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In The Know
Dramatis Personae

Asger, Dani, and Plate

January 19th, 2021

Dani and Plate meet on the Wagner family island, Asger helps with introductions and after Plate departs the Beast and the Werewolf discuss their missing Ogre cousin.


Rising Moon Isle

Plate walks about enjoying the island, slowly and carefully taking in his new found home. He carefully moves about and listens to those who speak to them, talking as he can, unsure how to react to his larger and very large adopted family but glad that they like him and tries to be personable. He walks alogn the beach and looks into the sea.

Dani's returned from the mainland wearing her leather jacket and boots and long denim skirt on the ferry. Seeing the stranger walking along the beach she walks over towards him waving. "Hello, are you family?" she calls out to him.

Plate says, “I probably am if you're a Wagner. Name is Plate Mandlebrot but my birth parents are Wagner. I was adopted." He stretches and looks around, curious.

Smiling at Plate, Dani says, "Yeah, I'm a Wagner also, been away for some years but got back at the end of the previous year." She looks him over and then says, "So, adopted but reconnected, that's great."

Plate nods, "Are you in the...'in the know' members of the family or ...you know.....not?" That's vague but he doesn't assume that EVERYONE in the family knows about vampires and werewolves etc.

Dani tilts her head to one side as she examines the other Wagner's face and ponders how to answer the question. "So... you mean about sailing and the like?" she asks in a voice that is attempting to sound innocent but it is patently obvious that she knows there's a deeper meaning behind the question and that she's hiding something.

Plate says, “So you are then," he smiles and leans forward whispering, "I'm a Ghoul to Janeen. So you can tell me whatever you are or not, all good." He smiles widely, enjoying the lack of subtly but not trying to be a jerk about it.”

"Asger mentioned Janeen a few days ago," Dani says nodding. She then frowns and asks, "So.. a ghoul... do you rob graves for a member of the family?" This has no subterfuge in it, she actually doesn't seem to know what is being discussed.

Plate says, “No, it means I'm a living being who shares a close bond to Janeen and she helps me and I help her." He smiles, "The vampire part is more or less what you might guess.”

Dani ohs softly at the mention of vampires. "So... sortta like Renfield? Like how Asger's kind harkens back to Lon Chaney?" she asks. The accent is local, but the cadence is not modern almost like watching old movies from the middle of the last century.

Plate says, “Well, yes like Renfield except that she treats me with almost obsessive levels of protection and respect but I do server her and want to serve her. So like Renfield but opposite in almost every conceivable way?”

Dani laughs. "Sort of like how I'm just like Sleeping Beauty but nothing like her I guess," she says with her words practically dripping with irony. "So since I've come home I've discovered that the world is more crazy mixed up than I thought it was."

Plate says, “Wait, so you're a ... insomniac princess?" He can tell there is something deeper here but he isn't getting it. "Like, does coffee make it worse, because not having coffee would suck”

"The world has always been this crazy, you just didn't notice until now." Asger says as he walks up to them, watching them as he moves to sit by them. "This is Plate. He is...indentured to one of our cousins...the vampire." He explains.

Dani laughs heartily and shakes her head. "Oh no," she says, "I'm not a princess or an insomniac, but like her my life was changed by faeries." She stops speaking for a moment and then simply says it, "There's a different story that I'm more fitting to, I hear Disney made a movie based on it back in the 90s with Angela Lansbury in it..." as Asger approaches she smiles and turns to him and says, "Hey there, he and I've met. He claims to be family directly also.

Plate says, “Indentured implies like...old people with dentures, but its a much more awesome bond than that. And she is attractive and intelligent and kind and awesome and not ugly or old or spooky or dead looking or anything. Oh that's cool. And awful sounding. So more like Pans Labyrinth fairies or Grimm's Fairy tale fairies.”

"Except they kidnap you and force you to do their bidding." Asger says calmly as he looks out to the beach and he shrugs. "I am thinking about going into the hedge to try and track down Corinthia. I could use an expert." He says to Dani as he looks to her, blue eyes watching her.

Dani frowns and shakes her head at the first reference. "Pan's..." she starts to say but then nods about the Grimm's works and says, "Yeah, if this Pan's Labrinth is anything like them that works." She nods to Asger, "Not all of them .... well, you fulfill a role for them." She looks between the pair of men and says, "I don't know, it's not a safe place but if you want to go there I can ask those who'd know better than me if this is something we could try to do."

Plate says, “I wasn't kidnapped, I was totally willing." He frowns and shrugs, "So the fairies suck. Sorry you got ...changlinged?" He listens and nods, "Yeah definitely no desire to visit fairyland. Pan's Labyrinth is a good/cool movie that you might watch assuming it doesn't trigger you or anything. And yeah I can imagine they're not safe at all.”

Asger nods. "I don't like the idea of leaving Corinthia in that place." He says calmly as he turns to Dani. "You don't have to come." He says as he looks to the woman and he studies her.

"I have no idea how we'd find her ourselves, Asger, that's the problem," Dani says with a hint of a growl forming in her throat as she adds, "I'd be going along, just don't pretend it's not scary, if you aren't afraid of the Gentry you're a fool."

Plate smiles and yawns, "I need to get my beauty rest. And I can't' blame you for not wanting to leave anyone there. Nice meeting you Dani." He waves to Asger and heads off.

"Fear profits man nothing." Asger says calmly as he looks to Dani. "If you don't want to go, then don't. It isn't your duty to track her down. As a wolf, I don't leave others behind." He says calmly as he watches the woman.

The growl in Dani's voice is more clear as she says, "I didn't take you as a fool, Asger." Her fingers twitch as if itchy as one hand drifts towards the ever present knife at her hip. "Who said anything about not /wanting/ to go?" she asks Asger angrily.

"OH I am a fool, don't let me fool you." He says as he reaches into a pack at his side and pulls out a bag of jerky to offer to her. "I made a friend in the woods outside of hanging hills, makes this jerky for sale. He is also a powerful wolf who I would love to have in a pack." He says as he watches her, taking a few pieces and eats it as if to assure her it wasn't poisoned beyond wolf cooties.

Dani breathes heavily as she works herself back from the anger she was expressing. She reaches out and takes the jerky from him, yanking it out of his grip and sniffs at it before biting into it, ripping a piece off with her (sharp in her mien) teeth. While her mask hides the teeth the effects on the jerky will be easily noticed by Asger with his preternaturally sharp senses. "Tastes good," she says, adding, "Venison," with the confidence of someone who's eaten deer previously. "Fear profits us. It teaches us caution. Wariness. It is a survival trait as long as you control it rather than letting it control you." None of this is said with any hesitation and she watches for his reaction and attacks the jerky again, seeming to enjoy the vicious consumption and mastication of the dried deer meat.

"True. We both can argue the merits and repercussions of fear until we die of old age." He says calmly as he moves to sit next to her. "I am sorry for making you angry, little cousin. I said without thinking." he says calmly as he apologizes to her.

Dani nods - more of a jerk of the head then a civilized gesture - and says, "Just... don't equate fear with weakness. It isn't weakness even if you wolves may view it that way," this time with no remaining anger in her voice. She seems surprised to find herself sitting and says, "I am worried about Cori, Asger, just... know she may be truly and fully gone." Her use of the word gone does not, in anyway, sound like a euphemism. She leans against Asger and asks, "Give me another piece of that venison jerky please?"

Asger moves an arm around Dani as if to hold her, passing the bag of jerky to her. "I know that is a possibility but I don't want to give up without searching." He says calmly as he holds his cousin, affectionately but not sexually, like kin holding each other to keep warm.