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Dani Gets a Boat

Dramatis Personae

Asger Bjornhammer, Dani Olsson, and a brief appearance by Dani's HBC NPC, Jorgee

February 10th, 2021

Asger gives Dani the boat he made for her, teaches her how to use it and they make a one-day pledge that gets her her opal earrings.


Moon Rise Island, the sea between it and Fallcoast and a shopping district (briefly)

Having taken a call from Asger, Dani finished the prep work for the dinner she'd been preparing to make this evening and then dressed for going out in the cold winter afternoon and headed to the beach as her cousin had asked. She doesn't rush, but at the same time it doesn't take her too long to navigate the paths of the island the descend down to the beach at the base of the pier. While looking for Asger she also watches her breath as it condenses in the sub-freezing temperatures.

Asger was in Dalu form, having carried the boat down to the beach. He grunts as he sets it into the water and turns to see Dani. He shifts back to human form and his clothes look a little less tight. He smiles when she arrives. "Look what I completed." He says gesturing to the boat. It looks like a sailing boat, similar to viking longships, but More like a sailing ship then that.

"Oh neat," Dani says in response as she approaches the boat. She starts to ask, "Who's is it?" and cuts herself off when she sees the boat's figure head which looks just like a mermaid if the woman parts were replaced by the forelimbs and head of an African lion who is in mid-roar. She practically squees before she says, "Oh! You did the carving perfectly, Aster!" obviously appreciating the craftsmanship shown in the boat's construction and decoration.

Asger smirks as he watches the woman. "I thought you would like to be here to sail it with me to test if it is seaworthy." He says as he gestures to the boat. "Ladies first." He says as he lets her board it first before combing aboard. There is a set of oars in the boat and he uses one to push off the beach and out into the ocean outside the island. He then goes about showing her how to pull down the sails and tie them off.

Dani nods and deftly mounts the boat, practically jumping into it and landing with the lightest of contact. She watches the demonstration and gives it a try herself when the opportunity is given to her. "How long have you been sailing, Asger?" she asks.

"Since I was fourteen." He says as he ties the sail down for her and Asger shows her the back of the boat has a gas motor. "If the wind isn't in your favor, or you want to get here quick, you can use this, I make sure there is this on every boat I make. Also do not sail this thing during storms...it will end badly." He says calmly.

Dani nods about the warning and a soft, French-tinted "Eeep" can be heard from the depths of her hair. "Don't worry, Jorgee," she says to the hidden speaker, "I'll make sure to follow Asger's advice." She then asks, "What do I owe you for this?" of her cousin.

"Nothing. I am doing this so the family has a means of transportations to and from the island." He says calmly as he smirks at the eep. "Not a sea faring bug, eh/

"Nothing. I am doing this so the family has a means of transportations to and from the island." He says calmly as he smirks at the eep. "Not a sea faring bug, eh?" He says teasingly to the hedge insect and he looks to the others. "There are numerous islands about the place. If you explain the weather was bad, you can get away with going to them for shelter during bad weather." He says calmly as he goes back to explaining things to Dani.

Dani nods. "So that we're not dependent entirely on the ferry," she says and then ponders. "I'm not sure if there's much I could do for the family in return. Other than the food preparation. My clothing making skills are okay but so few people appreciate handmade clothing it seems these days." She adds, "You should see the looks I occasionally get with my skirts when I'm about town," as an explanation.

"I think your clothing making skills is impressive. I would be honored to have some clothing made from you." Asger says as he looks to the woman. "I am forming a pack, word is there is a scout in town who is looking for a pack. I am hoping to meet with him and form a pack between me him and kara, our newest arrival." He says calmly. "I don't know if other supernatural beings can share in the totem bonus but I would be honored to have you in my pack." He says calmly as he watches the wind blow into the sails and take them out along the ocean.

"Nice. If you tell me about how packs form and get me safely to land, I'll fix you a delicious meal once we're home and naturally will keep your secrets. For the rest of the day you'll be able to see Changelings for what they are and while we're on the mainland I'll have a windfall that will allow me to get the opal earrings I've been wanting. Sound good, Asger?"

Asger nods. "I can show you my new fetish I made. I made this." He says to the leather armband he is wearing on his arm. "To help me make fetishes and I just completed my klaive a few days ago." He says calmly as he looks to her. "Klaives are weapon fetishes which we use in our Gauru form, our war form. The longer we stay in war form the likelihood of undergoing kuruth happens." He explains as he begins to sail them back to shore.

Seeming to really need to know the answer, Dani asks, "Was that nod an agreement to the offer I made?" after saying, "Thank you for showing me that, I remember you were making a war-ax once I believe also."

"I agree to the offer you made." Asger says as he watches the woman and nod. "The klaive is the war axe I was working on." He explains as he sails them to the dock and he begins to tie off her ship to the dock. "Let's go get that food." He says as he helps her off the ship and begins to lead her to the longhouse.

Dani's appearance ripples for Asger as the words are said and she touches him to invest a smidge of glamour into him. Once they dock on the mainland they walk to a jewelry store. Along the way she finds a $100 bill and it is enough to cover a pair of small, circular opal stud earrings. They walk together for a while talking about local news - nothing terribly important - and then return in Dani's day sailer. Once back at Rising Moon Isle she prepares him a hearty meal consisting of a quick stove-top grilled steak and a baked potato with sour cream, chives and freshly cooked bacon.