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More Shoptalk

Dani selects a figure head design.

Dramatis Personae

Asger and Dani

January 17th, 2021

Dani returns to her cousin's workshop to continue discussing boats and officially request one from Asger.


Asger's workshop on Rising Moon Island

Asger was working on an axe head, he was carving the runes into it. It looks alot like the leviathan axe from god of war. he seems to be carving grooves to put some sort of metal into it, probably silver.

Dani dashes into the shop. She's wearing her hedgespun jacket and boots with a denim skirt that was obviously made by splitting the crotch and inner seams of a pair of dark blue jeans and supplementing them with paler denim fabric in the front and back to turn it into an ankle-length skirt. As she stops a few feet into the shop she pulls off the black and blue checkered beanie cap loosing her wild and curly hair. "Hey there, cuz," she says informally, "How're you doing?"

"I am doing well enough." He says as he looks up from his carving. "I trust you are here to check up on my wellbeing and not to question me on stuff?" He asks playfully. One thing she may notice he looks more muscular then normal, infact his sideburns are bigger and his fingernails are claws and his canine teeth are showing. He is in Dalu form, or near man form, for the extra strength to carve into metal.

Dani laughs only a little nervously and says, "A bit of both?" with a questioning upswing. "Been thinking about that boat offer," she says and then, after actually looking at the crafter she frowns. Sniffing the air as well the frown deepens a shade. "You're different today," she says and then, sounding a bit unhappy about the topic, adds, "Smells a bit like a wet dog around you." She then very bluntly asks, "This a werewolf thing?"

Asger growls and he shifts back to human form. He was topless so the norse runes carved into his chest can be seen before he puts a tanktop on and he looks to the woman. "It may smell like that because I been in Dalu form all day, working on this axe head. I played the new god of war and liked the axe design." He explains. "the trick is to building a combat ready axe." He says calmly.

"Well that explains the acrid sweat scent," Dani says while looking confused at the rest of the statement as her eyes trace the scarred runes on the chest in front of her. She finally decides to just ask it, "You played a god? And a new one?"

"The axe head is from the new god of war video game. it is a television thing." he says calmly as he looks to her and he chuckles. "These runes describe the first time I saw actual combat experience. My lodge, the lodge of garm, carve into our body old Pangean Norse runes to describe our greatest battles. They are normally carved with our claws, the weapon of a fallen enemy, or a runeklaive, which I am working on." he explains calmly as he takes off his shirt and gestures to the runes. "they describe how I took a pure fortress without killing any blooded or anshega, pure." he explains.

Dani nods slowly as she listens, putting on a good show of pretending to understand without really making an attempt to mislead her cousin; it's clear she hears the words, understands the sentiment, but is failing to truly understand everything. "Yeah, no, I don't get it really. Video games? So it's a game you play but see on the television screen?" she asks before also idly asking, "Wonder how a runeklaive measures against a token weapon?" more to herself than to Asger. She smiles broadly, "I don't know if you want to explain those terms further or not but I still don't understand pure the way you are using it, other than that they are big bad wolfs... and I guess blooded and anshega are sub-categories of the pure?"

"Blooded means wolfblooded. Both Unshega and anshega have wolfblooded, they are werewolves who dont shift." He says calmly as he nods. "Unshega is our word for our wolfblooded, Anshega is the word for pure, both shifting and non-shifting werewolves who ally themselves with the pure." He says calmly as he gets a bench and offers it to her to sit down on as he sits on the floor. "Video games are intractable stories. You ever hear a story and decided 'I want to shape it?' Well video games are stories you interact with a special machine and allows you to play different kinds of game, like medieval times or the far flung future, etc." He explains before taking a breath. "The Pure, want my people dead for killing father wolf. That we are the cause for Pangea being conquered by humans. They seek to restore the original status of the world, back when werewolves ruled and humans were cattle." Asger says calmly. as he gets up, goes to the mini fridge and pulls out two bottles of soda and offers one to her. "My people, begged and pleaded with mother Luna to beg forgiveness for killing her mate. The pure says we shouldn't worship mother Luna and that we should be revering our ancestors and father wolf in particular." He explains.

Dani nods. "You told me and ... she had a bird name, right? ... the story about Father Wolf the other day," she says before saying, "So... it's like a TV show that you get to direct while you watch, cool," about video games. She then says, "Maybe I should give you information about Changelings, but my personal story may have given you the best insight. We're all fairly different even in our similarities." She steps over to the work Asger's been at and, making a point of keeping her hands behind her back, looks it over. "Nice blade by the way," she says with a sincere and wide grin on her face.

"Share what you desire. I won't pressure you. I believe however that family should be honest, lest we interfere and cause more harm than help." He says calmly as he watches her. "If you feel differently than feel differently. I won't pressure you. Just know I won't understand certain terms." he explains as he holds the axe blade. He shrugs.

"It is good. I need to work on a sword and shield next, this way I can fight defensively." He says calmly as he moves to the near finished boat in the corner. "Plate is a friend of Janeen's. and a relation. I haven't heard good things about mortals in service to vampires, and while I may not agree with it, it is their choice, not mine." He says as he touches the boat. "Seems like our family grows each day and I am way behind on making boats for the family." he says calmly as he turns back to her.

"Honesty, yes, I agree. But sometimes information has price tags attached also," Dani says and then explains: "Our abilities... they are tied to promises made long ago. If we do the things related to those promises then the forces involved make the required results happen." She doesn't ask if it makes sense, she just says it and moves on to another topic as she says, "I think I'd like a boat if your offer still stands. But no rush. And you said I should pick a figure head. It can be anything really?"

"If there is one thing my folklore tells me, is the fae's strength in power revolves around their oaths, their bargains..." Asger says as he rubs the boat and he nods. "My offer still stands, and the figurehead can be anything." He says calmly as he turns back to the woman and moves to look to her. "I assure you, it will be of good quality." He says calmly as he puts his shirt back on and he walks over to the woman. "So what do you want?"

"I feel that you would rather do the job twice rather than giving someone a poorly crafted product, Asger, I'm not worried," Dani says before asking, "I know that they're usually mermaids or mermen and the like... but... could it be a lion with a fish tail in place of its hindquarters?" She pauses a moment and then asks, "Is that even a thing?"

"Well would you give that which you care for a poorly crafted product?" He says with a scoff. He then shrugs. "I can craft it. It will be done." He says calmly as he watches her. "You like lions? I would think you prefer tigers, tigers are stronger then lions after all." He says with a grin as he watches her before opening his bottle of soda and takes a drink. "Still lions are supposed to be more regal. King of beasts after all." he says calmly as he watches the woman.

Dani grins before saying, "Tigers... yes, would be better in a fight. Unless you can get a liger, then get a liger. Always pick a liger over a tiger. But if you are aiming to impress visually... not just by size but actually impression, get a healthy male lion. It's like having a Marine in dress uniform by your side. Nothing compares." She then gets a distracted look on her face and asks, "Do you know where my keepsakes would be or should I ask Sonja sometime?"

"I would talk to Sonja." He says calmly as he looks in the direction if the longhouse. Asger simply shakes his head. "Now you have me worried that those close to me are these doppelgangers, created by the fae." He grumbles as he goes about heading the axe head and letting the silver melt into the blade. He even has some gold along it, not much but a little. He then looks back to her. "Anything else you want to talk about?"

"I want to find my father's overseas cap," Dani says as she takes on a highly distracted air and drifts towards the entrance of the shop. Only half away of what was said to her she still replies on topic with, "I'll see if I can find out a way to pick them out... one I can share with you, no clue if there is one," as she steps over the threshold. "Hey," she says suddenly turning back towards Asger, "I'll come by again, maybe we can go for a run or something also sometime, right?" and then, without waiting for a reply... likely assuming one, she laughs brightly and dances off into the night.