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Mead and Familial Conversation

And Asger Talks Openly About the Forsaken and the Pure

Dramatis Personae

Asger Bjornhammer, Corinthia Wagner, Dani Olsson, and Kirsikka

January 9th, 2021

On the Wagner Family's private island, Dani tries to pounce Hugs, Cori's Hedge Beast Companion, and due to that she gets to see Cori's new "orcish" appearance; more family joins them and conversation ranges from Kirsikka's outfit, Asger's mead and mate, and Werewolves! (Including a mention of Lon Cheney Jr.)


Rising Moon Isle

If Dani is being looked for she's not found on the island. Unless some sort of magical way of finding her is used and those clearly identify that the island is where she is located. If someone starts calling for her a relatively large Maine Coon approaches them.

About twenty-four hours ago, Dani stepped outside the longhouse and shifted into the form of a cat and has spent the day roaming the island in that form, hunting, exploring, etc. She's napped in the woods, killed a vole and ate it mid-day (and she's hidden the bones so that she can bring them to someone if she wants) and otherwise just vaguely revelling in the nature of being a cat.

Corinthia did in fact look for Dani the other day but did not become overly worried about her charge, yet. That night she knocked and left a note. But now he is looking to begin worrying enough to take action. The taller, green skinned, and tusked Cordi.. Though one again smelling as if rolling in her things, currently wearing her clothiers, including short-spear hiding backpack, begins to call out her relative's name. Same voice if a tiny bit off via the tusks. Her little black bird 'Hugs' flits away to fly high and begin looking about the island.

Dani is in a tree on a relatively low branch when Hugs first flys by. Recognizing the bird but deciding to have fun with it Dani watches it and waits to find a pattern in its flight pattern and, when it flys back by the tree again she leaps at it in the air attepting to catch it with the intention to do no harm.

Corinthia harumphs and leaves it to Hugs to do the searching, the little bird soooo much better at it than she is. Which means food time, hungry busy girl is hungry. Ohh left over kettle stew, sore! While she begins filling a bowl, Hugs is flitting it's little self back around, having had no luck..

Then.. "ACKCATCATCAT HELP!" in its tiny starling voice. It wingbeats to turn sideways then flaps for its life, leaving a bird pool falling behind while zig zagging. Of course this causes the sound of a dropped spoon from the kitchen and tromping of sprinting feet. The orc is looking all aggressive, spear still growing to full length as she comes into view. Very rar and such.

Dani-the-Maine-Coon, watching Hug move away from the trajectory she was on to try to catch him, flails about in the air until she lands successfully on her feet and then just sits there watching the bird fly about, making sure not to look agressive as she looks up at the /tall/ green skinned spear bearer and then lays down on the bround and seems to bow her head towards Cori.

Corinthia looks about, trying to see what the threat to her friend is, spear arm cocked to the side as whatever cat is the problem, is looking to get thrown at.. But.. There is just one cat, a cat looking all chill and such by the time she can focus on it. "Humm.." The kitty gets a curious look and head tilt. "Well, you look behaving. Hugs! Are you crying cat again?" This gains her an angry squack as it flits off to sulk.

Dani's cat-like form blurs and, in the process of transforming into her human form, rises up from four legs to two. "Hi," she says sheepishly. "The bird was not calling cat. I tried to pounce on it," she explains and then, addressing the Hugs directly, she says, "No hard feelings, I wasn't trying to hurt you."

Asger comes out of the workshop, having been in it for the last few days working on stuff. He looks to the people and he simply shrugs and walks over to Corinthia. "Have you seen Rieka?" He asks as he studies the woman and he waits for her answer.

Corinthia blinks as that is a trick she very rarely sees, obviously impressed with Dani's command of that contract. "Wow, that was rather cool and looks extremely useful!" She lifts a brow at the beginning but then is nodding by the end of Dani's explanation. ... Hugs grumbles from its roof top hidyhole. "Scared me, bad Dani, bad!" ... Cori grins. "Yeah remember that breakfast and rolling with Rieka? I finally finished that whole evolution." With a little hop, she twirls like showing off a new dress. "Tada! Just glad it did not go much further." Ohh and then there is an Asger. To Asger's eyes, the tall Greek woman breaks into a laugh. "Oh my life is too complicated. Long explanation but it's me Asger. Ummm washed out the blonde hair dye, got a good tan, and umm stopped suppressing my Greek accent to try fitting in with the local Wagners." Mostly bullshit but the core of it is true-ish. "Going by Corinthia now, my first name, rather than norse wannabee nickname."

Dani smiles at Asger and says, "Hey there," to him and then gives Cori and her bird another sheepish and apologetic grin. "So... yeah, that's a different look," she says to Cori without expounding on it and then turns to Asger. "Rieka was a nickname Corinthia was using. I've started thinking of her as Cori myself so I hope she's okay with that nickname but same gal. How're you doing?"

Corinthia reaches out and gives a soft squeeze to where Dani's shoulder meets neck, all reassuring of good will. Then she smiles and winks in thanks for the help. "Cori works just fine, thanks." She looks at Asger but as he steps away for a moment(Disconected), she turns gaze back to Dani. "Anyway, so much going on. Attacks and such, so need to be extra careful with you." Then she grins again. "Was such a cool trick."

Dani smiles about the compliment. "It was hard learned," she admits, "But it can be relaxing to dive into that form," not actually discussing the fact that she was a cat a few moments ago. She also frowns however and asks, "Attacks? Should I be seriously concerned about this?"

There's good clothes. There are bad clothes. And then, there are Kir's clothes. A bright yellow jacket from the 70s, neon green bell-bottoms, a T-Shirt with a grinning cat on it. Still, there is words of cat, causing the.. cat in the horrible get-up to try to sneak up! Cat news are always good, aren't they?

Corinthia mmms and nods. "I bet it was. And sounds very freeing." The smile falters and she nods. "Yes, sadly. Bah, if you remember, was even attacked by some crazy fast ninja types. Some sort of diseased twisted dagger too." A tattletail chirping comes from the longhouse outer rafters, causing Cori to look back and.. She just stops and blinks at the sight. "Wow... Ummm.. Hiya." Blink.

Asger comes out of the longhouse with a keg. He sets it down and gets a table from nearby and goes into the workshop to get something, coming back out with a drinking horn. He then deals with the keg and uses the tap to get something liquid out of the keg and he takes a drink. "Got a fresh cask from home. Mead if any of you milk drinkers are interested." He says teasingly as he holds his horn up as a salute.

Dani glances up at the tall blonde and smiles. "Nice shirt," she says about the grinning cat shirt without commenting about the nice curves that are within it. "Um, are you part of the family also," she asks Kirsikka.

Kirsikka grins "Thanks!" she announces, nodding, as she speaks in a strangely accented voice "And yes! I am an... estranged cousin!" she explains "Kirsikka!" she continues, offering a hand "And.." she stops, looking over towards Asger "What is wrong with milk? With cocoa it tastes great!"

Corinthia has a similar appraisal as Dani, if a bit different reasons. "Hehe yep, very nice shirt." For some reason, this amuses her. "I am use to being the tallest woman in the room. Dam Nords." Playful tone, then she is beginning over to Asger. "Hay, milk is good for growth." A wink and patting of the man's shoulder. A motion to Kirs being right about cocoa. "Another cousin, good to met you Kirsikka!" Mead time!

Asger sips his mead and goes into the longhouse. He brings out wooden mugs and fills them up and hands them each to a woman. "If my mate knows I been drinking with other women she will beat the crap out of me." He says teasingly as he sips his horn. "My cousin brews this mead. Infact in the mortal realm the village is famous thanks to this brewery of his. He is a blooded, but still he knows how to make a good drink." He says calmly.

Dani accepts the mug and, before taking a sip of it, asks, "Even if those women are cousins?" of Asger. After the sip she says, "Nice, sweet," and then follows up the first question with, "How tough is your mate, Asger?"

Kirsikka nods with a grin as she follows towards the mead "Blooded?" she just asks, sniffing the air it seems, as she raises an eyebrow "And... if you need to file charges against your mate, I know someone who could be an ambulance chaser." she jokes "And... you must be super into Vikings." she stops, looking at Dani "I hope you don't hope to beat her up?"

"She is a Latina. I havent seen her fight myself but I wager she can probably kick butt." Asger says as he looks to Kirsikka. "As in Wolfblooded. I am a werewolf." He explains to Kirsikka. He then looks to her and chuckles. "My ancestor, Ragnar Ravenscar founded our village. His brother founded the pure village. Ever since then we have been fighting each other for generations. Probably will be fighting for as long as there will be Pure and Forsaken." He says softly as he looks to his own horn.

Corinthia takes an offered mug, raising it. "Thanks Asger." A laugh and head shake. "Sounds a wee bit jealous there." A nod to Dani's first question, quiet as she drinks deeply. Then a grin to Kirsikka. "Yeah the local family, most deeply embrace Norse culture. Though he Greek part of the family share sailing and love of sea as much." A thought. "Oh and any skinheads or such that come around here because, I am pounding into the dirt then kicking into a riptide." Then Asger is speaking again and she leans back on heals with a 'this should be fun' expression.

Dani glances at Asger, then at Corinthia, then at the new cousin Kirsikka and takes another sip of the mead. She then mouths 'werewolf' at Corinthia and says, "So... um, nice mead," to the provider of the drink and asks nobody in specific, "Skinhead?" as if she's never heard the term before.

"As in Wolfblooded. I am a werewolf." He explains to Kirsikka before smirking. "I grew up in a village of werewolves, the founders of the village were wolfblooded who worshipped wolves for wisdom and strength. We call them Ulfhednar, which are wolf versions of berserkers. I could teach you how to berserk, but I warn you, if you have a primal rage like my people or a draugr's frenzies, then you literally dance along the blade's edge of it and losing control." Asger explains.

Kirsikka sniffs at the Werewolf, looking a bit worried "I doubt any Skinheads would make it over here." she starts, rolling her eyes "And thanks. Sisu is enough, I don't need to berserk." she mutters

Corinthia nods to Dani... Several times there and returns to stand aside the smallest cousin. Mmmmmhmmmm. "Racists who sometimes cling to Norse culture as their own. Fuckers." She /deeply dislikes them and likely was not kidding about kicking into the sea." This while listening to Asger explain a looot to the new cousin. She even looks surprized when Kirsikka does not freak and in turn replies with some specialty term. "Likely not, but it's a fun thought."

Dani continues to drink the mead slowly as Asger speaks and then nods to Kirsikka as if her comments explains the term even though it clearly didn't and then smiles as Cori explains it to her. Then, as she's apparently full of questions today, asks the self identifying werewolf, "Like Lon Chaney?"

Kirsikka blinks, looking over towards Dani "I am sorry, who? And... yes. Skinheads are absolute idiots." she agrees with a nod "As to wolves..." she says, looking towards Asger "They... still are silly." she mutters, going full cat "Chasing their tails and fetching sticks and... being odd..." she starts, probably mixing them up with dogs "Not like cats. Cats are great... and dogs are just jealous of them."

"We are Father Wolf's Children. Not dogs. We are not tame and as wild and fierce as nature itself." Asger says calmly as he studies the woman, a serious look on his face as he studies her and he sighs. "Besides cats are cruel and aren't renown for being the most brilliant either." He says as he drinks his mead and refills his horn.

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