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Singles Charity Auction 2016

Dramatis Personae

Adam, Alan Lee, Andrew, Calliope, Darrell, Kylie, Merek, Nina, Ritter, Sarah, Shyla, Sofia, Tessa, Walt Chamberlin

15 October, 2016



Grand Ballroom at Hyacinth Ridge Country Club

As the evening's hostess (but not auctioneer/emcee), Calliope is greeting people as they arrive. She's dressed in an indigo Zuhair Muraid dress that falls to her upper thigh in the front and has a bit of a train in the back. With it she's wearing a pair of matching heels in an ornate pattern, and Louis Vuitton jewelry. (Links in +view calliope/outfit.) Her hair is up in an elegant do and she's got 'evening' makeup on to accent her eyes and lips with darker tones. "Hello," she greets an older Society couple. "So lovely to see you Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair. Glad you could make it." And if anyone could see her thoughts it would be something like, .oO(Dear Lord I hope they're not here to bid on someone for a wrinkly, old three-way). But she's smiling pleasantly at them and her visage doesn't let her thoughts through.

The event has been set up in the ballroom of the country club and for the evening even non-members are granted access, assuming they meet the dress code, which is formal. People aren't even being turned away for wearing off-the-rack clothing! They are being silently judged by all the rich snobs, but they're not being turned away.

There's no real additional decor to the ballroom, but chairs have been set up facing a dais. Wait staff mingle with trays of hors d'ouvres and glasses of champagne. There's also a buffet table laden with gourmet delicacies and sweets at the back of the room and a full, cash bar.

A perfectly tailored suit on this long muscular black form as he enters slowly with a smile today Darius was Walt Chamberlin his brand new face and his brand new id and his brand new business owing persona. His fingers softly touching adjusting a wrinkle in the fine Armani suit. A soft blue with a red tie and his shoes matching the tie his eyes hidden at the moment behind a pair of black shades. Slowly they are removed showing off his percing green eyes."Hello there and I'm new in town told this might be fun. I'm Walt." He bows to the hostess for a moment. His accent is french filled with the passion of life and love."I hope this is a grand party and event." He steps to the side watching the room trying to figure out where to sit for the moment,.

Sofia arrives at the country club, arriving by town-car and gets out in her little Vera Wang black dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Simple, elegant and straightforward, nothing fancy for this former socialite. She comes into the club, murmuring a greeting to the hostess as she moves into the ballroom, curious to explore more of the country club setting. Yes, she dresses the part but this woman is far from being rich or a snob. She takes a glass of champagne as she starts to circulate through the room.

Here comes the first almost-Cavanaugh of the night: Adam Oake, he of the slightly-shamed name, wearing Armani and holding a Prada purse. As a subtle way of discourse between the classes, it is the first plainly-dressed woman who receives the rather expensive purse, handed to her with his most charming smile. "Just trying to lighten up the decor," he says, smirking as he walks in with the masses until he's reached Calliope's side. At her elbow, he says, "Catch-22 is so drafty. Yet, I'll keep the window open," without explaining himself, laughing quietly as the fashionable human tide sweeps him forward, off to go see a man about some wine and some more wine.

Kylie is being judged. She has an off-the-rack dress and it's not even off a super nice rack at that. At first glance, she doesn't quite belong here. Up close? She seems like she fits in a lot more. Maybe it's her perfume, something spicy and exotic. She's keeping to herself for the moment, whatever she's doing here. She might have talked her way past various staff on her way in here. Kylie can be oddly persuasive.

Wearing a pinstripe bespoke suit in charcoal grey, Alan Lee arrives at the country club via limousine, hair trimmed down neatly, beard in perfect goatee. As he makes his way up the carpet to greet his hostess, a smile comes to his lips. "Always a pleasure to see you. It seems as though your event has drawn out all sorts of interesting people." His eyes pass over the others as they come in and mingle, taking the opportunity to assess the goods...er people... on sale for the evening.

Already inside is the musician and conductor, Andrew Bennett. He is standing with a few other high society types off one side of the room, conversing and smiling, and with the occasional laughter. This evening, Andrew is dressed in a Kiton dark blue shadow plaid suit. (https://www.stanleykorshak.com/products/Kiton-Dark-Blue-Shadow-Plaid-Suit/20460) The jacket has 2 buttons, and is in pick stitch detailing, with a notch lapel. A chest pocket is on the front left of the suit, with flap pockets on the bottom of the jacket. Underneath is a light blue shirt with red vertical red stripes, and a purple tie with white diamond-shaped patterns. A folded white handkerchief with red border is neatly placed in the front chest pocket of the jacket. Sometimes his blue eyes will drift up towards the entrance to see who is walking in and if he recognizes anyone, but they quickly return to the people he is speaking to in the small circle.

Nina isn't quite sure if she's being brave, or out and out crazy what with signing up for an event like this. For now, she's not made any attempt at wearing jewelry beyond a relatively simple pair of earrings as she doesn't want to try to play at being much more than one of the, 'Little' people. Natural beauty on the other hand, seems to be getting her fairly far as her appearance is quite notably nothing to sneeze at. Conducting herself in a manner as to avoid showing her lack of confidence, she smiles gently at Calliope and nods. "Glad to be here." she says.

And yes, she's likely being judged as well. A black strapless dress is her choice, bearing no obvious markings of any tailor or brand that might command some degree of respect. And at the same time, she is still trying her best to not come off as timid even if she is shaking in her metaphorical boots at the moment.

Sarah is not high society in the slightest. She actually finds elitism rather distasteful but she and her college roommate, Shyla, promised their biggest fan that they'd come here to be auctioned off. They're minor celebrities after all...very minor...with their own Saturday night radio show with listeners that number in the dozens! "Is my dress riding up?" she whispers to Shyla as they step inside. She has no idea who she is wearing, it was just a formal dress she borrowed for the night and will never see the like again. Rather than carry a handbag, Sarah has a satchel bag over one shoulder which contains her laptop. If given permission by the Country Club management they may do their radio show from here. If not, they'll do it from the car park outside later. A friendly smile and nod to Calliope. "Hi. Sarah and Shyla. We're auction cattle." http://www.celebzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/jessica-lucas-at-gracepoint-screening-in-la_3.jpg

Darrell would just as soon die in a ditch then turn up at the club wearing anything off the rack. No, he's wearing tailored Prada. He greets the hostess with a warm smile. "It's so nice to be here tonight. I read your book. I'm a big fan." He doesn't seem nervous about being up on the block tonight. It's all good fun.

Merek has decided to come in his finest to represent the name of his family. He has dressed in his finest blacks with trimmed topaz tones, from dress pants to an honest doublet he has on, a belt attached to the waist. He then moves off to the side, dress boots tapping while he awaits for anything else here to be handled, showing respect at the door and to those he passes, then waiting.

Calliope laughs at Adam's comment and nods to him knowingly. Alan Lee gets a grin and a quick hug if he'll accept one. "Happy to have you," she offers to Nina. Then to Sarah and Shyla, "Oh, yes. Me as well. Thank you. Just mingle as you will. We'll call you up when it's your turn." But then there's Darrell and he's talking about her book so he gets her most beautiful smile and 100% of her attention. "Oh! Well, thank you. Remind me later tonight and I'll autograph a copy for you if you'd like!" Because she loves to talk about herself whenever she gets a chance. Especially her writing.

Calli sets her empty glass aside so she can shake hands as needed and then, when someone murmurs to her, she says, "Oh. Yes, of course." Time to get this show on the road. She heads for the dais and stands in front of the mic. The tasteful music that's been playing in the background quiets a bit more and she says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I'm thrilled to see such an impressive turnout. This evening's proceeds will go to the Calliope Fund and, more specifically, will fund our lunch program for underprivileged children in our city. Already we've had great success with the breakfast program and are excited to be adding the lunch program already. What that means is that we're going to be able to do bigger and better things so much sooner than anticipated and that's due to your kindness and generosity. So thank you again." She applauds to the crowd and smiles brightly. "But as I'm part of the show, I'm going to now turn things over to Mr. Jordan Waters, our auctioneer." He's a rather well known auctioneer to those who attend such things. He does a lot of high end things like estates and corporate clearances.

Walt Chamberlin moves slowly into the room now and then he selects a chair sitting down slowly and adjusting his suit as he watches for a moment. His phone is out for a moment and sending off a quick txt and then it is back again into the pocket. His leg slowly brought up over the other one and just watching for the moment. He doesn't look around for a moment and then he notices Ali with a soft chuckle and then he watches the rest of the room searching for anyone else he may know from the other side.

After receiving a hug, Alan goes and finds a comfortable seat to watch the auction events, having acquired his numbered flag. More importantly, he also acquires a beverage, some sort of sipping scotch. He had did at least have have a particular piece in the auction he was interested in.

Shyla is already distracted by all the people, or more precisely, all the FANCY people milling about and schmoozing. She is next to Sarah, letting the other girl pretty much lead the way. With the question sent her way about whether or not the dress is riding up or not, she pulls her attention back to a focused laser as she leans back a bit to eye Sarah's back and rear end, "Nope, everything looks Poifectly in place" she responds without turning the volume of her voice down. Of course, with all the ambient noise going on, she probably isn't heard. Another choice comment comes straight after as she continues to look at Sarah, now with a slight concerned look on her face, "Gosh, what's the chances of us finding similar dresses! Is this something that the elite calls.. ummm.." she thinks, tapping her chin with a finger, "... aha!" she raises that finger, "A faux pas! We just did that, didn't we? We've negatively Frenchied something u-" And she shuts her mouth when Sarah introduces them as auction cattle. To her credit, she does keep quiet for a moment.. maybe two. Then, "Moo." long link here

The auctioneer steps up, does a little intro speech that's not especially interesting, then gets right to it. "First up tonight is Mr. Andrew Bennett. He is a world-renowned composer, conductor, and pianist. He intends to take his date for a stroll at the Townsend Gallery, followed by dinner here at the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club. But the evening doesn't end there, ladies and gentlemen, he will then escort the high bidder to a stage production at the Empire Theatre, and finally, drinks at the Rusty Nail afterwards. So we'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars. Do I hear five hundred?" He's got that rapid auctioneer speech thing going on, but toned down a bit so that you can actually understand what he's saying. He points to an older woman in the back. "Five hundred in the back, do I hear seven fifty?"

Sofia finds herself a comfortable seat as well, champagne in hand as she looks over some of the folks that are up for auction tonight. She sits back and her eyes watch the others around her, content to keep her own company till the auction begins. Then Andrew Bennett is brought up to auction and she can't resist raising her flag, indicating that she's willing to spend the $500 for the date.

Calliope lifts a hand and says, "Seven fifty!" To which the auctioneer replies, "Seven fifty to our hostess. Do I hear one thousand?"

Sarah rolls her eyes before smirking at Shyla's 'moo'. "Sorry, my friend is often udderly ridiculous" she smiles to Calliope before the hostess is off to do what hostesses do. "We're not wearing exactly the same thing" Sarah smiles to her roomie before they head inside to both hob and nob as required. "So we haven't done anything French...yet." She perks at the announcement of the first auction piece." Isn't that our music professor, Shyla? The one who requested U2 to show how hip he was." Her eyes go wide. "Five hundred? Thank goodness we're not bidding. Who can afford that? A thousand!!"

Kylie's gaze wanders over those assembled, taking in the expensive gowns, the jewellry, and all the other various exquisite things people are just milling about wearing without a care in the world. Her eyes find a pair of diamond teardrop earrings here, a particularly strappy set of shoes there. So much to envy. So much to want. Kylie steps over toward where the wine is being served. And now that the auctioneer is speaking, she looks about to see this famous musician.

"Three thousand," Adam says, looking to Sarah and Shyla. "On their behalf." Then he smiles to Calliope, grinning like a well-fed shark. He glances to the not-rich women, the charming devil, raising his lips further as he can not stop from smiling even further. It's a grand joke and he's just caught the punchline, and that wine glass in his hand isn't the first of the night, either. It's closer to the third since his arrival and there's no signs he'll be stopping the intake just yet. Not until he's on the chopping block himself, at least.

As Calliope's voice comes through the speakers, Andrew turns his attention from the small group he is around to the stage and listens quietly. His pleasant smile almost plastered to his face. After all, this is a wonderful cause - charity and the underpriviledged. It is also a night to mingle with high society types, drink, and be bidded on and bid on others. Nothing like a fun night of auctioning and mingling.

When he hears his name, he strolls up on the stage and smiles out at the crowd, pointing to some people he recognizes and waves to. He is all smiles, and in a very cheerful mood. When Calliope bids on him he nods his head to her in appreciation and continues surveying the crowd and waving and pointing to other he knows. Then when Adam bids $3,000 on him, he lets out a laugh and gives a wave high-five to the Accountant, chuckling a bit while pointing to him, "There you go!"

"Three thousand five hundred," Sofia calls back, raising her flag once more as she tries to steal the musician back from Adam. She takes a sip from her champaigne and waits to see if Adam wishes to up his bid.

Sofia's bid is caught late so the auctioneer looks to her, "We've got three thousand, did you want to go three..." He didn't mean to overlook her bid, after all. But then she's countering with 3500, and he nods. "Thirty-five-hundred to the lovely lady."

The musicians hears the 3,500 called out and he turns his attention to Sofia as she bids on him, smiling and bowing to her fondly in appreciation. He looks back at Adam to see what he or anyone else will do.

Shyla blinks a bit, "Well, we didn't do anything -literally- French, so..." There's a pause, then her face lights up, pointing at her roommate, "Ooooh! I see what you did there! Clever clever, very cute." She hops a bit and spins around when inside the place itself, avoiding hitting anyone in an odd show of grace. She nods and smiles to anyone and everyone who even -remotely- looks in her direction and especially to anyone Sarah picks out. When the auctioning starts, she leans over to put her ear closer to Sarah as she points out who is on stage, the girl squinting slightly to focus more then nods, "Yes! That's him! Yeah, U2, like anyone ever liked them, right? Right?" Her grin turns to an "O" when she hears Adam bidding for us, "Wooooowwwwww... thanks dude!" she mouths in Adam's way, even as the bidding quickly passes that price point.

Raising high his checkbook, Adam raises the stakes, as well. "Eight thousand," he offers. "These two lovely ladies should have a fine evening with a courteous gentleman. Barring that, Mr. Bennett." He laughs, then bows to the man auctioning off the other contestants in the cattle call. "You're very welcome, ladies. With luck, you won't go home unhappy, or alone, for that matter." He waves the checkbook for emphasis, still holding his own bidding flag in his off hand.

Calliope looks over at Sofia and Adam, then raises a hand, "Four thousand." That's pocket change, right? Well, sort of... But she's curious to see how things will go. Then Adam just stomps allllll over her bid and she pokes her tongue out at him.

The auctioneer's rambling on to keep up with it all, "Four thousand from... oh, eight thousand from the gentleman on behalf of the ladies, do I hear nine thousand?"

"Nine thousand one." Adam again.

Sofia doesn't up the bid, Adam managed to price the dear musician out of Sofia's price range.

"Well damn that is some big bids..." Walt chuckles softly watching them for a moment and then he almost rises his own flag but then he drops it slowly. His eyes track who is biding for a moment with another little chuckle. He then rubs the back of his neck slowly working the pain in the back of his neck for a moment.

"Nine thousand and one," says the auctioneer. "Going once... Twice... SOLD to the lovely young ladies," he points to Shyla and Sarah, "For nine thousand and one." He then reminds everyone (while looking at Adam specifically) that they can pay at any point during the evening at the station set up at the back of the room.

Calliope calls out 4,000 and Andrew points to her and smiles in recogintion, then Adam says 8, and then ups his own bid and his draw drops. "Alrighty, sir. Well met." He says in a joking manner to the accountant, even though he knows Adam is bidding for the two college-aged women, whomever they are. He has no knowledge they are the DJs he called into one evening. Then when the auctioneer finishes the bid, he walks off the stage and over to Adam, grinning to the man from ear to ear and holds his hand out to him, shaking his head, "You realize, I'm going to have to get you back, sir," comes a laugh from the musician.

Kylie collects herself a tall glass of wine, eyebrows arching at the exorbitant amount of money that was just bid. Well, exorbitant to her, anyway. She studies Adam for a few moments, peering at him over the rim of her wine glass, watching. That's one way to get attention.

"Next up," says the auctioneer, "Is Miss Nina Ackerman. She's a singer and performer and she's planning on taking her high bidder to the theatre." He waits for Nina to get up on the stage and says, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, we'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars. Do I hear five hundred?"

Andrew's ears perk up at the singer and performer and he turns around and holds up his hand, shouting out, "$500!"

Fashionably late, Tessa arrives dressed to impress, as ever: a gown of white silk drapes over her figure, the right arm covered in a long sleeve of sheer silk and lace, and a simple, red chiffon shawl resting around her shoulders. High heels clipping against the familiar floors of the country club, the woman enters in the midst of the bidding, her head tilting at a faint, curious angle -- for now, she seems content to simple watch, moving to graciously take a flute of champagne and observe the proceedings with the faint twitch of a smile.

Taking the musician's hand, Adam looks him in the eyes as he says, "The challenge is accepted, sir." He releases the handshake, looking up to the dais and then begins to engage in further financial warfare on a social level. "You hear eight hundred," he declares, his checkbook his flag and he waves it proudly. The two girls whom he just bought a professor merit a risque smile, then he's looking to the offered party with interest.

Calliope phews. This is hard work. She snatches up a glass of champagne as it passes and turns her attention to the dias as Nina's called up. Oh yes, the surreal-ly beautiful one! She stares for a bit, because... Well, Nina's gorgeous. "One thousand!" she quips, looking at Andrew with a challenge in her eyes.

Hearing Adam and then Calliope, Andrew shouts out "$2,000!"

Sofia takes a sip of her champagne, not bidding on the next one up. She does give a look of appreciation at the woman's apparent beauty but it's not enough to stir her to bid. Instead she glances around at the other patrons, looking over Adam a little bit longer since he did beat her in the last bidding.

"Two thousand one." Adam, representing the disgraced Cavanaughs.

Shyla practically jumps up and down when they 'won', "Woo! Heck yeah!" She calls out in a soft whisper so only the people near the duo can hear. It still is very distracting to people and certainly something that the elite most likely will frown upon. She grins at Adam, then watches as Andrew makes his way him, her head tilted and then she says to Sarah, "Hey, what did we just win, anyway? They mentioned a show or a walk or something? I was distracted, my bad." The next person to be auctioned is called out and she turns her attention back to the auction block. "Ooo, pretty." She gives Sarah a sidelong glance to see her reaction.

Somewhat amused, Alan looks up from his scotch for a moment, and offering the one being auctioned a grin, he raises his own card. "Two thousand five hundred."

Adam speaks up, looking to Alan. "Two thousand, five oh one."

Andrew hears Adam's and Alan's bid and raises his card, "Five thousand!"

"I have two thousand, five hundred and one... Five thousand," The auctioneer points at the men as they have their back and forth. "Ten thousand!" Comes an older gentleman in the front row.

Sarah stares at the auctioneer before looking at Shyla. "Umm...yeah, I think we just bought the music professor." She grabs a champagne from a passing waiter and downs it in one go. A smile of thanks to Adam before she again looks at her roomie. "I hope that wasn't a loan from that guy" she whispers, "You know how long it would take to pay back $9001? Actually, don't try to figure it out, it would be a long time, trust me." Thankfully there is a distraction in the form of the next auction piece. "Yeah" she nods, "Very pretty. But out of our league...money wise at least." She grabs another champagne while watching their acquisition bidding on another. "So slaves can own slaves?"

Kylie watches Tessa come in, and Nina up at the front, and... ten thousand. Kylie's mouth presses into a thin little line, her eyes narrowing. It's not a pretty look.

"Ten thousand one." That damned Cavanaugh in the Armani charcoal suit yet again.

Andrew's eyes look at the musician and then the auctioneer and raises his paddle, "Fifteen thousand." He leans in to say something quietly to Adam with a grin and a chuckle.

"Eighteen," calls out the older man in the front. "I've got ten thousand and one, I've got fifteen thousand, do I hear... Eighteen thousand up front, do I hear twenty? Twenty thousand for a theatre date with this vision of loveliness?"

"Twenty thousand one, on these two ladies behalf. Again." Adam just will not stop making things interesting for those two women.

Andrew hears the $18K and shakes his head, chuckling a bit, then raises his paddle. "Twenty-five thousand......." then he turns to look at Adam and grins, "and one."

Nina gives a smile and a wave, trying to balance the idea of looking overly enthusiastic with the idea of at the very least looking agreeable to the idea. No sense in looking like she's going to some dire fate, after all.

"Thirty," from the man in the front. The auctioneer nods, "twenty-five and thirty. Do I hear thirty-five thousand?"

The almost Cavanaugh takes a step back, then gives a half-bow to Andrew. "I'll spike the bids from here on, Andrew. You're the one to win tonight." Then he raises his paddle, rather than his checkbook, upping the ante further yet again. "Thirty thousand. On Mr. Bennett's behalf." What is he doing and why?

Sofia takes a sip of the wine and can't help but raise a brow at how high the bidding is going. Then Adam does his odd bidding for another. She gives him another look, curiosity is definitely there.

The man in the front is getting a bit irritated with these younger men. He flashes a glare at Adam and Andrew, then announces, "Fifty thousand!"

"Fifty thousand and that man's real age in Euro." Adam, making things entertaining.

Raising the paddle, and then pauses as he looks over at Adam with a grin, "I don't...uh..." Then when the man shouts of fifty, Andrew raises his paddle and shouts out the first number that comes in his head, "Seventy Five!"

Shyla blinks and gives another sidelong glance at Sarah, "Hey" she starts, "Psst", she says again, trying to get her roomie's attention. Why she's trying to be all quiet and low-key now is anyone's guess. She then settles with a little hip-bump, "Do we... " she looks over at Adam again, then back at Sarah, "Do we know this guy? Why is he buying stuff for us?" Did she just call the people being sold as "stuff"? "I mean, that's a lot of..." she quickly stops and narrows her eyes, "You didn't, you know..." she motions with her head at the trigger-happy bidder, "... with him?" Then the bidding starts to go into Crazy Town Land, so she just stares with her mouth agape.

"Seventy-five thousand!" The auctioneer bellows. "Do I have eighty? Eighty? No? Seventy-seven thousand? Okay, going once for seventy-five thousand. Going twice. Sold! To Mr. Bennett."

Kylie tosses back the remainder of her wine and sets the empty glass down carelessly on one of the end tables, right in front of a potted plant. She folds her arms across her chest and stands there wanting things. So unfair.

The musician's eyes go wide as he realizes what he just shouted out but smiles, and nods to the clapping and walks up to the stage to stand near Nina and hooks his arm out to escort her off the stage like a gentleman, smiling out at the crowd and nodding to the auctioneer.

Speaking loud enough that the two women can hear him, Adam says, "Well done, Mr. Bennett." The look on his face is that of a wolf seeing a bison with a limp taking a nap in the middle of an open glade.

Once Nina has earned a crazy-impressive $75,000 for the charity, the auctioneer reminds Andrew that he can pay at any point during the evening at the station set up at the back. "Next up we have Mr. Darrell Preston, a philanthropist and a gentleman. His date for the evening will be at a venue of the high bidder's choosing, then a home-cooked meal prepared by himself. We'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars."

Blink. Blinkblink. Someone's not used to this much money being thrown around. After recovering from her momentary daze, Nina then walks down with Andrew and smiles. "Glad to have done some good, and I am rather flattered by that sort of approach I must admit." she observes.

To show willing, Adam gives a desultory bid of: "Five oh one." He's not met Darrell Preston previously, so his take on him is ongoing.

"I was going to ask you the same thing" Sarah whispers to Shyla in reply as they both eye off the free spending Adam. "I'm pretty sure I don't know him. Though there was that party a couple of weeks back where we both got stoned and they had those strippers and...umm...was he one of those? If so, we better take up stripping. It pays pretty good." She looks Nina over before asking her roomie. "If she gets seventy five thousand then we should get...hmm...a buck fifty?" At the description of Darrell, Sarah quickly turns to Shyla to explain, "A philanthropist is just someone with a lot of money who gives it away. No need to call the police."

The cougar in the back grins. Oh good. Another piece of man meat up on stage again. "Five fifty!" she says, raising her hand. The auctioneer acknowledges Adam's, "Five hundred and one... And five fifty in the back. Do I hear six hundred?"

Sofia glances over at Darrell and raises her paddle, jumping into the fray again now that male is back on the menu, "$600.00"

Darrell hasn't spent much time on the catwalk, but he knows how to stand in front of people and look perfectly at ease. "Glad to be back in Fallcoast," he says, then adds, "Or we'll see, depends on how high the bidding goes." Cue a sterling smile. Sarah and Shyla get a double-take, and he laughs.

Andrew walks down with Nina from the stage and shakes his head with a smile, speaking quietly to her. "It is all for a good cause. So I am glad you see it as such." Then at the floor, he smiles to Nina and holds his hand out to her, "Hi, Andrew Bennett. Thank you for putting up with that bidding war. I'm on the board for the fund that the money is going to, so I appreciate you taking the time to auction yourself off like that."

Kylie takes in a sharp breath through her nose, arms still folded across her chest. She's had just about enough, though the Envy demon possessing her could linger a lot longer. Still, this has been a most pleasing meal. The Possessed young woman makes her way toward the ballroom's exit, heels clicking quietly on the floor.

"Seven hundred," from the cougar in the back, who's eyeing Sofia like she's the devil and there will be a throwdown in the parking lot later if Sofia doesn't let her win.

"One thousand," Adam offers, looking more to Shyla and Sarah than the stage. "No, we've never been introduced. I'm Adam Oake." He holds out both hands, indicating he is a two-fisted handshaker sort of guy when introducing himself to strange women who dress well but aren't rich. Then he looks to Andrew, wryly smirking with impish glee.

Sofia just smiles sweetly that the jealous cougar who doesn't like other ladies bidding on the man on stage. She raises her paddle, "One thousand, two hundred and fifty." She then takes a sip of her champaigne and waits to see if someone else bids.

"FIFTEEN HUNDRED!" Shouts the cougar, jumping up from her seat. Then she realizes she's causing a scene, blushes, and sits back down again. The auctioneer manages not to smirk, "One thousand, two hundred, and fifty dollars... Fifteen hundred, do I hear two thousand for the debonair gentleman?"

Shyla seems thoughtful, "No, he doesn't..." she glances at Adam again, "...doesn't look like the stripper kind of person. And no, I doubt they make THAT much money." Oh, she took Sarah's comment seriously. "And gosh, Sarah, you know I don't get stoned! Well, people might -throw- stones at me, but I'm guessing you don't mean it that way." She flashes a grin and waits. And when Sarah doesn't respond the way she wants (ie, laugh), she pushes her friend unladylike. "Get it? I made a play on words. Or a pun. And I KNOW what a filambropist is, geez, remember we both are in college, you know." And with that, she crosses her arms and watches the ongoing auction, her 'pouty' look turning to a amused one in .4 seconds flat, "Ha, look that lady jumped up and stuff. Doesn't she know the proper etiquette at a fancy gala such as this?" And as Adam comes over to introduce and extend both hands, she reflexively one hand a swipe slap, like a hi5 but from the side. A side5. "Shyla Brooke!" She pauses, "That's my name."

Darrell's brows lift as the cougar jumps up. He has to good grace to smile nicely at her. He's not going to mock the older woman. He doesn't judge. Besides, sometimes those cougs really know how to... engage in fascinating conversation. Still, he glances out at the crowd and mentions incidentally, "I am an excellent cook."

Sofia gives a smile and raises her paddle for two thousand. She smiles at the cougar who's getting so excited over the bid. Raises her glass of champagne to her after she bids, then sits back to see what the other lady does. She does have to ask Darrell, "What are some of your signature dishes?"

"Well, I didn't think a date with me would go for quite so much but perhaps I'm not used to that quantity of money being used or else I'm underestimating myself." Nina says to Andrew, "Quite vastly if the latter."

Calliope offers, "Eighteen thousand!" Which the auctioneer notes, but she's quickly outbid by Sofia. He turns to the cougar who's glaring bloody murder at Sofia. "Five thousand," she announces, through clenched jaw. Calliope is trying so hard not to out and out laugh at the cougar but she can't resist goading her either. "Seventy-five."

Sofia finishes her glass of champaigne and calls out, "Ten thousand." She looks at Calliope and the cougar to see if they want to bid anymore. She has a smile on her face as she hands over the empty glass to someone that's serving and takes another glass of champaigne. She tells Darrell, "I love to cook." So it would be one epicurean hanging with another if she wins.

"I was laughing on the inside!" Sarah assures Shyla about the pun...was it a pun? "Proper etiquette is whatever money says it is" she points out with a smirk. "If she wants to jump up and down...and bounce like that...and..." Sarah feels a need to clear her throat and look away and maybe a bit of fanning herself but thankfully Adam is there to meet. "Hello, Adam. Thanks for the professor." No Side5 from Sarah...just a Low5. Sarah Collinson. Do you bid on people a lot, Adam? You seem to know what you're doing. Hey, would you like to come on our radio show?" A pause. "Are you famous?"

Andrew's shoulders roll in a slight shrug and smiles, "Hey, when I heard 'singer' and 'performer', you know, us music types have to stick together." His eyes look over at Sofia as she calls out to Darrell asking about his signature dishes. Oh, she was the one that tried to bid on him earlier, and then he looks to the stage to see Darrell and chuckles a bit, then back to Nina. "It is your field that interested me, oh, and the cause the money is going to." He offers her a wink.

"My, things are getting heated," Tessa observes mildly, a little smile warming her lips as she finally finds a seat to settle into. Crossing one leg gently over the other, her amber eyes turn on the group currently engaged in that bidding war. Her brows lift at the cougar's overabundance of enthusiasm, head cocking faintly to the right. "Oh, at least she's eager. Passion like that can be hard to come by," she decides to observe.

"Let's take it up to eight," Adam says, looking to his freshly-slapped hand, then to the slapper in question. "Well, I've not stripped professionally, I.." Then it is Sarah speaking, and he's been low-fived. "No, I'm just a money monster. You have a radio show?" He sounds interested, strangely enough, looking over to Andrew with a subtle smile. He's someone with a plan, that's for sure.

Darrell can't help but smile as the bidding goes up. Phew! It would be sad if he got up there in Prada for less than five digits. "Braised lobster," Darrell says to Sofia, "Wagyu three ways, and a I've been told an amazing eggs Benedict." Gotta slip that breakfast reference in there.

Ten thousand. Calli looks Darrell over again, then gives him a bit of an apologetic shrug. She doesn't bid. And the cougar? Well, it seems it's out of her league too and she's seething. She snatches up a drink and chugs it. "Ten thousand then. Do I hear eleven? Eleven anywhere in the room? Going once for ten thousand," the auctioneer prattles. "Going twice. Sold!" And he reminds Sofia that she too can pay at any point during the evening at the table in the back.

Beyond fashionably late, but decently fashionably dressed, Ritter slips in. He's got a good suit on, a dark charcoal gray, severely tailored. The bid overheard as he enters has him raising his brows - this is beyond his touch. But he can come in and show support, at least, surely? Bemused, he pauses for a moment, as if looking to see where he's supposed to sit.

Walt is sitting there for a moment and then he stands up slowly making his way towards the exit with a smile."Here just a donation for nothing more then the right thing to do." He then writes the check slowly and passing it to someone at the door with a chuckle. He then is out into the world.

Sofia looks very pleased when she wins the bid for a night with Darrell and gets up from her seat to head over to the station so she can pay for her date...provide her generous donation. She pulls out a check and it's to a join banking account in New York. She write the amount and hands it over and there is a devilish smile on her face when she does so. Then she moves back over to her chair and retakes her seat, clearly happy ith her purchase. She then moves to take her seat before the bidding on Adam can begin.

Andrew looks up at the bidding, and then to the college girls and puts his paddle up. "Five hundred....bidding on behalf of the two young ladies that Mr. Oake purchased me for."

"Two thousand and one!" Calliope offers. May as well go big.

Andrew turns his attention back to Calliope and grins, "Three thousand."

"Three thousand," Sofia adds, clearly feeling a little more bold now that she's one her first date of the evening. She then revises her bid quickly, "Four thousand!"

"I'm happy to please then." Nina says, "I do a number of things. Song, guitar, even dancing but I've not been doing quite so much of that lately. Also fencing as a hobby on the side, but that sees far less use than the performing for obvious reasons." she explains.

"FIVE THOUSAND!" From the increasingly drunk cougar in the back. She hates poor Sofia and she's not especially fond of Calliope either.

Andrew raises his paddle and calmly says out, "Seventy five hundred."

"Eight thousand," Sofia calls out after Andrew bids, giving the cougar a raised eye brow as if she's daring the other woman to keep on bidding.

Raising his hands to the crowd, Adam addresses them as a collective from the dais. "Come on, everyone! This is for a charitable institution in need." From offstage, a vagrant is introduced, ferried out by some of the security on hand for the event. With his arm around the man's shoulder, he continues to speak. "Take this gent. He's from a foreign territory and sure could use a good meal, maybe even something to read." The man gives a vague mumble, and Adam speaks on his behalf. "He sure does sound hungry to me." Free vagrant with the purchase of one Adam Oake.

"I've got five thousand," calls the auctioneer. "Seventy-five hundred... Eight thousand. Do I hear eighty-five hundred?" And then there's a homeless man, which makes him stare and stop for a moment. Well that was unexpected. The cougar considers then nods, "Eighty-five hundred!" Calliope doesn't even look back. "Nine thousand and one!" she shouts excitedly. She takes note of the homeless man, but doesn't seem surprised. She trusts the accountant and is going to see where this goes. Hopefully it doesn't result in her losing her membership.

Shyla just stares at Adam for a long moment, then shrugs and flashes a grin, "Well, nice to meetcha, rich guy." She nods sagely with his question about the radio show, "Yes, my assistant and I are DJs at SJU Radio. It's the University radio station and it is a very. big. deal." She giggles and then puts out her hands to Sarah to keep her from striking her or something, "Nono, she's not my assistant, she's my co-host and arguably the more professional one. Can you believe that?" And that's when Adam gets called up next, so she watches as he goes up and starts to chat up the bidders. She smiles, a bit distracted by everything once more before her blue eyes widen and she turns to Sarah, "Hey. What ARE we offering, anyway, I didn't even think about that!"

Andrew shakes his head slowly at Calliope's bid and grins playfully, "Ten thousand, for the two college students." He looks up at Adam with a grin. It's payback time.

Ritter has settled into some seat, after buying himself a glass of wine. He seems more inclined to merely observe than to bid, at least for now.

Leaning in to hear what's being said by the vagrant, Adam is an attentive listener, then conveys the message to the crowd. "He's saying it might even be a double date. Let's put our money where our mouth is!" he says, holding his checkbook up as a sign of solidarity to the 1% crowd. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out. "Raise your glass and the bids. It's all for a good deed tonight!" Then he raises his glass in salute to one and all.

"Der...we offer the hottest, most fun, pieces of ass in this place" Sarah replies to Shyla's query...though she can't keep a straight face and has to laugh. "I guess we take them out dancing or something?" A shrug before she realises another person is being bought for them. "And apparently we look like we need slaves." The homeless man gets a curious look before she whispers to Shyla, "We should get that guy on the radio. Get the real word from the streets, you know? Hear how it is.

Sofia is choosing to bow out of the bid for Adam now that he's being bought for the two radio DJs. She takes a sip of her wine and relaxes, not in a big hurry to big too high since she already has a date lined up.

The vagrant gives a courteous nod before he steps forward, pulling back his sweater's hood. Beneath it, he has scars, similar to burns, as if his face were melted. Likely, the audience is a touch unnerved by the sight and that's not the biggest surprise. He speaks and it's a cultured, refined, decidedly British voice speaking. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," he says, "Perhaps you've heard me speak yet this is my first appearance in Fallcoast proper." Holding his hand on Adam's shoulder, he peels his face off, holding it in his free hand, and there he is.

Sir Anthony Hopkins.

"My good friend Adam asked me to make an appearance in exchange for his work on my new show, Westworld, finding a place for the budget to go 'squeak'."

He's got a dreamy smile, even if he's dressed like a flood victim.

"As he said: dig deep, this is for charity."

Cue the applause.

10k again. Calliope sighs softly and shrugs. Apparently she's doomed to be outbid tonight. The cougar is raging because once again, it's out of her price range. But she'll settle for more alcohol, which has the added bonus of making her less able to claw someone's eyes out. For now. "I've got ten thousand," the auctioneer says. And then there's Anthony Hopkins and holy shitfuck what's going on tonight!? He stares, agog, as does pretty much everyone else in the room. But he pulls himself together a moment later. "Do I hear eleven? Ten thousand five hundred? Going once. Going twice... Sold for ten thousand to the young ladies!" And Andrew is reminded that he can pay at the back any time this evening.

Sarah watches the grand unveiling and then the applause before she whispers to Shyla. "Who's the old guy? And I think we just bought the two of them. I wonder if we can sub let?"

Sofia was stunned when Anthony Hopkins was revealed at the event, blinking for a moment as she realizes who's on stage with Adam. Then the bidding is swiftly seen to, Sofia didn't even raise her paddle again because it was such a surprise. She takes a sip of her drink and smiles when someone other than the cougar wins the bid.

A bewildered auctioneer waits for everyone to calm down and stop bum-rushing the celebrity and Adam. Now's an excellent time for him to grab himself a drink. And he does so. It's a good ten minutes of chaos and no one hears him say into the mic, "We're pausing for a short break." No one really cares that he walks off stage to get himself a double scotch on the rocks. And then he comes back and clears his throat loudly into the mic. "And now, ladies and gentlemen a two-for-one, Miss Shyla Brooke and Miss Sarah Collinson. This dynamic duo are radio show hostesses for the college. They promise the high bidder an evening of crazy, random fun and dancing with no guarantees where you may wake up! Who doesn't need a little adventure in their lives? Let's start at seven hundred and fifty dollars." Since there's two of them and all.

Joining the purchasing parties, Adam disengages from his special guest, letting ol' Anthony work the crowd while he basks in the associated afterglow, standing by Shyla, Sarah, and Mr. Bennett. "Well played?" he asks, looking to the composer with composure, smirking with pride, then he looks over to Calliope. "So, ladies, what is it you want to try first? You made mention of your radio show. That.. sounds like a lovely way to kick off the fun." He grins proudly, already ready to begin the bidding on Calliope.. then it is Shyla being auctioned off. "I'll go for three grand for the lovely Misses Shyla Brooke and Sarah Collinson." Might as well buy who owns his tag for the night.

Darrell has kept a pretty low presence after departing the dais, but out of the blue he pipes up, "Ten-thousand." He glances up and around, then to the radio booth. "I'm a fan," he says.

Calliope gives a bit of a glare to Adam 'cause... Hello? Some warning would have been nice? But whatever. She doesn't stay annoyed for long. "Seven-fifty!" she yells out just as Adam bids 3k. "I mean five thousand!" she amends. The auctioneer is getting his stride back, "I've got three thousand... Five thousand to our hostess. Do I hear six thousand?"

"Twelve thousand." Adam, making his contribution to the contributions.

"Miss Brooke and Miss Collionson will be broadcasting live later, from this very location," the auctioneer prompts. "Twelve thousand. Do I hear thirteen?" But Calli just sighs and shakes her head. Her parents would get pissed if she put that much on their credit card all in one shot. And she doesn't really know how else to pay for things.

Adam makes a further bid. "Twelve thousand one."

"Fifteen," Darrell says. He grins at Adam. "Sorry. I can't resist not knowing where I'm going to wake up."

The auctioneer notes Adam's adjusted bid, "Twelve thousand and one. I've got fifteen thousand. Do I hear eighteen?"

"Eighteen thousand one." Adam ups again, looking to Darrell. "The best memories begin where the blackout ends, right?"

Sarah tries to smile as people bid on her - her ancestors would be so proud. And with Adam going crazy she has to wonder about the circular 'logic' of them owning Adam while he owns them. "Eighteen thousand?" Her brow furrows as she looks to Shyla. "We did say 'no sex', right? Or was that a post-bid thing to work out." A smile and a wave for the bidders. "Come on, everyone. This is for a good cause. We need to help the homeless." A gesture towards Sir Anthony Hopkins as proof that charity does help.

Calliope has been keeping a bit of a running tally in her head and this evening is seriously surpassing all expectations. She's giddy with excitement, even if she's not bidding any longer. And honestly, she's straight, so it would have just been a fun girls night out for her, but more money than she's willing to put out means more money for the charity and that's so much better.

Adam catches what Sarah says and then he raises his bid further. "Twenty thousand. And one." Whatever his idea of a good time is, sex doesn't appear to be a requirement.

"Twenty-five," Darrell says, and he tells Adam, "You're so right. And some of the best parties, if you remember them, you weren't really there." Sarah and Shyla an amiable smile. No sex? No problem. So many other ways to collect things to have morning after regrets over.

Shyla shrugs, "The old guy... he must be a celebrity or something. Look how everyone are losing there ever lovin' minds!" She motions with her head all the people talking at once, some actually trying to 'subtly' take photos with their phones without looking too impressed. Once they win again, she wagges her eyebrows and looks at Sarah, "Yeah, we're doing well. With these slaves we can start building our very own pyramid. But we'll need to account for the other 999,997 slaves." She looks startled when they get called up next, looking at Sarah for guidance and indeed goes up with her, slightly behind her as she suddenly looks bashful all of a sudden. She looks around with those big old blue eyes of hers, that worried look on her face slowly disappear with each bid.

She gets a bit excited, something that is very obvious considering that the girl can't keep still, shifting from one foot to the other and looking quickly at whoever bids, like a cat with someone waving a toy in front of it. She nudges Sarah and then smiles, then turns to the bidders, showing off her megawatt grin, "And I can show you how to freerun! Parkour, or whatever! I GUARANTEE that I can get you to do a somersault off a 20 foot wall without killing yourself!" Tall promise. Probably not a good idea to take her up on it. "And sex lots of-" she stops when Sarah talks, "lots of non-sex! That's what I meant."

"Thirty thousand," Adam says, because that is one hell of a sales pitch from Shyla. He looks to Darrell, shaking his head with a smirk.

Sofia takes another sip of her champagne, and chuckles at the antics of the two radio DJs. She leans over and murmurs to the lady next to her, "Isn't it curious how the ladies always seem to go more than the men. I wonder why?" The other woman provides her opinion and Sofia laughs, nodding and waits to see who wins the bid.

Darrell opens his mouth, then pauses to do some mental math. He cedes to Adam, though he wags his bidding paddle in a fake-threatening manner. "I'll get you for this," he says with a rueful smile.

"Twenty-five hundred," the auctioneer nods to Darrell. "Thirty thousand," to Adam. "Do I hear thirty-five?" He glances at the audience but no one seems to be raising the bid again. "Thirty thousand, going once... going twice... Sold!" And Adam is told, yet again, that he can pay at any point during the evening at the back.

Thirty grand. That's more money than she'll see in her future so Sarah has to be happy with that. A curtsey to the crowd before she grabs Shyla's hand to help lead her off the podium and towards Adam. "You have a fuckload of money" she smiles to him. "And I guess we owe you a good time now. Don't worry too much about the twenty feet wall. It'll be more like fifteen."

Shyla actually stands there for a bit longer before Sarah pulls her off of the stage, the brunette giggling and ulps as she almost trips off it, but she recovers and jumps off of it, waving to everyone as if she were a Miss USA contestant or something. Grinning at Adam, she pushes him on the shoulder pretty firmly, letting out an "Oooo" sound as she touches the fancy fabric of his suit, "That pretty much FEELS expensive." She pokes at it with her pointer finger, "Sarah, you gotta feel it, it is like, MADE of money."

Once the 30k duo are off the stage, the auctioneer introduces, "Merek von Black, a business man, who's offering dinner, drinks, and live musical entertainment on a private jet. We'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars." Without missing a beat, the cougar yells out, "One thousand!" She jumps to her feet, focused intently on her target.

When Merek is announced, he steps up and looks out over those gathered for a moment, before he flourishes a bow. He then offers a small smile. He allows what was said to be said, before he soon steps back and away. He seems to have few words to speak himself, while he smooths out the cravat that is beneath his doublet.

"Twelve hundred," from Calliope. "Fifteen," from Sofia. Then there's an official proxy bidder at the back, on the phone, who calls out, "Two thousand." It goes on between the cougar, Sofia, Calliope, and the mystery bidder until the former three finally bow out as the latter offers, "Nine thousand!" The auctioneer points to the proxy bidder and says, "Nine thousand. Do I hear ten? Ten thousand to round out the gentlemen for the evening? Going once... Twice... Sold for nine thousand!" He doesn't bother telling the proxy bidder when and where she can pay because she works with him and she already knows.

Allowing his rich-people pelt to be touched, Adam smiles to the girls. "Teach me how to do a proper wall jump and this is yours, just in your style and color," he says, willing to share of his fashion choices to the duet. "The best I can do is a passable swan dive, if I've had a few practice jumps. I used to be on my alma mater's swim team." He is quite proud of that accomplishment.

Sofia finishes her drink with a wry smile as she loses Black to the proxy bidder. She raises her glass to toast Darrell as if to say they'll meet again soon and then quietly slips out now that all the men have been auctioned off. Still, the evening was a success. She managed to spend $10,000 of her ex-husband's money buying her an evening with a younger man. Take that Erza Berkovich. The angry phone call she's going to get later...priceless.

Darrell raises his glass to Sofia in turn, and he inclines his head. Soon. He may have no idea what he's getting into with there being an ex, but hey, life is an adventure.

As Merek makes his way off the stage, the auctioneer introduces, "And our final Single of the evening, Miss Calliope King. She's a published author and the founder of this evening's charity, Calliope Fund. For her high bidder she's offering dinner at a locale of their choosing, an evening of dancing, and a short story written by her exclusively for them. We'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars." Andrew starts the bidding at, "Two thousand dollars." Followed swiftly by Alan Lee's, "Three thousand." The old guy in the front, who was also bidding on Sarah and Shyla offers, "Five thousand!"

This guy. Adam moves forward through the crowd until he's standing next to the bidder who brings up the paltry sum of five grand for Calliope 'Better Than You' King. "Twenty thousand," he says, looking at This Guy with deep, abiding pity. "Go big or go home. More to the point: just go." Then he raises his paddle, not planning to be outbid again. Whatever the stakes run, he'll be there to match, then exceed, the going rate.

Shyla beams, "Well, kudos to you, swimmer dude! Although I don't think a swan dive is a good idea in a ... non-watery environment." As Calliope goes up to get auctioned off, the blue-eyed girl quickly sticks her hand up, the girl totally carried away from all the night's excitement, "5 hun-" she stops as within a mere moment or two the price tag has risen to a great ammount. Good thing too, as a paltry sum of 500 dollars is still way too much for the college girl. "Oh bother." She pouts in a non-serious manner, watching the auction but at the same time giving a glance to Sarah.

The old guy up front is instantly shot down. Far too rich for his blood. But whatever. He still had fun looking at all the pretty girls on stage. "Thirty thousand," says Andrew, grinning over at Adam. Alan Lee raises a hand and says, "Fifty thousand." For her part, Calliope is just beaming out at the crowd. This is so much fun! And there will be SO MANY POOR KIDS HELPED! She just can't even.

Then Adam points to Shyla and Sarah. "On their behalf." What. He gets a head-shake from Darrell, then Alan Lee. He's trying not to drop more than twenty on impulse purchases these days. And, er, philanthropy. "Fifty thousand and one."

"So this is what money is like?" Sarah looks around at all the rich folk before shaking her head. "Not my scene" she decides. "So you're saying that Adam's suit felt like paper and plastic?" She didn't get to feel it before he was off to bid on the hostess. "Hey, Shyla, did you notice that we went for the least of all the women? I knew I shouldn't have worn a bra." A sigh. "Shall we set up for the show?" And then the realisation that /another/ person is being bought for them.

Andrew drops out of the bidding, but Alan Lee considers a moment, then offers, "Fifty thousand, two hundred and fifty."

The almost-Cavanaugh gives a rueful smirk to the other bidding party. "Sixty five thousand. Still on their behalf, because they're a fun pair." He still points to Shyla and Sarah, indicating he has plans for something. Or he's the insane part of insanely rich. Either way, he plans to win the bidding.

The auctioneer repeats Alan's bid, then turns and points to Adam, "Sixty-five thousand. Do I hear seventy thousand?" He looks around the room. "Going once, going twice," and a loud slam of his gavel, "Sold! For sixty-five thousand!" He then gives a little wrap-up speech and it seems that there's no more planned talking from the hostess or anyone else. People are encouraged to mingle, pay their winning bids, and enjoy the rest of the evening. The soft, classical, background music is turned on once more.