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The Child - Campus Sniper

Part of The Child

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore

22 January, 2017

Hunters aren't even safe on campus.


St. John's University


Things are afoot. A group of Hunters went out earlier to try and kill the antichrist...but things didn't go too well. It was a trap. Of course. At least the Hunters got out alive; though Eloise required divine intervention to recover. The L'enfants Diaboliques are now threatening that all Hunters will be dead by the end of the week - if they don't surrender or run away - so an alert has been sent out to watch their backs.

But on a chilly Sunday morning on campus, everything looks calm and serene. What could possibly happen here? It's the day before classes resume but for now the place is quiet and the quad devoid of life.

What could possibly happen on campus? Well, a daylight Deadite attack, in Aurore's experience. Not to mention the 'god' of the Nest. Consequently, she's feeling more than a little apprehensive, her eyes scanning high points as well as the ground as she makes her way through campus towards the library. Hands stuffed into the pockets of her jacket, her shoulders are slightly hunched - against cold as well as the fear of assassination or predation.

Amanda is on campus too, checking stuff out in case of anything random popping up before classes start. She's making her way to the library too, spotting Aurore she trots up to her and says, "Hey, how's it going?"

Raising a hand in greeting, Aurore musters a wan smile. "Cold," she says dryly. "And a bit frightening. Seems we're under threat again. I'm wondering if I should stop off at the old courthouse and grab a shotgun. And at home to change into my leathers."

"Would you rather swing by the Manor, pick stuff up from there?" Amanda asks. "When /aren't/ we under threat, anyway?"

Another soul in the quad. A single figure in a long overcoat - it is cold after all - is walking slowly in the pair's general direction. Their head bowed underneath a pulled up hood. Their hands shoved deep in their pockets.

Amanda spots the other person and sighs. "Last time I was with you alone in this quad with a random person, that giant bird popped up and I got dragged into the Vigil," she says quietly to Aurore. "Somethings probably going to happen."

"Well, I helped acquire some of the stuff for the courthouse, so I sort of feel that I ought to pinch that stuff first," Aurore says, sounding rather guilty... before warily eyeing the lone figure. "Yeaaaah. I can't help but feel a bit apprehensive, myself."

The figure turns towards directly for the pair now. Its step is a little quicker. Its right hand moving in the pocket as if grabbing something. Ten feet away. Five feet away...

Amanda leans against Aurore, to try and push her out of the figures path.

Aurore is quite willing to oblige, veering to one side... and rather fervently wishing that she had learned to sense demons and Lucifuge, among her many other strange modes of alertness.

The figure's hand emerges...and contains a piece of paper. "Hey" greets a young male voice, "Do you know where the computer lab is?" He looks up to see the women doing some kind of leaning and shoving thing...and he looks confused. "Sorry. Didn't mean to frighten you. Umm...I'm new here. Still trying to find my way around."

As the man talks, the two Huntresses can't help but notice the red dot that is slowly moving up his body. It seems to be coming from behind the women. "Don't worry about it, maybe try not to look so suspicious next time," Amanda says with a smile. "Nearest computer lab is in the Williamson Building, which you're right on course for," she says, stepping between the guy and whatever's causing the dot. "Why don't we show you the way?" she asks, glancing at Aurore.

Aurore looks a little startled... but nods jerky agreement to Amanda's suggestion. "Yeah, c'mon. It's not far out of our way," she says, trying not to sound as panicked as she feels.

"Thanks, I appreciate it" the man nods with a grin, happy to be guided by two lovely women. "I'm doing the computer games course" he explains. "Transferred over from Portland since this place has a much better reputation." The red dot seems happy to rest on Amanda. It comes to a stop on her throat - it looks awfully like the laser sight of a weapon.

Amanda smirks at the rep comment. "Hey, something you should know, it's quite fast-paced here, so you should start getting used to running when you can, like this!" she says, suddenly grabbing the poor guy's hand and starting running towards the computer lab. Inside, she wishes she was wearing extra support, given the bouncing she's now doing.

Aurore allows herself a moment to peek around in search of the most likely building for that dot to be generated from, figuring that she's got at least a second or two while whoever is watching is distracted... then she takes off after the other two.

"Huh?" the man manages to get out before he is doing his best to keep up with Amanda...or get ahead of her to get an interesting view. "I'm not really...the running type" he wheezes but he can't look too incompetent in front of hot women he has no chance with. Behind the trio, a patch of snow explodes upwards as an unheard bullet slams into the ground behind where Amanda once stood.

"Take up running...make you look....hotter to chicks....." Amanda says as the trio peel towards the computer lab.

Aurore is entirely failing to spot the sniper... berating herself inwardly for her lack of tactical nouse, even as she tries to push herself to focus upon the simple task of running swiftly. Though not faster than the other two.

"You...think?" the man manages to squeak at Amanda through panting breaths. They reach the labs and he stops at the door, hands on knees as he bends over to take in huge breaths. No red dots nearby. No plumes of snow. "I've never...had to run...like that..." he pants before grinning. "But, hey, if it helps me...get hot chicks." A nod to the door as he stands, rummaging around in his pocket for the access key. "Thank you both...for the guidance. Hope to see you around...soon." With that he sweeps the key through the lock and slips inside.

"You did good..." Amanda says panting too. "Take up running....Go to the.....Athletic Centre....." Once the guy's safe in the lab, she looks to Aurore and gives her a WTF look.

Aurore fights the urge to either prop herself on the wall or run for better cover, instead mustering a smile and raising a hand in farewell, before looking to Amanda as the door closes. "That... was unexpected."