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Oath to the First Estate - Tobias
Dramatis Personae

Ariah and Tobias

Nov 11, 2020

Ariah formally inducts Tobias into the Invictus with a proper blood oath.


Moosetown Necropolis

Tobias leads the woman into an underground chamber under moosetown, candles already set up around the room and lit as he walks to the center of the room. He then gestures. "This is a part of the necropolis, but If we can purchase the world history musuem I can open this place as a meeting place for the invictus." He says calmly as he lets the woman look about. It looks like a bunker of some sort and while underground doesnt look too bad, enough to fit about fifty people. Long distance to Mika: Ariah noses at.

Ariah follows in silence, taking in the chamber, grey eyes shining in the candlelight. "The Necropolis... your particular line has an ease with finding and accessing such places, does it not?" she inquires softly. She folds her arms, nodding slowly, "If this is needed, we may yet have use for it. I do hope that the musuem can be ours, however," she states. "Merci. Though we have an important matter to attend first, of course," she draws a scroll case out from a pocket in her coat. A little tap of the metal surface with her fingernail, and she focuses her gaze on Tobias. "If this is the place where you will swear your oath, then I am come prepared."

"The Necropolis are underground areas where we live and congregate. My bloodline specifically hides in the necropolis and I have my own haven in an underground chamber so no one opens my windows during the day." Tobias says as he hears the scroll and he begins to walk to her. "I can swear my oath down here. Certain Nosferatu are even able to be awake during the day as long as they are thirty feet underground." He says calmly. He then moves towards her.

"Useful. Only so much blackout curtains can do if someone is actively there to sabotage your slumber," Ariah states, slowly unscrewing the cap on the case. "You will be writing this oath in blood. Your own, to be specific. This is your opportunity to back out if you wish to do so. Else, this is a binding contract, and you will be expected to answer for the consequences. Should you break this oath, I will know," she says matter-of-factly. "I will give you the terms, and if you do not accept them, then you will not write them, and we will depart, and you will not be a member of the First Estate. Acceptable?"

Tobias nods as he listens to the woman. "You will have to forgive my writing ability, I know how to write but my lack of sight doesnt make it pretty." he explains as he waits for the terms and conditions.

"If you would prefer, I can write it for you. In your blood. And dictate it as I do so," Ariah offers, setting the lid of the scroll case aside and withdrawing the rolled parchment. "All you would need to do is sign it at the end... is that a better idea to you?" she asks. "I do like to keep a clear and legible record. No offense to you, mon cher."

"None taken Mon Cher." Tobias nods as he draws his sword from his cane and cuts his hand and begins to bleed into his hand for Ariah to write on the scroll. He then listens to her writing and smiles. "So what else do you need me to do?

Ariah takes an old style pen and uses it to carefully draw some of the crimson 'ink' into its well. "Beyond upholding this oath? Nothing. You are your own Kindred. But your ears are in service to the Invictus. Do what you do best and listen. If you are feeling ambitious, feel out what others think of us. Of me." She begins to write, slow, flowing script. "You swear to uphold the honor and dignity of the First Estate. You swear your loyalty to the Invictus, and to me, its Primogen in the city of Fallcoast. You will not divulge the covenant's secrets to others outside of it, nor my own secrets to anyone. And you will gather intelligence to the best of your abilities. That is what I would have you swear. Should you break this oath I -will- find out, and depending on the severity of your betrayal, I will mete out the proper punishment. Up to and including Final Death. Your counsel as my elder will, of course, be taken into great consideration. Is any part of this oath unpalatable to you?"

Tobias nods as he listens to the woman. "Nothing doesnt sound unpalatable. I will do that for you, of course, my primogen." He says with a bow, while keeping his hand at the ready so she can write. "So where do I sign my soul away?" He asks playfully as he listens for the woman's reaction.

"Do note that if trouble were to befall you that wasn't by your own hand, I would not hesitate to come to your aid. While I have an interest in letting those keen on hanging themselves provide their own rope, I am not keen on letting those who are undeserving swing for the entertainment of others," Ariah says quietly, rather deadly serious. She does, however, situate the parchment and guide Tobias' hand to a blank space. "I -will- know if you break this oath. The contract is binding, the blood will remain fresh and wet until such an event occurs."

"Oh Ma Chere, I am loyal." He says as he signs his name where she guides him and he nods. "I have discovered that it is best not to deceive your allies and friends." He says as he smiles at her. "So what else do we need to do? When do I get to wear the fancy outfits?" he asks playfully.

There's a moment where Ariah concentrates on the paper as she rolls it up, slow and deliberate, letting it sink into the scroll case with a soft, papery 'thump.' "For now, that is all we do. I will have to wait until the Council convenes before I am able to discuss our agenda with them. The territory in the city will need to be addressed, and a larger issue is the lack of members amidst our ranks. You, myself, and my shadow may be all that will carry us. As far as clothing goes, pick out something that suits you. I still keep my military dress uniform from my homeland. It is my Court attire." GAME: You spend 1 Willpower

"Your shadow, you mean Mika? Such a lovely girl. We met recently." Tobias says as he sheathes his sword and locks it in place so he can lean on it. "I will do as you bid, My primogen. I trust in your vision." he says calmly.

Ariah nods, slowly twisting the cap back on the scroll case. A soft, gentle rub of metal to metal. Then it's slipped into her coat. "Did you now?" she asks, "I would trust none above her. While you are my ears beyond my sight, she is my blade in the darkness. And I may yet wrest an old friend from the Carthians grasp, but she is acting odd as of late." She exhales a sigh, then shakes her head. "I will say this, I appreciate you. If I dismiss your counsel, I will explain myself when doing so."

"That is all I ask. I simply pray I am never found by your blade." He says calmly as he turns about the bunker. "I will set up trying to convert this part of the necropolis into a safe haven. Do you prefer it being elysium or a place where the invictus meet?" He asks curiously, GAME: Tobias spends 1 Vitae

"Maintain your oath and loyalty, and you need not pray for anything of the sort," Ariah narrows her eyes at Tobias. "And if you break the oath while under torture... then it is those who have captured you that have need of prayer." She looks around again, "For now, let it be a meeting place. There are, as of yet, only three of our number that I am aware of. Were there more of us, your induction would have been more complicated."

"Very well then. I will see about purchasing the world history museum and creating hidden trap doors to the bunker thoughout the area." Tobias says as he moves to feel the wall and he nods. "It isnt the catacombs in Paris but it will do in a pinch." He says softly more to himself then to anyone else.

"Bonne nuit and adieu, Tobias," Ariah says politely, turning to depart the catacombs, scroll securely on her person. "And merci," she pauses, half turning towards him, and bowing, even if he cannot see it.

"Bonne Nuit Ma Chere." Tobias responds back just as instinctively as he turns to face where he last heard her and begins to get to work trying to figure out how to best make the bunker available to the Invictus.