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SUH July 2015

Dramatis Personae

Aislinn, Anya, Aurore, Beatrix, Brigitte, Butcher, Chase, Jack, Kyani, Mike, Quinn, Sophia ST: Winston Carmichael

18 July, 2015

The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity convenes to discuss Hunting in Fallcoast


Society for the Uplifting of Humanity, Historical District


Winston Carmichael, caretaker of the Society of the Uplifting of Humanity, rises to his feet and discretely clears his throat. "Good evening, everyone. So glad that you could all come along tonight. We have a number of new faces present...and that is both good and bad to see. Good, as it means that we are not giving up and we continue to have recruits to the worthy life of the Vigil. Bad, in that we are still needed. My name is Winston Carmichael. Feel free to call me Winston...or Mr Carmichael if you prefer...though try not to call me Winnie." (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Carmichael_NPC)

"The hall you are standing under has been in existence for over one hundred and seventy years though we Hunters have been here from the very beginning. In the records in the room behind me you will find the lives of every Vigil taker who has resided here as well as what we have on the various creatures we have encountered. I urge you to have a look through them when you have time. Those records will always be available, twenty four seven, if you need to look things up." (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Hunter/History and http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Hunter/Monsters) "I am sure you will be adding to those records in your time here as we never seem to have a quiet day in Fallcoast" (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Hunter/Plots) "May I suggest a brief introduction by each of you and perhaps a question you may wish answered? There are no secrets here. We all work together to protect this town just like our forefathers wished when they set up this organisation."

Butcher had arrived with Chase and has quietly been listening to Winston make the official welcomes. He also holds a large, brown paper bag that crinkles loudly in an awkward moments of silence when he announces first, "I brought ribeye sandwiches." he says as he takes one out (also wrapped in brown paper) and holds it out for the first person that wants one. "My name is Martin Koch, though, everyone calls me Butcher. Feel free to do so as well."

Chase keys off the tablet that he was fiddling with as Carmichael speaks, nudging Butcher with an elbow. "I'm pretty sure the rest of our mob are still down from last night, but they might catch up," he says, then looks back to the front and raises his voice enough to make an introduction. "My name's Chase Thompson, your friendly neighborhood hacker and ne'er-do-well. It's refreshing to see people working together here, we sure as hell didn't have that back home. As for a question - scale of one to ten, how secure's this building in the mundane sense? I was tempted to check, but scoping out someone's security without asking seemed rude." One side of his mouth quirks up in a slight smile when Butcher offers food, before his expression goes back towards neutral.

Glancing around, then rising to her feet, an exotic-looking young woman raises a hand in greeting, then offers a wry grin and a playful bow. "Hi. Aurore. Aurore Abernathy", she says, her voice a rich and warm alto. "I'm a scholar of the Loyalists of Thule, and am working on providing ritual and ceremonial support for people. I've also been passed archives relating to some elements a little further afield, in case we can manage to find the opportunity to poke around and help out with some problems outside our own immediate purview." (the offer to run investigative plots, as advertised on board 2, still stands :) )

Winston nods to Aurore's words. "Yes...there are plenty of unsolved mysteries in the 'books' as it were. As to your question, Mr Chase, we have had your group do our security for a while so I hope it is secure. We also have a number of wards and relics to alert us to any attack. But, if anyone has something they wish to add, then it will be gratefully accepted. This is the Safehouse for all of us." A pause. "Ribeye? I wouldn't mind one."

With her hair pulled back in a rather messy ponytail, Quinn slips her arms out of her suit jacket as she enters the hall and drapes it over the back of the chair she promptly sinks into. The sight of a family member makes her smile slightly over at Aurore. "Quinn Abernathy," she echoes, sliding her fingers over her knees as she makes herself comfortable. Any hunter organization affiliation she might have is not mentioned at the moment. "Good to meet you all."

The diminutive young Beatrix raises a hand where she stands. Speaking with a soft voice and a French accent she beams a smile. "Hello. I am Beatrix Mason." she offers to everyone with a cheery smile to go along with it. "I am with the Union. As is my Aunt and Sister. I am a driver and mechanic. We can provide transport. Either fast or armored once we finally get that up and rolling. We operate the Crash and Burn junk yard. We hope to also be able to provide other procurement services as we are able. And a car crusher for disposal."

Brigitte raises her hand and offers a faint smile when Beatrix mentions her 'aunt' - this would be her. "We are starting a cell and it sounds like there is at least one other..." A nod in Chase's direction. "We're here to help out so just give us a call. Business cards are on the table."

Kyani was here on time, though as people began making their way inside to listen to Mr. Carmichael, his eyes were on the man. Taking in his words as he tells them about the history of the Lodge and how it's been used. He nods his head enjoying the information provided to them. A few faces he doesn't know, but when he sees Beatrix, he waves to her. As Aurore speaks up and Chase, he takes in their question and the information provided to them. Still he hasn't said anything as others are introducing themselves, "I'm Kyani, nice to meet you all." he smiles as he takes in each individual as they introduce themselves and he makes sure to place faces with names. Smiling when he hears Brigitte’s voices, he waves to her.

With a nod to Winston, Butcher passes over the first of the Ribeye sandwiches. The second is handed to Chase because well, he's known Chase long enough to know that he's almost always hungry. He then starts to make rounds, handing a sandwich to anyone that would like one. "The Abernathy clan seems well represented he says offer a sandwich to Aurore and Quinn in turn, before turning to Beatrix next "I brought enough for everyone." Well at least he's pretty sure he did.

Anya has been listening, a curious tilt of the head and a lengthier look tossed after Butcher as he speaks, a small smile crooking her lips. Eventually she stands as well, wearing a professional, sleek olive pantsuit. She looks around with a smile, and raises a hand in a brief wave, "Hello. I am Dr. Anya Joshi. I work at St. John's Hospital, so I may be able to help if someone needs medical assistance."

"Spot on," Chase says, nodding towards Brigitte and taking a drink from the coffee cup set on the table in front of him. He snags the offered sandwich too, before elaborating: "We're not particularly specialized, but between us we can usually lend a hand with most problems."

"I'm with Fallcoast PD," Quinn offers, leaning forward to eye the sandwich Butcher offers. "If you need help keeping some things quiet, well," she lifts a hand to take the ribeye snack with a small, restrained smile and a grateful nod. "Just try to keep that as a last resort."

"Doctor Joshi, you are most welcome here. Our people do tend to get themselves hurt a lot" Winston smiles amiably before enjoying a bite of his sandwich. "Mmm...very nice. There is a coffee machine in the corner so please help yourself. I'm told it is a good one." Another bite of his sandwich. "I was hoping a Detective Petersonn would be here today as I believe he ran into something last night that we need to hear about. Not to worry. I do want to say this, though. Don't ever think there is nothing to do. If you are sitting around picking at your feet and bemoaning the lack of action then please just call. Aurore may have something. I may have something. Your fellow Hunters may have something. I think we are a smart enough group to find trouble when we need to." Another bite of his sandwich. "Though remember the Society conventions on who we attack. A creature that lives here and protects their turf is better than a stranger. The ones who live here have helped us in the past so they are the least of our worries." Winston nods to Quinn's words. "It seems we are well represented in the police. This will help a great deal."

Aurore flashed a grin at her distant cousin Quinn, then accepted a sandwich with a grateful smile - though she does surreptitiously peer inside it. Half-raising her free hand again, she offers a somewhat sheepish little shrug. "I can potentially offer some additional research options not open to most people. Mundanely, through the university, and... via less conventional means. I'm working on developing those further."

"Small world." Butcher says to Anya as he reaches her in the rounds and offers her a sandwich same as he has everyone else. "It's good to see you again doctor." He looks around one last time to see if he missed offering anyone a sandwich before his attention returns to Winston Carmichael. "I don't know Detective Peterson, but I'd be interested in hearing what he had a run in with." He looks to Chase then and exchanges meaningful look 432(tm).

Beatrix doesn't have much more to add herself. So she goes and makes coffee, or at least one for herself and her Aunt Brigitte. The cups brought over to the older woman while she keeps that bright smie on her lips as she at least pays attention to the conversations. The coffee she's left with held in both hands lightly while the contents are still hot.

Chase cants his head to the side slightly as he listens, then exchanges the look with Butcher and shrugs. "I haven't met too many police types yet, but the ones I have seem alright," he says, and gives Quinn a brief, friendly smile. "Yeah, shame he's not here to debrief. More information's always good."

Brigitte offers a wave back to Kyani before grabbing a sandwich and then a coffee from her niece. "So I guess we have lots of low level trouble in town? Monsters that aren't here to protect anything but their own stomach. They're okay to practice the newbies on?"

Anya nods to Winston, and a very slight frown crosses her brow at the mention of the incident the night before. She glances around the room, her lips drawn into a tight line, but it relaxes as Butcher comes by. "Good to see you again, Mr. Koch. Thank you." she smiles, after a moment accepts the sandwich. She does also peek inside before taking a small bite, looking back around with a thoughtful expression.

Beatrix giggles and shakes her head. "I'm not that new, Aunt Brigitte." she says playfully but she does nod in agreement at the idea. "Aren't there always the more hunger driven creatures that need putting down? This town seems big enough for it." she adds between slow little sips of her coffee.

Winstone nods to Brigitte's and Beatrix's questions. "Yes, Fallcoast seems to be quite lucky in such regard. There are a number of creatures that you could 'practice' on...they will be noted in the records." He gives a nod back to the room behind him. "But don't believe that we know everything about everything. It seems that some of these creatures aren't 'natural' or even 'supernatural' but rather created by person or persons unknown. Why? God knows. But it is something we should deal with as well. For if we know 'why' things are happening it will help us prevent whatever the end plan is. Randomness is not something we of the Vigil can accept. We know better."

Kyani gets up and walks over to the table and grabs a sandwich, though as he comes back he walks over and sits with Brigitte and Beatrix, "Hey." he says to them. He looks up at the others, "Hello again, Chase and Anya." he says to them remembering them from the last gathering they were at. Though as Winston speaks up and honestly Kyani agreed with the man said, and as it is mentioned to basically study the library, he takes that into consideration. "I will utilize what we have here, though I've only been back home for a few months so I'm still getting back into things." he says. "Do we have any groups going around patrolling at night? Maybe we can start organizing that?"

"We're actually pretty great," Quinn says nonchalantly between bites of the sandwich. She's careful not to get any of it on her crisp white button up shirt. Listening solemnly as Winston continues, she glances toward the other hunters with a thoughtful look. "There's always a pattern, they're just hard to see sometimes," she admits, crumpling up the wrapper in her hands. "Patrolling is a good idea. I'm in," she agrees, nodding toward Kyani.

Anya takes another small bite, so she has to wait until she's done chewing before she can speak up. "My hours are usually not the best for regular patrolling, not counting keeping an eye on the ER. But, if I'm available and someone is injured..." she offers her services with a quiet smile, then takes a second to check her phone, a quick tap, maybe just checking the time, followed by another glance across the room.

Butcher chimes in at this point, "Sadly I have always been at my most effective on the hunt once a monster left a trail, but I will help however I can." He clears his throat then, "As for utility that I can provide the community. I am a butcher by trade, so... Carcass disposal is something I can take care off if you have one and don't have a way to get rid of it."

"Patrolling is something that we should be doing but I will remind you all that we are private citizens. Even those of us who work for the government are usually under cover." Winston offers a wry smile to any TFV members in the house. "So just make sure you are not /too/ heavily armed when roaming the streets at night. And do try not to have something illegal on you. We are here to help the people of the twin towns, just like the police do. We do not want to get into a fight with the men and women in blue." A nod to Quinn at that before he quirks a brow at Butcher. "I do hope that any mince I buy from you is bovine."

"And hopefully we can get them to you in time!" Beatrix adds with a nod to the ER doctor. The coffee in hand drunk enough to let her hold it a bit more securely. "Hopefully without causing too much trouble for anyone else in the process. Speeding cars tend to attract just as much attention as people with paramilitary equipment." she adds playfully.

"I promise, it doesn't go into the sandwiches I was worried about that too at first," Chase says, cheerfully, and takes another drink. "Likewise, if you need any help getting camera feeds or bugs or what have you into place, I'd be more than willing to help out. It's a remarkable amount of fun to do."

Quinn stares at Butcher, then the remnants of the sandwich she just devoured. Slowly straightening in her chair, she lightly clears her throat and turns to Winston again. "Exactly." Giving Anya a knowing nod, she brushes the crumbs off her hands and taps a finger to her lips.

"I would never." Butcher says, "And i mean never try and pass of monster-meat as good cut like ribeye." He almost sounds like his professional integrity has been wounded here. "Though... I can see how this is perhaps better not mentioned after giving everyone delicious Ribeye sandwiches that I worked really hard to make for everyone..." Oh yes…natural martyr. Catholicism is strong with this one.

"I'm sure your meat is fine" Brigitte winks over at Butcher, wondering if his Catholic blushing works too. "I can take out patrols" she nods to Winston, "I've had some practice...though usually not so urban I admit. And we'll keep the gunfire to a minimum." She looks over at Quinn. "Maybe we could call you or another Vigil cop when shits about to hit? Make sure you respond? How many times can you report it was just fireworks?" A faint smile at that comment before she leans over to ruffle Kyani's hair. "And this guy seems keen to come along."

Thankfully, Anya has only had two very small bites. She sets the sandwich down for now and after another glance speaks up again, "Since Detective Peterson is not here, I will take his place and report what little we know on the incident that took place last night." she stands, looks around, and after a small pause continues in a flat matter-of-fact tone, "All that I can say is we have encountered some - phenomenon of unknown origin, responsible for aggressive behaviour and possible mutations in living subjects, human and animal. Both subjects presented with - unusual blue eye and blood coloration, so I would be on the lookout for that and - advise extreme caution."

"It was delicious, I just feel better knowing where it didn't come from," Quinn smirks at Butcher, an eyebrow raised. "The promotion is new and I don't want to push my luck too much, but if you can give me a warning I'll try and keep the heat away." Falling silent as Anya begins the report, she slides a hand underneath her chin while listening. "Where did you encounter them?" she wonders with a frown.

"Blame it all on gang beef?" Beatrix suggests. "I am sure there's all manner of things that could be used as reasons for the disturbances." Beatrix says as she and everyone else is discussing patrolling. "One of the benefits of a generally unsuspecting public. They really are better not knowing.”

Kyani looks up at Winston about his comment, but all he can think about is that scene in Ghostbusters two when they were all in the abandon train rail roads and the ghost called out his name just before the train ghost went through him. Why did that come to mind, he doesn't know but it did. Still he quickly notes those who could maybe do patrols and those who may not and gives a slow nod of his head. When Brigitte speaks up about doing patrols and rubbing his hair, he laughs and hugs her, "Damn right." he winks at her before letting her go. "Well it would be pretty dumb of us to make ourselves known, so we should be careful about that, but maybe try to start working on skills we can use out in the field, everyone has their own unique skill sets and having info on what we are going after will be of great help" he says.

Chase snorts at Brigitte's comment, scratching at his cheek for a moment as he mulls over Anya's description. "What sort of aggressive are we talking? Straight hostility? Any use of weaponry by the people that are showing signs of it?" he asks, expression turning into a frown.

Butcher coughs at Brigitte's comment but seems to settle on looking a little stupid, rather than attempting zippy comeback. Know your limits. He nods to Quinn, to thank her for the compliment, before looking to Anya. He starts to speak but Chase beats him to his questions and finally, Butcher just settles on, "Erm, yes what Chase said."

Sophia walks down the steps into the Uplifting, looking around. She's unusually quiet, and heads for the fridge. Snagging a couple of Mountain Dews, she walks over to the table and finds a seat. She cracks open a can of soda, and that's really the only noise she makes as she tries to catch up on the conversation. Familiar faces get one of her characteristic smiles, though.

Jack slips in, late, giving the room and its occupants a once over. Finding Brigitte she makes her way over, snagging a seat to sit on, turning it around to sit backwards and rest her folded arms on the backrest. She listens carefully, taking in the details.

Winston nods to Jack and Sophie as they make their entries. "Glad you could join us" he smiles warmly, "Do have a ribeye sandwich, no supernatural ingredients at all." He takes a bite from his before sighing softly. "So now we have another threat. Thank you, Doctor, for the information. If there is more to add then please proceed. Do you believe it was supernatural, extradimensional, genetic or extra-terrestrial? The other main threats at the moment, though it will no doubt change, are the Leechers and...the Echoes. The Leechers seem to be an offshoot of Kindred but don't blame them. They refuse to acknowledge any connection most of the time. Leechers seem to nest in the reservoir but I am sure they are everywhere. Think vampire and then think of something worse. Do not approach one by yourself." He takes a sip of tea to wet his lips. "The Echoes are...well. My predecessors will tell you that they are no more and have not been since 1780 but I am not so sure. How do you kill a reflection after all?"

Beatrix beams a smile at her sister Jack when she arrives and heads back to the coffee maker, setting up another round for herself and adds a couple more cups for Jack and Brigitte. "I can help with the patrols. Dents in panel work are much easier to repair than a broken bone." she says and hands her family their coffee. The mention of Leechers and Echoes gets a frown and a shrug. "Nothing ever does stay gone forever.”

"The incident took place in a rural area, in the woods, west of town. There is reason to believe there may be more and - well, my assessment is that they are more likely to concentrate in that area, or spread from it, but frankly that's just a working hypothesis." Anya answers Quinn's question, with brief pauses now and then to think. Then she turns to Chase. "To be honest, there were physical mutations - of an aggressive nature. And while it's possible the subjects just wanted to hug, we did not allow them to come close enough to make that determination. For reference, there was a human and a deer." she turns her attention to Winston next, "I really don't have enough information to determine that. The witness... at the scene believed they were in possession of an alien artefact that fell from the sky. There may be a connection, but this is not a reliable witness."

Jack shakes her head at the list of things presented and murmurs almost too quiet to be heard, "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my." Her drink is sipped, food ignored for now, and she thoughtfully stares into her cup. Still listening though.

Sophia makes a really unhappy face at the mention of something worse than, and related to, Kindred. She looks at Winston, thoughtfully, as she drinks her soda. She ignores the food, having already eaten, and considers the Echoes. Hm. So much to consider.

Chase exchanges another meaningful look with Butcher, still frowning. "Reminds me of that time in Wisconsin. Another group of mini-vamps. Cool," he says. "I've seen plenty of things that can come back so long as something still even knows they exist, so it wouldn't surprise me if the boogeymen are still around." Then he looks back at Anya, nodding. "Alright. So, genestealers, minivamps and memetic monsters." He shows his teeth then. "Sounds like we're going to have our work cut out for us, then." Finally, Sophia gets an up-nod. "How's your head?"

"If a deer was infected maybe we need to ask some hunters..." Butcher says before he realizes that doesn't really narrow it down, "Like sportsmen hunters. Perhaps there are more that have been infected in the local wild life that can be tracked back to a source?" He looks to Chase then as he mentions Wisconsin, "Oh Saints preserve me Wisconsin. I still can't eat Cheese Curds since going there, Chase. I miss cheese curds, Chase."

"There is a diner slash truck stop just on this side of the border served poutine. That should deal with your need for cheese curds. Canadian instead of Wisconsin, so the fries and gravy with it should get you back on track." Beatrix suggests brightly.

Nodding as Anya answers her question, Quinn slips her hands into her jacket pocket to retrieve a small pad of paper and pen. "Makes sense," she agrees with a bob of her head. "...Alien artifact? Oh boy." Groaning a little, she taps her toe and falls silent again.

Sophia groans quietly at Chase and shakes her head. "I drank like a bottle and a half of water," she mutters lowly. "Wasn't enough." She falls silent again, looking around, and sipping at her soda.

Jack shakes her head. "'Alien' can be anything. There are plenty if things of an otherworldly nature that people attribute to alien activity. Artifacts of human design but fantastical appearance, things from the fae realms and even your good old weather balloon, ie some government or corporation secret project. Don't ever close your mind to other possibilities or discount stories."

"So as you can see, we have plenty to do" Winston notes. "There is this new threat in the wilderness...and we should hope that no hunters...with a little 'h'...have encountered it. It sounds quite contagious, Doctor." His eyes look over those assembled. "We have the Leechers...we shall always have the Leechers. Aurore has her special investigations that will require assistance from all of you. We have the Echoes...if you believe an old man like me and his paranoia." He nods over at Sophia. "Sorry about your migraine, Miss, but how is the campus holding up? There were reports of some very powerful weed...do they still call it weed...making the rounds. Heard that?" Then a nod towards The Union area where Kyani is also sitting. "And we have volunteers for patrol." A smile for Jack's words. "Quite right. Don't discount the mundane before leaping for your plasma packs."

"No no..." Butcher says to Beatrix, "You don't understand... it was a Vampire Dairy I...." he shakes his head, "Look I won't go into the unsettling details but let’s just say that 'Blood Cheddar' is every bit as harrowing as you'd think it would be." Sophia looks up. "Powerful weed? No, sir. I haven't heard reports," she says to Winston, startled. "I must not have my ear to the ground in the right places. Is it just marijuana or is it mixed with something?"

"Butcher's right," Chase agrees. "Let's hope for the best and that no one's run into the scary deer, but if they have, might be worth poking at." He sips at his coffee, frowning at the fact that it's cold before getting up for a refill. "-You- might not be able to, B, but I'll have to head up that way and check it out." Beatrix gets a winning smile - apparently Chase's stomach is more resilient than Butcher's when it comes to traumatic blood-cheese related experiences.

Beatrix whistles innocently in regards to mention of aliens. She kind of is one after all of the mundane immigrant sort. The explanation Butcher gives about the cheese curds gets and scrunched up face. "Eww. Still, better than moldy blue cheese." she adds with a shrug of her shoulders. "I think just taking it slow should get you back on track."

Anya is standing to answer questions, but eventually lets the others take over the discussion, "Anyhow, we will continue to investigate the matter, but we thought everyone should be forewarned." and she takes a seat, turning her head to nod at Mike with a small smile as he comes in, before turning to study the others.

"I would not take it so hard, Sophia" Winston smiles to the Sisterhood member. "Rumours take hold in all manner of places. It may be nothing. As far as I know it is 'just' marijuana but it seems to have my informant rather nervous." He takes a card out of his pocket, looks at it a moment before walking over and handing it to Sophia. "Here is the contact information. I would suggest visiting him. With your team if they are available."

Aurore nodded gratefully to Winston when he mentioned her again, before mouthing "Thank you", and flashing a warm smile to Anya... while the digression into vampiric cheese-making in Wisconsin trundles along on its own course. Word of odd narcotics on campus do have her returning her focus to Winston and now Sophia, however.

Taking the card from Winston, Sophia nods and pulls a pen from a pocket--writing a note in some kind of self-made code on the back--before pocketing both pen and card. "Thank you," she says. "I will get in touch with them."

"Maybe we should grab a bag, have a party see what it really does." Beatrix suggests with a more playful grin. "Or at least let the sciency types have fun finding out. Figure the munchies are the least of what the stuff does." she adds with a shrug of her shoulders.

Jack gives Bea's shoulder a firm poke and simply says, "No. Your employer drug tests."

Chase says, "Informants are fun like that. Sometimes you get useful things, sometimes people freak out because the number of hang gliders being rented is higher than normal." He glances at Butcher again. "It's about time for us to get back to the trail, yeah? I imagine our cutout's getting a little tired of standing around with a phone book."

Butcher draws in a deep breath, "Doctor." he says to Anya, "Thank you for the report. We'll be on the look out and see what we can find." he turns then to Chase and says, "Yes I think so. Plus, it doesn't really look like any of us." He looks Winston and says, "Mr. Carmichael. Thank you for bringing us together. Hunter's." He says to everyone else in the room, "God watch over and bless you all." and that said he nods to Chase and goes to make his way out.

"Well if there is nothing else to be discussed then I thank you all once more for coming and to remind you that we are always busy (and as many people telling stories/coming up with scenes as possible would be awesome) but we are always here to support each other" Winston offers, "Whether you're interested in taking down the dark, though try not to do it by blowing up the town with it, or figuring out the mysteries of a place to resolve it in a more peaceful fashion, we are all needed. We have all lit the candle and it shall never be extinguished." A pause. "Do try the port and the Black Forest Cake before you leave. My card is on the table, do take one and call me anytime of the day or night if I am needed."

Kyani is quiet, but as Jack came over to sit with them, he watches her before turning back to look at Winston and Anya as the report was given. Furrowing a brow, he knows he will have some homework to do and he will need to get this all down. "We better be careful out there." he says simply. Looking up as Chase and Butcher head out, Kyani looks to Brigitte, Beatrix and Jack, "What are you three about to get into?" he asks. Upon getting an idea, he looks to Anya, "Doctor, even if the witness is unreliable, has there been possible other sightings of that creature?" he asks.

Watching everyone speak, Mike seems to have shown up way later than he intended or maybe knew about. The cop looks around and then, when things appear to be ending, he looks to Anya and shrugs. The Valk member doesn't seem to quite know what just happened but he moves over towards Anya and stands nearby.

Anya rises and looks to Mike, "I was just giving the others on the general outline of last night's - thing." she explains, then glances back in Kyani's direction. After a small pause, she shakes her head. "Not that we know of. Nothing that matches the profile. We're still processing samples, in case there's something we may have missed, or if there is material to cross-reference, but nothing locally anyhow."

Beatrix pouts at her sister with a distinct "Aw!" still she just shrugs and lets it go. To Kyani the girl just chuckles. "Probably a lot of extra work making sure we are ready to get down to patrol. And probably not buying mystic weed." the young woman says in her soft French accent.

"People are welcome to go through our records for any information" Winston suggests to Anya and Mike. "This...thing...may have shown up before or it may not have. We get all the new things here first." A wry smile with that before indicating Mike. "Detective Peterson is another of our Hunters in blue. As with Detective Quinn, hopefully they can help us keep things quiet and our members out of jail."

Seemingly going unnoticed for the time being, Aurore flashes a smile at Winston - then homes in on the Black Forest gateau. Snaring herself a slice, she then moves to the vicinity of the Society's wonderful coffee machine, to set about preparing herself a mug of cocoa to go with the indulgence of the cake. That done, she tucks herself into a corner to enjoy the treat and continue eavesdropping in case of any further titbits of news.

Mike nods to Anya and keeps his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I think that's a pretty accurate term for it. We should get the photos from the clean team before the end of business tomorrow. It sounds like things have mostly gone well. Thanks for getting that all taken care of." He looks back towards Kyani as Anya answers the question. Winston has the guy look over and blink, not quite sure how to react to everything being said. He just got here and seems pretty lost.

"Mystic weed can kill you," Quinn smirks at Beatrix, arms loosely crossed in front of her. Rising from her seat long enough to pluck up one of Winston's cards, she bobs her head appreciatively before twisting to face the rest of the group. Mike's arrival is acknowledged with a quick tip of her head for her fellow officer. "Hopefully it stays somewhat contained," she murmurs, glancing toward Anya again as the woman continues.

Nodding his head, "Alright", Kyani says to Anya as she answers his question for him. "Thank you doctor." he says to her. "Mr. Carmichael, I will probably come back in tomorrow and study up on your records here so that I can get more familiar with things." he says as he looks to him. Looking over to Mike who looks lost a bit, he gets up, "Ladies, I will be back." he says to Beatrix and Brigitte. He yawns and stretches as he walks over to get a Mountain Dew for himself.

Winston offers Mike an understanding smile and a hand in greeting. "Good evening, Detective Peterson. You don't look as informed as I was hoping you would be. Welcome to the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity, an organisation established by Hunters to help all those who have taken up the Vigil. There are no secrets here...unless you wish to keep them. I am aware of who you work for though if you wish that unknown to your fellow Hunters, that is your business. But we try to build a community here who can work together...and in secrecy from the rest of the world. Don't be alarmed by what I might know...or even what your fellow Hunters know. We work together. And when our time is done...let us just say that the basics of the serum you like to use was developed here."

"Why can't we get the fun mystical drugs that don't kill people?" Beat asks playfully the coffee is finished and the cup put away. Arms fold beneath her chest while she otherwise keeps quiet... for the moment.

"We don't do that kind of thing" Brigitte playfully thwaps her niece, "At least not on duty." A pause. "And is there a reason you haven't got me any cake yet?" A wink for Beatrix before she looks over to Jack. "These people seem okay" she shrugs. "We could do some decent work."

Anya has a sandwich with her, which she picks up and holds close to herself, having carefully retrieved one more tissue to ensure she keeps her hands clean. "No problem. I just informed the others to exercise extreme caution if they encounter anything with - unusual blue eyes." she states flatly, with a small nod of acknowledgment regarding the photos. Then she looks to the others again, nodding at Quinn, before giving Winston one more curious, thoughtful look.

Beatrix flinches a little at the swat and just chuckles. She does at least go for the cake. Three pieces for herself and her family. Handed over, whether wanted or not. Beatrix gets to work on her own piece with a happy mmm. At least she didn't go for the port set out as well. Joke as she might she does refrain from the stuff when she's being good hunter type.

Mike looks back to Winston nods a few times and lifts a hand. "Ah, no. Sorry. I know, it's just been a pretty odd day for me. I just can't promise anyone getting out of jail for something. Someone open up with an automatic weapon in public and the cops take them down? Tough titties." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Really? I figured that junk was developed in some secret lab. I didn't think it was a place like this." Weird. Mike shakes his head and looks back to Anya. "Outstanding work, all over again." He then lifts a hand from his pocket and looks at the phone now in it. "I gotta take this. I think it’s one of my informants." Mike steps back and lifts the vibrating phone to his ear. "Peterson...Yeah..."

Opening up his soda, he walks over to Mike and gestures for him to come with him. "Hey Brigitte, you guys wanna hang out later?" he asks. He then looks to Mike who is taking a phone call. Kyani bows his head to Anya, "Yeah thanks for the heads up, I think we got a good group of ultimate badasses here to help take care of things." he laughs. Who says ‘Aliens’ references can't be used in civilized conversations.

"Sure, Kyani" Brigitte replies, "You were supposed to show us around, remember? Though I did hear that you caught up with Beat..." A wriggle of her eyebrows at her niece before she scoffs down her cake. "Let's hit the road, girls, we got plenty to do before Kyani takes us out later." Anya nods to Mike as he has to excuse himself, a small grin on the corners of her mouth. Her eyes flit back to Kyani. "Well - with any luck the situation has been contained already, and those were the only affected individuals." she shrugs slightly, and takes another bite from her suspicious sandwich.

Kyani smiles to Anya, "Well we still need to keep watch and see if there are any other traces of these things." he says to her. "Still thanks." he smiles to her. He looks to Brigitte and shakes his head, "We hung out at the other meeting, nothing crazy." he laughs. "You jealous?" he asks with a wink to Brigitte as they get read to head out. "I will meet up with you ladies in a hour." he says to them.

"Jeez, you make it sound like a date and not just being on the job." Beatrix says and shakes her head, chuckling at the man. "Yeah we'll see you in an hour. Still not a date!" she reminds and she slips a hand into her jeans to extract some car keys, swirling them in her index finger with a metallic jiggling.

OOC Discussions:

<OOC> Darwin says, "Adds OOC that I feel awful when I see a conversation of 'what's happening', 'nothing' on the channels. We have plots up the kazoo and we're all a bunch of intelligent and imaginative RPers who could come up with something on the fly if we need to. I know my time zone is not the best which is why people willing to storytell are wonderful folk. I can even give you a whole scene to run (like a D&D module) if you want. Short version - there is no reason for a time where nothing is happening."

<OOC> Anya isn't very experienced with nWoD but thinks she might be able to run a scene for Mortals/Hunters, but isn't entirely sure what she could and couldn't introduce, in terms of targets for the investigation and supernatural weirdness, so as not to step on any toes or complicate things.

<OOC> Darwin says, "Talk with me beforehand, Anya. The more of us who are willing to run stuff for each other, even if just one offs every now and then, makes it more awesome :) The story is more important than the mechanics"

<OOC> Darwin nods, "This place has existed for over 200 years. One of the founders of the TFV was a Fallcoast Hunter before doing that. Winston knows all and anything can be discussed here. http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Hunter/History "

<OOC> Darwin says, "That being said. If you choose NOT to relay info then he doesn't magically know it just by being the caretaker here."

<OOC> Darwin says, "So info on particular missions/monsters/projects etc - up to you if you tell other Hunters here about it. But the organisations etc are known."