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Staff Meeting, Semi-Formal - About the Island
Dramatis Personae

Lumina, Violet, Enzo

18 October, 2016

The employees gather at the concierge's office to discuss the goings-on, planned and past.


Albergo Gancia

Ideas! So many ideas! Lumina has all of the ideas for parties, but the specifics... well, that's where delegation comes into it, and as Violet is not appearing to be inclined towards rest, the poor dear is apt to get a "Come over here please," beckoning from Lumina, and brainstormed half-ideas for the twelve days of Christmas being split into twelve separate Christmas-esque parties with different themes? For some reason she's written down 'reindeer' and then crossed it out. Or circled it. It's an awful, awesome, hilariously -bad- idea. "So, we -do- have a sauna, or sauna like set up, with heated swimming pools and the like, right? It's winter, but we are primarily known for water activities, so perhaps parties or events that still include persons to use swimwear..?" She offers, suggestions to try and help with the sparking of ideas.

She had done a very polite knock and stick her head into Enzo's office, and inquire on whether or not he would like to contribute and discuss potential events for the hotel's immediate future? "Hot springs, mineral water is supposed to have restorative properties. Not sure how much is genuine or bullhocky, but it'd be relatively simple t'put some herbs or things in th'water so it smells nice to support th'idea of it bein' healing, whether legit or not? Bit of thyme, and lavender?"

At his desk, Enzo regards Lumina with a raising of his eyebrows. "The Albergo Gancia does not fabricate reality," he says politely, "However, we do have an in-house freshwater spring which is otherwise unused." Then he points his lit cigar toward the floor, looking into her eyes, switching his gaze to Violet upon her entry. His office, his rules for cigar smoking: namely, he's allowed to, dang it. Management doesn't seem to notice or care. "It is inadequate for our fresh water supply, given it lacks a functional pump system, yet it can be put to task as a swimming environment, if we can find a heating system which will survive being installed." Waving his hand vaguely, he motions for both women to take seats in the chairs in front of his desk.

"Finding someone who is capable of fabricating such an item would be expensive," he admits, "Yet, Management has not spoken of our budget for the season being altered. Thus, we will have funding.. within reason." He takes a long, slow puff on his cigar, then slides an ashtray towards Violet's portion of the desk. "I can tell you're several hours from a decent opportunity to rest, so take what comforts you can as long as the option exists." He gives a quiet smile. "Lately, I'm learning that unwinding is the key to success, versus simply existing in a treadmill." Oh, that rascal Enzo. "First, we should have ourselves something to drink," he then says, pressing the call button on his radio, "Marple on-staff, can you prepare.. a soy hot cocoa, heavy on the whipped cream, with rainbow sprinkles..." Then he looks from Violet to Lumina. "Virgin bloody Mary, two stalks of celery. And three bottles of water. My office, thank you." He folds his hands, looking to both women, cigar clenched in his teeth as he takes a slow puff with pride. Across the lobby, the bartender is hard at work, readying their order for delivery.

Violet is dragged for party ideas. This is a common occurrence in the party planning game, everyone has idea. Violet is always open to them. She snickers at the word 'bullhocky.' She stammers for a moment. "Well.. the hotel has it's own charms, we can always play to it's strengths." She looks a bit sad, the events at the hotel were the highlight of her job satisfaction. In the warmer air she shrugs off her overly large Buccaneer coat after taking a seat. She had a light purple pajama set with bats and jack o lanterns on it, black satin sash around the middle. It seems like everything Violet owns is in the cute realm of things. She eyes the ashtray, temptation to smoke. She blinks as coco sounded great. She flushes a little and caves, pawing through the coat pockets for her cigarettes. "I mean.. I can advertise Holiday Packages." She mentions and flushes looking down until she is able to retrieve a black clove cigarette. A smile tugs in the corner of her lips not sure how Enzo could guess what she wanted to drink.

"It's not a fabrication. It's an -enhancement-." Lumina protests mildly, "Telling the customers that the fresh water has been enhanced with minerals to boost pleasantries, such as the aroma of the water, is not a lie." She points out, ever so reasonably, frowning thoughtfully at the conundrum of well, pumps and installing them in the system. "I'll look into the requisite expertise." She replies, glancing at Enzo in surprise at the specificity of the drinks, but she's not one to object.

And for some, strange reason, Lumina just chokes, and coughs softly into one hand, hiding behind her scarf and looking down at her notes. "I'm sure the scent of herbs and the like, would be preferable to chlorine." She nods slightly towards Violets things, also, setting the curve of her ass on an arm of one of the chairs, the pale skin of her thigh above the yellow stocking showing scandalously through the slit in the skirt. "Christmas packages, with the additional events, following the holiday theme? ..It would be awful, but for some reason, the idea of the staff wearing a pseudo-deer costume, especially in the chilly weather, entertains me no end."

"We do not advertise ever," Enzo says emphatically, looking to Violet with a raising of both eyebrows. "If ever the word 'advertise' enters dialogue, it should be prefaced with 'we do not' at the fore, and 'ever' at the aft of that particular sentence." He takes a deep breath, his hand resting on his ashtray's edge, tapping it clear of the flaky, burned remnants at the end. "If your personal company wishes to advertise, Management has no issue with that. Thus, if a voice is raised, it will not be ours - it will be yours." He then turns to Lumina, raising his eyebrows even further, his head canting to one side in quiet contemplation. When he breaks the silence, it is to say, "Housekeeping, service personnel, and the Marple lounge employees only. Kitchen staff will not be wearing interference-prone headgear, nor shall the Garde. I'll leave it up to the performers if they wish to partake in this.. festivity." Christmas is not his bag; he's a man for Halloween, all of the way.

Violet brown eyes scan down to Lumina's thighs and stockings as she starts to light her clove cigarette. She presses the sweet herb filter to her lips and inhales her first puff, using a cheap lighter. She chuckles and tries not to picture Lumina in a reindeer costume. "You'd look cute with a cotton tail." She teases. She sighs. "I am not keen on advertisements. But special events usually draw a crowd. Maybe.." She thinks while curing her nicotine fit. "Holiday lighting in the garden in the colder months? We have two events coming up already." She exhales the smoke through her nose slowly. She didn't want to share about her vendor troubles. "A New Year's event..? And movie night went well."

There's a soft laugh from Lumina and she gives a grin "Oh no, the public persons would be invited to partake in the ah, costume. As it would not just be headgear." She lifts one hand to tug on the hem of her bodice, indicatively. "Vest and shorts, for the gentleman, midriff exposure and shorts for the ladies." She pauses, and grins "I know, it's an awful idea, but it ...really entertains. For a thematic dinner, perhaps, one night, two at the most, and if we spread word around at the mainland, potentially offer a limited selection of on-hire costumes for those who visit if they do not, or cannot, procure something themselves...?" She offers, tilting her head slightly, "Or could go with that song, On the first day of Christmas my true love gave t'me, a partridge in a pear tree."

Violets comment has her flushing visibly and she laughs softly, "Well, that's part of it. A bit of fun and tip-toeing the edge of um, propriety, but only for this -one- night, or whatever, and normally, of course, it wouldn't even be remotely possible. But... for a bit of fun? Snowball fights, snow-forts -- do you get snow here?"

Tapping his chin thoughtfully, Enzo is a quiet study in contemplation himself. When he speaks, it in his polite, professional tone. "Keep it to one night in the Marple Lounge, with a general theme of risque, not tawdry behaviors. We do not run a speakeasy," he says, then he turns to Violet. "If you spread word among your clients, it would serve as much for advertising as we'd ever need. Also, yes, movie night was an exceptional idea - and we will be having more of them. To that end, I wish to petition Management to allow us to host an outdoor version, using the ruins on the western shore as a screen." Those big, unpleasant ruins, which were popular places for guests to explore safely, sort of, during the summer months. "A canopy can be arranged for, giving a respite from the chill, supplanted with outdoor heaters, perhaps even fires in braziers." He seems quite pleased with that idea. "The Nightmare Before Christmas comes to mind. It's topical for both Halloween as well as the twenty-fifth of December." He won't even say the C-word out of season.

Violet taps her ash in the ashtray in front of herself. She clears her throat softly. She only has to finish her cigarette down a quarter of the way to be satisfied. So she stubs it out after awhile. Once she was sure it was unlit she slid it back in the pack, conserving the rest. She chuckles a bit at Lumina. "It's Maine. I am assuming we get snow." Not that Violet has seen a Fallcoast winter yet. Her eyes scan up to Enzo as he thinks. "Outdoor Winter Bonfire movie?" She ponders and rubs her cheek trying to stop the glow there.

"Oh of course. Risque, the -promise- of more, the potential of it, not the actual fact of it. Guests will be required to keep hands to themselves, and so on. The premise of 'look, don't touch'." Lumina agrees with Enzo mildly, looking at Violet thoughtfully, and tilts her head slightly, "Mrn, wouldn't the light of the bonfire -- or bonfires, if there are more people -- interfere with the projection?"

She tilts her head the other way, adjusting her position slightly on the arm of the chair, "Do we have anything planned for Halloween?" Lumina asks curiously, "Like a ball, or something?" She's not intimately familiar with Halloween traditions.

Gesturing with his cigar, Enzo replies first to Violet. "We receive ample snow, according to the weather reports, local experts, and our own forecasting service," he says, reinforcing her sentiment all the more clearly. "We'll work on the title, yet that is the concept to carry through, if possible. It is winter, there will be a movie, and bonfires may feature into the scenario." Turning to Lumina, he cants his head to the side, this time in the opposite direction as before, before he speaks. "We have a 'Monster Mash' soiree planned for the twenty-second of this month. A tasteful ceremony observing Halloween is likely, as well." Behold, it is possible to make Enzo blush. "It.. is also my birthday." The man doesn't actively mislead anyone; he just doesn't clarify he'll be turning ninety-five. Mostly, because nobody would believe it. "A ball is not out of the question. We must ensure we do not conflict with the society people on the mainland, as we are difficult to commute with, given.. we're on an island." Not, say, downtown.

Violet flushes, she hadn't thought of the bonfire light messing with the projection. "Maybe if they are in fire pits instead?" She had heard of winter picnics before. "We have the Monster Feast, er Dinner this Saturday." She pauses to take an even breath. "And a more formal ball in the beginning of November. It's more of Autumn Harvest theme." Another pause. "The dancers said they eventually want to put on a show." She is from the arid lands, cold and Violet don't really mix yet. She shivers thinking of snow. She tilts her head at the mention of a Birthday. "Aw Enzo, it's your birthday coming up?" Birthdays with the Party Planner do not go ignored. She snorts at the mention of the society people on the mainland, her main competition. "Bah, blue bloods. Let them have their shrimp and champagne, we can have some real fun here. I market this venue as a getaway close to home.. so it has it's advantages and disadvantages."

"There will now be cake." Lumina informs Enzo with that revelation, a flash of a grin, hidden behind her scarf, crinkling the eyes behind her lenses. "Will the monster feast be like, Michael Jackson themed? With the monster mash?" She asks curiously, "it's tacky and awful, but odds are everyone attending will know it." They're all older people, after all, not in -her- generation. "Try a home away from home, the vacation where you can still see your house from?" Lumina offers to Violet, making more notes in her notepad, the quick wriggles of the pencil across the page.

"Tasteful hmm... will the guests be encouraged to dress up? And I don't mean in formal wear, though perhaps that would be the minimum requirement if they were not otherwise 'in costume'?" She asks curiously, "Or has that all been organized and sorted, given that it's only a few days away?"

"The Albergo Gancia's take on a themed party will encourage guests," Enzo says with his cool, dispassionate tone, "Not constrain them into a costume. Freedom is a virtue we espouse most thoroughly here, at all times, and in all ways." Then he pauses, tapping his ashes from his cigar into the glass dish. "For the guests. We in the industry must make sacrifices for the sake of all involved, whether we wish it weren't so or not." Then he looks to Violet, nodding with conviction. "My birthday will be held in the penthouse. Small guest list, limited catering, costumes encouraged." And back to Lumina again. "The particulars of the get-together on the twenty-second are similar: costumes encouraged, nothing enforced for dress code, and with ample opportunities for libations." Because booze is where it is at with the rich people, apparently. "Costumes can be provided, if necessary, and kept in a variety of sizes. Our guests do have their various forms to consider." He neglects to mention some of them have tails, forked tongues, or unusual dining habits.

Violet nods, "It's a costumed dinner. I think the vendor said something about eight courses." She rubs her temple; she is in a mad rush this week to get it all finished, which is why she is keeping people clear of the grand dining hall, so her methods and surprises are not spoiled. It doesn't help she hasn't been sleeping at all. She smiles sheepishly. "I have a very nice costume for the occasion." She is satisfied on how a little spooky it is. "I have signed up a few actors to dress as classic monsters to entertain the guests." She raises an eyebrow to Enzo as he states his Birthday plans. "Is that an invitation?" She gains a playful Cheshire grin, she even leans forward towards his desk.

"It sounded more like a request for you to handle the particulars." Lumina replies to Violet with another grin. Enzo's decree gets a dip of her head in a nod and a "Yes, sir." Polite! She's still just an employee and learning the ropes, after all. "Bleh, I'm a little disorganized. I'll have to think on what to wear." She notes thoughtfully, frowning in consideration, another page turned, and more wriggles and notes taken down. A fumble of the pencil and it ...goes AWOL. "Flip." She sets her book down on the seat of the chair, dropping down to her knees to start searching for that errant pencil. "Now where did you roll off to you little..."

As she's searching, there's the most elegant question, or confirmation "So, multiple winter holiday events, a potential out door movie theater, installation of pumps and heating of water, and a birthday party for Mr. Gancia, are all erm, approved or at least, not forbidden?"

"Everything except for the party on behalf of that mad idiot, Mr. Gancia," Enzo says with his usual flat, lifeless tone of the consummate professional. "Yes, that about covers the essentials. The party for my birthday will not be a feature covered by the employees; it is .. unique, in that regard." He tilts his head to look at Lumina below the desk, then pushes the pencil in her direction, apparently, laying his hand back on the desk with a look to Violet. "Tell the local actors and actresses that they may have use of two suites, one for each gender present, for the purposes of a changing space as well as the rest between 'shows'." He's a considerate sort of flunky for the elusive Management, after all. "Consider the invitation made, however. To the both of you." That seems to be the final word on the topic of his birthday celebration.

Violet smirks a little with thought. "Provide me with your private guest list and I will see to it, Enzo." She nods to that. "Yes, that would work out well for them. Thank you." She wasn't prepared for this meeting she doesn't have her tablet to take notes. She is at a loss. "Anything else we need to discuss?" She looks at Lumina and her lost pencil. She is curious about the lower levels of the hotel, but she buttons her lip for the moment.

Coughing into his cigar, Enzo nods to Violet's words. "Off of the top of my head, no, Violet," he says, then lays his cigar aside and pushes it a foot away from himself. "If you have issues you would like addressed, this is a good opportunity for such." He turns to Lumina, then raises his eyebrows. "Red velvet. I enjoy the texture, as well as the color, of it. No frosting, if it can be helped, as I prefer butterscotch topping instead. A strange combination, I'll grant, yet we can not choose to speak of how we enjoy our small vices." He smiles, then chuckles, picking up his cigar, all sins forgiven. "It's the larger vices we pay full price for, in the end. Hence, why I work a hotel-resort, not a rehab clinic." He's about the enabling, not the successful overcoming part of the story.

Violet nods and she thinks. "I didn't want to worry you." She mentions and glances to Lumina and back to Enzo. "I had a hard deal with one of my vendors today, they absolutely refused to deliver the good for the party any further than the docks." She has an annoyed expression, she doesn't like when people don't deliver when they say they will. She looks cross. "I had to pull a favor with a friend to get the rest of the party goods here on time. Is there something I should know about the hotel, that I don't know about?" She can't tell if she's too brave or too stupid to be scared of the place, like some people are.

"I am perplexed at the idea of cream-cheese as a frosting." Lumina agrees with a small nod, noting down the preferences. She tilts her head at the vendor issues, and simply blinks blankly. "Perhaps folks let their imaginations run away from them sometimes, like how all ruins are haunted, simply because they are old?" she offers, before returning her attention to the pad, sketching out basic designs for the reindeer party for Christmas, as well as additional notes to help plan out more events, letting Enzo handle the lions share of that question.

"The rumors of the ruins being haunted is likely centric upon the idea that quite a few people have died on this island," Enzo says, still in diplomatic tone. "They believe it took place at the ruins, whereas most of it seems to have happened at the Old Stone Docks, to my understanding." He then takes a long, slow pull of his cigar, turning to look at Violet. "The history of Raconteur Island is largely shrouded in myth. What of it I know, it could fill a single sheet of paper, double-spaced, and only on one side. The remainder is recorded.. somewhere, I presume. My level of involvement is based upon the needs of the guests. The history of the place.. it something I speculate upon, yet do not make into a personal focus." He gives a solemn nod, then another drag on his cigar in enjoyed. "Cream cheese is frosting in the same way that Keanu Reeves is an actor; only to some people. Certainly, not to me." He closes his eyes, breathing in deeply.

Violet shrugs to Lumina. "People let the ghost stories get to them." She glances to Enzo. "Died? I think Aurore and I were just curious if we could find a historical source to research." Though that would be a personal project. She nods, in quiet after that. She wasn't sure how to ask all the other questions Aurore and her, had come up with. She glances to the time, she is not tired but she should try to sleep. "Well, I suppose I should attempt this sleep thing, the kids keep talking about." She mentions glancing to Enzo with closed eyes. She takes her oversized coat and tugs it back to herself.

"If y'ask for some herbal tea, or if you can drink tea that is... ask for Valerian. It tastes awful, so you'll want to add it to something you actually -like-, I favor rose-hip, but, it'll help you sleep." Lumina offers as a suggestion, giving Violet a warm smile, following over and helping with the cloak-donning, and the departure "When you find yourself unable to, as seems to be a trend."

The concierge rises and smiles, also willing to escort Violet to the office door. "There is a book, likely a copy of it on the mainland's libraries or perhaps a bookseller of some sort," he says, "It's 'Little High Hill; the Story of Raconteur Island', by Gemma Parson." Then he pauses. "We have a copy, yet it is not in a readable condition. I am willing to pay ten thousand dollars for the first copy of it which is, if it is left in my custody for one full week. The cash is available at the front desk, left in my name." Then he turns to Lumina. "Blue envelope, silk tied, red seal in wax. The initial 'E', not the Albergo Gancia's stamp." Meaning: it isn't by Management's decree, just his own, that a copy be found. "Sleep well, when and if you do, Violet." Turning to Lumina. "We.. likely should discuss the envelopes, while I'm awake and available." Further course work for the steward. She must be doing cartwheels at the thought.

Violet smirks to Lumina on the way out. "Well, anything to see my new favorite Steward." She winks. "I'll try tea tomorrow night." Since Violet is not a fan of sleep aids. "Oh and watch out for flying Snickers." She shoots Enzo a look. "They seem to fall from the ceiling." She says with a knowing look. She digs into her pocket and places some Halloween Hershey kisses on the desk for the both of them. "Why give Snickers when you can have kisses?" She follows Enzo out as he escorts. "I'm sure I could find it in the library." She smirks. "You two have a nice morning. I'll see you around and no peeking into the Dining hall.. you'll spoil Saturday." She smiles up at Enzo and flushes so a half a second and takes her leave.

Oh yay. More accounting work for her to labor over. Lumina lets out a soft exhale at the prospect, and dips her head in a slight nod, "It can wait until after your rest, if you prefer?" She offers lightly, "I'll look into acquiring the book, as well. eBay's bound to have something." She notes, one of the benefits of being computer savvy. The internet takes a lot of the legwork out of well, the labor. She nods slightly to Violet, and laughs softly at the admonishment against peeking into the Dining Hall "But... if I don't know what's inside, I might clash!"