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Monsters Feast

"-Easter- Bunny. What's more horrifying than corruptin' innocent children minds with bestiality an' poop-candy?"

Dramatis Personae

Tock, Rezart, Itxaro, Maureen, Lumina, Prescott, Aurore, Jimena, Sloan, & Violet

October 22nd, 2016

Halloween theme costume elegant dinner party at the Albergo Gancia


Grand Dining Hall, Albergo Gancia

The lobby is spacious and boasts high ceilings, the corners buttressed with fluted columns that terminate in inward-facing statuary. Each statue is of a pirate, fairy child, mermaid, or native American chief in a headdress, carved from ancient hardwoods. The floor is an old network of hardwood panels sliced into slats, while the walls are paneled in something similar, but kept intact and showing weathered conditions were endured. Everywhere, there is the scent of oleander and red wine, faintly carried on the air conditioning, and the entire place is polished to a beautiful finished shine.

There is a large desk at the center of one of the walls, facing the doors, allowing the concierge to greet incoming guests, and the floor in front of it has a thick, heavy mat made of leather kept in place by brass tacks. It's old school, through and through, as is the chandelier collection: five of them, each one colored red, green, blue, yellow, and orange, brilliantly illumination the entire room and banishing the shadows. Despite the light, it lends the room a subtle, creepy ambience.

To the east, there is a lounge; to the north, the elevators; to the west, the corridor which leads to rooms rented on the ground floor. Also a corridor to the Grand Dining Hall.

On arrival to the Monster Mash Dinner, the Grand Dining Hall is locked however, the garcon dressed as a Zombie is waiting by the doors with a clipboard. He is finely dressed for a rotting corpse. Violet June is no where to be found currently. "Welcome Ladies and Gentleman. May I have your names?" As he checks his list.

One of the earlier guests to arrive does so from within the hotel itself - Aurore having taken advantage of her employee access to change (and apply extensive make-up) on the island, rather than travelling in her guise. That consists of precious little but spandex and paint, the curvaceous dancer having opted to come as the supervillain Venom: glistening black, spider-symbol, and a vast (painted) maw covering the lower half of her face and the entirety of her throat. Padding over to the zombattendant she offers a smile - her own teeth flashing amidst the painted fangs - while raising a hand in greeting. "Hi. Aurore Abernathy." Her voice is a rich and warmly musical alto, mixing the local accent with more exotic tones.

The Albergo staff that is unobtrusively present are all white-faced, but not with terror. No, with make-up. In support of the party planner, they're all ghosts or undead. The person who appears to be givng subtle instructions is a grubby-looking chimney sweep, complete with a round brush canted over one shoulder. She keeps looking with evident frustration towards the elevators, as if waiting for someone else to arrive. There's no need for her to give the zombie her name, as he gives her a very respectful nod of the head (as well as a faintly apprehensive look) when she approaches the grand hall, but she gives it to him anyway. "Maureen Gancia. Mister Gancia should be along at some point."

The garcon glances to Aurore with a smile and scans the list. "Aurore Abernathy." He takes some time to scan the list twice. He then grabs a second list from under the first. "Ah yes, personal friends with Mademoiselle June. I see. Welcome, we will be opening the doors in a moment. He gives her a red lace braclet upon sign in. "Madame Gancia good to meet you finally. I will be sure to be on the look out for him." He signs Maureen in and gives her a lace braclet as well. "I hope this evening will not be too terrifying. Mademoiselle June made sure you are your husband would be seated together."

Rezart travels in his long converted-trenchcoat lab coat, so he doesn't have much trouble hiding his costume. Hiding it is a good idea in public, as he's coming as Sam Neill from Event Horizon. Dried fake blood all along his body outside of a conventional dystopia-scifi jumpsuit, scars and slashes and gouges... especially over his eyes, so covered with fake blood it's shocking he can see at all. (THAT part he's going to put on here, as a quick costume change!) Not that he needs to, where he's going. "Dr. Rezart Denniger."

Prescott decided to go comic book, for some reason. The somewhat portly man is dressed as the Penguin from the Batman franchise, complete with fancy tux with tails, top hat, monocle, and an oversized umbrella. "Greetings, greetings fellow celebrateurs!" He waves around, then steps up to the zombattendant. "My good revenant, you seem in fine fettle this evening! My name is Prescott Tolliver, I should be on the list."

The Garcon looks more pale after seeing Rezart's costume. "Pleasure Doctor Denniger, the doors will be open momentarily." He hands him a red lace braclet once checked in. He then moves onto Prescott, which he is not on the first list, however he is on the second list. "Welcome Mister Tolliver. I haven't seen Miss June in a few hours I think she is on the way. What a fine costume you have." He hands him a red lace braclet upon check in. This seems like a good enough number. He knocks on the heavy double doors twice to the Dining Room.

The doors open and eerie ankle deep smoke seeps out into the hall. The light is lowered in the Grand Dining Hall. Violet June Party Planning Inc, went over the top for this evening's feast. The ceiling was decorated to look like a sky light in an ancient castle, the walls adorned with inky black trees that reach up to the ceiling. The ceiling has been rigged with a moving design, some sort of projection of a stormy night sky. Every so often a lightning strike will happen or bats will pass the sky light. It's hard to tell that it's been faked. Between the inky trees are mirrors and creepy antique pictures in sepia tone. Among the smoke around the floor and along the edges of the room are heaps of swamp moss and little details of fake rats and small creatures. The lighting is a soft purple within a deep dark forest, ruined castle ambiance. Among the branches of the inky trees lining the walls are moss covered glass lights dangling from the trees, they flicker like flame.

There is an empty space for people to mingle however further back there is a solid oak long table. 18 place settings. The china is ebony black and shiny The silverware is polished to a reflective shine and each place has a coffin place card with each person's name. Floating above the table are candles, all different heights and lengths, the majority of the lighting comes from the floating candles above the table. The centerpiece is a cauldron spilling over with smog from dry ice.

In the entryway there is a black board with tonight's Menu:

Cocktail Hour from 7pm- 8pm

Signature Drinks:

Swamp Sangria

Blood Drip Black Martini

Witches Love Potion.

Feast at 8pm


Mummified Brie.

Spidery Salad

Screamy Tomato Bisque

Main Course:

Ribs of thine enemies

Black Linguine


Ika Odori-don or "Dancing Squid Bowl"


Spider's Web

Shrunken Head


All the waitstaff are dressed well as zombies, holding up trays of the signature drinks.

Dressing as monsters is a bit of a hairy proposition when one studies the occult and has ties in the supernatural community... What to do that isn't stepping on any toes or in poor taste? Tock chose a costume closer to home for herself than anyone else, having drawn upon her recent viewing of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' for an interpretation on the animated rag doll, Sally. In her usual too-formal, too-vintage mode, she has adapted the patchwork gown into an early Edwardian style: a fitted bodice with full skirts over multiple layers of tattered lace petticoats. Strategic placement of stockings over the visible portions of her arms gives her the appearance of blue skin and provides a surface for thick, black stitching to show. A similar effect on her face an neck is achieved with stage make-up. The red wig she wears is styled up with loose curls, a fascinator of black feathers and silk leaves in autumn colours adorning the locks. Modest-heeled granny boots lend her steps a steady clack as she crosses the floor to the man collecting names, waiting her turn to supply, “Eliza Atheron,” with a little nod of greeting. “Good evening.”

Moving farther into the room, Maureen smiles around at the others, waving the hand not holding her brush. Chimney sweeps are scary. They really are. Especially from Disney Musicals. Especially if you learned the hard way that Disney musicals are A LIE. "Violet June has outdone herself," the GM murmurs, examining the tables and the decor with an appreciative eye. Prescott gets a half-salute, Maureen grinning briefly. "Who doesn't like a villain in tails? Of course, who doesn't like a villain?" She gestures to include the other 'villains' as well, looking amused and pleased by everyone's creative effort.s

The Garcon smiles at Tock. "Welcome!" He chimes and signs her in giving her a red lace braclet as well. "Come on inside and have a drink. Dinner will be served at 8." It is then that Violet arrives in the lobby by elevator from within the hotel. Violet had adorned herself in a black corset, open backed, revealing the soft implication of her spine down to the small of her back. The ebony corset had a large bustle attached round with an intricate design of sliver. The bustle denotes a thorax of her costume. Violet's natural wide hips give her black spider costume a more realistic feel. Her legs were covered in lace silvery webbing and her feet pointed ankle boots with tiny spider decoration. Violet had piled her hair high, one side of her a dark royal purple and the other a lighter shade of violet, into an epic beehive, and delicate curls framing her face and spiraling down her back. The beehive was embellished with red gems, 8 in all, in rows down the front of her hair, to denote her spidery eyes of her costume. Her make up was done with elegant monstrous drama. Sliver, light purple and black makeup. Her lips coated in ebony gloss and when she smiles among her gaped tooth is sharp fang caps over her incisors. Violet is elegantly terrifying in her black spider costume. Her bodice clung low in the cleavage to her breast, long black gloves to frame her bare shoulders. Her long pencil skirt had even longer black graceful ribbons hanging from each side, symbolizing her spidery legs. Violet, a vision in purple, sliver and ebony. She smiles to the garcon, that just allows her a pass. She had been getting herself ready so she glances around the room to make such all details are in place. But, she planned to enjoy this event for once.

Aurore-as-Venom pads into the room a few elegant paces, before slowly pirouetting, gazing up and around - in a process that owes rather more to stunned amazement than a desire to show off the ferocious (painted) maw extending from her nose to her upper chest. In the dim lighting, it looks appreciably more convincing than it might in reassuring daylight. "This is amazing," she observes to no one in particular, as yet unaware of the arrival of the woman she's referring to. "She's really outdone herself."

Jimena Moore is not on duty today, which explains why her face is green, not white. She is, in fact, the Wicked Witch of the... well, an argument can be made for east or west. With the required pointy hat and green facepaint, she's wearing a black sweater, black skirt, and white-and-black striped stockings, ending in white tennis shoes liberally splattered in glue and red glitter. She'll give her name in a mumbled, 'Jimena Moore' ... but also plans her entrance so that she'll slip in just behind Violet's entrance. Surely no one will pay attention to a lowly black-clad figure when there's a Widow Spider to worry about. Though, perhaps the blue-and-yellow squeegee mop will garner a glance or two. Maybe.

Itxaro makes her entrance. Tonight she is dressed as a black widow spider. Her black silk dress molds to her form, pressing her ample breasts against the silk that just covers her décolletage. At her stomach the material changes to a red diamond of sheer silk that shows her belly button underneath. Around the red diamond the black silk molds to her narrow waist and then flares off over her hips to a sweeping black skirt. Her willowy arms are covered in black silks and when she lifts her arms a thin, transparent wires hold her other spider arms, four on each side. On her feet are black gladiator sandals are tied onto her feet, not hampering her dancer’s movement. Her toes and nails are painted black. She smiles at those she recognizes as she heads into the room, pausing when she sees Violet is also a spider but then gives her sister spider a little wave and smile. Even though their concepts are similar their costumes look nothing alike.

Prescott steps over to Maureen, giving her a quick bow. "You are, dare I say, quite supercalifragilisticexpialidocious this evening, ma'am." He grins, then sees the doors open to the grand dining hall. "My word, she has indeed outdone herself, the ne plus ultra of festivities!"

“Thank you,” Tock says with a small smile as the red lace is tied around her wrist. She follows the others into the hall, admiring costumes and décor alike for some time, just walking quietly and soaking in the ambience.

"Why, thank'ee, my good fellow," Maureen replies to Prescott. Thankfully she doesn't attempt a British accent; you thought Kevin Costner's was bad in Prince of Thieves?! "Mary's about somewhere, and she's practically perfect in every way." She exhales a pleased sigh, nodding at his praise for Violet's efforts, then turns to applaud as the party planner herself arrives. Then there's another spider! And a Wicked Witch! "Good thing we aren't outside, we might have to worry about houses getting dropped on us."

Violet turns and smiles spotting Itxaro the other spider, she waves. "Itxi, you look amazing!" She snags a drink called a witches love potion off a tray off a passing waiter. "Did you get anything to drink yet?" She takes a sip of her purple, green drink with a candy red heart on the bottom, black sugar on the rim. She leans in carefully for a hug, not to ruin costume. She notices Tock and she waves, she doesn't know her, but she sees her at a lot of her events, so her face is familiar. "Welcome. Good evening." She says with her sharp little fangs, it sort of gives her a lisp. "Oh Heaveths, I hadth, thought it would gif me a lispth." She clears her throat and attempts to talk around them. She blushes at Maureen's applause. She holds a finger to her lips. "Sh.. you are the only one clapping. How are you...Bert?" She takes a second to figure Maureen's costume out. "Oh! And Peguinth, Niceth to see you at one of my evenths."

Rezart looks amused at the garcon's reaction, then looks especially amused at the hosts's particular costume. He looks up at her beehive eyes; even his eyebrows are hidden under the weight of all that fake scarring. He admires the costumes and the scenery too. Looks like a solid adventure tonight.

Sloan enters the party a little late he had left is costume on the mainland nad had to rush back to get it after his shift. He walks in and looks around and he smiles walking over to Violet, "So this is the costume i heard so much about, I like it." He smiles.

Itxaro smiles brightly at Violet, giving her a wave back, "Violet...great minds think alike." She motions to her costume and tells her, "I love your costume..." She shakes her head when the other girl asks her if she's tried the drinks, "No...I haven't tried them yet but I know there's a glass of Sangria with my name on it." She then joins in the clapping that Maureen is doing, more than happy to celebrate her friend's success.

The female Venom also moves to snare a witches love potion, flashing a normal smile amidst the painted-on maw. "It looks absolutely amazing," the supervillain says in Aurore's distinctive voice, adding a little applause of her own. "You really have out-done yourself, Violet. And both the black widow outfits are fantastic."

Prescott doffs his hat, revealing his slicked back hair. "Miss Spider. Oh, and Miss Spider again! Twice the deadly arachnids this evening." He walks on over to Jimena, and gives an elaborate bow. No hiding for her, at least for the moment. "And a good evening to the lovely viridian enchantress. I hope you are well."

“Good evening,” Tock replies with a warm smile to those greeting her once she drags her eyes back from the décor. She waves and offers more smiles to those she passes as she collects a drink.

"Everyone is clapping, at least on the inside," Maureen retorts in a teasing tone, her grin widening at Violet's lisp. Perhaps in keeping with her own blackened face, or perhaps because she likes vermouth, the chimney sweep helps herself to a black martini. Sloan's Frankenstein gets a nod of approval, and she doesn't seem to be the least bit concerned that her costume isn't strictly in the class of monster or villain.

Rezart grabs a swamp sangria off a nearby tray and raises it at the sight of the Frankenstein. "Excellently done, Frankenstein! Impressive scar." He grins, his own fake scars twisting with his movements.

Violet has to look up at everyone since they are so much taller. "Hey Sloan.. long time." She reaches up to give him a hug. Once everyone is inside the doule heavy door slam with a loud bang. Violet even jumps at the sound. She puts a hand over her heart, making sure it didn't get away. "Oh! That startled me. I think it's almost dinner time."

The room seems to darken more and there is a loud thunder clap, with the lightning streaking across the fake sky light. A dim light focuses on the end of the table and a man dressed like classic Dracula is standing at the head of the table. "Oh my guests have arrived! Velcome! Sit, it's time for dinner!" One of Violet's paid actors for this evening. There are coffin place cards for each guest, so now is the time to claim a seat.

Having all but snuck in - thoughm of course, Maureen the Sweep found her - Jimena and her proud blue-and-yellow banner make their way to the drinks. Alcohol, of the course, is the only way to survive parties. She peers uncertainly at the various types of alcohol, before picking the swamp sangria. Fortified with several sips, she peers from beneath the brim of her hat, looking over who all is here - and she's been spotted! A Prescott! She blinks, before beaming a smile towards Prescott. "H-hello again! Y-yes, I'm all right. I just, um, d-decided what I was at the last minute. I kept changing my mind." She confesses to Prescott, before having another sip of her drink. "I d-don't go to these parties much."

Itxaro manages to grab a drink right before the cocktail ends, taking a sip of her sangria as she slinks over to the table to see where her place card is. She finds her seat quickly and then makes a point of telling Violet, "Ooo...I like your vampire. Very Bella Lagosi and not Twilight glitter." Yeah, that's a movie that Itxaro wishes she never watched by the look on her face.

Sloan gives Violet a hug and smile,s "Too Long. Hoepfulyl we can touch base when your hosting duties are over." He then nods to Rezart, "Thanks." He then nods , "Your's look awesome two. I had a firend of mine that works at a funeral home do it, after all she does make up for a living , I am just a bit more livly then her nromal clients." He notices the black widdow in the group and gives her a wave the nhe says to Rezart, "Looks liek us menfolk will have to be wary this evening." He laughs a bit at his own humor.

Halloween-esque and spookiness is a time of darkness and ominousness and scary and awfulness and ....yeah, Lumina -- ahem, -Lillian- to those of you who are not Lost -- has zero capacity in that bag. Thus, she is in bright pastels, with a rainbow vest, and rabbit ears. Because monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and she recalls something about giving out candy or something for halloween? Whatever. She's brought a plate to the party, because that's tradition too. A small basket of chocolate eggs, tucked under one elbow. And she likely has a devil of a time getting it past the doorkeeper, losing oh, a few, of the eggs in a bribe.

Prescott beams at Jimena. "I sure it's a little difficult sometimes. But I'm glad you came." He grabs a sangria as well, then offers an arm. "I see that they are ushering us to our seats. Shall we?"

It takes some effort, but Maureen manages to not laugh at the rainbow bunny. After all, rabbits are scary. COME ON. You've seen the Holy Grail. She settles back into her own seat, pleased by the ambiance and the taste of her black blood martini. The empty seat beside her gets a faint, resigned sigh as she leans her chimney brush against the nearest wall, but otherwise she looks quite cheerful. "You know, I'm surprised we don't have a Pennywise somewhere."

Being clad throat to toe in black spandex (save for where the spider symbol or her painted maw provide stark contrasts) would normally be likely to make Aurore somewhat eyecatching; here, it seems to be having her blend invisibly into the shadows. She, too, jumps at the slam of the door - before widening her eyes at the Dracula. Then she moves to pad towards the table in search of her place... delaying for a few moments to blink and smile at Luminillian's surprising choice of costume.

"Between a watchful spider, a black widow, a witch... and bwuh, a bunny?" Rezart snorfles a chuckle and shakes his head. "Many surprises here, that's for sure. Best to be alert." He heads inside himself and takes his seat.

Violet snorts, "I hate Twilight glitter. Ah.. Lagosi.. not as sexy as Vincent Price, but he will do." Maureen will have one vacant space next to her for the missing Enzo. She shutters. "Oh.. clowns." A touchy subject. Violet ends up across the table from Maureen to keep her company. She smiles fangily at Rezart, "You look like you got your face torn up by a raptor."

The scariest of monsters! That's Lumina. She gives a somewhat self-conscious smile, and ducks her head in a greeting to those who noticed her -- because she can obviously -avoid- notice in such a get up -- and starts peering at the dining settings, seeking to find her seat. "-Easter- Bunny. What's more horrifying than corruptin' innocent children minds with bestiality an' poop-candy?" Well, when you put it -that- way... Who came up with the idea of the easter bunny, a rabbit that, ahem, dispensed chocolate? She finds her place and carefully sits down, flicking her hair back over her shoulders, and muttering that she really should have braided it or -something-. Fine, floaty, -long- hair is super annoying and gets in the way of uh, everything. Especially when it's down to your tailbone. Or in this case, actual tail with the bunnyfloof.

The Edwardian-styled Sally doll tries not to look too /terribly/ alert at the door slamming closed. Tock glances that way and brings her drink up to her lips, sipping before following the other guests in toward the table to search for her seat.

Sloan finds his spot at the table an sits. He notices the bunny, "If I had not read Whatership Down I would argue bunny are not scary but I have and those bunnies are scary."

Jimena is another jumper at the slam of the door closing, instinctively placing Prescott between herself and the door - but then realizing it's just a door closing, and with a blush, she accepts Prescott's arm, "S-sorry. There's a bunny." SHe informs him, shaking her head. "We sh-should sit. Are the parties always this elaborate?" She murmurs to Prescott. SHe'll follow his lead on who they sit next to.

Itxaro smiles as she sees that her card is near Violet's card and takes a seat at their table. She gives a smile to Maureen and then tells Sloan, "Oh bunnies are very scary. And clowns. Clowns are pretty horrible too." Much scarier than a poor maligned spider that got a bad reputation for poisoning men. She sips her drink and looks around, just looking at all the costumes.

"They did. They attacked me in that between place, where realities collide!" Rezart plays with his costumed persona, separating his fingers and then putting them side by side. "Raptors, and worse!"

Propping one elbow on the table, Maureen studies the Sally for a long moment, shaking her head in amazement. "So very clever," she tells Tock. "In fact, I'm envious of all of you for your great ideas!" When Lumina mentions bestiality and bunny poop, she blinks, very nearly spitting out her drink. "Okay, that was unexpected," she murmurs, torn between laughter and horror. Then Sloan's comment draws her attention, and she lifts a sooty hand to her breast in mock terror. "Raptors, and worse? Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY."

Prescott jumps a little as well. "That was quite the scare. But this is supposed to be a scary party, after all." He smiles as Jimena places her hand on his arm. "Bunnies can be frightening. There are rabbits in the United Kingdom that are bigger than dogs. And let us not forget General Woundwort from Watership Down." He gives a little shudder, then walks with Jimena to the table, pulling back her chair at her indicated seat.

Once everyone is settled in some of the Zombie waiters come around to ask for people's orders, from what is available tonight. For Appetizers: Mummified Brie. - Brie wrapped and roasted in buttery flaky crust. Spidery Salad - Salad with raspberry vinaigrette, and berries shaped as bugs & Screamy Tomato Bisque- Creamy Tomato Bisque served in a small roasted pumpkin.

Rezart says, “- and rabbits!" Rezart says, joining two conversations into one. "Rabbits are effing terrifying! They multiply faster than the mythical grey goo! Malthusian nightmares! It's a miracle they haven't claimed the world!" He peers at the rabbit, his eyes cheerfully wild. "Unless they have! Maybe reptilians don't rule the world - rabbits do!"”

A soft laugh from Lumina, and she gives Maureen a flash of a grin, and any teasing regarding that, or the discussion of Watership Down is stalled, for the moment, by waiters. She ...requests the brie, and enquires if there'll be something to dip in the brie. If not, if she could be a terrible pain and ask for some carrot sticks to do just that.

"Bunnies are the most terrifying thing. They're small, and cute, and fuzzy and the way their noses wiggle when they breathe just melts your heart. And that's when they -strike-. Bam! Your house is undermined. You've broken your ankle falling through one of their cunningly placed traps between your back door and the garden, your vegetables are nibbled on and you're all out of luck in resistance, because they're just ...too... darned...cute." The best ominous voice the Australian accent can produce, delivered with deadpan dry humour, before she pauses and adds "...And Watership Down was traumatising. Maybe I shouldn't've watched it when I was eight, because it was a cartoon about rabbits."

“Thank you,” Tock replies to Maureen with a smile as she perches on the edge of a chair, arranging her skirts in the process. “I make a fair portion of my own clothing, so it is not too difficult a prospect to move into costuming. Though I do sometimes have difficulty picking appropriate costumes for events...” She leaves that particular statement at a level of vagueness on purpose. “I do love seeing what everyone does with their costumes and décor, though. This is all very lovely.” She pauses to put in her order for the bisque when the time comes.

Sloan replys to Itxaro, "I never got the scary clown thing. I mean I knwo a lot of people have it but they have never bothered me." He nods at Lumina's explaination of the terror of bunnies. "YEah you always got to look out for the cute things they will get ya everytime."

The whole Watership Down reference draws a blank look from Maureen, but the moment passes right on by, probably without comment, and she simply sighs with a sort of lazy contentment. Her brow furrows in concentration as she tries to decide which appetizer to choose, and she waves the zombie on while she tries to make up her mind. Finally, she gestures him back and orders the salad, though not until she's changed her mind twice.

Violet takes the time to look up and down the table and smiles. She is taking in the costumes for the first time tonight. What a colorful cast of characters they have. She is quiet just enjoying, listening to their conversations and basking in their social auras. She glances to the twin spider to her side. Once everything is ordered, it doesn't take long with idle chatter that the food is served, crackers and bread slices provided to brie lovers of course. Since everything is pre prepared to be 3 dishes, it is quick. "How are you enjoying yourself Maureen?" She asks finally shyly. She is concerned for her guests amusement of course.

“Distorted faces or unfamiliar faces on familiar bodies during the age at which children are developing fear of strangers sometimes roots the fear fairly deeply in children that can carry into adulthood. And the fact that clowns are often participating in transgressive behaviours does not help when children's judgement still tends to work in broad generalisations,” Tock rattles off having overheard Sloan's comment. “The make-up can wreak a bit of special havoc on our built-in facial recognition software, too,” she adds in a half-teasing tone, tapping at a temple indicatively. She gives her soup a delighted smile when it arrives in a pumpkin. The food is adorable; perhaps they should be on guard.

Itxaro chooses the brie for her appetizer, she always loves cheese. She takes a sip from her sangria and looks to Maureen to see how she likes her food. She looks to Sloan, "Oh scary clowns...no thank you. One of my foster brothers showed me IT...Stephen King...no thanks." She shudders and then frowns when Tock points out the brain development and that there might be a scientific reason why she doesn't like clowns.

"I thought the fear of clowns was from those stupid jack-in-boxes." Lumina asks curiously, glancing towards Tock enquiringly, "Since they were a young childrens toy, and they startled, and that startlement turned into a phobia as they grew up, due to repeated exposure, and cemented with th'presence of 'life sized' things that would leap out suddenly and similarly startle th'kids." She offers, blinking and tilting her head slightly. Apparently, this is not a bunny who's afraid of no clown!

Ooh and the brie has arrived. There's the crackers and she's delicately peeling off the pastry wrapping, to dip in the melted gooey goodness obscured within.

Sloan nod as he takes in tock's explanation, "Wow I didn't realize there was that much supporting it." He smiles, "But then I don't knwo alot of the science but that is very interesting." He shrugs, "that kind of explains a lot of the folk tale monsters too after all they often have distorted features."

"I'm having a great time," Maureen replies to Violet, beaming. Then she gets a blank look again as Tock throws out her explanation. "I like clowns," she shrugs, offering a crooked smile. "Fairies, now... fairies are terrifying." The arrival of the salad broadens her smile, and she reaches for a fork, spearing a 'bug' with enthusiasm. "This is great. I love food that isn't fish." ...wut?

Violet if she is afraid of anything, won't admit it. She ordered the salad however, she was peeking over at Itxi's plate, that did look delicious. "Easter Bunny aren't you out of your season?" She smiles and the points from her fangs stick out a bit when she smiles. She smiles back to Maureen. "I'm glad. Fairies?" She inquires of Maureen, having a 'bug' as well. The spider eating her spidery salad.

“There are plenty of toys that startle and plenty of children not exposed to clown-shaped jack-in-the-boxes during formative years. I am sure that those who had that specific exposure probably are not /helped/ by it. But the more universal nature of the phobia and its persistence across many cultures and eras would imply a deeper underlying cause,” Tock replies thoughtfully. “It might even be that the choice of a clown to place into a toy that startles might have been more an effect than a cause of the phenomenon in this circumstance.” For all of that, look just how little she has to say about fairies. Soup, soup is delicious and best eaten hot. There is a spoon in hers. How convenient. “This region /does/ love its seafood rather a lot,” is what she chooses to comment on next.

Prescott sits in his own seat and chooses the brie for his appetizer. "There is a cultural cynicism in the fear of clowns, don't you think? No person can be that happy and joyful. Obviously there is something wrong, or the clown is doing something wrong. And then John Wayne Gacy happens and IT and...well." He shrugs and nibbles his cheese.

"I don't really have an opinion about fairies," Itxaro admits to Maureen, giving a little shrug at the mention that she finds them scary, "The little things in the Disney movies don't seem that threatening though." Yes, the dreaded Disney is brought up, "And the whole, if you put your elbows on the table, a fairy will die is creepy." She pauses and admits, "I had a foster mom that said that to me once. That's wierd." She takes a bite of her brie and makes a happy sigh.

Sloan nods, "And wel lthe evil clown is a common fictional thing as well look at Paggliacci and well starting in 1940 the Joker." He scowls at the mention of fairies but does not comment on them.

"Not really 'across cultures'." Lumina objects mildly, "Fear of clowns isn't -nearly- as universal as America likes t'think, since, well, America isn't the whole world and all it's cultures." She points out mildly, "Earlier histories of 'clowns', the Harlequin weren't entirely -feared-, per-se, as more disliked for their mockery. Think, like, mimes." She also grins at Violets question and teases "Yes, which makes it even more horrorfying! I also brought chocolate, if anyones not allergic to peanuts." She returns to the topic of clowns and adds "I found 'It' boring, to be honest, and full of stupid decisions."

Violet regards them all for a moment. "Growing up in Arizona, the native americans have folk lore about spirits, and such. People getting whisked away but I think everyone has stories like that cross cultures." She shrugs and goes back to her salad.

“Not /all/ cultures universally, that was not the claim, but it is not a wholly localised phenomenon,” Tock corrects. “And similar reasoning equally applicable to mimes and mummers and even medieval fools. The phenomenon is well enough known in Europe and documented for quite some time back.” She knows nothing at all about this modern film referencing and sticks to what she is more aware of.

"Scaramouche," Maureen points her fork at Sloan, before blinking at Itxaro. "Really? One dies every time you put your elbows on the table?" Very deliberately, she plants both of hers, one at a time, like a child angry at its mother stepping on a crack. "Two down." Then she smiles, and for the briefest of moments it's a rather creepy smile... and those with fae sight will get a glimpse of that unsettling mien expression. "Folk lore, fairy tales... the original Brothers Grimm were quite horrific." She's a bit lost by the philosophical discussion concerning clowns, but hey. There's food. And someone mentioned chocolate.

"Australia's got some of those stories, about people that hid in caves and cracks in th'walls... though most of th' 'gone missing' ones are 'eaten by a bunyip'." Lumina notes quietly, occupied in enjoying her appetiser, and sipping most boringly at plain water. Because crackers are -dry- and even melted brie has very little moisture in it. "Brothers Grimm were uh, nice-ifying what the peasants were -actually- saying. Weren't original folk stories and the like cautionary tales, that seldom had happy endings?" She pauses, and nods towards Tock and gives a small smile "My apologies. Sorry."

After people have finished off their Appetizers. The zombie waiters would remove the used plates and come back with orders for the main course. Ribs of thine enemies - Beef ribs with potatoe skull. Black Luginine - Squid Ink Pasta with black olive pesto. And for those with the most DARING tastes Ika Odori-don or "Dancing Squid Bowl." (It Really dances once soy sauce is added).

"That's what one of my foster mothers used to say," Itxaro tells Maureen and laughs when she puts her elbows on the table. She then nods when the Brother's Grimm comes up and tells him, "Yes...I understand they are cautionary tales rather than the modern Disney version that creepily try to make you think that fairies, monsters and other beasts are fine. In fact they make them the heros." She shakes her head, "I'd rather listen to the original tales, not the watered down version. She decides to go with the Ribs of Thine Enemies when given the choice. Meat...yum!

"Scaramouche would you do the fandango, thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening me," mutters Prescott, triggered by Maureen's statement. He coughs into his hand, trying to hide his goofy faux pas. But then the main course choices are offered, and being a gourmand, he *must* request the Ika Odori-don.

Tock manages not to laugh outright at Maureen though there decidedly /is/ a twitching at the corners of her lips at the deliberate placement of her elbows. She lifts her eyebrows slightly at Lumina's apology. “Whatever for?” Her curiosity is definitely piqued by the offer of dancing food.

Not that Lumina is unduly -cautious- about her food choices, but she really would prefer not to choke on octopus tentacles that suckered onto the back of her throat when she swallowed and Didn't Let Go. So, for her, it is the ribs of thine enemies. She tilts her head at Tock, and gives Maureen a grin with the deliberate elbowing, "There's also rumours that 'I don't believe in fairies' will kill them also. But, I think it is movie bullcrap." She adds to Tock "For the mishearin' and bein' a bit rude and all."

Sloan orders the rib, after all it seems fitting to him. He then shrugs, listening to the converasation swirl around him but remaining a quiet placid center for the moment.

Ribs of Thine Enemies... oh, if only people knew how often Maureen had eaten THAT dish in the past, though it wasn't beef at the time. That becomes her choice, partly out of nostalgia and partly because squid anything isn't going to be her choice for the evening! When Prescott's squid arrives, though, Maureen stares at it, captivated, and her fingers twitch convulsively before she hides them in her lap. Her gaze remains rivetted for a few moments longer, and she licks her lips and swallows hard before seeming to shake herself out of whatever trance she's in. Then she turns her attention to the ribs.

As Prescott mentions thunderbolts and lightning, the ceiling crackles to life with thunder crashes and bright streams of electricity across the fake sky light. "My favorite Grimm Fairytale is the princess with the thousand pelt coat." Violet mentions sheepishly. She orders the pasta with pesto. She wonders if it'll turn her teeth black.

Tock gives the air a pat with one hand, gently dismissive when paired with a little smile and shake of her head. “Oh, nothing of the sort. Human language is horribly inefficient. There is no harm in clarifying a bit of meaning now and then. Better done than not, when needed.”

Itxaro is very happy with her choice of ribs, carefully eating so she doesn't get any on the dress, "Oh this is great." She tells Violet, "I don't know how your pasta tastes but these ribs are good." She gives a flash of smile in Prescott's direction giving compliments to the chef.

Prescott tilts his head up at the "sky" after the thunder and lightning. "Nice timing," he says, with a small golf clap of appreciation. And then the Ika Odori-don arrives. He tilts his head in curiosity. He's no stranger to squid as a dish, but then the server states that the squid will dance when doused in soy sauce. "Are you certain?" And then he pours a trickle of sauce on the squid, and nearly jumps out of his seat when the tentacles begin to gyrate and writhe. "My word!"

It should, probably, be polite and manners for Lumina to use her cutlery to eat the ribs. She does carve some of the meat off of her ribs, and eats the majority with the mashed potato-skull, just to prove that she can. "Make sure y'chew your squid -thoroughly-." She suggests to Prescott, before having another mouthful of the beef, after inspecting to ensure it is not unduly coated in sauce, and adding to the progressively increasing pile of sauce on the edge of her plate.

If anyone is paying attention to the backdrop, amoung the trees there are glowing sizes of eyes blinking and peering at them eating. Violet dips into her pasta. "It's good. It's a delicacy in some parts of Italy." She smiles to Itxaro, "I am glad you are enjoying yourself." She smirks and won't correct Itxi that she hired out caterers for this event. Violet giggles at Prescott's reaction, she covers her mouth with a gloved hand. "I am glad you are so entertained!" She golf claps as well. "Look at that lil' guy go." She is talking about the dancing squid of course!

Tock flashes a big smile at Prescott as he receives his dish first, then performs the experiment again on her own when it arrives with a little, delighted giggle. “Oh, /that/ is quite fresh, indeed!” Her eyes widen a little at the degree of movement, head tilting slightly. “The sodium ions in the sauce must be capable of eliciting reactions from the contractile tissues in the muscles still.” Fantastic.

Itxaro assures Violet, "I'm enjoying myself alot." She then watches at the wiggling food on Prescott and Tock's plates and is fascinated, "I don't know what you're talking about Tock but that...that is very creepy." She looks at Violet and it's clear the 'creepy' is a big compliment. She does continue to enjoy her ribs though.

Once the food arrives Sloan loses track of the conversation and focuses on eating, an act he does with military precision. He looks over at he squid and smiles, "I think I prefre my food with the fight already taken out of it."

Digging into her ribs in an effort to prove to herself that she's not going to lose control and snatch up a squid and stuff it whole into her mouth, Maureen makes an appreciative noise. "This is the most fun I've had at a dinner party since... ever," she tells Violet. "Even Atlantic City wasn't as good." She pauses, looks guiltily at the empty chair beside her. "Don't tell Enzo I said that though."

"Secrets safe with me." Lumina replies to Maureen with a grin, that might, not, actually be all that reassuring. She picks up one of her bones, the meat neatly stripped from the rest of them, and starts to delicately chew on the bones, stripping the final bits from the bone. And managing to -not- get sauce on her face. This time.

Violet smirks as people are fascinated by the food she had taken a risk and it had paid off. Violet has a warm glow about her, even for a spider. She blushes as Maureen pays her a compliment. She glances to the empty chair with a sigh. "I won't. I am sad he is so busy." She blushes and looks down. "I'm sure he'll make it to the next one. He needs a break." The conversation is flowing so easily the actors don't really have to ham it up as much. She glances to Lumina, she can't resist to say "That Rabbit is Dynamite." She mentions, since Lumina had bbq all over her face.

Tock manages to stop playing with her food and eat it eventually. Perhaps a touch on the salty side, but that is entirely her own fault. She swallows before chuckling at Sloan. “It has been decapitated. That usually makes for an easy enough opponent to tackle.” Usually. She has to leave the door open on that one from experience.

Itxaro nods a silent look of agreement when Maureen says not to say anything to Enzo, "Oh and that's too bad because I love tonight...Violet, you really out did yourself. The food is wonderful." She finishes up her ribs and then sits back in her chair wondering if she can even fit dessert into her stomach.

Once everyone has finished dinner, people are asked if they want coffee, tea, vampire hot chocolate. And dessert is presented a little after that. Desserts tonight are Spider web- Light purple cotton candy with candy spiders; Shrunken head- shrunken pear boiled in white wine, carved like a face with red berry sauce; & Tirami-boo - tiramisu with lady fingers.

Prescott looks over at Tock as she has the same dish. His eyes widen as she explains the reason for the "dance". "Oh, sodium ions doing a whatsit to the muscles? Fascinating." He plucks up his courage and chopsticks and grabs the Lovecraftian zombie. He noshes on a twitching tentacle, then smiles. "Oh, this is quite good!"

Tssh. Tongue stuck out at Violet for the comment. Lumina is of the opinion that you are not enjoying your food properly if you do not need to clean your face after She -did- try not to wear it, just to be polite ...but didn't succeed very well. She picks up the napkin, and dipping a corner in water, she wipes her face, tidying herself up all nice and neat and presentable. "If you dip them in anything not quite as salty as soy sauce, they wriggle less." She offers, though she is amused by the simple name of Tirami-boo. The rest of her choices were otherwise 'tame', so to speak, so tirami-boo it is for dessert.

“It /is/ squirmy. That impacts the whole experience in its own way. Like...carbonated beverages,” Tock muses at Prescott. She tries not to giggle at his summary of the reaction. “Oh, tea, please!” She never misses a chance for tea when presented. This she pairs with the Tirami-boo in her order.

Sloan makes a rather surprising dessert selction he goes with the spider web because it has been far too long since he had cotton candy.

Itxaro has to choose the spiders in cotton candy because it's just too perfect and goes with her costume. She also orders herself coffee, preferring that to tea. She flashes a smile to Violet, "Did you know that you were going to have this dessert before you planned your costume?"

"Hot chocolate," Maureen decides, flashing a smile at the zombie server. "And... hmm. Why not? The shrunken head." She looks around at the others, pleased to see everyone having a good time. Then she pauses, and frowns, turning her attention to Lumina. "Is it like putting salt on a slug, do you think? I'm not sure that's fair... but then again, it IS a squid."Violet has just a glow about her. "I am just wondering who is a good dancer, for the ball next month." She sips some water from her goblet. She orders tea and a shrunken head, keeping to the healthier choices this evening. She smiles over at Sloan. "Hey Sloan, how are you doing down there Mister Silence?" She tries to get him to chime in. She smirks to Itxi. "I did have some spidery ideas.. I guess I had spiders on the brain." She apologizes.

Prescott finishes his dish with a look of surprise and satisfaction on his face. He decides on the shrunken head desert.

"...I am not." Lumina warns Violet, "I couldn't carry a tune if it had handles." She frowns thoughtfully and considers Maureen "I think the reason why slugs react poorly to salt is because it's opposite things. Salt is very abrasive and caustic, I think, and Slugs ... are not. It also dries them out, which is not very comfortable." She offers as an explanation, "I think the salt makes the squid wiggle because the ocean and blood is salty. And cephalopods have neuron systems in their tentacles, as the 'head' is primarily the digestive bubble."

"I have learned quite a bit tonight that I didn't expect to," Maureen laughs, smiling around the table. "Not to mention ate some interesting food and had a grand time at a party." She beams at Violet, then licks the last bit of sauce from her spoon. "And on that note, I think it's time I track down Mary Poppins and see what he's been handling without me, bless his heart. Violet, thank you for an amazing time. The rest of you, thank you for coming, and supporting our favorite party planner and the Albergo Gancia. Enjoy the rest of your evening!" And with that, she carefully eases herself back from the table, setting her napkin down and lightly tracing a finger over the black plate with a warm smile.

Tock shakes her head at the mention of slugs and dissimilarity in the reactions involved. “The squid is already dead; its brain tissue is removed. It is just fresh enough for the muscle tissue to be alive enough for the sodium ions to cause...muscle spasms, essentially. There is still enough ATP stored in the cells to power the reaction and cause contraction. Slugs die when you put salt on them because that creates a hypertonic solution on their surface and, given the high water content of their bodies and relatively weak solute concentration therein by extension, the process of osmosis draws the water out of them and they dehydrate.” Her nerd switch got left on, apparently. There is no hope. She offers a little smile. “Rest assured, there is no squid torture on our plates. Beyond any typical killing-animals-for-food sorts of things, if you ask certain people.”

Sloan smiles to Violet, "I ma doing good." he grins, "Just enjoying the wonderful food. You always have the best food at parties." he grins, "As far as the ball I bet Itxaro would be a wonderful dancer."

Violet snickers at Lumina, she mentions. "I have love handles, does that count?" The itsy bitsy spider jests. She smiles and it makes her brown eyes twinkle at the compliments. "Aw I should throw more edible parties then." She smiles and that gapped tooth and fangs show.

"You should throw more edible parties, this food is very good," Itxaro continues to happily eat her cotton candy...sugar...it's all good. And the black coffee cuts some of the sweetness so it's not so overwhelming. She smiles deeply when Sloan suggests her for dancing and tells Violet, "I would love to dance at the ball if you need me to."

Poke poke at the Tirami-boo, and Lumina starts eating her dessert with the ladyfingers. Dip and nom. She glances up at Violet and laughs softly "Sadly, holding onto your handles won't help my lag of rhythm." She replies, grinning as she enjoys the dessert, and the party. "I'm glad you're not unduly unhappy that I don't precisely match the decore." She adds with a wry smile, "Never been to a halloween thing before."

"The food wasn't too creepy?" Violet inquires of Itxaro. "Maybe I can find someoen to dance with me." She snarks at Lumina. "I am not one to rain on someone's parade. Fun is suppose to be fun." She yawns a little and finishes her delicious pear. She stands slowly, wiggling her bustle/throax. "Thank you all for coming. Please continue to have fun and enjoy your stay for those of us staying tonight in the hotel. I have been up early this morning putting this together, and I must sleep I am afraid." She waves to everyone. "I hope you continue to have a lovely time. Thank you again, for coming." She then saunters off and out to her hotel room.

Sloan waves to Violet and says, "If I can make it to the ball I will dance with you at least once. Though you might want a better partner I ma not much of a dancer." He then adds, "the food was definately not too creepy."