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Second Chance Society Forest Gathering

"Oh god, the love train is here, I didn't prepare for this." Its an emergency. He finds one of those little squirt bottles of flavoring for drinks in his pocket, a Mio or whatever. He squirts it into his mouth then passes it to Rictus. Apparently Mio comes in Stolen Everclear flavor.

Dramatis Personae

Nicole, Rictus, Roy, Kilo

1 October, 2017

Bound get together to discuss krewes, local society positions, flesh fairs, weddings and crazy boyfriends.


Crow Hollow

It is some indeterminate time in the late afternoon, still light-ish. Out here near the reservoir, where crows gather and the occasional hiker ventures, there are now THREE Sin Eaters sat on the Hanging Ridge, just where the gibbet used to be. Probably. One of them is Roy, sat next to the edge of the ridge, the second is Nicole, propped up in a reclined sort of position, and the newest is Rictus who is just stumble/stomping out of the trees, seeming irate. But when isn't he?

"I'll do my best, Seventy-Six sir," Nicole tells Roy with a laugh, accepting the duty with a certain amount of mirth. "Though F-bomb seems better suited, she likes all that old stuff." She catches the flask - of course she does, she's not about to let alcohol drop, even if it's rotgut - and opens it, taking a healthy swig before capping it and..- well, she was going to throw it back, but then there's a raving madman stumbling out of the woods demanding an alcoholic sacrifice. After a glance to Roy to see if that's okay - it is his booze after all - she tosses the flask towards Rictus. "Maple syrup? You're a fair way from the shops, pretty boy. Not sure you're going to find any syrup out here, even the shitty fake stuff."

Kilo spots Roy and Nicole, well, mainly Roy and starts to laugh. "Roy! What are you doing out here! How am I suppose to sneak around looking for Crow gates to hijack if you're out here guarding them all. Then she sees Rictus and she laughs harder. "I swear, he wasn't with me. We weren't working as a team. Swear to god. Even if you torture me... Well, I might say that if you torture me. I might say a lot. I'm not good with torture." She smirks and brings out her own flask as she sits down next to her Bestie. "NicNic! How ya been chiquita bonita?" And then she finger waves at Roy and Rictus. "Hi guys! How's everybody doing? What on earth are you doing out here?"

Roy looks between the figures, not really seeming to find any of this out of the ordinary, but as long as the flask makes it into Rictus' hands, all will be well. RIGHT? He grins a bit, then says to Nicole, "Yeah, but Frankie's the toughest, she must be the general of our forces." When chaos follows and Kilo comes in, he waves there as well, saying "If you mess with my gates, I will start drinking so hard that even YOU can't steal enough alcohol to keep your businesses afloat. Just be warned! We're just, you know. Playing mumbletypeg and talking about our hopes and dreams. You guys?"

Oh thank GOD. Ric catches that flask and takes a long draw from it. He didn't really want to crack open his own, as it's so small compard to what he needs at the moment. So instead he drains Roy's. Glug, glug, glug, he drinks it like it's water, and after a brief moment of haziness, it's gone, and he's sober again, something he doesn't look all that happy about.

"Fucking useless!" He starts to toss the flash aside, remembers it's not his, caps it and throws the empty back towards Roy. "Syrup comes from /trees/, right? Shit, I tapped a few, then it got annoying so I tried fire, and then there was this crazy tweaker chick with a fucking shotgun, but I got away. And, shit. I fucking /hate/ nature. Why the fuck are you hanging out way out here? God, it's goddamned horrible."

He flops down near the two of them, causing pebbles to tumble down into the water. "Frankie? She's pretty fucking tugh, yeah, taught me half of what I know." Which may or may not be a compliment, depending on how well someone actually knows Ric.

And then thre's a Kilo! Ric actually brightens somewhat, "Chiquita! What the FUCK are you doing here? And what, I don't even get a goddamned kiss?" He lifts his chin, pointing at his cheek expectantaly, but briefly. "I see how it is. It's ok. I know my awesomeness might be indimitating and shit, but you can be real around..." He looks at Roy and Nicole. "Well, whatever. I'm sure they'll be my friends. I mean, I haven't seen that guy," he nods at Roy, "since he helped beat the shit out of me, oh and the other night, but I don't know /you/." He looks at Nicole. Intensively. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Baby-G!" Nicole greets Kilo with a bright smile for the tiny gangster. And yes, she does appear to have a name for /everyone/, so Roy's nickname for her in return may be well founded. "I believe every word coming out of your beautiful mouth," she promises the other woman, reaching over to squeeze Kilo when she sits beside. "F-bomb, a general? Wow. That's pretty impressive stuff. Maybe I should take lessons or something," she muses, then grins at the mention of drinking hard. That's something she can get on board with.

Then, Rictus tells his terrible tale of trees and tweakers and.. well frankly, Nicole gets a little lost. "You know maple syrup comes from.. maple trees, yeah? And it takes months, and only the Canadians have the secret magic recipe for it? If you want it fresh, you're gonna have to go quite a bit north." Then, as he demands to know who she is, she offers a bright fuck-you smile. "I? Am awesome. That's who I am."

Kilo waves a hand dismissively. "Roy... I ain't gonna mess with your gates. God know what is waiting on the other side of them. Probably enraged unfettered geists that you guys pissed off then ran from and quick shut the gate behind you and they're -still- waiting for you to come back through there so they can ambush you." She laughs at that thought. "Besides, that's a totally legit threat - you drinking my business under... that could actually happen. I'm not messing around with you." Nodding solemnly she squeezes Nicole back and listens mesmerized as she explains where maple syrup comes from. "I thought it came from maple cows. I don't know. Never mind." She tries to move on quickly. She also sees that Rictus just totally drank all of poor Roy's flask of alcohol. So she stands and hands him hers. "Here. Enjoy." She smiles and then sits back down. Well? Can't have her future husband owing people shit like that? She does blow him a kiss, just so she doesn't leave him hanging.

"Who the fuck knows what kind of goddamned trees they are? They all look the fucking same. I mean, they're /trees/. What's the goddamned difference?" He shakes his head, "Whatever. Canadians? Shit, that's just right across the border, I could..."

And then there's a Kilo! He seems satisfied with the blown kiss, flashing her a toothy, lopsided grin, and returning it dramatically. "Kilo! I figured out where our honeymoon's gonna be! You ever been to Niagra fucking falls? We'll get some barrells, go off it, and then make a quick trip to fucking Canada for some maple syrup. Oh, hey, speaking of that, I'm gonna try a new thing at the Gallows. Pantergeists. It's great, ain't it? People will love that fucking shit, and it'll fill them up so they can keep drinking."

Speaking of drinking, his dark blue eyes follow that flask she hands to Roy. He licks his lips. "You got a fucking 'nother one of those? I can't fucking find mine. I think it fell out after the..." Oh, wait. He clears his throat, "Out of my fucking pocket and shit." He offers Kilo and award winning smile.

Paaaaaause. Pause. Wait wait waitwaitwait. There's a clear 'whatthefuck' moment for Nicole, the Celebrant turning her gaze on Kilo. It's a gaze with weight, laden with questions. Some might call it accusatory. "Are you getting married and you didn't tell me?" she enquires of her bestie, her voice deceptively soft. There's a hint of 'this had better not be the case' and a huge side portion of 'but you didn't ever want to get married' with a sprinkling of 'what about Ben?!', all in those nine words. Nic, she has a way with language. Whatever Ric's issue with maple syrup and such is, it'll have to wait. This is Important(tm).

For all the fun they're having about the Spring Wedding and all, Nicole just put the Reality Check on that little fantasy. "I'm.. not... actually... getting... married..." Kilo blinks and looks at Rictus, waiting for the massive fallout that's about to happen here, because she imagines it's going to be pretty bad. "You know, we've had a lot of fun fucking around with this and it's a big funny joke when Ben isn't here but Jesus Christ Rictus. Have you -met- Ben? He's like... the Anti-Christ when he's pissed. 'Bout the time he thinks we've been walking around making wedding plans he's going to lose it on me. And he's not going to lose it on you, well, he might, but mostly he's going to lose it on me because I shuould have known better. And I should have. He would be correct in that instance. So -probably- best to go with your more beautiful bride here and get Nicole fitted for a ring!" Kilo bounces back with a winning smile. "Doesn't mean I love you any less... On the contrary -- it means I care about you so much that I don't want to have Ben's knives shoved through either one of us."

Somewhere in all of this, Roy kind of spaced out and fell asleep while sitting up, because that's what he does. Suddenly startled back to wakefulness, he leaps to his feet and looks between the figures in a mild panic, realizing he has NO idea what anyone is talking about and flings himself from the cliff. Rather than splatter at the bottom, though, about mid-way he explodes into a murder of crows and then re-forms up at the top of the cliff, straightening his suit and saying "Sorry about that. Little tension break. Had to be done. Oh, hey, Names, are you getting married?"

Wedding talk! Ric looks between the two of them, reaching into his jacket for his flask of vodka. Dammit! He wasn't lying when he said he lost it. So now he's just fidgeting, squirming around, no alcohol within grasp. It's a horrible state of being.

When Kilo begins to talk about it, however, he gets ahold of himself. He starts to grow more focused. He starts to frown. "Ok, so, that's some /fucked up/ shit. Yeah, it's a goddamned joke. I mean, I'd probably marry you, but the point is it's not up for someone /else/ to tell you what you can or can't do. To fucking threaten you. And this is your goddamend /boyfriend/? Yet you're worried about him fucking fucking you up? What the shit?"

He sits up a bit more, getting into it. "This guy threatens you, one goddamned hair on your body, I will fucking kill him. You are YOU. You got the freedom to do /whatever the fuck/ you want. It's your life. Someone tries to tell you otherwise, well... fuck them. That ain't how it fucking works. You /care/ about someone, you support them, you don't fucking go apeshit about stupid shit, you don't /hurt/ them. That's the most bullshittiest bullshit I've hurt in... shit, since I was a goddamned vampire's blood slave. Fuck that shit. You /should/ come marry me. You don't deserve that crap."

He takes a breath, working on calming himself, and looks towards Nicole, "Am I right? I'm right." He knows he's right, but a second opinion never hurts. And when Roy talks, he's already worked up. He grunts, "Dammit, don't you have any /backup/ booze. This is fucking ridiculous."

Frowning slightly as Kilo makes her case for /not/ getting married, Nicole slinks an arm around her BFF. And right there on the coat-tails of the punk's tirade, she nods sharply to his question - he's right, of course he's right - and then she makes a decidedly more feminine threat. "Baby-G, if that man so much as touches a hair that you don't want touched, you let me know. I will stake his ass out over a nest of fire ants and slather his balls in honey. And then, like pretty boy over there said, he can die when the pain runs out." This is possibly news to Kilo - while it's common knowledge that the party girl was in the Marines, she's never really been.. serious, or threatening.

This does somewhat fizzle out when Roy throws himself over a cliff; Nicole, having no prior knowledge of his turn-into-crows shit, twists and leans over the edge to watch him fall, looking utterly confused and upset - and then really freaking mad when he bursts and reforms. "Milwaukee! -Not- fucking cool," she grumps at the Crow, reaching over to thump his arm. Deadarm if he's not careful.

Kilo jumps up and starts waving her hands wildly. "No no no no no! NO! Oh my god. I didn't say he'd hurt me! I said he'd lose it on me... I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to imply that that would be physical. He just has a way of being massively angry and making you feel really bad -- especially when it's your fault. And it -would- be my fault because I am in a committed relationship and I've been being silly and fooling around with this topic which really is a serious topic. It's very serious to Ben anyway... ANYWAY I'm sorry guys! I didn't mean at all to make you worried about me or pissed at Ben. I'll choose my words much more carefully from now on. And Rictus -- you are honestly one of my most amazing friends. In fact, I'd probably consider the three of you my best friends. Period. In the world. Which says a lot... You three are really, really special to me and mean the world to me..." She sits back down next to Rictus and this time she actually 'does' give him the kiss he asked for earlier. "I do love you. I just wanted you to know that." Kilo grins and then play punches him in the arm very lightly before resting her head on Nicole's shoulder "I love all you guys. Roy! Come down here so I can love you too. You don't get to escape this. No way!"

Roy rubs his arm and says "Owww, sorry. And I missed threattening Kilo's boyfriend too. Worst night ever," Roy sighs, then grins and has one of those nervous smiles "Oh god, the love train is here, I didn't prepare for this." Its an emergency. He finds one of those little squirt bottles of flavoring for drinks in his pocket, a Mio or whatever. He squirts it into his mouth then passes it to Rictus. Apparently Mio comes in Stolen Everclear flavor.

So much drama! It could have been worse, but Roy shoves /something/ into Ric's hands. He downs it, squeezing it into his mouth. And the next five minutes are very intense for him.

He shakes his hed at Kilo, "He /touches/ a goddamned feather on your little head, I'll fucking make him regret it! You tell him that. No one messes with my best fr... er, my fiance." For some reason, fiance is kinda easier to say. "Fuck, no one tells you what to fucking do. You are your own woman!"

He squeezes the bottle again, finds it empty, and tosses it aside, grumbling, "Fucking useless. I'm not even buzzed. But, shit, I should get back to the Gallows. I got people researching pancakes. Or at least I told them they should. Pantergeists. It's great. It'll soak up all that fucking alcohol so people can drink more. I'm goddamned /brilliant./"

He pushes himseld up, ten looks at the others, "Why the fuck hang out way out here, anyway? There's fucking... wildlife... and shit. Whatever. Come by the Gallows. We got a roooftop and that's all you relaly fucking need." He shifts his gaze to Kilo, offering a lopsided grin, although his gaze is intent. "What's your favorite fucking rock?"

Taking a breath, Nicole looks sidelong at Roy. "No, I'm not getting married," she replies to his earlier question, her glance at Rictus maybe a tad disparaging. "And this one isn't good enough for my girl Kilo, so she's not getting married either." Firm nod. "It all stands, Baby-G. Just say the word." All is right with the world now; Kilo isn't being threatened by an absent-but-knife-crazy boyfriend, there's love in the air - at least from aforementioned tiny gangster - and there is alcohol. Or there was. And now - rocks?

"Fucking no. No rocks. No rings. Go to Niagara by your own fucking self for some maple syrup." Nicole squeezes Kilo's shoulders. "But we'll be by the Gallows, that I promise. That rooftop is magic." And that, that comes with a distinctly cat-ate-the-canary grin.

Kilo starts to say a ruby but Nicole cuts her off and so she zips it up and shuts up, smiling at Roy and his Mio. "Always prepared in case of a Love Emergency I see there Milwaukee. Such a boy scout. "I'm totally claustrophobic by the way Rictus, I would never have even made it into a barrel without screaming my head off. That isn't something I could have dealt with. No honeymoon there for me!" She gives him a wink.

Roy shakes his head, saying "That plan would have never worked. Niagra Falls flows south. You'd have had to buy the syrup FIRST, on the canada side. And it wouldn't have survived the barrel crash. Nor would you. Unless you are a hobbit, or a dwarf, and then maybe. I've thought about this a lot, and I think the main takeaway is that single-feature vacation destinations are a trap, and you'd get bored, very bad for a honeymoon."

"There's going to be no honeymoon, so the subject is moot," Nicole states firmly. "Anyhow. I was just talking to Seventy-Six here about the Crows," she tells Kilo, flopping backwards so she's stretched out on the earth, hands tucked behind head, much as she's spent the last few hours - punks and boyfriend threatening aside. "And about maybe trying to do more in the second chance society."

Kilo laughs with Roy about single-feature vacation destinations. "Very bad for honeymoons. I'll remember that if Papi ever decides to marry me and take me on a honeymoon. No single-feature vacation destinations." It makes her giggle. Then Nicole is getting a lot more serious. Real Serious. "Oh? You thinking about joining up with the Crows? Or maybe taking on a position in the community? There are a lot of things you could do you know... I'm a Hexer and a Houngan Asogwe. Are you a good fighter Nic? You know we've never really talked about what you're good at doing or what you're willing to do. Like I know obviously in the real world you're a kick ass fighter -- I just didn't know if you'd worked that out similarly with your passenger. And whether you'd be willing to do sort of, you know, distasteful things -- like I am -- and take on a Hexer position. If so I can pull a few strings. I don't think Cricket is really doing much these days. But the Crows... that's -- that's a big move Nic! That's pretty exciting!" Kilo doesn't even mention Mors. Nicole knows she's in a krewe -- if she ever wanted info she could ask.

Roy nods to Kilo running down jobs in and around the network, then says "She was talking about maybe becoming a Charonite. She's got that way with words, after all," he says with a wide grin and he crouches down, like a perching bird, elbows on his knees and picks up a small tuft of dead grass.

"The very first one of us I ever met, while I was over in the sandbox, maybe just a few days after I made the deal, he was one. He said given I specialised in communications as part of my role in the Marines, I should continue that work," Nicole explains in brief to her BFF. "It sounded interesting, though I've no idea how to get into that scene, as it were." Sitting up for a moment, she digs out a cigarette and lights it, then offers to the other two.

"I can fight, you know that. Whether fists and a loaded gun work on the kinds of things you fight is another matter. I know already that the.. gifts He's given me are not particularly for fighting with," she continues then. "I have no idea what a hexer does. Or a hou-.. houngan asogwe?" She stumbles a little over it the first time, but manages to pronnounce it then.

Kilo looks a little lost when they mention Charonite, and Lucky, who is always manifested and hanging out with the 'gang' leans over and converses with Kilo quietly. They could just do this in her head but he's a funny guy! Apparently he fills her on on what it means exactly and now she's good to go. "OH Nicole - that's awesome. You'd make a great Charonite. I can totally help you. We'll figure it out. Between Roy and I we've got our fingers on the pulse of Fallcoast and we can plug you in to exactly what will help you be in the same position so you can get the status and connections you need to be a kick-ass Charonite! We can totally do this!"

"As for a Hexer. That's a Bound people go to to have someone or something "taken care of" -- violently usually -- that they aren't wiling to take care of themselves. LIke a hitman. And they do it for a price; could be a memento or a ceremony or maybe a favour in the future. But they are definitely the ones people call to do the dirtiest of the dirty work, including killing geists." She turns to Lucky, "Sorry. And as for a Houngan Asogwe -- they take care of problem ghosts, sort of like a ghost exorcist. And they tend to know a lot about the Underworld and gates and rivers and such." She nods. "I just took that roll on recently -- I thought I was ready for it now as I've come a long way -- especially since you were here last!"

Roy nods, saying "See, I get to be the Hand of All Krewes, which sounds way more important than it is. But you guys actually do things. And if you need any help getting into the landscape of things, that's what we're all for. We even get discounted or free booze. Though.. I think I might just have been stealing for years, now that I think of it."

"I did read in the obituaries that there's a guy working on this sort of thing already; I need to meet him and make sure there's no toes being stepped on," Nicole murmurs, taking a long drag from her cigarette and exhaling slowly. "But as for what other things I could do for the community? Other than organise a fuckin' awesome party, I don't know."

"Heh. That's what I'm here for -- to break the toes of anyone who gets in your way." She snickers and gives Nicole a wink. "Screw this guy in the obits. What's his name... I'll tell you if he's a threat or if he's even serious. So many people start talking all big like they're going to do something.... like this one girl. Made a big deal of letting everyone know she was a party planner and wanted to be a Mortuus Exaltatius... then haven't heard Boo from her in weeks and weeks. Why do people do that? Follow through people!" Kilo ends up taking one of the cigarettes Nicole offered and lights it up. "Speaking of awesome parties... Roy? Did you tell her about the awesome party we're planning? Nic, maybe you can help us plan it and get your feet wet? Roy -- did you decide a place? Where are we? I want to set a date so we can get things moving. I'm totally excited about this!"