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Tea and Adventure
Dramatis Personae

Tock, Vox

5 July 2015

The Gilded Retinue Motley mates have tea...and the promise of adventure.


The Gilded Lily – Reading Room

This room of the Gilded Lily is as well appointed as the rest of the rest of the airship, with plush sofas and chairs upholstered in a deep red velvet. A dark wood writing desk with pale maple inlays match tall bookshelves and the side tables beside the comfortable looking seating. Wall sconces glow every few feet along the walls, giving the study a pleasant, warm light that makes it quite comfortable to remain in for hours. A door to one side grants passage further into the ship, while one opposite that one leads out onto the main deck. A porthole off the left hand side of the room looks out over whatever area of the Hedge the ship is currently docked over.

The door from the main deck of the airship opens as Vox strolls through, a good sized parcel wrapped in brown paper and twine tucked under one arm. Today, Vox is dressed in a rather nicely fitting outfit - khaki trousers and black, shiny riding boots with a modest heel that only makes the Fairest taller, paired with a cream silk blouse and a golden vest. A puffy craveat in a flamboyant acid-dyed blue is bloused out the top of the vest. Long hair is slicked back into a neat bun that fades to completely black as it spirals. Humming songfully, Vox sets the parcel on the writing desk, manner relaxed and comfortable in the study.

While it unlikely happens often Out in the World, Vox finds herself a decent enough match curled up in one of the reading room's plush arm chairs. Tock is dressed for such lounging in an early Edwardian style tea dress in smoky Chinese violet tulle overlay with a dove grey cotton liner embroidered tastefully in the same purples. A matching velvet ribbon bearing a gold locket hangs at her throat and a woven metal bracelet decorates one wrist. As always, her cornsilk hair is run just the right degree of wild, the ever-present golden ferns and white flowers adorning it. Crystal-blue eyes are focused down on the latest issue of The Journal of Modern Physics, fingers lifting lazily to turn the page.

It takes a moment, but Vox's arrival (and humming, likely, more than anything) does eventually draw Tock's eyes upward. The corners of her pale rose lips pull upward as well, just so. “Good afternoon, Vox. Have you something interesting there?” She sets aside her journal on the table before her, next to a neat china tea service laid out with pot, cups, and a small plate of biscuits and finger sandwiches made for nibbling easily. “There's tea. Darjeeling in the pot, but it'd be easy enough to fetch some Lady Grey, if you would rather.”

"Afternoon, Tock," Vox responds, a brilliant smile parting her lips, jet eyes wandering the tea service, "Tea does sound absolutely lovely, thank you." She pats the parcel with delicate, long fingers, "Technically not supposed to peek at deliveries I have been entrusted with. But I'm fair certain it is some sort of ingredients for someone else's project. Just needed to get it to where it is going." Stepping away from the writing desk, Vox settles primly into one of the chairs opposite Tock, preparing a cup of tea with practiced ease - two lumps of sugar dissolved easily into the hot liquid. "But in the mean time, there is always time for a cup of tea," Vox says with a rakish grin to her friend. "Anything new and fascinating in the world of," the Fairest pauses, glancing at the magazine, "Modern Physics?"

“Tea always sounds lovely. It is one of the constants of the universe,” Tock returns with a brightening of her own smile, a tilt of her head just a few degrees off centre. A hint of mischief sparkles through her pale eyes. “So it is quite likely something interesting. Merely someone /else's/ something interesting. How much of your day do you spend imagining the contents and import of the parcels you carry? I think I would go entirely mad or be over my head in baseless fancies.” Sitting taller, she offers out the plate of raspberry jam Linzer tart biscuits once Vox has settled her own cup of tea. “A fresh view for Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic wave propagation. Their words, in truth, right in the title: 'Fresh View'. At least it seems to be holding to its advertisement well enough.”

The edges of Vox's eyes crinkle with a mischievous smile, mostly hidden behind the teacup she raises to her lips, "Almost certainly something interesting. But I'm to deliver things, not to investigate them." A backwards glance over her shoulder towards the neatly wrapped package earns a wider grin, "Though part of the fun of my position is to daydream all the wondrous, fascinating things that could be inside those parcels. My imagination is almost always greater than the contents of those silly boxes." Accepting one of the tarts, Vox nibbles delicately on the edge of the cookie, "More often than not it is just some bit of a hedge beast - nails or scales, or squishy parts - in a neat little cooler. I've asked." She sips slowly at her tea, eyebrows creasing in concentration at the answer from Tock, quite good at listening, offering a "Mmm," from behind the tea cup.

“Naturally. Doesn't stop the wondering, though.” Tock chuckles, selecting her own tart to nibble before returning the plate. “Rue the day your imagination is not the match for a plain package. I remain glad to hear it is otherwise yet.” Her grin hides a moment behind the rim of her cup as she sips from it. “I /do/ love a good hedgebeastie. Suppose they like me a great deal less, all told, if they hold opinions on the matter at all.” The fingertips of her free hand smooth at her skirts almost primly, the movement enhancing the degree of faint ozone scent she imparts to her immediate vicinity. “Make for all the best gadgets and gizmos, though. Where will you be whisking away to next with your package?”

Vox grins ruefully, "Indeed. If nothing else, my imagination flourished surrounded by the unimaginable for the last century." There is a twinge of something, perhaps longing, behind her jet eyes at this musing, as she looks around at the study they are sitting in. "I'm sure some do, and the rare ones that have survived encounters with you rue the day they did so." Sipping idly at her tea, her gaze flicks towards the porthole, though the airship is currently stationary, "Mayhaps we'll see about looking for some variety of hedge beasty in the local area. Pick up some supplies and whatnot." The question about where she is headed with the parcel earns a bob of her head, and she reaches into the inner pocket of her vest to pull out a small moleskin book. "Looks like it is supposed to go somewhere a bit further south of here. Short trip, but need to wait until morning to make the delivery," she explains, offering a shrug at the instructions.

“Mmn,” is all that Tock manages for a moment, even a subtle rolling of her shoulders seeming a precisely timed and measured event. “One of the better flowers to give care and tending, I would say.” The talk of meeting with hedgebeasts twists another bit of smile from Tock's lips. “There is always something worth the venturing out there.” After another small sip, she returns her cup and saucer to the table. “I suppose the individual wants to be on hand to accept it and may not be about until morning.” The smile creeps into a far more interesting grin. “Or it could be that the beastie's parts are nocturnal and they don't want the dealing with it while it puts up a fight overnight. You might want to keep an eye out come sunset. In case it starts to...twitch.”

Vox falls quiet for a moment, alternating nibbles of her cookie and sips of tea, "Indeed. Could have been much worse, I suppose." There is a wary look towards the door that leads out on to the deck, almost expectantly, before she turns her attention fully back to the conversation at hand. "I am charging extra if that parcel attempts to bite me," Vox mutters, glancing towards the package with narrowed gaze, "Learned my lesson on /that/." She settles back in the chair, crossing an ankle over a knee, "Adventure is what we're here for, after all. Well, at least several of us are. Something interesting is always about, just beyond the next turn." Sipping her tea, there is a bit of bounce and fidget in her posture, which she is decidedly trying to quash.

Tock laughs outright at the muttering, something of a faint music-box quality hinted at in the deeper sound of it. “Let me know if you need help quelling the Packagebeast. We'll give it what-for.” A few of the fingertips on her right hand click open, glinting sharp instruments peeking out for just a moment in illustration or anticipation...or some mixture of the two. She gives her friend's fidgeting a knowing nod. “Finish your tea, dear. Then we can get into some more appropriate apparel and be off about /something/. See, then, what thereat is and this mystery explore...” Her laughter now is a lighter chuckle, her form already shifting in her seat, this time clearly in anticipation. It might be time to go don the Adventuring clothes.

Vox smiles widely at the offer, her booted foot still bouncing along in fidgeting, "Oh, I'm certain you would hear me squeak and yell in protest if the parcel bites back." Sipping the last of her tea before setting the emptied cup on its saucer on the table in front of her. Un-crossing her feet, she neatens her attire with a quick tug. "That sounds like a delightful plan. First tea, and then, onwards to adventure and beyond," she says, voice warm with laughter.