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Getting Inked
Dramatis Personae

Sofia, Michael, Kilo, Hoax, Kylie, Nate

21 October, 2016

Sofia comes into Forbidden Arts to get a tattoo that she's been waiting 25 years to make happen.


Forbidden Arts

Kylie stands at the counter in the lobby with Michael (again). There's another piece of paper between them. "The laugh must be particularly hard to draw," Kylie informs Michael, smiling at the youth. "You have a good eye. Tell me you practice? Maybe take classes?"

Hoax and Kilo come down the stairs together, well... it's more Hoax coming down the stairs, while Kilo catching a last second piggyback ride on th way down by having jumped on his back right as they exited the apartment. And seeing as how she's carrying his future child, he can't very well drop her on her ass. After reaching the bottom step the gangster grumbles and mutters something about how heavy the Latina is, while hiding an impish grin from her, before continuing on into the lobby where they find the same two others from yesterday. "Alright, seriously? You two again? And in the same spot as yesterday?" Giving a shake of his head, Hoax looks between both Kylie and Michael before turning to the man and saying, "Keep up like this and you'll have to put a ring on it, and let me tell you -- you won't be able to afford THAT one's taste." A jerk of his head being giving the lovely shop minion.

Kilo makes her way down on -top- of Hoax, enjoying riding down instead of having to walk down the stairs like a complete commoner. "A girl could get used to this!" She beams, taking full advantage of her new preggers station in life. She is in the usual attire, except today her tight-little t-shirt showing off the little lump says "OOPS! FORGOT TO TAKE MY PILL!" on the front. Yeah, these novelty t-shirts just never get old. And she has a million of them! "OK, who's holding the kool-aid hostage..." When Hoax let's her down, she bee-line straight for the bar and looks around in the little fridge, grabbing the -thankfully- pre-made pitcher of hyper-sugarized, violently red children's drink. And once she's got -that- in her hand, she makes her way back to Michael and Kylie. "Ever find those spandex pants? Vandal didn't have them, I checked." She winks at Kylie.

Michael, standing at the counter opposite Kylie, a small sheet of paper between them, says, "Self taught mostly. Aside from a few art classes in school. To be honest, the teachers there just want to be left alone. Or they just stand really close. Like, -really- close." As a piggybacking bunch of punks trots down the stairs (Hoax and Kilo) he looks up and gives the pair a dimpled-to-extremis grin and a wave. "Hey guys! And I can't even afford a tattoo, let alone a ring!"

Kylie rolls her eyes and sing-songs, "Hiiiiii, Hoax, Kiki. I can't stop him from coming in, you know." She raises a shoulder in a shrug, smiling at Michael. She wriggles her fingers at her employers in a little wave. Amused. "No, I didn't find any spandex pants. I wouldn't go full spandex. You need some nice cotton with some stretchy fabric for a pair of yoga pants or something. Spandex is just so... shiny." Kilo's shirt makes Kylie smirk. Even more amused.

Nate comes into the place looking perhaps a bit like he's had one of those ~days~. Seeing Kilo and the others he manages a bit of a smile, "Hi Kilo.. how are things?" He nods to the others as he moves to the main counter, before she asks, "For me.. I swear the boss is trying to get me killed.." He then winks, "And fails so badly.."

Michael might not because to afford a tattoo but the woman walking through the door in her Jimmy Choo shoes and black coat purse certainly can. She made an appointment yesterday to return to have the tattoo done. It's not too intricate so the artist should be able to do it in one sitting. She breezes, apologizing with her New York Italian accent, "Sorry I'm late...my last meeting ran a little late." She almost runs into Nate, but manages to stop short. Her hair is a little out of place from the wind as she walks in but a few tweaks, without even looking at the mirror brings her back to her normal state. She looks expectantly at Hoax and Kilo waiting for one of them to tell her what chair to go sit in. The boy at the counter is ignored for now.

Shooting Michael a glance after hearing that he can't afford a tattoo, Hoax then looks to Kylie an arches an eyebrow. "The man can't pay? Then what are you doing with him, Gold-digger? Don't tell me he's paying you with his company, because I doubt that'd be the case unless it were a little more, well..." He snickers quietly in amusement. "The only person around here who does pro bono work around here is Lil' Kee." A nod being given to Kilo. "And she knows she isn't supposed to. How are we going to stay open if we give out free shit all the time? The booze is bad enough." Upon hearing the little silver bell above the door ring not once, but twice, Hoax looks on over and sees Nate wander on inside, whom gets an upnod. Then, upon seeing Sofia he gives the woman a little wave and says, "Head on over to my station, Kylie will get it ready for me. In the mean time, can Kilo get you a dirnk?" He shoots a glance to Kylie and gives a jerk of his head toward the parlor.

That voice. That Italian sing-song accent. Michael's shoulders draw tight and up and his whole body radiates tension and discomfort. He pretty much ignores the friendly (right?) banter flowing around him and casts his eyes downward with an intensity teens usually reserve for staring at Pornhub. With a faintly limp hand, the youth pulls his satchel closer protectively. Or in anticipation?

Kylie offers smiles to Sofia and Nate both. She shrugs a shoulder at Michael - wait, he's trying to shrink in on himself, what's with that? and whisks the piece of paper off the counter to take it with her as she heads for the shop proper and the tattooing stations. Apparently she's going to prep Hoax's station as asked. She is a good little shop minion that way. First, she tucks the paper away at her own station, though.

Kilo can't believe all the people here at once. "Hey Michael! Hey KyKy!" She teases Kylie. "Kylie, will you give this poor guy a damn tattoo already -- I'll pay you for it. My treat. He needs some ink and some street cred." She teases him too. "And Hoax? Quit being so mean to Kylie! Get your own station ready... Oh my god you are -such- a diva!" She laughs at her boyfriend but she knows she'll end up being the one getting his equipment set up for him.

Then Nate is suddenly there. "Hey Nate! Not going well huh? Yeah... your boss wanting to kill you is usually not a good thing. But I have something that will make it all better." She smirks at him; he knows what she's up to when she heads back to the bar and grabs his 'Devil's Cut'. "Start into that, have a seat, let's watch Michael get a tattoo. This should be good!" And then? Sophia is back! "Hello Miss Sophia!" Kilo just can't get over those shoes. They must cost more than... well... most of all her clothes put together. "You came back for your tattoo, yeah? I heard about what you two had plans for yesterday -- sounds like it's going to be a very cool tatt. Can't wait to see how it turns out." She smiles at Sophia and then realises she forgot. "Oh, what can I get you to drink? Wine, right? Or... scotch with one ice cube?" She tries to remember from yesterday what the dark-haired woman drinks.

Kilo manages to catch a very weird vibe off of Michael though on her way to help Kylie with Hoax's station, or take care of it herself. "Michael? You ok?"

Ah Devil's Cut.. the thing that soothes an annoyed Nate. He comes over, "That will hit the spot. How is the little one doing? And is Moma surviving it?" He waits for the usual double. "You remember when he sent me out to look for a pair of missing Game Wardens.. poor bastards ran into someone's field meth lab.. I got there after the cooks and their guards tangled with a pissed off bear.. pretty gruesome." He snorts, "I think one of your guys ran into a survivor and gave him some etiquette lessons or something." Nate shrugs, "I'm sure he won't cook in this state again for a guess." He then adds, "This time.. I'm supposed to track a possible pack of wolves that were harassing a couple of dairy operations.. " He rolls his eyes, "Not wolves.. rabid dogs. Lucky for me.. had a machete on hand. I swear that ass was disappointed I didn't get bit." And with that Nate smirks.

Sofia moves to take her seat in the chair indicated, getting comfortable as she slips off one of her shoes and then unsnaps the garter to her right leg so she can roll down the stocking and set it off to the side. Then she adjusts her skirt and puts it in the holder, while folks get the station ready. She does call out when asked, "A glass of red wine would be lovely, it's been a long day at work." And then she relaxes, laying back, surveying the other patrons in the establishment, "And yes, I've come back for the tattoo that we discussed yesterday." Since Michael isn't looking in her direction, she doesn't greet him but

"Yeah, I'm fine," Michael mutters. A lie. "Must've eaten something bad, I don't know." Another lie. Seriously, Sofia's voice is sending tiny ripples of tension through his lean an hunched body, like slaps on a non-Newtonian fluid. Three is the charm, which means that his, "I think I have work to do. Yeah, I have," is very much untrue as well. While everyone around moves and gets busy, he just stands there, looking like he would rather run. Or sink right into the ground and disappear from the world.

"Welllll, if Kiki wants to pay," Kylie calls, setting out a fresh set of needles but leaving them in the wrappers for Hoax himself to take out. "Then I can do the tattoo, sure. And take pictures for my portfolio. Do we have portfolios?" She gets out some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Michael is given a curious look for his sullenness.

Once his station is ready, Hoax grabs one of the backless, wheeled stools and rolls himself on over to Sofia and props her right leg up at an angle that's easy for him to work with. "Rough day at work, eh?" He asks the woman, while snapping on some black latex gloves and begining to wipe down the aera he had sketched on the night before with an alcohol wipe. Using marker that would take more than the usual shower to wash off. "And what exactly do you do, Sofia? If you don't mind my asking that is..." He glances up at her with a raised brow before setting her foot back down and testing his tattoo gun by picking it up and pressing down on the foot petal, which sends it buzzing. being satisfied with the machines operating, he double checks the needles that are in before saying, "Since you've never gotten a tattoo before and are getting your first one on yoru foot -- I'm going to warn you that there are quiet a bit of nerves in the area, so you might feel a slight 'pinch' here and they, but it shouldn't be too bad. Although if it is, you let me know, alright?"

Kilo nods to Nate as he tells them the story of, well, everything. "Holy cow.... that's crazy Nate! Yeah... I'm sure, uh..." She looks at Michael and then at Sophia, unsure what their backgrounds are and if they're really going to want to hear that Kilo and Hoax are street gang members and might have been involved with all this in any way. "...I'm sure it was taken care of somehow...." she winks at him when no one can see and then her attention is back on Michael who is swearing he is fine but is sitting there muttering to himself. "Michael. What did you just say? You hurt? Homeboy, what is -wrong- with you? Are you up for a tattoo? You don't seem like you're OK." She walks over to make sure his eyes are focusing and she looks over to Kylie to see if she knows what is going on.

Sofia smiles at Hoax as he wheels up and props her leg where he needs to. She watches him put on the gloves and wipes down the area on her foot where the tattoo is going. When he asks her what she does, she gives him a smile, "I work for the Department of Corrections...I'm a parole officer. And I just moved into town so I'm getting acquainted with my case load." She's comfortable with her law enforcement status, "Somewhere along the line, I got sick of putting people in jail and wanted to figure out ways to help folks say out of jail." She does her best to relax and find a comfortable position because she's going to be there for a little bit, "I'm not always successful but I do try." Then Hoax brings out needles and she listens as he talks about the nerves in her foot. When he warns her about the slight pinch, she tells him, "I gave birth to two kids without any epideral, I think I can handle a needle." She keeps her focus on what Hoax is doing rather than Michael or his drama.

Michael is still there. Somewhere in that churning brain of his at least. He can still respond - it just takes more effort. "It's okay, I'm okay. I just have to go. So just pour /her/ over there a glass of wine.. give her the whole bottle, that will save you a lot of time.. and go." He looks up, briefly meeting Kilo's concern head on before turning his now icy cool eyes towards Sofia in the back. "Nice to see you had time for this but you couldn't bother to make dinner," and leaving it at that could mean just about anything, but a last word is spoken for context, "/Mom/."

Getting his double, Nate takes a long sip of the bourbon there. He nods back to Kilo. He looks over at Michael with look of curiosity. He then focuses on what Sofia and what she says, "I'm a Wildlife Biologist for the state.. drives my boss crazy that I track better than most of Game Warden's do." He smiles a bit there. Another sip taken of his bourbon, "My Boss has issues with ~college boys~.. I think his father was Sergeant Miklin out of the Black Sheep.." and with that he chuckles.

Kilo is confused as to why Michael is acting so weird, and was going to get a tattoo and then suddenly saying he has to go, and then? DRAMA! "Oh...." She breaths a whispered sound of wonder as she looks between Michael and Sophia, then back to Kylie and Hoax and Nate. It's not that it's a surprise that Michael -has- a mother, since, you know, everybody has one of those, right? But that they didn't seem to mention that when they saw each other at first, or, like, anything. She nodes to Michael and then gives Sophia a weak smile. "Well, yeah, OK... I'm sure you guys have great holiday dinners and such." She should talk. Her crack-whore-mom doesn't exactly have -her- on her christmas card list. "Well, Michael, no reason to go. I really am going to get you that tattoo." She gives the kid a reassuring smile.

Hoax, while seemingly unfazed by the dislike Micheal is showing his... Mom?... definitely takes notice of what Sofia explains what she does for work. An explanation which has his startled for a moment as he goes to dip the needles of his tattoo gun into the black ink, causing the container to tip over. Quick to recover everything and set it right, Hoax turns to Sophie and offers a quick, "Sorry about that," before muttering darkly under his breath. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Law Enforcement in -his- chair? God damn it! Hoax is suddenly not all too thrilled about this tattoo, but goes along with it none-the-less, by re-dipping his needle in the ink and moving it over to Sofia's foot. Right as it impacts with skin he presses the peddle and sends the gun buzzing, causing the needles to dig into the woman's skin as he begins working on the easiest piece first; the brow of the eye.

"Michael, one glass of wine is fine," Sofia gives a sigh and then winches as his apparent need to cause a scene in the parlor, "I'm driving after this and have no intention of having more than that." She then puts her hands in her lap and continues to address his other grievances, "There's lasagna in the fridge from the dinner you chose to skip with me." She then looks at Hoax with concern as his manner changes after she's honest about what she does for a living, "I'm sorry...for Michael's behavior. I was trying to respect his privacy by //not// mentioning our association but since he brought it up, yes, I'm his mother." She does lower her voice and murmurs something to Hoax.

You whisper “I am sorry...I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable but you did ask what I did and I wanted to be honest.” to Hoax.

Michael reconsiders; "You know what? I will accept your offer, Kilo. Yes, I would gladly have some ink under my skin. Maybe it can displace something else that's there. It will be.." he grasps for a word, "Cathartic." Otherwise known as 'getting back at your mom'. Now that thought perks him up at least. He's even coming out of his slouch and into a slightly more aggresive stance. Or is it rebellious? Pointedly ignoring Sofia, the youth asks, "Where do you want me, Kilo? I'm all yours." Satchel, baggage and drama included! No batteries needed; this is a coin operated bra... boy.

Kylie's lower lip slides out in a genuine, honest to goodness pout. Grown women can get away with that? Maybe. Maybe not. Kylie tilts her head at Michael and asks, "You don't want me to do you?" PHRASING.

Sipping at his bourbon, Nate smiles a bit.. ok.. drink with a shot of drama.. my my.. getting interesting. Yes, the feline at heart has something to watch. His gaze achieves borderline staring at this point as his head turns a little from one side to the other watching the OH not so boring possible match

"The wine! Right. Gosh I'm sorry..." Kilo turns on her toes and runs to the bar to get a bottle of really nice wine -- she has no idea what really nice wine is, someone who knows went through and helped her buy good stuff -- and brings Sophia a glass. "There you go, Miss Sophia." Kilo smiles at her then glances to Michael. "Of course he wants you to do him Kyles. I'm just financing this situation." She snickers at the two of them. "You all have been talking and negotiating over the one he wants for days. I know you got this covered." She nods. It's true. Michael is in the best possible hands for teenage rebellion. She hangs back with Nate and sits on one of the stools, offering one to him. "Rabid dogs, huh? Can't you just shoot those things? Sounds legit to me!" She gives him a wink.

"You know what? I'll come back when it is a bit quieter here. A bit more relaxed," Michael says to no-one in particular, hefting his satchel and shrugging it over one shoulder. His hoodie gets used properly for once - it is a bit cold out - and hides more than an unruly fringe of frivolously long hair does. "Guys, it's been fun." Hrm. "And I'll be back soon. Later, alright? Ciao!" He'll move slow enough to catch a few quick words, but little more.

Kylie smiles brightly at Kilo, though the pout starts to return when Michael shoulders his bag. She raises her hand and wriggles her fingers at him in a little wave. "Alright. See you later, Michael. Maybe next time."

"Hey whatever goes on between you and the kid, is between you and the kid. Ain't no problem of mine." Hoax replies to Sofia's apologizing. Pointedly choosing to not reply to her whispered words. Today is -not- his lucky day, she probably has already seen a file on him that's a couple inches thick that the boys back in Cali sent over to the local police department. After finishing up with the eyebrow, he moves on to working on the outer parts of the eye without further comment, and doesn't even bother to glance up to check how Sofia is handling the needles. As far as he's concerned, she said it isn't an issue, and he's quite frankly doesn't want to spend any more time looking at a cop. As soon as she's out of his chair the better in his book. So it;s work, work, work that Hoax continues to do. Eventually moving on to the pieces branches off the bottom of the eye, leaving only the pupil to be done after he finishes that.

Ahh.. man, you can see the disappointment in Nate's eyes as the possible must see drama has to end. He sips at his bourbon, "I still haven't taken the safety course for firearms..so can't carry. Not a game warden, so not important. The machete worked ok. Mind you, I had to dance around a few things to keep the dogs from surrounding me. Those moves that Free taught me.. saved my ass. I'm even enjoying going on runs."

Sofia didn't freak out or react when he son started to move with Kylie to get the tattoo. Perhaps that's the reason why he changed his mind or perhaps getting a tattoo didn't appeal to him right now because his mother is sitting there in Hoax's chair. She nods when he mentions that the problems between her and her son are her own business as Michael makes his retreat, dropping the matter because the Italian bella really wasn't in the mood to hang out her dirty laundry today. She takes the glass of wine from Kilo and murmurs her thanks as she sits back and lets Hoax get the work. Since he doesn't offer any chit chat, she doesn't press it, not flinching at all when the needles go in and stimulate those nerve clusters. Maybe the lady wasn't lying about giving birth to twins without an epidural. She just relaxes and centers, letting the pricks wash over as she sips from her wine and even relaxes more than her angry teen has left the building. She listens to Nate talk but doesn't butt into the conversation.

Well, this all has been rather puzzling. Kilo looks at Kylie unable to figure out why he's leaving now. "OK then -- have a good one. Maybe I'll see ya around." Her attention is back on Hoax now, to make sure he's not having a break down, which he sort of seems to be. But... nothing she can do about that. He isn't -currently- wanted for anything. At least that she knows of. Hopefully none of those bench warrants followed him here. Still. She seems like a really cool, chill lady. Kilo actually likes her a lot. She almost asks if Michael is one of the twins but decides not to. "Sophia, are you all new to town? Or did you relocate here? Let me know if this is too invasive." She is also listening to Nate. "Coming up on a year's anniversay for our wedding, yeah? That might be a hard time for me." She glances at Hoax, but doesn't feel too bad. He's a good guy. He understands.

Kylie shrugs a shoulder Kilo's way. She doesn't know, either. And then her next appointment comes through the door, so she walks over to meet the man with a big wide smile. Busy busy!

Nate nods to Kilo, "I know. Take a page from my Uncle's book.. " He rubs his chin for a moment, "No.. for him it would be a scroll.. " He finishes off the bourbon. "Don't mourn for the dead. Celebrate how they lived. Free wouldn't want you all torn up.. he would want you with friends remembering him for all the fun times. May be a party.. bit of dancing.. bit of fun." He then moves to offer Kilo a hug, "I got to get back home to Alyssa and see if I can unravel what she meant the other night. Something about the wedding.." he shrugs a bit.. clueless male syndrome perhaps?

With everyone seeming to depart, it's only fitting that Hoax finally gets to the pupil and makes short work of finishing the tattoo up and lifts his foot off the peddle, causing the buzzing to slowly fade before he sets the gun off to the side. Then, grabbing a length of saran wrap, he covers Sofia's tattoo with the plastic and tapes it to her foot. Only then does he look up at her and asks, "Am I going to need to explain how to take care of it for you?"

"No...it's fine Kilo," Sofia tells her as she sips her drink and chats with the other woman while Hoax works, "Yes...we just moved here from New York." She nods where Michael exited, "He's angry...about the move. About the divorce. It's his senior year in high school and he's starting over again. If I was in his shoes, I'd be angry too." She takes a sip of her wine and gives a shrug of her shoulders, "There's a lot there." She isn't immune to the pain and winces here and there but otherwise is a good patron and doesn't move that foot. In record time he gets the tattoo done and she looks at Hoax after he wraps up her foot, "I did the research...so I'm good but I do need the aftercare products. Do you sell them here?" She's assuming he does.

What Sophia doesn't know is that one of Hoax and Kilo's friends has put a special magical blessing on the shop. Sure, nay-sayers.... say what you will, but Freddy Abernathy knows her magic and she has managed to cast a spell that causes any task done in the shop to now be done in half the time it usually takes. So that tattoo that Hoax just did for Sophia? Usually might take two hours, only took one. Or what have you. "Hoax is a fast worker." Kilo smirks, covering over for the magic which she jsut finds amazing. "But damn, it looks good Sophia - that is really stunning. I'm going to give you a care package to take home with you... of course! You don't need to pay for that stuff." She shakes her head. "Do you have time to sit and talk with us? Hoax might need to go to bed. Gee, I might be the only one left, but if you're not busy, you're welcome to stay and hang and drink wine with me while I drink... kool-aid." She laughs. Man, it's been weeks since she had a decent drink and its killing her!

Kilo nods gratefully at Nate. "You're right. You knew him pretty well. Maybe we will have just a little party and have a few drinks, remember him and all. That's a really nice idea." She leans over to give him a hug. "Thanks." she offers him sincerely. It means a lot to her. "Take care and say hi to Alyssa for me."

Kilo also listens carefully to Sophia's accounting of the move from New York and the possible reasons for Michael's unhappiness. "Hey, I'm really sorry to hear you went through a divorce. That's... really tough. Hopefully things are starting to even out now. Coming here sounds like a good opportunity for a fresh start at least?" She smiles at her hopefully.

"That's what I'm hoping for, a fresh start," Sofia tells Kilo with a smile as she carefully moves over to the lounge to sit and chat with the pregnant woman after everyone heads out, "It's hard though...Ezra was my first...in everything. The only man I was ever with." She shakes her head at the lost opportunities, "Compliments of a strict Catholic household. It also didn't help I was the next to youngest of five and the only girl." A very protective lifestyle is left unspoken, "I met Ezra in college...waited for marriage, which happened after we graduated from college. He continued school while I became a beat cop to pay the bills. It was tough back then...me doing all the work but eventually it paid off. He became a corporate lawyer and..." She motions to the Jimmy Choo shoes, "Money stopped being a stressor...but somewhere along the way, we lost sight of each other or maybe just grew apart and when I caught him in our bed with another woman..." She looks down at the glass of wine, "It was pretty obvious the marriage was over, so I actioned on the prenup's cheating clause and my ex will be paying for quite some time even after the kids leave."

"Hoooo boy." Kilo whistles. She encourages the officer to relax back on the couch and prop he feet and her Jimmy Choos on the coffee table to give her tattoo a chance to not hurt as much while she sinks down in the pile of pillows directly across from her. "Hoax and I were both brought up very strictly Catholic, if you can believe that, so I know where you were coming from. It's tough to have that level of religion and balance it with everything that a modern life throws at you. There is a lot of guilt. Especially with the Catholic church." She nods, knowingly, her t-shirt obviously a complete joke.

"Thing about cheating..." Kilo philosophises. "It's one thing to cheat. It's quite another to bring a woman home to your marital bed and have her there. That... that takes some anger on his part. Some real desire to hurt you. That was really diabolical. I'm glad you're wearing Jimmy Choos courtesy of him and I hope she has to eat mac n cheese because he's so busy paying your alimony, he can't properly support them." She smirks. It could happen. Maybe. "So how long ago was it? Are you back to being comfortable with the idea of dating? Or is that a far way off?"

Sofia gives a full laugh as she mentions hoping that Ezra has to eat mac and cheese, "It's been two years since I caught him, and one year since the divorce was finalized." She takes a sip and is very comfortable as she chats with Kilo, "And I've dated...a little. Even managed to break past the barrier of only being tied to one man." Ezra being her one and only has ended, "But I'm taking my time, seeing what Fallcoast has to offer." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, "Trying to balance being a mom and being single."

"That must be... hard." Kilo sighs, biting at her lower lip. "How I got pregnant. Why I even got pregnant... such a long story. But the fact is Hoax and I aren't married. I have a one-and-only as well. We were married a year ago this coming Nov. 1st and I lost him soon after we were married. I know Hoax would marry me if I would agree, I just... I'm having a really hard time letting go of Free. Like I will dishonour his memory if I marry another. But yet, I don't know if I'm doing this unborn kid a disservice by -not- giving him a married dad. Will it matter? He's still going to have an amazing dad, either way. I just don't know." She shrugs.

"I think you'll find some pretty amazing people in Fallcoast. Some very good friends even, and probably some really wonderful relationships that will come from good friendships. It's a pretty great place, to be honest. And you seem like a pretty great person. I think you get back what you throw out into the universe. And hopefully Michael will come around and see what an amazing job you've done sheltering him from the really bad stuff and giving him this great opportunity. He seems like a smart kid... plus, he's -your- kid!" She laughs "He's going to get it."

"Michael is an amazing kid," Sofia tells Kilo with a smile, her face lighting up when she talks about her kid, showing the love there, "He's such a talented artist and smart. And his twin sister, my little girl, she's pretty amazing too. I was really blessed to get two great kids." She shakes her head and then warns Kilo, "And he might not mention it but Ezra got remarried almost right after the papers were finalized to a new girl...just a few years older than him. And it's hard...so hard for him to reconcile what his dad did. I didn't tell him about the cheating...but the man didn't even bother to cover his tracks. And yes, I love the job, I get wrapped up in my parolees lives, working with rehab centers, vocational rehab." She shakes her head and mentions, "I'm starting over there too. Back in the 48th, I could get one of my boys a job right out of the gate, no questions asked and a quick heads up if things went sideways." She was a little possessive when she called her paroles 'her boys' and it's clear she's a momma to more than just her kids.

"My guess is, Michael might know more than he let on. He might have thought the more you thought he know the more upset you'd be so he just sort of hasn't talked about that." She shrugs. Who knows. "He does seem amazing, and you're right, a gifted artist. I'm always looking for art for the shop -- I'll probably buy his work off him if he's willing to sell. Does he have plans to go to college? What does he want to be when he grows up?" she likes to word that question that way, it sounds silly but it's kind of true.

"Your job sounds rewarding. It's cool to hear you talk about the guys like that." Kind of sounds like Kilo takes ownership of them too. How strange. Two girls from two sides of the fence. "I suppose you get to a certain part in the system and you probably really need someone on your side. Do you have a lot you're already working with in Fallcoast?"

"Michael is pretty perceptive...it's the artist in him and I wouldn't be surprise if he knows more than he discusses," Sofia tells Kilo with a sigh, "And I have no idea what his plans are at the moment other than to make it clear just how unhappy he is with me." She hates being on the outs with her kids but there's nothing to be done. Only time will tell how things go, "And my job is the best...look, with Ezra's life-time alimony." She winks at Kilo cause that was one hell of a feat to pull off, "I don't have to work much to be comfortable. But I like making a difference and my actions can help one guy or girl turn things around then I feel like I've done something right."

"Most people who break the law do it out of impulse or need. Sure, you have those that do it by design...those I struggle with helping. But the rest, I can find what's missing and help out. And be that cheerleader when things turn around or the friend that quietly reminds them the path they're on. And if things go to far..." She frowns, "That's the part of the job I hate but thankfully, I have more success than failure." She shakes her head when Kilo asks if she's working with a bunch of folks yet, "No...not yet."

Kilo he does seem to have his stuff together, more together than your average 18 year old, yeah? Seems like an amazing kid. We have an 18 year old kid living here with us -- basically boarding here that we've more or less adopted. Maybe Michael and Vandal could meet some time -- it would be nice for Vandal to find a few friends his own age. She then listens carefully to what Sofia is saying about people and their choices about breaking the law. Kilo definitely seems uncomfortable about the direction this line of conversation is going but tries to play it off. "So you started as an actual beat cop? That's a cop on the street right? Arresting people for like petty stuff? Doing patrols and things? That must have been pretty exciting! Do you have any crazy stories?" Much more Kilo's speed.

"That would be great and if Vandal wants to come over, hang...you and Hoax are invited too, we could maybe have dinner some time. I make my pasta from scratch so if you did, I promise to cook anything you might be craving," Sofia is definitely charmed by Kilo and doesn't mind her steering the conversation wherever she chooses, "And yes, I was a beat cop, trying to keep the neighborhood safe." She gives a little grin, "I'm pretty good at sniffing out dangers." But despite them being very different, it's clear she doesn't see this place as a danger for her son. She likes the couple so much she's even willing to open up her home.

Kilo is so incredibly flattered. "Well, I -know- Vandal is going to want to meet Michael, and oh my gosh, if you tell Vandal you are going to cook? You may never get him to leave." She snickers a bit, offering to refill her wine glass. "We would be so honoured and delighted to come over and join you for dinner some time, that would be really fabulous. And please, we'd really love you to come over and hang out with us, any time you have time -- I don't often meet people I connect so well with but you just seem like a really wonderful, genuine person. I'm glad you made it to Fallcoast. And can't wait to taste your pasta!" Kilo beams.