds that Suzanne reacts. Was it even a sound? A disturbance of the air in a spot that there shouldn't have been one? Nonetheless, something attracts Suzanne's attention long enough to have her chin lowering, curiosity flitting over her face. "I should perhaps let you know that I'm blind, Miss," she offers. She doesn't sound upset over it, or over having to explain, in fact she sounds almost apologetic.

Still, her chin lifts again. "Help? I'm always grateful for any help. After all, I'm trying to be helpful, I won't get terribly far with it on my own. I had rather hoped that people would see what I'm doing and step up."

It's then that Cecily's eyes show a flash of understanding, and her cheeks turn dark with blush. She's embarassed, and gasps, "Oh! Goodness! My apologies!" she sputters, sighing quietly. Then slowly, carefully steps closer, within whisper distance. "...despite their state, your wings are beautiful." She hopes that's enough of an indication of what she means, her voice gentle and soft. Then she straightens, the woman a good bit taller than the Wizened before her.

"I own a nearby bookstore... it survives on donations, and I leave the back door open for those who seek shelter from the cold... as well as exchange books for the needy to read at the larger shelter... perhaps I could do the same here? Bring books for those you wish to help and come by on occasion to swap them out?"

"Ahhh," Suzanne murmurs, the light finally, if metaphorically, dawning. "I see. Or, well, I don't, but I also do." She holds out one small, perhaps surprisingly clean hand. She is, in fact, quite clean. Dressed in rags, clearly underfed, but clean. "Thank you," she murmurs. "And my name is Suzanne, it's nice to meet you, Miss."

Her head turns as if she truly were looking over the alley, though obviously that's not the case. "Hmmm. We'd need to find a place where they'd be safe. I'd hate to see them damaged, books are precious things." It doesn't sound like a dismissal, though, just the girl thinking out loud.

The fox's fingers are slender and long, and she's got her claws retracted, making sure not to scratch the little angel. She takes the hand in hers, giving a gentle squeeze, so warm and tender in her touch. She exudes kindness, perhaps. "Cecily, dear," she says gently, the smile easy to hear in her voice. "A pleasure," she adds, her reflexive motions lending her to a dip of the head, ears flattening, too, even if it all goes unseen.

"I can provide a container, too," she suggests. "An ice chest or something that would keep the elements out?" she offers, then at this close proximity, she can certainly see a little more of the other woman's state. "Maybe bring you something to eat, too...?" she asks, not as an afterthought, but a follow-up.

Suzanne's hand is small and delicately-boned, but not weak per se, and the skin has been roughened in spots as if she handled some kind of object a lot. Sword-weilders get calouses in such spots, though Suzanne has no visible weapons on her at the moment. Plus, the blind thing. She does give a squeeze before letting go. Curiosity remains in her expression, though she doesn't ask whatever questions are on her mind. "Oh! Oh, no, not for me," she protests. "Bring it for the others. I have... other means, now. I know I don't look like it just yet, but. I have...."

She pauses, trying to find a safe way of wording this. "I have a safe place to go where food is plentiful, it's positively magical." She does reach out again, unerringly finding Cecily's arm for a moment. "But I thank you for the thought behind the offer. I do like the idea of a container, though. And perhaps I could keep it at the bottom of the stairwell over there. A little more sheltered."

Cecily is not versed in swordsmanship, not at all. Her fingertips run over the rough spots, as if to try and soothe them after feeling them out, but she makes no further mental notes. At least, beyond feeling the sorrow that comes from sympathizing with what may or may not have caused such trauma, or even the woman's state in general. "Oh?" she asks, but nods, "I have such a place, too, yes..." she says, knowingly.

Then she looks around again, her other hand resting atop Suzanne's on her arm now, as if not wanting her to let go. Something about warm contact. "I would be happy to. A big plastic ice chest is designed for being water-tight after all, yes? And it should be able to fit all manner of books. I only wish I had something more to offer you directly that you could make use of. If not food or reading material..."

There /should/ be sorrow there but oddly, there isn't. Though it's likely Cecily could glean quite a harvest just by following Suzanne around and taking in all the sadness of others when they see her. Suzanne herself, though, actually radiates a sort of hopeful joy. She's Dawn to the core. She doesn't pull away this time. Body language is a mystery to her, but she seems to understand what Cecily's hand on hers means. "Providing books is helping me. I mean. Directly. If you think about it. Books, as I recall, are a great way to inspire hope and awaken potential. Not that I've read one in a long time, but I'd enjoy other people being able to read them."

While Cecily's motives for helping the homeless are quite pure, the side-benefit of the Glamour it provides is obviously well taken into account. The fox seems content to be near another, though, to be touched and feel the warmth nearby. "I suppose when you put it that way, but I always do love to help. I would have considered bringing books and maybe warm beverages over as it is, but if there's anything more I can do for you, if not directly, but personally, let me know? I'll even give you first pick of what sort of books you might want me to bring down for people to enjoy. I know tastes vary wildly.. some people like fiction, some may enjoy just having an encyclopedia to read through..."

Her expression turns thoughtful, her wings rustling, stretching out to as much of their full span as they can reach and then settling back. They're underdeveloped, those wings, though perhaps she could glide if she ever dared to try. "/Some/ fiction, at least. Escapism has a bad reputation, it's good for you to lose yourself sometimes. But other stuff too. Maybe... basic history, something on basic budgetting, something on... oh, I don't know. Anything that might contain some kind of skill, even sewing. And some self-help. I've met too many people on the street who are there more because they don't have the right tools to build their confidence or quiet their inner demons. Sometimes, they just need those tools and then they can pull themselves out."

Cecily's ears lift, perked, and not just at the words. She's admiring those wings, damaged as they are, watching them spread for those fleeting moments. She exhales a happy little sigh, then nods. "Mmm, I understand, dear. Educational books, vocational books... and maybe some good bedtime stories?" she asks, sounding pleased at this idea, giving Suzanne's hand a squeeze, still at her arm. "...truth be told, a lot of those books don't sell too well. The joys of a donation-run used book store, though... I carry literally any kind of book one could want.." she says, beaming proudly. Then pauses. "...almost anyway."

Suzanne nods, and gives the arm a bit of a squeeze before gently pulling her hand away though it turns out that this is because she impulsively hugs the fox. Not that she is, as of yet, actually aware of the vulpine aspects of her new friend. "That is /so/ fantastic," she tells her. "...yeah, though. Maybe bring those and, I mean, I'd never say no to a hot drink, it's starting to turn chilly. However... I should get inside and find my dog. He was going hunting." How going inside will let her find a hunting dog... well. Perhaps her earlier commentary about magical places will explain that. "But... I'll see you again, yes?"

Cecily is, for the moment, taken aback as she's wrapped up like that. But she doesn't shy away from it. She doesn't go tense. She, instead, almost melts into it. Her arms wrap around the shorter woman, hugging the angel's head in against her chest, due to the height difference. The Beast is so soft there, and that tail, too, coils around Suzanne's middle for just a moment, for as long as the embrace lasts. Warm, fluffy fox tail. She does let go when her new friend mentions her dog. And seems to understand the situation. "Of course, dear. Please... be safe..." she says gently. "I'll be back soon, with a box, and some books."