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Ghost Video 837 - Chug-a-lug

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore, Pavel

16 March, 2016

Hunters visit Chug-a-lug to try and get more info on the Ghost Video 837


Chug-a-lug Promotions


Chug-a-lug Mobile Kegs for all your party needs - as long as those needs are cheap and quality is not an issue. 'Chugs' is located on the edge of the warehouse district in a small concrete building that was once a garage but is now filled with kegs and a white van - the van that was in the video. There is a small office where a bored looking man in his thirties is reading a porn mag and has his feet on the counter. Thankfully he has his pants on.

Deciding that wearing something that shows off cleavage might help, Amanda adjusts her top then the strap of her bag over her shoulder. "Ready to do this?" she asks Pavel next to her. Seeing the guy then his porn mag, she suddenly regrets her choice of top.

Pavel manages to look slightly scandalised despite that. Then again, he could probably look 'slightly scandalised' in his sleep. Never really a great one for sociability, he glances at Amanda, and steps in. Heavy is very happy to provide backup, but he just says to Amanda "Da. I mean. Yes." And he coughs. Twice.

Between herself and Amanda (and Pavel, for that matter, Aurore figures that they should have *most* male tastes covered, and that someone working for this sort of establishment is unlikely to be accustomed to this sort of visit. Still, she offers her companions a less-than-enthused smile... before turning a rather more brilliant one upon the desk-jockey. "Hi. I wonder if you could maybe help us a little?"

The man at the counter continues to look through his magazine. "The booking book is over there..." A finger points to an old ledger on the bench. "Date? Number of guests? Beverage of choice?" Finally, he looks up to be presented with Amanda's cleavage. "Holy..." A clearing of this throat as he tosses the magazine to the floor and grins at the trio. "University party? We do a lot of those...on the sly."

Seeing the reaction her cleavage gets, Amanda tries to look perky. Not knowing the tack they're going for, Amanda says, "We would really appreciate any help you could give us." Looking up to Aurore, she asks, "What was it we wanted?"

"No, let me," says Pavel, who has not so much as managed to complete Year Two "No microbrews, we don't have money like that." He tries a smile on for size. It looks as if a big cat has decided to attempt similar "Eh, small - ten to fifteen. Just your basic set up - do you have a card with the price on it?" He glances at Aurore "Can you check the date we want in the book?"

Aurore smiles warmly - to both Amanda and the desk-clerk - and does her best to avoid looking surprised as Pavel abruptly sounds competent and coherent. And appears to be doing a decent job in social maneuvering, to boot. She settles for nodding agreement... while wondering if this'll turn into a cheap piss-up at their expense for the local Hunters.

"Fuck microbrews. Do you want to get drunk or have flavored water? Ten to fifteen...not an issue. One van should handle that. Rates are pretty simple - hundred bucks an hour. Two hundred if you want staff to run the keg and van" the man explains, eyes wandering between the women. "I can check the book for you" he grins at Aurore, moving quickly to grab it and open it to today's date. "So when is it and how do I get an invite?"

While the guy talks, Amanda adjusts her top again, ostensibly to show /more/ cleavage off. "Is this going to take long? I have a sorority meeting soon, and we're organising a carwashing fundraiser," she says, lying her ass off. She's just trying to distract the guy enough so the others can ask the questions they need to ask.

"Drunk. Really, _really_ drunk," says Pavel, who was born in Texas and sometimes remembers that fact and needs to drink to forget "That sounds great. Except...look, okay? We have...some great girls like this turning up," an arm goes around Amanda "Annnnd. Uh. Do you have some bios of your staff? Not that I, you know, _really_ care if they look hotter than m - I mean. Ignore that. But. Eh. Love, can you check that -" Quick, make shit up "Beta Phi rented these guys then?"

Aurore was never part of a sorority... and finds this whole thing near-enough incomprehensible. Still, she musters another smile for their host, peering at the book - hoping that the pages are big enough and bookings are rare enough she can see the relevant entry they're really interested in. "Well, we've not settled on a firm date yet. Want to check out what's available. And make sure we book a good company."

The book has few bookings but there is one for the date of the video and even the address is in there. The booking is under the name 'Smith' - that's helpful. Or it means someone underage was booking it.

"Staff bios?" The man peers at Pavel. "What the fuck? We just get temps in, man. Are you the cops or something?" It looks like his peace has been unbalanced for a moment. "We either hire out the gear or send a guy with it. So you don't even need staff if you don't want it."

The man leans on the bar to smile at Amanda. "Car wash? I'd pay to see that." A glance over at Aurore. "It's Spring Break so we're going to get busy. Book now or miss out."

Amanda nods, deciding to play up the sorority girl type. "Yeah, we're going to clean so many cars," she says bouncing a little. "I just hope it'll be warm enough for the bikinis, otherwise we'll be so cold when we get wet." Hearing Spring Break, Amanda turns to Pavel and says, "Oh we don't want to miss out on the beer! Alpha Kappa Kappa is wanting to throw a bigger party than us and you /know/ we can't let that happen! Are you sure Big Hank said this was the place?"

"I don't know, whatever you call it," says Pavel whose reaction to 'are you the cops' is to say "...yeah. _No_. Fuck." He said 'fuck'. He'll probably have to wash his mouth out with soap. The Romani then says "Huh, temps - okay, that's cool. Huh. Do you guys hire sometimes? Because this job looks great. All that beer - all these parties..." And then he says to Amanda "I dunno, I haven't heard from him in ages. Can't you guys just concentrate on me?" Then he calls back to Aurore "Should we go back and tell the others it'll work out?"

Aurore peers at the book. "Okay. I can see a few dates we could use," she says - while memorising the contact details (there's presumably at least a telephone number, as well as the address) for 'Smith', and any marker for who did the delivery. Pavel receives a *look* thereafter, however, as she attempts to play the put-upon cohort.

"They make bikinis big enough for those tits?" The guy asks Amanda...all charm. "Big Hank?" That doesn't look familiar to him as he shrugs off the name. "Well, if you ever need a Bigger Colin..." A pause before he gestures to himself. "That's me. Colin. Or Col if you like." Then a mock serious expression. "You guys are old enough to drink, right? If not...just put down Smith. We got some photocopies of IDs we can show the cops."

Colin nods to Pavel. "You can leave me your CV if you want. I think we should get more chicks serving but, hey, I'm not the boss." There is a phone number with the Smith entry.

Pavel says to Colin "Sure, that sounds great!" He adds "You seem cool, thanks." And then he shrugs "I'm old enough, yeah, of course. Uh. Everyone there will be...old enough." He just smiles. Sunny. Well. Eh. He shapes his face that way, and then he says to the others "Yeah, let's go. I need to get my CV, and we need to get it sorted."

Amanda nods. "They do but they're so hard to find," she says, ignoring the crass. "I can't even find cute ones. Same with bras. They're all plain and boring." She lifts up her top to show off her bra-clad bosom. "See, all I can get are these boring things. Yeah, Big Hank ran this /killer/ party for the sorority a while ago." Hearing the 'old enough' line, Amanda puts on a sad-pouty face. "I don't look old enough to you?" Sniffing, covering herself up, Amanda looks to the others and says, "Are you sure this is the place?"

Aurore double-takes as Amanda opts to (somewhat) flash Colin... then opts to take that as a cue to get her air-headed bimbo sorority sister out of there. Taking an elbow, she starts guiding the brunette towards the door - hoping that Colin is sufficiently stunned that he won't mount any opposition. Not least because she uses her other hand to return the book to him. "We'll be in touch," she says with a warm smile.