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Jo's Vigil Briefing 02

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore, Eden, Franky, Hawker, Kitty, Liam, Miriam, Rebecca, Sadie, Sean with Jolene as ST

13 December, 2016

Jo provides a grand briefing of the major threats known to be facing the Vigil, on behalf of the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity


The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity

Jo's currently at the table, there are large folders, already prepared, placed in front of each seat. Seems she's super organized today, and is waiting at the head of the table with a coffee in front of her and looking over some notes she's made on some of the papers in her own folder.

"Only if its sexy busting." teases Franky back with a grin before nodding her head towards Hawker, "And if we haven't busted him yet, then you are safe too. You barely seem like a two on the Hawker scale." She glances back at hawker again and grins amused before picking up the donuts and carrying downwards with the rest, placing them on a desk, "If anyone wants any, feel free to take. Should be enouhg for everyone here. Though I call dibs on the chocolate filled ones." as she fishes one donut out and takes a hearty bite from it.

Hawker was -forced- to bring his big pets back home, but at least this time he remembered to bring the butter and honey butter for the fresh baked bed and pastries he was providing..but you know; unfortunately he -still- has another pet when he comes back. All though this one is smaller, and not scary. It's Anna! Anna Bannana! Tubby Nubby! "Huh? We got a scale based off me now? What's it for?" He asks once he arrives, shooing Anna towards...Sadie, see? Sadie caused it. Sadie is why Anna is here, Hawker didn't do it..oh and he has folders of his -own- this time. Not as neat as the one Jo has, but they got pictures, and SD Cards, and write ups!

"Sophia's *lovely*. A real sweetheart." Aurore's voice is pitched low, but is quite distinctive. She descends the stairs as a guide for Rebecca, to whom she's smiling encouragingly. "Down here, we're completely cocooned in warded concrete. The defences on this place are incredible. Permanent, high-end versions of th sort of wardings we might create ourselves... but it's also a Shadowless Chamber, I'm quite sure. I come here for peace and quiet, at times..." As she reaches the foot of the stairs, she realises that there are already many more attendees than there were for yesterday's iteration of the briefing. Sheepishly, she raises a hand in greeting, then remembers to check her phone - only a *little* while after it buzzed upstairs. That prompts a near-instant giggle, and an apologetic look for Amanda.

"Yeah. Some wiseass named Hendersson came up with it." answers Franky with a nod, "You probably can imagine what a ten is like."

Dressed in jeans, a black leather moto jacket, and her hair up in pigtails, Kitty carries only herself to the meeting. There's a little waggle of fingers from the woman before she moves towards the table, blue eyes taking a quick once-over of everything and every one.

"The Hawker scale. Why did I never think of that as a unit of measurement before?" Sadie mumbles loudly. She grins at Franky before nodding to Aurore. "Sophia's lovely when she wants to be. Unfortunately, she's usually a spoiled brat," she says in a tone that is clearly joking. She's the big sister, she is supposed to pick on Sophia, after all. She's got her coat on from outside and the fabric of it still radiates cold that hasn't yet dissipated. She must have recently come in from the cold. She does motion the dog toward her and of course Anna beelines to her side. "Drake, I said leave the animals at home," she says with a sigh. She's glad to see Anna, though. That's HER dog. "You smell the puppy on me?" she says in baby-talk to the dog.

Jo looks up as the others finally start entering. "C'mon in folks..", she says, "Pop a squat here.." She gestures to the table where all the folders are already in front of chairs. She rises and stands in front of her chair. "To those I haven't met.. I'm Jolene McDermitt. I'm a Knight of St. Adrian. Pleased t'meetcha." The nod is inclusive to everyone. "Well then, everybody get comfortable, there's a lot t'go over." She'll wait as people get situated.

It's a damned good thing that Eden and Sean are in contact again or the little blonde would have not had a clue about the meeting. While everyone is all nice and quiet and hushed, the staccato beat of heels on flooring announces the arrival of the pair of Abbey members. Over the knee heeled leather boots, lace tights and a tiffany blue cashmere dress make their way down the stairs beside dress slacks until they come into view. With her blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, Eden looks everything like a Barbie doll beside Sean as she pauses to take in the gathering of folks. "You know, you could have warned me." she murmurs to her companion.

Rebecca descends the stairs, nodding along as she listens to Aurore. Sure. Sure. Magical wards are fascinating, and the brunette woman's eyes take in the walls and ceiling with interest. But then she leans in, keeping her voice low and apologetic, "I didn't think of bringing anything." she looks to the donuts and other goodies people brought in, and looks mortified for a moment. Not too mortified, but a little. She unbuttons her coat, loosens her scarf further, and has a ready smile for everyone, waiting to observe how people settle in for the meeting.

Franky grins over at Sadie and winks, "Who knows." she teases before taking a aseat somewhere and munching on her conut, "I never get tired of these meetings."

Miriam descends the stairs with the rhythmic click-click of heels on concrete flooring, pausing at the bottom to blink in surprise as she notes there seems to be quite the room full. She reaches up to brush a strand of hair from her eyes before wandering over toward the table in the centre of the room, looking for an empty spot. She's bundled up against the cold in a long black coat, with a bright red scarf looped several times around her neck. Maine is cold! Brr! She spots an empty seat after a moment and wanders over to it, pulling it out and slipping into it. Still far too cold to unbundle herself!

Hawker will settle in, and that means finding him self between Kitty and Franky, cause he never gets to see Kitty. "Hey KittyKat, how is Darling dear?" He says, grinning slightly before looking over at Jo briefly with a wink. Hawker then settles back in, waving to Miriam with a few fingers and glancing at Sadie. "We are not developing new terms based upon my glorious planning and tactics..and Anna needs a break from the puppies." Also; it's Anna, and almost a people!

Sean is dressed more casually than Eden, wearing new-looking jeans with a silk t-shirt, sports coat and comfortable loafers. He shrugs to the little blonde. "Warned you about what? That there'd be donuts?" He flashes Jo a smile and a nod.

"Alright folks, ah'm gona get started here." Jolene says with a rap of her knuckles on the table. She'll look down at her folder and open it, pulling up the first paper. "So, yer folders should be ordered jus' like mine, we'll go over'm one at a time, so y'all ken ask questions an' maybe pick and choose which yer gona take on. Y'all alright with that?" She'll pause to glance around, and make sure everyone is okay before she'll continue, "alright, well first one is affectionately called Th' Anticrist", she'll smirk at that. "The Antichrist (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:The_Child) is the big one at the moment and probably the subject of Hunter week next year. The Antichrist is in Fallcoast, protected by the L'Enfant Diabolique and their trained anti-Hunters. They are led by Maurice Collingwood (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Maurice_NPC). A DVD was found that held some clues on it and are currently under investigation, if y'wanna copy of this dvd, just lemme know, we'll getcha a copy. The Diabolique are more than happy to assassinate Hunters so be on the watch for suspicious activity. A Hunter, Joshua, was recently murdered by them. So, one of our own was murdered here..."

There's a pause and Jolene'll go into the next one, "Zombies is th' next issue. A local nature park has been infected by unknown vectors and created reanimated animals of all kinds. The park has been under TFV monitoring since the incident but some small creatures - ie monkeys - have been discovered outside the containment area. So, we gotta stop it before more folks get infected."

Sadie brought something! But as she reaches into the inside pocket of her coat once she's settled in and withdraws a bottle of beer that she opens with a twist of the cap, it's clear she did not bring enough for everyone. Just her. "Your glorious planning and tactics consist of making sure you have more guns and bombs than the enemy," she flatly says in a quite voice to Hawker as she slouches down into the chair and chugs a gulp of her beer. The bottle cap gets tossed to the trash, missing and clattering onto the floor. She goes quiet to listen to Jo, her jawline tightening at mention of Joshua's murder. Not that she really knew him, but nobody kills Hunters and gets away with it. She doesn't open her folder at all just yet, she just listens and if someone opens a folder near her and something interests her, she'll just poke her nose into their file's contents. "L'Enfant Diabolique still sounds like a Fashion Week children's line," she mumbles to herself.

Kitty leans back in her chair, shrugging off the leather. It's just a black shirt beneath, dogtags hanging against her chest. It doesn't take more than a glance at those tattooed knuckles, hands, for most to figure out that she's one of God's Chosen Hooligans as well. "Hey, Hawker. Same old." She gives nods to the other Knights, and then falls silent when Jo starts to speak. Brow furrowing just a bit as she reaches forward to open up her folder. "Yes, please, copy," she says after a little flinch at the mention of Joshua's death.

Though Aurore *did* move to the table long enough to use her coat and Rebecca's (should she wish to divest herself of it) to claim two of the chairs, she then guided the first-time visitor over to the coffee machine... which is something of a work of art. "Don't worry about it. There'll be far more than people can eat. And *this* is the main reason some people come here at all," she murmurs, gesturing to the cutting-edge creator of caffeinated wonderment. Armed with a refill of beans for it, she sets it to work in the background, before heading back to the table to try to look attentively alert - even if she's chiefly here for Rebecca, rather than to hear this all again herself.

Eden lightly elbows Mr. Casual in the ribs while she smiles sweetly at him and then takes a moment to look over those asseembled. Making her arm to a pair of side by side seats, she waits for her seat to be pulled out before settling in at the table and picking up the folder. She's listening as she looks though the thing, brows lifting slightly at the first bit of news. Leaning back in her seat, she casts a glance over Sean before settling in to pay attention to everything else.

Miriam fishes around in her purse until she finds a pen,setting the purse down by her feet once she does and turning her attention to the file. She open it up and follows along with Jo's explanation, occasionally scribbling down a note in the margin, should something particularly interesting be said. Reaching back toward her bag in a momentary lull, a bottle of...something is produced. It's green and inevitably incredibly healthy, it probably has kale. No caffeine or booze for Miri! She takes a sip on the contents and only wrinkles her nose a little, before turning her attention back to the file.

Jolene will wait for others to take notes or respond as they wish. She'll nod quietly in response to people's focus and repsonses when Joshua is mentioned. She will glance around once, waiting and then she'll continue, "On the Zombie note, there's also a Zombie Biker Gang goin' on. Ah've had interaction with this one, an' they're strange zombies. The undead bikers with their college girl cheerleaders are still active an' roamin' around causin' trouble and, of course, bein' evil. They act as criminals but are also happy to destroy everything they can."

There's another pause and she'll look around, see if anybody else has questions before she'll continue, "Next one is the High School (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:High_School). The Thule and Sisterhood agents were looking into weed that turns the smoker into plant creatures with a taste for blood. A seed for these plants is in the custody of the society currently. If you want to research that, lemme know and we might be able to make that happen."

Sean tenses playfully at Eden's nudge, following her over to the seats. And yes, he pulls one out for her before settling down beside. Beginning to leaf through the zombie folder first, he leans back a bit. Glancing up at Kitty, he offers a wry grin. The jacket parts enough to show the butt of a .44 magnum in a shoulder holster, somehow looking almost out of place with the rest of his outfit. "So is the plan to divide into strike teams, or just turn this into a shooting gallery?"

Miriam raises her hand and offers "Botany is something of a specialty of mine. I may be able to help on the seed front" In fact, she writes it down 'Seed' and underlines it, twice.

Rebecca follows Aurore around. She does remove her coat, leaving her in a monochrome ensemble of off-white long cable-knit sweater, houndstooth knee skirt and gray woolen tights. The winter boots are brown. "I see." she nods to the coffee machine with a smile, then returns to the table. She opens her bookbag, takes out a notepad, pens and pencil. She opens a folder, studies it, and fails to take any notes, frowning in mild concern at what she reads and hears.

Hawker knows about alot of this stuff..so he'll be focusing on the folders he brought; in case Aurore actually reminds him to give the briefing on the Nazi Undead situation..also he'll use his free hand to try and playfully poke Kitty in the side, failing that? Franky.

"Wait, back up," Sadie says, motioning her beer bottle in a circular motion. "We need someone to test some weed?" she jokes. "So this stuff hitting the mainstream market? Because I'm gonna need to buy more soon and I don't wanna get shit that'll turn me into a bloodthirsty asshole or something. Though biker gang I'm all over. Sign me up for that shit."

Smirks at Sadie and then laughs, "Well it's plant, that sorta causes the person into a plant creature, so I guess yeah, we're researching it." She shakes her head then, still snickering and then looks back down, "Ah'll continue if ya are okay with it?" She smiles though, and then does continue, "The next one is also related to the University..", Jolene says. "The Nest (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:The_Nest) . This is a Aztec sacrificial cult lurks under the university. They also have at least one giant lizard creature that they worship. Ah don't have much more 'bout this one, ah know Amanda and Aurore here know all about it. If ya want more info, they should also be able to share, or if ya want in on killin' huge-ass lizards, lett'm know.", she looks up and around, then continue, "And th' next page here, is the Leechers (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Leechers). The Leecher threat is everpresent. These abhorrent vampire like creatures regularly abduct humans to train their young to hunt. One Hunter, Anya, was killed by these creatures.", There's another pause and Jolene sighs softly. Her voice continues more quietly then, "They lurk in the FDR Resevoir. IF ya want in on this one, Aurore and Brigitte are familiar too."

"I'll gladly come along as backup for the bikers," Kitty offers towards Sadie. "If you need it." The poking from Hawker earns him a little shove away of his hand, and a tsk. "No picking on the girls during class," she murmurs softly, before looking back up to Jo. Flipping along in the folder as needed to keep up with the briefing.

Chewing on her Donut nods Franky lightly, "We outnumber him anyways. We could take him." she stagewhispers towards Sadie.

Sean flips from one folder to the next, pursing his lips. "Weed that turns people into plant monsters? Waste of perfectly good cannibas..." he murmurs. He perks up at the mention of the giant lizards, however. "Giant lizards? I've been waiting for an excuse to buy another elephant gun."

Having made sure that her guest is supplied with drink and food as desired, Aurore does her best to keep quiet and let others take the lead... but does raise her hand or nod each time she is mentioned, to be sure that people know who is being referred to. "Do be careful with all of these things," she puts in. "Please. Some of the threats in these folders have been around for a *very* long time, and are very old foes of the Society."

"Ah just want to reiterate folks, if y'all go out huntin', try not t'go alone. Find a partner, an' go with someone. Hell if ya can't find a partner, call me, ah'll be yer backup. But ah'm tired of losin' Hunters lately, so be smart, don't try t'take'm all on alone, k?" Jolene will look around the table, trying to drive her point home, hopefully.

She lowers her eyes then as she sets the pen aside and moves some more papers around in the folder she was going through, pulling out three, "Next one is affectionately called Blue Goo." She gives a grin at that, "Ah'm assumin' that's a scientific term?" A grin is given and then she coughs and continues more seriously, "The Blue Goo (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:Keep_Watching_the_Skies) is an alien goo or organism that is infiltrating the countryside and taking possession of whatever it touches." Pausing, she huhs, "Well, that's an unpleasant goo there." There's a pause and she sighs, "Th' next one is the Skinner. Me'n Sadie got some experience with these fuckers. We Knights of St. Adrian are being skinned for our tattoos, they think they ken use'm, an' keep tryin. One young Knight has died due to'm. The maniacs are still out there. But we're on this, Sadie, Liam an' me are on this case."

Hawker grunts; he's the only one who's flat out killed the Skinners. "And they seem human, or the one I put down was." He quips.

Eden listens quietly, flipping back and forth through folders and papers. "Remind me to pick up some when I am home for the holidays so we can get high and know we aren't going to turn into some weird shit." she murmurs to Sean. "I'll need your plane for that by the way." Lifting her head up briefly, once more an eyebrow arches a little bit. "Killer pot, Anti-christs, Aztec cults, vampire things... and aliens? Seriously? Can't it be something like.. ghosts? A possession?" Setting her folders on the table in front of her, she crosses her arms over her chest.

Sean glances first over at Eden when Jo mentions the word 'partner', smirking when she mentions his plane. "Of course you will." Then he looks around the room. "As far as backup goes, if anyone needs a shooter or even a good hand with a sword, I'll leave my number here on the bulletin board."

Sadie nods to Kitty. Though she does shoot Hawker a silent 'Behave' sort of glance. Franky is also given a nod, all from behind the bottle of beer Sadie's sucking down. But it's Jo's talking about the Ink Thieves that gets her attention to swivel back toward her. She does sit up a bit straighter and lowers her beer. "That one, the ones after our Ink, seems to be limited to just us Knights. Drake helped take one out before he got Inked himself. At the time they weren't interested in him, just in me. And Liam's dealt with them down in Florida. Seems to be the same group, some just followed me and him up here when we moved back. Well, followed him and stuck around because I got Inked, too. They're human alright, but we dunno who they might be working for." After Eden's comments she adds: "Hell, I'd take a straight up demon at this point. Which we seem to have one poking its head up now. Jo, yer partner and I ran into one as you know. I'm thinking we might need to have a talking to with him because he's starting to get some questions I don't wanna be the one to answer."

Rebecca sits there, listens, and tries to maintain some degree of poise and an expression of neutral interest, rather than the vaguely horrified look that threatens to work its way onto her features. Best to just keep her head down and stare at her notepad while jotting down neat color-coded notes.

"Human doesn't mean not dangerous," Kitty points out, with a certain twist of smile and eye-glimmer that isn't quite...all sanity. "You know you can count on me for that side of things too, Jo. I don't like things that carve into my friends, yeah? Yeah." The mention of demons has her smirking at Sadie, but nodding agreement. "Sort of what we pack ammo for, so to speak, so I'm with you there. Got a bit of a vendetta against the Antichrist asshole, myself."

Jo looks over at Sadie and nods, "Yeh, ah'm plannin' on recruitin' him. He'll be good at this job, an' we work really well together. Ah think he's just about ready actually." She smiles at that and then looks at the others, nodding at Sean as he mentions putting up his info. "Mine's up there too, so feel free t'call if y'want." Kitty gets her attention and she grins towards her, "Yeah, we'll gett'm, that's fer sure." Seems she assumed Kitty was already involved, but this just cements it in place.

"Alright, let's see, what's next here. Just tryin' to get through all this info guys. THere's a -lot- here.." Pulling out two last papers, she says, "and, last, but certainly not least, we got some one off's that ain't been resolved as'f yet. The Mesmer's Dolls (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Logs:The_Mesmer's_Dolls), the late Doctor Auguste Mesmer has a legacy that the Society is interested in, his dolls that seem t'be a lil' too lively than they should be." She shudders at that and smirks, "I hate dolls." SHaking her head then, she continues, "also, there're some Whispers in the Walls (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Logs:Whispers_in_the_Walls), an elderly woman was murdered, an' th' house seems to hold somethin' else. These both are still under investigation. Also there's th' Demon Sadie an' Angry ran into, ah think that guy got away."

Pausing, she looks up and then her shoulders slump as she exhales, "That'sa lotta work ladies and gentleman. We have our docket full. So, pick yer battles, pick yer partners, and know there's a lotta work out there for us to do good."

Scribble scribble scribble. Miriam doesn't really have a lot to say, but man is she interested! She is making tons of notes! She glances from the file, to whomever might be peaking every now and then and occasionally drinks from that bottle of what looks like swamp-water, but other than that? she stays pretty quiet and out of the way.

"Dibs on Kitty," Sadie says jokingly when choosing your partner is mentioned. She even reaches a hand up toward Kitty for a high five.

Eden leans forward a touch when Sadie pipes up so she can look down thee table at her for a moment before she sits back and her eyes skip over the faces present. Notes? Who needs notes? That's what other people are for. Turning her seat so she can look at Sean. "So, what sounds good ot you?" There's a bit of a smile there and a look in her eyes he's familiar with.

Hawker clears his throat, seeing as Jo got her things out of the way, he'll push the folders he brought towards the middle of the table. "There is this weird Nazi thing too..Sadie and I have both seen them in the flesh as it were..well, some. They had a Uboat." Well they did, and he saw it, and recorded it. "I know several others of The Vigil have encountered them, and they are not zombies in the sense they eat people. They utilize some how functional equipment of the Second World War..and use tactics and doctrines of the Waffen-SS." He begins.

The high-five is not denied! Kitty's hand smacks against Sadie's, and the blonde chimes out, "Fuck yeah." Because the seriousbusiness is over...oh, wait. Nazis on a Uboat. "Lovely. What the fuck is with this city." Sean considers for a moment. "The zombies are going to be messy." he declares. "Either shotguns or machineguns. I'm better set up for the lizards, myself. Of course I'll defer to lady's choice."

Jo smiles at everyone and then looks over at Hawker, "Huh, didn't have that one in my files." She'll sit and start to take notes herself..."

"I think there's just a lot of undead shit around here," Sadie responds to the 'What the fuck is with this city' commentary. "Maybe it's all somehow related underneath. I'm still looking into the bikers with the black magic book stuff, maybe that's all somehow tied together?"

"Oh right." adds Franky, "What about the undead Biker Gang and the zombie cheerleaders? Do you have any leads on that?"

Hawker grunts a bit; no one ever seems to believe him about the Nazi Thing! "They've been spotted using Panzers..and now aircraft. I got really nothing on this beyond some sort of OSS connection or what not." He admits, but the Folders got Pictures, Flash Drives with videos, etc. "But what ever they are up to isn't wanton destruction, they're operating like they have set objectives."

"Its not that we don't believe you Hawker, however, the anti christ and weed that turns you into plantmonsters is a bit more important right now than some Nazi's that refuse to die and are after something we don't know yet. Once we know what they want we can decide how dangerous they are." Franky totally said that.

"Weird shit does tend to travel in herds," Kitty murmurs back to Sadie. "There's probably a thread connecting at least some of the things. Some dread thing that was never supposed to be read, or uttered aloud, or fucked in front of in the light of the full moon. Whatever. We'll divide - just a little - and conquer. Or die trying." She grins entirely too wide at that last part.

Sadie twists her beer top, even though the cap is gone. It's a sort of motion of habit, possibly to burn off extra energy. "I think it definitely requires some further investigation, especially if the undead aspect seems to be a common theme. There might be some sort of underlying tie-in that might be there. Or it could all be coincidence." She nods to Kitty. "Yeah, that. I wonder if that damn book the bikers got their hands on is the source of this shit." Nope, coincidence is far far more likely. "So Drake, why don't you start making a list of how all these undead things tie together and see if you can find something else common with them all?"

Frankie suddenly groans, "If the Anti Christ is responsible for the 'devils weed' aka weed, and hence the Nazi zombies have risen, I swear..." as she facepalms.

Hawker grunts a bit when Sadie mentions he should do that. "Because I've never encountered the others..so I'd need to go and -see- them before I can start figuring things out...so, when some one points me at Zombies, I'll go clobber em and all." Because Hawker is just a dumb grunt like that. "Though I like the idea of shotguns and machine guns. I'll get the AA-12's ready for undead hunting!" He says and grins over at Kitty. "You with me on that Kitty? Go in, just plaster the fuckers, bring back samples?'

Rebecca sets down her pen for a moment. While she looks worried at the idea of undead Nazi submarines, that mostly merits a murmur, "I'll have to pencil yachting off, it's a good thing I wasn't going out in this weather anyway." while toying with a pencil. She stops herself -just- before she started nibbling on it, staring pensively at a far wall. Something catches her attention, however, and she turns slightly to face Sadie, studying the woman for a moment before leaning in, "I'm sorry, but what's this about a black magic book and bikers? I... have encountered something that may or not be related, I'm not sure."

Sadie's eyes roll a little before she drains the rest of her beer and leans forward toward the table to set the bottle down. "Drake, I mean less bang bang, more research and talk to people who /have/ seen the other things." She turns toward Rebecca and perks up a bit. "Oh? What? Tell me."

Eden wrinkles her nose at whole nazi-zombie thing as it's revealed, looking towards Hawker and Sadie and them for a moment. "I.. don't know. I think we need to talk to Cooper and Dylan and see if they wanna go in with us on something. I mean.. I'm kind of useless and you aren't going in there alone." she points out to Sean while others start theorizing other stuff. "None of this stuff sounds like a two person team job."

Hawker scowls a bit at Sadie because she's trying to make him do Ira things. "Look, we got people -trained- to do lab work, I'm better off escorting them, or getting samples." Though he does glance at Eden, then Sadie, then Kitty..and then Franky. "Why can't me and Franky and Kitty go get samples? We're trained soldiers."

Rebecca tidies her writing materials and sits straighter, sparing a brief glance around before focusing on Sadie. After a pensive pause, she answers the question carefully, measuring her words. "I have been investigating the provenance and current location of - hmm, certain books on occult matters, which could, possibly, qualify as black magic, as you put it." she smiles, "While I was investigating this, I found out that one of these books was in the possession of someone who might be the sort of person who wears black leather and listens to heavy metal music. And now that you mentioned it, I suppose bikers might fit that description."

"Sort of. I only spent the regular two years in the military. I didn't see a lot of action." chimes Franky in, "But I loved it there."

"I'm not opposed to shooting the fuck out of something," Kitty offers, "But the research before hand is beyond important. Going in blind with a plan of just shooting shit and hoping it dies isn't going to work on this. Like Sadie," A glance towards the woman, "Said, info first. Then dakka."

"I agree with Eden." Sean replies. "We're going to need teams for most, if not all of these." He flashes her another grin. "Except the part about her being useless, of course. Especially if we need someone to act as a 'front' to get into someplace." In other words, bait.

"Oh reeeeaaaally," Sadie drawls out in response to Rebecca. "That is exactly the sort of thing this meeting is to help with. For us to share what we know that we wouldn't otherwise specifically find out about. See Drake? This is what I'm talking about. Try more talking to people. Okay, anyone who has any info about anything undead, go see the big guy with the hair over there." She nods her head toward Hawker. The motion somehow makes the dog sitting quietly next to her perk up. No Anna, mama is not getting back together with daddy. Calm down. Sadie does scratch the dog behind an ear lovingly, though. Sean gets glanced at. "We should all get to know each other a little better. Like if you need a girl covered in ink who can take care of herself in a fight, you know to come find me. That sort of thing."

Distracted from other goings-on, Aurore half-turns, focusing most of her attention upon Sadie and Rebecca. Only in part because Hawker is yet again having people try to explain their desire for minimal casualties and mayhem.

Hawker scowls a bit; he doesn't have a lab for this stuff. "But if they -are- really zombies, eventually we get to resort to going in, and head shots..or what not. I mean, maybe not head shots. The Nazis have already proven they break convention in that regard." He admits, grinning a bit. "And you ain't taking Anna home." He says and glances over at Eden. "Look; I got the -space- to set up a lab or what not, but I am not the guy who actually can tell you why such and such organ now does blah blah for the zombies. I can fund any thing, and get any thing, but I don't think I can actually break any mysteries on how they function.."

Eden beams a smile at Sean because yay! He listens! Swinging her attention back down towards Sadie and Hawker and Kitty and such, she looking over at Rebecca for a second and offers a smile. It's going pretty ok, bickering is to be expected but when Hawker addresses her she sits up a little straighter in her seat. "Everyone here has their uses. I don't fight. I don't use my brains. But I'm not stupid enough to rush out and start drawing out things that go bump just because that's what I am good at by myself. Stop compensating for your tiny dick and whining. Or go get killed." How the girl manages to finish that with a smile, it takes talent.

Rebecca nods to Sadie, "Yes. Though I don't know much about the bikers themselves. That's about it, I'm better with books. Though the book's presence may have affected an area, spiritually speaking, located in a biker bar of some sort. Or a bar where one plays heavy metal music. Somewhere in New England. Probably." and in saying that Rebecca purses her lips and sketches a faint, apologetic smile, "That wasn't helpful at all, was it? Sorry." and she goes quiet, raising her eyes to glance at the others and try to catch up with the conversation, frowning only a little.

"Don't need much to go talk to people. Don't need a lab for it. Just need a table and some chairs and talk to people and take notes," Sadie points out to Hawker. "Figuring out how they function is secondary at this point to seeing if they have something in common that might imply they all share a source." She nods to Eden. "I didn't catch your name, but seriously girl, he's gonna end up getting himself and possibly others killed because he likes to shoot first and ask questions never. He's the poster child for Leroy Jenkinsing an operation." She smirks a bit at Hawker before turning to Rebecca. "It might be helpful. We'll talk more about specifics. I don't have a lot written down about what I know and the person who does know more isn't always readily available, but I'll shoot him a message asking if he can meet up to talk about it more or something."

Hawker's eyes narrow a bit at Eden when she joins the Hawker Be Rationale Committee. "Fine; people can get all their intel together, and we'll meet at the Estate, then go off on the war path. I still think having -bodies- to determine what makes them tick is logical though. Zombies are zombies. Put em down, contain em, stop the spread. There is the zombie thing da Feds are containing; shouldn't we just burn it down? Before it might spread?" Maybe Hawker just wants a reason to use one of his borderline legal toys. "Though I know for a -fact- the Nazi thing isn't like the others. They popped some ancient bunker open and recovered some sorta serum or some thing there." He says, bobbing his head. "I need to drill Abdiel about that; I think it relates to ancient Christian beliefs."

Randomly popping up, and clomping down the stairs, Amanda's decided to turn up. She's also carrying a box of freshly baked donuts. "Hey everyone!" she says, dumping the box on the table for peopel to fight over, before dropping her bag on an empty chair at the table and taking her jacket off.

Chewing on her donut and taking another sip from her coffee nods Franky lightly, "First thing we should find out about the zombies if they are the 'Be bitten and become one' or not sort of zombies I wager."

Sadie stands up from the chair, causing Anna to whine softly next to her. She rolls her eyes a bit at Hawker across the table. "Drake, figuring out how they tick is totally unrelated to what you were asked to do. Leave the lab shit up to people who have a lab and have lab experience. Just see if any of this undead shit has anything in common like when they pop up, where they show up, what do people notice about them, that sort of thing." She shakes her head and eyes her emptied bottle of beer she'd brought in. Why did she not bring a flask of something stronger? Amanda's arrival causes her to perk up a bit. "Panda. Missed the talky talky that Jo was doing, but she gave us files. You can have mine. It looks like too much reading for me," she jokes. "Plus I gotta work tonight so don't exactly wanna carry it around with me at work."

"There are at least three known - major - 'zombie' manifestations. And another zombie-like outbreak, in the Blue Goo," Aurore puts in. She raises a hand, waving to Amanda before she continues. "I would hazard a guess that each one will have its own rules. There might well be overlap, but we would seem to be looking at three separate incidents, by current indications."

Hawker -would- whine if he could, because he has to restrain his normal tendencies. "Well, as people get me intel, I'll start sorting it, and see if my conspiracy theorist friends have noticed trends we haven't." Well he knows some!

"She did a briefing the other day for some of us, babe," Amanda says to Sadie, wabing to Aurore and offering a smile.. "Need me to sit at the bar, help you get tips?" she offers to Sadie. She moves to pour some offer for herself, then turns to face the rest of the Hunters. "Or you could give it to us /professional/ conspiracy theorists, Hawker. It'd make a change of pace from the latest argument: is the Wendigo a mammal?"

"Eden." the blonde offers towards Sadie with a brilliant smile. Like seriously, how much did that shit cost for perfect white aligned teeth. With the loose cannon someone contained because he's outnumbered she goes back to watching and listening, noting Amanda's arrival with even more donuts. Leaning towards Sean, she says quietly. "Remind me to arrange catering the next time we come to one of these things, sweetie?"

Liam thud thud thuds down the stairs, his heavy winter boots announcing his arrival. The big, bad, biker dude is partially decked out for the Christmas holiday with his big old red hat with the white furry trim. Mmm soft and warm. In his arms is a large wooden crate with four large bottles with clear liquid in them. A red bow is on each. He smiles broadly and offers a hearty, "Merry Christmas" as he ambles on in. The box is set down on a nearby table. "Had some special hooch sent up from some buddies in Florida. This will definitely cure what ails ya." He steps back and wanders over in Sadie's direction.

Sean sits next to Eden, smirking at her snarky suggestion. Amanda gets a nod, and only then does he reach for a donut. "We're all agreed that we need teams to attack these... infestations, at least." he offers. "That's a start." The agreeing part. "Like I said, you've got my number if anyone needs a shooter."

"Babe, didn't think you were gonna make it, thought you were gonna be stuck working on that engine," Sadie says to Liam with a wide smile, eyes crinkled up with pleasure at seeing him. "And Panda, you are more than welcome to come sit at the bar and help me get tips any time you want. Or just come sit at the bar in general and be your beautiful self," she teases. "And hi, Eden. I'm Sadie. And that's Reaper," she says as she motions to Liam. "Oh, and Panda's got a point. Maybe we don't go looking so much for conspiracy theorists as, oh I dunno, other Hunters who know what the fuck is going on? Since different Hunters have had different run-ins with the undead things, maybe talking to all of us who have ran into them might be a good place to start? Liam-- is that what I think it is?" She seems to have finally registered that Liam is carrying something. Something that makes her smile even wider.

Hawker grins a bit at Amanda. "Sure..but I've got connections outside the Vigil..and what is more likely to get noticed..us dogging their foot steps..or deranged reporters who are -always- following their foot steps, and now feeding tidbits to us?" Still, Hawker is shifting; he feels out of place with out his predators, and he gives a soft whistle for Anna. "Come on Anna, time for you to go back and deal with the puppies, same as I gotta."

Miriam appears to have (finally) finished making her notes all over the file in front of her, which she folds neatly closed before looking over the conversation going on among the rest of the group. Reaching down for the pure by her feet, the pen and the folder are slipped away inside, an amused smile rising when Eden lays into Hawker a little. "Well, we'll certainly be kept busy, by the sound of it" she remarks, before catching the mention of something and asking "Did somebody mention a lab?" - Miri is quite partial to a nice laboratory!

Rebecca is sitting down next to Aurore, with a notepad and writing materials set out in front of her. She's abandoned them, and folds her hands quietly in front of herself. There's a small nod for Sadie, then she continues to watch and listen to the rest of the room, with a glance to the people coming in. It's all a little overwhelming, and she steels herself behind a quiet, amiable expression.

Liam nods over to Sadie and her friend and then to the bottles. He plucks one out and hands it over to Sadie after popping the top. "Seriously, Brady's hooch...this shit is the best." He settles down on the edge of a chair's arm near Sadie. "Engine's done. I need to reinforce the underbody. Too many soft spots. Gonna have one helluva battle wagon when it's done." <re>

Amanda loks round at all the Hunters present and says, "Looks like we have a few new faces here. I'm Amanda, and I'm an N0." Looking to Sadie, she says, "Sure, I'll play up to my strengths to get people to order from you."

"Yes, you gotta go," Sadie murmurs to the dog as Hawker calls her over. "You know, you don't have to leave just because Liam showed up," she tells Hawker. But it's Liam who then gets her attention as she reaches for the bottle. "Awwww yeah," she murmurs as she takes it and takes a swig. She reaches over toward Liam's jacket to tug him in for a kiss on his cheek. "Everyone listen to Panda when she tells you to go to Carnivore and let me make you drinks. I'm the bestest."

Hawker cocks his head a bit at Both Sadie and Miriam. "I also have puppies in my house..and Miriam? Come by; I meant to speak to you about funding your lab. We need one." Hawker needs access to his illegal combat stims..Miriam needs to do..sciencey things. "And yes, go to Carnivore. And when people want to go tromping in zombie woods; some one call me."

Eden ssits back in her seat, crossing her legs and settling her hands in her lap as she watches everyone else. Leaning in towards Sean she eyes his donut for a moment before Then she settles back in her seat with a smile, looking at the stack of folders in front of her spot.

Fingers lift and waggle at the new arrivals. "Best kind of gifts," Kitty muses, before she slides her glance to Hawker. "Just be cautious, yeah? And don't try anything solo." She starts to gather up her own folder, rolling her shoulders before putting her jacket back on. Those knights and their leathers. Jesus. "I should be running. I'll leave my info up on the board, should anyone need an extra gun or quick patch up."

Liam leans in for the kiss Sadie offers and then leans back to watch and listen. He remains mostly quiet throughout, eyes folks to try and get to link names to faces. He settles on Hawker a moment and nods his head in a guy version of 'what's up?'. But, it's a brief interaction and he moves on, eyes shifting to the booze in Sadie's hands.

Sean tilts his head towards Eden, lifting a brow before he nods. "Okay, folks, I'm going to do something completely out of character and study." With a wink he picks up the folders and rises. "My number is posted, or feel free to stop by Tompkins manor. Just knock first; my butler is heavily armed." Then he offers an arm to Eden.

Eden gathers up her little stack of folders and rises from her seat as well, taking Sean's offered arm. "If anyone needs me for anything, contact Mr. Tompkins here. Or swing by The Exquisite, just ask for Ms. Mills at the front desk." Giving the assembled group a smile, she waits for Sean to lead them off.

Aurore has been silent for some time, determinedly attached to her coffee mug while fighting off all urges to comment upon Hawker's assorted revelations of what goes on in his skull. Those arriving and departing do receive smiles and nods, or little hand-waves. "You can get hold of a number of us through the Society here, certainly. Especially if you want to share information, or find out if something you've found out can be expanded upon by anyone else. We have an array of specialists of quite a few kinds."

"Hey, you gonna come by work for dinner tonight?" Sadie asks Liam quietly before she takes a swig of the booze and starts softly coughing. "Oh fuckballs I forgot how strong this shit is," she says between sputters of coughs. "I want a heavily armed butler, Reap. Can we have one?" It's clear she's teasing.

Amanda smiles and waves at people leaving. She moves to sit next to Aurore, and asks (looking at Rebecca), "Who's your friend?"

Sean offers his arm to Eden with a nod to everyone. "I look forward to working together." he offers. Then he leads her up the stairs and out into the main hall upstairs.

Rebecca closes her notepad, since it seems most of the discussion of gooey nazi enfant terribles is over. She's sure to check her notes later and be able to tell the various threads apart, but for now she's just looking at people and smiling when people look her way. So, when Amanda sits nearby and looks to her, she introduces herself, "Rebecca Royse. It's my first time here, I'm with Aurore's... group."

Liam looks up at Sadie and reaches for the bottle. "Don't think you should have any of this..." he trails off as his eyes lower to her abdomen. A hand extends and he rubs lightly. "Til you know for sure....ya know?" He winks up at her and takes a swig from the moonshine. "So I'll leave those other bottles here. Help yourselves and Merry Christmas."

"Oh, you're a Loyalist?" Amanda asks Rebecca. "You're with Aurore, so you should be fine," she says, leaning against Aurore.

Aurore gives Amanda a one-armed hug, grinning hopefully at Rebecca... before blinking at the interaction between Sadie and Liam. A quick shake of her head, then she looks back to her guest. "So, should I show you to an escape route, Rebecca?", she offers quietly, moving to get up as her fellow Loyalist seems like she's ready to depart.

Sadie gives Liam A LOOK as he takes the bottle from her. "There is nothing wrong with wanting pineapple on a pizza. I just wanted to try it," she mumbles to him. And I was /hungover/, that's why I was puking in the trashcan yesterday morning. I'm fine." Though she doesn't move to take the bottle back from him. "Anyway, I gotta work in a bit. You hanging here or you coming by? I'm off at midnight."