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Pack Fair
Dramatis Personae

Logan_2482, Waneek, Dallas, Gunnar, Roman, Kharn, Renata, Kaheya and Dragash

6 December, 2015

A meeting takes place to discuss the current affairs.


Hearthstone Lodge

Kaheya arrives carrying his guitar case. He closes the door behind himself and starts to come in but pauses when he smells someone cooking something appealing. The Mohawk doesn't see Sophie right off so he goes to the room she's been lending him in exchange for his doing handyman work, repairs and the like. A couple of minutes later Kaheya comes back to the main lobby without his guitar and without his jacket. He stops to check in at the desk to see if Sophie has left him any notes for things she needs done around the lodge.

Soon after, Kaheya's (very adorable) little sister comes in, Waneek without much of anything save for a single arrow she has brought with her, the rest of the projectiles and her bow stashed somewhere safe. The arrow is waggled in a wave of sorts when she sees her brother. "Hey. What's up?" If he doesn't look like he's paying attention a bum's rush happens and he just might wind up with her clinging to his back. "Gimme a piggyback ride," is demanded, probably something she used to do a lot when she was younger.

Whoa! Well, at least Waneek didn't rush him and jab that arrow into his butt! Kaheya drops the note he had been reading, "Hey!" He at once drops his voice, "Not in here Waneek, there are paying guests." If he can reach a hand around he'll draw Waneek where he can see her, "Something smells really good. You here for Logan's meeting?"

Entering the lodge always reminds you that this is a werewolf's territory. Normally such a thing is intended to ward away intruders but for Logan it was a means to attract the Uratha and kin. This is a safe place. A calmness fell over the lodge with its keeper's auspice dim in the night sky. The guests had mostly retreated into their rooms, uninterested in the events that were about to place behind the bed and breakfast. His shape hidden beneath a hoodie, Logan in Dalu made his way into the lobby. He pushes a food cart all the way to the outside. The cart filled with fresh kill, cooked or raw. The man smiles and says in grunts and growls, "Follow outside to Bone Orchard. Meeting soon.". With that, he begins to lead anyone who'll follow down a winding path.

Waneek rolls her eyes and looks at her brother, the arrow tucked behind her back to hide it in case a guest or whomever walks in. "Yeah. You?" Wow. Someone's feeling wordy tonight, isn't she? When Logan arrives and instructs them where to go she nods and leans in against her brother, feeling a little... nervous. She's still getting used to this life.

Kaheya turns his attention to Logan and the cart he's pushing, studying the other Uratha closely from where he stands by the check in counter. He gives the other a nod, then puts an arm around Waneek to give his kid sister a light squeeze, "You heard him, let's go." The note he picks up, refolds and stuffs into his jeans pocket before he heads on out to find this orchard.

Kharn enters the Lodge, the night biting at his skin and turning it a shade of pink. Upon entering, within a few steps he gains considerable bulk and height, his unkempt mess of hair becoming a wild mane. He catches the tail-end of Logan's short instructions and falls in with the others.

Logan winces, almost forgetting about the ward he placed on the Bone Orchard. He turns to the wolfblooded and hands her a rabbit's foot, "You will need this to enter the bone orchard. Just leave it at the main desk when you leave." A thought distracts Logan for a moment, "It is warded by a rite known as Bind Human." He says, clearing his throat and glancing to the three present, "Allows us to ward a space against humans entering or leaving it but it requires a password." Logan motions to the rabbit's foot and grins.

The grove was at the end of a winding path, secluded from prying eyes. Sitting arrangement was prepared earlier for those present. Logan pushes the food cart to a table at the front and begins to set the food down, "Eat." He says, welcoming them, "This is the Bone Orchard. Crafted by my very own hands. It is a place where we may remember our fallen Uratha and consult them should the need arise." He sighs deeply, a smile on his face. The Dalu removes the hood covering his face, savoring the freedom this place afforded him.

Waneek comes in, clutching the rabbit's foot tight. Once in the grove proper and invited to eat she sits down, leaving room at either side of her if others want to sit next to her, her brother glanced at in an unspoken invite. "Thank you," she then says to Logan, polite and quiet. This is not her home, not her 'territory' and is therefore very careful to make sure her manners are in full display. A piece of meat is picked, one that is cooked but not fully so, and is nibbled upon quietly.

Waneek has a hand on her shoulder as her brother comes out into the so called 'orchard' that doesn't seem to have any trees in it anymore. They follow Logan out and as he sees both of his fellow Uratha have changed to Dalu, Kaheya does as well. His calloused fingers grow claws upon Waneek's shoulder before he drops his hand, giving a faint nod about the rabbits' foot, "She will not forget." His tenor has dropped to a lower rumble. The Cahalith watches Waneek move to take her seat and he watches her closely to see how she's taking all of this in.

Kharn follows the Cahalith and his sister into the Bone orchard, looking around at the somber location with an amount of reverence. He nods to Logan's instructions and finds a place to sit and eat. His already gravelly voice is like boulders in a canyon as he looks at the vacant graves, "None yet. Let's keep it that way." His thicket of auburn hair parts in a grin as he tears into the prepared food.

Logan watches the wolf and kin gather and make themselves comfortable. He repeats to the newcomers, "This is a Bone Orchard. Places were our kind bury our fallen so that we can remember them or seek their advice. In the Hisil, it is a safe place. Rarely visited by hostile spirits so should your travels demand refuge, seek this place or one like it." Logan clears his throat, "The food is for you. It was hunted and prepared by me." He remains standing in front of those present, "Thank you for honoring me with this summon. The reason behind it is to discuss matters regarding packs. I had hope for more attendance but we all have busy lives. I am looking for two members to present to the totem of the Second Wind and make official the pack. I have also invited alphas of other packs so that they may do the same. I would also like to announce that I will be offering classes to discuss the Hisil, travel in and out of it, and dealing with spirits."

The feel of claws has Waneek looking at her brother, a brow arching. It is the same look she gives the others before she can think to nod, able to catch what her brother said. "Right. I won't forget. I promise." And that is a promise she intends to keep. The meat is looked at before she finishes it but she does not reach for anything else, yet, the wolfblood allowing others to take what they hunter for before she serves herself again. Logan is listened to, the subjects of spirits being of particular interest to her. The others are all looked to for visual clues as what to do, particularly Kaheya. She does not want to fuck up now.

In Dalu, Kaheya towers over Waneek as he watches to see that though she may be nervous, she doesn't panic in fear of them. He then fills a plate from the cart with meat and takes a seat beside her quietly. His attention is for Logan and what he has to say, his gaze eventually slipping to Kharn and perhaps wondering where Gunnar is this night, who should be here with them. Kaheya lightly leans against his sister briefly to reassure her before he too starts to eat, listening and watchful.

Tides-of-Blood perhaps just wanted to make an entrance, because when he arrives, he does so as a massive timber wolf. Currently Gunnar is in Urshul and stands almost the size of a horse with grey-silver fur made to blend in to the winter snow, a northern wolf. The beast pads forward slowly and with reverence to the Bone Orchard, sniffing out the scents of others who are already present and ears tall to catch their sounds.

Kharn listens to Logan and rips into leg of beast, raw, his fangs rending hunks of the flesh. Bestial emerald eyes flit to those present, one by one. A nod is offered to Kaheya, full of respect. When the pony sized Uratha makes an almost silent entrance, Kharn smirks and seems a little relieved that his fellow child of Fenris-Ur has arrived. Still silent, he continues to eat his meat.

A rather large dark grey wolf shows up with light amber eyes. He walks over to the one he knows the best. Kuthgurim. He doesn't take long to make it over there before he flops over and grumbles quietly and then glances around. He stares quietly around the group but keeps close to the other.

Dragash didn't get dropped off /right/ here naturally, so it takes him a little bit to arrive as well. He's all muttery under his breath and using his phone to light his way through the darkness. Of course he doesn't need it when he finally gets to the party space...and he stops at the fringe to look around. A brow rises as he looks from people to wolves, to...grave marker? Sure, why not; party like it's Valhalla, right? Oh, and then there's the food. He looks over at Logan with this sort of deadpan look that wonders if he's the butt of a joke or something. More muttering happens about silverware and shoes.

Logan clears his throat and explains after catching Dragash's expression, "This is a Bone Orchard, a space of remembrance and means to tap into the conscious of our fallen. The meal, like I said before, is my way of honoring my guest. The food was hunted and prepared by me." He relaxes, shaking off the nervousness brought on by all the eyes on him. "We need to discuss two things, first pack. The second wind needs two members to present before their totem, I am its alpha. Other packs have begun to emerge and I would like to propose a declaration of cooperation. I feel that when we have concluded our business with the Pure, territories will become an important topic. I wish for everyone to be on the same page when that time comes. I feel that together we can do much more than not." Logan rolls his shoulders and glances about the gathering, "I already spoke about the classes I will be holding for Uratha and wolfblooded. They will cover all things Hisil and spirit. I also want to know what concerns you have about joining second wind or any pack, about forming your own pack, about the pure, the hisil, and how we assist each other with other situations that have arise that concern you."

Dallas arrived in the Grove she was rubbing the rabbit foot she was given. Glancing around curiously at the area a bit confused and lost as to where she was at but was more interested in what was going to be happening here. This was the most casual dress she had been unless at the gym. Snug dark blue jeans tucked into a pair of black riding boots. A cream colored snug sweater beneath a black leather coat. Her long hair falling in a casual disarray around her face. She turned as she heard Logan begin to speak and listened quietly.

The massive grey-silver dire wolf gives a deeeep bass rumble of greeting to the group as his golden eyes scan over the gathering. Then he shifts slowly down into Hishu, the man coming out of the beast. Gunnar steps around to greet everybody in turn. He offers the host a hand to shake and one on his shoulder first. Then he steps around to greet Kharn, Kaheya and Waneek next. He actually clasps each one to him in a strong embrace before stepping around to place a hand on Roman-wolf's head. Finally he offers a hand to Dragash and Dallas each in greeting before turning his attention on to Logan to listen. "Good turn out." he says to the host and replies, "As you know from our previous conversations that we are forming a pack as well. We shall be a pack for War to push the Anshega out and take back the territory here and then keep the land before we can fully return to our duties patrolling the border marches." He stands near Kharn, Kaheya, and Waneek now as he continues, "We wish to cooperate, to ally because two packs will be stronger than one. We hope to encourage some to join Second Wind if they feel it will be a good fit for them."

Kaheya returns Kharn's respectful nod and then turns his attention to Gunnar's arrival, reaching out a clawed hand to lightly touch the urshul Rahu's pelt when Tides of Blood moves in to join them. The others arriving are noted and studied by the Cahalith, a plate of meat laid in his lap where he sits next to Waneek. "I'm interested in learning about the Hisil in this area, what it has become under the neglect imposed by the Anshega." Kaheya rumbles to Logan. He watches his own alpha change back into a man's form and quiets to listen while he eats.

Kharn returns Gunnar's embrace and listens to his speech. After Kaheya has said his bit, Kharn would add, "My home is right up against the border marches, I've had to send a few scouting parties back, and recently they killed one who had turned his back on the Pure and tried to come back into Luna's graces. We need to have cohesion between the two packs. I agree with Tides-of-Blood. Anyone who comes looking for a pack will find a place, whether in your pack or in ours. Together we can drive the Pure back and reclaim the region. Your classes will be invaluable. I myself am very uneducated when it comes to the Hisil."

"Sign me up for the classes as well, please." Waneek is curious about the Hisil, she'll admit that, and spirits are also of no small interest to her. Even though she's speaking to Logan she is looking at Dragash and Dallas, both of whom she nods hello to, and then she's looking forward so not to miss Logan's response to her, if there's any. Waneek also gives Gunnar a smile once she realizes he's not too far from her.

Roman leans into the hand on his head. He keeps his eyes closed and sits there watching everyone else in the area. He tilts his head and watches Gunnar carefully. He nods to his mention of a pack.

Logan nods to Gunnar, smiling when the man comes around to greet him. He grasp Gunnar's hand firmly and gives him a shake. He then shifts his attention over to Kaheya and says, "I very much welcome the curiosity. The Hisil has been abandoned and the spirit blame us, the Pure are not of a lot of concern to them so that allows them to focus their attention on us. Some spirits may forget that we are Uratha and may attack but that is our fault for not keeping tighter leash. Currently I am working on my territory but I have visited Ginger's and weekly I cast bind human to protect it from wanderers. At her request of course. Things like that will assist in bringing a balance to the Hisil." He glances to Kharn and nods as he leads his eyes to Gunnar, "Creating a Bone Orchard in your own territory and blessing it with Luna's Acre will consecrate the land and also serve greatly in the Hisil's restoration." He clears his throat and says to everyone, "The Hisil is a direct consequence of things that happen in the physical dimension. You reap what you sow is a remark that plays on very well what the Hisil is." Logan then ponders for a moment, "Another rite that you should pay mind to is the Howl of Ownership. It will allow you to officially declare a territory belonging to a pack. The rite of chosen ground will then help you morph your territory to best suite the need of your pack. Ritual casting, combat, whatever the rite is cast for." It is a long and winded speech that takes Logan a moment to regather his thoughts and respond to the others, "Cohesion is not a luxury for us, it is a necessity to survive. The classes will be open to all werewolf and wolfblooded."

"I encourage everybody to learn more of the Hisil and of dealing with the Spirits." Gunnar remarks with a tip of his head in agreement to Logan. "Along the same note, I would also like to teach those who aren't familiar with it, how to fight with our natural weapons...teeth and claws. How to work together as a pack the way wolves do. We won't always have weapons and sometimes weapons might be useless. Logan has mentioned to me that weapons that are not enchanted or with a spirit bound might be useless against Spirits. We -are- half spirit so our claws and teeth will always work. So everybody needs to learn how to use them." He peers around at the others and back to Logan, "That is part of the plan. Once we drive out the Anshega, we will nurture the land and spirits to bring everything back in balance."

Dragash finds a place slightly off to one side of the gathering where he can lean against a tree as he watches and listens. He returns any nods and gestures thrown or extended his way in similar fashion.

Offered return shake of the hand and then a smile and a waive to those around her before she slipped to the side to settle down and listen the classes sparked her attention and she shifted on the seat crossing her leg. Just listening to the chat trying to catch on to what she had missed and put pieces of things she wasn't quite she of exactly.

Kaheya finishes eating while he listens and will remain mostly quiet while the others talk plans, as well as what has transpired thus far. Once in a while he says something low to his sister or gives Roman an encouraging upnod.

Eek is finding it hard to keep up, there being too many people talking too quickly, the way the talking bounces from one person to another to another and so on leaving her baffled. Thankfully Kaheya's here. She can ask him for crib notes later when it's quieter, perhaps just the two of them.

Logan clears his throat, "To bring this meeting into completion, are there any questions for me? Demands or request. I have only until the end of this month to find the two packmates so please spread the word." He glances to those around gathered tonight, "If there are no questions for me and you wish to take the floor, feel free." He waits, if no one needs him he goes over to the food cart and picks up food. Otherwise, he remains at the front and listens.

Roman shifts into human form and then stands there glancing around. "I haven't taken... my oath and I want to learn about spirits. I want to make sure spirits know their place. Pay back the ones doing good or bad... Give what you get. Hunt down the one that hurt my family and help the ones that help us." He sighs quietly and shakes his head. "Sorry."

"We will be forming our pack by the end of the month as well." Gunnar notes to the others gathered as he nods to Logan when he finishes. "We have some numbers and that is great. What we are missing and it seems the local area in general, is Elodoth...we have all of the other Auspices and perhaps an Elodoth. But by my count we have eight or more. So if you know others, or even if anybody does wish to join Logan's pack." As Kharn and Kaheya leave, the big Dane steps over to stand next to Waneek. "You doing okay? Catching it all?" Then Roman comments and it reminds him, "There are some like Roman here that are freshly changed and still need guidance and instruction."

Dragash raises a brow slightly when the last call for questions is...um...called...and looks about as people speak up, but he just listens for now. Questions not included.

A hand is lifted and see-sawed side to side, Waneek's way of saying 'so-so' without coming out and saying such. "I'll get with you or my brother later and I can get filled in then." Suddenly self-conscious, the wolfblood looks at the ones she doesn't know, her face flushed slightly. Introductions will wait, too, as those are also something best taken care of in small groups if possible.

Logan shakes his head, "No need to apologies. Justice is an inherit right." He lowers his head for a moment, "In regards to the oath, do not feel the pressure to do so but if you wish, we as a community can perform the rite of Initiation and bring you into the fold of whatever tribe you wish." He glances to Gunnar, "This applies to the others. It would be my honor to initiate a new generation of Uratha." He shifts to the group, "Gunnar's pack is healthy but do not let the numbers persuade you against joining it. Likewise, do not let the lack of members in the Second Wind be the reason why you join the pack. A wolf is stronger in a pack than alone but still who they surround themselves with is a very important decision. Make it because it is in your best interest. No matter the choice you make, you will be fighting the good fight." Logan nods and attempts to finish up his thought, "To the wolfblooded present, there is a place for you in this lodge. No matter if you are claimed or not, or what pack you are claimed to. My invitation extends to you, your family, Uratha and Warden alike."

Dallas made an adjustment her ears perked just a bit at t he last bit of Logan speech. She was thinking a moment about what that meant as she gave a simple nod in agreement. There was a lot spoken today.

Dragash will be damned if he came ALL THE WAY out here and didn't eat SOMETHING, so as it dies down he meanders over to the food and looks for something that won't be too messy to eat with a knife and fork.

Logan is given thanks from Waneek in the form of an appreciative smile and a nod but she otherwise remains quiet. She is tired and overwhelmed and is soon just sitting there, catatonic.

Logan has been speaking to the group about the hospitality of the lodge. Showing them that any werewolf and their family is welcomed to stay in this remote bed and breakfast for free if they help out or very cheap if they just wish to be left alone. They spoke about the need for two packmates for the Second Wind before the end of this month or else their totem is lost. He spoke about holding classes regularly to discuss the Hisil, spirits, and rites. Finally, they spoke about working together to restore the Hisil by taking care of their territory using rites like Luna's Acre, Howl of Ownership, putting up a Bone Orchard, and the likes. The giant Dalu nods, agreeing with everything said, "I do not have the luxury of limiting membership to my pack but I would like for us to one day be regarded as the subject matter expert when it comes to moving in and out of the Hisil and dealing with spirit. I think this way we can support the other packs, like Gunnar's who specialize in physical combat." Gunnar also mentioned having classes to learn how to fight with tooth and claw.

Roman lifts a brow. "Gunnar has been talking to me about pack... nothing officially because... I assume not oath but it's the closest to a pack offer I have." He sighs again and then goes quiet. "Never mind." He turns and moves away from the wolves. "I do not know why I am here."

Nodding to Logan, the big Dane adds, "Yes, make sure the pack you pick is the one that is best for you. Make sure it is a strong fit." He glances around at the others and Gunnar says, "Regardless of pack, we are all a community. We are all here to help each other and flourish. If any need my help, you have but ask and I will do everything in my power to help. If you need a job, a place to stay, food, teaching, anything...if I can't provide it, I will find somebody who can. No Uratha or Wolf blood will be left to need." He gives a nod to Logan again as he speaks. When the younger Uratha moves away, the Dane calls out to him, "Roman...come stand with me. You are here because you are one of us. You are family."

Renata is late, not out of fashion but out of employment. She's still wearing her civilian CSU ID-badge when she manages to come around the back of the lodge and into the orchard itself. She plucks the plastic off of her jacket and shoves it into the pocket along with her thin-fingered hands to keep them warm in the chill of the Maine evening. No, she's not quite acclimated yet and her bright red nose shows it off.

Logan nods, "It is simply an invitation Roman. The decision lies in you. You know full well I do not have to extend an invitation to you. Even when you were a wolfblooded because it goes without saying, that where ever I am, you too are welcome brother. Whatever choice you make, the Second Wind's totem won't be denied to you." He clears his throat, "You are here because you are among family, and this are family matters." Logan nods in agreement with Gunnar. A silence takes over him as he falls deep in thought only to be interrupted by the giant himself, "I was away. I apologies. It was a necessary thing. Now I am here so let us take care of business." He raises his attention to Renata and nods.

Roman turns to the other man and frowns. There is a simmering anger that flashes behind his eyes and he doesn't move over towards the Dane. He stays off by himself and he sits right there. He glances away from the group and keeps them away. Whatever he's thinking or feeling, he doesn't feel apt to sharing it apparently.

Dragash blinks and looks over at Roman, slightly confused at the other man, but lets others handle it that know him better. Or at all. He remains standing at the food table/cart/thing, munching on a small slice of meat and goes back to watching people.

Dallas moved to stand up and made her way to where the food was set up she quietly made her a small plate and then began to look around as she nibbled at her food.

"Hey," Renata says as she waves, her voice quiet and almost as small as she, "sorry I'm late. Work. I had.. there was ... yeah, work." She bites her lip and gives a shiver - completely oblivious to the tension building between several of the others.

Gunnar watches Roman for a moment, but just tips his head and leaves the younger Uratha alone since he wishes it. "I propose another meeting. A gathering less for business and more for getting to know each other, for camaraderie. A bonfire, drink, food, fighting, and hunting." the Dane states to everybody as he crosses arms over his broad chest. He glances over to the new arrival, giving Renata a nod of greeting. "So we can all learn more about each other in a relaxed environment."

Logan studies Roman for a moment, before turning to Renata and nodding. "Welcome aboard, you are not late." Logan then turns to acknowledge Gunnar's request, "I agree. The lodge's communal area has plenty of comfortable sitting, a bar, and a fire. At any time, if you wish to avoid the business of the bar, you are welcome. I am usually there."

The young wolf lets himself simmer as he shifts back into wolf form and curls up. Apparently he's completely done talking for tonight. He brings his tail over his nose and puts his back to everyone else whose there.

Dragash smiles a tiny bit at the semi-cute scene and looks over at Dallas when she also moves to get some food. "A social sounds like a capital idea. Always in favor of more parties," he says more to the suggestion made by the two pack leaders.

Turned to look at Dragash and offered a smile as she got something to eat taking it in and nibbling at some of the food she was eating. "More parties?"S he said turning to glance at Logan and Gunnar.

Logan nods with a chuckle, grabbing his food and taking a seat. "Pretty much all we do here." He says proudly.

A chuckle comes from Gunnar and he gives a slight nod of his head, "If it brings us closer together, then I am happy for it. Parties are good at that. A night of revalry." The big Dane grins at Dallas and nods, "Nice to see you made it." He lays a hand on Waneek's shoulder a moment as she sits there trying to take it all in still. He steps around to Logan then and places a hand on his shoulder, "Who do you have so far for the pack, brother? You have at least your two requisite?"

Renata settles into the background of things, herself, a quiet figure observing relationships and interactions. The wolf shifting and turning to ignore everyone does get her attention, but she doesn't intrude upon his space. She does, after a few moments of awkwardly standing in one place, move to the food wagon and help herself to some cooked bits of stuff.

Offering a warm smile to Gunnar "I am glad I was able to make it. I should have brought something for the function.' She said with a warm smile "Ohh maybe I can help set up the next event? Or Party.. The Holidays are coming up and I would love to help with anything I can." She said as she took another bite of her food. She made her way over to Renata with a warm smile "I am sure I have seen you a few times. At the Station when I was going to interview people. You just transferred in?" She said offering a hand to her "My Name is Dallas Cavanaugh."

Logan shakes his head, "I have everything but the two members. We had secured a totem, the territory..." He says motioning to the surroundings, "And an alpha. Once I have two members who I can present to the totem. I'll be good to go." He smiles to Dallas and says, "The more help the better, drop by and speak with Sophie. She'll find something for you to do." The large man clears his throat, "If that is all, I have to tend to the front desk but you are welcome to mingle or stay the night. See me at the desk for your room key. If you wish to see the communal area, feel free to do that to. I can tend the bar."

"Hm?" Renata looks up at Dallas and then offers her an awkward smile. "Oh. Probably. I don't know. I'm Renata Hawthorne, CSI. I just transferred from Nevada. Reno." And though she does put off all the right vibes for a werewolf - a preternatural predatory nature and the right pheromones and spiritual heebeejeebie, she's quite withdrawn and awkward at the same time.

Roman growls as he stands on all fours and then takes off into the darkness weaving his way out and away from everyone. /No/ Then he's just gone. He's gone by shadow, how he arrived.

Dallas says, "Sounds great Logan. Let me give you my card and you can have Sophie give my office a call. And we can start to plan something for the holidays." She said reaching into her back pocket and handed him a card. "Thank you for the evening Logan. I am very interested in speaking with you later regarding those classes."

Logan raises his shoulder, fixing his glare on the wolf. A nose crunches and his lips curls. His eyes follow him as Roman vanishes. It then turns to Dallas, taking her card and reading it for a moment before responding, "Thank you. I will let her know." A sigh escapes him and he relaxes his posture, "That is very good. I am very approachable so simply drop by and ask. When I have a class you will be alerted."

Dragash's attention has also been on the interactions between the wolfy types over yonder, and just when he thought things might at least not get worse...he blinks and peers at Logan. "Is he, like...really, REALLY, unbelievably mad at you, Logan?"

"Well we'll make sure you get them." the Dane tells Logan with a nod of his head. He steps over to the cart to get himself something to eat. "He was upset when I found him." Gunnar notes with a shake of his head. "He first changed alone and spend a while without anybody so he had to deal with it all by himself." he says to Logan and Dragash with a shrug of his shoulders. He smiles to Dallas, "Of course you can help. The more help the better."

Dallas says, "I plan on doing a lot of helping.' She said with a nod to Gunnar and then she offered a smile to Renata. "Welcome to Fallcoast Renata." She said with a smile She spotted him making his plate and she offered a shake of her head "I can do it while you talk." She said as she took over making his plate piling it high with food and handing it back to him."

"But we are not creatures meant to be alone," Renata injects into the conversation, looking up from Dallas after a brief smile at the welcome. "Lone wolves are dangerous, and those that felt as if they were driven out can be even more so." She looks back toward where the wolf disappeared into the shadows and then back to the group at large. "No wolf should be alone for long. Even in death, we should not be alone."

"I cannot agree with that." Gunnar states with a shake of his head to Logan. "As long as I have breath none will die alone if it can be helped. If nobody else will be there, then I will when they go on." he says and then gives a nod to Renata in agreement. "Some of us did not know about our lineage, about the wolf blood in us. He did. Yet he still firsted alone. I do not fault you with that, brother. I am just trying to help bring understanding to why he is upset. He is Rahu and he is young. His anger is still like an untempered blade, raw with potential but not refined."

Dragash blinks and scratches at his chin after finishing a bit food. "Um...I mean, not to play Devil's Advocate, but being a lone wolf is not in and of itself a /bad/ thing. It can be, sure, but it's all in the way you handle it. I'm not advocating it, understand, just...saying."

Logan nods to Renata and Gunnar, "In life sure, no wolf should be alone but..." He clears his throat and fixes his gaze on the Bone Shadow, "As you know, in death we are alone whether that should be or not the case. Reality is not a sentimental creature. Death is a very personal journey, like the first change. It is not one you do in the company of others. The transition from living to dead, sure. That is why I have this Bone Orchard. That is the purpose of why I learned the funeral rite. To help in the transition but beyond that, it is a trip one makes alone. Always has been, always will be." He lowers his head, "I do not pity Roman for having his first change alone. Or feel insulted by his anger. The only emotion I hold towards it is pride. If he did not have the making a great uratha he would not have survived for as long as he did. He does not need nurture, even if he think so. What he needs is purpose and that only he can find for himself. I am here now with answers but he must first have the questions and that is all that matters."

As he listens to Logan, the big Dane gives a slight nod and grunt. When Dallas gives him a prepared plate, Gunnar smiles down at her and offers his thanks. He takes the plate and sits down to begin eating as he observes the others now. He eats mostly with his fingers, picking at the meat and devouring it. He lets the others talk for now. He has said pretty much all he intended to say.

"I will agree to disagree with you on the matter of the afterlife," Renata says with a tilt of her head forward. Her hair, thin as it is, falls into her face when she does so. "Thank you for your hospitality, even if I haven't been here to take full advantage of it."

Dragash clears his throat and adds, "And on that note, I think I'm gonna jet before I start another argument. Gentlemen, good to meet you. Ladies, it was a pleasure. If anyone needs me, you know where to find me." He smiles and offers bows to the gathering before stepping back and pulling out his phone to help light his way back to the street.

Logan reads perhaps too much into the big Dane's silent response. It warrants a respectful nod from him to Gunnar, the alpha has stood by him since they met. Any insecurities or lack of confidence are done away with through the manner in which Gunnar has treated Logan. He liked that. Logan bows his head to Renata, "You are the subject matter expert when it comes to death. Are you not? I only speak because of observation but I will take your word for it and agree I am wrong." Turning to Dragash, Logan smiles and waves, "Take care doctor."