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Main Event: Free vs Roman
Dramatis Personae

Gunnar, Kharn, Kaheya, Waneek, Ashley, Evelyn, Roman, Free, Astrid_Halldis, and Augustine. A Fimbulvetr log.

December 29th, 2015

A duel between Free and Roman


Kharn's Shack

The duel was decided to be held at Kharn's Shack, in the surrounding area that is wide open. One of the first to arrive, a massive dire wolf nearly the size of a horse with grey-silver fur like a norther timber wolf. He scouts the area, running a wide range to make sure everything is safe for them to have the duel tonight. Returning he marks off an area, digging a large circle with his claws while others are arriving.

Evelyn arrives from her temporary home at Hearthstone Lodge in the Gothmobile, which is a fairly small black sports car, which she parks back near the road and hikes in the rest of the way. There is a skirt worn, though it seems a little more rugged than her usual sort, for all that it still comes down to the ankles. All else - save her boots - is hidden under a long, somewhat puffy black coat that makes the small Gothling look like a sooty marshmallow. Reaching the area, she stops, peering around.

Astrid had arrived with the large dire wolf with the grey-silver fur. The Icelandic womans vivid eyes flick over the surrounding property of her brothers shack and there's a smile to Gunnar once he starts to dig the circle. She's dressed for the cold weather in a black wool jacket, jeans and boots. She is quiet as she waits for him to be done and others to arrive.

The big dark grey wolf that is already been around the area shows up from behind the shack with his ears pinned to the back of his head. His tail is down and he walks to where the fire was as he takes a seat there and waits. The Roman-wolf waits quietly for everyone to arrive, amber eyes watching people and being silent.

Having recieved word with the time and place of the duel Free eventually shows up and glances around. He walks into the clearing and makes his way to the circle dug into the ground, stopping roughly a foot or so from it and waits. He's dressed in a simple grey t-shirt, black parkour pants, sneakers, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Taking one last drag of the cigarette stuck between his lips, he flicks it to the dirt and stomps it out, only to continue waiting. When he spots the two Uratha in their wolf forms already he grins, letting his hands shift into claws, which he flexes in anticipation.

Augustine walked into the clearing wearing a hoodie, jeans, boots and a knitted hat. He looked at everyone that was there waving. He did not say anything as he found a tree to lean on to watch. He had a serious look on his face. As he waited and watched everyone that was there.

As the two combatants arrive and others begin to filter in, the massive timber wolf that is Tides-of-Blood gives a low and deep rumble and communicates in the first tongue, << This is a challenge by Free to Roman. When this challenge is over the matter will be over as well. There will be no hard feelings from the loser and the winner will be gracious. >> As Logan begins to prepare the rite for the duel, the dire wolf continues, << I suggest ... all natural abilities. All forms but Gauru. No gifts and no rituals. Free is that acceptable to you? Roman is that acceptable to you? >>

As the others arrive, among them is a black wolf with amber golden eyes. This one takes his time to scout around the area as Gunnar did, first well out from where they will gather and then closer in. Quietly the Meninna comes in closer, then stops to observe those who are gathered without yet coming fully into view himself. When he's satisefied, Kaheya shifts his form to that of the near man before he's in full view of the Wolfbloods and stands errect before he walks the last distance into the clearing to join the others. His worn leather jacket, blue jeans, and boots barely fit his over large frame in Dalu. As is his usual, if there is a bon fire light, he stays well away from it on the edge of it's light.

"Sure, sounds fine by me." Free states, giving a slight forward roll of his shoulders as he steps into the dug out ring. "I just want your pup to stop blaming me for shit I had no control over."

Astrid gives a nod of greeting to those that she knows and those she hasn't met yet. She was a busy woman so she didn't get to make it to gatherings much. She'd made arrangements for tonight though. She doesn't say anything for the moment, just watches the four werewolves that are in the center for the moment.

Roman is in human form and he stands there and listens to the man. He nods his head slowly. His eyes close and he takes a deep breath. He shakes out his limbs and he prepares himself. He crouches down and starts to shift into Urshul, into the dark wolf form, taking his time to do so. He shakes his head.

Ashley takes a long time in the Gothmobile car as if finishing up a phone call after hitching a ride with Eve. Of course, she leaves such things in the backseat, deciding to tuck her purse in as she won't need it for the clearing. Late, by a pinch, she arrives as she pulls on a light army green coat that is two sizes too big for her. She zips it and begins to snap the buttons as she walks the path to where the Wolfblooded stand, and out of the way. She'll nod to those she knows and make a point for searching for Free and Roman.

Letting Logan finish the ritual, the grey-silver dire wolf steps over to Roman-wolf and rumbles low to him, << Fight him to the best of your ability. Don't give up. Don't back down. Show courage. The people and the spirits will see that. It is a step toward becoming a warrior. >> With that he steps away from the circle and Logan finishes, also backing away from the circle. Tides-of-Blood howls out to get the attention of everyone and states, << This is a fight until one of the combatants is knocked out or surrenders. Death is forbidden. Both combatants will use their own natural abilities and forms save for Gauru. When it is over their dispute is over. Begin. >>

Eek arrives after most everyone else, or so it seems, perhaps having been there all along and only just now deciding to arrive. She's dressed in jeans, tee, hiking boots and a coat (that out of habit), and draws up short of the area where it seems like the fight's going to take place. Quiet and solemn, she simply watches to see what will happen.

Kaheya sees the wolfblooded gathering in a knot to one side. He then studies Free and Roman quietly, watching and listening to Gunnar laying out a few ground rules for the duel. He looks to place Kharn as Logan is finishing up the rite. Seeing Waneek arrive, Kaheya moves around the circle to join the blooded. He towers over his sibling while he's in Dalu, his tenor dropped more to a baritone when his voice rumbles low, "Don't get too close. If either of them loose control from injuries, we'll go in to handle it." Almost as if he'd forgotten that she'd had her own First Change recently.

There is a nod of greeting to Astrid and something of a toothy smile before Kaheya also up nods to Ashley.

Ashley looks way up at Kaheya and grins from where she clumps with the other Wolfbooded, and she pulls up the green hood of her coat to keep her ears warm. So obvious, she has a hangover after the party last night. "Firefly bad," she whispers discreetly to him. But no more talking now, since there's the challenge starting.

Evelyn tilts her head back to glance upwards at Kaheya, managing to come up with a faint smile, though it fades quickly. It is a rather solemn-looking wolfblooded Goth who turns large eyes back to the about-to-commence duel, watching from a safe distance.

Waneek looks at her brother and nods. Even with her being who and what she is now there's no intention of getting into the middle of the fray if shit goes down because injuries probably hurt like fuck even if one can heal from them quickly. "I'll stay here," she promises. That's all she says, however, this too important for her to be a Chatty Cathy.

Astrid is over on the side and watching the others quietly. The woman gives a bit of a smile as Gunnar and Logan finished and the duel is about to commence. She doesn't move from her spot. She waits to see what is going to happen for the moment.

Kaheya rumbles low to Ashley, "Did you understand what Gunnar asked and they agreed upon?" If Waneek's First Tongue is yet sketchy, he can fill her in as well. Evelyn he doesn't know too well. Still, his placement over with them is intended to protect them if things get out of hand.

Ashley gently pulls on the strings to her new green coat and peers up again at Kaheya with a slight shake of her head. Roughly she understands. Parts of it perhaps, but she does hope this challenge ends quickly and there is deep concern in her grey eyes. Oh yeah, she's worried for both of them.

The wolf hears the go and he digs his paws into the dirt and leaps forward quickly. His paws dig into the snow and through the dirt and he leaps forward towards Free. His amber eyes focused. Kharn's words ring in his head. Fight, don't give up. His ears are pinned back and his tail is up with the air slightly. His hair is fluffed and spiky. It's clear he's grumpy right now. Roman leaps up for the grapple.

"I have no idea what they all said," Evelyn admits, though she keeps her voice to a soft undertone. Pushing her hands deeper into the pockets of her puffy black coat, she watches the two duelling wolves intently.

"No gifts, rituals, or fetishes, only natural abilities. All forms but Gauru. Fight until one goes down or yields, not to the death." Kaheya keeps his rumble low in volume, his own dark eyes intent on the circle with Roman and Free in it. And then, they begin! The Cahalith falls silent, watching as intently as all the rest who throng about to witness this duel.

First Tongue is new to Waneek, what little of it she does know being little bits and pieces that comes to her on some instinctive level, making all the rules pretty well lost to her. Thankfully her brother's happy to provide translation for them, his sister reading his lips as he tells them what is what.

Before the fighting starts Free glances around at the crowd gathers, spotting Ashley, whom he looks at directly and flashes a faint smile. After that look though? It's back to the duel at hand as Roman comes toward him. The sight of a giant wolf barreling at him sends his instics into overdrive, forcing his body to change into the large Dalu form. When Roman-wolf gets close enough he lashes out with his claw-shifted hands, going for whatever part gets within reach first. "This is all you have to show? You blamed me for the pack breaking up! Where's your anger?! Show me!" He snarls as he falls into a ready stance, awaiting the wolf's next move.

The two go at each other with ferocity. Roman-wolf charges at Free and goes to slip right between the humoid's legs. Free swipes at the wolf as it is slipping through and rakes claws down his body, causing nasty furrows in his hide. Free turns and exposes himself as the wolf moves through...

Roman wolf is in pain and he looks up at the man in front of him and steps in front of Free. His back is bleeding and in pain but he doesn't care. There are people here. He snarls at the thing even though he feels the sting and knows any attack this thing is going to hit with, it's going to hurt.

Evelyn was just standing there, watching the combat with wide eyes. Until things more or less go to hell. The blooded goes stock-still, staring and making a little squeak that is likely, blessedly, lost under all the howling. And then the yelling. And, when told to run... she runs, turning metaphorical tail, hiking up her skirts, and dashing back towards the road. The long, puffy coat might make it a ridiculous looking duck-waddle-run, but who's paying attention to such things right now?

As the fight continues, Kaheya occationally rumbles something low to Waneek and Ashley, some comment or another. There isn't much to do but watch and wait, alert in the event one of them gets a bloody mouth full and looses it. Several times he looks about to shout some encouragement or advice but Gunnar coached Roman already, so the Cahalith waits to see how the fight wraps up.

After the wicked claws from Free that knock down the Roman wolf....things get interesting. What at first seemed to be a one sided fight that Free was sure to win, it evens out a little bit. Roman-wolf is intent on keeping Free held in a grapple and stalls the older Uratha allowing him to begin healing slowly. Free gets in some swipes, nicking and cutting the Roman-wolf up but finding that the beast is tougher than one might thing...he takes it and keeps on coming at Free. Briefly Roman-wolf gets Free pinned even! Then Free breaks out with a roar of strength. Roman-wolf bites Free, ripping up his shoulder some and weakening the Itheaur so his strikes were almost nothing....and the fight goes on. Finally though, Free manages to land a heavy blow that knocks Roman-wolf out...and he shifts back to Hishu to begin regenerating.

Augustine had not moved just standing there watching the fight while leaning on a tree. When the fight was done he got off from leaning nodding approval that they were doing a duel the proper way. He turned to Free and ROman "Good fight." He was very serious as he spoke.

Kaheya hasn't been able to help himself and finally shouts some encouragements - but not just for Roman, for Free too! Roman may be a packmate but might be the Cahalith likes Free too. Or he just likes a good fight and who cares which one wins? Anyway, he starts getting into it and circles the dueling ground just as Free delivers the blow that finally knocks Roman down. Uratha certainly can't be all quiet and serious when there's a fight on, especially a Cahalith.

After the fight comes to a close and Roman shifts back to Hishu from being knocked unconsious, Free pushes himself up from the blood stained ground and stands. Looking down at the young Rahu for several seconds he sighs, then moves to scoop up the down man, fully intent on carrying him over to Gunnar. "Take care of your pup. Our issues are finished." Once Gunnar takes Roman, or he ends up setting the man back down, Free turns to walk off the way he came from without nay further words.

Hot anticipation in the back of the peanut gallery crowd, stands Ashley with the knot of wolfbloods. She's peering around they very tall Kaheya at this point until he moves away to do his cheering. She lets out a deep breath once the fight is over. "Good Lord. Please tell me neither is dead. Are they living, breathing?" That's all she seems to care about. And it appears so, both are indeed alive. "Well hellsalujah! First drinks are on me at Logan's bar." She'll leave the safety of the blooded contained area now to approach. "Free... you did well." Her eyes convey more, but enough saved for later.

With an easy shift, the massive dire wolf changes into a big Dane. Gunnar declares, "Free has won. The People witness it and the spirits witness it. Glory and Honor to Free for handling himself with honor in this duel." He takes Roman with a grunt...he's a big dude. "Good fight, Free. You have earned much respect tonight. You need not go. You can drink with us and eat jerky." He sets Roman down, kneeling beside him and waits for some of the regeneration to begin.

Free stops only when Ashley approaches to give the girl a nod. The Gunnar's words reach him and he gives a dismissive wave from over his shoulder. "Another time, now that this is dealt with. Going home to my wife." And then he is gone. No more stopping.

Augustine turned to gunnar "Beer and jerky? Nice." He said with a grin. He looked at the group to see when they were going. He did not seem to know Free and he had only meet Roman once before. "Saw a bunch of people I have not before. A lot more around or that is most of us?" He asked curious as he looked at everyone. Augustine is an awe inspiring figure looking almost to be a giant from legend standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall with a powerful build that shows he keeps himself in shape. He has a bronze skin tone. His hair is medium length at the top while cut short on the sides and back. He has tattoos on his chest, shoulders and back but are mostly covered by his shirts. He tends to have a very serious look about him but when he is with people that he knows he has a warm smile. He is normally found in a t-shirts, jeans and boots with his hair pulled back.

Ashley walks over to where Roman is now set down on the ground and kneels. She starts to unzip her oversized army jacket that has a nice fleece lining inside. Pulling it off, she covers up Roman with it to at least keep him warm until he wakes up. One hand goes to the New Rahu's forehead, "Will he wake up soon, Gunnar?"

Now that everything is done Waneek walks over to Roman, shifting as she does. She doesn't go full wolf, nor does she slip to the war form, instead choosing the half way point between human and Gauru. "I can help." Don't ask her how she knows she can, she just knows it.

Roman just lays there unconscious having been beaten into wolf paste and after he shifted back to human though his human form crumbled. He's limp against the snow and blood pours from his open back wound. It's not looking good for the young Rahu.

"Yes, beer and jerky...or moonshine if you sweet talk Kharn." the big Dane tells Augustine with a grin. When Ashley comes to check on Roman, Gunnar nods, "Once we get him healed up a little...he will wake and he can start to regenerate better. He took a great beating. I'm proud of him." DId he just say he was PROUD of Roman for taking a beating?? When Eek comes over to help, he nods, "I will offer some of my essence."

As Kaheya sees his sister kneeling down and professing she can help Roman, Kaheya moves up to see if he can't help her. "She'll need purified water for the rite, if I remember." So that one of them can go and get it for her. As for himself, Kaheya removes his jacket and tosses it aside, nevermind the cold air. He rolls up his sleave and digs the claws of his right hand into his left forearm until his own blood begins to wheal up, offering essence to aid her in the rite so that his sister need not bear the weight of it all herself, to heal their packmate. <Werewolf> Hide and Hush pulls out his banjo, and fetches his Kentucky accent, starts jammin' about coal mines.

Waneek kind of slips into her head as she starts to murmur, whatever the Ithaeur says hushed enough that it might escape the ears of those who are not close enough. The essessnce is spent and the spirits invoked, this hopefully working so Roman won't have to suffer the pain for any longer than he must.

Ashley turns her head in time for a light sneeze. 'Achw.' Another girlie girl choo sounding sneeze as she turns in time to the cover up with the crook of her elbow. The cold is getting to her again, but she waits patiently for Roman to now wake up after Waneek shared her essence.

Watching and also waiting for Waneek to do her ritual, Gunnar remains kneeling beside Roman. When the nastiest of the wounds disappear and he can see the regeneration begin slowly....the big Dane gets to his feet and grins. "Well then...I suppose its time to drink! Kharn where are you hiding that shine of yours?"

Kaheya was distracted by Ashley's speaking of food and drink but seeing Waneek trying to heal Roman, he comes to stand by his sister to see if she needs anything. He watches closely but is silent, not interrupting.

Roman is healed up enough where he finally opens his eyes and he tenses slightly as he glances around. He's naked with the exception of someone's grace covering his manliness and he blinks a few times. He doesn't say anything as he just lies there and he stares up at the sky and keeps quiet. Something's changed in Roman. Ashley withdrew her hand from Roman's forehead way before she sneezed. But now that everyone is staring down at the New Rahu, she offers softly to him. "You fought well." Still kneeling, she waits for him to settle into the fact that the fight is over.

Augustine turned to ROman "You fought well." He said with a thumbs up to the man as he nodded in agreeent with Gunnar before turning to Gunnar "Oh yeah you wanted to talk to me. When did you want to do that?" Seems he wanted to ask while the man was there so he knew. He turned to the others "How is everyone? Well? I would of asked earlier but I respet duels so I sit and watch silaently. It is a bit odd but hey how I am and all that."

"Moon shine will do. Make hamburger boy here drink some and he'll feel fine." Hamburger Boy being Roman. Kaheya turns his head to study Augustine, not knowing him from Adam, "Who are you?" If he'd been a Jarhead, he's have asked 'Who the Fuck are you?' but this Cahalith was never in the Marine Corps, so he's more polite. "Where's Kharn? Where there's a Kharn, there'll be good booze."

Roman pushes himself up slowly showing the damage on his back and he smells the coat. He is listening more to the heart beat in his ears then the talking around him. He slowly gets to his knees putting his fists into the snow and the dirt below. He's trying to get up.

Kuthgurim can be heard trudging through the woods toward the clearing. When he finally breaks the treeline and see's Roman, bloody but alive, he grins. He's got a boar with it's throat torn out across his shoulders, which he dumps onto the big heavy table, tools clanking as the carcass hits heavily. He surveys Roman's wounds and says, "I take it no one died then? This is good to hear." He says this to Gunnar and follows it with, "Luhal'ku, I have decided to count myself as one of the Hudinim. With the amount of wolves coming out of the woodwork, it would do all of us well to have an arm of Luna's law among us." It's only then that he realizes there's actually quite a few people gathered here, "I take it there will be drinks needed..." He jogs into the shack and returns with a milk-crate full of mason jars, each sealed and containing a clear liquid with the potency of jet fuel.

"Moonshine...we need moonshine and jerky." Gunnar declares with a rumble as he looks around for Kharn. Augustine gets his attention though and he pats the man on the back, "Yes. Actually this is perfect. I believe we once talked of you joining our pack? I'd like you to start spending some time with us. So you can get to know us and we can get to know you. The offer extends to your sister as well if she sticks around." When Kharn comes out of the darkness he bellows, "Kuthgurim! Our boy did great. He not only survived, but he got in some good licks and wore Free down some." When the drinks are brought out he grabs one to open and steps over to help Roman up. "We are proud of you for not giving up and not backing down. Everybody takes a beating at some point in their life. Learn from it." He hands the mason jar of shine to Roman.

Ashley greets Augustine, "Hello again. We met back at the Cross a day or so ago. And if you are as bad at names as I am, I'm Ashley. Uragarum." The second introduction a courtesy in the aftermath of this latest challenge. And then her eyes quickly avert back to Roman as he tries to get up. She'll slide up after from her knees and not quite touch him, but she's there in case he starts to stumble. "What's in the jars? For real, did you make it yourself, Kharn?"

Augustine turned to Kaheya "I am Augustine." He answered tto the question from the other man. When Kharn walked over he waved "Hey Kharn." He looked at the crate "You sure you are not some mad scicenist or something?" He said half joking with the man. "Sure no problem in getting to know everyone. I will ask her when she is around." He said to Gunnar before turning to Ashley "Hello Ashley and yes I remember you had the strange suitcase." The large mman moved to stand near everyone else but he found a tree to lean on once again.

Kaheya isn't letting Augustine go that easily. He points a finger at him, "No. WHO are you? If you want to be in our pack, you tell us who you are. Full name, deed name, auspice and tribe, then tell us about yourself." Yes, doesn't matter if the other in hishu stands a touch taller than Kaheya in Dalu form or not, his rumbled voice growls.

Roman keeps his head down as he's helped up and he pushes the mason jar back at Gunnar. He shakes his head quickly grunting quietly. He does though, grab the jacket holding it there to hide his frontal manly bits while he uses Gunnar to stop wobbling. Once his feet are planted in the snow, he pats Gunnars chest lightly and then turns towards the forest carefully moving off on his own towards home silently.

"Fucking right." Kuthgurim's gravelly Dalu voice is full of joy at Gunnar's assessment of the battle, "I told you, Luna looks proudly upon those who lose an honest challenge with honor." He beams at the big, brooding Rahu as he stalks off. "I didn't make it, no, I got it from a man deep, deep in the woods north of here. It's just some mash liquor designed to be strong enough to keep the most robust Uratha drunk for a long time." He says this to Ashley and Augustine as he tosses the jar to Gunnar, which is handed to Roman. He looks to Kaheya and offers him a wrist in greeting and waits for Augustine's reply. He knows the man by name, and only a little about himself.

And with Roman running off into the woods towards home, Ashley turns back to Gunnar. "Any chance you can find me another coat?" She sheepishly smiles, "At least for another day or two. My personal things should be arriving by then from my last apartment." And then the tone of Kaheya's voice draws her attention as he speaks to Augustine. A quick side step is taken closer to the Firebeard since he's talking about his Moonshine now. She takes a sniff at one of the mason jars and ends up wrinkling her nose.

Waneek shifts back to Hislu, her arms then stretched over her head as she growls under her breath. That's going to take some getting used to. "Anyone wants me, I'll be out for a walk." Her bow and quivers are taken, the latter two items slung in place over her back while the weapon is kept in hand. "Kaheya, we still need to talk," she points out to her brother but she doesn't stick around to look for what people might have to say to her. It is time for her to get rid of the tension.

Augustine just looked at Kaheya like he was goofy but shrugged and answered "I am Augustine Navarro, Rahu Hudhuz of the Storms Lords. My deed name is Hunts the Storm. I am part of the Lodge of Unity. I have fought the pure for years why I spoke to Gunnar and Kharn after I found out. I am also a smith." He said in full. He looked about to see if anyone else had a question he did not seem to have a problem with answering just prefered questions to be asked.

"Sure you don't want to stay and drink with us, Roman? You know a wolf can drink shine just as well as a human." Gunnar notes with a chuckle at the man as he turns to leave. "You'll be good as new by tomorrow, little brother." Then he unscrews the lid and downs some of the moonshine, making a face as it burns going down. "Kharn. Kaheya. Waneek? Waneek?" he says looking around as she wanders off. He nods to Kharn again and replies, "Oathkeeper huh? That sounds like a proper idea to me." He gives a nod and listens to Augustine giving his introduction.

Absently Kaheya puts out a clawed hand to grab Waneek's near arm to steady her. He spares his sister a brief look to make sure she's all right, then gies her a nod before she departs, "Yes, tomorrow." He rumbles, then looks back to Augustine for his reply.

Eyes narrow a touch at Augustine's nonchallance, bu the answer is accepted with a nod, "Among the People, one /always/ gives a full introduction with those whom he does not know, if he would have their respect. To do otherwise is very rude, and respect may not be given." So after a breath, he rumbles, "I am Kaheya Nightsinger, Na'tuk Romrr (Mountain Walker), Cahalith and Meninna." The forms now probably observed, at least between himself and Augustine, the Cahalith is satisefied.

Notice is taken of Roman slinking off alone yet again rather than lingering with his pack. Kaheya thins his mouth a little but says nothing. A dark brow is raised to Kharn, "Does this mean you'll start sounding like an Elodoth?" He bares his teeth in a grin and walks over to Gunnar who surely needs to share some of the moonshine.

Ashley takes a few more steps away from the moonshine and promptly sneezes again. Perhaps now realizing she's coming down with a cold she's about given up at staying out here. "I need to go." She flashes a smile back to Kaheya, "Rain check again from last night? I should head back to the Lodge where it's warmer. I can't keep up with you all." Although, she wishes she could.

Roman stops and turns around to stare at the ground there. He was going to stumble home but it's so far away and he sighs quietly. He goes back to his knees and then his chest and lies right there on the outside of the forest. Yup, right here.

Ashley gets his attention and Gunnar gives her a nod and small smile, "I'm sure I can find you another one. If I had one, I'd let you use it now...but well its not that cold to me." He grins and offers her some moonshine, "Here this will warm you up." But then Kaheya is coming over to get moonshine and he chuckles, "Hey little brother. Here..." He reaches over to grab another mason jar from the milk crate and hands it to the Meninna. "How is your sister handling things? Seems to be getting right into it."

Kaheya's comment was one Kharn was expecting and he shoots back, "Never, never an Elodoth. The Lunes themselves branded my flesh and I have spent time amongst the Choir and I believe this is my calling. But never an Elodoth." He tosses the Meninna a wink and says to Ashley, "I have a blanket, or I could start a fire if you'd like? The night is young." He watches as Roman thumps into the snow and just lays there.

Augustine stood at the tree as he watched now that everyone was up to what they wanted. To Kaheya "Nice to meet you." He said with a nod. He turned to Gunnar now "This everyone in the pack? I know you, Kharn, Waneek and Roman were in it. WIth Kaheya there that is five." He asked curious a bit. "If that is everyone that is fine. Oh yeah how goes looking for your wolverine? They being as fierce as I would think they are?" Now he tunred to Kharn "Mostly you go Oath! You failed the oath! Judgement!" He said joking "But from what I know of the oathkeepers you will be more an example of the oath then a judge which is a very respectable thing."

Kharn gets a deep throated laugh out of Kaheya. Dalu suits him. The jar is accepted from Gunnar, "Thanks." he rumbles, "She is doing very well. I could not be more pleased with her progress. But then, she's been adopted by two more older brothers to help her to learn her way. You and Kharn have my thanks also for that." The jar lid is removed and before he might taste the shine, Kaheya looks to Ashley, "I'll come keep you warm if you get too cold. Sing you to sleep." He grins but lifts his jar to bid her farewell, not expecting her to accept his brash offer, ha! A nod is given back to Augustine in acknowledgement.

"Ginger and Jori are the only two missing...well and Waneek took off." he tells Augustine with a tip of his head as Gunnar glances over to Roman and chuckles. "I wish he would at least shift into a wolf so he doesn't get hypothermia..." He gives Kaheya a good solid pat on the back, rarely seeing him in Dalu. "ALmost as big as you Kharn..." the Dane comments and grins, glancing after Ashley when she mentions leaving. "A fire wouldn't be any problem. We can build one in no time."

Ashley looks over at Kharn and she smiles up at him as if considering his offer. "That's very generous of you to build a fire, and I'd seriously accept a blanket. In a heartbeat I'd say yes, if I didn't think I was coming down with something. I should just be wise about it and turn in to a warm bed and a hot shower." She peers to where she thinks she saw Roman maybe fall over. "What's wrong with him?" Somewhat confused by why a naked and human Rahu would choose to lay on the cold ground again, isns't quite just right. Looking to the others, she chooses to land her gaze on Kaheya. "You could always stop by later and sing me a lullaby." She winks. "Okay enough for me, I leave the Rahu to you guys to look over. Time for this girl, to get back to the Lodge. Goodnight everyone. Night Gunnar, Augustine." She smiles.

"She's been a quick learner." Kuthgurim says to Kaheya, "She took to the wolfskin like a fish to water. It was glorious." As for Roman, the firebeard looks from the naked, prone man to Ashley, "His pride may take more time than his wounds to heal. He'll come around. The fire is usually burning and there's blankets inside, come back any time. This lot will probably be here until after the blood settles with the Anshega...so you can count on a party."

Gunnar smiles and lifts his mason jar of moonshine in salute to Ashley, "Have a good night. See you next time." He takes a big drink and makes that face, cause this stuff kicks your ass. "Roman! Get over here and get a blanket or shift! Don't need your ass freezing to death out here." He chuckles and turns to the others, "I was surprised the fight lasted so long...he held Free down for a while."

Kaheya huffs a breath, "I'll do that!" To Ashley departing. He watches her a long moment before he tastes the moonshine. Fugh, Kharn's source still sucks at making shine, but it warms his belly. An up nod in Roman's direction, "He'll sort himself out, or not. Up to him." Yes, he's a little distracted by the woman.

Roman lifts himself up slowly and looks at Gunnar before he shifts into a wolf and then limps over to his alpha and sits on his foot. He lays there and closes his eyes again, cause that much walking sucked.

Augustine nodded "I have met Ginger and Jori so that is everyone that is good." He said "At least I have met everyone now." He looked around a bit "So guys hang out drink moonshine and eat jerky often? Or just after something happens?" Figured he would ask a question and find out.

Kharn smirks at Kaheya's catcalls and then says to Gunnar, "Good. It's what I told him would work best, because he was very worried about his skill in combat. I'm glad it went well." He laughs at Augustine's comment, "Yes, as often as we can! Doubly so after something happens." His fangs are visible through the part in his beard when he grins.

When Roman joins them and sits on his feet, Gunnar bends to run a hand through his blood wet fur. The blood is beginning to dry though, dry and freeze. But the younger Uratha is healing up a little at a time. (2-3 lethal by now) He grins down at Roman-wolf, "Soon you are going to want to go wash off in the stream. Its not too far from here." Then he chuckles and nods to Augustine, "Good start. Yes pretty much any chance we can get....well for the jerky and beer. Moonshine is for special events. Like our little brother getting some battle scars."

The wild hog Kharn brought in is eyed and he'd rather eat some of that then have jerky, but there's something else he'd like to have even more. So Kaheya takes another drink of the shine and puts the lid on the jar to will take it with him. "I'm going to go ... check in on someone. You all enjoy yourselves. You'll know where to find me." He briefly rests a hand on Roman's pelt as well and then starts to head for the lodge. Surely he's going to go check on his sister, right?

Of course Gunnar can't help but mess with Kaheya...right? As he sees that the Meninna is taking off he pats his back and comments, "Hey take really good care of Ashley." Then he gives a nod to the others, "My bed is calling too and I have a little one who will be up in a few hours." He rubs Roman's pelt again and tells him, "Good job today. We'll work on some training this week."

Gunnar gets a toothy grin back from Kaheya, "I'll try." He just needs to remember to change back to hishu! And off he goes with the moonshine to enjoy some other company for a while.