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Recruiting Lilian

Dramatis Personae

Ashlyn, Haywood, Lilian, Kristy

9 April, 2016

Lilian drops by The Human Potential Network to check out their services.


Human Potential Network

'The Human Potential Network' is housed in a rather flash building that straddles the entertainment and business districts. Entertainment because 'psychic testing' is just for shits and giggles, right? Business because the people who work there actually do seem to believe these powers exist. Crazy! People are welcome to come in off the street to be tested and they are presented with a two level set-up with a reception desk at the center of the ground floor and plush, new offices upstairs looking over most of the ground floor. The floor is tiled and covered with strange shapes and signs - probably trying to look esoteric and mysterious.

Ashlyn and Haywood are no strangers to this place and are currently conversing with Kristy at the bottom of the stairs that wind up to the offices. Kristy is dressed in a pale blue business suit as she whispers to the others. "Shame you couldn't make Tangiers but we have a lead that will take us to Paris next. Don't suppose I can interest you in that?"

Ashlyn looks like a college kid that just walked off the street, and probably is - clad in her university shirt and run down jeans. Her hair is up in a high ponytail tonight - the length almost down to mid back. It's been a bit since she's been around the HPN - and she looks the same for the most part... maybe a little less amused. Perhaps a few more muscles in her arms than she had before. But overall fine-ish. At Kristy's words of Paris, Ash's head cants to the side a bit as she regards the other woman, a few ticks of silence passing by before: "That depends on how long. I have duties in this city." A glance to Hayward, then back to Kristy, "I should be able to attend though - just let me know when and how long."

Standing beside the other girls in a plain black tee shirt and cargo pants is a babyfaced fellow, his hair slicked up slightly. "At the very least Paris should be less crazy than Tangiers. Everybody kept thinking April was a call girl I hired...", Haywood says shaking his head. "But we definitely need better intel on attire, running around Morocco in a tuxedo? Very double oh seven, but not quite what I want to be in when I'm going through the desert in a dune buggy." He seems vaguely amused but only vaguely so. An idea comes to mind though and he glances to Ashlyn. "You do know how to drive right? I mean... it would be nice if someone else can be behind the wheel."

Lilian comes in with a look of curiosity mingled with a skeptical sort half smile on her face. Spotting the ones near the steps chatting she nods to them politely in a greeting as she moves to the reception desk to browse any brochures, and see about a testing appointment.

Tall is the first thing most notice about her, lanky, or willowy is next, last is her hair in a single braid down her waist. As to dress, dark wash jeans, good walking boots, and a nice top with warm pea coat in an almost black blue.

"Duties? Ashlyn, you are an enigma shrouded in a mystery and served on a plate of obfuscation" Kristy smiles to the college girl. "If your new friends can spare you then I would love to have you around. Can you drive? Poor Haywood got stuck with it though April did okay blowing out the tyres of the other vehicle. You have to admit that." She glances over to the new arrival and offers a polite nod in return but leaves her to the receptionist for now.

At the granite topped reception bench is seated a woman in her twenties who smiles professionally at the arriving Lilian. There are pamphlets aplenty - 'How Do I Know If I'm Psychic?', 'What To Do When Having Visions', "Don't Be Bullied Because You're Better' etc. "We can set up a test now if you like" the receptionist smiles before looking over at Kristy. "Miss Gare and associates seem free."

Ashlyn cuts her eyes sideways to Haywood when he mentions her driving, and he doesn't get a very nice look from her. No. Not at all. But eventually Ash shrugs her shoulders, "Fine. Sure. I'll drive." There is a tone present in her voice though - as if it's not a very good idea. Then back to Kristy, "Duties. You know. College. Work. Bills. All things I am sure you have in your life, or had." A faint smirk from Ashlyn at this before it quickly fades before her eyes turn to Haywood, "Did your burns heal okay?"

"You don't have to if you don't know how. It’s not like I'm a stunt driver or anything," Haywood offers a shrug at the tone, but smiles at her snark to Kristy. He smiles at the burn comment though. "Aye, learned how to avoid it too. No more burning, and we had the bios make it so no scars," he says, lifting his shirt to show in fact no scars. Also in fact abs, possibly given by lightning. "Now if only someone could figure out how be immune to other things...like lead."

Lilian looks over to the trio, then back to the receptionist. "Why not, I have nothing left to do tonight." as she tilts her head to the side with a chuckle over one of the brochures, and then looks back to the receptionist. "You know I never really looked at the concepts of psychics that way before...not really giving out which pamphlet she is reacting to, but gathering a few of them for later browsing, or amusement hard to tell which from her expression.

"It's Paris. I can't see any need for a car chase" Kristy sighs before pouting at Ashlyn. "Such glaring. I thought you liked me once" she replies, a smile developing before her attention is captured by the receptionist. "Looks like we have a new testee. Would you like to join me?" she asks her associates before making her way over to Lilian, heels clicking on the floor as she approaches.

"Kristy Gare" she smiles in greeting, offering her hand to the tall woman. "Welcome to the Human Potential Network. You are interested in seeing how much potential you have? Then please follow me." She turns and heads for the stairs. "What brought you to us if I may ask?"

"You did not keep your scars? But they are battle wounds." A faint frown from Ashlyn at this to Haywood, her fingers tucking into the pockets of her jeans. "But, I understand, you want to be pretty." An amused tone from Ashlyn at this, that amusement present in her eyes before they flip back to Kristy. "No. I can drive. But I will be rough." When Kristy mentions Ash potentially liking her before, Ashlyn just offers a slow blink at the woman, then a short nod as she simply begins to follow after her and the new addition to their trio.

"Less awkward questions from the family when we go out on the water," Haywood chuckles. "After all, I'm just a programmer. Why would I have battle scars?" He offers a little shrug at that as he tucks his shirt back in. As the girls go up to join Lil he hrms to himself, pulling out his phone, swiping across the screen a few times before frowning and sliding it back into his pocket.

Lilian moves to shake Kristy's hand in a firm professional hand shake, "Looking for somewhere to fit in more than anything else. And maybe some leads on jobs more, or a firm to work my craft with...so why not here. Also more than curious to be honest, you are all open about this?" not sure what to make or think about the whole Psychic angle yet, and keeping her mind as focused on the here and now as she can.

"Why hide it?" Kristy replies with a warm smile as she leads the trio up the stairs. "And fitting in is very important when you believe you are an outcast. But here, if you have powers, you will never feel that way again." She leads them up the stairs and into her office, gesturing to the visitor chairs before closing the blinds to block out the outside world. Walking back to her desk she presses a button on an intercom there, "If you could alert Alice that she may be needed."

"Would anyone like any refreshment?" Kristy asks the others. "So why do you think you may be psychic?" she asks the willowy woman. "Or is it something else? Visions? Dreams? Strange growths on your body? There are many things that fit under the umbrella of 'psychic' but they are all potential."

Ashlyn gives a shake of her head for refreshments, and simply takes a seat in one of the chairs, lounging there even as her legs stretch out, and her hands fold on her stomach. Not much to say... much, Ashlyn just waits, watches, and listens for the time being.

Haywood leans against a wall glancing between the others. "If you don't want anything I'll take an energy drink. Whatever ones in the fridge and cold." He shrugs aside from that and seems more interested in watching to see what the testing will be this time.

Lilian once they are all settled she leans back and tilts her head, then with a what the hell look, "Well I see into the past, and the future, not too far ahead unless something major...then not usually willing, just hit me hard. I can think about people, or places I have been, and sort of look in on them in the here and now. Easier the more I know them, or if I have something of theirs to focus with...harder with just a picture of a stranger. I also can look into the Ashkasic memory, well universal memory, Cayce channeling...and well borrow skills, or languages for a little bit." with a look to each of them to see how they react to her words.

Kristy nods to the office fridge. "Help yourself, Haywood. I'll have a diet caffeine free clear coke..." Water by any other name. She settles into her own chair and listens to the long list of abilities that Lilian claims. "Ashkasic?" Kristy was a mean girl at school and rather lazy so she is not as smart as she likes to think she is. "Cayce channeling? That sounds...hmmm...wonderful. Can you read minds at all?" A quick glance around before she picks up a pen and offers it to Lilian across the table. "Can you tell me where that pen has been in the past?" A pause. "Actually, not that pen. Try this one." She swaps it for another. "Borrowing languages and skills? That /does/ sound interesting. Who have you borrowed from?"

Ashlyn seems... well, perhaps bored. She is for sure doing her own thing which is texting right now. A hand to her red ponytail as it's pulled over her shoulder before those fingers of hers go to work. Clickclickclickclick as her fingers move over the keypad. A rolling of her ankle but otherwise she is still.

Rolling his eyes slightly at the order for beverage, he snags the associated cans, setting it on Kristy's desk before popping the tab on his own. Nodding a bit at her first couple of words, Haywood perks up about halfway through. "Nice set. I prefer calling it googling though," he says to himself chuckling slightly as he swigs the nasty chemicals.

Lilian says, "Edgar Cayce, one the most famous "Spiritualists ever in America...spiritualist movement turn of the century...ok 1890s to 1930s really." not sure what to make of the lack of recognition to that, "Google it, as to who's past life's, all of humanity." then picking up the second pen she takes her time to look at it and just slips into a light state of meditation, to read the pen. "Some Teen has been chewing on it, also allot of paper work done on it, and recently expenses to Tangiers." Then looking to Kristy, "Good thing you have not done the naughty with it in your pocket? I could read the forms most clearly.""

"That's why I didn't give you the other pen" Kristy smirks with a red glow to her cheeks. "And also why we don't need psychometrics while we have my big mouth around. Alice has been chewing on it? Damn that girl." Upon receiving the pen back she tosses it the trash. "You could read those forms clearly?" She glances over at Haywood. "Interesting. So how have you been using these powers of yours, Lilian?"

Ashlyn perks a brow at Lilian when she mentions 'done the naughty,' Ash just staring at the other woman for a moment before her fingers click back over her phone's keypad.

Haywood winces slightly rubbing behind his ear. "Always hate that static feedback. She's legit." He lets out a sigh and shakes his head to clear it up better before looking to Lil. "And yeah, I know Cayce. As I said, I like to call it Googling. People look at you funny when you say the one, less so with the other." He inclines his head but has a smile.

Lilian hmms, "Started about 17 with the strangeness, so started studying all I could about visions, dreams that happen, and then got my hands on the writings of Edgar Cayce...and other odd books to work out how to control it, instead of it controlling me, I am 30 now...took about 4 years of hit and miss to get it under control...so I could see, and do things at will. Though with major events, like large storms, or murder sprees in my area...still get the visions unasked for before it happens, big stuff that affects a local populace, or bad things.

Then with a nod she moves to pull out a pad and write done of the 2 forms she saw clearly, what she saw, rips it off, and hands it to Kristy. "I could not see all you filled out just some, the ones you reviewed before signing. If you did not review and just skimmed that is what I got...I see thru the eyes of someone, or something all the time...living in my visions. Feel them too emotionally, death fucking sucks...hyperventilated more than once when that has happened, or fainted out cold to step the vision I guess."

Then to Haywood, "Well you know feedback comes in all forms, I heard of one lady who could read like me, going like mad after doing it so long, her memories, and the ones she got reading the past of others started to jumble when she got old. That worries me a tad...and actually dying with someone in vision."

"Connected to a viewpoint as they died? Wow...that's pretty trippy" Kristy muses. Haywood's confirmation gets a nod from her. Ashlyn's boredom gets a frown. "Well...it seems that your powers are certainly legitimate, miss, so what is it you want to do with them? We at the HPN offer a safe place where you can learn your skills and develop them. Does that sound of interest at all? A place where you will not be ridiculed but rather treated with respect? And if things work out and you're willing...perhaps a little more."

Kristy nods to Ashlyn. "Ashly is what we call an associate member. She helps us out on occasion but does not work for us like Haywood here." A nod to the young man now. "So you can see that we are open to all types but our main interest is, and always will be, helping you."

Lilian says, "Or the killer"

Ashlyn gives a little wave, a brief thing really before her fingers are back on her phone. Whatever she's typing or texting, it seems to be getting all of her attention.

Glancing over at Ashlyn's phone, Haywood smirked and pulls his own out, jotting off a few lines before turning it off again. "They also give resources to train your skills, see if there are things beyond your initial inclinations that your mind naturally expands to." He offers a shrug. "Is there anything you have been utilizing your skills for? I mean, reading death details seems somewhat... a police matter."

Lilian hmms, "Interviewing for positions of in-house investigations, and research. I need a job, licensed PI, also have a conceal and carry...though pretty rusty on the shooting as never really use it. I tend to take on more private clients who need information, someone who knows systems of records, research, or can hide, and lay in wait taking pictures, and notes on a subject. As to learning more, that interest me along with well not feeling out of place, or having to hide how I got a lead on hard intel to pursue all the time. It can make politics in a larger firm hairy at times." then to Haywood, "Three deaths only, one was here, 18, and well I witnessed that one real time, being a nosy dumb teen, the other two family feuds over estate cases I was working on…and had to find ways to help the police without seeming weird."

"If you work for us...Lilian is it? If you work for us then what you do for us is secret. You can tell everyone about your training, I don't mind that, but anything else we ask you to do is not for public consumption. You will be helping the world but no need to advertise" Kristy smiles before sipping at her drink. "We can help with the police" she offers. "Some departments do actually consult psychics, you know, and Fallcoast is no exception. Just as long as we don't look like idiots and liars doing it. So, are you interested?"

Kristy peers over at both of her associates now on their phones and rolls her eyes. "Seriously. Sorry to bore you two but maybe you'd like to show some interest in Lilian? She may save your life one day."

"Sorry was Googling things, besides," Haywood says with a smile, "it’s not like I'm not paying attention. I am curious though, how often do you see the future? Only things with strong emotions? Deaths? I was wondering if there was a theme there." He offers a slight shrug to Lil. "Most other psychic abilities tend to make more sense logically almost. Future sight though, really only certain quantum entanglement principles or tachyons tend to make seeing the future make more sense."

Lilian chuckles, "A lot of people have the phone addiction, and well I am not that exciting. I am very interested, and well more curious now about the duel layers to your organization. I can be discreet, and keep things to myself. Sort of required in my line of business. People do not want to advertise, and I prefer it that way as well. Usually work thru a handler so well no direct contact, and my face does not become known." she is not offended by the whole phone thing. She also pulls out her card, with number, and all that jazz to hand to Kristy. "You will need my basics to vet me." hmms, "When I want to look allot, when I am not looking, not so often thank goodness, strong emotions is the real trigger for unwilling visions."

A lifting of Ashlyn's green eyes to Kristy, then back to her phone, "I'm listening. Just have work to do. This was a last minute meeting." Pause. "And I'm not part of OMEGA, I'm just here for Haywood's companionship." A smirk from Ash at this, probably teasing. Probably. Maybe.

"I do like a person who is discrete" Kristy smiles to Lilian as she takes her card. A glance at it before it is placed carefully on the table next to her intercom. Lilian will most definitely be vetted...once she's gone of course. "Hopefully we won't find anything to concern us" she smiles to the newbie. "Ever been to Paris, Lilian?"

"Eesh boss lady, you are quick. Still, if she can pull up languages that's bound to help," Haywood hrms a bit and nods. "Remind me to memorize the street view maps of Paris, the satellite ones don't help." He frowns somewhat and sighs. "Not unless someone knows how to fly. With or without a helicopter."

Lilian to Haywood first "Stronger the emotions, stronger the reads, unless close past or present, Seeing too far into the what might be you have more then one vision to how it can go, got to guess which is the most likely sometimes based on reading the people in said events, though on some events, like earthquakes, they set to happen no matter what, only thing forewarning can change is how people react and prepare for it." then to Kristy, "I been to Paris once, for like four days. It was a convention, of like-minded well...it is called the pink panther club." looking a tad embarrassed now, "Mostly mystery writers, PIs, and such. Allot of law enforcement, and others of that ilk get paid to speak at these things, also primers on laws internationally, and other things." as she moves to get up. "It was nice to meet you all, and either way you all decide I am glad to have met others who do not see a total kook."

"I can take courses to become a pilot. May take longer than when you want to leave though." This from Ashlyn as she continues to tap on her phone, not missing a beat as she continues to text away on it. Those green eyes of hers lift to gaze briefly at Haywood as her fingers pause in the texting, before they move once more.

Kristy rises with Lilian and offers her hand. "I look forward to our next meeting. Pink Panther Club? Obviously not the same one as in Sheboygan. They didn't do much crime investigating there. Investigating...but nothing to do with crime." She taps the card on her desk. "I will call you soon, Lilian." A shake of her head to Haywood. "I don't think we can get them to spring for a helicopter for Paris. I doubt we will need it. But thank you for offering to learn, Ashlyn."

Lilian pages: Mundane vetting local, worked in Denver the last 3 years for a firm as an investigator, got let go even with her good work record for testing for marijuana...lol never mind legal there against company policy, original license here with a local pi firm that went out of business when the ex-cop who ran it retired. Not sure what the other vetting will be.

"That’s fine. Either way, street view should be good enough," Haywood hrms and shrugs. "Glad our passports are up to date at least. My cousins are going to love all the souvenirs." Tossing his empty can into the can he lets out a sigh. "Make sure you check out if April can bring her dog though, I think she'll start protesting international missions if she can't." Running a sparking hand through his hair, it seems the energy drink is at least kicking in.

Lilian shakes her hand, "Really good to meet you all. Looking forward to seeing you all about, and if I can stretch my limits more. I see get no reads here and there." with a wry smile, "Rarer then 5 years ago but still." then to the others, "Also if you all want to just hang out or something ring me, love Karaoke nights." then to Kristy, "No not the same one, though you would be surprised at the amount of research some mystery writers do for their books." then pauses as she started to head out at Haywood's sparky hand. "Wow, ok leaving now, see you all soon."

"Eh. I think I will still take the courses for future reference." A flick of her green eyes up to Kirsty at this before her phone is finally slid shut as Ashlyn slides it into her pocket. "I dislike dogs. Or really any living thing."

"Ashlyn is our morale officer" Kristy jokes to Lilian before nodding to Haywood. "If April can make it then we'll see about her dog. I'll be in touch with you all soon."

"Aye, aye captain," Haywood says with a salute of his slightly electrical self. "I should start planting seeds that I'll be out of the country again. Least duo lingo has been useful." Looking in the fridge, he takes out another can to go. "I should head to the lab, see if they've got anything off that chip yet. If they can't manage, we may be able to see what the psychometrist says. "