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Ogre Birthday
Dramatis Personae

Wendell Goldman, Regan, Tara, Stig, Lucian, Hawker, and Isrieal

12 February, 2017

It's Wendell's birthday! Twister is played.


Pay It Forward Pizzeria

Wendell has rented out part of the local pizzeria for his super special birthday! He's got a giant stack of pizza boxes. Pepperoni, Sausage, Supreme, Hawaiian, cheese vegetarian--even some odd ones like tuna and onion. He's also got 3 ice cream cakes and one of three giant bulk-buy boxes of frosty chocolate cupcakes. There is a cooler full of all kinds of beer and soda, and a pair of pitchers of both lemonade and beer. Wendell also does vigorously encourage people to bring their own food. He's got a table set aside for that. No such thing as too much food at a Wendell party after all! Of course he has decorated his austentatious birthday display with festive baloons, cakes with sparklers, a big cheery Happy Birthday banner. There's a number of chairs and tables that are currently empty. Wendell is sitting with a little party hat with a party horn in his mouth that he puffs on. Wendell is dressed in a green blazer with a pair of black slacks because he has to look proper on his special day. The Wendell eyes the door hopefully.

Regan arrives with Lucian. She's either overdressed or charmingly dressed, for as she removes her warm feminine overcoat, she reveals a black dress with a short skirt that flares prettily around her slim stocking clad legs. the collar is high and white cuffs and a white collar peak out the top. Her hair, however, is messy. Seeing Wendell, she steps light over to him and leans over to give him a continental kiss hello. "Happy birthday, sport," she says. She's still not sure what to make of the guy, and this party-- well, actually it does kind of fit. From under her arm she pulls a box, nicely wrapped in clown wrapping paper, and she sets it beside him. Lucian follows at Regan's side, dressed in jeans and a battered leather jacket. He is frowning deeply as he enters, then smoothes his expression to something a bit more befitting a party. He gives a wry asmile and nod to the party-thrower, but remains a few steps behind, clearly mostly here as Regan's company rather than having much of a connection to the goings-on. Stig comes in by pressing his back against the door. He's bundled up against the cold and is holding a catering-size aluminum tub in his gloved hands. He turns about to face the room, letting the door close behind him. "I was told to bring some food." he says through his muffling scarf. Anyone with a sensitive nose will smell spicy barbcue steaming from the container. He goes to lok for a place to put it down. "I know you like pastries, man." he tells Wendell, "But I thought some ribs would be more nourishing. He sets the container down and pulls the scarf from his face showing a happy smile. "Hi Isri!" he says, spotting his new friend. Hawker -loves- parties..even when they aren't coke fueled affairs of debauchery. He'll have a party hat on before he gets there...and a box of those pop gun things that shoot streamers out! Also a -crockpot- full of home made venison and sausage meatballs in rich bbq sauce to put on the table! "Wendell!" He says..because Wendell is easy to find, and he'll saunter over and pull an envelope out of his coat pocket. A nice few hundred dollar gift card for a local sporting good store, and one of those derpy puppy birthday cards in it! Tara comes in to the party dressed up with in a blue dress that is cut with a v-neck not showing much cleavage. It slims down to her waist and goes a bit past the knee when she stands and a pair of heels on her feet. She takes off her leather trechcoat that was kinda baggy. Then is carrying a tray full of wings from the Six feet under bar with a bow on them and hands them to Wendel has she is right next to him. "Here, is your second b-day gift I know you love the wings Dear so, I wen to all the hassel to make you some feel free to share them. Happy- birthday Wendell. "

As more people come in, bring trays heaped with food, Regan eyes the box she gave Wendell. Smallish, square, inadequate... She taps Lucian with her hand to urge him to follow her, finding a table for the pair to hang out at. her face is a little bleak. As she slides into a booth, she rakes her fingers through her messy hair, pushing it back from her temple and cheeks.

Wendell beams and puts the presents on the table. "Oh hey thanks!" He gives Lucian he narrows his eyes at Stig, not sure what to make of it but he smells all the food smells and his eyes seem to focus on them. "Ooooh I love ribs! And meats! Thank you!" Wendell grins widely. He looks over to the back. "Oh yus. I promised a game! I brought a twister mat! As well as some quiz cards. Yes thank you thank you for coming to my birthday!" He grabs all the foods and presents and puts them on the table. He nods to Tara. "Oh good! You remembered I like your wings!" Wendell chuckles. "Yus. Thank you all for coming very very much! Make yourselves nice and comfy. Plenty of foods to go around. You know how I dislike it when we go hungry." Hawker grins broadly at Wendell before going to settle in to snag up some pizza after dutifully making sure any food brought in and put down is hooked up if it needs to be..and securing serving ware for it. "I was going to help pay for the pizza..but you beat me to the punch Wendell!" Oh hey..orange soda? Yes..yes Hawker when not on a bender does like Orange Soda..and pepperoni pizza. Wendell may be fluffy cutesy compared to her but he is one of the first he ran into and she still has half a heart. She brings him a big white cupcake with sprinkles and a little box that is a tiny keychain of himself. She sets it with the others and for the moment glances around, to the others like her she has black voids for eyes and her dress appears shredded from behind, dipping into the vacant hole in her back, just as hollow and empty aside from her ribcage. Lucian follows Regan over to the table, glancing around for a moment before focusing his attention on her again. "If, you know... I realize there's not much I can offer under the circumstances, but if I can help in any way..." Tara chuckles "Yeah, I never forget. " She looks about to the people at the party and smiles . "Nice to meet everyone I am Tara. " Stig sits down and rummages through his messanger bag taking out some kind of tablet. He checks in to Facebook. He looks up after a few moments at Hawker with a skeptical frown. Wendell grins to Isrieal. "Hey! I almost didn't figure you'd show!" Wendell nods to Hawker. "Yeah well no problem. I've been setting this up for the better part of the weekend!" Wendell crams about 3 pizza slices into his mouth at the same time. "So happy you could all make it. See many friendly faces here. Some old and some new. Yes. Great birthday!" He beams. He narrows his eyes inquisitively at the pair of Regan and Lucian and tilts his head Isrieal nods to Wendell. "Yes, Happy Birthday." She tells him while standing there, looking a tad lost in so many people. She is fairly self concious around other changelings. The blood tears that drip from her vacant eyes don't exactly make her seem the most welcoming, and the fearful aura that her mien gives off doesn't help matters much either. She carefully finds herself inching back to a more open area.

Regan has begun chatting with Lucian at the table, over a couple of beers. Every once in a while her eyes roam, and when she glances at Wendell stuffing his face and looking cheerful, she can't help but break a small smile. Tara walks over towards the table where all the food is and begins To get some pizza and then some wings and then some ribs on her plate. One might wonder where is this beautiful lady finding room for all this. She goes over and sits down at a table. Hawker can give Stig odd looks right back! See? He can! He's also going to start wolfing down pizza and orange soda. Obviously Wendell approves of pizza consumption..and who really doesn't!? Stig puts away his tablet and goes to get a few wings. He watches Wendell covertly, finding the young man amusing. He walks over to him. "So how old are you, man?" he asks the celebrant. Wendell strokes his chin. "Hrm it usually isn't polite to ask people their age but this is a birthday! And how can you tell which birthday it is otherwise." Wendell extends his fingers as if briefly contemplating something. "Uhhhhh well I was born in the 90s sooooo...27! Yes. Big 27!" Wendell beams. "Yus. Most people assume younger. It's probably my high energy and young face!" Isrieal watches people interact with Wendell, its always weird wondering how they see him. Certainly not as the beast that she does. She leans against the wall and glances over to spot Hawker. Someone she knows at least. She raises her hand some. Hawker upnods to Izzy and blows her a kiss, to see what she does with this one. "Hey FizzyPop!" he calls out with a wink before listening in on how old Wendell is. Well..not much younger then him..! Tara is busy at the table stuffing the pizza in her mouth eating like she hasn't eaten in a bit. But, then after she gets done she looks over towards all the action. Isrieal doesnt do a thing, some crowds shes just downright nervous in. "Oh, yeah hey." She says and scoots a little closer his direction. "No scientists here huh?" She jokes with a nervous laugh. He's older then her, but then again she put a halt on the aging factor recently. Wendell decides it's time to increase his eating efficiency. He puts some of the meatballs on the pizza slices and wraps them around the ribs. Enabling him to slide it all off the bone, which he does about 3 times. Meanwhile seeing as there's somewhat of a lull, he turns on some music. He fiddles around the jukebox. "Uh...what kindsa music you guys like again?" Tara grins "Anything that we can maybe dance to, groove to. I guess. " Hawker rolls his eyes a bit at Izzy..now why is she nervous? But Wendell is asking about music. "Any thing but rap man..any thing but rap.." he says and keeps an eye on Izzy and Stig! If Hawker could see her world he would understand why possibly. She spots Tara at the table then and dips her head in greeting, thank god she can't see those blood tears that spill out. Though she does give off the vibe of a Torn to this girl. "Hey." Stig's cellphone rings and after looking at the display he moves to a quiet corner to take the call. His back is to the room and he can't really be heard well but his tone is serious.

the look Regan returns Lucian is kind of sharp too. But it doesn't last. Her expression mellows, though remains somber. "My life's a fucking gothic novel," she says, a note of strange humor in her tone despite the somber look. "It's maudlin. It's a bad fucking soap opera." She leans back a little. "That cat deserves like...I don't know. Good shit. I'm not good shit. I can't even take him home because I'm worried about how my lover will react, you know?" She squints and takes another drink of beer. "I'm not down on myself, man. I'm wicked cool. But I'm also realistic." Wendell looks over at the jukebox offeerings and runs his fingers over the offerings. "Hmmm dancing music, dancing music eh? OH!" Wendell pushes a button for an upbeat David Bowie song. "Yes. That's dancing music! Hurray!" He almost does a mini happydance. He looks over at Regan and Lucian again. "Is.....anything wrong? I mean you know, if there is I'll help in any way I can!" Wendell pours himself a shandy to go with the ever increasing stack of food on his plate. Stig comes back and gets his bag. "Fire on Wycross street. They're dispatching the whole team." he explains to Wendell. He did tell the man he was a paramedic, right? "Happy birthday! I'll come by later if its not too late." He heads for the door. Wendell gives Stig a wave. "Goodbye! Thanks for coming! I'm sure it's for the best if it's a big big emergency." Wendell crams a pizza slice in his mouth and gives Stig a thumbs up on his way out. Regan glances at Wendell, a little surrpised, but she smiles. "Hey, no it's cool. Sorry, didn't mean to bring bad vibes to your party. Kind of had a weird weekend." She puts a hand to the back of her neck, slightly sheepish. "Wicked. Bowie." And she means it. Ahh, Bowie....

She turns back toi Lucian and shrugs with a crooked smile. Hawker watches Regan..if Regan approves of music..it must be good right? She also totally ignored him..so he huffs! "Well Izzy..are you going to give the birthday boy a dance and his -twenty seven- spankings?" Isrieal looks to Hawker with wide eyes, that others cant see. "Hawker!" She hisses through her teeth while glancing to Wendell. He has /no/ idea what Wendell looks like to her. "No way. No." She shakes her head. "They don't do that here." Wendell furrows his brow. "Spankings? I never heard anything about spankings." He looks over at Isrieal and grins as if they're sharing a little inside joke. "Yeah uh this isn't that kinda place but hey feel free to do whatever besides that. This place is mostly rented out!" Wendell smirks. "Well I'm glad everyone approves. But hey no need to go sneaking around me." Hawker sticks his tongue out at Izzy when she says that. "It's some old birthday thing..I think it's more used on kids playfully. But hey..Izzy should still give you a slow dance!" He insists. Tara looks ovder to Izzy and then to Hawker and smiles "Or Izzy and I both can give him a slow dance. What do you say Wendell?" Isrieal looks between Hawker and Tara and shakes her head. "No, no." Slow dance that big fuzzy beast?! "Yeah, don't worry about those spankings Wendell. I'm sure you wouldn't feel them anyway." Wendell shrugs. "Uh I mean....I'm sure a guy like Hawker would appreciate that kinda thing but I'm not a guy like Hawker." Wendell rubs the back of his neck and chuckles. "Don't mean to be a buzzkill. But hey anyone wanna play Twister with me? It's maybe the next best thing!"

Hawker almost spits up his soda..almost. He didn't expect Wendell to say that! "Twister? Now..that might be interesting!" Indeed...since he might end up the first one to fall over by the basis he's the tallest!

Isrieals relieved but the Twister has her sighing. "You all go play." She shoos them. Yeah she's not in the mood to play Twister and end up with someones hand inside her back. Whoever got her to come here owes her, and it might just be herself.

Wendell grins. "Alright so what, just me and Hawker playing Twister?" Wendell chuckles. "Oh I'm sure one of us would fall on our butts pretty quick but I guess I'm up for a short game...."

Regan sits up at the table where she's been talking to Lucian. "Twister? Why the fuck not."

Hawker looks over at Regan and grins..he moves to take off his coat..because it's not good for these sort of games and looks over at Wendell. "Well! Shall we?"

Tara grins and smiles "Lets play twister. "

"Okay! I'll start!" Wendell chugs down some of his beer. "Yus. Party games are more fun with beer!" Wendell gets the dial and spins it. "Okay! Left foot yellow for me!" Wendell takes off his shoes and then puts his big left foot on yellow. He puts the left foot on the yellow spot with great skill!

Lucian grimaces faintly "Yeah, not the right mindset for twister right now I think. Least with people I don't know. You have fun. I should probably check on the little hellspawn anyway."

Tara says, “Alright, here goes me next. " Tara drinks some of her beer and well tries it. However she puts her left hand on yellow and loses her balance.”

Regan slides from the booth, and pauses looking at Lucian. "Thanks for coming to hang out. Thanks for looking after him. Thanks for...everything. I'll coem by later, yeah?" She grins a little at Lucian and draws a breath. Twister is just one more good way to get fucked. They did say it was Twister with shots right? She heads to the mat as Wendell strikes a pose. "Bye now!" Wendell calls out as he balances on his left foot. "Thanks for coming!"

Everyones distracted with the game so this gives Izzy the perfect opportunity to slip her darkling ass back out into the night. Hoping Wendell likes his cupcake and little white ogre keychain later.

Regan is not quite drunk enough. She grabs a beer on the way over and has to take a moment to slip off her boots before she's ready. Finally, she puts a black stockinged foot on green and takes a drink of beer.

Hawker is surprisingly Agile given he's also possibly the largest man in the room. Left blue foot..he balances and grins at Regan. "I should have made Jello Shots if I knew we'd be doing this..!" He says...he might end up falling on some one though!

Wendell perks. "Jello shots?!" Wendell seems startled and excited by this fact. He hasn't heard of jello shots before. Of course this excitement causes Wendell to fumble and land flat on his face when he tries to put his right hand on yellow which is getting pretty crowded by the way. "Aw man!" And then there were two....

"If you fall on me just make sure you keep it in your pants," Regan replies to Hawker with an arch grin. And after seeing how much food Wendell put away, she adds, "And try not to fall on me anyway." Wendell then of course does actually fall. "Geeze man you didn't even get twisty yet. Ok, gimme the spinny thing."

Regan leans over as the spinner is offered and gives it a powerful flick with her thumb and index finger. The spinner rips around the wheel and lands on...left foot green. She glances at her feet. "Only got one left foot," she notes, so she spins again and...Right foot green. "Yeah ok, cool," she says, and she puts her right foot next to her left foot. Ooo, complicated. She takes a swig of beer and--

Hawker waits for his turn..because this is twister..and he's already snickering at Wendell..right until he tries to reach over to Left blue with his hand..and sort of keels over onto Regan and Wendell! "This game is rigged against tall people!"

Standing with one foot on green and the other foot on the next green, Regan watches hawker fall and she shoots both hands into the air. "Wooo! hell yeah." Her beer sloshes a little to splatter on the fallen Hawker as he lays across her feet. "I win at LIFE," she announces.

Wendell chuckles and rolls away from the mat. "Life? Uh I wouldn't know about that! But hey it's time for cake and presents! Hurray!" Wendell claps his hands together and hops to his feet and starts carving himself some ice cream cake. "Well congratulations Twister winner!"

Hawker grunts a bit at Regan spilling beer on him before standing up to gently pat her on the head. Take that. "Cake? Sure..sure!" Sugar is good yes? Still he sticks his tongue out at Regan! "Next game maybe I'll beat you!"

"Awesome," Regan replies, leaving the mat behind. She follows Wendell to the table, which is no doubt already a mess from people eating. But she seems content with the beer. "Only if you get me thoroughly stoned first," she tells Hawker. "Actually I couldn't have done anything athletic. Kinda got hut in the fire. Shit fell on me." She takes another swig.

Wendell crams a big cake slice into his mouth. "Hey thanks for coming guys!" He says with his mouth still sort of full. He licks his lips. "This is maybe even better than last year's birthday!" Wendell beams. "But it's hard to say! This one had games but last year was great too." Wendell strokes his chin. "Yes. Last couple birthdays here have been very very special."

Tara has still been here but after failing her first try she sat out and watched.

Hawker shoots a glance at Regan when she mentions more drug use and rolls his eyes a bit..unlike Wendell..he doesn't shove whole pieces of cake in his mouth. "Hey..I haven't played Twister in years!"

Regan bemusedly watches Wendell eat...how did he get that entire piece in his mouth? "Dude, you're like Pacman," she says. "By the way did you get sick from that diner food? Sorry I haven't gotten back there with you. Had two papers in class." She smiles a little. It's hard not to smile around Wendell, she's finding. "They play it at frat parties sometimes, just an excuse to...uh..." She decides against finishing her sentence. Wendell chuckles. "Yeah I heard that comparison. As for the diner the good thing is I stopped before I realized what I was doing." He waves his hand. "Oh that's okay. We all get busy and stuff sometimes." He narrows his eyes at the two for a moment before getting back to eating ice cream cake.

Hawker glances over at Tara..back at Wendell and Regan. "Well maybe you should play Twister again..with uh Tara..who isn't to big for it." Like he is!

Tara smiles.. "I suck at twister.. But, I mean I could. If I only had some uh.. stuff. "

Wendell shakes his head. "Can't. Eating." Wendell says quite curtly as he starts to pick up on shovelling ice cream cake in at a rate most people would probably think unnatural or something. He licks his lips and sits down with his cake plate. "Ya no it's a tiring day. Tiring week. Tiring, but fun!"

"yeah like I said, it'd be pretty...painful if I actually fell," Regan says. She has been moving a little funny, including sitting and standing up from the booth. But she does sit down now and puts her stockinged feet up on another chair.

She stares at Wendell.

"So Hawker, you're like, everywhere," she notes.

Tara grins "I don't beleive I have officslly met hawker WEndell. " Hawker rolls his shoulders a bit at Regan's comment. "So? Wendell invited me..so I brought some bbq meatballs and like..there was pizza and beer..and I figured why not! Sides I got him a giftcard for a sporting good store. I figure he can buy some thing fun to use in summer!" he says and grins at Tara and Wendell. "So do you need help after the fire you keep bringing up?"

The partiers just finished a twister game and Wendell has moved on to devouring a cake. Wendell chuckles.. "Oh thanks for that! Yeah uh, Hawker I figured he knew some people I did when we met at the coffee shop." He furrows his brow. "Fire you say?"

Regan shakes her head at Hawker. "No it's cool. Hey I only mentioned it once didn't I? My boss-- I mean my boss from my other job, his lab burned to the ground. I actually was living there. Managed to get what mattered out. It's just kind of...stressful." She directs her eyes to the table, then picks up a plastic fork and shaves some icing off the side of the cake. Sugar lard and beer for supper. "Was all over the news."

Hawker doesn't apparently keep up on the news it seems. "Well uh..if you need a job..come work for me at the Dispensery?" he offers and glances over at Wendell. "I feel dumb for not really watcing the news now.."

Tara looks to Wendell and goes to hug the big guy. "Later Wendell come by sometime altrihgt. I gotta run. Wendell chuckles. "Alrighty. I will see you later then!" Wendell gives her a wave. "Yeah I don't watch the news that much. I'm kinda out of the way but I got a smart phone and stuff."

Stig returns early from his call and goes to see if there is any food left. "How's the birthday boy doing?" he asks Wendel. His clothing smells of burned timber.

Regan is seated at the table with Wendell, stockinged feet in a chair. She has a fork full of cake icing in one hand, a beer in the other. The smell of smoke has her sniff slowly and glance up at Stig. "Yeah," is all she says further to Hawker and Wendell. "News sucks." She licks icing from the fork.

Hawker actually looks worried..or upset bad things happened to Regan. "Well..come by, we'll see if I can't get you a safer job working in a place selling weed or some thing." He says and looks up at Stig..peculiar smell is peculiar ! "Same man...I rely way to much on my smart phone it seems!" Wendell gives Stig a thumbs up. "I'm doing good! I got ice cream cake and I haven't been grievously injured recently so I figure that's about as much as I can ask for these days. I'm usually pretty content as long as I get all the good foods." He grins and shovels more ice cream cake into his maw.

Stig shakes his head and laughs. "I'm surrounded by the obscenely self-indulgent." He makes a plate for himself. "No salad?" he asks. He also takes a seat with the others after grabbing a soda. To Regan he says, "Hi. I'm Stig Sorenson."

Regan has another, longer look at Stig. he seems a little familiar but for the moment she can't place him. "Regan," she tells him after a head to tow examination, taking her time, slowly gnawing icing off the fork as she does. After a moment she licks her lips. "Yeah, where do you think all that food goes? He's like a black hole."

Wendell tilts his head. "What's a sa-lad?" His eyes narrow. "Uh well that's sorta what I'm mostly about so yeah. It's to be expected." Wendell chuckles. "Well yeah lemme know if I can do anything about yer problem. You know. As long as it don't involve strange and terrible foods."

"It's fine, guys, thanks," Regan says with a faint smile. The game of twister took all the mirth she could scrap out of her chilly arteries. "'Sa-lud' is like, lettuce and tomatoes and maybe a crouton. Girls and rabbits and apparently tall blonde angelic firemen eat them to keep their figures." She finishes off her beer. That's two. "It's cool Hawker, thanks. I work with this guy (gesturing to Wendell) at gabriel Group and Mr. Silva has insurance."

Hawker is absorbing details..if not how Wendell can eat so much. "Just offering..and Salad is way to healthy man. When presented with ribs..meatballs..and pizza..who needs Salad?" Indeed!

Stig glances at Regan, bewildered at the description of him. He lets out a shirt laugh and then is distracted by Hawker. "You need salad. You can't get all your nutrients from meat, bread, and french fries. And you need exercise, not sex and drugs and alcohol. ... wait, scratch the sex remark. Sex is awesome." He shakes his fist at Hawker but doesn't have his heart in being mean at the moment.

Wendell chuckles. "I work at the docks. I gotta unwind somehow if you know what I mean. It's the main way I have fun. After all. Nobody's perfect." Wendell furrows his brow and then stares off into the distance. "Gotta set some limits though. You can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat...."

Regan barks a laugh at Stig's latter statement. "Oh god, you can totally survive on that stuff," she retorts. "Case in point." Apparently she's the case in point. "And lo mein. There's like...shredded cabbage and carrots in that." And then Wendell has her laughing, brightening in an almost transformative manner. "HOW can you have PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT!" She leans forward and props her elbow on the table, then her fist against the side of her head. "So 27 huh? how'd you make it to 27 and you're still so cheerful? What's your secret Pac-Man?"

Hawker can not believe people are pulling out Floyd..he's also grinning at Stig. "I'm damn near a pure carnivore and look at how Healthy I am!" Even -before- he sort of cheated being healthy...he was! "Though I have several businesses that require alot of running around..and working at Sea keeps you safe." He murmurs, going to secure meatballs and pizza...and a cherry soda!

Wendell shrugs. "I mean I ain't always so cheerful but you know, I try to just take it one day at a time. My life hasn't been perfect. I survived a lotta stuff I probably shouldn't have been able to. One part of it I guess is making peace with people that hurt you. Especially if they were friends and family. And you know, find a job you can tolerate I guess. If you don't love it at least be good at it. Oh and don't be afraid to treat yourself or of people telling you you're like a kid. As long as you do the grown up thing at the end when it comes to the important stuff." Wendell rubs the back of his neck. "At least that's how i figure it."

Stig tsk tsks skeptically. "Well anytime you think you can keep up with me at the gym, let me know." he says to them. He picks the sausage off his pizza. "High saturated fat." he complains. He takes a bite of the now denuded slice. He clears his throat and works up the courage to ask Wendell. "Somone you loved hurt you?" Boy is that a familiar story.

Wendell nods his head. "Oh....more than once. Multiple times. It'd take too long to go over it." He waves his hand. "Yeah it's a long story. I don't wanna bring down the party mood but I've had things get pretty bad with both friends and family members." He wrinkles his nose at Stig's handling of the pizza. Some things apparently seem uncouth even to ogres.

Hawker also can't believe Stig taking things off it! "Man..I bet like if we order stuffed crust Stig would -totally- lecture us. Even though I can probably bench press him with ease. I'm a former Jarhead Stig! I can out lift you." He teases and makes a point to put meatballs on his pepperoni pizza in front of Stig!

Regan kinda ends up smiling at Wendell. Half a smile, crooked, but it's real for what it is. She apparently likes his answer. Happy people who are happy because life's been a cake walk-- fuck them. "You're cool after all," she tells Wendell, like she has the power to crown and uncrown cool. then she sits back, straightening. "I should probably get going though," she adds, glancing at her phone with a slight frown. "But I'm glad I came. And I'll call you soon so we can get on that all important critical e-coli issue." She looks wry, and stands a little painfully, with a wince. "Nice to meet you," she tells Stig.

Wendell grins and nods at Hawker, approving of him in his odd idea of ogre-table manners. He gives Regan a wave. "Yeah was there ever any doubt I was super cool?" Wendell grins widely. "Well alright. Yeah it's probably getting just a little late for a Wednesday. I'll see you at work I guess."

Stig waves to Regan, "You too, ma'am." He tells Hawker "Only if you stuffed the crust with cocaine, Jarhead." He tells Wendell. "Some other time. I'd be happy to listen. Lord knows I've been betrayed something fierce." He finishes his slice and pats his stomach. "Erg.. I'm so full." he says after two slices of pizza and a couple of wings.

Hawker doesn't eat like Wendell mind..but he does eat -alot-...for a human. "Hey man..I actually rarely use. Drink sure..some times take some opiates..but I ain't a crack head or any thing. You just happen to find parties boring..clearly..." he does glance at Wendell..gee thanks Stig, mention he has coccaine!

Wendell shakes his head. "Hey I draw the line at drugs but you do what you want as long as it doesn't get me dragged into some garbage." Wendell nods to Stig. "Well I mean I wasn't exactly raring for it but sure. Whatever." He nods to hawker. "Yeah well feel free to help yourself to some more beers!" Wendell pours himself a glass. "We'll have a last toast!"

Hawker rolls his shoulders, raising his soda up to join the cheers. "Happy Birthday Wendell!" he says!

Stig goes to buy a big bottled water and then xomes back guzzling it down. "Ahhhh" he gasps afterward. "Well Wendell. Goodnight and Goodluck." To Hawker he says, "Stay out of trouble, jarhead." He tosses the bottle in the trash and heads to the door. Wendell toasts with Hawker and guzzles his drink down before nodding to Stig who was heading out. "Alright good to see you. You all take care now!" Wendell gives them a wave.