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The Eye of the Storm Vol. 2
Dramatis Personae

Jameson_Howard, Lark_MacLeod, Augustine, Chris_Michaels, Jermaine, Kizzy, Bryce, Jacobus, and Kharn as ST.

14 June, 2017

The end


It's mid day, a little after lunch time. From the far Northwest, a spreading presence can be felt, but it's faint. Much closer, to the North east, something much more malicious pings everyone's senses. Something big.

Kizzy has gotten good at following those feelings, hence why she's here now. Already in Dalu, the redhead is carefully standing at the edge of the area, curious as to if anyone else will come of if she'll be investigating on her own.

Black Eagle takes to its wings to a high altitutde and then descends in a slow spiral trying to make out what he can see from above the canopy before returning to perch on a firm branch.

Having decided to scout ahead, having felt the presence himself but moving and shifting down to his wolf form, Jermaine shakes himself a little as he is in his true form and honestly it feels good to be in this state. He moves ahead a little bit and his eyes scan the area a little bit, he hoped they are able to bring Kharn and Rimi.

Augustine sensing something showed up to where it was going with Bryce. This time he came with his sword which was almost as long as he was tall and a torc with boar tusks around his neck. He turned to Bryce "Hope that armored one is here." He grumbled a bit when he saw others around. Seeing that others were getting ready for a fight. He decided to do the same. Shifting into dalu.

Bryce rides alongside Augustine in Urshul form. He lets Augie drive his beat up old muscle car. Meanwhile Bryce once he's away from the normals is in Urshul with his head out the window, tongue hanging out of his mouth. He sniffs around to see what's up. Augustine is beside him in Dalu and the older howler figures that Aug can do all the talking for him. He's the Alpha after all.

It's mid day, a little after lunch time. From the far Northwest, a spreading presence can be felt, but it's faint. Much closer, to the North east, something much more malicious pings everyone's senses. Something big.

Not seeing anyone else, immediately, Kizzy decides to press on by herself. Isn't long before she meets up with several of the others, however, and she starts a two-legged lope towards them.

It's mid day, a little after lunch time. From the far Northwest, a spreading presence can be felt, but it's faint. Much closer, to the North east, something much more malicious pings everyone's senses. Something big. (re for chris)

Southwestern Wolf whispers “<<Irraka, there's a roiling mass of chaotic protean spirit coming in from that direction . But there is also a homid sniper high in a tree on the other side of that clearing with a long gun.>>”

Augustine turned to Bryce "Got a story or a song for this? I am sure the old days had something. You know going off to fight something unknown." He asked not seeming to really want any answer saying it since Bryce could not really answer him back right now. When he saw Kizzy he waved "Hey Kizzy."

Jameson is in hishu form for now, his hands in his pockets, nose in the air, as he walks with Chris, the two packmates heading towards the presence. He spots some of the others as he does so, nodding to each - clearly not knowing thee others yet... then again, he hasn't met many of the Wolves here yet... but he can certainly smell a wolf when in the presence of one! He says to the others, "Greetings all. I'm Jameson."

Bryce tilts his head and makes that rather confused little whimper before circling around and slumping down in response to Augustine's inquiry. He doesn't really seem to have much to say for the time being and as Augie might ascertain, Bryce knows about as much as the rest of them. Which is not much.

Jermaine having caught the scene and the very disturbing sense, he couldn't allow it to go unnoticed. He hadn't spoken to the others he began moving off towards that feeling. He moves quickly until he comes close and than he slows and begins creeping forward trying to get a good view of whats going on, he did notices Jacobus moves off too. Still this is what he does and using his surroundings to keep him hidden. He stops as he has a clear view of the thing, his eyesight near perfect as a wolf and the ash gray wolf blends in with his surroundings, as he watches teh thing, he does notice the two wolves and he bares his fangs but doesn't make nosie as he sees that the wolvesclaws have something on them. Upon hearing Jacobus, <> he whispers back. <<We need to warn the others and if we can get the sniper quietly that will give us an advantage.>> he whispers as he begins moving to follow. THey are moving, but than deciding to inform the others, he quikly takes off back to the rest of the group, this is his job.

Arriving with Jaemson, Chris gives a nod to Kizzy and Augustine whom he recognizes. "Hey...you guys too?" he mentions as they obviously feal the pressence as well. "It's all got to be coming to head now..." he mutters to whomever will may listen as he mentally prepares himself for the coming conflict.

"Hi." That's all Kizzy has to say anyhow but then she stops to listen to what Jermaine has to say, his words causing her to frown. "Fucking silver claws. Wonderful." Sighing, she angles her head towards the direction she is getting that feeling from, the Dalu bitch starting to head that way. "I want the killing blows, if possible," she snarls, heading towards a clearing.

Southwestern Wolf takes off in a different direction running perpendicular to the line of attack using strange whispers, growls, chirps, and other noises, dashing from one furtive sylvan inhabitant to the next. He moves doggedly and desperately trying to spread the word, using his gifts of dominance if he needs to.

Augustine raised an eyebrow "Silver claws? Well at least we know they are in it for keeps." He said before he turned to Kizzy when she said about the killing blow before he gestured for Bryce to come along "Might as well make some noise and get silver claws after us."

Jameson stands quietly, listening. He appears unarmed, as if he were counting on his natural forms when shifted to do anything of note... not that he's particularly good in combat. But SOMEONE has to heal others if it comes to that...

Bryce lets out a nervous wimper upon realizing what they're up against. He runs around nervously and slumps into a big furball again. He manages to squeeze out one word in the first tongue quietly throughout his wolfish barks and whimpers. <"Idigam">

Jermaine relays the information and he turns around scanning the area, <<We have to keep up with them, I will move around to tail them, someone needs to take out the Sniper.>> he does tell them where the sniper is located at and as he looks to the others, he chuffs. His Alpha is moving on his own, he quickly takes off towards the treeline, trying to keep hidden from sight of the Protean Spirit and the two wolves. Though making damn sure to keep out of sight of the sniper.

Jameson says to his colleagues, "I will summon a spirit to help deflect the sniper from hitting us... I will need some time." He then shifts to Dalu form and slips away a bit further - out of immediate earshot, sitting on his haunches, as he begins to howl to the spirits of the air. For about 10 minutes.

Jermaine didn't hear Jameson, but if the others see him, which may be hard, but Jermaine is moving fast, his head is lower as he rushes towards where he was told the sniper was. He will do what he can about the Sniper but if someone else can take him out good, he will do what he can.

Oh. Well. That's an ouch. Growling, Kizzy grows quite a bit... well, everything. Taller. Furrier. Toothier and claw... ier. She is now a fuzzy ball of murder and rage. "<<Fucking kill them!>>" She is able to not rush off, still in control of herself, but she's preparing to kill, with or without them.

Lark is not there, really she is not, but then behind and to the right of the Sniper the woman appears for a fleeting moment and lifts a hand to send lightening into the skull of the Snipper. It blazes blue and sharp and the sound is like rushing water over rolling thunder. Then she's gone.

Jermaine had heard his mate and he chuffs in response even in his own head, and as he closes in on the sniper picking up his scent letting it flow inot his nose and along his tongue, Jermaine quickly picks up speed as he lowers his head picking up that speed. Channeling a gift through his body, he racing, moving between the trees and than he hears teh crackle of lightning and thunder, and as he sees his mate briefly appear, he sees the sniper get hit, and as the sniper falls from the blast to the fight, he leaps up quickly shifting into his Urshul form and he rips with his mouth open trying to rip the throat out of teh Sniper.

People are being shot. Kizzy taking a hit, the sniper exploding in brutal attacks as his packmates make their strike. Its time for the Rahu Blood Talon to do his thing. A growl and Chris begins to run forward into the field, the sniper gone now its time to get up close and personal, it's time to kill or be killed. Despite the obvious danger, he shows no fear moving into a striking distance.

The huge chaos-spawn sees the Purified and the Wolf spring on his ranged lackey and roars. It's a cacaphony that echoes across the field. One of it's four arms raises and a beam of black energy lances Lark. By the time it gets to her, though, it has broadened to cover her completely. When the beam fades, her clothes are gone as well as most of her flesh, bone might show through where it's closest to the skin, like on the elbows, skull, and knuckles

Jermaine sees his mate get blasted by the Idigem, eyes widens as fury takes him but not quite. He quickly runs to his mate shifting quickly to homid form. He slides and grabs his mate, the two had the plan, how did he miss the damn sniper shooting her. He pulls her into his arms as he holds his mate, "Lark, wake up." he says. Shaking her as he tries to wake her, he looks at the wound on her.

Augustine looked at the idigam and its minions. He let out a laugh as he was studying the Idigam but not seeming to find anything about the thing since well it was kind of chaos in a form so he curses a bit as it causes him to fail to find a flaw. Though he did move forward to wait for the enemies to get to him.

Lark does not answer Jermaine but while she looks like crap in a Lark suit she is breathing so that is something.

The bigger of the two Bale Hounds grins at Chris, calling on the tainted power of a Flayed Lune and tries to bring his Beast to the surface. It's close, so very close, rippling under his skin. But Chris's resolve prevails.

Bryce lifts up his snout and howls a big warhowler howl towards the light of the great gibbous moon and himself and Bryce feel the protection of his awesome magic howly wolf power. The black wolf's howl tells a tale of steadfast courage in the face of something terrifying.

Kizzy is not about to be left behind and charges along with the others, shifting back down to Dalu as she does. She won't heal as quickly but that's okay. She'll just spend time in another form later. Right now, though, she is seeking to present a slightly smaller, more agile target.

The smaller, more wirey Bale Hound steps toward Bryce and fixes him with a malicious grin at that distance. Bryce can feel the world becoming muted and dark, but he, like Chris, prevails.

Southwestern Wolf moves swiftly to Chris' side and grows in size to the form of a dire wolf as the his packmate squares off with the silver clawed Balehound. Silver is in the equation so he reluctantly makes the decision to call upon his most recently learned gift though it may separate him from his true self. He roars and in the light of Luna his long white teeth turn a frostly silver. He snaps them, making them spark and crash.

Zul Sanak, looks down at the little army of Werewolves come to face off against it. With four legs, it's fast. Really fucking fast. In a second, it's rushed past it's zealots, grabbing Augustine in a pair of pincers and a pair of taloned hands.

Enraged at his mate being hurt, Jermaine would elicit a howl, but thats not an Irraka, or Hunter, they don't announce thier attack, they just appear and strikes suddenly. THe ash gray wolf rockets down the hill, his speed is something to take note of, he is fast and it shows, but also silent, silent as death, and night. It's not until he breaks cover that there is a gray streak as Jermaine leaps from the hill. The leap carries him towards hsi target, the slower of the balehounds. He bites down hard on it's neck. He grips and bites down hard using the momentum to flip himself than the balehound over to slam into the ground.

Augustine frowned as he was grabbed by the idigam the chaos of it touching him. He looked at it for a moment taking the thing in before he let out a growl as he dropped out of the grab to a height grunting from the fall. He went into motion raising his sword to let out a massive overhand chop at the beast. He then spoke to it in a commanding tone. “I am Ninna'uth, Alpha of Macallai Croga.” He gestured around with his sword seem he was trying to get hurt instead of the others.

As Augustine hits the ground and lashes out with his sword, the very fabric of reality shreds and a heavily armored 'man' steps through. It is wielding a gleaming red zweihander, which it runs through Augustine. The serrated edge rips gibbets of flesh from him as the sword is removed.

Meanwhile, the Bale Hound Jermain is attacking turns on him with vicious silver claws. The Urshul is to quick though, and the Bale Hound hits nothing but air when he swipes.

Bryce pounces at the silver claws guy but the guy misses. In retrospect he should have done something different but the fight is far from over as it were.

Kizzy's emotions get the better of her. Even though she's not going to do anything dangerous she gets that wild look to her eyes, a feralness to her expression that speaks well of her surge of emotions pushes out away from her. Er, for a lack of a better way of putting it right now.

The smaller Bale Hound watches as Augustine takes a powerful swing and hacks off a piece of it's master. It decides that Augustine is now the biggest threat, not the Warhowler. This may be a mistake, but it is trying to keep it's master alive. Where Bryce had felt the world start to become mute and dark, that same feeling pummels Augustine's senses, leaving him with touch as his only remaining sense.

Southwestern Wolf comes to his packmate's defense, snaping his jaws at the balehound that Chris is facing. Silvery jaws barely manage to cut into the balehound leaving a small but dripping wound.

"Get hurt by hounds! Then we can slay spirit." Bryce barks out as the spirit wrestles with the black furred dire wolf.

Zul Sanak looks at the fight happening in front of it, relishing in it. And then he notices the Cahalith staring at him, and he sees that spark of recognition. It stamps forward on it's four feet and grabs Bryce in a pair of pincers, holding him up to the face that is somewhere between a primate and a shark.

Chris continues to snap his jaws and flail his claws in a whirling dervish of wolven death. Well, you would think so but he just can't seem to get anything to quite land.

Seeing that they need to put some major damage on thier enemies and start pushign back, Jermaine howls loudly as he shifts, and as he goes into his warform, teh others of his pack would feel that. He stands at about seven feet tall strong and powerful but lean and ready. He quickly dashes towards one of the Bale Hounds and tries to rip it apart with his claws but misses, though now this gives them a new target to focus on.

The Bale Hound, faced with a Warform werewolf at the front, and a werewolf with Silver Jaws at his back, decides the silver jaws are the worse enemy. He reaches to try and grab the Urshul wolf but can't seem to gain any purchase.

"FUCK YER UGLY." Bryce howls out as the creature manages to pick him up. He squirms around and tries to face back to the pack. "IT MUST BE WILLING." Bryce continues to growl and flail around like an animal caught in a thicket. He careens every part of his body from side to side in the face of the Idigam until he slips free! He falls down 20 feet with a grunt. He takes a bite out of him on the way down but misses.

The irate Elodoth is still raging, her emotions still controlling her. Flailing without much affect, she swipes at the lone bale hound, those natural weapons not finding their target. Frustrated, she growls.

The smaller Bale Hound runs away from Kizzy, straight at the wildly swinging Augustine who just bisected his enemy. The Bale Hound tries to hit Augustine, but is warded away by that huge sword and can't seem to land a hit.

"If we all go Warform, it will leave." Bryce states. The warhowler sighs deeply and then he slowly shifts into his terrible Gauru form. Big, black, with green colored eyes. He clenches his claws and waits for his next move.

Having missed adn still filled with Rage, Jermaine watches over the rest of the pack as some begin to shift to take these fuckers out. He quickly lunges towards the smaller of the Balehounds, and as he does he leaps and dives towards it, and in one fast swipe of his claws, buries them deep into the hound and ripping through it.

Zul Sanak, one terrible, taloned hand raised, power almost dripping from it, looks at each wolf as they take on their most terrible forms. It watches as they give up the fight to their Beast, forsaking tactics and finesse for brute force. All would sense a pulse that seems to mollify their rage, sapping their strength. Kizzy, who is already death raging, would come out of it in a slump. The rest will also shift back to Hishu unless they choose to Kuruth. As a show of 'peace', two palms are aimed, one at each of the Bale Hounds. They are annihilated before the group of Gauru, leaving charred bones and silver claws. "You, Luna's fiercest. You submit to me, Zul Sanak. Luna has chosen you over me, and sent me away." Terrible lips peel back over black, razor sharp teeth, "Luna was wrong, she does not know all. Look, I am the Apex warrior, yet I was cast away. Flee, Uratha. Tell others of my prowess."