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Pack Talks

"I'm an Alpha."

Dramatis Personae

Augustine, Andre, Adele, Rupert, Kharn, Meadow, Sevi, Judah, Cosette, Karina, Astrid, Ishmael_NPC


Ishmael and a few others get together to talk packs.


The Crosscut

It's the night that everyone's been waiting for! Or well...most have been waiting for, when the local packs and local unpacked get together and talk. It's sure to be an eventful night. Or a very easy going one. The back room of the Crosscut has been changed, a few couches and more tables have been brought in, giving people more places to sit besides the long table. There's also been some artwork added to the walls. Apparently the spartan look of the place was slowly changing.

Ishmael, the Keeper of Tur, resident bartender and storyteller is settling food down on the central table for people to snack on. He's not letting people go hungry at least. "Astrid, can you grab a few more beers on your way back in?" he asks the woman that's been helping him set things up.

And Astrid, who just got done lugging in a cold case of beer gives Ishmael a bit of a look as he asks her to bring more beer, "You think they're going to go through this all?" she asks him with a laugh. "You got it boss." she tells him with a nod of her head and a smile as she heads back out. She wasn't too worried with helping out Ish. She did it a lot already.

A few minutes late as usual, Kharn enters the Back Room with their newly arrived cousin in tow. The door has barely closed behind him when he grows into his Dalu form, his hair growing into a wild, ginger mane. He's wearing a black t-shirt and the same old grey firehose pants. The place is mostly set up, from what he can tell, but he offers anyway. "Anything I can help with?" He's wearing

Karina is the cousin-in-tow. She looks around as Kharn offers his aid, her expression mirroring her somewhat-stern mood. She is dressed in jeans, old combat boots and a sweatshirt, her hair pulled up enough to show off the fact that the right side of her hair has been shaved. "Hello." Unlike Kharn, she doesn't shift, nor does she offer to help.

And lo' there be a Sevi. The young woman currently has her arms folded over her chest as she stands in front of a piece of art work. She's not yet mingling with anyone, probably to wait and see who exactly arrives, and how the people present sort themselves in the room. Or she was, until Kharn asks if he can help with anything, and so Sevi turns to face Ishmael briefly, "I can help too, if you need it?" A faint smile from her before it's gone to all present.

Adele thought she was going to be late, she's been rushing all day, trying to make sure she wouldn't miss much. When the time came she arrives on time, she not just arrives on time she's early! She's dressed pretty normal for once, jeans that are all in one piece with a tank top and a oversized boat necked blouse. Her hair and heavy makeup are kinda unusual, her hair is a velvety green color with highlights and her makup has a bit of sparkle to it.

It's been a while since Judah has been back to Fallcoast. Several years, it's changed a bit, but not enough. Finding this place wasn't that difficult, though being a new face who's to say how he knew where to go. But he obviously knew to be here tonight. He's dressed mostly in black, which might make him seem Goth if not for the complete lack of makeup, that or he's going to an overly casual funeral. Black t-shirt, cargo pants, and some good, sturdy hiking boots. Hands in his pockets of a warm coat that stands open, he walks in quietly, looking around. Nodding if he catches a glance or two, but not much more for the moment.

Meadow has managed to make her way over to the bar, taking her time to look around in the front half of the place before heading into the back room. She's wearing a leather jacket, the coat pulled in around her body and her hands tucked into the pockets. When she does slip into the back room, it's behind someone else, allowing her to enter silently before she drifts off to the side so that she can look the place over. She has the look of someone that's seeing the place for the first time.

Andre enters shortly after Adele, his eyes scanning the room instinctually; he's wearing his standard rural gear, camo with black boots. He moves towards one side of the longtable, seeming to ponder a chair for a moment before deciding to not sit, instead choosing to stand. He carries himself as if he's in a new place with new people.

Augustine walked looking around the room for a place to go stand or sit based on when he did find a place he walked over to it. Seeing Kharn, Astrid, Adele and Sevi he waved to each. "How is everyone today?" His accent showed him to be from New York. He was wearing a hoodie, jeans and boots though the jeans had some soot or ash on them.

Adele's gaze sweeps over the room, looking for the few people in the group she has met. Her lips turn up into a bright smile as she returns Augustine's wave with a smile, "Well thanks, had a busy day running errends and getting paperwork done." Looking around she adds in that overly British acent, "Rupert should be here soonish."

Ishmael gives a smile to the extra offers of help and he shakes his head, "You guys can help by having a beer if you are old enough and then having a seat if you'd like one so we can get things going once it seems like we've got everyone that's going to show up for the evening." he tells them. "But thank you though." he adds. "Abel really wanted to be here this evening but he had some business to take care of, so he'll hopefully catch people another time." he offers.

Astrid returns, the woman has another few bottles of beer and there's a smile to people, "Welcome." the Icelandic woman states. There's a nod of greeting to Kharn and Karina and then she settles the extra bottles in the big old bucket of ice that Ishmael brought out. She then heads over to find herself a seat to listen to things.

Ghaz-Ur sees a couple new faces in Tur, as well as a couple old friends. Sevi, Meadow, and Judah are greeted with a wave, as he's never met them before. He smiles happily at the others and greets his sister with a bear hug before approaching one of his oldest friends. "Augustine, it's been a while. How have you been?" The big viking walks over and grabs the other mans wrist, clapping him on the back.

While greetings are had Karina goes to get herself a beer, pausing in doing so only for as long as it takes to offer Astrid a smile and something of a wave. A bottle is grabbed for herself and then, as an afterthought, a second is grabbed and brought to where Kharn is. It's held out to him for him to take if he'd like, the Elodoth quiet as she doesn't know anyone, really.

A nod from Sevi to Ishmael's words but when he mentions Abel she gives a half shrug, "Send Abel my regards." Another faint smile from her at this as her hands stuff into the pockets of her leather jacket. And then she's following after Kharn toward Augustine but breaks away from behind the ginger to move to where she can see Augustin. "Hey, August." A half-smile from her, "Haven't seen you around much... so I've just been working there. On my own time. Is that still okay?" A glance to the side at Kharn, then back to Augustine, "I've taken up welding scrap metal art. I'm pretty excited about the pieces I'm creating."

Augustine took Kharn's wrist "I have been busy with a few things. So been to myself most of the time. Though I do have an ear out so can check things out when I need too." He gestured around a bit "Like this. You been well I hope?" He asked the other man before he turned to Sevi "Yeah that is fine. ANd good to hear that you picked up an art. Nice to work with metal, though not really big on the welding myself."

Andre shrugs and nods to Ishmael, grabbing a beer then finding a seat; he looks from one of the assembled to the other as he sips the beer. He leans forward in his seat slightly, resting his elbows on his knees.

Judah gives a nod back to Kharn and anyone else who greets him, remaining quiet, listening and observing for now. Perhaps he is simply reserved. Though his eyes to linger on Kharn for moments more than the rest. Maybe it's his altered form. He does not go for the offer of food or drink, but he does find himself a seat nearby, not seeming to matter to him where he sits, but it seems appropriate for the discussion that's supposedly going to be at hand.

Adele makes a side trip over to the bar and the bucket. She grabs a bottle and nods to Ishmael with a quick smile and a quiet greeting. "Thanks for the beer. Do we have a place to donate to the cause?" she turns a bit to watch any late arrivals but still see Ishmael as well.

Ghaz-Ur smirks and says, "As well as I can be, I suppose." He looks around the room again, it's busier than he'd seen it in months. Seeing as though preparations are largely taken care of, Kharn just stands away from the group with his arms folded, watching the various interactions between wolves and wolfbloods. His glowing eyes move from person to person, but until he is needed, he mostly hangs back. For now. Judah's lingering gaze doesn't appear to be noticed, or at least the big redhead doesn't act like he notices.

"I'll send him your regards." Ishmael nods to Sevi. "So the main reason we're here tonight is to talk about Packs and to see who is where and what is what. For those who don't know me, I'm Ishmael. Cahalith and Iron Master. Lodge of the Shepherd. If you're a Wolfblooded and ever need anything, I'm here if you need me." he states. Then he looks around, "We've got a lot of new faces coming into town. We've also got a few new packs in town. We also have unpacked wolves that are looking for a place to go. So we thought that it would be a good idea to have people meet. Or well. Abel and Astrid did. I agreed to it as well." he chuckles and looks at Astrid.

Astrid doesn't give a reaction to the news about Abel, he'd already told her he wasn't going to be here. So she nods to Ishmael. Though she'd have to poke Abel to see what he had been doing. Then there's a look when her name is brought up and she gives a wave, "I'm Astrid, resident bringer of blankets and I help Ishmael out around here. Abel and I co-ran the rite a few weeks ago, some of you attended. We've been talking about the lack of packs and things and we figured maybe a good way might be getting people together to talk. See if interest fit together. It would give them a starting point at least." she admits.

The door to the basement quietly creaks open as a head slowly peeks out to inspect the room. Icy blue eyes dart from person to person and then flicker towards the door, seeming to count the number of strangers there, and then caclulate the fastest and easiest way to get to the door. Cosette nudges into the room, closing the door behind her, her back pressing right back into it. She's dressed in leathers, not the kind that you buy from the store, but ones made by someone else's hands. Content in silence, the young woman starts to edge around the room, sticking close to the wall. She only pauses for a second to offer Adele a wave, a point towards the basement door, and then a thumbsup.

Karina glances from face to face, listening to Ishmael and Astrid as she does so. Frowning in thought, she leans over and whispers something to Kharn before she sits down, not moving too far to do so. Seems like something has her concerned but, for now, she's not going to say what.

When the speech starts, and as Sevi hadn't found a seat yet, the young woman just moves to the nearest wall and leans up against it. Holding it up. Her arms are still crossed over her chest as she listens. Taking it all in.

Adele lifts her bottle in greeting to Cosette, giving her a quick smile. She edges over towards a empty seat to listen. If Cosette wants to join her she waves her over to a empty chair beside her.

There's no change from the Ithaeur. Judah sits quietly listening to both Ishmael and Astrid as they speak. A nod, seems mostly to himself at their words. Eyes go around, as if to observe others. He might be a little new to be truly looking for a pack, but that doesn't mean there isn't much to be learned here for the near future.

Augustine nods to Kharn before he turned to listen too Ishmael talk. Listening a bit he nodded before he turned to wait to see if anyone wanted to talk to him. He did his best to try to look open for that. He stopped a bit though seems that something hit him. He turned to Ishmael nodding to the man "Thank you for letting this be set up." Now to Astrid "Thank you for planning this."

Ghaz-Ur watches Cosette out of the corner of his eye, clearly she doesn't want to be watched. Guess it's time to speak. "For those who don't know me, I am Kharn Halldis, Oathkeeper and Ralurnim. I've been wandering the woods to the North of Hanging Hills for the last few years, and I've seen my fair share of packs come and go. We've been lucky, though. There has been a lull; the local Wolves have been quiet for some time, but so have our enemies. Both the Pure Tribes and our enemies on the other side of the gauntlet have not launched any kind of attacks. Whether they have been mustering forces or simply acting in secret is unknown to me. With the new influx of new faces, this meeting is greatly appreciated." He nods to Ishmael and Astrid.

Rupert steps into the bar, with a wicked smile, the smell of smoke drafting in around him, and his eyes covered by a pair of all black aviatar glasses, and his leather jacket spiked up, and his mohawk is up with his ears peirced all the way up, and his leather pants are tight against his flesh, and then he is moving quickly his leather combat boots, quietly hitting the ground, and then he nods towards his sister making his way towards her.

Ishmael gives a nod to Augustine, "It's no problem, it's what this place is here for. We're going to be trying to make it a little less spartan going forward. I got told it was like a prison waiting room." he admits with a scratch at the side of his neck. "I'm glad so many people came out." he tells them with a smile.

Astrid gives a smile to Augustine, "It's no trouble, I like helping out with things and if it gets people moving and talking to one another, then my work is successful." she tells him. "Even if people aren't looking for packs right now, or if you want to form your own, it's nice to see so many turn up." she agrees with the Cahalith.

"I am Karina Eriksson, She Who Walks Between, Elodoth, Envoy." She nods towards Kharn and then Astrid, offering them each a brief smile. "I am here to help any way I can, although acting as mediator, judge, when needed, and ambassador? Those are my forte." The bottle she's held in her hand is finally opened with a *pop*hiss* and drank from.

Sevi lifts her gaze to Rupert when he enters as she regards him for a few moments. But eventually her gaze drifts between those who speak. Augustine. Kharn. Astrid. Karina. Her bottom lip is taken between her teeth and sucked on briefly before it slips out.

Inch inch inch. This is not the woods and there's way that her movements can go undetected here, but Cosette is giving it a solid try. With Adele's invitation, the diminutive brunette makes her way over towards the other woman. Shhe doesn't look entirely pleased as she settles into the empty chair next to the other woman. The reasoning becomes quickly apparent as she glanes behind her, looking at all the open air. She leans towards the other woman, muttering. "You know your back is exposed this way, right? You are very trusting." She quickly goes back to silence, letting her gaze drift between people as they speak up.

Adele nods her head as she spots Rupert,her head shaking slightly when she sees his get up. Glancing over at Cosette a fraction to see her reaction. She takes a swig of her beer before greeting Rupert, her voice low so not to interfeer with the meeting at hand, "Hey Rupert, come pull up a seat." leaning towards Cosette she whispers to her, "No one is here that would hurt you."

Andre finishes his beer and stands from his seat. He nods to Astrid and Ishmael, "Yeah ... thanks for doing this. I'm Andre Nicks ... Irakka." He finds a trashcan and deposits his empty; he doesn't return to his seat, instead moving back towards where People are gathered.

Rupert watches them all, as they speak their names, and their moons."I'm Rupert Graham, my dead name is simple, it ids Digitial Eye, and I'm the Alpha of Zero Day." His voice musical, and then he beams at them as he watches, them with a bowing of his head, that british accent dancing over the words."It is a bloodly fucking pleasure and shit."

Kharn chuckles and affirms what Adele has already said, "This is about the safest room in the area, I imagine. A room full of werewolves, more than one of us armed." He's still just standing away from the rest, save for his cousin, with his arms folded.

"Everyone can hurt you," Adele is informed in a low voice as Cosette continues her assessment of the room. Kharn's comment about being armed doesn't seem to do much to help the situation as the woman's spine suddenly straightens, concern now riding deeper across frown lines on the woman's face. Now her inspection of other people seems to linger a little bit longer as she tries to figure out who is carrying a weapon and where that weapon is hiding.

That Kharn is a Rahu surprises Judah not even slightly. He could have pegged that from six miles. His eyes go to each person as they introduce themselves, taking each in. Well, greetings and introductions. That's something, and Judah is nothing if not of the formal mind. The man stands as so many do, bowing his head to those gathered, taking as many in with his gaze as possible and waiting for a gap to speak in. "I am Ihi?" Judah coughs, correcting himself. "Pardon me, I have not quite earned that title yet. I am Judah Alvis, Deed named Kigiriuz Hikaon. 'Walks in Shadow.' Ithaeur of the Hirfartha Hissu. It is good to be home." Another bowed head, slight and then he is sitting again.

"And there's one of the Alpha's." Ishmael states with a look to Rupert and a smile. "So how many are actually in a pack here or looking to be in one?" he asks as he looks over the room. "Welcome back home to those that are returning as well. If you are needing a place to stay until you get on your feet, we have beds downstairs, they're pretty nice now." he tells them.

Adele reaches over to give Cosette's hand a squeeze before she stands, "I'm Adele Graham, Rupert's sister and his troublesome side-kick. I'm a wolfblood and a PI. If you need someone found or watched I can take a stab at it." when she sits back down she retakes Cosette's hand if she lets her and lightly holds it, trying to reasure her.

Sevi lifts her fingers to her bottom lip as she pinches the flesh there briefly before letting go. The young woman opts not to speak though when Ishmael mentions about those being an Alpha or looking for a Pack. Instead she slowly moves over to where the bottled water it to pick one up and twist the cap off.

Augustine nods "I am Augustine Navarro, Ninna'uth or Hunts the Storm if you prefer. A Rahu of the Storm Lords. Alpha of the pack known as Macallai Croga. And a blacksmith by trade if anyone wants or needs something made of metal." He gave as an introduction to everyone. "If you need help feel free to ask me."

Cosette looks down at her hand like she's been stung, staring at Adele's hand and then up towards the woman's face. "I'm not going to attack anyone here," she assures in a strained whisper, assuming that is the only reason her hand would need restraining. "That'd be dumb." When Adele goes to sit back down, she'll find that both hands are stubbornly now stuck under either of Cosette's armpits. See? Not attacking anyone! "Cosette. I was told there would be stew." Which seems to be the real reason that the woldblood is there right now. "With steak." But she doesn't see Roman or the promised stew.

Adele blinks at Cosette, her head shaking though she stops trying to take her hand, "I didn't think you where about to attack anyone Cosette. Was just trying to reasure you." taking a last swig of her beer she sets down the bottle and reaches up to play with her green hair, twisting the bit of hair around her finger. Glancing at her for a moment she nods towards the bar, "Ishmael and Astrid set out some food and drinks. Not sure what is there other then the beer."

Rupert watches now, and he is quiet and then he sips his beer slowly, after grabbing it, and his eyes watching them, and he is next to his sister, and then he sighs slowly.

"Rupert or Augustine, are you two looking for new pack members?" Ishmael asks the two Alpha's that have spoken up so far. "If so, we've got a wealth of faces here. It would do good to get to know them some if you ever want to bring anyone in." he tells them with a smile. He wasn't pushing anyone. "Also, those that are unpacked, if you find a few more people that are like minded, try seeing if you're cohesive enough to build a foundation for a pack. We've got a lot of land to cover around here." he admits.

"Again, thank you all for coming out. I need to get going sadly." Astrid gives a smile to everyone. Then stands to move quietly over to her cousin and her brother, a few quiet words spoken to them before the raven haired woman makes an exit.

"We will talk soon, Astrid. Hang out and get coffee or something." Karina smiles at Astrid but remains put, not rising from her chair.

"My pack is a little diffrent, and we are a info pack, we gather info, and scout." Rupert's voice is soft, and then he stands slowly watching them all, and then he sips his beer."TO get into my pack is a little odd, and I have steps for those that might wish to, right now there are four of us."

Augustine paused to think on the question that was asked of him "Yes we are. My pack is big on helping others. However form that help takes. If you wish too join just ask me and will have you talk to the others. There are four of us. So simple enough just to see.

"My pack's numbers have dwindled due to there not being enemies to slay. We were a pack focused on the defense of the Border Marches and the Gauntlet itself. I am looking to replenish my ranks, should anyone be interested. For now, it's just me, though soon I think Karina plans to join."

The Shepherd listens to them and then gives a nod, "It's a start." he states. Ishmael gives a bit of a smile to everyone and then he watches Astrid head out. "I'm going to go relieve my bartender and start closing out for the night, you guys keep talking and if you run out of beer just send someone out and I'll get you some more." he tells them. "Thank you guys for doing this." he adds. With that, the Cahalith is heading for the door back to the main bar.