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Los Muertos Party II

"I'm wounded! Mortally wounded! You don't know me? I was all over CNN for like, a week! Maybe two!"

Dramatis Personae

Bob, Katya, Sabo, Edmund and Kilo as ST

3 November, 2020

After the previous night's problems, a few brave souls return to the site of the Día de los Muertos party to make sure Edward and his henchmen are really on their way...


Crow Hollow Cemetery H02

Rounding the corner to enter the cemetery, Edmund is walking with a sense of purpose and his messenger bag over his shoulder. He double checks the last message on his phone from Kilo to confirm the time to be here, puts the phone away, and stops at the cemetery gates. To normal onlookers, it seems as though Edmund is psyching himself up to enter the area, almost as if he were preparing himself to say goodbye to someone he lost. To those with peculiar sight, plasm pours out of his pores and eyes, forming both a mist wafting out of his eye sockets as well as a strange flowing shroud around his body. After the changes are complete, Edmund looks around and shrugs to himself before stepping into the cemetery proper.

Rounding the corner to enter the cemetery, Edmund is walking with a sense of purpose and his messenger bag over his shoulder. He double checks the last message on his phone from Kilo to confirm the time to be here, puts the phone away, and stops at the cemetery gates. To normal onlookers, it seems as though Edmund is psyching himself up to enter the area, almost as if he were preparing himself to say goodbye to someone he lost. To those with peculiar sight, plasm pours out of his pores and eyes, forming both a mist wafting out of his eye sockets as well as a strange flowing shroud around his body. After the changes are complete, Edmund looks around and shrugs to himself before stepping into the cemetery proper.

A car arrives. It is not your average sort of car, though. This one looks evil. It reeks of death. Of malice. Its a racer, of sorts. A street racer, modified to withstand crashing. Black, rusted and with a menacing sound coming from the engine. The one driving it does not look much better. The driver seems to be wearing an ancient welders mask. It looks .. gruesome, almost as if the mask itself tried to take on the features of a person. An old M1911 Colt pistol lays in front of the wheel, on the dashboard. Whomever is driving this car, does not care that he's just rolling it into a graveyard.

With the car stopping, the man inside takes a breath. And then, things begin to happen. To those who can see such things, Plasm begins to leak out of his body, running from his eyes and ears and mouth.. out of his pores. It begins to flow away from him, forming a strange Plasm-like mist that suddenly rushes from the vehicle and spreads out over a huge area around the cemetery. The Boneyard has been laid out. No Ghost shall be hidden to his eyes.

Katya comes slinking on into the graveyard. Gone is the long skirt of the night before, replaced with slightly baggy jeans, an equally roomy t-shirt untucked, bearing the image of a black cat, though it's of the creepier varient rather than something fluffy and adorable. She's also got her bow, this time. Evidently, she's just not coming back to this particular spot weaponless, and if her choice of weapons isn't terribly standard? She's not a standard sort of person. Moreover, her hair is loose for once, and tied into it are fluttering ribbons of pure black that almost, almost look like flowing shadows. Surely, there's a reason for those.

That car? That car is given a /wide/ berth as she continues on, kicking off her shoes at some point so that her footsteps grow silent, carrying her further in and to wherever it is that Kilo might be. She's lost the glasses, possibly proving that she truly doesn't need them, and her gaze is flitting about cautiously.

When he spots Katya entering the cemetery, Edmund gives her a wave. "Hey! Glad you could make it. Hopefully we can get this jerk's knife without having to interact with him. Kilo mentioned somebody named Sabo was supposed to be here as well, but I haven't seen them yet. Anyway, I figure there should be a map or a log of all of the graves in the caretaker's shed over there. We can probably find the grave location there." He points to a shed on the newer side of the cemetery before he continues, "I'm not interested in loitering here if I'm not planning on going delving. People like me tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention in places like this."

Seated as he is in his car, that he drove into the graveyard with, the man is not at all very stealthy. And the Boneyard he laid down would be equally none stealthy for anyone who can detect such things. Unable to do much than sit still in his car, though, with his power layed out as it is, the man within the vehicle does not move forward. He does, however, make a minor movement to hit the button for the vehicle's light switches. Turning them on, off, on and off again. As it points out that someones there and not being too concerned about hiding. Perhaps even trying to signal for attention.

Blue eyes rove over the cemetary a moment longer before settling, finally, upon Edmund. The ghost last night seems to have done a number on Katya, the awkward charm is gone, leaving her more.. well, more Autumnal if anyone knew to look for such signs.

Still. She does come stalking over towards her co-faculty member. "I brought the bow and arrows this time." In fact, one arrow is pulled from the quiver and set loosely in place, the string kept slack. Her head twitches to the left, reacting to some distant sound, then back again. "You are Kilo's friend. I like her, she was kind to me. I'll help. People like me... don't. Besides, that asshole made me relive some shit."

If Sabo wanted to draw attention, he gets it. Katya whips around, lifting her bow. "Who's that?" she hisses softly to Edmund. "Do you know that person?" Is it a person? Katya can't tell. It could be a possessed demon car from the pits of hell.

Edmund peers into the distance looking for the caretaker's shed, stopping after a few seconds and shrugging. He looks over to the car, and says. "Well, We should go ask that person in the car if they know Kilo."

He walks over to the car, around to the drivers side, ignoring the ghosts headed that way for the time being. Shifting the bag on his shoulder, Edmund waves at the car and says, "Hi? I think we have a mutual friend in Kilo. We're here to deal with a serial killer's ghost. Are you Sabo?" As the ghosts get closer to the car, Edmund holds up a hand to them and says, "Hey guys, look, we'd be happy to hear you guys out in a bit, but we're trying to get rid of a certain ghost that's turned into a nuisance. Thanks for understanding."

He looks over to Katya and says, "Uhh.... you can see ghosts, right? Things might get a bit nasty here in a second."

The vehicle would be the focal point of that plasm fog that the Boneyard is made out of. And the man in the Deathmask is not moving a muscle. He is .. concentrated. But he does speak, though. Slow, steady words, "Yes. Kilo. I am.. Sabo." he takes a breath, "I will. Watch.. over your backs." His speech is almost slurred. Disjointed. Weird.

And as the Ghosts begin to approach, the man in the vehicle decides to sacrifice some more of his Plasm as he reinforces the Boneyard that is just around his car. Warding it. No Ghost Shall Enter.

"No," Katya replies, and if her voice is a bit of a hiss, well, maybe she's just on edge. Really on edge. "I /hear/ the dead. I don't see them. Which is irritating." She's followed Edmund up to a point, but when he goes one way around the car, Katya splits off and circles the other way, and stares in the window at Sabo for a long moment, unblinking. "....usually,'" she amends, as she jerks her head towards the dead. Er. You know. The other dead. "Kilo's done her thing. And there they are."

She peers back in at Sabo. "I like him." Then, she's turning and aiming her bow at the four ghosts. "Are we fighting or hunting spooky knives?"

Earlier, Kilo was able to drive by and set up the Day of the Dead ceremony for the trio. Candles and flower were again strewn and lit, and with her magic, all ghosts become visible and interactable for everyone, including Katya, as long as they are standing in that 30 yard radius. If they step out, all bets are off.

With his boneyard up, Sabo easily sees ghosts. Many ghosts. In fact so many it might be hard to determine exactly which ghosts they came for. But by flashing his lights on and off he seems to have attracted the attention of a group of four, one of which with the white blonde hair and the dark, almost black eyes. Edward Linch is at the front of the group that has sauntered over, laughing loudly and giving off the vibe of being problematic.

Edmund seems to have not found the caretaker's shed yet, despite looking all around. But the cemetery is relatively small and he'll find it eventually if he keeps looking

The gang of four walk right up to the car, over the would-be warding circle as if it didnt' work. Edward peers at the three of them and cracks a rictus grin which seems quite unsettling. "Heyyyyyy... I remember y'all! Well, the two of y'all." He points vaguely in Edmund's and Katya's direction. "You are new, however." He indicates Sabo, in a Captain Obvious sort of way. "We just came over to see what you brought us this time... we don't mean no trouble. Honest." His honesty seems to be anything but honest. "So? What did you bring us?"

Sabo remains still, not moving much. His head slowly turns, though, but he does not see the ghosts through his eyes. He perceives them through the Boneyard. And his car. And the other two. He takes a breath, speaking to Edmund, "You.. here before?" he wonders, "Follow.. your lead." But apart from that, he does not move at all. He remains where he is. He does not let go of the Boneyard.

As far as anyone watching can tell, Katya doesn't do anything all that note-worthy. She stands there, bow lifted, shifting to aim more directly at Edward. No one but her can feel the surge of her glamour, the otherworldly voices lifting in eerie song, though they /will/ notice that sudden Katya-centered wind that lifts those shadowy-looking ribbons in her hair and streams them out behind her. It's not a gale; it's not even much of a gust, but it is lively and not really blowing anywhere but around her.

"I have *nothing* for you, Edward. Go. Away."

She doesn't take her eyes off the ghost, but she does murmur, "Do you want me to help look for the thing? I've never looked for that kind of thing, but riddles /are/ my thing. One of my things." So many things.

Shifting in place, Edmund concentrates for a second before shrugging to himself and looking over to Edward. "Well, after doing some research on you, I figured you would be a perfect local to add an exhibit for in the crime wing I'll be opening next month at the museum at St. John's University. However, in my research it looks like recent findings indicate that you may have only been the driver for the actual murderer, or just a scapegoat. I was hoping I might find something here that could prove that you're the real deal. I was thinking maybe you were buried with your blade of choice, or something else with some DNA I can use to silence the critics. What do you say? Wanna be even more famous?" He stops and waits for the reply.

Ghost 1 and 2 look between Edmund and Edward, back and forth, to see if Edward is going to buy this crime story -- which sounds pretty amazing to them! "What do you think E? Famous! For all eternity!"

Edward stops, takes a moment to light a cigarette -- undoubtedly from the stash Kilo brought last night, and then smirks as he exhales long and slow. "A driver? I didn't have a driver. I don't need no scapegoats either. Everybody /knows/ I done it. All of it. No one else in the world would have been able to pull off what I pulled off." He indicates proudly. Then he looks at Katya and glares. "No gifts? That's gonna be a problem, Dollface." He snickers and takes another long drag. "Think that's gonna be a problem for all y'alls."

Sabo does not move from his position within his car. A car, that is, that might be recognisable by any Sin Eater as a Keystone. It has on it the marks of one. He stares at Edmund, to then look at what Edward will reply to the attempted lie. With the ghost replying, he calls out, "Well, you're wrong there. I had no clue who the hell you were until today." he says, in that held back voice of his; skirting on being a whisper. And it is not really a lie, at all. It's the truth. He had not heard of Edward the mass murderer before.

Bob pulls up and he goes to the trunk of his car and gets a rifle out of it. He begins to walk towards Edmund and he sighs, putting his lever action rifle into his hand and spincocks it, all for everyone to see. "Apparently you didn't learn your lesson did you Eddie." He says as he aims the rifle at the man. "Do I got to reeducate you?"

Katya stands there, to one side of Sabo's car - the opposite to the one where Edmund has moved. She came armed this time, for Bob's benefit, though it's a bit archaic. The dark-haired nerd is holding a bow and arrow, the thing currently raised and pointed, and her hair is both down and for some reason festooned with black ribbons that look like tendrils of shadows, which are currently being blown about by a breeze centered only on her. Her expression is edgy as all hell, and it's worn away the worst of her awkwardness, though it's not doing her any real favours. "You can have this arrow as a gift," she notes. "Point first." A quick flick of her glance takes in an arriving Bob, then Edmund and the dude in the car. Sabo, that is.

Noticing the others drawing their weapons and hearing Edward's comment about being a problem causes Edmund to ponder the situation for just a split second before starting to walk into the cemetery further. "Well, I figured I'd offer. When this is all through, remember I was willing to have a rational discussion about this. Now you have to deal with Officer Bob again, and we know how well that went for you the other night." He begins to scan the distance again for the caretaker's shed. "Edward, at least give me permission to put your knife in my museum. It will give your exhibit a sense of... closure."

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear." Bob says as he keeps the rifle aimed at the man's head. "I normally have no tolerance for serial killers. People who take pleasure in the suffering of others, need to be put down like the dogs they are. So the fact I haven't blown you and your friends' brains out should tell you about how patient I am being. Now. Go, or the next action will be a bullet to the head." He says softly, enough to be heard, his voice not raising as he watches him with a murderous intent in his eyes.

"OH ho! Is this joker back? Yeah? You see how much your bullets kept me down last time." Edward scoffs at Bob. "And you... running away are you? Good idea. None of y'all are going to survive this anyway." And for Katya, Edward gives her a special little smile. "You playing cupid there, Dollface? Don't worry, you've already stolen my heart." The blond ghost gives Katya a wink. To Sabo, who is still in the car, he yells. "I'm wounded! Mortally wounded! You don't know me? I was all over CNN for like, a week! Maybe two!" And then he addresses them all. "No gifts? Get the fuck out of my cemetery then. Last warning.”

So there it is. Things are not going as advertised. In his Keystone car sits Sabo, with his Deathmask upon his face, watching things unfold. Splayed out over the entire Graveyard, with the car as the centre, is a Boneyard. Its plasm filled mist laying like a thin sheath over the area. Then suddenly, things begin to happen. The mist moves, as if something was moving and slithering within it. Then, without warning, for those that can see such things, a large mistlike, plasm filled, tendril shoots out from the mist. It grabs one of Edwards henchemen, snaking around him hard to then yank him back. It draws the ghost to the furthest reach of the cemetery, away from the group, nailing him to the ground.

Katya shudders, taking one or two steps back, looking significantly uncomfortable with that last little verbal shot from Edward. "Gross," she mutters. "Just... so... so so so gross." Edmund is on the move, Sabo is doing... something she's perhaps not fully aware of, Bob's there with his guns and Katya is /rattled/. It doesn't take much, not in the state she's in. Edward gets a bit of a wild-eyed look, and then she seems to snap. The string is drawn back to her ear, and... *twang* the arrow flies. The wind stops playing with the shadowy ribbons and instead swirls away after the arrow, guiding the shot until it hits its mark. Only after she's shot does she tremble, just for a second. "/Creep/."

As things begin to get intense, Edmund clicks into high gear, running into the caretaker's shed. It's lucky it was left slightly ajar, or he would have either gone through it or bounced off of it as quickly as he was moving. Inside, Edmund starts going through everything he can find, until he spots a chart on the wall listing all of the burials. Bingo! #251 is the key to this problem. Grabbing a shovel, Edmund hopes things are going well for the home team outside as he turns to leave.

Ghost 1 watches in horror as Katya sends an arrow straight through Edward and he recoils in pain. Oh no she didn't, not on his watch! He turns to them all in anger and shouts out. "Look at me and behold the terror you will enjoy!" And with an evil grin, he casts a very serious layer of Awe over them. The group suddenly finds they are glued to the ground and unable to move, speak or do anything really

And with the shower of Awe over them all the ghosts who remain begin to take pot shots at the frozen fighters. Each blast of telekinesis causes rifts of laughter from the ghosts as they shoot fish in a barrel. Edward especially seems to enjoy this very sadistic game and takes his shots gleefully in between drags on his cigarette. But finally playtime is over and they gear up for some pretty mad Bound, and a Lost, to get their revenge. Edward notes that the girl has succumbed to her injuries and isn't standing back up. "What's the matter Dollface? Too much cupid work for you? My heart is breaking."

Bursting out of the shed with a shovel in hand, Edmund turns to the left and darts through the rows of graves toward #251. As he's running he shouts, "Keep them off me! I have a plan!", not realizing no one can respond. He gets closer to the grave and comes up to the excavating backhoe they use to dig graves, and stops so fast if he wasn't on grass his shoes would screech. He jumps up on the backhoe and after a few seconds of examining the dashboard, brings it roaring to life. Driving it forward as fast as he can, Edmund arrives at grave #251, and begins digging. The first few swipes of the digger are clumsy but effective, and finally, after a few more seconds, the casket is exposed to the air. "PAYDIRT!", he exclaims as he jumps down off of the backhoe.

Ghost 1 cackles as he is able to cast his ectoplasmic net over Bob and manages to compulse the gun-toting Bound. Ghost 2 then turns himself into a dead army buddy of Sabo's, making it impossible for Sabo to hurt him in any way. Edward stands back and watches the fun, smirking at all of them as he enjoys the end of his cigarette. No need to exert any effort when his friends are doing it for him!

"No, you don't.." Sabo says, his voice but a whisper and even more so behind that Deathmask of his. But to what? To what does he say that? To the Ghost who is trying to Compel his ally? Or to the one that takes on the visage of his old, dead friend? And then it happens. Once more, a tentacle shoots out from the mist. This time snakes around Ghost numero Uno, wrapping around him yard before it suddenly yanks him back hard. The ghost is sent flying backwards at speed, kicking up plasm-filled mist from the Boneyard. With a loud bang, the ghost is rammed in through the open door to be bound in the shed.

Katya freezes, eyes wide, staring at the dead. It's like shades of her Keepers all over again and she can't move. Or scream. She can just stare, horrified, and if anyone could see her as she truly is, they'd see how far back her black, feline ears can lay. But then her frame is getting blasted with shot after shot, until she goes down, bow falling from nervous fingers to lay beside her on the ground, be-ribboned (they're /black/ ribbons, okay, not pink or blue or sparkly) hair spreading out around her in a glossy halo. Except for where her blood is staining and matting it. And that ugly woolen sweater? Ruined. Consider that a small mercy, the world will be better off without that monstrosity of a garment.

Shovel in hand, Edmund jumps down into the hastily excavated gravesite, and begins prying open the bog standard wooden government casket containing his target. The casket lid bows a bit and then with a loud cracking, the lid pops open. Reaching down into the casket, Edmund finds a worn, rusted blade. He pulls himself out of the grave, and wedges the blade in the crook of the arm of the excavator. He reaches over to the controls of the machine, looks at Edward and shouts, "After further consideration, I've decided to remove your exhibit from my museum. So sorry though, maybe we can catch up in the next world." He pulls a lever and the arm contracts, the blade bending and the grip shattering into pieces.

Bob snaps out of his compulsion and raises his rifle to aim at ghost 2. He then fires the shot, grazing the ghost with the rage. He then looks to Katya and he begins to run to her, moving to try and get her from further harm. "LOOK we go to get her to a hospital now!" He says with his most serious voice as he tries to pick her up, which means he can't fire his rifle anymore, leaving it on the ground. "Someone get my gun!"

In the end, Sabo is able to control the two ghosts he bound to the furthest corners of the cemetery, forcing them to heal Katya. They are actually pretty happy to be amicable to such as Sabo let's them go afterwards and they are able to skitter off into the shadows. Katya awakens, very little worse for wear, except for the permanent scar she has managed to earn from this mis-adventure.

Bob helps Katya back up and he gestures. "I can give you a ride home." he says as he gets his rifle. He then goes to his trunk and he puts the winchester in it's proper place, the shotgun strapped to the decklid while the 1873. He then waits for her reaction on if she will accept the ride or not.

Katya wakes up. Evidently, in Bob's arms, and with a ghost or two hovering over her. That goes... about as well as it could. She blinks, flails, scrambles down fast and backs off. "Did we win? Did we... oh, he's gone."

She huffs, looks down at her ruined sweater, sighs, and scampers off to get her bow off the ground. The fighters are all regarded. "Uh. Thanks. Sorry, Bob." Because she did just sort of freak out and leap from his arms like a scalded.. well... cat. She looks around. At Sabo. At Edmund. At Bob, and finally, she nods and follows after the cop. She does stop, though, and looks over at Edmund. "Sooo... see you at work." And then she's skittering away.

Catching his breath, Edmund puts the shovel on the seat of the backhoe before walking calmly over to where Bob is helping Katya up from the ground. "Well, that was not the way I wanted it to go. Sending that jerk below means he may end up in a Dominion we need to traverse later. That said, we'll be prepared for that." He continues to walk through to the cemetery gates before responding to Katya with, "Of course. I was thinking about bringing some danishes or something, it's my first official day this coming Monday. I hope the department likes danishes." His voice trails off as he turns the corner and continues walking off into the night.