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SUH August 2016

Dramatis Personae

Brigitte, Carla, Eloise, Hawker, Ira, Miyo, Sascha, Winston Carmichael

20 August, 2016

The Hunters gather to catch up on hunts and realise they have an awful lot to do.


Society for the Uplifting of Humanity


As the balmy tropical summer of Maine comes to an end and the weather descends back into its normal grey, chilly malaise, it is time for the Hunters of Fallcoast to catch up in the secret basement of the Uplifting Society. To say there are a few things going on at the moment would be an understatement.

Drinks and nibblies are arrayed over the meeting table for all to partake in. Winston Carmichael is chairing the meeting and he emerges from the small office at one end carrying a folder of papers. "Could never get used to those smart phones" he explains about the folder, "One should not use something smarter than you. It will win in the end." The folder is placed in front of his chair but he does not sit yet. "Thank you all for coming" he smiles, looking around the group. "It seems we have plenty of new faces and a couple of familiar ones. In our line of work the former always seems to increase while the latter gets smaller with every gathering. But we wouldn't have it any other way. What we do is far too important to be ignored." He takes a sip of tea from his mug before placing it back on the desk. "So let's start with what we all hate about meetings. A quick whip round to introduce ourselves. And then we can move to the matter at hand. Namely that there are myriad threats afoot and how we can stop them." He gestures towards Brigitte...she obviously has to start.

A little sigh before the Frenchwoman lifts up a hand in a wave to the assembled. "Brigitte Chasseur. Union. Based at the Crash and Burn Junkyard where we also have a base that is open to all. Armories. Cells for anything we pick up on the way. Weapon and vehicle modifications. You don't have to be in our cell to use it but just let us know you want to. My nieces are...somewhere. Jack and Beatrix. They can help you out too."

Hawker was here because TFV said he should be..or at least they didn't tell him -not- to show up. He takes as a sign it's alright to intermingle and do some Recce..of sorts. So when introductions begin; he'll clear his throat. "Drake Hawker; independent contractor of sorts. Ex Marine. Ya'all need heavy firepower..I'm the guy you might want to speak with...or if you ever need a fishing vessel.." He says and gives a faux salute to those gathered before settling into a chair.

One of the difficulties in being a newly arrived hunter is navigating the local politics and finding one's way to the best place to meet and greet without too much angst. Eloise looks tired, her clothes wrinkled (though it's hard to tell whether that's a deliberate style choice or some rough sleeping), and obviously been furiously chain smoking before stepping into the lodge, judging by the smell of it still clinging to her. Her eyes dart left and right, taking in not just the people but the contents of the wall with a twist of lips and a long exhale. When Winston speaks, her eyes flicker in his direction, narrowing thoughtfully, listening closely as she leans against the wall. When it comes her time to introduce herself, the thin girl stiffens, and sucks in a breath as she draws herself upright. "Eloise Knight," a bare pause, but notable, before she adds, "Lucifuge. Got a thing for demons. Guess all of us do," as she makes another face. "Of... nowhere, right now. Just rolled into town. Looking for... everything," she says with a twist of lips. "Place to crash, some work, something to hunt." She gestures, as if passing the 'baton' onto the next person nearest her.

Ira has come with his laptop. And binders. They're slightly thicker than the one Ira gave Miyo recently. There's more to cover, after all. "I'm Ira Shain," he says. "Loyalist of Thule, working out of my home at the moment. I'm a researcher." He taps the binders beside him. "I've collated what information I could find on what we're currently working on. I'm here on behalf of Pavel Kozak as well. He's one of ours and we work closely together. We've also the support of one of the FPD by the name of Henry Webb. They're both good at shooting things." If anyone follows independent film or local news, they might recognize Ira's face or name. He's a filmmaker. He did panels at CCSD this year. He's a big deal on YouTube and Tumblr.

Carla walks in wearing a short red dress and heels. Her hair is freshly done. As usual she's carrying a briefcase and handbag with her. She slowly struts in and gives Brigitte a hug. "Oh it's been too long!" She clears her throat. "Hello I'm Carla, with the pharmatech company. I usually deal with the sciency end of things when I can but most of the time I'm stuck in the same cycle of shooting and running away like the rest of you guys are. She laughs nervously and then sighs. "Occasionally I get to advance medical science. Occasionally. It's a bit rare these days I suppose."

Settled into one of the chairs in the circle, Sascha sits upright, hands in her lap, feet flat on the floor. Very rigid, almost militaristic bearing despite the civilian clothing. At her side, also seated very formally, is perhaps one of the largest, fluffiest, scariest dogs around. Black and gray brindled fur puffs out every which way from the massive hound, its face and fluff giving it an almost bear-ish appearance. It appears to be strictly trained, however, as it moves not one iota regardless of the people nearby or scents that might normally cause it to act, well, like a dog.

When it swings around to her, Sascha stands and gives a small wave and briefly flickered smile. "Sascha Holmes, TFV, assigned to Fallcoast as a breeder and trainer of K-9 and Search and Rescue dogs. This is Kira, my partner. She is a working dog, trained for both Search and Rescue and general K9 duties. If you need something or someone found, my girls can find it for you." Giving a tight nod, she seats herself once more.

"Thank you all for that" Winston smiles before he takes a seat and picks up a remote from the table. "Now...this should work the projector and get us some slide shows...." He peers at the buttons before showing it to Ira. "This one, yes?" he asks while pointing at a button. He presses it and the screen behind him lights up and the image fades in.

"First of all. Leechers." There is an image of a hideous creature whose face is almost all teeth. "Anyone had any further encounters with them? Obviously they haven't gone away but they seem quiet. We found their training ground and we have that monitored but I would guess they've moved onto another one. We're pretty sure that they are based in the reservoir...lurking in the flooded towns under the surface...but that will be quite an effort to root them out of there. We really need more information on numbers and all the things they can do. Other than the drinking blood and big tentacle teeth and all that stuff."

Winston glances around. "No one from the university? No Sisterhood? Never mind, I have their last reports here. It seems that the source of the...what shall we call them...'weed eggs'? That is still unknown. For those that don't know, someone is selling extra strong weed on campus that turns people into vegetable monsters. And the source seems to be an egg and the contents attach itself to a host. The Sisterhood has one of the eggs. Anyone been involved with that?"

Also on the campus we still have the Aztec cult under the library. Brigitte, you've been on one of those missions, anything you would like to add?" Brigitte purses her lips in thought for a moment. "I can't believe they'd still be under the library. They were using the reconstruction there as cover. There is still one of the giant flying lizards in their possession but there have been no reports of student disappearances since we went down there and caused a ruckus." The hug from Carla is returned. "Good to see you. Still looking hot" she winks before handing the chair back to Winston.

<OOC> Brigitte links Winston Carmichael_NPC, Leechers and giant flying lizards - Plot:The_Nest

Ira nods quickly and offers Winston a kind smile. "Yes, that's it," he says in a low, discreet tone. He settles in with his laptop to take notes. "I'm afraid I've not been part of those," Ira says as he continues to type, catching up with those ultra-nerdy notes. "I've got some outstanding cases and a suggestion." Of course he has a suggestion. T'is the burden of knowing everything.

Eloise's expression is naturally curious as everyone introduces themselves, gaze lingering on each as if committing their faces to memory. When Winston brings up the projector, she shifts her position to better spot the screen, after a pause strolling over to drop into one of the chairs. Given she has no local knowledge of the current happenings, she's content with listening closely grimacing at one or the other images being displayed. She digs in her bag, pulls out a cigarette, though merely toys with it instead of lighting it.

After the meeting had begun, a single person shows up a little late, and possibly has a good reason for it. Murakami Miyo slips in and sets up against the back wall and out of the way so as to not disturb anyone as she settles in to watch, hands stuffed into the pockets of her coat.

Hawker hasn't been back too long; much less in this huntery business, so he'll be sure to listen. Intel is good; especially on more dangerous threats…but when Ira says he has a suggestion, he looks at the nerdy one who disliked him in the bar. "This I've gotta hear." He says to the other TFV operative, in an amused fashion. So far..he's only been amused by Ira's antics every time he's seen ‘em! Hiding behind cameras..that’s all he's seen Ira do actually!

Carla taps a pen on her chin. "Well I could dissect the egg if that would help." She winks back at Brigitte. "I do love the opportunity to do some actual hands on science. Especially if it would help people. The plant people thing is alarming as well. I'll look into either of those things to the best of my ability with all of my considerable resources at hand. I'm sure.....we can come up with something to make you all less....uninformed on these threats. Hopefully."

Sascha jots down a few notes in a small notepad, frowning here or there, but otherwise remaining quiet. She hasn't been back from her last PT session very long and seems to have missed quite a bit. Shifting every so slightly, she glances from the projection screen over to Ira, waiting for the man to speak his piece. Hawker's observation has her glancing aside and murmuring, "A wise CO once told me.. never piss off the intelligence officers. Otherwise you will end up very lost, very bored, and then very dead." She flickers a faint smile after but largely keeps her attention on the people offering up information.

Winston offers a nod to the late arriving Miyo before looking at Ira. "Ideas are always worth listening to. No harm in an idea. So let's hear it. And please, though I have plenty of incidents to raise, if you have something you're working on then please share it."

<OOC> Brigitte says, "And this is the bad weed plot Plot:High_School"

Ira regards Hawker with a polite, close-lipped smile. He has nothing to say, just a smile. Then he sits up a little straighter and says, "Right, thank you, Mr. Carmichael." He rises and sets the binders within reach. There are enough for everyone to take one, maybe two if others skip over them. "We lost track of the cult that was raising the Anti-Christ after they abandoned the base we infiltrated. This is what I have on the subject. You'll also find information about a raid we did recently in a cemetery where we ran into these goblin things in robes. I was able to determine the sigils on their robes are more like circuitry than a written language, but that's about where my technical expertise fails." He clears his throat. "As for the suggestion, what do you think of us covering overlapping territories, sharing information regularly? I work at the university and I live around The Square in Hanging Hills. I could assist the Sisterhood on campus and keep an eye on things in my neighborhood, for example."

"Anti-Christ?" Eloise echoes with a hint of disbelief, flicking the unlit cigarette up and tucking it behind one ear as she pushes up, striding forward to claim one of those binders left by Ira. She gives a sharp shake of her head, a puff of breath, and then begins to flick through those pages, frowning in concentration.

<OOC> Brigitte says, "Antichrist plot can be found here - Plot:The_Child

Hawker is listening, even as he's digging some photos out of his coat pocket to toss on the table. "There's another threat to consider; one I witnessed first hand...and I think might be related to a recent…megalodon being about. As in the dinosaur shark." Not many likely heard about that, hopefully. "Several U-boats have been sighted in the area; along with glimpses of other Second World War Era Kriegsmarine vessels. As these pictures show…the U-boat was quite real when I encountered it, and has a functional weapon system. The Men aboard appeared -very- much so…dead." Indeed; there's a dozen different photos of a U-boat surfacing, and proceeding to engage -some thing- near or on the surface, with the light anti-aircraft guns, and one decent close up of a crew member...very much so dead! Sans looking like there is salt crystals embedded in the flesh! "I am unaware of -any- Waffen unit that was directly tied to the Kriegsmarine…adding to the mystery."

In the binders, in addition to neatly outlined information, are pictures and a courtesy thumb drive tucked into one of the binder pockets labeled 'clips.' All that time Ira spends hiding behind the camera? Enjoy.

<OOC> Hawker says, "Logs:Das_Boot! <--this is the log of the U-boat thing."

Sascha claims one of the binders for herself, scribbling note sin the margins under each case as they're mentioned, then going back to her notebook to jot down more about this apparent megalodon and U-Boat of the Damned. She glances aside to Hawker and lifts a brow, "Do you have copies of the pictures? Negatives? Saved to your Cloud Drive? Can we get more of these made up?" But that seems to be all she has to offer for the moment, more concerned with catching herself up on the goings on than offering anything herself. At least yet.

Carla smirks. "The antichrist and ghost Nazis? Hm, seems like a stream of 70s movies to me." Carla chuckles lightly. "Well maybe so mainstream with the ghost Nazis? U-boat? Like from the movies? Hm. That kind of takes me back." Carla taps her pen on the desk. "Well I don't know about the scientific applications behind those but if I can help I will I suppose...would be nice what makes these things tick after all...."

"I was going to ask about the Antichrist" Winston nods to Ira, "Thank you for giving us an update. Obviously that is a rather important incident we need to work on. I think Cross may be on top of it as well...as much as he can. But there are nunjas protecting him and we believe an evil group of Lucifuge are also involved...no offence to the Lucifuge here with us today. You at least made the right choice."

Winston picks up one of Hawker's phots. "Bloody Nazis. You can't do a damn thing without one of them showing up. I have also heard rumors of /another/ group of Nazi...scientists...who are animating dead soldiers to do their work but that is slightly off our radar at the moment. And please, Hawker, don't tell us those pictures are on the cloud. I am sure our Network Zero associates would be excited by that."

"Now, what else. Oh...the zombie biker gang. Anything more with those?" asks Winston and Brigitte shakes her head in reply. "Okay, well they're out there and up to something so let everyone know if you have a run-in." A nod over to Ira. "I hope we /all/ talk to each other. I realise there are some state secrets people might want to keep from others but we are all here to help each other. Fallcoast requires this flexible approach...since the place seems crawling with evil. Speaking of...are the Deadites dead and buried? Are you all aware that the building we destroyed that they were using as their demonic portal has been rebuilt by the same company? So if you do see that harbinger of our deaths again...let everyone know." A smile for Carla. "I am sure there are plenty of things for you to cut up in the future."

German submarines are one thing -- well, they are definitely a thing -- but Eloise seems more distracted by the contents of the binder, still muttering and shaking her head. That thumb drive tucked into the binder she's taken is secreted into her bag, while she flicks through the pictures. "Fuck my life," she curses, but after a moment, she closes the binder, exhales a long breath, and pulls her cigarette free from behind her ear. Sticking it in her mouth, she pats for a lighter while looking at Winston as if for permission. Or maybe she's looking at him because he mentions other Lucifuge, her face twisting briefly.

Miyo takes a moment to move through the little crowd and grab a binder to review in the back. She'd heard about the antichrist and given her opinion on it, but it had seemed that everything had already been planned out, which is probably reflected in the binder. "Zombies... Nazis... antichrist..." She mumbles.

Hawker seems ever so calm about the entire situation; it's not too bad, right? I mean it's not like Cthulhu is rising from the depths! "I've got hard copies from my cameras, yes." He says about the photos and lifts an eyebrow at the mention of…zombie bikers. "So...undead rock and roll PBR slamming assholes?"

Reaching inside her jest pocket, Sascha pulls out a battle-scarred zippo style lighter and pops the top on it, holding it out towards Eloise while waiting for the okay before sparking the light.

Ira offers Winston a warm, sunny smile. See, Hawker, that's what a real Ira-smile looks like. "I was in touch with Mr. Cross while he was working with Nikolai Cvekov, and you'll find everything we worked on in your binder." He nods to Brigitte. "Of course. Open lines of communication are essential. We should all be ready to handle any of these when they come up." At the news the Deadites are back, he groans. Not those guys.

Winston offers a casual wave of permission to Eloise and her smoking. "There are a few more things beyond those already mentioned..." No wonder none of these people sleep well. "The 'blue goo' is still spreading through the wilderness. The summer heat has given it quite a boost and we have reports of a number of animals becoming infected. So please keep an eye out on that one. Unfortunately, Aidan could not be here with us today. He's another Lucifuge and he has something going on that we should all be aware of. Oh...and has anyone looked into the Mesmer house incident? The Hunters on that case have disappeared. That's the one with the small dolls that may have contained the souls of rather nasty people."

Eloise gives a nod of thanks to Sascha, accepting the offered light, inhaling deeply and exhaling just as deeply. "So, zombies, antichrist, eggs, leechers, Aztec cult... biker gangs?" the lilt in her voice goes up just a mite bit. "Now I understand the looks when I got when I was assigned here." Her wry tone is wreathed in smoke as she takes another hit of nicotine, eyes darting back towards Winston, before they drop to flicker over the photographs of the U-boat on the table.

Clicking the lighter closed, Sascha gives a short nod towards Eloise and tucks the lighter away again. Straightening up, she looks sharply towards Winston, "Blue goo? Is there more information on this? I'm curious because obviously, I have many animals and given their needs, I have a rather large yard that backs onto the woods. What should I be looking for? Is there any chance of recovery for the animals or should they be put down? The training animals I can afford to lose a few, but I would like to know if I need to find alternate housing for my breeding bitches." One hand rests lightly on Kira's massive head, her hand disappearing into the fluffy fur.

Carla frowns. "Ugh, those things? There's almost too much going on for me to really focus but at the very least there are a good number of us so hey I'll take that. As long as nobody's ambushed alone which of course is pretty much a death sentence given what we are facing....' She leans back in her chair. "Right the biker gangs. I remember one of them had the most disgusting thing embedded in their brain. And in the stem there was something that hinted at what was it? A prophecy. Damn, it was a while ago."

"The 'blue goo', to the best of our knowledge...and Carla you may want to examine it when we recover some more...is of extraterrestrial origin that infects an organism and takes them over. Whether they still have 'themselves' in there we aren't sure about since we haven't been able to disinfect a live specimen. A few humans have been infected but they became aggressive and had to be destroyed" Winston replies to Sascha. "If your animals are outside of the city limits then I suggest you move them."

A nod to Carla. "Yes, that's them. They had some kind of creature at the base of the brain that may have been controlling them. But, like most zombies, destroy the brain and you destroy the zombie. Is there anything else anyone would like to share?"

Ira resumes taking notes, the clicking of his keys a steady constant. His nostrils flare at a whiff of cigarette smoke, and he glances up briefly, wistful, but he's got typing to do, drat it all.

Nodding, Sascha makes some quick notes, then pulls out her phone and sends off a quick but urgent text. "Thank you, I'll have my property lines checked and the dogs moved if we're too close or over the line." Looking over to Carla, she offers, "If worse comes to worst and one or more of my dogs becomes infected, I'll make an attempt to subdue and cage them rather than putting them down immediately, so you can have live specimens. If you find yourself unable to sedate or examine them alive, I'll put them down." Her dogs, her responsibility.

As she exhales smoke, gaze still on the photos, Eloise remarks, "I may need to get the cliff notes version of all of these cases... there's a lot going on." A deliberate understatement, backed up by a glance to the wall of notes and the frown that follows.

Hawker scowls a bit about the goo; he dislikes aliens it seems. "I'd rather subdue a dog then a person. Animals bite and claw…people can use guns." Or bombs...or puke up goo in the city water supply. "I think we may need to all rely on Ira to get us dossiers on each threat as we can form them."

Ira doesn't look up from his notes as he says, "Of course. My contact information is in your binder. Whatever you send me, I'll be happy to create a dossier for." He smiles faintly, and he keeps on typing.

"Yes, there is indeed a lot going on" Winston nods sagely. "And that is why we all need to work together. Any Hunters who were not here today then please keep them informed and if they anything that needs telling the group, then let's do so. We have some bulletin boards set up for this purpose." His brow furrows. "I have a feeling there are some other things...ah...the CHUDs. Anyone been looking into those?"

Carla nods to Sascha. "Oh I'd be happy to take care of it. Dead specimens are easier to deal with. Vivisection is only used on very, very small specimens that have no chance of struggling. It's a moronic misconception that something of that size would be dissected alive but hey that's fiction for you." Carla chuckles lightly. "But joking aside if I can do anything to help I'm very willing."

Hawker clears his throat a bit as people keep talking. "I am looking to commission a PT Boat; ostensibly for reenactment purposes…but I'll be honest. I can arm it properly and...I keep my eyes on the seas. It is more my domain." He says and looks at Sascha. "Is anyone else here...properly trained in oceanic vessels?"

Still smoking, Eloise shakes her head at Hawker's question. "Not my thing, I'm afraid. Never had cause to, personally." She retreats from the table, and moves over to inspect the wall, but is still listening, judging by the way her head turns now and then.

"You don't wish to use the usual TFV vehicles?" Winston asks Hawker before shrugging. "Good luck with whatever you chose to do" he offers with a warm smile. "Well, thank you all for coming. Feel free to eat and drink to your heart's content and be careful out there. Assume they know who you are and where you are and take precautions. But also be aware that we work in the shadows...even when firing large guns." A polite nod to those assembled before Winston heads back for his office.

Ira glances at the clock on his laptop and winces. "As much as I would like to stay, I'm afraid I need to get going." He smiles politely and closes his computer, then starts packing it up. "Please, don't hesitate to call or email me. I'm a researcher. If there's anything you need from me..." And so forth.