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Jo's Vigil Briefing 01

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore, Charlie, Franky, and Hawker with Jolene as ST

11 December, 2016

Jo provides her first grand briefing on the major threats known to be facing the Vigil, on behalf of the Society for the Uplifting of Humanity


The Society for the Uplifting of Humanity's secret basement

There is some thumping of stairs, and a few curses before Jolene appears before long with a literal box of paperwork. She's been busy the past few weeks gathering all the loose threads and trying to pull them all together. Heading over towards the large conference table, she pauses at the threshold and looks around. Smiling, she offers, "Howdy! Glad y'all could make it. We gotta lot of open cases, so... here they are." With that, she unceremoniously dumps the box of paper on the table with a loud thud. "Lotta open-ended investigations left around looks like." A pause and she looks over at Charlie and Franky, then nods, "To those I haven't met.. I'm Jolene McDermitt. I'm a Knight of St. Adrian. Pleased t'meetcha." The nod is inclusive of Aurore as well, since apparently she already knows Amanda. "Well then, everybody get comfortable, there's a lot t'go over." She'll begin to empty out the box, taking out large folders and placing them at different spots on the table in front of each Hunter. "Ah took th' liberty of makin' copies fer y'all...", she says with a grin as she walks around the table.

Hawker will be along of course; bringing food, because it's what he does. Miska is with him too. Doughnuts and a big bag of home made jerky... and get this! Home made bread, Aurore has competition! "Howdy Texas." He says as he notices Jo Jo beat him in. Miska moves to get his spot..which means..she lays down near a chair as he puts his contributions down on the table. Then Hawker settles in at the chair Miska took over. "Amanda Darling." He says with a slight grin and finger wiggles at Aurore. Whom he mostly knows from..Amanda and Kilo!

Charlie is all business now, sitting up her chair straight and proper and preparing to be briefed. The woman watches Jolene as she walks around with folders, waiting patiently for her own.

Amanda happily takes the mug, sitting back in her seat next to Charlie. She blows the top of it to cool it down. "Plenty of ore important thigns going on," she answers Franky. "The bird-monster worshiping cult below the university library. Who, or what, ever is kidnapping and murding people at the old abandoned amusement park..." she says trailing off. "Hey Jo. Hawker," she says to the new arrivals. "This about that demon you're tracking, Jo?" she asks, recieving her handout.

"I think it'll be about pretty much everything extant," Aurore says, nodding greetings to the more recent arrivals. Including the dog. "But for the truces? A prime example'd be the non-aggression deal cut with the local vampire population. Why? Because there're freaky, terrifying haemovores that make 'normal' vampires look like Girl Scouts. Leechers. I suspect they'll be in this folder. But the Society cut a deal with the 'normal' blood-suckers that we'd focus on the Leechers, and the vampires would keep their own in check so that we don't wipe each other out fighting a war - while the Leechers get free rein. They're even worse than the 'normal' bloodsuckers."

Frankie grimmaces at the paperwork that is dumped on the table, bit she sighs lightly and nods, "Yes ma'am." and a little salute as she takes her paperwork. The arrival of hawker, and food, makes her grin though and she leans back in her chair to snatch one of the donuts. Cops and donuts. Its as cliche as its old. "Am more curious with whom we have the truce fire to be honest. Don't want to cause any trouble or waste any time by going after those that are deemed lesser threats." Her eyes widen a little at Aurore's words and the donut hangs halfway out of her mouth, "No way. You are... you are pulling my leg are you? What do we know about those uber bloodsuckers?"

Jolene will smile at Amanda, and shake her head. "Nah, this's about -all- the crap goin' on. S'far as ah ken tell, there's 'bout ten open cases goin' on." She nod to Hawker and grin, "Howdy." Aurore will also get a nod, "We'll be gettin' into th' Leechers, that's on th' list.", she says with a grin.

Then, she'll take her place at a spot of the table where everyone can see her. She doesn't sit, she just opens her folder and takes out the first paper. "So, yer folders should be ordered jus' like mine, we'll go over'm one at a time, so y'all ken ask questions an' maybe pick and choose which yer gona take on. Y'all alright with that?" She'll pause to glance around, and make sure everyone is okay before she'll continue, "alright, well first one is affectionately called Th' Anticrist", she'll smirk at that. "The Antichrist (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:The_Child) is the big one at the moment and probably the subject of Hunter week next year. The Antichrist is in Fallcoast, protected by the L'Enfant Diabolique and their trained anti-Hunters. They are led by Maurice Collingwood (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Maurice_NPC). A DVD was found that held some clues on it and are currently under investigation, if y'wanna copy of this dvd, just lemme know, we'll getcha a copy. The Diabolique are more than happy to assassinate Hunters so be on the watch for suspicious activity. A Hunter, Joshua, was recently murdered by them. So, one of our own was murdered here..."

There's a pause and Jolene'll go into the next one, "Zombies is th' next issue. A local nature park has been infected by unknown vectors and created reanimated animals of all kinds. The park has been under TFV monitoring since the incident but some small creatures - ie monkeys - have been discovered outside the containment area. So, we gotta stop it before more folks get infected."

Hawker will scowl noticably when Joshua is mentioned; he had been fond of the man, and his Diner. "More Zeds?" He's seen his share, including them Nazi ones. Also is it at all surprising Hawker wants to fight some thing where he can rely on overwhelming firepower to win?

Frankie groans quietly to herself. "Zombie squirrels."

Amanda unlocks her laptop and starts making notes.

"Les Enfants Diabolique are, so I heard, the antithesis of the Lucifuge in some ways," Aurore puts in. Her French pronunciation is smoothly fluent. "Lucifuge who whole-heartedly embrace their supposed heritage as the spawn of the Devil, and work most enthusiastically against 'our' kind of Lucifuge. But killing priests naturally appeals to them: Joshua was in The Long Night. They'll accept killing anyone who gets in their way, however. As for squirrels? There might be more on the list regarding corruption of wildlife, I'm afraid."

Nodding at Aurore, Jolene will murmer thanks as she pronounces the French better, Jolene sorta mangled it. "Yeh...", she says quietly, and then she will wait for others to take notes or respond as they wish. She'll nod quietly at Hawkers' scowl when Joshua is mentioned. Then the Zombie Squirrels causes her to cough/chuckle and she ahems and continues, "On the Zombie note, there's also a Zombie Biker Gang goin' on. Ah've had interaction with this one, an' they're strange zombies. The undead bikers with their college girl cheerleaders are still active an' roamin' around causin' trouble and, of course, bein' evil. They act as criminals but are also happy to destroy everything they can."

There's another pause and she'll look around, see if anybody else has questions before she'll continue, "Next one is the High School (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:High_School). The Thule and Sisterhood agents were looking into weed that turns the smoker into plant creatures with a taste for blood. A seed for these plants is in the custody of the society currently."

Still tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboard, Amanda says, "I'll ask Soapy about the High School thing, see if she needs help. I should be able to help out well there."

"Me and Charlie could take a look into the Bikers. As cops we probably have the easiest time meeting them. I will have to stock up on some things to take care of zombies though." muses Frankie with a light nod. "I could also take a look and see if there are any reports of urban violence and biker gangs."

"I suspect that might be Ira and Pavel from the Loyalists..?" Aurore shrugs slightly. "Not this particular Thulean in person, I'm afraid. But yeah - I've also met the undead bikers. They're intelligent, sufficiently well-coordinated that they can drive motorbikes without trouble, and are really quite scary. Where the heck they come from I'm not sure I even *want* to know... but we probably need to, if we're to figure out how to stop there being any more. Unfortunately, they're not the *only* bike gang around. There're at least two 'live' ones, I think. With some indications of supernatural involvement in various branches of local criminality, to boot. And yeah - I suspect that your ability to monitor things should help a lot, Amanda, with the high school problems."

Charlie? She remains quiet. Just reading over the folder. She's probably paying amazing attention and not singing 'Mmmmm Bop' in her head. Hawker grins when Zombies are still mentioned. "I've heard about the Biker thing; ain't run across them yet." He says and looks at the two cops. "If you need some things your Department won't wantcha having..come to me, I'll get you set up with that sorta stuff." He then glances back when Ira is mentioned. "Are these cheerleaders also Zombies..or well, human?"

"Keep it in your pants Hawker," Amanda says quietly.

Nodding to Amanda, and then Frankie, Jolene says with a smile, "Well, iffen ya'all need any help at all, don't be afraid t'get some backup. We're all available." She looks over at Aurore and nods, pausing as she listens and takes in this new information. She looks over at Hawker then and smirks, "Ah believe the zombies bikers have cheerleader girlfriends.." She grins and then looks down at the folder, moving a few papers out of the way to get to the next one.

"The next one is also related to the University..", Jolene begins, "The Nest (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:The_Nest) . This is a Aztec sacrificial cult lurks under the university. They also have at least one giant lizard creature that they worship. Ah don't have much more 'bout this one, but ah think y'all were talkin' about this when ah got here maybe?", she looks up and around curiously, eyes falling on Amanda and Aurore specifically. She'll pause a moment and then grin at Aurore, "And th' next page here, is the Leechers (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Leechers). The Leecher threat is everpresent. These abhorrent vampire like creatures regularly abduct humans to train their young to hunt. One Hunter, Anya, was killed by these creatures.", there's a pause and she hesitates, apparently this is new news to Jolene and she sighs. Her voice continues more quietly then, "They lurk in the FDR Resevoir."

"Aurore and I are already on the Aztec cult. We need help clearing them out from under the library as neither of us are very fight-y in this world. Yeah, we were talking about it, Jo," Amanda says.

Aurore offers Amanda a rather grim smile. "Yeah. 'The Nest'. Focus of a freaky-ass death cult who came up from Mexico. They were pursued by a group of Hunters from the region, who objected to what they saw as a perversion of their ancestors' faith. The death cult all but wiped them out. The cultists are lethal, brutal - quite willing to kill their own to 'fix' a mistake - *and* are backed up by at least one or two of their 'gods'. Man-eating lizards, easily big enough to pick up and carry off full-grown men. And no, I'm not kidding. They're fu-, err, flipping terrifying. And then... yeah. The Leechers. There're files on them in there" - she nods to the Society's back room - "but the summary is that they're so bad that they make 'normal' vampires seem positively civilised in comparison. You *can* survive run-ins with them - I think that Brigitte fought one on her own, and survived. But she didn't *kill* it. And Brigitte's better than most of us in a fight. There was some active investigation being done into them, I think, a year or so back... but Anya's death and the collapse of the group that was doing it mean that I'm not sure how much in the way of results ever got back to anyone still alive."

"It was actually that cult's big-ass bird that started my journey into the Vigil," Amanda adds.

Nodding at Amanda and Aurore, Jolene says, "Ah'm always willin', ready and able. Jus' gimme a call if ya need some backup, fighty-wise., and ah'm sure Sadie'll wanna join in too." Pausing to listen to Aurore seriously, she'll nod and shake her head, "Big fuckin' lizards, huh? Well that'll be int'restin' t'see at least." She'll grin at the comment on Brigitte, "Yeh, she's a strong one, tha' girl. An' there might be someone alive? Hell, that should be added to our files and bumped up in severity.", Jolene says with alarm, and bends down to write some notes on the Leechers' paper.

She lowers her eyes then as she sets the pen aside and moves some more papers around in the folder she was going through, pulling out three, "Next one is affectionately called Blue Goo." She gives a grin at that, "Ah'm assumin' that's a scientific term?" A grin is given and then she coughs and continues more seriously, "The Blue Goo (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Plot:Keep_Watching_the_Skies) is an alien goo or organism that is infiltrating the countryside and taking possession of whatever it touches." Pausing, she huhs, "Well, that's an unpleasant goo there." There's a pause and she sighs, "Th' next one is the Skinner. Me'n Sadie got some experience with these fuckers. We Knights of St. Adrian are being skinned for our tattoos, they think they ken use'm, an' keep tryin. One young Knight has died due to'm. The maniacs are still out there. But we're on this, Sadie, Liam an' me are on this case."

Frankie nods while listening, "Me and Charlie will help too wherever we can. She got the bigger guns than I though, at least right now. Still need to get all set up."

Hawker grunts when the Skinners are mentioned, and glowers a bit at Amanda. "I was offering illegal hardware, not a strip tease." He says and glances at Jo. "I've already killed one Skinner. Perfectly human, but they're all nuts and..." Well, Human at least. "Ya'all need some one to help bust into ancient catacombs and just wipe some thing out? I volunteer." Because at least if he's underground no one is likely to hear automatic weapons fire!

"The Blue Goo is known to at least one other - human - group in the city," Aurore puts in. "There're people with occult knowledge, and some degree of ability, who are willing to work together and who are keen to ensure that there *is* a world for us to live in, but who aren't part of the Vigil. Oddly enough, given how hostile most groups in the Vigil tend to be to anyone with... talent. But the Blue Goo's drawn some attention there. I can confirm, for example, that occult wardings have been tried against it - and only seem to have limited effect. If it really *is* 'alien' in origin, that could make sense."

Nodding at Hawker, Jo says with a serious expression, "Hawker's had experience wit' th' skinners too." She sighs then looks over at Aurore curiously. "Huh, the other group tryin' t'help in some way?", she asks with surprise, apparently finding that odd for some reason. Pulling out two last papers, she says, "and, last, but certainly not least, we got some one off's that ain't been resolved as'f yet. The Mesmer's Dolls (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Logs:The_Mesmer's_Dolls), the late Doctor Auguste Mesmer has a legacy that the Society is interested in, his dolls that seem t'be a lil' too lively than they should be." She shudders at that and smirks, "I hate dolls." SHaking her head then, she continues, "also, there're some Whispers in the Walls (http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Logs:Whispers_in_the_Walls), an elderly woman was murdered, an' th' house seems to hold somethin' else. These both are still under investigation."

Pausing, she looks up and then her shoulders slump as she exhales, "That'sa lotta work ladies and gentleman. We have our docket full. So if ya start workin' on these, mah only suggestion is getta partner, or four. Our purposes are all th' same, an' honestly, ah don't wanna hear 'bout another hunter's death. Too many lately.."

Aurore nods to Jo. "Yeah, the other group I mentioned are trying to help... but given the tendency of some - too many - organisations in the Vigil to kidnap or execute human occultists, they're not going to sign up with us any time soon. They don't realise how... different things are here, thanks to the Society. But they're also concerned with Sint - the leader of our delightful, seasonal invasion each year. Amanda and myself ran into one of his... raiding parties last year. Paranormal entity, loosely linked - somehow - to a dark version of Saint Nick, whose minions look like undead mariners from a whole range of periods of history... and who have a habit of turning up to try to kidnap children at this time of year. They attack under cover of dense sea mist, moving in from the Atlantic shore. The invasion tends to be preceded by strange weather offshore, and disappearing ship-crews. It's written off in the media as 'gang violence' on-land, and fascinatingly strange weather at sea. Sint himself appears to be a... figure on a pale horse. With all the lovely connotations that has."

Hawker clears his throat when ocean stuff is mentioned and moves to gently pet Miska. "If we need to take to the seas..I have some thing that'll help."

Jo looks over at Aurore and then nods to her. "Yeah, Sint this year, we rescued a bunch of children, and I think someone blew up his boat. I'm not sure really, I was on the rescuing childrens side." She begins to gather up the paperwork and leaves a few more folders out. "I was thinkin' of leavin' folders out for late comers, so they can get the review too. Whatcha think?"

"I think I definitely need to read over each of the reports to get a better idea where to help." mutters Frankie with a nod before glancing to Hawker, "And then see about setting myself up with some better armory."

"So long as they're not just used to rest coffee-mugs on," Aurore says, flashing a grin to Jo. "Thank you for all this. Sincerely. I spend a good bit of time in the archives, and I wasn't aware of some of this. Not as a 'live' concern, anyway. But we have a terrifying amount to be getting on with. And that list didn't even mention things that *do* seem to have been dealt with, such as the 'Deadites'." She shakes her head. "Anyway - anyone want a top-up of coffee?"

Hawker grins a bit and looks at Aurore. "Sure..it's cold out, that is for damn sure." He says and glances over at Franky, then Jo. "Well if we gotta fight things at sea..I got a PT Boat. Honestly."

Jo laughs, "Well ah hope it ain't used for coffee coasters unless people are in' serious research." She grins and then moves over to get new coffee herself, "I didn't even getta coffee cup." She grabs a cup and pours the coffee before turning to look over at Hawker, "Well Sint's gone y'know. But next year that'd be helpful." She sips the cup and looks over at Frankie and nods, "Ah just wanted to try an' get everyon' on th' same page. Ah think we got wha', a third of th' hunters here? Maybe the second meetin'll have more. Ah'll keep tryin'."

"I'd love some coffee." chimes Franky in with a nod, "But yes, its a bit overwhelming I admit."

Aurore also rises to her feet, taking her now-empty mug - and Franky's, should it be offered - over to join Jo. Turning around to prop her rump against the counter while the coffee machine works its magic, she offers a rueful little shrug. "I'm not sure we'll ever manage to get everyone in one place. But it's worthwhile to keep trying. And we can hope that the more we keep repeating how *much* there is to investigate, the more chance we'll have of making headway against some of it."

Jo nods over at Aurore as she stirs in some milk into her coffee. She adds a bit of sugar too and then re-raises it to sip again. "ahh much better. Could never really stomach the pure black coffee." She grins over at Aurora then and says, "Well, at least ah know who knows what, an' if ah need help ah ken contact y'all t' make some more headway." She looks over at Franky and then says, "Overwhelmin' a little, sure, but y'got backup at least, all of'us here, right?" She smiles and then takes her coffee and pours it into a to-go cup before she moves over her box, now empty, and grabs it. "Ah gotta get goin', but ah'll be sure t'see ya here more often, at least t'pass along updates, yeh?" She glances at each one in turn and smiles before she waves and heads towards the stairs.