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Shenanigans at Six Feet Under
Dramatis Personae

Tucker, Nicole, Lexi, Nate, Kilo, Southside Kings with Shelby and Thorne as cameos.

30 December, 2015

Shit almost goes down at the Six Feet Under.


Tucker wasn't too far away from Six Feet Under when he had gotten the texts to meet Nicole here. Actually it worked out rather nicely since it wasn't too far from the Muni building, so it made a nice place to stop off and unwind a bit before heading home without going too far out of his way. Glancing around the room as he makes his way to the bar, Tucker doesn't see her just yet and thus decides to flag down the bartender and grab a couple of beers and reserve a table off to the side.

Nicole enters perhaps a few minutes after Tucker, attire a little less grungy than when they'd met at the pool hall. She pauses by the door, looking around until she spots him a moment later, a slow smile dawning as she heads over to sit with him. "Hey. Hope I didn't interrupt any other plans?" she greets, sliding into the chair opposite his.

When she sits down, Tucker slides the other bottle of beer in her direction. "Plans? What are those? You know what happened last night? Got called in because some guy got knocked out and had his prize mustache shaved off. Let me tell you how thrilled I was that everyone else decided that they were going to be busy right about then. How did your night go?"

Taking the bottle, Nicole lifts it in a silent salute to Tucker before taking a sip, a little gratitude there. "Last night? Mostly I worked. Had a deadline to hit," she murmurs, setting the drink down and loosely curling both hands around it. "So about as interesting as yours by the sound of things."

"No one ever said that being an adult was all fun and games, eh?" Tucker offers her a faint smile and returns her salute with one of his own, then takes a long pull of the beer. Hit the damn spot. "Well, for what it's worth, I'm glad to see you back in town. It's always good to run into a familiar face now and again. While you are here, if there's anything you need, let me know."

"Anything I need?" Nicole considers that, her smile faintly lopsided for a moment. "Are we talking taking lids off pickle jars and killing spiders in the bathroom stuff?" she clarifies, her tone dry, teasing. "I think I can probably manage those." Another sip of beer is taken, her amusement clear.

"If a former marine can't handle killing a little spider, certainly a keystone cop can't." Tucker grins, his tone teasing. "No, I meant if you were going to look for a job with the city or something, there are some people I can put a good word in and all that. Or if you need someone to fast track a firearms permit or something. Ah, what am I even saying, I almost forgot that your sister works in the department. Still, offer stands."

That earns a low chuckle. "I've got work, thank you, and a permit. Though I've yet to get around to actually purchasing a weapon, so perhaps you can advise me on buying a handgun. Most of my firearms knowledge is with military weaponry rather than personal defense stuff," Nicole suggests, then adds, "Though Owen would be most put-out if he knew I was seeking advice from anyone but him, so keep it on the down-low, yes?" Owen, her older brother, also ex-military.

Tucker nods, taking a moment to swallow down a bit more beer. "If you want to try out a few handguns, we can set up a time to go to the local range and you can try a few out, see which one you like the best. And mums the word regarding Owen." He even goes so far as do taht little lip zippering motion just to prove his point. "You know, it's almost a shame that the winter's here. I'd have you over at my place to sit on the deck and drink a few down."

"Maybe in spring. One of the downsides to spending so long in the sandbox is that everywhere else feels fucking freezing. I used to love the winters here as a kid, but now it feels like I'm in Alaska or something. Very much still getting used to cooler climates," Nicole admits, shaking her head. "Still, I'll remember the offer come April or May," she adds, her smile returning.

"Oh most certainly in the spring." Tucker chuckles, his eyes showing amusement. "I live out on a boat in the marina. No way in hell I'm spending any length of time out up on deck right now, because it seems the older I get, the more I hate the cold and the snow. It might have more to do with how people act and drive in all of it, but you know. Anyway, yeah I imagine coming back here from the desert is something to get used to. At least the summers won't be so hot, eh?"

Nodding, Nicole takes another long drink from her bottle of beer. "Amen to that. I'm not sure I'd enjoy living on a boat too much. Cramped quarters - one of the benefits of joining civ-div is the chance to spread out a little. Not sleep in a hammock. That sort of thing."

"Oh it's actually pretty nice. Sure, it's not as spacious as a house but it's like a small apartment. Got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area. It was one of those crazy ideas I got when I was a little younger... have this awesome bachelor pad that I could take out and go fishing from time to time, except I never really got around to that part." Tucker should do that at some point, a nice weekend away from the city. He finishes up his bottle and leans back in his chair, looking rather at-ease.

That draws an amused sound from Nicole. "You should book in some time with Owen. Take out your boats, go fishing, and so forth. Maybe when it's warmer, but. A little company might spur you on to get that fishing thing done," she suggests, likewise finishing her beer and rising to her feet, motioning with one hand in a silent gesture to ask if Tucker wants a fresh one.

Tucker considers that, nodding slightly. "I can give that some thought. A bit of fishing might do me some good. You know, fresh air and all of that." At her gesture he nods, "Sure I'll take another. Thanks!" He smiles at her, and then settles in to wait, his eyes moving around the room to see if there are any other familiar faces.

Moving to the bar, Nic orders two more of the same beers, paying and returning in short order. She sits, setting the bottles down and sliding one over to Tucker once she's settled. "His is the Sir Lunchalot. I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding it. Though, it does ruffle my feathers that he's given it a male name," she adds, making a slight face.

Nate comes in from the cool, a bit of freezing rain tries to follow him in before the door closes. He looks about for a moment and moves towards the bar, seeing one face that he recognizes, "Hi Nicole. How are things tonight?"

"Sir Lunchalot? Jesus." Tucker takes the beer with a nod of thanks and takes a swig. "You're right though, shoulda gone with Dame Lunchalot at the very least. My boat's named the Whiskey Chaser. For a number of quite important and reasonable reasons, I can assure you of that." As Nate comes in and approaches, he glances up and gives the man a nod in greeting.

Lexi is sitting at the bar drinking down shots and in her own world until now. "That's what happens when someone from the air force buys a boat," Nicole responds with a rueful smile. She's sat at a side table with Tucker, the two are sipping beer and catching up. "Important and reasonable reasons? Do tell," she adds to Tucker, before tilting her head towards Nate and flashing him a smile in greeting.

"Of -course- they are important and reasonable reasons. I like whiskey and I like whiskey chasers and I did a google search for good names and this was a name that popped up on some site and I voila. I know it's not an exciting tale of action and adventure and romance, but then again, I did say they were reasonable reasons and not amazing reasons." Tucker grins, tilting his beer in her direction a moment before swallowing a mouthful.

Nate smiles back to Nicole, "Good to see you both. Who won that game?" as he gets to the bar to order a beer. "Another cold and day of freezing rain. No lost hunters I am needed for." He waits for his beer, "At least I got some paper work done.."

Lexi grins over towards Nate and the others and grins "Hello everyone, sorry about blending in with this place it is a habit when you are family of the owners

"...fair enough," Nicole agrees with Tucker, mirroring his grin briefly. "Following that logic, I'm surprised Owen didn't call his the Tequilla Sunrise or something like that," she murmurs, taking another sip of her beer, then glancing over to the bar when Nate calls her way. "I did, obviously," she responds, amused rather than actually gloating. "Though possibly Tucker might be up for a rematch some other night." She glances to the cop in question, to see if that's true.

Tucker sighs. "It's true, she beat my ass. Then again, I think she had the easier shots thanks to how I got them all set up..." He peers across the table at Nicole, a slight smile playing on his lips. "But... I'm willing to overlook that for another attempt to regain my lost honor and pride." A nod at Nicole. Rematch accepted.

"Evening Miss." Nate offers to Lexi. He then nods to Nicole and Tucker, "Rock climbing.. we have the edge.. upper body strength," perhaps teasing there. A pull of his beer taken, "Well, enjoy the rematch when it happens."

Lexi grins towards Nate as she looks at him. She takes a pull from her beer and smiles "Hi, so do you come here often?"

"Because strength means so much when you're playing pool." Nicole shakes her head at Nate, faintly amused, and takes another drink from her bottle of beer as her attention moves back to Tucker. "The question is, what prize?" she prompts thoughtfully, hazel eyes slightly narrowed in thought, smile ever-so slightly crooked. "I mean, if I beat you for a second time, it's got to be worth more, right?"

Lexi grins and looks over to Tucker and Nicole as well"So, whats this drink off I am hearing about?"

Tucker dips his bottle in Nicole's direction. "The lady makes a point." He says to Nate. There's a lot to it, but I'm sure if it came down to it, she probably packs quite a right hook. "Sure, what do you want to wager? Loser buys the winner dinner?" It's more than a drink at least. He glances over at Lexi. "Not a drink off, a game of pool over at Leigh's Pool Hall."

Lexi grins "Now, that sounds like fun.. How about winner gets to play me?"

Nate nods as he takes a sip from his beer. "Is there a table here?" He hmms, "Well, strength is handy for a powerful break. Other than that, got to control it in pool." He grins a bit there.

"I'd rather go out for dinner with Tucker, if it's all the same," Nicole murmurs to Lexi, her tone polite enough, though she finishes off her bottle of beer in a few swift sips. "It's a deal," she tells the man in question, with a small smile, before she rises to her feet. "Call me when you want that rematch," she adds, seeming set to depart.

"Right then, it's a deal." Tucker gives Nicole a nod, grinning a little bit. "I'll toss you a text and we can get something arranged, I'm sure." He watches her leave and then turns to face Lexi and Nate. "A good break requires precision more than strength, actually. If you hit the balls too hard you can end up causing a huge mess and make problems for yourself."

Lexi slides over close to tucker and begins to check him out trying to figure out what Nicole wants maybe she can squeeze some flirting in here as well....

"Wait, what?" Tucker blinks as Lexi slides over to him and begins looking at him. "She and I knew each other a few years back, it's mostly just to catch up on the last couple of years, also I don't even know you. For starters, what's your name?"

Nate hmms after he takes a pull, "Guess it depends on the force used on the break." He chuckles a bit, "shows you how little pool I have played.. but I prefer rock climbing." He grins a bit there, "But paying for dinner with Nicole.. no matter who looses.. you both win." He then looks to Lexi with a raised brow.

Lexi smiles to him and says "Oh, pardon my ill manners I am Lexi Scaicca Ik indeed kin to the Scaicaa family in town. Right you don't know me but in time you might. " Regarding Lexi with a level look, Nicole scoops up her purse. "Have a good evening, Tuck," she murmurs, a wry little smile on her lips as she hears Nate's comment. Then, she's heading for the door and steps out into the cold.

Tucker looks at Lexi with a rather surprised look. Half-surprised, half-something else. "Lexi, you say? Well, I think I have heard of your family here and there. If I remember right, did you mention something about being related to the people who own this place?"

Just about then, a little dark haired gangster girl saunters her way in. "Nate! I was hoping I'd find you here." She calls out to him as she conspicuously makes her way over, annnnnnnnnnnd JUST in time to hear her arch arch arch enemy mafia family has identified one of themselves! Right here, in plain targeting distance. This is... So delicious! "Well, well, well. A Scaccia. Isn't that *precious*." Kilo smirks and has a seat next to Nate, clad in black Dickies and a crisp white T, a dark flannel buttoned up at the top and the initial 'SK' embroidered in her snapback. "How far up the chain in the 'family' you go, Scaccia Princess?" She inquires as she gives her the once over twice.

Nate gives Nicole a wave, "Catch you later, Nicole. Always an interesting time running into you." He listens as Tucker and Lexi talk, mention of the Scaicca family gives him a bit of pause.

Lexi grins and says "Well, my cousin is Charlize, And Matteo very distant cousions but none the less. I'm in thier deep. Yes, That is right sir. "

Tucker had either the best luck in the world. Or the worst luck in the world. Given some of the crazy shit he had been involved with recently, he was more apt to consider it more bad luck than good luck. A new woman enters the and he gives her a look. He notices the SK, hears what she says and then looks back at Lexi. He makes a few notes in his head about those names. "Charlize and Matteo huh? Either of them own the place?" He takes a second to give Lexi a once-over, wondering.

Nate sits down at the table he was standing next to, "Hey there Kilo, kind of surprised to run into you here." He takes a pull on his beer, "What brings you out to this place?" He signals for wait staff to come over.

Lexi Grins "Well, I know matteo own's Bellas gentleman's club. We also are family to the owners here or so I am told. However I am looking to meet people who arent linked in the family for other reasons. "

"I dunno. I was bored. I remember RoRo used to run this place and I was feeling a bit nostalgic." She sighs. "That shit sucked. But she was the -only- reason I put up with the Scaccia. Just always strikes me as funny , little bitches runnin' around claimin' mafia ties... like they're all bad and shit. When was the last time you did anything -bad- Scaccia Princess? Really -bad-."

Lexi glares at Kilo and says "I don't gotta do bad shit to be who I am do you want to see some fucking Id? Like fucking serious right now. That is my birth name. I have deep roots with them. They are my family and I really don't think you should be disrespecting me. What the fuck did i do to you and what is your name.?"

Tucker is about to say something but then Lexi seems to get her buttons pushed by Kilo and so he closes his mouth and blinks. Damn. He began considering moving more towards Nate juuuust in case the two women decided to throw down. He had no desire to be involved in that. "We're all cool right now, right? Look how about some drinks. That'll calm everyone down. Family is family right?" Even if he is making note of everything being said, because well... it's good shit.

Nate blinks a bit as he looks between Lexi and Kilo. He shrugs a bit, and takes a pull from his beer. For some reason, he just can't help himself after the ID comment, "I wouldn't do that.. I know a few guys that regretted it..." his tone a little cryptic there.

Kilo takes out her phone and fires off a quick text, then snaps a pic of Lexi and fires that off too. "Don't want to forget a pretty face. That's all the ID I need." It's unsettling really, Kilo's actions. "I'm Keeeeelo, by the way, it's a unit of measurement. In case you need a way to remember it. I find having a little trick to remember people's names helps me commit them to memory." She gives the girl a smirk. "I mean, especially with all that blonde hair. I'm sure you need all the help you can get."

Lexi grins to Kilo and says "Oh aren't you funny. I like this woman i hope I can meet you again. Like Tucker said do you want drink? No one needs to fight really family is family. Besides we can all be friends now cant we " she flashes a smile as if she is trying to flirt her way out of sometihng.

Tucker flashes a glance at Nate, frowning slightly then looks between both women. "So Lexi, tell me. What do you do around town?" He tries to frame the question in a way to make it look like he's trying to bring things away from the little spat that the two women are having. "Do you work here at this bar or do you work somewhere else?" Perhaps at the Bella.

Lexi grins "Oh, no.. I work at the Seamen. "

Nate takes a pull of his beer, the frown just gets a smile from Nate. He looks back over to Lexi when she answers about where she works. His expression goes neutral, "You know Kilo.. ever get that feeling some reality checks bounce?"

"Are we all drinking?" Kilo nods and throws some cash on the table. "I'm eager to hear Princesses' answers to..." Kilo coughs. Then blinks. "She did not just say what I think she said, did she? Right? Semen?" Kilo starts laughing. And it's so childish, but she just can't help herself. "Ohhh god.. that's fabulous. What do they have you doing as Semen? I'm sure it's on your knees though, right?" Kilo could go on and on.. really on forever. But it's like shooting fish in a barrel. It's not fair sport. She's starting to feel sorry for the girl. And she frowns. "What are you drinking Princess?" She orders two whiskeys, despite what Lexi says. She's going to drink whiskey with the gangster.

Lexi looks to her and says "Yeah but make sure it is that good shit. Here we go with that bullshit again,No you fucking idot there is a bar called the SEAMAN S-E-A-M-a_

Nate finishes his beer and holds up to fingers, "Bourbon.. one for me and the frowning man.." .. Nothing like priceless moments like this, this calls for the bourbon. When Lexi calls Kilo an idiot.. Nate raises a brow, "that didn't sound good.. " and looking up to Tucker, "what do you think?

Tucker doesn't laugh like Kilo but he does raise an eyebrow at Lexi. "The Seaman? Is that near the Marina or something? I'm not sure I've ever been to it." Honestly he hadn't. Most of the time if he was going to go drinking it was going to be on his boat or at Taggarts. "If you work there, what brings you to a place like this? Just curious."

Lexi resumes S-E-A-M-A-N, Not like a fucking whore who gets on her knees and sucks dick for a fucking living. I would like it if you woulkd stop disrespecting me. Maybe just maybe once you will fucking lay off. " she turns to look at tucker and says "Matter of fact it is. Most of the Doc workers go there. Oh Do anyone you know a Wendell?"

Kilo's not laughing anymore. "I tell you what, puta pinche pendejo. You -ever- call me a fucking idiot again? I'll walk out of here while you claw at your throat for air and never know why. You'll be dead before I get my keys in the ignition. Get it? Don't talk shit to me, Darlin'. You understand? Do we have an understanding?"

"Woah, woah. No one is saying that you're a whore who sucks dick for a living, Lexi." Tucker raises his hands in a placating gesture. "No, I don't know anyone named Wendell. What's he do?" A glance over at Nate and he shakes his head slightly in that 'hey man don't ask me what I think' kind of way, because shit is already bad enough. Then Kilo's making threats and he frowns, glancing between the two women once again, waiting to see how Lexi will respond.

Lexi looks to Kilo and says "You just fucking made a mistake Get the fuck out Now!!!! This bar is owned by my family and you are no longer welcome threaten me again and You will leave in handcuffs. Now do we have a understanding?"

Ok.. now that is too funny for Nate to hear.. and he just starts laughing from where he sits.. "Nothing like watching a Lioness in action.." now whom he is calling Lioness.. it is anyone's guess.

Lexi looks to tucker and says in a diffrent tone of sweetness to him. "I.. just am having a bad day and then this chick comes in and throws threats and bullshit my way pisses me off." She throws back a drink and waits for an answer.

Kilo stands, gives Nate a kiss goodbye, offers a handshake to Tucker if he's interested, and then starts to walk away, but not before stopping at the Scaccia girl. "Looks like you live another day, Princess. Borrowed time. Tick, tock, tick, tock." She gives the blonde a wicked little grin, along with a wave of her little fingers, then saunters out of the club.

Lexi looks at Nate and then to Tucker and grins "Well, anyone want a drink? How about a round on my dime."

Nate gets up with Kilo to walk out with her after leaving some bills on the table to pay for the drinks. "Well, that makes for a memorable floor show, so.. next one is at what? Eleven?" He smirks a bit as he heads out.

Tucker's not entirely sure what Lexi means by Kilo leaving in handcuffs. Maybe that her family knew some corrupt cops. That was certainly possible and it was something he might be interested in pursuing at some point if things weren't so heated right now. He gives Lexi a faint nod, but lets his eyes linger on Kilo, curious as to how the woman is going to respond. He almost sighs in relief as things seem to resolve themselves in a non-violent manner. He shakes Kilo's hand and watches her and Nate begin to head out. Glancing over at Lexi he shakes his head. "No thanks, I'm good for now."

The car that pulls into the lot is not one of those fancy, unmarked Chargers. Oh no. It's a sensible, grey Jetta. Out from it and soon within the bar is a woman of moderate height and stature, her brunette hair in a ponytail at the nape of her neck. The black wool coat she wears falls over black slacks and despite the hour, she's wearing sunglasses. These, however, are pulled off and tucked into an interior pocket seconds after the coat itself is undone, revealing a light blue blouse beneath. There's a sort of casual ease to the way she moves; even with the notebook tucked beneath one arm. There's a glance to those departing before the woman make her way- not to th bar, no, but to one of the smaller tables. It's as if she doesn't even know Tucker. So cruel.

Nate says, “What do you know Tucker.. they didn't add Sodium to the water tonight." Nate then pauses at the door, "And I thought tonight would be boring.. love being wrong like that.”

Lexi nods to tucker and says Very well. I do apoligize."

At least it's cozy, unlike outside, where it's not too cozy. Shelby swings through the door with a groan, pushing the hood back off her head and rubbing her hands together. She's in a silver down jacket, with a copiously furry hood, unzipped to show off a black top. Her leggings are also black, and tuck into calf-high fur lined boots. She takes a moment to brush her fingers over her head, though her hair's drawn back into a pony tail as is, the furry hood's ensured there are plenty of stragglers in disarray. She shoves her hands into her pockets, rummaging about, then saunters up to the bar, making soft popping sounds with her lips while she looks around the place.

"Hey, no problem." Tucker says as he stands up, putting one hand into a pocket. "Just glad things didn't blow up back there. Got pretty intense there for a minute or two. I guess she didn't quite like your family all that much." He shakes his head ever so slightly. Oh, and he had seen a certain person slip into the place out of the corner of his eye. Amusing that. She had missed most of the fun. "Anyway Lexi, be careful around that woman who was just here. Next time things might get violent and I don't think anyone wants that."

Lexi looks to Tucker and says "No kidding she was brutal very brutal and I know My family is going to ask about my day and When I tell them iot could get bad. Where was my bodygaurd when I needed him. I think I need more than one. "

There's a brief glance towards the bar, but it's assessing more than anything else. The brunette settles into the table she's chosen, with her back to the wall. The notebook is opened and she leans in; pen retrieved from somewhere within the coat. For the time being, Thorne seems content to take notes.

"Might be a good call." Tucker says to Lexi, fishing in his pocket for a bill to pay for his earlier drinks. "Shit. This night was a lot more intense than I hoped for." He moves over to the bar and hands the bill to the bartender. "Whatever happens Lexi, you should keep your head down and be careful what you say about her if anyone comes asking." He glances towards the door. "I need to go, you have yourself a good night."

Shelby slows down as she walks through, raising an eyebrow at the talk of bodyguards, her head tilting to glance in Lexi's direction with a smile crooking the corner of her mouth. At least whatever she missed sounds like it was fun! She hits the bar, slumps onto it for a moment, opening her jacket further then drumming her fingers along the edge of the counter, waiting for the bartender. "Whiskey." she orders, with a shrug on the matter of specifics, ensuring she gets poured whatever generic whiskey-like concoction they have hidden down there. As it gets placed in front of her, she picks it up, takes a sip, squints, and looks back around the bar.

Lexi looks around and says "Well, I need to be getting home. Later guys "