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A Canine, a Feline and a Tolkienesque Elf Talk About Boats, Blades, and Bygone Times

Dramatis Personae

Asger, Dani, and Starling

January 14th, 2021

A new Wagnercousin knocks on Asger's workshop door. Dani literally drops in as well. The trio talk about the boats the woodworker is making, weapons, etc. Asger even tells a version of the history of the Forsaken.


Outside Asger's Workshop on Rising Moon Isle

Asger was outside the workshop, working on a wooden handle for an axe by the look of it. He carves calmly enough, remaining silent as he works. The sun is going down and he seems to be using the last of the daylight to carve outside the workshop.

After arrangements were made via Starling's mom (Wagner by marriage) phoning with Sonja and sharing video with the two of them, introductions made.... The small blonde Wagner eventually shows up. The sounds of work draw her over and cause a smile. "Hiya, ummm cousin or uncle type person! Whatchamaken?" She seems in a bubbly mood.

"Cousin. I am Asger Bjornhammer." He says as he stops carving and offers his hand. "So you are the new cousin that Sonja mentioned. Good we will need more able bodies to help take over Fall Coast." He says with a joking tone to his voice as he goes back to work. When he spoke he had a Norwegian accent.

There's a light thump on the roof of the workshop as Dani lands on it having jumped down from a nearby tree. A quick glance from there shows her the right place to come down and she swings down with one hand on the edge of the roof and then drops to a crouch in her boots, denim skirt and leather jacket outfit which is topped off with a black and blue plaid beanie pulled down over her ears. Still in the crouch, seeming to be relaxed that way, she says, "Hey Asger," to the woodworker and then, "Greetings, newcomer," to Starling.

Starling takes the offered hand and gives an only slightly firm shake, being short and not built for strength at all. "That would be me and thanks for the kindly greeting." She has a bit of a laugh in her voice from the joke. Her own accent is muddied from having been raised backpacking across Europe. Today's outfit is well worn but worm sweats and fuzz trimmed boots. She lifts both brows while watching the gymnastic display, hands raising to clap when Dani stands. "Niiiiice entrance! Hiya, I'm Starling Wagner." She offers a hand.

Asger chuckles. "Do I need to remind you, cousin, that walking on the roof makes it leak." He says calmly to Dani before going back to his handle. He seems to be carving a dragon's head on the end of the handle. He then looks to Dani. "Speaking of which, once I am done working on Plate's boat, do you want one cousin? I am not sure how well you handle water." He says teasingly.

Dani stands and accepts the hand after adjusting the knife at her left hip as she says, "I'm Dani," as an introduction. "I'm a Wagner though my mother and basically a cousin to those you'll meet around here to one degree or another," she explains as a greeting and adds, "And to you from what I heard." She laughs at Asger and says, "A roof what won't take some walking is hardly worth the name, Asger, build a better roof!" with a playfulness that may be confuted by the nervous glance that might be caught as she side-eyes the roof. In her mien her right ear, the one closer to the building as the trio are standing there, twitches with the same sense of nervousness. Then the boat question. She hmmms softly and asks, "What kind of boat are you making?" going on with, "A canoe or a rowboat seem underwhelming and ... well, more than that and I'd not be sure what to do with it. The ferry does fine for me to get to and from the mainland and the isle. But..." she grins, "What kind of boat are you offering?"

Starling grins while watching the interplay between the two, hearing of some family happening. "Yeah, think I will like it here. She headbobs at the greeting and leans to the side, admiring the adjusted knife, and the mid-carving haft.

Asger shrugs. "A daysailer, a sailing ship to travel back and forth when you miss the ferry. I made one for Sonja and Janeen. I am working on Plate's boat now." He says calmly as he blows the chips off the haft.

"Ah," Dani says and a little color rises to her cheeks as she continues, "I never really picked up sailing actually," saying it almost like she was admitting to a grievous sin.

Starling ohhs at the making boats for lots of people. "Even a sail or surf board is a decent way to get out here, and much fun as well. Dispite the obvious cold. Sooo miss the Mediterranean..." She lifts a brow at not knowing sailing. "Want to learn? You seem easily agile enough to do well with just a little learning." She shares a smile between the two.

"Our family motto is simple enough. Are you sure your a wagner?" Asger says teasingly before nodding. "I make ships for the family so they have a means of getting here and there without relying on the ferry. We are norse, so not sailing is something heavily looked down on." He says as he goes back to carving. "I am going to be turning my axe into a fetish, once I complete my armband. I would offer you the chance to watch the ritual, but I am not sure how my people will react to an outsider being close to the Locus." he says calmly.

Dani laughs. "I did a little sailing when I was young. Just never did very good at it," she explains to Asger. "And yes, fair lady, I will accept your offer," she says to Starling and explains to both of them, "I was not as nimble when I was younger." She pauses and then, after a moment, she says, "Before I was taken," looking at Starling as she speaks this short phrase and gives her a knowing and questioning expression with a quick darting of her eyes in Asger's direction.

Starling mmmmmms and nods at Asger's words about family sailing and such, apperantly having been taught that tradition by her mom in Europe. But then she headtilts and looks all confused, not getting the terms. The girl was not raised Wolfblood apperantly. She gets Dani's referance clearly, giving a feigned / forced smile and speaking in a high, fake voice. "Always fun being taken, yaaaaaaayyy." A wink.

Asger looks to the two and he remains silent as he lets the speak. When they finish, he sighs as he looks over the carving. "It would seem these gods of yours need slaying. I wonder if the lunes will give renown for killing a god. They did so for Garm." He says calmly as he looks to the two of them.

Dani shakes her head as she assumes a misunderstanding happened. "He knows more than most. Another cousin of ours asked me specific questions in front of him so..." she doesn't continue on that and turns to address Asger, "So, yeah, if you want to make me a boat that'd be fine. Who names it, you or me or... some other way?"

Starling mmmhmmmms softly then smiles again, all light hearted and such. "Well slaying a god sounds like one of the biggest things to be renowned for." She ahhs at Dani's explanation and nods. In such a good and excited mood, her fae mien gives off soft forest sounds, especially faint bird songs. "And do we have to break a bottle over it? Glass on the beach sucks.

"You do of course. You also get to choose what kind of figure head you want on it." Asger says calmly. "I do not understand your ways, but a cousin was explaining certain terms to me." he says calmly as he stands. "I am one of the Uratha, the Forsaken in your tongue. Werewolves." He says calmly, studying the woman's reaction. "We dont have to break a bottle over it, but I do recommend taking me along when you first sail it so I can properly test everything."

Dani nods. "Yeah, I'll just need to learn how to sail," she says. "I gotten stuck trying to sale to an isle and missed out on a picnic because I had only gotten half way there when the rest were coming back," she explains.

Starling catches on at 'Werewolves' and rather than the strictly mortal looking at him like he is crazy, gives more of an 'ohhhhhh one of them' look. "Well ok, that is cool, if a touch.. Not scary but.." She shrugs at not finding the word. "But very cool! Meanwhile I am Tolkien's dreams-ish." She kindof awwws at Dani's missing out, as such sound to have been fun missed. "Did you get a make up picnic?

Asger nods. "I am aware of those of you kidnapped by the fae. It does explain what happened to our wolfblooded vanishing." He says as he looks to the women. "Werewolves are more than big fuzzy furballs who have anger management issues, we are part spirit and thus our duty is to police the spirit realm. A locus is a place where the spirit realm and the material realm merge closely. We Guard them because they are special places."

Dani lights up at the mention of a book she remembers reading (recently even) and asks, "Did Tolkien's books do well?" with the innocence of one who isn't aware of how much influence the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings has had on recent culture. Regarding the picnic she says, "Oh, I leveraged into dinner out at Mr. B's!" and then she just watches Asger as he speaks about werewolves and the fae, almost as if he's putting too many words out at once. "There's a lot of us in Fall Coast," she says, adding, "Apparently," quickly.

Starling gives Asger a thumbs up and soft "Thank you" As he explains. "The anger management I had heard of. And giant, rar rar -ness." She mimics claws and fangs. Then stops to blink at how Dani said that. "Umm yeah, pretty much classics and redefined the modern concept of fae, elves, goblins/orcs, and the like. Umm six movies, and I think a TV series is in the works." She wrinkles her nose, unsure. A smile and nod at getting the diner instead then a broader smile at hearing the last. "Well lovely, I will have t go meet the people I need to meet."

Asger chuckles as he watches the woman. "I am a Rahu, the worst anger management of the lot. I frenzied once and bit my sister, and was pulled off her. Ever since I been focused on keeping control." He says calmly. He then looks to Starling. "I specialize in berserkergang combat as well as shield and sword combat." He says calmly.

"Huh," Dani voices at Asger's comments. "So..." she ponders her words for a moment and then says, "I've vague impressions of meeting the like of Little Red's forest friend but..." She stops dancing around the queston and asks, "Anything we need to know to do if you or your ilk lose it at us or those we're sworn to?"

Starling lifts a brow at Asger in a silent 'oh my' yet does not look very worried, less so when he gets to control. "Sounds a good combo, especially with the wolf thing." And then Dani has her breaking into giggles at Little Red's! Shaking her head, she smiles t both. "Unsure of how dangerous werewolves are. Like compared to briar Wolves?"

"Get them away or use someone strong enough to deal enough damage to knock us out. we dont stop unless we are beaten down or wore out. Also staying in our war form for too long CAN make us go kuruth, or death rage. so I dont go into it unless I need to kill something." He says calmly as he studies the woman. "We are weak to silver, but weaponizing silver can kill us if you over do it, it deals damage akin to sunlight to a Vampire. I am willing to make silver weapons for the family in the event they have to defend against the pure, a faction of werewolves which dont deal with humans and other races well." He says softly.

Dani turns to Starling and asks, "Fair Lady, do you have a way to stop a raging wolf ... or bull it almost sounds like... in its tracks?" She gives Asger a questioning glance as if to ask if her assessment is completely out of line or possibly close enough to a fit?

Starling considers all of that, tucking it away for keeping. "Ahh thank you, some great pointers there. The Pure, odd name for bad guys." Thinking at Dani's question. I would think one good at Fleeting Summer could direct that rage well. Dancing around being hit while putting very sharp things into important places seems to work with most things. To my experience anyway."

"I am no Skald but allow me to try and explain our history." Asger says as he clears his throat. "Long ago, when the spirit world and the material world were one, the realm was protected by both mother Luna and Father Wolf. Together they have eight children, the firstborn as we call them, the first werewolves. They served in the first pack with father wolf as the alpha. But as time passed on, he began to move slower, his fangs dulling with time and he slowly shirked his duties, becoming old."

"The firstborn met and discussed what to do, for the realm began to suffer and they seeked to repair the damage. Five of the firstborn decided that father wolf needed to be slain, and that they needed to take up his duties. Three others decided the damage being done was not worth killing their father. So the first born who became totems to the five tribes of the moon slew father wolf and thus split the spirit realm and material realm asunder. The five who slew father wolf became the forsaken and I am descended from them. The three who refused to slay their father became the Pure and ever since then, we have been locked into a war between each other, the pure believing by killing all the forsaken, they will restore the realm back to paradise and will rule over humans as they did in the past."

Dani laughs and nods to Starling. The other Changeling's words rouse the following from her as she says, "Dancing with flashing bits of silvery steel flying though the air or frolicking in my grasp," there's a glint of hysteric harmony seen in her copper colored eyes as she says this. She then listens to Asger with rapt attention, her ears turning towards him in her mien, as he speaks on the history of his kind. "So... you're descended from oathbreakers?" she asks her cousin hesitantly as she steps away and seems ready to shove her left hand into her pocket.

Thaaaat was a lot to process at once. The little blonde corseted dress catches up after a bit of mulling it over. Good enough for a first pass and overview anyway. "Kinda sounds like the Pure were the good guys? But them winning also kindof sounds like a Keeper coming to the world, thaaat would suck. I vote no!" She waves a hand in the air. Then nodding to Dani with a shrug and giggle. "Descended from seems far removed from current lives." But then she gasps, turns to Dani, giggles, and begins running away. "On no, Oath breaker is gunna get us, runzzz!"

OOC: Starling had to leave at this point and we faded after the following pose.

"On the contrary, we made an oath with Mother Luna and did proper rituals to beg her forgiveness for killing her mate. It wasn't until just recently she blessed us with the ability to actually touch silver. When weaponized it still deals massive damage, but we can touch it and work it in the forge, unlike the pure, who it burns on contact." Asger explains as he begins to head out. "If the pure wins, they will torture and kill any human who isn't of their blood, to their own blood they only torture. They would keep humans as slaves or cattle. Sound familiar?" He asks before heading into the long house.