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Loners Halloween Party

Stumbling to the basement door, Deckard whips it open. "Trick or Treat motha fuckaz!" He yells, before tripping over the bedsheet and rolling down the stairs.

Dramatis Personae

Kilo, Darius, Ruben, Deckard, Sofia, Amy, Yossarian, Wendell and KiloST

31 October, 2016

Kilo throws an impromptu Halloween party for all the people who haven't managed to make plans on the very best night of the year!


Forbidden Arts Lounge

Yeah! It's a party! Kilo is keepin' Halloween real and making sure all the homeboys and homegirls get their candy tonight no matter whether they had plans or not. She is in yet another classic t-shirt, this one has an arrow pointing down to the lump that is quickly forming above her belly with the words crafted carefully above it to read: "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND". Other than that? She has little devil horns and a pitchfork by her side -- a total make shift and utterly half-assed costume, and fist full of candy and a tumbler full of violently red kool-aid. She is set!

Besides mass amounts of candy and kool-aid, there are tables full of adult beverages; bottles of alcohol for mixing drinks and beers and stuff in buckets of ice on the floor. And then there is a table set up with mexican food; burritos and tacos and chips and salsa and guacamole... all the good stuff. The shop has been transformed, if quickly, with cheap spiderwebs and halloween lights along with all sorts of halloween decorations and faux candles, in case they have any 'fire sensitive' guests. All in all it turned out pretty awesome considering it was put together in like, 10 min. Now Kilo just sucks on the kool-aid and waits for guests to show!

Dark death is coming from the grave and a zombie starts to shamble towards the shop in a black hoodie with fake gun shots and yellow eyes and yellow teeth and black skin with little bits of flesh hanging off of it. His jeans are golden with blood leaking out of a few spots and a soft moan of pain escaping his lips. Darius was here as a zombie paid a make up artist to do this for him and make it real as possible there is a little squeeze handle hidden in his right pocket to make the blood spurt and he is squeezing it now. He then let's out a howl as he moves towards Kilo."Brains Brains Brians and oh wait candy better then brains." He then laughs softly looking around the shop."Looks great my dearest."

Claude Rains, they say, was the Invisible Man. At least he was in the pioneering movie, which it seems Ruben's taken as his cue to get dressed up as this evening. Not that anyone can tell who's beneath the costume, because beneath the Hugh Hefner robes and the thick cravat at his neck there's bandages wound around the man's face, from which a gap for the mouth is seen, and a pair of sunglasses perched upon the nose. Gloves round out the outfit, because his hands should be invisible too!

The door's pushed open to the store and the open party, and he steps inside, one hand lifting to sweep off the fedora he's wearing.

Kilo snickers at Darius's get up. "Brains! Too bad you'd be starvin' here!" She kids him, the ongoing joke that Kilo is fairly low on the whole intelligence spectrum. She carefully gives him a hug and then she sees the invisible man. "Hey there! Thanks for coming.... Do I know you?" She peers at the person carefully, trying to see if she recognises them at all. "Can I get you a drink at least?" So mysterious!

"Hey there darling sister..."Darius hugs her back softly with a smile looking at it all for a moment."Truly a lovely party and so then I brought party treats and is it too much tempetaion if I put them out for ya?" He moves towards a empty table and setting down a few baggies black not able to be seen at all with a smile."I mean pills if the kiddo comes lotta weed and some smack for anyone with a adventours mind."

Ruben brings a hand up, one finger laid beside his nose as he leans forward slightly. "I'm incognito. The government knows I'm on to them." A grin behind the bandages, "I believe you've read my blog." So mysterious. Terribly mysterious! But he probably can't cut guns in half with his mind.

"Ohhhhhhh, it's YOU!" Kilo exclaims, much too loudly, and then settles herself down. "Nice of you to show up. I bet the Government is up to all sorts of no-good on Halloween." She snickers and gives him a big hug. "Have you met Darius? Darius - this is..." She considers Ruben for a second. "Well, this is the Invisble Man. Sort of like the Smoking Man from the X-files. Sometimes he goes undercover because, well... for reasons." She winks at Ruben. "Darius, you brought party favours. Oh my god you're KILLING ME!" She laughs. "I didn't spend a goddamn week in that hell hole to get clean just to face you with a bag of smack dangling in front of me!" She laughs, clearly just teasing him. Careful though, the Invisible Man will tell you, The are listening to us -everywhere-." And she grins and Ruben.

"Well then it is a pleasure Mister Invisble man....I'm Darius Yates." His hand is offer and then he laughs softly sliding the bag with the smack into his pocket for the moment."Nah I lied no smack see." He opens the bag of weed and the bag of pills with a gusto and then he is back towards his sister."So yeah I love that movie man Calude Rains or Chevy Chase only people allowed to do that role man." He then slides a joint up to his mouth and lighting it with a quick flick of his gold plated lighter. He then squeezes the little ball in his other pocket blood squirts out of his head in the super real looking zombie makeup.

Ruben reaches out to return the hug one-armed -- the other's holding his hat! - with a chuckle that stirs upon his breath. "They are," he says, seemingly serious to Darius, "In fact, I'm sure they're probably even listening in right now. But don't worry. I'm sure they aren't paying attention tonight -- they've got bigger fish to fry." Whatever that means. Then he's leaning back, reaching out a hand in offer to Darius, a chuckle tumbling past his lips, "Claude Rains is the original. Can't beat the classics, man. Claude Rains, Bela Lugosi, all that crowd. Good to meet you."

"Darius, I met Mr. Invisible Man over at the Gallows, and he and I have had some incredible discussions about the Government and conspiracies revolving around it." Kilo can't remember if Ruben prefers people not to know he writes for the blog, so she doesn't mention it. "I'm just going to call you 'IM' for short tonight. IM; Darius here is in the Kings with me and I have known him since we were both back in Los Angeles. He was a member of the Crypts. He is an OG from way back." Of course, Darius is 19 and Kilo is 22 so 'way back' is quite the relative term. Does she mind talking gang affiliations with 'IM' - Nah... he is part of the solution rather than the problem, after all!

"Well then and this is a hard life but I prefer Business man tied to the kings." Darius laughs softly with a chuckle and then he exhales the smoke into the air."So IM care for some weed or pills?" He points towards the bag with a soft chuckle."I mean everyone likes to get fucked up right and I try bring the class to the kings." He then walks over slowly to the bar grabbing one of his special beers imported from a brewary in Portland. He pops it with a quick motion of the bottle opener and then he takes a long swig of the honey lager."I mean yeah and pleasure though man."

There's a laugh from the 'Invisible Man' at the offer. "I wouldn't mind a joint're two," he admits, "Try and stay away from pills, though, myself. A drink sounds even better, though." He looks around the room, musing, "So this your place too? Shit, how many businesses do you have, girly girl?"

Kilo lights up and gets Ruben a beer and a whiskey since he didn't call out what he wanted and she can't remember what he was drinking at the Gallows. Some bartender she is. Tsk Tsk. And then she smiles proudly. "Yeah... this is -my- baby. Hoax did the Gallows, but Forbidden Arts is where the tattoo magic happens. I do al the ink here, well me and Kylie, and Hoax when he can be bothered. Just had a girl in the other night. She was badly scared and we did a full sleeve on her - you should have seen the way it changed her. Like a whole new her. She rolled back her sleeve and wasn't afraid to show her arm off after that. It's little things like that that make my work incredibly rewarding." She nods happily. "Man, I'd kill for a cigarette." She laughs. "6 more months!"

"Well then...."Darius starts to roll the man a joint slowly his fingers expertly working the papers and then he passes it over slowly."Here you go IM and enjoy it man and also it'll come soon darling." He then slides that gold plated zippo out lighting the flame it is nice and high waiting for him to use it not letting it go though."I mean yeah can't wait to meet the little one and we know the fucking sex yet Kee?" His eyes on the girls those yellow eyes seeming dead and his skin is pulsing as if it is trying to keep the blood in. His clothing a dead victim of a shooting and his pants slowly leeking blood into a little pouches that brings it back into him inless a button is pushed.

Deckard heard there was a party. He was nowhere around the words that had been uttered; Deckard just had a preturnatural ability to sense parties happening, no supernatural powers required. Zoning in on Forbidden Arts, Deckard ensured he had his costume ready to roll out. Instead of cheating, like he had at Isrieal's charity drive by using his Phantasmal Caul to show up as the Xenomorph from the Aliens franchise, Deckard opted for a more simple, run of the mill white sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. Busting into the joint wearing a plain bedsheet, Deckard lifted his arms and waggled his hands around. "OooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOO!!" Because that's totally what the dead said when busting into joints.

The well-rolled joint's taken between two gloved fingers, and with a smile behind the bandages -- Ruben, tonight, done up as the classic Invisible Man -- he tucks it into a pocket of that house-robe he's wearing for later. He's got a drink in hand, after all. No, wait, two. The beer's what he picked up first, a chuckle tumbling from his lips, "Thanks. I might need to get some ink of my own, one of these days..." Then he's gesturing a bit with the beer to Kilo, "Six months, eh? Well, that's not too long... oh shit, a ghost!"

Darius's phone goes off and he digs it out of his pocket and answer it quickly with a wide smile on his face and his sister knows that face well Darius has a new girl is it serious or just a flung. With him it seems more then likely lately to be second and then he looks at the others."Be right back and she is here and doesn't know the spot." With that he dashes out the door but on the way and he claps the ghostie on the back."Hey dude weed and pills and beers all from me and enjoy enjoy...Be right back brother." He then opens the door leaping out into the street and a few moments later returns with a pretty princess in a ball gown on black as night and her skin pasty white compared to his own."Hey there Amy welcome to my sister party." He beams at them for the moment and pointing towards Deckard and Kee."This is Deckard my little brother and Kilo my big sister. They are not blood but closer then that and this is IM for invisble man."

"Oh, not blood? Nothing wrong with that." A smirk from her to Darius as she slips her arm between his own, and indeed she's in a black ball gown - probably having come from a party somewhere. Amy looks up at the taller man next to him as a slow inhale of air is taken then a light exhale. "I may very well have to take this off before the night is over," come her murmured words, "I feel so... floofy." Pause. "I look forward to meeting your non-blood relatives."

Sofia arrives at the shop, a little late because she had a few after work calls to make. She comes walking into the shop dressed as the iconic Cat Woman, the one piece leather outfit clinging to her body as the nine-foot bullwhip sits on her hip. The thigh high boots clip on the floor as she makes her way in, looking for Kilo first before greeting anyone else.

Deckard kept his arms raised as he walked further into the shop, making 'ghost noises' as he went. Hopefully there were no /actual/ ghosts hanging around in the immediate vicinity. It was just a funny thought, and would be rather ironic to anybody who was used to interacting with the entities to see Deckard walking around, pretending to be a ghost. "Oooouuuuoooaaah ssssshiiiiiiaaaaaiiit, it's a muuuuuUUUUUuuuummmeeeeee...." Deckard didn't exactly get the invisible man reference, since he'd never seen the movies. Everybody knew what mummies were though, and Deckard was no exception. After 'gliding' past Ruben and encircling him like a shark a few times, he moved further into the room to check people out.

Getting the pat on the back from Darius, Deckard immediately turned around and let out a 'Boo!' so as to stay in theme. "ThaaaaAAAAAAaaaanksssss...." He said directly after. When Amy came in, Deckard waved to the new arrival. Deckard's costume was rather simple, being a plain white bedsheet with two holes cut out for eyes, a poor attempt to imitate a ghost. "NiiiiIIIIaaaaace tooooo meeEEEEeeeet YoooooOOOOOOooooouuu....." And off he was again, 'floating' around the shop.

"OOOOOooooooOOOO!!" Deckard hollared when Sofia came in just after Amy and Darius, as if to greet the woman with a ghostly hello. He was mostly just jogging around the shop, waving his arms and making 'ghost noises', being a general nuisance. He hadn't even drank anything at all, at least, not yet.

Kilo is dressed in a t-shirt that has an arrow to the baby bump over her belly and it reads "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!" She also has a pair of devil's horns and a pitch fork as a totally half-assed last second, goof ball kind of costume. Like she might have forgotten it was halloween. Ooops! "Hey there!" Kilo says hi to Darius' new girl with a smile and a wave. And then she sees Sofia walking in the front door. "Darius, put that shit away." She says very calmly and quietly. There is a good reason, and he'd better listen to her quickly. She smiles at Sofia and beckons her over their way so she can say 'hi'. And then she sees deckard. "Oh god. Kimber is going to -love- you. Don't go downstairs." She totally teases Deckard. There might, maybe be some competition for him down there...

The joint is quickly droped by Darius stomped on and then he is over by the table the black bags are gone with a look at catwoman an ex con can also tell a cop. It is like a six sense and then he turns slowly to whistle at her."Looking good catwoman." He then walks over to the girl in the ball gown and stoping next to her for a moment watching the party. The goodies are droped in the hidden pocket of his hoody and then he looks at them for a moment. He squeezes the blood trigger for the pants and it spurts out quickly from the realstic zombie outfit with the yellowed eyes."I'm Darius it is a pleasure to meetcha any friend of my sister is a friend of mine." He beams at Sofia offering his hand which is dotted with tattoos.

"Eh," is Ruben's response to the 'mummy' comment, as the ghost circles him, "Close enough." Then he's taking a hearty swallow of his beer, lowering it then as the Catwoman walks in -- and he tips his head a bit, regarding her through dark lenses, a smile crooking up beneath the open space in the bandages where his mouth shows. "Well, of all the nights not to dress up as Batman," he playfully laments.

Sofia gives a laugh at Deckard as he runs around. Then Ruben gets a look that passes by until he speaks and then she looks back and smiles, "Fancy meeting you here." She gives Kilo a quick wave. Then Darius is there, offering his hand. She takes it carefully because of her clawed hands and gives a quick shake, "Nice to meet you Darius. I'm Sofia...Sofia Bassani." Then she lets go of his hand and asks Kilo, "Did Michael or Rebekah drop by for the party or are they else where this evening? Good old mom doesn't want to cramp their style." She winks at the pregnant woman.

"Good evening." A bit of a soft voice from Amy as she greets all present as she just slips her arm all the way down Darius' side as she moves up to him only to have her fingers entwine with Darius' own as she stands there next to him. Clearly being that one person who doesn't know anyone here. There's always one at a party. But Darius. She knows Darius. That is why her knuckles are white as she holds his hand. "Amy, nice to meet you." Though that greeting in mainly spoken to Sofia. Up at Darius she looks, "Which one is your sister?"

Kilo grins as Ruben totally tries to put the moves on Sofia. "You're so totally cute." She whispers to him. "Sofia, I highly endorse Mr. Invisible Man. He's a highly upstanding citizen and an all around great guy." There. Hard to get a raging endorsement like that! "OH, Sofia! Oh my god! No, Your kids haven't been by, but you are NEVER EVER EVER going to believe this!" She all but weazes as she tries to tell her the amazing news. "Michael went to a party the other night at my friend Isriel's house. She is a very wealthy girl and she was offering a really big gift for the best dressed. Well, Michael was the best dressed.. he -won-. She dropped his gift off this morning. It was keys to a McLaren P1. I don't know if you are a car type person, but this car retails for 1.6 Million dollars. Yes. Million. Michael won that today. And so I told him and he totally blew up at me. Said they were having a laugh at him. Didn't believe the paperwork I gave him or anything. Said he was going to have it out with her or something... But it's all true. The prize is true... He is a millionaire." She laughs. "Can you believe it?"

Deckard chuckled a little when he saw Kilo's T-shirt, breaking character for only a moment. He refused to break character a second time when Kilo told Darius to pack his shit up, instead letting out another boo or three. "NiiiiiIIIIaaace to meeeeEEEEeeet yoooouuuu tooOOOOooo..." Deckard muttered, still 'floating' around the shop. There was a 40 of hard liquor suddenly missing from Kilo's bar...and then, inbetween ghost noises, a quiet gulping could be heard. One ghost was gonna get /sloshed/ that night.

"Well this one right here..."Darius points to her with his friend motion Kilo over with a smile."Hey Kee meet Amy she is a dear friend of mine." His hand is taken with the pale girl's for a moment softly rubbing it with his fingers. He then looks over at Sofia."Kiddos man that is rough dude and they sound like a pain huh?" He then sips his beer after picking it up with his left hand a imported ale from some random homebrew and then he sighs softly enjoying it for the moment."But yeah Millionaire fucking a that is insane for a best dressed. That is pretty god damn epic ya know." He is beaming at the mother for a moment and then he looks over at Kee."So then want my garage to do a once over on it as well for safety checks or we selling it or what?"

Sofia gets a completely surprised look when Kilo tells her about winning a million dollar car. She shakes her head and then tells her, "Only Michael..." She gets a rueful look and then tells her, "Why don't I sit down with Michael and you, look over the paperwork to make sure it's legal. He's eighteen so it's his decision but ideally yes, we'll probably sell it, get him a car that won't give me a heart attack every time he steps behind the wheel and then he can put aside the money for college or something else...maybe a trip to Europe after senior year."

She pauses to give Amy a smile, "Hi...nice to meet you." And then looks at Darius when he makes mention of the kids, "Actually, my kids are pretty wonderful but they have this amazing way of keeping me on my toes." She flashes him a smile, "Especially Rebekah, she's way too much like me at that age and gets into all sorts of things." There's a chuckle there, "Kilo, has she made her way over to the shop yet? With her love of tattoos, you'd think she would have already, especially because Michael likes to come here." Ruben does get a look again but she's busy chatting so she hasn't made it over to him.

Kilo gives Amy a happy wave. "Hey, it's great to meet you. How did you two meet anyway?" She is always a sucker for a romantic story, though Darius is saying she is a dear friend, so maybe he's known her a long time. She wants the scoop! And then she is giggling at Deckard the Friendly Ghost, the Friendliest Ghost she Knows! And also clearly the most intoxicated, or at least on his way to being so. "Damn, ghosty, I wish I was on that ride with you. You have any good Underworld stories? Or are you strictly anchored up here?" She pokes at him a little to get him to iron out his ghostly story. "Darius, I don't know if we're safety checking or selling... though an 18 year old with a supercar like that is just an absolute recipe for disaster. All the statistics will tell you that. I mean, most 18 year olds can't afford them anyway, but of those that find themselves behind the wheel... " She just shakes her head. "I'd like to see him sell it, to be honest. I'd rather see him use the money for his future!"

"Hi, Darius' sister." A faint smirk from Amy at this but she otherwise really just remains quiet. Taking it all in. "Dear friend indeed," come her murmured words with a bit of amusement in her gaze as she looks up at Darius, watching him for a moment then back around to the other people gathered. "Never heard of a McLaren P1, but then I don't own a car. So yeah." That hand holding Darius' tucks behind her back to rest their fists on her lower back as she just mills there next to him. When Kilo asks how they meet, Amy shrugs her shoulders, "He tossed business my way, I manage the local brothel."

"Oh, no. I've been recognized..." Ruben's tone is mock-fearful as Sofia says that, and he taps a finger to the side of his nose, teasing, "Shh. I'm in-cog-nito tonight." Then he's sipping his beer, leaning back against a wall and taking in the others - and watching them discuss things, trade gretings. Learning.

"Shit I can do that for ya and yeah we meet at a business meeting had clients in town Kee for my new call center took out on a night for the town. It is going to be a place for ex cons to work between parole and freedom. Kinda like a halfway job teach em how to interact with the public just signed a major contract with a major company. Can't talk about it yet." He beams at the his sister for a moment and then he looks at the other woman for a moment."I always feel when one is fresh out without good work and one falls back into trouble. I wanna do my civic duty you know." Darius softly squeezes Amy's hand with a smile at her for a moment."You know and I also run a repair shop in town might try and hire some there as well. I mean with honest living it's the first step I'm told."

It was time to drop the ghost act, at least for a bit. After hearing some eighteen year old kid won a supercar, Deckard just had to get his point in. "I don't know about you people, but I was nineteen until a couple weeks ago, and I know for a fact that I drive better than you, and you, and you, probably you over there, definitely better than Kimberly...I mean, fuck yeah, the money definitely sounds worth it, but at least let the guy drive it around for a bit after a few courses. Do you know how badass he'll feel? The engine in that thing is fucking /gold plated/, as in, /actual fucking gold/ used in the motor." He then 'floated' over to Sofia. "Seriously, let him give it a spin for a bit before giving it away." Deckard /sounded/ like he knew what he was talking about. Then there was some gulping noises behind the sheet, and he was off once more, hands raised, jogging circles around the group. "OooooooOOOOOoooo!!"

Kilo blinks at Darius. "Who -are- you and what have you done with Darius!" But she's laughing as she teases him. She's not sure if all this is legit, but it sure -sounds- legit at this point. It sounds like a really great story in fact. And then the topic of Michael and his car come up. "Yeah, Ghotsy Deckard, you're actually probably right. He -should- have a chance to drive it. What kid isn't dying to drive a car like that." She nods her agreement. "Of course, the way he left in a total huff this morning, I'd be surprised if he hadn't gone back to Spooks and totally given her the car back, refusing the prize because he thinks the "rich people are making fun of him". So hopefully that all worked out ok and she was able to convince him it is all legit. I hope he didn't do anything that can't be undone, at least..."

"I'll keep that in mind," Sofia tells Deckard with a smile as he makes a point of telling her to let Michael give it a test ride. She gives Kilo a smile of approval as they're both of the same mind that Michael should sell it. She then turns to Darius as he mentions that he's opening up a call center for excons to work at as well as a body shop, "Well if you're interested in getting added to the database for parolees, let me know." She motions to the suit that obviously has no pockets, "I don't have my card on me, but I work over at the Department of Corrections as one of the parole officers. And I know the counselor over there doing vocational rehab." She flashes a smile, "I'm still getting settled into the job because we only moved to Fallcoast a few weeks ago but I'll make sure it gets looked at."

She looks over at Amy that mentions she runs a brothel, "I was actually surprised when I moved here to find out they're legalized but frankly, I'm glad to see it. Makes things less dangerous for folks when the proper supervision is given." When Kilo mentions that Michael might have gone off and made a fool of himself, she winces, "Ouch...I'll talk to him, make sure that he's polite about it or apologizes if he went off on the wrong person."

Amy gives a smirk to Darius and his words before his hand is lifted up to her mouth as she gives a firm bite to his knuckle even as her gaze stares intently at his own. That only last a good five seconds before she's looking back around the room with a blue-eyed gaze. But when Kilo asks who Darius is, and where he went, she looks up at him. A questioning gaze at the man next to her. A mere thoughtful sound from her throat before her gaze looks away, tracking the others present before her attention is snagged back to the other woman and brothel talk, "Oh. Yes. It runs in my family. My mother. My mother's mother. We've all been employed in one capacity or another with the brothels."

Another rather loud gulping sound, followed by the sloshing of liquids and a satisfied 'aahh' sound could be heard from underneath the bedsheet Deckard was wearing. "Mmmm, I like broth. I wonder what brothel tastes like...Oh yeah! OOOOOOooooooOOOOoo!" Couldn't forget the ghost noises. He didn't seem to pay any mind that Sofia mentioned she was a parole officer, and simply continued enjoying his beverage as he jogged around the group.

"Well I would like that very much to get on that list and if you like we could do that sometime soon." Darius slides one of his simple black cards out of his pocket offering it to the woman with a smile. It reads simple Walt Chamberlin."That is the man I work for on this project and he is sponsoring me and allowing me to hire who I choice and but he is the money and the man behind it all. He floated me the idea cause he know I had the right ties to the street to make it look okay." He nods slowly watching her for a moment with a soft chuckle."Call him and I'm sure he will look forward to the next step in this project." His eyes over Deckard light up with pleasure at his friend and then he looks at Kilo for a moment."Nah Kilo I have as stated before wanted to start putting away childish things and I work for a real business man now. He is showing me how to do things the corect way and how to better my life ya know."

"I didn't realize it'd been legalized in this state, actually," Ruben muses, thumb tapping at the edge of his beer, tone bemused, "It's a good thing, I think, like she said. Girls are safer, can prevent spread of disease better..."

Kilo shakes her head at Sofia. "No no! Michael would never be impolite. He's the sweetest guy ever. I am just worried that he'll refuse the car on principle or something and they'll end up giving it to someone else - that's what I meant." Now she nods, having cleared that up. Didn't want to sully Michael's good name! The girl nods at Darius. She is proud of him for taking this new direction, though she isn't quite sure what the angle is quite yet. "Mr. Invisible Man! Tell us what is the scariest thing you've learned lately!" She smiles, totally putting him on the spot.

Through the front door, new arrival, Jon Yossarian, glancing about curiously, in a black long-sleeved shirt, like a stage hand's, and dark gray trousers, looking about curiously, hands in his pocket when he enters. He eventually locates Kilo, extracting one hand for a wave hello.

Amy still stands by Darius' side, fingers entwined with his own before she gives a small tug to his shirt with her fingers, "Hey, Darius. I think I'm gonna go. It's..." pause, "Getting late." A faint smile to the man at this before her green-eyed gaze looks around the room. "It was very nice to meet you all. Hopefully, more times will come in the future."

"OooooooOOOOoooOO!" Deckard hollars, still jogging in a loose circle around the group. Hands in the air with a bedsheet over his head, cutouts for his eyes, his interpretation of a ghost was sorely underfunded and lacking in creativity. He had to make up for it with enthusiasm...and alcohol. Could never have enough booze in the veins. "So Kilooooo...." The ghost whisperes as it gets near Kilo. "I'm anchored...to this shop...you have to help me! I'll give you a gift in return for resolving my unfinished boozeness! Lots of spooky stories from the Underworld...OOOOOooooOOO!" And then he was off once more, jogging around the group. When the new arrival walks in, he gets a facefull of bedsheet-clad Deckard. "Boo!" He said, before waving goodbye to Amy and Darius.

Ruben sets the beer down as he's put on the spot, amusement clear in his tone as he replies, "The scariest thing I've learned lately? Well, I'm going to skip the actual scariest things I've found out, because politics are too fucking depressing for a party... and I'll go for the spookiest thing I've learned lately, how's that?" He doesn't really wait for Kilo to allow his alteration to her question -- the bandaged 'invisible man' goes on without too much of a pause. "You know how the mass media keeps hyping up the dangers of Trick 'r Treating to the point that it's starting to become a thing of the past?" As Amy offers her farewell, he brings up a gloved hand in an easy salute, "Drive safe!"

"Good night this little one doesn't drive and I hate to have her walk back home..."Darius nods towards them all after he grips her hand softly in his own and he makes for the door."Call him anytime and he gets backto peeps pretty quickly." He nods towards Sofia with a wide smile and then he waves to the group."Night gang and friends and families." He then is off to take the girl home in his black SVU.

Sofia takes Darius card with a smile, "Well...I'm glad that you're looking to foster the entrepeneural spirit. If you ever need some pointers on getting a business up and running or even someting as mundane as labor laws, let me know. I've been a probation officer for more than ten years and I've worked with a lot of good folks helping them get things off the ground." She puts the card away, "There's even business loans out there especially for ex-cons. It just depends on the idea, sometimes you can get funding."

She then quiets down as Ruben starts his discussion on the dangers of Trick 'r Treating, "Oh I think it's more there's alternative venues like churches doing trunk or treat and malls also offering candy." She gives a wave to Amy as she heads out.

Deckard stopped almost dead in his tracks, turning to face Ruben and listen to his story. As he did, he leaned to the side and whispered to the person next to him "What is trick or treating?" Completely and utterly dead serious.

Kilo looks to Ruben and cants her head. "Well wait. Did you finish that thought? Was there something specific to be scared about as far as trick or treating goes?" This is -GOLD- as far as Kilo is concerned. Urban Legend material at its best. "Razor blades in the apples? Rat poison in the snicker bars? What? What?" She nods at Sofia's solves. "I'd actually never heard of 'Trunk or Treat' -- that's a pretty sweet idea. I should have volunteered for that down at church." She laments. "Well. Plenty of years ahead for volunteering for such things." She laments further. "Who asked about the sex? It's a boy! Still need a name. I swear I'm going to have the damn thing and not be able to find a name for it." She really is worried. She is picky too so that doesn't help. And then... did she hear Deckard right... "Do you not know what Trick or Treating is? Seriously?" She is astonished.

"Ah, but why?" Ruben points a gloved finger at Sofia, "You'll answer 'because it's safer' but the actual statistics don't add up. Trick 'r treating has never really been dangerous at all. No poisoned candy. No murder vans. No killer clowns. But the media's constantly pushing that narrative, and so other groups have created 'safer' venues, so children don't need to go out, so that neighborhoods remain dark and empty... anyway. So one of my sources sent me a government document. Operation All Saints. It..." Then he's blinking over to Deckard -- not that he heard the man, but he did hear Kilo!

"Oh I never said it was safer. Up until the kids were 'too old' for it, we still did it in our neighborhood," Sofia tells Ruben with a wink, "Of course it helps that at least three generations of Bassani grew up in that neighborhood and I knew my neighbors better than some strangers at a mall." She does admit to Ruben, "And in all those years, I looked over the candy, I never found a razor blade or poisoned snicker."

Deckard was bewildered. Poisoned snicker? People were capable of poisoning their laughter? Razor blades sounded like perfect implements to cut apples too. What was so wrong with that? "I do not know what this thing is that you're all talking about." Deckard stated plainly, scratching his head from beneath his bedsheet. "Murder vans? What the hell is this tradition you people have here?!" He seemed kind of startled, really.

Yossarian looks at the confused budget ghost, after making his way to find something to drink, saying "I mean, there are murder vans all the time, just people think it's more likely around the holiday. But you're more likely to be killed by falling pumpkins or hay bales. It's a treacherous time."

There is a knock at the door! Wendell is there. He's in a jester costume with black and red patches. He's got bells on his hat that make jingly noises when he moves and a big trick or treat pumpkin that's got a sizable amout of candy in it but it's by no means full. He's got a little masqurade mask covering about half his face attached to the hat. "Trick or treat!" He calls out.

"Huh." Ruben brings a hand up to adjust his shades, as if peering through them at the 'ghost', "You must not be from... well, North America or Europe?" A guess, a stab in the dark, and then he's shrugging one shoulder, "Anyway-- ah, where was I..."

The budget ghost shrugged. "I'd rather stick with los dia de los muertos in my opinion, but people..." The door opening caught his attention. Deckard, who was dressed in a plain white bedsheet with two holes cut in it for eyes, raised his arms and walked up to Wendell. "Boo!" He screamed, just before taking off once more, jogging around the group with his arms raised.

"You were explaining why there's a conspiracy to stop trick or treating," Sofia tells him in a dry voice, giving him a wink as she laughs at Deckard's antics. The two folks that enter get a look but she's more curious to see how Ruben is going to spin this.

"Eep!" Wendell then narrows his eyes and recognizes the spooky ghost as Deckard who he's seen before. "Oh hey it's just you....hey is there any candy around?" Wendell wrinkles his nose and looks around. "Man it's way harder to get candy this year for some reason."

Kilo's eyes go wide. "A murder van? Not sure I've ever heard of one of those." Honestly she's heard of enough murder for one week though. "Oh Look Ghosty-Deck! We have a trick or Treater! See this is how it's done." Kilo snickers and opens the door for Wendell. He says "Trick or treat!" She says "Yay!" And she grabs the buck of candy and starts to fill up his treat pumpkin. "See? That easy! Usually it's little kids though and not full-grown former security guards for Forbidden Arts..." She snickers again and leads Wendell inside. At least she hopes it's Wendell and she hasn't just made a huge mistake and brought in some axe murderer. "Happy Halloween" She says to him. "Glad you could come." Now he's totally full up on candy. "Looks like this year was a good haul!"

"Oh, right, right... anyway," Ruben continues with a laugh past the bandages shrouding his face, hands spreading a little, "The document? Described a long-term plan to get the practice stopped, by fear-mongering and slowly confining it to controlled circumstances because, get this, it was interfering with them raiding actual Satanic cults operating during the season. Apparently once the whole 'Satanic Panic' died down, they were having trouble getting people to take the threat seriously. Thus -- stopping Trick or Treating."

Deckard, after smashing back the bottle of booze, watched in awe as Kilo just gave Wendell a whole bunch of candy. Was that the catchphrase to get a lot of candy!? Deckard had to try that. First though, he had to try with the ghost downstairs. Stumbling down to the basement, Deckard whipped open the door. "Trick or Treat motha fuckaz!" He yelled down into the basement, before tripping over the bedsheet and rolling down the stairs.

Sofia gives Ruben a smile, "Well...that is simply terrible. Just another reason to keep old traditions alive." She then moves to give Kilo a quick hug, "I have to be off, it's getting later and I want to be home when my errant children stumble in." She gives a quick squeeze and then waves as she heads out of the shop. Luckily she managed to make it out just before Deckard went down the stairs or she might have been pulled into making sure the boy was okay.

"But...I wore mask." Wendell tilts his head. "OOoooh boy candy. I thought I wasn't going to get any candy at all. Yay!" Wendell grins. "Okays. Good nice and full of many candies." Wendell shakes his candy bucket. "Good haul now. Not so good before...this year not so good. Maybe a better one next year."

"There's a man with optimism," Ruben laughs from behind his bandages, raising the last of his beer in a salute to Wendell - and then he downs the remainder, setting it down. A glance at his watch, and then he starts for the door, "Good seeing everyone. Have a great night..."

Yossarian found himself zoned out for a little while, caught up in a bit of sleep deprivation and a shiny phone screen, constantly scrolling, before he looks up, taking time to back-process the conversation, then says to Wendell "The secret is that tomorrow all the candy is going to be 20% off. But if you wait a couple of days, it'll be 50% off. That's like half your candy free. If you like Almond Joy, I guess."

Wendell widens his eyes. "Ooooooh. Wow I'll be all over that! I'm gonna see if I can get some last minute Halloween stuff. I guess I will see you around!" Wendell gives the people a wave and then hops off.