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Investigating the Warehouse
Dramatis Personae

Drake, Imogen, Marjorie, Nina, for Plot Stew run by PlagueRoot


A group of wolf blood and wolves go to investigate an odd dark obscured warehouse.


North West of Crows Hollow - Industrial District

The heavy rain is cool on the hot summers night. The rain is causing rivers to run down the sides of the road. This causes passing cars to make little tidal waves of muddy water fly over the sidewalks. The world is pretty quiet due to the weather and the location. The local warehouses are shut down as it's July 4th and what patriotic manufacturer builds things on that day. There is something strange about the larger of the warehouses. It says 'Kobota' on the sign, it had been up for sale but it looks like there are lights on inside. The homeless in the area have all been disappearing and then seen a few weeks later looking a little... less human. The factory is shrouded in darkness and the air feels thinner the closer one gets to it but on the other side, it's heavier. The air one breathes in is not as nourishing and it feels like there is a vice around one’s lungs. It feels wrong on every level.

Drake is, unfortunately, getting used to it bloody raining all the frikkin time lately, so what does he do? Just shows up in a t-shirt and jeans and his boots, admitting defeat on the 'trying to stay dry' front. The folks at the house said to show up here and hook up with the others that were coming, so the Cahalith is on the edge of the warehouse district looking more like a drowned rat while he waits to see who else is coming, narrowing his eyes at the Suspect Location across the street with a muttered, "This is going to be interesting..."

A black SUV coasts up to the warehouse. Tinted windows hide who's within while it parks across the street before the door swings open. Marjorie steps out, pulling her purse over her shoulder and shutting the door behind her after pulling her wide black umbrella from behind the seat. Jori's nose wrinkles at the appearance of the facility as she locks her car door behind her. She makes her way across the street with long efficient strides and looks down at her watch as she approaches the front gate.

There is the realtor’s car parked behind the fence but the car is empty. The door is open to the car. The door to the warehouse is open and shadows move within.

Drake watches the SUV pull up and park, eyeing the occupant as she gets out and approaches the gate, and checks her watch. There's a delay before he starts across the street to approach, hands shoved into his pockets and head turned down a little into the downpour. Only once he's gotten within conversational range does he clear his throat at Marjorie and rumbles, "You Roman's friend looking for a lost dog?" He narrows his eyes a bit as he looks over the grounds and eyes the car that seems to have been abandoned for the moment.

Jori takes in the car and she looks down the street before swinging her attention back around just in time to catch Drake's approach and she rests her umbrella on her shoulder and starts fiddling in her bag to pull out a cigarette and a lighter. "A friend of which Roman's?" The professionally dressed middle-aged woman wonders before turning her head towards the empty car and the open door. "I was here to meet a property agent. You don't seem like you dabble in real estate. Looks like they've beat me inside."

Drake hmmms softly at Jori's response and nods slowly, "Yeah, no, I'm not in real estate. Musta mistook you for someone else." He frowns a little at that and rolls a shoulder at the comment about the real estate agent, "Couldn't tell you, but maybe I'll go take a look." With that said, he turns to step away and approach the front gate himself, giving it a tentative push with one hand to see if it's been locked back or not.

Jori makes an after you gesture and turns to follow Drake inside, stepping past the gate and towards the door shaking out her umbrella with a cigarette still hanging from her lips as she checks that her bag is open and everything within easy to access.

The gate is easily pushed open, however; inside the warehouse is movement. A man wearing glasses and a suit stumbles out the door and lands hard on his stomach. He's missing his left arm and is bloody. His glasses are fogged and he sees the two at the gate. "Help me!" He screams reaching his right hand up but the darkness expands past the door and he screams in pain before being dragged into the darkness. Silence follows. All that's left of the man is a trail of blood into pitch darkness.

Static rises on the air, raising the hairs on flesh before lightning strikes the dark warehouse.

Drake pauses when the man stumbles out and falls, noting the fact that he's missing an arm. There's a soft swear under his breath as he glances back at Jori and mutters, "I think the showing has been postponed," before kicking his boots off and starting at a loping run towards the warehouse front door. He skids to a stop, using bare feet and one hand to halt his progress when the lightning hits, causing his form to bulk up in size with a grunt and a soft, "Fucking hell..." before resuming his progress to the door.

GAME: Drake shifts into Dalu form.

"Shit," Jori says flatly under her breath. She takes quick stock of Drake's reaction. She scurries for the open door when the lightning strikes. Her brows raise and she says, "I'll back you up but let's not look for trouble if we can avoid it for the moment." Marjorie looks over her shoulder scanning the street before stepping inside herself, gingerly attempting to avoid as much blood as possible.

The closer to the door the harder it is to breathe. The feeling of heaviness washes over even the strongest of people. The sounds coming from inside the warehouse is a full line of work in progress. Just inside the door though is a hall going left and right and a door right in front which has a broken window showing a ransacked office. The left and right pathways are pitch black and the ground doesn't feel like solid flooring more like thick ankle-deep mud. The scents in the building are decay and wet fur.

Drake gets as far as the door with a frown and looks back at Jori with a shake of his head, "No fucking army, but need to know better what this is so can give everyone else a heads up. Just run like motherfucker if something happens to me." With that said, and assuming Jori looks like she's good to continue, he shoulders his way inside to narrow his eyes and regard the hallway, stepping in far enough to peer through the broken window at the ransacked office for a moment, sniffing at the air.

The cigarette is put out and the butt pocketed as she exhales sharply. She nods towards Drake as she takes the time to look around. While the Dalu relies on his senses the stony Blooded attempts to take in other details such as the general state of the Facility and any signs of recent habitation that hadn't resulted in bloodshed.

Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 1 > 1 [No Flags]

Marjorie to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 3 4 5 6 6 7 7 9 10 10 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 0 Success < 3 3 > Perception [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 2 2 3 4 4 9 10 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

The darkness is so intense that it's hard to make out any details. It's almost like this is black fog as this is not normal darkness. Though every so often there are little floating pieces of ash that move past one’s vision and on the peripheral. The office was ransacked for no-go reasons other than destruction as nothing is missing but most things are smashed on the floor. Laying on a stack of papers, what appears to be a teenager is sleeping. It's hard to make out features of the teen. It seems intact and peacefully sleeping.

Drake frowns a little when he sees the teenager asleep on the desk and holds up a finger at Jori then points at the window and the figure, just in case she hasn't seen it yet. He then holds up a finger again as if asking for a moment, and focuses his attention on the figure, as if he might be able to see something a little more clearly if he looks hard enough.

Roman to Here Rolled 1 Success < 1 6 9 > 3 [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 1 Success < 2 2 3 4 5 6 9 > Intelligence + Investigation + Cunning [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 2 4 9 9 > Wits + Composure - 2 [No Flags]

Marjorie spots the Teen. She nods and while Drake is investing his way the Doctor does a visual check on the teens breathing given the heaviness in the air. She seems unwilling to stray too far from the safety of the Dalu's space. She's spending more time investigating.

The teen is breathing fine like this fog is not affecting them. Though what Drake sees is a little stranger, the teen has a rather large nose, with ends in a pink tip with whiskers on it. It's covered in white hair and its hands are white with claws on the ends. This teen while human in form, is no longer human in appearance. It's hard to see if this is a mask or its face.

Drake looks torn for a moment as to whether he should make his way into the office or continue exploring, and looks back at Jori for a second. Considering what just happened outside, there's a good chance THIS individual didn’t sleep through that, so finally he tests the door to see if it will open, whispering at Jori, "I would go look deeper but can't leave this..whatever it is...blocking our way out. Get ready just in case he doesn't like us being here."

"I'm ready." Jori assures. She looks outwardly unshaken, maybe because of the incredibly deep and even breaths she's making herself take. Her hand is in her bag and there's the distinct impression it's resting on something.

Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 1 4 4 > 3 [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 6 8 9 10 > Wits + Stealth [No Flags]

The door opens easily and silently. The papers and glass on the floor look somewhat able to be stepped around but around the desk, the chair is on the ground and there is glass all around. It will be difficult to get to the teen.

Drake nods when he sees Jori is good and attempts to open the door quietly, ducking his shoulders a bit to fit that huge Dalu bulk through the doorway and step in far enough for Jori to follow and have a clean line of sight. He frowns as he scans the floor and considers the options before shaking his head and sweeping a foot across the floor to deliberately, and rather noisily, knock some of the glass out of the way, tensing with the assumption this is not going to be taken well, "You. Wake the fuck up."

It's a short time after Drake has arrived that Imogen shows up in the area. She's not entirely sure which building he's in, but there's something that's drawing her toward the warehouse. That fun sense of something not being right in that space. She's got her baseball bat in hand, kept close to her side, as well as a bag that's hung across her body and holding stuff. With no hood on her jacket, there's nothing to stop the rain that's falling from getting in her face, which causes her to mutter under her breath every once in a while. Still, she makes her way toward the building while keeping an eye out for Drake, or anyone else she might find familiar.

Nina to Here Rolled 1 Success < 1 1 2 3 4 6 7 10 > Intelligence + Investigation [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 1 Success < 9 > 1 [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 7 Successes for an exceptional success. < 1 4 5 8 8 8 9 9 10 10 > 8 [No Flags]

With Drake deciding that making noise was a good idea, Marjorie noped the fuck out of the building and headed back to her car passing both Imogen and Nina. She gets in and drives off. She does not want to die today. The sound of scraping glass and a moving chair can be heard even outside. The teen creature opens its eyes and sits up quickly. Its eyes are massive. A moment passes as it assesses the wolf in front of it before it leaps from the table and out the shattered window to take off down the left hall screaming an unearthly screech.

There's a moment of hesitation when Big Eyes freaks out and blurs into motion, causing the dalu'ed male to spit a curse in First under his breath. With Marjorie already having taken off, he knows better than to charge headfirst into the den on his own to shoulder the office door the rest of the way open and head for the warehouse front doors, retaining his current form for now since he doesn't know who MIGHT be outside.

She doesn't quite have the same hearing as the wolves do, so it's up for debate whether or not Imogen hears the shrieking. She's still heading toward the building but gives pause when she catches sight of Nina near the car. Her steps slow and she tightens the hold on the baseball bat, still keeping it at her side. All the little hairs on the back of her neck are standing up, a clear indication that something isn't right around here.

Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 6 > 1 [No Flags]

Nina to Here Rolled 1 Success < 9 > 1 [No Flags]

Even at a distance, it's possible to see Nina's tension ratchet up to a level that suggests a willingness to go bolting inside, but-- as much as there are *numerous* occasions where it looks as though she just might, she slips away from the car, instead, weaving behind what cover she can and sticking low to the ground in an effort to keep some blocking between herself and the warehouse windows.

The sounds of the warehouse stop and the sounds of many feet start heading towards the front door. Lightning strikes a nearby transformer which cuts the power to the whole block. Now with the rain and the darkness, hiding is possible.

Drake wasn't that far inside, to begin with, though Nina and Imogen might be surprised to see the Dalu shouldering his way through the front door and putting some distance between himself and the front of that warehouse entrance. He only scans the area to confirm that A) Marjorie has indeed Gotten The Fuck Out, and B) Noone else is immediately apparent. The lightning hit knocking out the power mollifies his concern that this might be on security as he slides to a stop and clenches his fists with a growl, allowing the monster to come out. If they are on his heels, they are going to have to do it out in the open with all the spikes on.

Nina to Here Rolled 1 Success < 3 4 4 5 7 8 > Wits + Stealth [No Flags]

The lightning strike causes Imogen to jump, her gaze snapping up toward the transformer as it goes. The sudden darkness in the area, along with the continuing rain, has her stopping any sort of forwarding movement. She only looks back toward the warehouse when Drake comes out through one of the doors and looks as though she's going to say something to him before he stops and turns back toward the warehouse. Thinking the better of it, she stays silent and instead rifles through her jacket pocket in search of a lighter, which she pulls out and grips in her hand.

GAME: Drake shifts into Gauru form.

Seeing Imogen just standing there rifling through her belongings, Nina pauses-- growls something to herself, and starts to move carefully in the young woman's direction, snapping her fingers a couple of times to get her attention. "Forget that," she hisses, looking over her shoulder in time to see Drake's transformation. There's a moment of paralysis, seeing that, but she shakes herself out of it, gesturing sharply to Imogen again. "Come on," she says. "Sooner we start moving, the better."

The ground starts to vibrate.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Something big is coming. Very big.

The booming footsteps cause the werewolf to hunker down a little more, clenching his claws as he gets ready to either launch himself at something or run like he's leading the steeplechase of his life, shifting his weight on those long hind legs and flattening his ears, growling, "Come. Get It."

The snapping fingers have Imogen looking in Nina's direction, pulling her gaze from the shifting Drake. It's the noises from the warehouse that get her moving, though, sending her in the direction of Nina. She doesn't explain why she was rifling around for a lighter, just keeps it gripped tightly in her hand, even as she lifts it to wipe the rainwater from her eyes. "Shouldn't we help him?"

"Help him do what?" Nina says, keeping low, moving about as quickly as a semi-crouched position allows, "get crushed?" She glances back-- mutters something under her breath again, and turns to Imogen to say, "Just assume that he knows what he's doing," before continuing to move, mindful of the noises and general Everything that might be happening behind her. "You got a car nearby or did you come here on foot?"

The sounds of many feet start filling the air even though the sounds of rain. The scurrying is up on the roof and in the door. The booming sounds start speeding up and the ground starts vibrating on each step.

Toybreaker looks up at the roof then down at the door and backs up a couple of steps, judging the amount of noise he seems to have stirred up, and (perhaps hopefully) not smelling Imogen or Nina through the rain, takes a step further to call on his Urhan form and bound back a few more steps, *howling* a taunt at the warehouse. Someone can tell Kat later that he's suicidal, but at least at this point, he seems intent on running as soon as he gets a good idea of what and how many there are.

"He's not going to get crushed," Imogen mutters the words as she slips behind the car that's still parked there. "My truck is down the street. I didn't want to make much noise, so I walked the rest of the way. It's a little too far to sprint to, though." She looks back toward the main entrance, looking a little alarmed at the loud sounds coming from the building. "Spiders don't get that big, do they?" Assuming that's what they're dealing with right now.

"Famous last words," Nina says ruefully, to the question of the spiders. Then, "You okay leaving the truck where it is for a night?"

She's definitely not sprinting, careful to keep at a moderate pace that allows her footfalls to fade into the rain, her aim more to stay low and out of sight than outright book it.

Roman to Drake Rolled 8 Successes for an exceptional success. < 1 1 4 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 9 9 9 10 10 > 9 + 7 + 2 - 5 [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 1 > 1 [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 5 10 10 > 1 [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 1 Success < 8 > 1 [No Flags]

The sounds start getting louder adding to the rain falls on the ground. Slowly a waterfall of rats starts to run down the walls of the warehouse. From the doorway, a gauru sized rat grabs the giant metal door and throws it through the air, striking Drake and screeching out in rage. The creature’s nails are massive and it's wearing torn pieces of clothing. A giant hand moves through the door, gripping it and slowly pulling the massive creature through the door. It has to wiggle but this creature is probably double the width and height of a gauru. Its large muscles bulging as it moves through the door. Its maw is covered in blood as a piece of intestine hangs from its teeth. It's not out the door yet but it's coming.

Drake to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 1 1 4 7 7 9 10 > Resolve + Composure [No Flags] 

Game: Drake takes 8 Bashing damage.

Drake to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 5 6 7 7 9 9 10 > Wits + Primal-Urge [No Flags]

GAME: Drake shifts into Urhan form.

Whatever Toybreaker was expecting to see, a Beshilu tank and a rat horde was NOT on the menu. He has enough time to turn his shoulder into the flying door as it smacks into the gauru with a LOUD 'clang' (perhaps comically leaving a wolf-sized dent in the metal?) before bouncing off, leaving the wolf with a bloody snout. He has a second to judge the size of the monstrosity along with the huge pile or rats flooding out to head for him and turns, allowing that form to melt into the large black dire wolf, howling at them as he flat out runs for the street.

The flood of rats over the building has Imogen backing further away and making a face. She's about to say something when the door is flung off and at Drake, where it slams against him before hitting the ground. She only watches him for a second before the giant rat that's trying to squeeze out of the door, sort of like trying to fit into a dress three sizes too small, catches her attention. "What the fuck... That thing will /eat/ us." Sort of an understatement, seeing as how intestines are hanging from its mouth.

"You think?!" Nina says, blurting out the words with a bit more intensity than she'd intended, no longer even attempting to go 'at a moderate pace. "*Move*," she says, and immediately starts booking it in a direction away from the building, and, presumably, away from the truck, only the occasional glance spared for the monstrosity shoving its way out of the building for as long as it's insight.

Roman to Here Rolled 0 Success < 4 > 1 [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 3 4 4 8 9 > 1 + 4 [No Flags]

GAME: Imogen spends 1 Willpower

Roman to Here Rolled 1 Success < 9 > 1 [No Flags]

Nina to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 4 4 5 5 7 8 10 10 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

Imogen to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 9 10 10 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

Roman to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 10 > 5 + 4 [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 3 Successes < 1 2 5 7 8 9 10 > Wits + Composure [No Flags]

The large beast is still trying to get out of the door. It wiggles a little and the bricks around the door shift allowing the massive beast to break out of the door and stand to its full height. That is one big mother chucker. The little one that threw the door takes off after Drake and it's keeping pace with him. The waterfall of rats is almost to the ground. The big man just straight-up rawrs. The rawr is so very terrifying that it hits a visceral part in everyone's heart and what would usually cause things to freeze in fear, while it makes one think of stopping, no one does. But the fear is still there.

The smaller rats that are chasing them aren't given too much of a look as Imogen continues to watch the bigger rat trying to force its way through the door. She's still moving, albeit backward, nowhere near as quickly as Nina is moving now. The metal door that had hit Drake and then tossed aside seems to quiver for a brief moment before lifting into the air. There's nothing around it, nor anyone holding it up, but it floats there a moment before flying through the air at the giant rat, hitting it squarely in the front of its body.

Even if it doesn't actually /hurt/ the roaring rat, it might distract it long enough that its attention is pulled from the fleeing wolves and blooded. And now? Now Imogen turns and starts moving away at a quicker pace, making her way down the street to where her truck is parked.

DrakeWolf grits his teeth at the roaring sound behind him, ears laid back as the huge wolf pours on the speed, howling loudly in response to the beast's roar like taunting it to give chase, though, with the figurative blur of motion he's calling down, that howl is fading into the distance rather rapidly.

Nina only glances back once to see the younger woman lagging behind, and though she pauses for all of an instant, ready to start barking orders, that wail makes her think twice about it. In fact, there isn't much in the way of thinking at all, the Irraka turning and running flat-out towards her vehicle without so much as another backward glance.

The one rat is rushing after the wolf since it's hungry. Four regular rats get some guts and rush after Nina and Imogen. Oh yeah, they are gonna get rewarded for taking down the one that hurt the king. The King Rat though gets hit by the door and picks it up. He turns it around in his hand and sniffs it before he takes a bite of it. The metal shatters in his teeth as he chews.

DrakeWolf is not waiting around to see what the hell that crunching noise was. The power's out in the area, so the Cahalith is less concerned about who might see the giant monster wolf running from the giant monster rat and just keeps the speed on. At the very least, by the time he makes it out to the forest he thinks he might have a chance to lose the big thing by diving through the trees.

In spite of the rather inspiring jolt of fear, Nina does eventually manage to glance over her shoulder, both to the direction Imogen is heading and the four little shadows scrambling over the pavement behind her. Were this any other situation, it might be comical, but right now? Not so much.

She doesn't chance shouting, though; just inwardly prays that Imogen decides to keep running, which is precisely what she opts to do, looking to put as much ground between the rat king and herself as humanly, or *in*humanly possible.

She's not paying attention to the rats behind her, so Imogen continues on toward her truck down the street as quick as she can. At least the Rat King is somewhat distracted by eating the door, which is probably a good thing. The baseball bat is still in one hand, while her lighter is in another, although that's tucked back into a pocket as she fishes her keyring out. Right now, she's likely thinking it was a stupid idea to lock the thing after parking earlier. Who around here was going to steal it, anyhow? The rats?

Drake to Here Rolled 1 Success < 8 > 1 [No Flags]

Imogen to Here Rolled 1 Success < 9 > 1 [No Flags]

Nina to Here Rolled 2 Successes < 9 10 > 1 [No Flags]

Imogen to Here Rolled 1 Success < 8 > 1 [No Flags]

Nina to Here Rolled 0 Success < 5 > 1 [No Flags]

Drake to Here Rolled 0 Success < 6 > 1 [No Flags]

GAME: Drake heals 1 Bashing damage. Roman to Here Rolled 1 Success < 1 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 10 > 15 + 10 - 5 - 5 [No Flags]

Game: Nina takes 1 Lethal damage.

The Rat King finishes up the side of the door and turns his face to look over at the one rat chasing and the howl of the King rat makes the other stop and turn. It rushes back to the warehouse as the other rats start disappearing inside the door. They have work to do. The four rats stop chatter about something before turning and heading back towards the warehouse. He does, however, spit out a jagged piece of the door and throws it at the speed of a bullet at Nina. It strikes into her lower back, imbedding itself there. The warning has been given.

When the growling bears up and signs of pursuit have slacked off, the huge wolf slides to a stop, all four legs splayed, and watches the distance to confirm that yes, Big Fucking Rat has given up. Only when he's sure that's come to a close does he snarl and find an alley to dart into to find a place to take on two legs again. Because he'll look PERFECTLY FINE barefoot in bike shorts and a t-shirt. In the rain. This late in the evening.

GAME: Drake shifts into Hishu form.

"Fucking rats," Imogen is muttering to herself, although her words keep slipping from English to Gaelic. Even in that lilting dialect, it's easy enough to tell that she's still swearing. "I'm coming back later and torching the place. See how they like fire. Probably living in the fucking sewers. I hope the giant one gets his ass stuck somewhere..." She's pulling open the door to her truck and tossing the baseball bat inside before she pauses to look around again, checking to see where Drake and Nina might be.

That impact's not nothing, jerking Nina's body to one side and throwing off her gait for all of a heartbeat, the Irraka forced to reach out and compensate by planting one hand on the ground and half-scrambling back to her feet, cussing *mightily* the entire time. It doesn't break her stride longer than that, but given the cussing *continues*, one can be assured that continuing to run with that thing in her back sucks. A lot.