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Hunting for Parts

Dramatis Personae

Carla, Kian ST:Darwin

30 December, 2016

Cheiron agents are dispatched to bring back a Goatman


The Woods


A clear Friday night with no moon. What a shame it is also freezing...literally. This chilly night has found Kian and Carla being summoned by Ms Broadback - local Cheiron manager - and given a task. The reports of encounters with 'goatmen' have reached the higher echelons and one is required for investigation...and dissection at the appropriate time. Kian and Carla have got been given the task and a vague location of where possibly they could find one. Maybe. But they're professionals, they'll figure it out.

So now the two of them stand in the middle of a wooded area, around three inches of snow clinging to their feet. Snow that also shows tracks. Hooved feet. Deer springs to mind but these belong to a biped and lead up a ridge towards thick undergrowth, tall trees and pitch black darkness.

Kian grumbles as he’s out in the cold. Wearing his dragonskin vest and carrying a fancy KAC SR25 he doesn’t look like your average hunter. His medkit hanging at his side is part first aid, part serious trauma kit, part pocket torture suite. Other than that he’s wearing a long military coat from the RAF with his unit patch on the shoulder and a medic patch under that that has the phrase 'The Damned die hard' under it. He’s smoking a treasurer while he walks through the woods near Carla.

Carla shows up in rather different attire. She's got a short black Versace dress and a large back as well as a pair of aviators. When she finally steps out of that black Lamborghini Aventador (TM), she has that laser scoped KAC rifle. She sighs when she looks when the snow has done to her flattop shoes. "Oh I get the feeling it's going to be a little more...involved fieldwork. SO we find goatmen? Like the ones that bother the teenagers making out?" Carla chuckles.

Kian shrugs "No clue. Honestly i tend to ignore most of the critters that don’t bother people. Goatmen are boring. Id prefer deep ones but those things are assholes." he yawns looking as usual like he could use a nap.

The goatmen have so far survived being run over by a car and gored a couple of people with their horns so there's two reasons to find one; survivability and a nasty weapon. But they won't find one standing around in the snow looking good. The trail is there to be followed.

Carla starts to investigate those tracks as she loads in a magazine of VERY expensive frangible bullets. The Versace of bullets possibly! She spares no expense. She takes a little magnifying class out of her bag. "Well....those are definitely tracks. I suppose we should see where they lead."

Kian skips the frangible rounds this time since he doesn’t wanna ruin the giblets of the creature. Instead he’s using open tip rounds though he has a clip on his belt marked 'tracers' and another that just says 'AP' on the side. For some reason he also has a flare gun. "So frangibles huh? I find they ruin the organs of subjects but are great for undead targets. You hear about that company that’s trying to make frangible rounds with silver instead of copper?" he follows her since she seems to be going here he would go anyway.

Carla shrugs. "Frangibles get the job done. I mean I would like to prevent damage to anything major if I could but if they tear my tendons apart before that happens what's the use? The silver tipped rounds do sound....intriguing. I'll use them if I find something that calls for it." Carla smirks and tightly grips the butt end of the rifle.

Kian shrugs "You’d be surprised how often silver helps. I once took down a yeti with silver rounds. The metal burned its skin like some kind of flammable allergy...still no idea why."

Carla furrows her brow. "I didn't know that there were yetis or what you were doing hunting one but I suppose I've learned to open my mind over the years. If you do manage to acquire some, I would be VERY interested."

The pair trudge up the slope through the snow. The world around them getting darker and darker. And there is a pungent smell in the air. The stench of decay. The odor of rotting meat. It's coming from within the tangle of bushes and trees ahead of them. The only sound is their chatter.

And then the creak and crash of a tree into another tree. It seemed to come from about fifty feet to the west. Deep in the inky blackness.

Kian sniffs the air and then frowns "Hmm guess we found what we’re looking for. So I hear most goatmen and satyrs prefer pretty women. You wanna try to tempt it out and I’ll put 2 between its eyes?" he goes into a kneeling position aiming into the woods where the sound is. he doesn’t mention that those stories usually involve kidnapping and non-consent based sexy time activities.

It is unclear how excited Carla is about Kian's plan but she does slip off into the darkness...a little way at least. Perhaps she will let Kian be the bait? There is definitely something moving in the trees and it doesn't care how much noise it is making. The Hunters can even hear the heavy snorting of some kind of beast getting closer and closer.

Kian watches her run off and sighs "Next time i stick to gremlins." he aims to where the sound is coming from shifting into a shooting breathing pattern.

Kian's breath billowing little clouds into the cold air as he waits...and waits. There is movement. A black shape against the darkness. It is about ten feet away but still difficult to discern. The glint of eyes staring at Kian in the bare light.

Thank goodness there is snow. It helps Kian hear the footsteps approaching. As he concentrates on the figure in the woods, another is charging at him from the side. Standing about seven feet tall, the muscled humanoid with the head and legs of a goat is lowering its horns to slam into the Hunter's side. He now has two targets to deal with. The one he has been aiming at is no longer the main source of danger.

Kian pops off a pair of heavy rounds at the first goatman hitting it in the eye probably doing more damage than you would think with he heavy FMJ round. He’s already trying to move to get away from the one ramming at him "fuck fuck fuck!"

There is a cry of anger rather than pain from the darkness of the woods but then huge horns are slamming into Kian's side and sending him flying through the air and thudding onto the snowy ground. The goatman that hit him, fog billowing from its flared nostrils, glares down at the pitiful human before slowly walking towards him. Its clawed fists clenching and unclenching as it bays out to whatever lurks in the woods and is answered with a similar inhuman sound.

Carla takes a deep breath. A shard in her chest glows and a caul of ectoplasm grows over her face. Winds pick up around her and act as a sort of shield against the goatmen.

Carla fires a round at the creature with the shield finally in place. She takes a deep breath then pew!

Kian curses as he gets up with a roll and shoots at the one that rammed hims’ knee while the little shard under his right ear calls up spectral wind. The powdered snow around him is whipped up in a frenzy making him harder to track as faces in the snow that look like screaming faces form. "Fuck I hate it when they are smarter than you think they are"

The goatman striding towards Kian has one knee blown out the shot. Literally blown out. It is gone. Replaced by a gap where it used to be and the creature topples over into the snow...save for one leg beneath the knee that sways for a moment before it too falls over. The white snow drenched with blood as it weakly bays in agony.

Carla receives the retribution. Bursting through the trees, the one-eyed goatman rams her to send her flying through the air and into the soft(ish) snow.

Carla levels her laser sights and lets that baby roar even though she's hurting from that attack. At least her expensive outfit wasn't ruined this time!

Kian doesn’t care if they bleed out. it saves him trouble bleeding them later. He just ignores them and walks over to Carla "You know you shouldn’t run off like that when stuff is around."

The still standing goatman charges once more, this time plowing into Kian though not knocking him to his feet at least. It roars at both of them. It's putrid breath washing over their faces from up close.

Carla fires a haphazard shot at the goatman assaulting her. "Damn! Why must I be so beautiful?! These beasts are clearly targeting me because if it!"

Kian half grunts half curses in a way that would make sailors jealous. he hits the snow "Oh you right fucking piece of shit..." at one knee and brings his rifle up in a quick hip fire for center mass. Double tapping the trigger he sprays a pair of FMJ rounds into the things che’st probably not doing it any favors for its health premiums.

The goatman collapses to the ground, a huge cavity in its chest that has no doubt reduced its value. The other goatman grow still as its dark blood stops pumping out over the white snow. Its heart has stopped. Between the two corpses they may have enough. Now they just have to get them back to the cars without ruining Carla's dress.

Carla calls the cleanup crew. "Hello! Pablo? We need a cleanup crew here.

Kian looks over as she calls "wait...you know a guy named Pablo in Maine? Why don’t you call some yooper to do it?"

“Here asap! Send my regards to the wife and kids!" Carla makes a kiss noise over the phone then hangs up. "So.... that's done."

Somewhere in the woods there is an angry baying noise that resonates through the trees. And then another. And another. And another. At least they don't sound like they're coming closer but the Hunters have been seen...and memorised.