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Jo's Vigil Briefing 01 - Preface and Postscript

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore, Charlie, Franky, Hawker

11 December, 2016

People gather before, and linger after, Jo's Briefing. Magic and mayhem are discussed.


The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity's secret basement

"Mhm." answers Franky with a nod, "Crime scenes and similiar can give hints as well. Some corpse with marks on the neck and a lack of any blood splatters are usually a sign that something is shifty. Nevermind the barbeque fork incidents."

A sound from the top of the stairs announces the opening of the secret door up there, to be followed a few moments later by it closing once again and footsteps descending the stairs. A pair of sensibly stompy black boots come into view first, to be followed by thick hose, a short skirt, and a padded Winter jacket. Raising a gloved hand in greeting as she gets a clear view of the room, Aurore offers a cheerful smile. "Oh! New people. Hi there. Hope I'm not interrupting anything." She's evidently got a lot of non-Caucasian blood, with an accent that mixes local elements with more exotic influences.

Amanda nods at what Franky says. "Yeah, there's plenty going on in Fallcoast," she says just as Aurore enters. "Hey sweetie, the coffee's fresh...ish. This is Franky and Charlie, cops."

"Not at all." answers Franky with a smile as she turns to Aurore as she enters, "Isn't the skirt a bit cold? I mean, I'd wear one too. If I could..." She taps her chin and sighs, "Damn regulations." before nodding to Aurore and smiling more, "If you ever go around at night and see a cop car driving by, its probably me and my Sister doing our night shift. Feel free to say hello then. And right now we are just Patrol officers. But in maybe four or five years something else will come up."

"Today turned out a bit colder than I thought," Aurore replies, rich voice tinged with dry amusement. "But it helps to ensure I hurry whenever I have to head outdoors, at least." She delays to unzip her jacket then remove a woollen hat and scarf - revealing a roll-necked woollen sweater. Her gloves come off too, to let her better absorb the heat of the room, before she heads over to the basement's fabulous coffee machine. "Anyone want a refill? And sorry. I'm Aurore. Aurore Abernathy. Scholar and ritualist with the Loyalists of Thule, to be formal, in way that I couldn't be without the Society bringing us all together. *Hopefully* we won't run into each other when you're on night shift... but the Vigil does have a way of providing all too many situations that wind up attracting the police."

"Yeah, we've got a lot of Law Enforcement people now," Amanda says to Aurore. Looking to Franky, she says, "Aurore is one of my Cellmates." She drains her cup and stands, before waqlkign over to Aurore and hands her her mug, saying, "Please."

"Francesca Harper, please call me Franky." answers Franky as she tilts her head towards Charlie, "And that is Charlie Harper, my Sister. And who knows. If we are lucky we will never need the abckup of each other." She grins a bit wryly, "A ritualist? Interesting. I only read a bit about that stuff but in Valkyrie we usually don't deal with the supernatural like that." Crossing her fingers nods she, "They are admittedly easy to recruit."

"Being a ritualist's not the sort of thing I'd admit, in most of the world," Aurore says dryly, flashing Amanda a grin as she accepts her cellmate's mug and sets about sorting coffee for them both. "It's only thanks to the protection of the Society and the alliances it has forged that I can feel safe in doing so. But Fallcoast is... weird on such a profound level that groups I'd normally hide from are willing to collaborate here."

Amanda nods as Aurore talks. "I can work magiv on computers, or when investigating stuff. Aurore here works /actual/ magic," she says. She smirks then teases, "She stores her magical power in her /amazing/ ass!"

Charlie puts down her cellphone. Yes. She was on a quiet, personal, private, super secret phonecall this whole time. It was probably work related. She clears her throat, looking a bit embarrassed. "Sorry about that. It was work. What were we talking about again? Waffles I think?" Then... amazing ass. Magic? She gives Aurore a long look. A looooong look.

Franky whistles, "Real magic? Can you toss a fireball? Like in Dungeons and Dragons? What about levitating?" and smirks, "Hey, do we get magical powers if we give the ass a rub?"

Aurore pauses in coffee-preparations, arches a brow at Amanda, then laughs as the cops grab the idea and run with it. "I can cast Magic Missile at the darkness just as usefully as anyone else," she responds. "But I call myself a 'ritualist' with good reason. The very *fastest* thing I can do will take at least a minute. Much of it'll take a lot longer than that. Some's likely to take me hours. But... yeah. I can work magic. A slow, gentle kind that doesn't break the world or drive people mad. Unlike some of what's out there."

"I slapped her ass once and became a level 9 vice-president!" Amanda jokes. Seriously, she says, "When she's doing her stuff, she needs people to stop anything happening to her. Like peopel trying to stop the magic happening."

"We don't really deal in magic over at Valkyrie." Charlie admits with a little shrug, looking between those present. "It all just depends on what the brass order, really. If they tell us to guard a ritual, we'll do it. But if we do it without asking permission first... well. A spanking isn't what they'll do to us."

"What Charlie said, nothing to add there." says Frankie wiuth a nod of her head.

Aurore chuckles, wiggling her broad hips at Amanda, before turning around to deliver coffee. "That's one of the advantages of being here in Fallcoast. And one of the drawbacks. If you want a 'conventional' career with the Task Force, then Fallcoast will either make it or break it. Because you will have to get used to dealing with - *working* with - a bunch of freaks and oddities who in normal circumstances might get black-bagged or memory-wiped by either your own men and women in black, or by the Cheiron Group, or by the Hammers of Witches in the Malleus. Fallcoast operates under a special license, in effect. If you're Task Force and *here*, you're either trusted well beyond the norm... or they've already given up on you."

Amanda swats Aurores ass, chuckling. "Benefit of being Net Zero. They don't give a shit where you are, as long as you can investigate stuff while you're there. They're kinda against having spoopy people join, for the most part."

Charlie watches the exchange between Amanda and Aurore with a little laugh and a secretive smile to her sister. "Well I didn't know this was that kind of place. Me and Franky are here because this is our hometown. Our family-cell is on hiatus right now so we got assigned here to rest and regroup."

"Don't think we ever could've done conventional, could we Charlie?" asks Frankie as she glances at her Sister, "Yep. Usually we'd work with out family, but through unforeseen consequences are we a bit short. And a two man cell is just not cutting it that well."

The Society's basement is currently filled with the pleasant aroma produced by the fabulous coffee machine. The Valkyrie sister-cops, Charlie and Franky, sit with Amanda at the long metal meeting table; Aurore has just delivered coffee to her own cell-mate, and is now moving to claim a seat for herself. Laughing, she shakes her head at Amanda, before nodding to the sisters. "Well... if you can adjust to life in the Vigil here, then there will be *more* than enough for you to do. There are always more *things* going on, unresolved, than we can find people to help with. There are reasons why the Society long since forged truces with some of the more civilised supernatural types, so that we can focus on dealing with the more urgent threats."

"Like?" asks Franky with a raised eyebrow, "I don't think we got the information yet."

Briefing log here

Hawker looks bored now that the briefing is over..and turns to picking up Miska to place her in his lap..which she seems used to by now, though god help others who might try. "I still wanna go and shoot up zombies. When can we do that Jo? Can we like go to church, then make Abdiel come with?"

Franky does hand her mug to Aorore and smiles at her, mouthing a silent 'Thank you' at her. "I hope they are not the twenty eight days later zombies but old school romero zombies." she mumbles, "Would make shooting them more fun."

Hawker rolls his shoulders a bit at Franky and keeps gently petting Miska, the Russian Bear Dog Lap Dog. "Oh? Well, there is the Undead Nazi things too. That pack MP40s, and StG44s."

Aurore raises a hand to Jo as she departs... then pauses, cocking her head at Hawker. "Perhaps a description of them could have been offered as part of the briefing?", she suggests dryly. "After all, if they were widely known about, they'd have been *part* of the dossier we were just given, and the run-down that Jo provided." Turning to the coffee machine, she sets about fixing refills for herself and Franky. "Cream? Sugar?", she asks the cop.

"I think I got an idea of how Nazi zombies look." says Frankie, "Unless they are not rotten to the core. Then I got no idea how they look."

Hawker grunts a bit and gently scritches behind one of Miska's ears. "I'll make Ira get all the paper work together? He likes folders."

"I'd imagine that if they were just wandering around in the open, even in Fallcoast they'd got noticed by the normal people," Aurore says dryly. "But if Ira has the details, we can see what can be produced to fill a folder or two."

"I will see if I can dig up anything with the police department. Something of people with 'skin diseases' or something." muses Frankie as she rubs her chin.

Hawker looks back over at Frankie.. then glances at Aurore. "Well..there's been a few incidents, but not in town yet...but what is this thing under the university? I mean..why hasn't any one gone in with a flame thrower and purged it?"

"...because flame-throwers are everyone's first thought," Aurore says, looking somewhat startled. "And 'this thing under the university' is 'the Nest' in your folder. Remember the brief discussion of a Mexican-originating death cult who're sufficiently dangerous that they've wiped out an entire Hunter group who *knew* what they were pursuing? If you're asking what the reptiles are... they're believed by the cult to be manifestations of their god. Or gods. "Flying serpents". Who've acquired a taste for human flesh. And are guarded by a damned *death cult*."

Hawker rolls his shoulders a bit at the mention of the death cult and all. "So not much different then engaging in Fallujah..dug in Jihadists, fanatic till death. Well Armed, traps galore.." Hawker just still views things as being a soldier! "I'm just saying, that sounds like a situation for me and my type to handle. Especially if it's literally underground, out of the public eye..." Hawker just wants to help with his limited skill set!

"Oh, flamethrower. I like how you think." says Frankie with a smile, "But what about a tactical strike instead? Take out the big guys and everything should crumble?"

Aurore shrugs broadly. "There was a parent incubating an egg, when we first discovered it - Amanda and myself," she says softly. "We weren't even aware of the cult at that point. That egg hatched. And the infant was moved underground. Beneath the library - there's an old tunnel network there, that seems to predate the library building. Where the parent is, we don't know. If there's more than one we don't know. Presumably it mated with *something*, after all, to produce the egg in the first place. For the cult... we don't know how many there are. A female leader killed a male follower who disappointed her. But there are some left. And whether they have anything... unusual, beyond the freaking cryptozoological man-eating reptiles, we don't know."

Hawker's eyes sort of swirl in amusement when Frankie backs him up in a way. "Sounds like my kind of show though Aurore. I can get the AA-12s out with some FRAG rounds, and we can just take apart the Dino monsters...though what if the Tunnels just hold new things.." Hawker says and gently scritches Miska. "Can't do a tactical strike..could flood the tunnels with tear gas?"

"Actually, if they are tunnels, can't we flood them with mustard gas?" asks Frankie with a frown, "Sounds like it would take off a lot of our work."

"We don't know what - or who - else might be down there. What the original purpose of the tunnels was. Where all the exits are. And they're directly beneath the university library. 'Just' hauling in a load of weapons of mass destruction to the middle of a civilian institution, in the middle of the city, might not be sensible," Aurore ventures to suggest. "I won't even ask where the heck you might get mustard gas from. I really *don't* want to know."

Hawker grins at Frankie when she mentions mustard gas, then looks back at Aurore. "So at least these reptile things..just a few? Maybe we should focus on taking them out. Like she said..cut the head off.." He says and rolls his shoulders a bit. "Though pumping in coloured smoke might help find the exits?"

"We would need several teams at standby though. And it would warn them of where they are." says Franke, "Its a bit of a conendrum really. Though the best would be to go in with a strike team and just wipe them out."

Aurore pinches the bridge of her nose as Hawker enthuses. "And just *how* do you think that the authorities will respond to strangely-coloured smoke emerging from the library, or from the ground around it? Sit back and ignore it, and wait for the headlines of how they let the place burn down with students inside? Or swarm the place with everything available? They're hiding there, I'm pretty sure, in part *because* it's so damned hard to do anything seriously unsubtle against them. If they were out in the backwoods with no one around, they'd be more vulnerable. There... they've ready access to prey to feed their gods - and I *still* don't know how many there are; that's not changed in the past few moments, Hawker; I've told you of the two I know for a fact existed because I saw them with my own eyes - and are protected from people showing up with heavy artillery, because campus security and all the students will *notice* if someone rolls up in an APC or a load of guys in hazmat suits start pumping gas into the library. I strongly suspect that it'll come down to people going into unmapped tunnels to face an unknown number of enemies with unknown abilities. Myself, Amanda, and Brigitte tried scouting it, and wound up having to pull back pretty quickly. But perhaps a bunch of people brandishing weapons identified by alphanumeric acronyms are the answer. I dunno. I've never claimed to be a combatant."

Franky says, "A tactical strike team might be the best solution then. Or several, to cover the exit and split up if neccesary." Hawker gestures at Franky when she still supports action. "We got a cop here who can help set it up. You know..and I -can- be subtle." He insists. "Though maybe I should just focus on zombies...and demons."

"I've been advocating a combative team heading in to find out just how bad things might be down there," Aurore says, offering Franky a nod and Hawker a disbelieving look. "But setting fire to the library, gassing the library, having smoke billow up around the library - none of those are likely to be good. Not least for the continued freedom of anyone involved. I'll also advise against using serious explosives, just to be *absolutely* clear. The tunnels are *under* the library. Collapsing them, even when the building is empty of people, would constitute something of a disaster. And guarantee really, really serious investigations. Myself? I'd recommend armed reconnaissance. We don't know how many exits there might be. We don't know the layout. We don't know the *extent* of the tunnels. Nor do we know what or who is in there. There might even be captives down there. Or other things we really, really need to preserve. But as soon as any sort of gun fight starts, you can bet that anyone *remotely* close to it down there will know all about it. Stone tunnels will do a lot to carry noise."

"I am just a Patrol Cop. Nothing more." says Franky, And while I appeciate that faith in me, is there not a lot I can actually do in that regard. Admittedly, I could help with scouting it out. I was and am rather sneaky, if needed."

Hawker grunts a it when Aurore uses Voice of Reason powers on him. "I wonder if there's ...naw, I..well." He begins to muse over an idea. "I bet I can get through any red tape surrounding any historical documents some big wig family has and doesn't want to share..still. You need me to go in as a point man and I'm down..and I promise not to blow up the Library Aurore. It's not like I'm going to lug a Mk19 down there." He says and glances at Franky. "Sides..a cop helping? We could make it sound like a missing persons thing or some thing right?"

Aurore offers Hawker a look of frank disbelief as 'red tape' is indicated to be the only conceivable reason people might offer as an objection to his enthusiastic array of approaches. Then she sighs softly, shaking her head. "Stealth," she insists. "As Franky said. Sneaky. Any cover story offered should *not* be something that draws in journalists or costs our friends in the force their jobs. Far better not to need a cover story at all, because no one notices anyone was there. But yes, having a police officer around to flash a badge and scare people off with the power of vaguely-worded official-sounding explanations could be very helpful, indeed."

"Yeah. If I go for a missing person as a Patrol Officer I'll be questioned as to the why and everything. Going in because I suspect something would be best admittedly. Maybe a report of a suspicious person that looked at kids. That rarely gets investigated to far and is plausible to a degree." says Fraky with a nod of her head.

Hawker bobs his head a bit; he likes any thing that helps keep public eyes away. "Fine Aurore, I'll play by the rules given to me..though I got a pretty decent Lawyer in my pocket..he can help if things came down to it. Real wiz, as in he got -bored- with Criminal law..good."

"That lawyer won't help me though if I have any misconduct on my sheet." adds Franky, "Still, I am sure that there will be some ways to actually get to look at the place."

Aurore once again eyes Hawker with disbelief. "If money could fix everything, *none* of us would be needed for any of this shit," she points out. "There're people who can affect the global economy bank-rolling some of these operations - and we're *still needed*. But... gyah. I give up for now. Franky, it's been a real pleasure. And it sounds as if you and your sister could be great assets for, well, a *lot* of what we do. If there's anything I can do for you, please do feel free to ask."

Franky simply nods and smiles, "We still have to settle in and get a general gist on how things are run and where we are needed. But if we need anything I will come and ask you."

Hawker huffs a bit at Aurore when she gets uppity. "My Lawyer has connections outside of the court room. He isn't a member of the Vigil; but he knows criminal elements who might have been used to get things for cults and all. Sides..good person to have on speed dial either way in this line of work." He says and looks over at Franky. "So..when you wanna go and shoot some zombies?"

"Anytime when I am not patrolling. They did give us the night shift, so, I got plenty of time during the day." answers Franky with a smile.

"In front of a cop. Who works for the federal government. As a Hunter. You just boasted that your lawyer is not only closely linked to crime - but to the sort of criminals who might supply death cults operating on US soil?" Aurore sounds even more disbelieving than before as she boggles at Hawker. "I think I'll go and hide with the archives. They're less scary," she says dazedly, pushing herself fully upright. "Pleasure meeting you, Franky. Good luck surviving Fallcoast now you're part of the weird side of life here." Raising her coffee mug in farewell, she heads for the back room, still looking quite genuinely stunned.

Hawker rolls his shoulders a bit at Aurore. "Chances are most of the people who supply us with illegal shit, have also sold guns to people we've also shot, or been shot at by. Arms dealers don't tend to be picky, or ask many chances." Sides aren't most well funded cults all up standing citizens in the Media eyes!? "She's just Cranky because Kilo got Chihuahuas and she didn't." He says to Miska.