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Shovellin' Snow and Meeting Cousins!

Or 'The One Where Ash Considers Breaking the Veil, Because Shovellin' Snow Sucks'

Dramatis Personae

Isabella, Moriarti, Lottie, and Nicole

27 January, 2016

Isabella and Ashley take a trip to her grandparents house to shovel their driveway after a blizzard, and Ash is introduced to one of Isabella's cousins.


Grams & Gramps House

Blizzards are tough, especially when there's over two feet of snow that just screws things up. Driving up to the house with her black Escalade, Isabella is dressed comfortably in her puffy dark blue parka, a red and yellow poofball beanie, and snow pants. She wants to frolic in the snow afterall, so she has prepared for such activities. Looking towards Moriarti, she nosewrinkles and grins toothily. "So I figure this shouldn't be too difficult cleaning things up. I mean, I don't even think we'll need to bust out the shovels cause..." duh, they're both Obrimos. That much doesn't need to be said. "Though I need to make sure I stick within the confines of acceptable techne, cause you know my nimbus is kinda frosty.." and would probably negate anything that tends to happen due to her ice queeny side effects. "Let's clear it up before they wake up from their afternoon nap and maybe we'll have chicken pot pie!" she beams.

Ashley Moriarti chuckles as he rides along in the passenger side of Isabella's Escalade. It was her idea to come up here and shovel snow for her grandparents, so she gets to drive. The younger man is bundled up in a pair of heavy pants and a hoodie (hood up, `natch), and a heavy winter parka on over that. "Why do I get the feeling that I'll be doing all the.." beat "...shovelling while you frolick through the snow and watch?" he asks of the cheery blonde. Being the one that's more attuned to heat and fire lends well towards an easy cleanup of the snow, at least. "Did I meet your grandparents at Christmas?" Ash asks as they continue on, casting his memory back to that dinner.

Lottie's presence wasn't immediately noticeable, if only because she was around behind the house. But as the Escalade parks, a figure does appear around the corner. There's dark blue snowpants, a coat just as puffy as Isabella's own, and a fuzzy, furry hat with kitten ears sewn on (for some reason) and an attached scarf. Plus mitts. Lottie's got a shovelo ver one shoulder, one of those wide scoop affairs. Apparently, she's been drawn by much the same thing as her cousin, though her presence might just complicate matters. Spotting the Escalade, one mittened hand waves madly in greeting.

"He was the one who was asking if you're going to get me to settle down." she offers, nosewrinkling as she lets out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Then I said something about Netflix and he just shook his head." Isabella quips with a silly little grin on her features. "And come on! You're bigger and stornger than me. I'm super tiny. You really expect me to do a lot of this?" she asks, motioning to all the snow on the ground covering the driveway and sidewalk. It's then that she spot Lottie and gives a gloved wave, beaming the entire time. "Oh, and that's one of my cousins. Looks like we might actually have to do things the hard way." Sadness.

Ashley aahs in understanding as Isabella clears up who is who. "Ahh, yeah, I remember now." he notes, digging in his pocket to pull out a pair of fingerless gloves, "Aside from that, he was an alright ol'man." he notes. It was basically a first date combined with first hazing from the family, after all. As someone else emerges from around the house in bulky winter gear, Ash follows Isabella's wave towards the other one, and lifts a hand in greeting as well. "Well, that certainly takes the fun out of it." he notes. What's the point of having awesome abilities if you can't use them to get out of doing otherwise mundane chores? "Well, shall we, then?"

Lottie attempts to bounce her way over, but with all the snow in the way, much of it piled into drifts by the wind, it's really more like she flounders over. "Isabella! Hi! Hey, did you come to shovel? I thought I'd have to do it alone. I haven't shoveled snow in aages. Like. Thre years. Hi, Isabella's friend. Uh. I think. I'm not related to you, right? Sometimes, I just lose track, you know?" She looks around and smiles. "I missed snow. No snow in Africa."

"Ash, this is Lottie. No Lottie, you aren't related to him, and neither am I." cause that would be weird and awkward. Isabella grins before there's a buzzing of her phone. She looks at it and oh noes. It's actually work. "I will totes grab a shovel, but for now, work calls. Um, I'll let you two get at it and I'll delegate with some hot cocoa?" she quips teasingly before heading off, talking to whoever it is on the other line.

Casting a glance towards Isabella and a "..just how big is your clan..?" he mutters to the blonde as he is introduced to Lottie, "Nope, definitely not related. There'd be problems if I was." he says, shooting a grin at Isabella which turns to a roll of the eyes as her work calls. "I'll be sure to leave half the driveway for you." he calls out to her as she moves off to talk shop. Turning back to Lottie, he grins a bit, "Ash Moriarti." he introduces himself properly with a handshake, "Nice to meet you." And then glances around for another shovel, once introductions are taken care of.

Lottie turns, and blinks after Isabella, one mittened hand moving to shove her glasses up her nose, then turns back to Ash. "Did she just bring you here and, uh, dump all the work on you?" She flashes a bit of a grin. "You must -really- be into her." She shakes his hand with her own mittened one. "Charlotte Thorpe, but everyone just calls me Lottie. Have you met Owen, Jenny, Tank, Finley or Nicole? I'm their little sister. There's another shovel up against the side of the house, I figured someone else would come along." There is, in fact, several. That said, Lottie herself starts to work with more enthusiasm than the task calls for.

Ashley gives Lottie a shrug and a grin. "I'm really not surprised." he offers, without going into further detail as to how into Isabella he really is. As Lottie rattles off a laundry list of names, Ashley blinks at them, before answer a cautious "..maybe?" He chuckles and offers as clarification; "I went to the whole Christmas-dinner thing with Isabella last month, and met a ton of your guys' relatives. I kinda lost track of who was who." he sheepishly explains. Then the young man dips around the side of the house to grab up the shove, returning as he twists the length of in it a circle between his palms. He eyballs the driveway, glances at Lottie, and then hefts a sigh before trudging through the snow off to one side. Then he starts shoveling, heaving snow off the driveway. At least he hopes it's the driveway; he'd hate to be shoveling the lawn.

It seems there' lottie out and about with a somewhat unfamiliar young man. They're both dressed in warm winter gear, starting to do manual labor for gramms and gramps' as the blizzard really laid it on thick. Now returning from her phone call is Isabella as she puts her phone away. "Hope he didn't brood you to death." she quips to Lottie just as the young one has to run off. It's then that she nosewrinkles and peers towards Moriarti. "Did you brood her into running off?" she asks, clearly teasing.

"I wasn't brooding!" Ashley replies as Lottie darts off to wherever, dark eyes glaring at Isabella from beneath the hood he has pulled up over his brows. "Well, not really." he admits. He gestures to the small spot of snow he's shovelled, and then to the driveway at large, "...shovelling all this with just this..." he gestures with the shovel, "..is something brood-worthy." he notes.

Just as one of Beau's daughters leaves, another arrives. One might wonder if they'd synchronised it. Nicole rocks up in a truck with snow tyres fitted; probably borrowed from a friend rather than hers. She parks near the house and hops out of the front, wrapped up in warm clothes, scarf, hat and gloves. She pulls a shovel from the back, along with a couple large bags of road salt, and begins to trudge over towards Isabella and her brooding friend. "Hey hey. See I'm late to the party here," she greets cheerfully.

"Nicole, this is Ash! Ash, this is Nicole, one of my other cousins." Yes, the Thorpe clan is pretty big. "She's Lottie's older sister." she explains as she beams brightly, grabbing one of the shovels to start helping out. See, she can be useful. "And pfft, you're helping me out cause I asked you to." she teases "So hey... uh... I'm glad you're still around. So um..." how does she broach the subject. There's a brief pause. "That blonde guy on the rooftop. What happened with him?" Sure, it's abrupt. It's probably out of place and random, but yeaaaah.

"Howdy." Ash offers Nicole a wave along with the welcome, as he's already started back in on shovelling snow out of the driveway. He's already made the 'big clan' crack at Isabella, so the young man is instead focusing on getting the job done. But the stroke of the shovel pauses slightly as Isabella tapdances around a question and then blurts out of. It's just a brief hesitation, but now he's paying close attention to the two as he works on shovelling snow off to the side.

"He was fine when he left. Haven't seen him since," Nicole tells Isabella mildly, as if they were discussing a mutual aquaintance, albeit one Issy doesn't know the name of. "How's work going? Has gramps gotten tired of you poking at him to try out your gadget?" she then prompts, a cheerful change of subject before she looks towards Moriarti. "Ash, nice to meet you." Equipment in hand, she begins to go around behind where the other two have cleared, spreading road salt using her shovel so that the exposed paths don't freeze over easily.

"Interesting. You guys should talk." she offers as she steps to the side as she pffts. "He's banned me from bringing any contraption that's more than a ton to the house." Isabella whines. "But um, yeah. Ash saw the same blonde guy near campus. I'll let him explain?" cause it's clear info needs to be shared.

Ashley's arms continued to piston, keeping the shovel working as the women talked. Snow blows out behind him, looser fluff billowing about him as he continues clearing a path. He's keeping an ear on the conversation though, as he pauses as his name comes up. A minute to backtrack through the conversation, and he casts a glance with a lifted brow towards Isabella, some kind of unvoiced question there, "...so, you've seen the crazy blonde guy too?" he offers. Rather lamely, at that, but he seem sto be unsure of what to say. "...I live down the block from the murder that happened at St. Johns, the girl on the telephone pole?" a pause to make sure he is understood. "I was passing by it on my way home from classes one day and ran into some blonde guy standing half-naked in the snow." If Isabella says its the same guy, it must be the same guy. "...he was talkin' crazy, and I bolted. Dunno what happened to him after that."

"Long hair, kind-of hippy-looking?" Nicole checks, nodding slightly. "He said he's killing people for money because 'somebody' is after them, but the look in his eyes says he's enjoying it a little too much." She offers this quietly, barely audible over the sound of snow being shovelled and salt being spread.

Isabellahrmms, letting the two simply talk and share information. Don't mind her. She's just shoveling snow for now...

Ashley's head dips under the covering of the hood in agreement to Nicole's description, "Yeah, same guy. Though I don't remember him saying anything about killing people for 'somebody'.." he says, pausing with his shovel under a mound of snow, "...it was more that he was doing it for his own reasons." the young man heaves another shovelfull of snow off to the side, still pondering it. "Like I said, it was the kind of talk you'd expect from a psychopath, all "I'm better than all of you" junk."

There's a nod from the oldest Thorpe. "Full of crap," she agrees as per blondie's ravings. "Do you know if anyone is pursuing or investigating this guy?" she then asks, pausing to brush hair out of her eyes before resuming the salt-spreading in Ashley's wake.

"I'm sure the cops are..." Ashley offers in between deep breathes as he continues to churn through the snow It's slow going, but the young man has a serious set of arms on him, and they keep churning. "...I mean, it's what, three murders or something?" A pause, a forearm swiped across his brow, and then Ash resumes swinging the shovel. "...and if not the cops, he's pissed off a few people. Might not be legit, but I'm pretty sure someone other than the police is keeping an eye out for this guy."

"Mmn. The kind of 'someones' who watch out for weird shit?" Nicole hazards delicately, pausing to open another bag of salt, before resuming her equally slow work behind the visitor. "It feels like some kind of joined-up effort is needed."

Ash's shoulders shrug under the double layering of parka and hoodie, even as he keeps the shovel swinging, "...or just someone who got a friend or a loved one killed by this psycho and wants some payback." he offers with a glance towards Isabella as she works on her own swathe of snow. "But yeah, if I was to speculate on this guy's fate, it probably would be a group who has to take him down."

Another nod from Nicole, before she carefully picks her way across unshovelled ground to join Isabella's line, to begin salting that path. "Let's hope there are people capable of the job." She looks down, focusing on her work.

Shovelling goes a whole lot faster when the Sleeper relatives have moved onto other things, leaving the young Arrow to do what he does best; increase the heat. He stays at the shovelling in a cursory fashion, but Isabella's going to feel the tingles as he works his will on the driveway. It's not a major heat wave, but he warms the underlying path up enough for the snow covering it to slowly melt away in razor-edged lines. "Well." he says as he shovels the last bit of slush off the walkway. "How's that?"

It's a good thing that the location of the house is pretty remote. Sure, she felt the tingles, but it made things easier in the long run to where even beads of sweat start to appear on her brow. Pulling off her beanie, she heads on over and grins toothily. "Much better. See, if Lottie and Nic weren't around, we could've done this much sooner." she chirps.

The hoodie is left up, but there's still the sheen of sweat across Ashley's brow from the physical and mental exertion he's put into clearing the driveway. "Although I half expected another six cousins or so to pop up in the middle so it would all blow up in my face." he replies cheerily as he leans an arm on the shovel's handle. "...did Nicole leave that salt? Should probably put it down before it freezes."

"I think she did." she hrmms for a few moments, nosewrinkling a little as she heads on over to lean in against him. "And thank you for doing this." Isabella chirps, stealing a quick peck on the cheek. "I know you didn't have to since we do have a lot of strong burly types, but yeaaaaah."

Ash slips an arm around Isabella's waist as she steals the kiss, giving her a squeeze through the poofy parka. "Wouldn't want to get shown up or anything. Gotta show that I can handle things." he replies in kind, in a teasing tone of voice. "So..." he says, that rogueish grin crossing his features. "Shall we go get ourselves warmed up somewhere?"

Isabella hrmms and waggles her brows while letting out an impish giggle. Scrunching up her nose as she wraps her arms around one of his she nods. "Yes, let's go do that. Should we head to your place or mine?" she asks curiously, canting her head to the side before she peers at the house. "Unless you think we can be quiet. There are a few guest rooms in the house."

"What's this 'we' stuff, Iz?" Ash teases as he stands in the drive with his arm around the blonde. "I'm the quiet one, you're the one wakin' up the neighbors." he teases, his fingers not doing a very good job at finding her side throught the layers of snow gear. Then he looks about the general neighborhood, "...huh. I don't even know how far out we are, so I couldn't say whether your place is closer or mine." he chews at the inside of his lip briefly.