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Something Stirs: Newcomers Barbecue

"This food is delicious!"

Dramatis Personae

Adon, Blue, Jacobus, Keith, Kyrie, Seraphine and ST


Wilson Matthews comes to visit the Forsaken doing a planned event.


Terim Farm - Greater County Area

It's a clear and warm day in Fallcoast. So far so good for the barbecue for the local Forsaken community. There's tables and chairs set up for people to sit and partake of food and drinks. Speaking of food and drinks, there are a ton of both. The meat is coming fresh from the grill to be stacked on plates while people are arriving.

Ariella has done the grilling and the prep for sides. So the tables look like an army is going to be fed. Given the size of her family back home this is not something that was daunting for the wolfblooded. She's dressed in jeans, boots and a black cotton t-shirt that has seen many washes for the moment. She gives a wave as people start to arrive, "Come on and get food while it's hot." the Turkish woman calls out. "And I've got things for the non beer drinkers here as well." she adds with a smile.

Keith's already found himself a can of coke from somewhere, clad in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that doesn't quite fit, but fit well enough hidden away beneath a jacket against the spring winds. A backpack slung over one shoulder, carrying with him a scent of incense, and stains of blood on his collar and sleeves. Ariella is greeted with a few choice words in a foriegn language before he settles leaning on something close to the grill. "What had you decide to do this then?" he asks, his voice carrying a faint lazy tone of amusement.

Kyrie shows up in cut off shorts, sandals and a tank top, her hair twisted up into a braid and then a bandana wrapped and used as a headband. The surfer girl shows up in a beat up old Jeep with surfboard racks on the top, though she's alone as she jumps down and heads for the gathering of people, lifting a hand in greeting.

The trots on from the west holding a big lake trout in his jaws that is alive and still flapping to get out. He brings the fish over to Ariella at the grill and drops it at her feet, sitting down on his haunches and looking up at her with bright coppery eyes expectantly. His black damp nose twitches as the wolf picks up on all the scents around him.

Adon heard about the barbecue through the grapevine, though he's only been back in town a week or so, so he's decided to show up and start getting reacquainted with the idea of being a 'proper' werewolf again, which makes him just a touch nervous. There's the sound of a car pulling up outside, followed a minute or two later by the sound of booted feet making their way up the gravel driveway. Adon comes into view shortly after, rushing silvery blond bangs back out of his eyes as he looks over the crowd that's already starting to form. He's wearing tight black jeans held up by a studded leather belt and a faded band teeshirt over which a battered leather jacket has been pulled on his upper half. A pair of scuffed combat boots complete the look. He hesitates a moment or two, glancing back over his shoulder, before taking a few steps nearer and raising a hand in greeting.

Ariella speaks in Turkish when she greets her brother, reaching out to give his shoulder a squeeze after she's settled the dish down and headed back to the grill. "One of the newcomers that I'd been talking to brought it up as an idea. I've got the space out here and decided that meeting more people wasn't an entirely bad thing." she tells him. There's a wave to Kyrie when she starts over, "Afternoon." she tells her. When the unknown wolf drops a fish at her feet there's a look down to them, "Umm...hi." she chuckles. "You want that cooked?" she asks. Then there's a wave to Adon, "Come on over. I'm Ariella. Nice to meet you all." she offers with a smile.

"There's been Pure sniffing around the Crosscut, so don't spread your adress about too much." Keith muses idly, taking a sip from his can as dark eyes shift from Ariella to the arrivals as they come. Each suffering a brief moment of scrutiny as his free hand scratches his temple. "Keith." he calls out "So let's hear it."

Kyrie grabs a box out of the back of the Jeep and walks it up, setting the cake on a table. "Pure? At Crosscut?" Her eyes narrow more than a little. "We need to get strong enough to kick their asses out of this town. They shouldn't be here." Her voice is almost a growl.

Southwestern Wolf chuffs affirmatively to Ariella and lopes off to sniff out the others, gathering their scents up in his lupine nose and learning as much as he can from smells alone. When he's done he turns around in a circles a couple of times and lays down shifting into the Hishu form which is Jacobus, sitting in the dirt. The man yawns, longe blonde hair spilling in his faces and about his shoulders.

"Adon" the silvery blond boy introduces himself, jerking a thumb lightly into his chest. He listens to the others talking with an intense sort of focus, his brows furrowing together at the mention of the Pure. He glances around until he spots a vacant seat and wanders over in that direction, stepping a leg over it and sinking down so he's straddled across the bench. "I picked a bad time to come back into town then" the boy muses, mainly to himself, reaching up to push his hair back out of his eyes once more as he watches the conversation unfolding.

Ariella gives a look to Keith, "Well, think that ship has already sailed with my contact information. If anything happens, I'll let you and Spencer know." she nods to this. The cake that Kyrie settles down makes her smile, "Thank you for bringing cake." she tells her. She doesn't comment too much on the Pure though. Then there's a look to the Southwestern looking wolf as it just shifts in broad daylight as Jacobus. She looks down to the fish that is still on the ground before skewering it's fresh corpse with the meat fork violently and then tossing it on the flames. She then looks to Adon and smiles, "It's nice to meet you Adon." she tells him.

Keith shrugs loosely, leaning by the grill "As long as they don't bother anyone I am in no rush." he muses idly to Kyrie, that faint tone of amusement lingering. "There's plenty of them around town, usually keep to themselves lately. - These new ones wanted to buy the place, Ivory Claws." a sip from his coke as he looks back to Ariella "You say that name as if I know it."

From the parking area, Blue Nicks finally strides. He stabs at the alarm button on his car's dongle and stuffs it into his pocket. He brushes the hair out of his eyes for a moment so he can get a clearer view of the who's who. He glances around a second time, taking stock of the spiritual nature of the place and glancing at his own spirit before truly entering the area.

Blue makes his way over towards his step-brother Adon, grabbing a bit of bench. He looks to his brother with a bit of a nervous smile and then just listens a little before he starts his babble.

Kyrie finds a spot to settle down, even just on the grass, grabbing a beer and popping it. Skinner's don't much stand on ceremony unless it's necessary. "Humph. Don't trust them and I've got a baby girl to protect. They get near her and I'll explode a hell of a lot to protect my girl." Definitely history here.

Jacobus gets up from the ground and steps closer over to Kyrie. He's looking at her abdomen, wondering if he should say something. Last time he saw her she was very pregnant but now she is not, yet there isn't a baby around. Should he congratulate her? What if he does but finds out she lost the baby. That would be bad. He stands there quietly for a moment but then she says something that clues him in. "Baby!" he says louder than he should. "You had one." he adds for clarification.

There's the sound of another car pulling up, and from the sleek black classic Chevelle, out slides Seraphine. There's a moment of bending and reaching, before the petite woman comes away with a large container. Using a hip to close the driver's side door, she then makes her way towards the sounds of the gathering of People. A shiver crawls down her spine, with all of the wolves present, but there's still a flash of a smile on her lips as she draws near.

Adon doesn't really comment terribly much on the talk of local matters for the timebeing, having been away long enough he likely doesn't have much of interest to contribute at this stage. That intense gaze follows each speaker though as he drinks in the information with an occasional nod of his head and obvious interest. When Blue appears, the blond gives him a dip of his head, eyes following his brother as he makes his way over to where he's sat. Once the other boy is settled, Adon glances to Ariella and adds "Addy's fine. This is my brother...step brother, Blue" with a jerk of his thumb in the direction of the late arrival. This accomplished, he looks to Blue and murmurs out something in decidedly not-english.

Ariella who is manning the grill gives a wave to Blue in greeting, "Welcome, get some food and grab a seat." she tells him. She then gives a look to Keith, "He's one of the new wolves. Grew up here. Pretty nice guy." she nods to that. "Probably wouldn't hurt to meet him sometime." she tells him. Jacobus' loud exclamation of baby makes Ariella blink before she goes back to tending the grill. Seraphine's arrival is given a wave, "Welcome, food can go on any table really." she calls. When Adon introduces Blue there's a smile, "Nice to meet you, Blue." she gives him a nod..

Kyrie looks up at Jacobus and grins. "Yeah, I had the baby. A girl. We named her Lily. She's well, home with the rest of the family. Though could use a nanny if anyone knows of a good wolfblood with a very.. even temperament." She nods at the others. "I'm Kyrie Skinner."

Blue gives a nod and crooked, toothy smile to Ariella as he is introduced. "A pleasure," he offers in a lush voice. He flicks his attention to Adon then, nodding at what he says. He sighs a little and then he smiles at Kyrie and offers back, "Blue. Blue Nicks." Having been bid to grab food and drink, he slides back to his feet, glancing at his step-brother and asks softly, "Want anything, Addy?"

A light tilt of Keith's head with a look to Ariella "Probably wouldn't." he agrees idly, one hand going to idly touch at the bird skull hanging around his neck. Dark eyes find Seraphine as she steps to them all, and then to whatever it is she is carrying. "Tends to go against their nature." he notes to Kyrie with that same mild tone of amusement. "All new?" a vague gesture encompassing them all.

"Seraphine D'Amour," the woman introduces herself, the New Orleans accent as thick as the summer air on the bayou. There's a wink to Keith as she catches him looking to her, and she places her container down on the table. Opening it up, flipping things around, so that the beignets are things easily grabbed. Judging by the light dusting of sugar at the bottom of her shirt, they're home made. Taking a step back, seemingly satisfied with the display, her gaze gives the gathered a quick once-over.

Kyrie gives a shake of her head. "No. I'm not new. I've been in town for years. Grew up here. I wanted to come by and see who was new and introduce myself." She nods to each in turn. "Are all here uratha?"

"Meat and beer" Adon responds, eyes flicking up to Blue as he asks if he wants anything and the corners of his mouth flicking upward into a slight smile, before his attention is drawn back to the other conversations going on. Kyrie gets offered a "Congratulations" when it's mentioned she's just given birth. The others each get a look in turn, as the boy tries to get the measure of them all. After a time, he interjects to ask "So, the Crosscut is still 'the spot' huh? I've been away a few years" he explains, seeming to gradually begin to shed some of those initial nerves.

Jacobus nods to Kyrie. "That's a pretty name. Pretty flowers, lillies." He touches her shoulder. "Congratulations. I'll see if I can find some kind of gift for her." He wanders over to Blue and Adon and sticks out his hand for shakes, "I'm Cobus. How you doing?" He studies them both, always asessing. "I'm called Sag-Ges-Ra-Kiggia-Sedu by my tribesmen of the Meninna and I'm a full moon."

"Nice to meet you, Seraphine." Ariella states with a nod of greeting. She then looks to Kyrie and shakes her head, "No, I'm a wolfblooded." she tells her. Then she gives a look to the fish that was cooking for Jacobus and decides it's done. It gets put on a plate, "Come and get this, Jacobus." she states as she offers out the plate.

Blue bobs his head with a small smile to his step-brother. He also gives a murmur of congratulations to Kyrie. He's brought up short by Jacobus, smiling at the wolf once his name is said. He lowers his gaze deferentially and provides, "I'm Blue Nicks. Wolfblooded with the Iron Masters." He lifts his gaze and asks, "Want me to grab your plate for ya? I'm on my way anyways." Whether or not bid to fetch for Jacobus too, Blue makes his way to get beer and meat for his brother and himself and possibly Jacobus too.

"Far as I know." Keith notes to Adon "Owner wasn't selling I heard." he digs a hand into a pocket of his jacket producing a beaten up package of cigarettes and a lighter, quickly getting to business of coaxing one out and lighting it up. "I need some wolves for spider hunting if any of you all are willing in the next few days." put out there as he takes a drag.

"Good to meetcha, 'Cobus" Adon responds, that slight smile finding his features once more as he shakes the other guys hand and reaches to clap him on the shoulder with the spare. "I'm Addy, or Ur'thakh of the Farsil Luhal, if we're getting formal about it. Irraka." he introduces himself, before giving Blue a slight nod of approval as he does the same before heading off to fetch the food. He glances to Keith when he answers his question about the Crosscut and offers a grateful dip of his head to the man. "Awesome, it'll be cool actually being able to go in..." he nods. I mean, he's not really, really old enough, but old enough to pass now. He's not fifteen any more, at least.

Kyrie stretches a bit, leaning back on her hands. "Thanks. She's adorable. And yeah. Oh, deed names. All that stuff. Geesh, I always forget the formal stuff. Kyrie Skinner, Sighu'duksium (Shield of the Weak) and Irraka of the Meninna. My twin brother, Shadow, has just returned to Fallcoast, though he was unable to come today. I haven't fought it about nine months."

"I'm blooded," Seraphine offers to Kyrie, before her gaze flits to Adon and Blue. "Crosscut's still the Tur, yes. More quiet, than it once was. Perhaps that will change, again," she says on that question, before those dark eyes settle on Blue. Following him for a moment. "They speak of you," the priestess says with a curve of smile. "They're horrible at descriptions, however. It's good to put an actual face with a name, charmant." Dusting the sugar off of herself, she looks to Keith, to Ariella. "Good to meet you as well. And thank you, for the invitation. It all smells fantastic." The mention of spider hunting, however, brings a little frown.

Jacobus nods to Blue. "Thanks, man." he tells the boy." He waves a thank you to Ariella for being the grillmaster. Focusing on Adon now, wondering why the kid looks vaguely familiar. He watches the Irakka move away and then goes to introduce himself to Seraphine and Keith with the same information. He collects the fish from Blue and starts picking the skin off of it so he can separate the flesh from the spine. The lake trout smells DE-licious.

"He better not sell, I won't have a part time job if he does." Ariella chuckles a bit. She then gives a nod to Seraphine, "Everyone was invited. Was hoping a few more would show up, but other things might have kept them away." she states. "One of the newer arrivals got called for work, so won't be here." she frowns a touch. There's a look to the plate that's taken by Blue for Jacobus, "His legs work just fine." she tells him, but lets it go. She then closes the top of the grill for the moment, "Need to grab something from the fridge inside." she tells Keith and the others before she's heading for the inside of the barn.

A bottle is raised to Ari as she heads off from Keith, although he remains where he is with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and coke in hand. "Keith." he offers back to Jacobus simply following his introduction. Dark eyes going to settle on Blue, for a few moments of scrutiny following Seraphine's remark about his renown. Short-lived however as he then looks to the witch "You're good?"

Blue smiles and lets a giggle slip before he coughs it away. He tries to look more serious as he nods gravely and murmurs, "I'm sure his legs work just fine, but I'm up anyway." He wrinkles his nose and shrugs. He then fixes himself and Addy a single plate loaded up with all manner of goodness, making sure to get a couple of the beingets to plop on the plate of mostly meat. He knows his brother. After some beers are gathered, he trucks it all back to the bench, handing Jacobus his plate on the way, offering some beer as well should he want.

Blue's gaze flicks to Seraphine and blushes, eyes falling a little. "Yeah," he breathes before finding his voice. "I was a little worried they'd forgotten me, but... they have pretty good memories, huh" He smiles a little and his eyes flick up, gazing at the priestess through the fringe of dark hair, smiling brightly with a hint of pride. It's short lived though. He purses his lips and glances at the little familiar floating around him and mumbling, "Quiet, you."

With a dark look, Blue sits back down by his step-brother, laying the plate and beers between them. He picks at the meat then, content to munch, drink, and listen again. Spider hunts and Turs and Pure is important stuff.

Adon leans back against the table slightly, spreading his arms out to either side of himself as he watches the group mix and mingle with some interest as he observes how they all relate to one another. The attention Blue gets causes an amused smirk to form, but he's kind of used to it, after all. He's the frontman, after all. Plus rather more popular with the old spirits. "So, a few of the Pure poking about, it sounds like. What's this about spider hunting?" he asks, giving his step brother a slight upnod as he returns. Once Blue is sat again, Adon flashes him a touch of that smirk and remarks "Instant celebrity" before reaching for a beer with one hand and a burger with the other.

Seraphine takes the hand from Jacobus when it's offered, along with the greeting, giving her first name once again, in case it wasn't heard. "A lot of the faces I knew don't seem to come around much, any more," she muses towards Ariella. "Unfortunate, but this place always did seem to be bad at keeping people. Some wander, but come back." Her gaze moves back to Keith at that, and she smiles for his question. "Of course I am." She wanders, and it brings her towards that wolf, nostrils flaring to take in the scent of his cigarette, a woman having gone too long without. As she does, a chuckle is given towards Blue. "They don't forget often, non. And they are gossip hounds, sometimes." A wink, and then she's but half a foot from Keith, looking up to him with one slightly lifted brow.

Jacobus gives Ariella an inscrutable look and then moves back to hang with Adon and Blue. He sits down and picks the fish meat off the bones with his fingers, pushing it into his mouth and chewing it down with relish. He listens to the boys talk. When he hears them mention spiders he lifts his head. "Azlu?" he asks, stoically.

Another drag of his cigarette before Keith takes it, breathing out smoke as he offers it to Seraphine. "Azlu." he then echoes Jacobus. "I've been hunting one for awhile, keeps escaping me. Poision slows you down." a look between the two "Been asking for help with it." then looking down to Seraphine "I've found a willing bear."

Ariella doesn't see the look from Jacobus, but she might feel it. Either way, the door is opened to the barn and she disappears inside.

A few minutes pass as the barbecue continues. A black sedan starts down the drive, freshly washed and chrome gleaming as it pulls to a stop after turning to where it can get back down the drive easily. The car is left idling while a stout man slides from the passenger seat to come around and open the back passenger door. From the car emerges a tall and rather well dressed man. He straightens the jacket of his three piece suit before buttoning it properly, he then flashes the group a bright smile, "Good afternoon everyone." he states.

Meanwhile the driver comes back around with a box of cupcakes and settles them on the table before disappearing back into the car.

Blue smiles at Seraphine and nods. "They are at that. No matter where you are," he agrees on spirits having a penchant for gossip. He sucks some meat juice from his fingers and smirks at his brother's ribbing. "Don't hate me cause I'm famous, little brother." He grins wide then and winks, taking up another piece of meat to munch with a sense of relish. He eyes Jacobus's fish and breathes deep, savoring the smell. "Damn, dude. That's done just right, huh?" he chirps.

The sedan gets his attention as it arrives and he gives it a suspicious once over, along with the well dressed man that exits the vehicle. But, he has cupcakes, so is pretty immediately okay in Blue's book. The young man casts the well dressed one a smile of greeting.

Kyrie is just watching quietly, all the people around, taking things in, sipping at her beer, not really aware if anyone is directing anything at her unless they come up to her. She's still a bit hormonal, so is just taking it easy.

Adon grunts in satisfaction as he tears into the rewardingly bloody burger, taking a large bite, which he chews on enthusiastically before washing it down with a swig of beer. The talk of the Azlu causes that intense frown to form once more as the silvery blond is reminded this kind of thing becomes more pressing when one is not in a new city every three nights. He's clearly thoughtful, enough so that he doesn't initially hear the car pull up. It's the closing of the door that draws his attention, dark gaze settling upon the smartly turned out man and his driver. Cupcakes though, that is a positive sign, enough that Adon directs his elbow roughly toward Blue's ribs when he starts teasing him about how 'famous' he is. Twit.

Seraphine's fingers stretch, twitch, towards that offered cigarette. But she stops short in the gesture, before shaking her head and giving the wolf a small smile. "All vices," is said softly, regretfully. "But that is good news. Soon, then?" She turns her attention to Blue, starting to say something before there's the new pair drawing close, with cupcakes. Watching them curiously.

Jacobus turns the fish over and pulls the skin away revealing the other filet. He holds the plate between him and Blue. "S'okay. Eat some. It's good. I took it from the lake about half an hour ago." He looks over at the newcomer as he eats, holding his judegement in reserve. "I like the beard." he tells Adon and Blue, looking at the stranger. He gives his own a tug.

A shrug from Keith as the cigarette goes back into the corner of his mouth. "Won't be able to see to the ritual then?" he muses idly, a look over towards the well dressed man, taking another drag before he calls out "So who're you who come bearing such gifts?" his tone still with that lazy amusement.

"The food smells delicious. When we heard about this little shindig I decided I'd drop on by. Introduce myself and all." The well dressed man offers. His poise and speech are immaculate. When Keith calls him to introduce himself he does so with a flourish of a hand and a bow, "My name is Wilson Matthews. Tzuumfin. For those of you who don't know First Tongue that's Ivory Claw." he tells them. Then he holds up his hands, "Now, before you get the pitchforks I would enjoy some of Miss Terim's barbecue." he offers a grin before coming forward to get a plate for himself.

Blue takes the elbowing and smacks his brother's cheeks teasingly, not worrying about any bbq sauce that might go along with it. "So cyoot when you act all tough." He wrinkles his nose and rubs his ribs despite his heckling. But then he is offered fish and it's all good. His hand flicks over to get a few flakes of the fish, popping them in his mouth and smacking his lips. "Geez. That's good! I haven't had a chance to fish here in a couple years. I know what I'm doin' when it gets warmer!" He grins and jumps with a start as his phone chirps and vibrates at him like an angry hen. He tugs it out and reads the screen. He sighs and looks at Addy. "Speaking of front man, I gotta run, bro. I'll have them send a driver, kay? So you can have the car." He rises and makes a dash, waving to everyone as he beats feet.

Kyrie's head shoots up, eyes darken and there's a low growling from the Irraka wolf, fixated on the Pure. She's not really rational when it comes to them, the scars on her body attest to why, but she's not really talking, just sitting beneath the tree, beer set aside and she's at least enough in control that she's jsut watching and waiting.

Seraphine drawing her lower lip through her teeth, Seraphine eyes Keith. "Wait until after Sunday," she says softly. "And I will do ritual with you." Her gaze flicks to the unknown man, her eyes narrowing when he introduces himself. And while she frowns, there's no grabbing of pitchforks or grabbing of other weaponry. But she does step herself a little closer to Keith - and slightly behind, out of his way. Whispering to him softly.

Jacobus puts down his plate and addresses the newcomer with the cupcakes. "Are you a part of that old man's pack we met here last week?" he asks. "Because if you're not we don't have an arrangement with you and it was stupid to come here alone, don't you think?" He begins to grow in size, still quite humanoid, but with more bulk, height, and some animal features including clawtips.

Adon wipes his face with the sleeve of his jacket as Blue manages to smear barbecue sauce all over him. Great. He's just about to lay into his brother when the newcomer introduces himself, his gaze darkening and his top lip curling just slightly into a slight snarl. The boy barely notices as Blue makes such a quick escape, now suddenly on a knife's edge as he sets beer and burger back down on the table and watches the unwelcome (yet extraordinarily sexy) visitor like he was a snake. He doesn't go so far as to shift or so anything terribly provocative, but he is certainly not in barbecue mode any longer.

"Matthew." Keith echoes, taking another drag from his cigarette. Matthew earning a moment of scrutiny, a brief look to Seraphine at her murmured words. Then back to the Ivory Claw "Name's Keith. - So what're you here to inform us of?" his tone carrying that vague amusement still, sounding calm although he does remain where he is. "Wanting to eat won't fly." he muses.

Wilson gives a look to the others as he collects his plate of food, "Thank you kindly for allowing me to speak." the man states. "I just wanted to be kind and let you good people know we, my pack and I, are buying up some property around here." he tells them. Then there's a look over to Jacobus when he starts getting all grumbly, "I do know Hershel, but no, he has his own dealings. I have mine." he points out. "Now if we are not going to be civil I can be going. This is no ones marked territory after all." he points out. Then there's a look to Keith, "Don't underestimate my love for well cooked meat. Might need to find myself a wife that can cook like this." he chuckles.

Kyrie shifts up onto her feet, but doesn't stand, fingers on the ground and she just eases back into the shadows just a bit more. She's definitely not attacking, but she's not an easy target either. Her eyes have already shifted and she's definitely not friendly and not talking.

That semblence of calm from Keith is strained from something the man says, although he keeps still and where he is yet. "Why are you buying it up? And why the need to tell us?" he asks simply. Cigarette taken from his mouth, dropped into the grass and pressed down with a heel.

Jacobus speaks again, but his voice is different now in the Dalu form. More gutteral, harsh. "There was a nice DMZ between us and you for a while. Neither of us saw the other, and there was peace. Why do the Ashenga want to come back down south and fuck that all up? Don't you proximity breeds contempt? Don't tell me there's not enough territory up there in the north for all of you.. 'Pure'. " He says this last word as if it's questionable how pure they are.

There are no further words from the swamp witch, but if looks could kill, the Ivory Claw would be a cold corpse already. Seraphine's lips are pressed together in a straight line, hands curled into little fists at her side.

Adon doesn't say or do much of anything really. He sits forward though, clearly ready to act if things look like they're about to go sideways. Addy's body is suddenly like a coiled spring, filled with a certain nervous energy, though he doesn't seem ready to start trouble if Wilson isn't here to cause any. Instead, he simply watches the man intently, studying him with a sudden, intense focus as dark eyes rake over the man.

"See, we didn't have anything to do with that DMZ. Frankly, I thought it was really nice of Blackheart to do what he did in helping you guys out there. But now there's a nice wound that needs to be cleaned up and all that boring junk." Wilson waves his hand. "Nothing for you guys to worry your heads about. Just wanted to let you know we're going to be around. Hopefully with no drama. But sometimes it just happens." he admits in a flat tone as all the cheer goes out of his face.

Wilson suffers a moment of scrutiny from Keith oncemore. "Alright, now leave." he notes, a hand raised to scratch his temple idly. "You're bringing the mood down." a finger running along the birdskull hanging at his throat.

Kyrie is more and more in the shadows of the trees behind her. Not that she's running, but no Irraka ever attacks head on for anything, though her low growling has stopped and she's gone silent, eyes shifted, claws out and it's just that much harder to see and hear her.

Ariella's elbowing the door open as she brings a chilled tray of some dessert out to the table. When she looks to the shifted into Dalu Jacobus and the words from her brother there's a look to the man in the suit, "Parties over." she states with the touch of a frown. "I'll pack some stuff up for anyone who wants some." she tells the ones that were there. "You," she points to Wilson, "Can take the plate and get." she states.

Wilson sees Jacobus and there's a look to the Rahu and a little dip of his head in respect. Sometimes, it was the good thing. Then Keith's telling him to leave and he starts to turn with his plate when Ariella comes out the door. There's a look, but no words to her. "Have a good evening." he tips an imaginary hat and then starts to stride back to the running car where his assistant is waiting with the door open.

Jacobus calls after the man as he leaves. "If we see you again at this farm, there will be the devil to pay, Ashenga." A low rumble follows his words resonating from his belly. He paces restlessly, trying not to lash out and hit something, staring at the man's car as it leaves.

"He's a man driven by greed. If he's buying up property in the area I guess there's something here he wants, or some opportunity he's seen" comments Adon to the others once Wilson is out of earshot. Or, if not out of earshot, at least far enough away it's not likely to start a scene. He lets out a single, deep breath, the tension visibly flowing out of his body as he sits back once more. In fact, he looks like he's just about to sit back and get into the swing of things again, when Ariella announces the party is, in fact, over. "Okay, well...thanks for the invite" nods Addy, looking around at the others and offering a friendly little salute. He glances down at the table, snatching up the keys that Blue left him.

Seraphine still gives nothing more than silence and dagger-sharp stares to the Ivory Claw as he speaks, and takes his leave. Letting out a breath as he leaves, letting some tension leave her shoulders. A brief touch to the arm of Keith, before stepping back away from him, and giving him room once more. A wave back to Adon, brief.

"Is something." Keith agrees "A Wound, he said." a slight lean into the touch of Seraphine although his attention shifts to Ariella, a remark made in Turkish to her with a raised brow, and even a slight tone of concern lacking that lazy amusement he's worn so far.

Keith whispers "Gotten yourself anything to defend yourself with?"