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October Movie Night

"I think Keanu Reeves and Kevin Costner should do a movie together with fake accents."

Dramatis Personae

Enzo, Maureen, Piper, Prescott, Ruben, Tock, Itxaro, Deckard, Blanche, Aurore, & Violet

October 16th, 2016

Violet hosts a community movie night in Theater Gancia


Theatre Gancia

The Theatre is a large expanse with a stage. Tonight there is a large backdrop which is set to have a movie projected. There is a popcorn cart that a vendor is issuing out with free drinks. Tonight's movies at "Nightmare Before Christmas" at 6pm and "Bram Stoker's Dracula" at 8pm.

Impromptu Movie Night at the Theatre Gancia. Violet was there early setting up and such making sure the projector is working. She is wearing a bat headband with little wings and ears with a skull sweater and bat tights. A person can tell she loves Halloween, even a dark purple pleated skirt to match. She is making sure the popcorn table and drinks are set with the labels facing out. She is a bit OCD about the tiny details.

Itxaro has volunteered to help Violet with the set up, not having a shift tonight. She is dressed in her bohemian style, not bothering with any Halloween theme costume. She's over at the drink table, making sure there's plenty of cups available for folks coming into the theater.

Another of the hotel's growing stable of dancers signed to its soon-to-arrive revue is present: Aurore has opted for steampunk garb, with a corset, dolman jacket, miniature hat, lace-up boots, fishnets, and a miniskirt sporting a bustle. She's also assisting Violet, though can't help but look somewhat amused by the diminutive organizer's enthusiastic neatness.

Ruben is, it appears, one of the Blues Brothers tonight. Nice black suit, white shirt, black tie, hat, dark glasses as he saunters along into the theatre, pausing near the door to look around, an easy smile curving to his lips.

Prescott just did not know how to dress for tonight, so he split the difference. He's sporting a black tux with an orange pumpkin decorated cummerbund and tie, with orange pumpkin cuff links. There, formal /and/ Halloween. He currently is sporting an apron as well, as he carefully lines up treats for the gathering on a nearby table.

When Deckard heard of the special movie night, he couldn't help but want to go. Ever since he'd been introduced to Netflix, and the wonder of television and movies and the larger media, he's been eager to learn more and more. Plus, it was hosted by that Violet person, from what he'd heard, and she seemed to host rather professional parties. Watching a movie didn't exactly scream 'party' to Deckard, but he was curious to see what she had planned. Of course, his excitement was overflowing, and he just /had/ to have his girlfriend come along.

The pair arrived on Deckard's beat up old dirt bike, coming to a stop just outside. Instead of letting it shoot off into the distance, he set down the kickstand, dismounted, and extended his hand for Blanche to take. They would of course, make their entrance holding hands. Deckard didn't own any pajamas, so black sweatpants and a black tanktop were the choice attire, along with his ever-present crimson scarf. He did, however, bring a massive blanket for Blanche and him to hide under if the movie got too scary.

Tock is her usual too-formal, too vintage self in a full-length gown consisting of a purple crochet overdress in a falling leaf pattern, the bronze sheath under-dress showing through the openings with the faintest bit of metallic shimmer. Her small hat is of an ivory fabric, covered over in purple lace, with a bronze metal-knit flower decorating its band. The hat is perched atop her swept-back hair which is styled in a Grecian knot. A silver and gold woven metal bracelet decorates one wrist, a similar necklace woven of bronze and copper serving to clasp a locket bearing a stylized alternating current symbol on its front at her throat. She wanders in with an eye to the decor and architecture that implies a new visitor to the location.

Blanche runs her fingers through her hair before she takes Deckard's hand and let him lead her into the hotel. She's just in jeans and a tee-shirt, looking nice and comfy, despite the sunglasses. She smiles up at Deckard before she looks around, nodding slightly to familiar faces.

Violet bows her head to the guests as they arrive. "Welcome to the Albergo Gancia, I hope you enjoy the movie." She smiles wide and that top row of teeth with the adorable gapped tooth is present. She turns to Aurore and Itxaro. "Thank you so much for the help ladies. I can't wait until it's you on the stage."

As part of a semi-concentrated (half-assed) effort to make herself into more of a social creature (less of a jerk), Piper is here to attend the movie night -- it being the first thing recommended to her by a friend that was not a bar and that she felt she could reasonably get away with avoiding people at. Baby steps! It's a sort of dedication that probably explains why her choice of costume is her typical gray field jacket, black cotton long-sleeved shirt, jeans and boots -- with a little name-tag that helpfully explains 'Werewolf - Not During a Full Moon.' Rolling her neck with a slow sigh, Piper sweeps the area as she enters, hands shoving deep into her pockets as she looks for a familiar face amidst the movie goers.

"Oh I can always do the stage later," Itxaro tells Violet with a wink, giving smiles to those that come up to get a drink, "It's been some time since I've had a movie night." She looks at the guests as they file in, "Should I go upstairs and change?" She looks down at her Bohemian outfit, "I have a belly dancer costume that I could slip into."

Ruben flashes a crooked smile back to the hostess, bringing one hand up to tip the edge of his hat to her. "Much obliged, beautiful," he greets affably, walking along over to the drink table -- hey, it's the thing to do! -- and collect one, flashing an easy smile to Itxaro since she's manning the table, as it were. A glance back, checking out the other guests, looking for more familiar faces.

As Deckard made his way further in, he noticed a familiar person in the distance. "Tock?" He wondered out loud. Of all the placed he'd expected to see her, it most certainly wasn't at a movie theatre. Then again, he didn't know too much about the personal lives of his occasional colleagues. As curious as he was though, all he really wanted to do was settle down and watch the movie with Blanche. After giving the eccentric dresser a wave, he scooped his woman up and snuck around to the back, finding some comfortable seating so they could cuddle up and wait for the flick to begin.

Blanche pauses when Deckard addresses Tock and looks up at him, arching a brow. "You know her?" she asks, her surprise showing in her voice, even as she's getting scooped up. "You know you don't have to carry me, right?" she asks, though she smiles, clearly enjoying it, no matter what she says.

Tock gives a little bow of her head in return to Violet. “Thank you. I have had both of these recommended before.” The films, one assumes. Her voice being called turns her head, however, the arm not busying itself with carrying a travelling basket lifting in a wave back to Deckard. “Good evening,” she offers simply, not aiming to interrupt the pair.

A slight shiver alerts Aurore to the presence of a particular kind of paranormal manifestation, prompting her to turn and look around... before breaking into a broad smile as she spots Piper. Stalking swiftly over - skirt bouncing slightly and bustle swaying in counterpoint to her gait - she offers both hands (covered in lace gloves tonight), and attempts to move in for a peck on the lips. "Hi there! It's good to see you."

There is something eccentric and odd about the hotel but nothing that can be noted from the theater presently. Unless there is something about the people currently present. Violet flushes a bit as Ruben calls her beautiful. She turns to Ixtaro with a giggle. "Oh your outfit right now is so lovely! Keep it on please!" The dancers are always so beautifully dressed even though they are not performing tonight. She calls to those filing in. "Please Ladies and Gentlemen, take any seat you want, grab some popcorn and get comfortable. The movie is about to begin." Violet grabs a drink and popcorn for herself and settles in near the projector.

Prescott doffs the apron, then walks over to Violet. "Good evening. You've done such a wonderful job! I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. I'm a little bit of a movie fan myself."

Itxaro grins at Violet when she tells her that she's dressed fine and nods, staying at her station to give out smiles and drinks. Ruben gets a little up and down inspection when she gets the flirty smile sent her way. She gives him a little wink, "Don't drink it all in one sip." She then looks around to see who else is coming in and what they're wearing. Aurore's greeting of Piper gets a good laugh.

After finding a nice, comfortable seat near the edge of the back, Deckard nodded to Tock before settling in, Blanche in-lap as he wrapped the blanket over them. "Sure do! Work with her sometimes. Fallcoast is a small place, ya know? Anyway, you want some popcorn?" Deckard asked, smirking at Blanche's comment.

A small smile manages to grace Piper's lips when those tired eyes of hers fall on Aurore. She meets the dancer halfway and takes those hands, returning that brief, friendly peck with a wry sort of grin. "Hey. Figured I oughta try being a little more social for once," she replies easily, looking around her. "... 'Least for a little while. If I'm drunk enough." A snort, and Piper's attention returns to Aurore. "Good to see you here, though." Her head tilts. "I like the outfit."

Blanche just keeps looking at Deckard for a moment as she gets settled against him, using his shoulder for a pillow. She is quiet for a long moment then speaks quietly to him, all relaxed and people watching for now.

All plans can have a wrench thrown in them by Management. Even Maureen Gancia's. However, she at least manages to arrive /before/ the lights have been turned down. She's still in work clothes, though the fine linen suit hasn't got even the slightest wrinkle to mar its coffee-colored surface. A quick glance down has her frowning slightly, and as unobtrusively as possible she removes the brass nameplate at her lapel. Violet gets a warm smile of greeting, a smile that traverses the room to include everyone, those she's met and those she hasn't.

Aurore flashes a grin towards Itxaro in response to the laugh, then looks back to Piper, squeezing her hands before taking a step back and dropping a curtsy. "I'm glad you like it." Rising, she offers a twirl to show off her outfit (that Violet and Maureen, at least, might recognise as the steampunk garb that was something of a conversation point at the last gathering she attended in the hotel), then another grin. "So... are you meeting anyone here?"

Deckard nestled into the spot rather comfortably, playing with Blanche's hair and looking around the room to check people out. "There's a lot of people here...you telling me you don't recognize some of them? You need to get out more sweetie." Deckard stuck his tongue out at her, before resting his head on hers. "Lot's of cool outfits..." His words petered off, until his voice was but a whisper only Blanche could hear.

Ruben takes a sip of the drink he's picked up, Ixtaro's warning getting a grin in response. "I prefer to take my time and enjoy it, no need to worry," he teases back, looking over the growing number of folks, "Hm. Next year I have got to get a more intricate costume."

Violet smiles up at Prescott and stands to greet him. When she does she is an inch taller than him at 5'4". "Why thank you. I thought it would be nice for the community and the employees to enjoy a nice evening. I'm Violet June from Violet June Party Planning Inc." She offers her hand for a shake. She sees Maureen enter from over Prescott's shoulder and she waves with a big smile. Just happy to see Maureen since she was always so busy. She smiles again to Prescott. "Excuse me I need to go turn the lights down.." She passes by him to the light switches and starts to dial them down slowly.

"Oh you're fine," Itxaro tells Ruben with a smile, "I don't think the idea is to have the best costume, just something comfortable that you would like to watch a movie in." She doesn't recognize Maureen but smiles at the woman when she smiles at her. Then she falls silent as the lights start to go down low. She grabs a seat near the drink table so she can take care of it and still catch the movie.

As she makes her way further into the theatre, Tock gives little waves and greetings to Prescott and Maureen, as well. Her eyes dart over the theatre assessingly, perhaps attempting to choose a seat.

Blanche murmurs back to deckard, voice quiet, her sunglasses finally coming off so she slip them into her pocket. No need for those in here!

Prescott gives Violet an old fashioned handshake that is more of a grasp and bow over her hand than an actual shake. "Prescott Tolliver, chef for the Albergo Gancia." He backs away to let her do her work. On his way to gather popcorn and a drink, he gives Tock a wave and a smile, and a short little bow to Maureen. And then on to find the perfect seat, not too far to the back, not too close to the screen. He finds it, then nestles down into the seat eagerly.

"I don't know what it was you served the other day, but it was magnificent," Maureen murmurs to Prescott as she pauses near him, smiling. "I am in awe, sir. Awe." Aurore gets a quick, amused grin and a thumbs-up for her attire before the lights are too low to see. Gathering popcorn, the GM finds a seat at the end of a row and is suddenly two inches shorter before settling herself in it; someone must have removed her heels before getting comfortable!

"What can I say, I've got a competitive streak..." A chuckle from Ruben, and then as the lights start going down he moves to find a place to sit as well. Not really knowing others here -- he claims one more or less at random, leaning back and reaching a hand up to slide those shades off, slipping them into a pocket of his suit jacket.

A little laugh, short but genuine, slips from Piper's lips as Aurore decides to show off -- she even gives her a brief round of applause for the act. "Fits you," she offers, running a hand through her dark hair as she turns her attention briefly Ixtaro's way, head tilt in mild curiosity. "I think I'd just end up making an idiot outta myself if I tried to dress up." Shaking her head, she looks back to Aurore with a dry sort of smile, bumping her shoulder into the woman. "Nah. Friend recommended this to me, but looks like they're not here." She considers, flitting her gaze back towards the people Aurore was talking to, before rubbing the back of her head. "Hope I'm not takin' up your time, or anything." As the lights dim though, she quiets a bit, eyes turning to the screen.

"No, no. You're fine. I wasn't sure I'd see anyone I knew from outside the hotel here," Aurore assures Piper after grinning at Maureen. "Want me to grab drinks or snacks while you get a seat? Or do you prefer to load up yourself?"

Itxaro reclines back in her chair, pulling her up feet so she can sit there and watch the big screen. She looks comforty with her popcorn in hand and her own drink in the arm. She's all ready to watch the movie.

Deckard opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, but something caused him to simply close it and smile. "Mhmm." He hummed through his throat, adjusting to find the most comfortable position. When the lights dimmed, he shivered, and clutched at Blanche. "It got dark! Is that supposed to happen?" He asked, a tinge of...something unusual in his voice.

And there go the lights. Tock makes her way with ease to a seat on the aisle with quick access to the door and settles in, placing her basket nearby on the floor.

"Know the people here, huh?" Piper asks curiously, before considering. She turns, looking over the seating. "... Yeah, sure, I trust you just about enough to get snacks," she jokes wryly. "I'll find a spot for us. You prefer seats up front or in back?"

Prescott whispers, "Lobster Thermidor, ma'am. An old classic from the French Revolution," to Maureen as she passes, then awaits the show.

Blanche cocks her head to look up at Deckard. "It is," she murmurs, nodding. "It's for the atmosphere, and to see the screen better, baby," she assures him as she looks toward the screen, relaxing again.

Violet hustles back to the projector and starts to cue it up, which gives a soft blue glow in the theatre. She calls, "Ladies and Gentleman, I thank you for your attendence for tonight's Double Feature of "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Albergo Gancia welcomes you and hopes you enjoy the show. Please keep in mind next week's event of the Monster's Feast which is a costumed dinner in the grand hall. Tickets are still available in the lobby. Again, thank you for attending and enjoy the show!" She settles in as well and sets the first movie to roll. She snuggles in by herself near the projector.

"Your choice," Aurore cheerfully directs to Piper, turning to stalk off to (quickly) snare supplies for the entertainment, before hurrying to rejoin her friend - at the back. "I'm an employee," she murmurs softly once Violet has stopped talking and the screen is lighting up. "Though only very, very part-time. And I've only met a few people. That's the general manager" - a nod to Maureen. "She's a dancer even newer than me" - a nod to Itxaro. "And that's Violet, who's very sweet and has organised this. And I believe that's Blanche, who's part of the Abernathy cousin-swarm."

Once the film starts projecting, Tock settles in quietly to watch, not distracting any attention from what is on the screen.

Itxaro hears her name and glances up, giving a wave in Aurore's general direction but staying in her solo seat for now. Ooo, then Violet is turning down the lights and the moving is starting. For a few hours, Itxaro gets to be a kid again, watching one of her favorite animations.

"Two've my favorites," Ruben admits aloud, taking a sip of his drink again, thumb drawing over the edge of that cup. He stretches his legs out a bit, best he can, and turns his attention to the screen.

"Lobster Thermidor. Fabulous," Maureen sighs under her breath, before stuffing popcorn into her mouth. Anyone sitting close can hear her singing quietly along, though she does try to keep it nearly inaudible so as not to disturb anyone.

Deckard shuddered, snuggling closer to Blanche as the lights came down and the announcement was made. Apparently, somebody was really getting into the mood! "Atmosphere?" He asked, watching as the movie began. For some reason, he looked...antsy? Anxious? Something peculiar about him was off and not very typical.

"No complaining if I pick a shitty spot," declares Piper with that skilled deadpan of hers, but soon she's found a spot towards the seats in the back, flopping back in her seat and stretching out her legs. Quieting as Violet speaks, the young, surly woman looks out over the screen, her attention only stolen away by Aurore's return. "Huh, really? This the thing you were telling me about...?" she asks quietly, looking over the selection of foodstuff Aurore's brought along with her before shifting her attention to the people her friend points out. She offers a short but not impolite nod to Itxaro as she waves, before turning her attention to Violet and then Blanche, head tilting. "Huh. Guess I don't really know much of 'em," she utters about the Abernathies, rubbing the back of her head.

Blanche looks away from the screen to study Deckard. Movie isn't as important! After a moment she whispers to him, her brow furrowed lightly in concern.

Deckard, while he has seen horror movies...especially to research, they always scared him! He knew they weren't real, and he usually faced off with worth denizens in combat...but something about the movies! He couldn't help but have his heart skip a beat or two whenever anything remotely scary was shown on the television. It was completely irrational. "I'm just..." Deckard continued to whisper to Blanche.

"What's this? What's this?!" Is there any better song?! Surely Maureen isn't the only one singing along with Jack as the movie progresses. And as popcorn and cheetos disappear. With much crunching. And messy fingers. There's an oddly hypnotic quality to her voice; it's a good thing no one is really very close to her,and she's not singing very loudly at all.

Aurore seems quite content to lurk at the back with Piper (where their sotto voce conversation shouldn't disturb anyone), sharing her loot from Violet's generous supplies. "Sadly, most of the Abernathys I knew best are no longer around Fallcoast," she murmurs ruefully. "But there're certainly some nice ones. And Blanche is spoken of well. Itxaro seems nice - and I want to learn to belly-dance from her. I've got the hips for it, at least, and I can *hope* I can learn the moves. And develop the core strength. But... oh. No. That I was wanting confidence for? That's a private dancing gig. This, I was nervous about, too. Still am. Never done burlesque before. But I think I'm getting the hang of it. Not that we've done a live performance as yet. The revue's still being assembled."

Deckard nodded at Blanche's whisper. When the movie continued along, Deckard's lip started to quiver. He seemed to calm down...but when all those creepy things started to pop up on the screen, Deckard shot up to a standing position, Blanche cradled in his arms. He screamed at the top of his lungs, and started to sprint out of the building, screaming the entire way. Apparently, The Nightmare Before Christmas was too scary for him to handle.

Itxaro sits up, her moving watching startled as a grown man screams at the top of his lungs and runs out of the building. She almost spills her popcorn and has to basically calm herself because there's nothing bad going on. Just a movie, right? She looks around for a moment to see if there's anything wrong.

The musical styling of Danny Elfman embodying a claymation skeleton of Jack Skellington. Violet turns as she spot Maureen really enjoying the flick singing along, and she smiles having some popcorn. However, not everyone is enjoying the movie and is a bit alarmed that a guest gets terrified and runs out. She gets up and goes out to the lobby to ensure the guests safety and well being just to come back a few minutes later.

Ruben starts to sing along cheerfully with the movie, and then-- the scream! He jerks up to a seated position, one hand darting to his jacket. Then he relaxes, blinking, "Huh."

When Deckard runs screaming out of the theatre, Maureen jerks in shock, then sets her popcorn down and quietly moves out after him. Though the others won't know it, she pauses in the lobby long enough to be sure that someone follows Deckard and Blanche out, to assure their safe departure from the island, before returning to the darened room and her seat.

Prescott jumps in his seat a little as screaming and exiting occurs. He cranes his head around to see what the commotion is, then sighs and goes back to his movie watching as things are back under control.

Attention split between the movie and Aurore, Piper sifts through the treasure trove of snacks, even as she speaks. "Pretty sure if anyone could, it's you. Bet you're gonna kick some serious ass at it," she offers reassuringly, wrapping her arm around Aurore's shoulders to give them an encouraging squeeze. She considers, brows furrowing slightly. "... Well, you still need that help with it, just lemme know, yeah? I--" she begins -- and then there's Deckard screaming and bolting and Piper just kind of stares blankly, her attention thoroughly stolen. "... Yeah. Okay. Not even gonna ask."

Standing in the doorway, eating a bucket of popcorn, Enzo. He tilts his head as Deckard bails, turning it to track the man's movements. At seeing Blanche, he raises a popcorn-holding hand in salute. For some reason, he is dressed in silk pajamas with a bent-over cotton cap with a fluffy sphere at the end of it. All, of course, in the Albergo Gancia's livery colors. Even his bedclothes are stylish. At the lobby, and to the dock, the Garde are an attentive element, guiding Deckard and Blanche to their next stage of tasteful departure.

Violet comes back from the lobby with a sigh, making sure the door closes so light doesn't get in to ruin the last half of "Nightmare Before Christmas." She had a jolt of shock from the screaming guest running out. She goes back to her seat near the projector. She sips her soda from a straw trying to relax again.

Aurore is also rather evidently more than a little startled by Deckard's departure - let alone by the fact that he leaves in that manner, while bearing Blanche in his arms. She boggles at the doorway for a few moments... though perhaps Enzo's garb has something to do with that. Then she manages to refocus upon Piper, to resume her murmured conversation, leaning into the arm around her shoulders. "Yeah, definitely. Help'd be very welcome with that. And if you want to come to see me here some time, I'd be delighted."

Itxaro also happens to catch Enzo's entrance and smiles at his pjs, liking the man's style. She gives him a little wave as he passes to go sit with Maureen and settles back down, shaking her head as she watches the screen. She's also a little unsettled by the screaming but after a few minutes the movie grabs her again.

Taking his seat, Enzo brought not one bucket, but two, with his smaller one nested inside of the first. His pockets bulge with cans of soda, versus the sort with papery cups involved. As he claims the high-backed and fluffy chair, he moves the tassel on his hat to the side with a flick of his head, looking to Maureen with an arched eyebrow. "Tim Burton has that effect," he murmurs, and begins to lay out his movie-day accoutrements. Yes, he brought full-sized snacks with him. Surprisingly, he has a sweet tooth when it comes to his snacks. He passes a bar of Hershey chocolate to Maureen, keeping a second for himself. Time to watch the movie, absorbing the general atmosphere. At seeing Itxaro and Aurore, both of them receive his traditional nod of acknowledgment and smile of friendly greeting.

Ruben shifts back into his seat more comfortably again, relaxing once the screaming-and-running is over; giving his head a little shake. Some people just can't handle their spoopy, it seems. Back to watching the movie, he settles back in, sipping on his drink.

With the absolute assurance of long-married people, Maureen helps herself to Enzo's popcorn as well as her own. And the chocolate bar. And one of those sodas. After all, what's his is hers, right? To be fair, she offers Swedish fish in return before settling down comfortably, her dark brown head against his shoulder.

And then there's also a man wearing PJs striding in like it's the most natural thing in the world. Piper's brows knot together. She observes to Aurore, with all due eloquence, "Weird fuckin' hotel," before she returns her attention towards the movie and conversation, drawing her arm a little more securely around Aurore as she speaks. "Alright. We'll make it happen, then." Her gaze drifts towards Enzo again as he nods Aurore's way, brows lifting just a bit before she continues on with a faint hint of a smile. "... Yeah. I think I'd like that. I'll drop by sometime and see you in action."

As "Nightmare Before Christmas" comes to an end. Violet prompts the projector for the next film. As promised on time at 8pm. She is able to get it to play with little effort. She settles in, and tugs up a bat blanket she had tucked under the chair earlier, to snuggle with herself. Time to watch the terrible British accent of Keenu Reeves, he was so much better in John Wick.

"These are still not candy," Enzo says politely to the offered Swedish fish from Maureen, his hand trembling as he pushes them away. He slips into Italian easily enough, as it's his native tongue. "Those are .. fetch-candy." Looking to the new movie as it rolls, he gives a satisfied smile, snuggling in cozily. Some of the finer talent available will soon be on screen. Mmmmmm. Gary Oldman. Boy-crush? It's allowed.

"Now this is a date movie," Ruben observes as the Gothic styling of the movie come on, a smile curving to his lips. Not that he has a date, but hey. At least he can appreciate the Brides of Dracula?

Itxaro slips out of the theater and goes upstairs to grab a nice cosey blanket for the downstairs. She returns a few minutes later with the blanket thrown over her shoulders and covering her up as she slips back into her seat. It has a little opening in the front and she settles in, very relaxed now that she's got her blanket.

Prescott frowns up a little at the winter scenes in Nightmare Before Christmas, muttering, "It's not like that at all." Then he shakes his head. The arrival of Enzo is seen out of the corner of his eye, and he offers a quick flourish of a wave. Then back to movie goodness.

Aurore raised a hand and offer Enzo a slightly tentative smile in response to his greeting, before snuggling into Piper's half-embrace again. "Very," she murmurs dryly. "But... I like almost everything I've seen of it. And I *hope* the revue works out. The plans are pretty ambitious for it."

"You're such a sugar-snob," Maureen comments to Enzo, laughing quietly. But she's not upset, as it clearly means more fish for her. She'll allow the boy-crush on Gary Oldman, because... it's Gary Oldman. "These are the only fish I can stand," she adds, tossing one into her mouth to chew. And chew. And chew. "It's really too bad there's no Keanu navel in this film," the ogre sighs. Maybe next time they'll watch the Matrix.

The concierge turns his head slowly to Maureen. "It is basically gum," Enzo says with conviction, "Which is not candy. Candy is candy. Gum is gum." He has some strong opinions about Swedish fish. Chewing his popcorn is good enough to occupy his physical focus. Each seat has a foot rest, something he makes use of, then he begins to peel out of his robe, unfurling it to its full size, serving as a sort of blanket. "Keanu Reeves is the Swedish fish of actors. He's basically gum." Enzo has yet to forgive him for Johnny Mnemonic and just might never get around to that.

Prescott tries not to giggle too loudly when he hears Keanu Reeves' attempt at an English accent. Otherwise he seems to be enthralled with the pageantry and gothic storytelling.

"Glad to hear it," Piper says, genuinely, letting Aurore get comfortable against her as she looks up toward the screen. "Don't think I've seen this one. What the hell's with his voice?" Alas, poor Keanu. Still, she lifts a brow as Aurore speaks, glancing back at her curiously. "Yeah? I'd like to hear about 'em, I bet it's some impressive stuff."

Violet jolts a bit, that's a lot of stage blood! She ducks a bit more in her theatre chair. And when the part comes on with Lucy and the toddler, Violet starts to crack. She bites her lower lip and looks back to the door for a second. However, feels safe enough in the back of the theatre near the projector not to be seen. She rubs the tears away on her cheeks, having a silent emotional response.

Itxaro snickers in almost unison when Keanu opens his mouth and it's just really that horrible. She murmurs to herself, "At least it has Gary Oldman in it..." She never understood why Mina would be conflicted anyway. Gary is obviously the much better pick than Keanu even if he's a vampire. It's odd how the girl resonates with the monsters more than the poor humans getting 'slaughtered' on the screen.

"It's not gum," Maureen mutters, rolling her eyes. "Wrigley's is gum." She does have to giggle at the whole disparaging Keanu comment, though. She switches to popcorn in time to crunch crunch crunch along with Renfrou and his bugs, which might be a little disconcerting. "I think Keanu Reeves and Kevin Costner should do a movie together with fake accents."

Aurore seems fairly comfortable with the screen horror, and quite happy to enjoy it as a pretty display. "The plan is to upstage the Paris Revues, apparently - Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge and the like. Though not in... explicitness. It's to be burlesque rather than anything more overt. But still... the ambition's significant." She darts a glance back... and freezes for a moment, head cocking as she shoots a concerned look towards the projectionist.

"Wrigley's is a sacred rite of passage before quality baseball games can be played," Enzo says, demonstrating that to get to know him, put on a movie and him in a dark room. He just opens up immediately. "Keanu Reeves, Kevin Costner, and Danny DeVito." Then he turns to Maureen, fighting back a smile. "In an Americanized remake of 'The Sound of Music'." That.. would not be good. He fluffs the blanket, drawing it up to his shoulders, chewing popcorn with the bugs eaten on screen.

"Aiming high," Piper observes offhandedly, one leg crossing over the other as she watches the movie. "Think I'd like to see it just to see how it all pulls off." Her attention, however, shifts as Aurore's does, blinking and looking towards the projector with squinting eyes and furrowed brows. "Everything okay? You wanna go over there...?" she asks her friend, a frown tugging faintly at her lips at Aurore's concern.

"Bite your tongue, you ridiculous Cubs fan," Maureen growls, nudging Enzo's arm in a pretend punch. Then she nearly spits out her soda at his suggestion of which movie these actors should be making. "If you suggest Pierce Brosnan should sing in that, I will eat your liver. With a nice chianti." She laughs again, quietly, head against the Italian's shoulder again. Unfortunately their seats aren't in a good position for her to easily see the projectionist, so Maureen remains oblivious to Violet's emotional response.

Itxaro is also in her own little world as she watches the actors on the screen. She slips her hand under her blanket and curls up a little more, looking down once in a while. Perhaps she's avoiding the more violent parts. Overall, she's enjoying the movie, even when it gets a little bloody.

Prescott is obviously not familiar with the original novel when he sees Quincy on the screen. "There is a cowboy in my Gothic horror," he mutters, amused but perplexed.

Violet is hoping the solace of darkness hides her secrets as she wipes her face every so often and even her chin. She takes off the headbnd of bat ears and wings and sinks deeper into her chair. Movie rather forgotten, workaholic tendencies from the week taking their toll. She leans her head in her hands and starts to nod off. She still had a full week of work with the Monster Feast next weekend.

Leaning forward, Enzo whispers toward Prescott. "That man's Texan is better than Keanu's British." When it comes to accents, the concierge is merciless in his rebukes. Looking to Violet, he tilts his head, then decides: it's been a while since he did something appropriately managerial. Thus, he tosses a Snickers, full-sized, no less, to Violet's vicinity. As he leans back, he gives Maureen a whisper into her ear, then checks the reaction to whatever it was that he just said.

Aurore worriedly peers in Violet's direction for a few moments... but then chickens out of risking making a scene. Not least because her attentions might be wholly unwelcome. Keeping an ear out for any louder sounds of distress from the direction of the projector, she returns to splitting *most* of her focus between Piper and the screen. "You'd be welcome," she murmurs. "And... I *think* she'll be okay. Don't want to draw everyone's attention to her when she doesn't want it."

There's a muffled squeak that might have been a suppressed laugh from Maureen's direction when Enzo whispers into her ear. "I'll suggest it, if she's not too tired," the mermaid murmurs in response. "Or we could always just watch it upstairs." She seems enthralled by Gary Oldman's creepiness, weird hair and all. Her own popcorn merely a memory, now, she reaches once again for Enzo's, helping herself with complete confidence in his willingness to share.

Unable to make out much through the dark except who Aurore might be looking at, Piper watches the woman for a few moments longer after her decision before giving a simple, solitary nod, squeezing her arm a bit more tightly around her shoulders. "Alright," she says, eyes returning to the screen with a bland lack of affect for all the blood and horror. "You decide you wanna go over there, though, I'll stick here, okay? Probably draw less attention that way." And she's just terrible at dealing with that sort of thing anyway, goes unsaid.

Prescott lets one of those ridiculous giggles escape when Enzo offers up his critique. "Indeed sir, indeed," he whispers to his boss in complete agreement. "But, what say you of Gary Oldman's Transylvanian?"

Violet had just made it to the lull of sleep where she is half asleep and half awake. With the sounds of violence on the screen and being pelted with a snickers, she jolts. Which makes her small bag of popcorn tumble to the ground. Not that Violet cares because she is under attack. She gives a frightened yip as she sits up straight and shakes her blanket down for whatever it is. She finds the horrible creature to be none other than a snickers bar. She looks around to see who the hell threw that. Whom ever it is, this is her snickers bar now!

The concierge addresses Prescott in a low whisper, "It's not glorious, just not awful. Swedish fish-actor is awful." He leaves deciphering what the hell that means to Prescott. Confidence is the emotion of the Spring Court more than it is that of Autumn. Enzo's hand lays flat on the top of his smaller bucket of popcorn, immobile and his expression uncaring. "Extra butter. Extra salt. Two dashes of the cheese powder. This. Is. My. Popcorn." He turns his head to her, narrowing his eyes. "..okay. You will make the tea tomorrow morning." Then he relents, allowing her to take exactly one handful of his very special, quite tasty, most-definitely-his, popcorn. Any further, the man may be a touch on the mirthful end of disdainful. Perturbed, even, but with a smile. Seeing Violet's small freakout, though, warms his heart. Managerial tasks are often the highlight of his day.

Ruben's slouched, comfortable posture gives a little jerk as he hears the yip from Violet -- looking over, then relaxing as it becomes clear nothing's really wrong. Settling back in, a smile to his lips as he appreciates the movie for its aesthetic, music... and definitely not the accents.

"And this is why you are the love of my life, cara mio," Maureen remarks, blithely uncaring of the narrowed eyes as she stuffs the entire handful of his very special popcorn into her mouth. Noting the snickers bombardment, she adds, "nice shot," before glancing over her shoulder at Prescott. "It can't possibly be worse than Bela Lugosi's. Though he gets props for being one of the first." Chuckling, she tucks her hands away so as not to be tempted to filch more of Enzo's popcorn. Instead, she hefts a Swedish fish in her hand, and eyes likely targets.

Itxaro is sitting by herself, still engrossed in the movie and curling up under the blanket. She's given up on the popcorn, having put it aside. Violet's yip gets a look for a moment but then shakes her head and goes back to watching the movie.

Prescott mouths the words "Swedish fish" in utter confusion. But he leaves the mystery be, as the Gancias engage in the eternal war that is spouse fight for snacks. He settles back into enjoying the movie, but of course there is another sound to break the silence, this time a 'yip' from the back. He glances back again, this time with more of a frown, sees that things are back to normal, then turns back around to settle back into his seat, a touch grumpy.

"We will not speak ill of Bela Lugosi," Enzo says, then switches to Italian, his voice low in Maureen's ear. "He's .. 'Over There' still." A memory, maybe real, informs him that it was the fetch of the man who died on August 16, 1956. It's either true that the original Dracula lives on in Arcadia as a captive.. or Enzo is in some seriously deep denial. Given the nature of the Lost, both of those are very, very real possibilities.

Aurore at least spotted the arc of *something* being lobbed in Violet's direction - and turned her head again to track it. She winces slightly in response to the yip and flurry of movement... but when nothing untoward ensues, she relaxes against Piper once more. "Thanks," she murmurs. "But I think we'll be all right."

With a quiet sigh, Maureen pats Enzo's hand. She isn't sure about the whole Bela Lugosi thing herself, but knows that it's entirely possible to be truth. Of course, she also knows Enzo well enough to know that the denial is equally possible. Yawning, she shifts quietly in her seat, glancing down at the swedish fish in her hand. Deciding not to disrupt things by being a twelve-year-old, she sticks it in her mouth instead.

Violet eyes narrow looking around trying to find the culprit, she pauses on Enzo and Maureen who have treats. Also probably the only other people who would tease her. She blushes and settles back down. She looks really embarrassed, rosy in the cheeks even in the low light. She gathers her things and quietly sneaks out the back so not to disturb the other movie goers.

A small nod, and Piper rests leisurely against Aurore. She considers a moment, before resting her head against Aurore's, grabbing some popcorn to chew on as she turns her eyes toward the movie. "I guess I don't get horror movies," she utters, brows furrowed at the film unfolding. "... This is a horror movie, right?"

Itxaro feels the lights coming up and then sighs as the movie is over far too soon. She starts to gather her blanket, and sneak out herself. She doesn't want to get caught bringing her special friend to the movie theater.

The concierge and the guest services manager exchange glances before they follow Violet's lead, departing for wherever it is that the minions of Management go when nobody is looking. Their exit is both tasteful as well as noiseless, both of them making good their escape under the cover of the opening strains of the next movie. The next movie, of course, will be Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Truly, a tale of kidnapping, body horror, and a megalomaniac monster who runs a private enclave with a slave culture. It's an Autumn sort of movie, on the whole.