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Founding - La Singularité

"The founding of a Cabal."

Dramatis Personae

Kaiser, Inaba, Milo, Delta & Hesper

November 26th, 2016

A minor social thrown by Kaiser in order to discuss a proposition.


Kaiser's Home

The living room on the first floor of the Park Street Brownstone has been pristinely cleaned and snacks have been left out in bowls on the table, ranging from small chocolate balls of some sort to the more common bread-sticks one might find in any restaurant in the city. Viktor himself is seated in his favorite armchair, wine-glass in hand, enjoying the rather festive Christmas tunes he's chosen to play on the speaker system, while Alyza sits splayed in one of the chairs with a leg over it's armrest.

"Feel free to. I'm sure their answers will be interesting for you." Viktor answers and sips from the wine-glass in his left hand, smiling at Alyza from his seat in his favorite armchair. "And we will see what the others say of the proposition. It's my hope it will be well received by most, if not all, of them."

Hesper comes bounding down the stairs as if used to a bit of freedom in the Brownstone. The home is a warm and inviting place, and she is very excited to meet the others as they arrive. It's not until she gets to the bottom landing, that she smooths out her dress and then glides in to find everyone wherever they may be. The parlor? The kitchen? "I bought little pastries from the patisserie. And they are delightful and in a box inside the kitchen. Hello!" She greets Alyza with a dip of a curtsey, and then meanders to get the party snacks out.

"Good evening miss Honeywood." Viktor greets warmly from his armchair in the living-room as the relative youth comes bounding down the stairs and sets off towards the kitchen. "And yeah, I put your pastries out here with the other things." he adds, pointing to the table in the center of the room, which is bedecked with little bowls and plates holding all sorts of various pastries and snacks ranging from chocolate covered strawberries to garlic breadsticks and everything in between.

Taylor's arrival is less enthusiasic than Hesper, she steps carefully down the staircase with one hand on the bannister and reaches the main floor without any funny business to speak of. Blonde hair piled up in the haphazard fashion that she employs around the house with a belted white dress and a pair of slightly heeled dress shoes. She bobs respectfully as she was told to do so when she first was introduced to the magi at the Cannery and steps toward the living room, angelic and beautiful to a degree almost unnerving. "Master VIktor, HEsper, Alyza..." she greets in her whispy voice, before softly setting herself down the couch.

Now that is unexpected but very Hesper is delighted that Viktor set out everything for their guests. She's simply waiting on Taylor at this point, and she glances up the staircase as if to expect her any minute. "Wonderful, Dr. Abernathy. I love these little lemon drop cake balls. I think they are my favorite next to the red velvet creams." And there's Taylor, and so Hesper smiles back and hands her a plate. "Little yummies."

Milo knocks, three slow deliberate knocks, on the front of the townhouse, and waits for someone to open and invite him in. Meanwhile he admires the outside, automatically scanning for anything amiss but not expecting anything. He also leans down and quietly says, in an aside to seemingly nothing, "Ok, guys I'll meet up with you later. You're welcome to hang out at the gallery while I am in my meeting." The air seems to move, almost as if responding, before quieting down.

Viktor doesn't rise to open the door of course, but he does get his phone out and taps the screen of it twice, resulting in all the little locks on it starting to rattle as they unlock themselves in short order. "Step right on in, it's open." he calls merrily, taking the opportunity to lower the Christmas music playing on the stereo while the piece of electronics is out. "And yeah, lemon drops are a delight, though honestly I think the store-bought ones are a little drier than they should be... but then again, I cheat, so what do I know." he shrugs and grins.

Taylor gets comfortable quickly, crossing her legs and allowing her right arm to fall on the rest of the couch, her left rests comfortably on her lap. As always she exhibits a certain serenity, calmly looking about, though such grows in warmth slightly as Hesper speaks to her, "Oh yes, they look good." she remarks politely, but she does not lean forward to take any off the table. The aphrodite offers little else beyond her angelic presence that makes her the focal point of any gathering. Though thankfully, Viktor and Hesper do not make such a thing.

Milo smiles, and pushes the door open, then stepping through and quickly closing it behind him. He scan the group quickly before saying "Hello everyone, and well met!" Everyone gets a big bright smile, especially Hesper. "How is everyone today? Hesper, how are you? Fully recovered, I hope."

Hesper must think that Taylor needs some plumping to her perfect marble figure, and so she fills up a plate of the pastries and snacks Viktor made to set down before her. What are friends for? And then she's distracted when Milo is greeted inside and her blue eyes immediately look up with excitement all over again. "Monsieur Cavanaugh. Milo.." she licks a bit of lemon drop from her finger and grins. Such bad manners but hard to resist the pastry. "Welcome! And how is Ragtime doing?" She gestures for him to join the little family gathering. "Would you like pastries or garlic bread? Or even these little sandwhiches the bakery put together. They are small, but divine. Cucumber and little sweetmeats."

"Well, seems that everyone is here." Viktor says and gives Milo a nod in greeting. "And I'm pretty well. Bit worn out I think but nothing a little bit of rest later won't sort out I'm sure." with a casual motion he sits forward and grabs himself a chocolate strawberry from the bowl on the table, though he doesn't actually start in on it. "So anyways, please everyone, take seats and we can broach the topic I'm sure you're all curious about... or tolerating my general secrecy about at any rate, yes?" with a faint grin "Oh, and thanks for being on time. I didn't quite think we'd manage to have everyone do that."

Milo moves swiftly with the grace of a cat to snag a chocolate strawberry himself and take a seat near Hesper, in one fluid motion.

Taylor accepts the plate of sweets with a smile, she always seems to like to be served, especially food, and such is placed on her lap gleefully. Quite naturally her attentions follow Hesper is she moves to meet the new arrival, he is looked over thoughtfully for a moment but blue-eyed attentions quickly return to Viktor before she pops a sweet in her mouth. While she offers a smile of encouragement as he begins speaking the apprentice herself remains largely silent, if snacking.

Hesper turns to look at Milo when he chooses a seat beside her on the sofa. Her smile is alight as she finishes off her lemon drop, but she does nod to him with aknowledgement, before turning back to Taylor and Viktor when he begins speaking. The Wizard of the House is given her full attention!

"Alright, so, I've gathered you all here because as of late we've all been benefiting from the work of eachother to one extent or another, at least I know I have had some practical exchange with every single one of you in just the past ten days." Viktor starts, then stops for a moment and clears his throat, and sips his wine, before carrying on. "At first I thought it was a rather useful arrangement, and that perhaps we should just make it a bit more organized, no more needed but... I changed my mind as I considered it and so I would like to suggest something more formal. In short, I would like to suggest that we all form a official cabal, registered with the Consilium."

Milo pages: Heh, that is strange..to deliberately limit it. The idea I had was to create a MUSH client that was extended via plugins that were loaded from the web, and stored via IndexDB, along with the configuration and logs. Optional heavyweight plugins would come in the form of browser extensions, for example running elasticSearch to index and search logs.

Still chewing, Taylor casually looks on Viktor as she sits back comfortably in the couch with legs crossed. There is little to no reaction on Viktor's desire to create a consilium, but she does turn her head to look on the others in the room to gauge their feelings on the matter. It does not really matter what the teen feels about it, for she is completely bound to her master till he decides otherwise.

Still sitting splayed across a chair, wearing a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, Alyza looks fairly casual as she listens to the conversation and returns the greetings of the other, all the while snacking on chocolates and enjoying herself. When Viktor begins to speak, she remains seated in that way, but her head turns towards him as she gives her full attention, and she cocks it a little as he makes his suggestion. "A cabal, huh? Never had one of those!! Mmmmmh, I suppose it could be pretty interesting though, and I could use the connections with others! A cabal on what basis, huh? And have you thought up a catchy name for it?"

Hesper will peer over at the other magi in the room to comment first before she will. As the obvious single Proximus sitting on the sofa, she does offer Viktor support with her smile back at him. "I do think it is a lovely idea. As I will point out historically speaking, some of your Ancestors performed certain cabals to accomplish greater feats. I am an example of one of their making. I would believe everyone here in this room would work well together. Aspirations, goals, ideals, and even ego aside? I think we all care about one another a great deal. A protective cabal, is a cabal who will make sure the One looks out for the Whole."

"Well, for the purpose of mutual benefit of course. On the basis that we could all benefit from shared resources here." Viktor answers and smiles. "I mean, lets face it, we're all useful one way or another. And as for greater goals... we can always set them as we go along, approving or denying them as a group? Anyways" he leans forward a little "Am I to take it that no one here objects to the concept at least so we can proceed from there?"

Milo nods, "I cannot match Hesper's elegance. Well said! So I will simply add that I agree, and feel that the dangers this city faces require the Wise to work together, so when we find such like minded as ourselves - it behooves us to join together in common cause."

Taylor pops another chocolate in her mouth and casually brushes some crumbs off the top of her dress, though attentions remain quite fixed on everyone around the room as they state their opinions. She has not reason or right to object, thus the teen shakes her pretty head no as she and the others are asked if they have any objections.

"Always worrying about the practical before the fun things, huh? Fine, fine, I've no objection to the idea of a cabal, you lot seem like a pretty good group!" Alyza swings her legs off of the side of the chair, grinning a bit as she leans forward conspiratorially. "Sides, I could use a good social group, goodness knows I spend too much time on my own, or in the presence of animals, and while they make fine conversation partners, they don't particularly care for the finer nuances!"

"Hey! I'm not animal!" Viktor mock-objects to Alyza's comment with a wide-grin, laughing a little "I might have briefly inhabited one or two at one point or another, but I assure you that I am, more or less, human. For a given value of it anyways." "Anyhow, alright, everyone agrees we should have a cabal. That brings us to the second point, namely the purpose of it. I am, as you might imagine, going to argue for a mere purpose of mutual benefits as that is the most universal common ground to be found. It will never go away, and never be rendered moot. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it though."

Hesper smiles back to Alyza, "You can always hang out with Taylor and I." Speaking for Taylor with a wink to the blonde girl. "Although, some may indeed find us strange, but we are explorers, adventurers. If nothing else." And then back to Viktor, "Our purpose? To defend and protect members of the Cabal should be first. And then I think we should defend those who can't defend themselves. Shouldn't we look to protecting the world around us? And also look to further discoveries, and inspire all of us to achieve obtain our best?"

Taylor's light blue eyes drift around the room as others speak, always appearing relaxed if slightly aloof, enhanced by her angelic appearance. She is not disruptive in any way, nor does she offer any insight of her own, though quite clearly she is pay close attention, thus she quickly smiles at the wink from Hesper. Her perfectly sculpted blonde eyebrow rises at the suggestions offered, evidently quite interested to hear Viktor's reply.

Milo nods again, this time adding nothing but looking thoughtful, and somewhat haunted at a memory. He stows the memory in short order and resumes smiling though.

"Oh I'm not so sure about that, defending others. Do remember that whatever we set as central will in fact be just that." Viktor replies to Hesper slowly, his expression a little thoughtful "What, for example, if we find a prospective member with a mistrust of the Consilium? Or a loner who might come to trust us but who would not like to feel bound to an entire city of people? The reason I tried to keep it so... basic is that it would allow for freedom of the members. We might, as a group, decide to invest ourselves in the defense of another, but should it be a requirement for membership that one be willing to lay down ones life for another not even joined to the group?" he shakes his head "I... would be more than hesitant to sign an open defensive pact like that. I would not leave any of you to blow in the wind so to speak, but if anything the First World War taught us the dangers of careless martial allegiance."

Alyza frowns thoughtfully, considering, then gives a little shrug of her shoulders. "I think that protecting others is all well and good, but if I wanted that to be the central thing I focused on, I'd have become a police officer or something of the like, right? My research is for the help of mankind and magekind both, just in a different way, and one I'd say just as important. Mutual benefit lets us help and protect each other, while making decisions as a group about how to help others, and I like that more." she finishes with a nod, then grins at Hesper. "And I'd love to hang out with you two some time, I'm sure we'd find plenty of common ground!"

Hesper looks between everyone and continues to softly smile as her initial idea pitch is reformed and made even better with everyone's shared thoughts. "I see what you are saying," She nods to Viktor's explanation of caution. "So you had said earlier shared resources. Voted on by the group?"

Light blue eyes lower to Taylor's lap as she conciders Viktor's voiced thoughts, absently she scratches at a bare knee at this moment. With a flicker of the brow she quickly glances over at Hesper and Alyza as they briefly interact, but maintains the quiet nature she always exhibits when surrounded by many people. Though always ready to offer a polite smile should she be looked upon.

Milo nods at Viktor, "Wise words my friend. And individual cabal members are not precluded from defending others, it just would not be a tenet of the cabal. I myself am thinking of becoming a Sentinel. I can definitely get on board with mutual benefit and shared resources." After a moment he adds, "And I'd be happy to hang out with any of you, any time, as well."

"Well, my suggestion would be that each member share at least some resources with the others, as a requirement for membership, but that they need not be physical. Workings to provide boons, services, favors, anything really. Viktor carries on as he judges it to once again be his turn to speak "From each according to their means, to each according to their needs, as a famous communist once said. Keeps it... reasonable for all." then he nods to Milo "And just so, martial aid is not a requirement, but nor is it precluded in any way shape or form. Anyways, that issue settled, unless someone objects, we come to the third which is that of administration. How to govern it all and organize it, for decisions and such."

"I can offer a secluded working space if need be and out of the public eye." Hesper offers. "And it is outside of the city, depending on whatever use you would desire it to be." She seems rather content this evening that there is a gathering of like minds.

"I can offer the same, my nature reserve is quite secluded on its own, and the Restricted Area is one I already use for my own experiments. Wouldn't mind offering it to others, alongside my particular talents!! As to administration, it sounds like we settle things by vote, since I count five of us gathered here! That shouldn't be a problem, although..." Alyza smirks, raising an eyebrow at Viktor, "I would argue that either Taylor gets her own vote free from your mastery, Master Kaiser, or she doesn't get a vote at all, rather than favor you with undue influence. I don't think you'd find that unfair?"

With an expression that has turned thoughtful Taylor allows her attentions to drift around the room to whomever is speaking at any given moment, though she never offers anything beyond polite nods and smiles. Viktor and Hesper are well aware that she does not have much in the way of wealth or property, so it is not surprising nothing of herself is formally offered to the group. Not that such makes much different, as an apprentice she will most likely do as she is told, if of course she does not wish to garner the ire of her master. Alyza's point causes Taylor to straighten slightly as she has become the focus of the conversation, such could have implecations that might extend for years or decades, yet still, not a word.

Milo smiles, "I too can offer some space for experiments and such, though mine is in the city, underground underneath my club and gallery. I will shortly have an alchemy lab up and running there, though it is of a small size for now."

"Considering I am working on a method to manifest, at least partially, morpheans in the real world I would be delighted to have use of such a space Taylor, a very good offer." Viktor says and offers her a smile, seeming genuinely pleased. "Most of these are good offers actually. As for myself I intend to offer the benefit of a working to the group at large, though we will discuss that later. Now, as for voting, I don't find that unfair at all." he smiles at Alyza "Though if we do it by voting we would have the issue of not having a way to act quickly, so my suggestion is similar, but not quite the same. I would suggest we decide the priorities, the aims, of the group in different questions through voting but that we have one executive body, chosen by vote as well, that decides the measures to take to attain that goal. Otherwise... we might very well end up like other cabals in the city have, unable to act on short notice."

Hesper nods in agreement from her seat. Her own appetizer plate of delicate snacks slowly dwindling as she nibbles. "I like the idea of action rather than in-action, yet also thoughtfulness before making any rash decisions. Which I think everyone in this group is cautious to do."

Taylor remains absolute quiet, legs crossed with arms resting comfortably, blue-eyed attention drift about to whomever is talking at any moment. There is no doubt she would rather be at the Exquisite right now, lounging in a pool of warm water, concidering trivial matters.

Alyza smiles at Viktor back, then nods along with him quickly. "I don't disagree with the idea of having an executive party of some sort to make quick decisions, although I would move that the group may come together to override and undo such an action, should they see great harm in it, or should it not adhere to the group's ideals, a veto, should three members find themselves against it. Checks and balances, you know!! That said, I am certainly more in favor of reacting quickly, Master Kaiser! I don't want to get dragged down by boorish indecision!"

Milo looks thoughtful, then asks "An interesting approach. We could also do an Officer of the Day type approach, where the duties of fast response fall on different members at different times, with their first duty being to send word to all the members as soon as possible. That would cover us in the situation where an executive body was not available. It also would give more junior members needed experience. Also, would we use traditional roles, such as Edgetender, Doorwarden and the like, or come up with new roles?"

"Some checks and balances would be a good idea, yes. A three person veto... might work, but could also be rendered moot if the cabal grows too large. Simple majority in an informal vote maybe? Anyways" Viktor smiles "we can sort of the details of that part later, as an actual vote, yes? Officer of the day... I'm hesitant, but might work. I was just thinking of linking everyone via telepathy." with a shrug he, finally, sips his wine again "At any rate, roles can be decided later, yes? Though I am inclinded to say that sticking to traditional roles, rather than those we see a need for, seems a bit strange. I think... we have all the basics down, at least enough to actually formalize things? Any thoughts?"

Hesper glances over at Milo beside her and she smiles with a nod. And then her gaze lifts to Viktor again, "You present a good argument, Dr. Abernathy. Majority vote should be easy enough to keep things simple for now. Shall we discuss traditional roles then as well?" She nibbles on a strawberry covered with chocolate. It's the last one on her plate, and she's slowing down now as if full.

Taylor casually watches the conversation as it unfolds around her, offering nothing but her interest at any given moment. Occasionally a hand raises to slide some loose blonde hair behind her ear or pop another piece of chocolatey goodness into her mouth, but for the most part she remains largely calm and motionless.

"Aaah, yes, I meant a majority, which would currently be three, but formalizing it as a majority makes more sense. That's my fault, for not being clear enough!!" Alyza's voice is still cheery, despite her mistake, and she shrugs at the mention of more traditional roles. "Mmmmm, a group this small I don't really know how much we need roles, but whatever people are pleased with! This sounds like we have the basics down, and I'm happy with that!!"

"Alright, so, just one thing remains then." Viktor says with a nod "Well, two, but we have one thing we have to do first, before we do the other. So" he breathes in slowly, then looks straight at Taylor "give us your thoughts on the matter Taylor, and make sure to at least touch on each of the three points we've discussed as well as include your own reflections. We're all dying to know." he doesn't look stern or angry, in fact he seems a little bemused, but mostly he seems determined. "We do need to hear from each person who is to be a member after all."

The serenity exhibited by the aphrodite in the room is immediately halted as Viktor finally decides to force her into the conversation, humorously she bridles for a moment under the scrutiny. While lazy in the extreme Taylor does always do as she is told, thus her light blue eyes fall thoughtfully before she remarks in that most pleasant of tones, "I suppose on the first point, I would have wanted to attempt to cure other supernaturals... I know what it was like to be a creature of sorts, it would be a great help to mankind and far less violent than other options if we could simply cure the vampiric plague or end Werewolfism. As for services offered, all I can do at this moment is offer a pair of hands should they be needed... Perhaps I should merely say that I'm at the call of anyone at any time." A smile is offered, "As for method of government, I belive the Roman system is best, two consols while the remainder are people's tribunes..."

Hesper has a momentary twinge in her demeanor while seated on the sofa, when there is mention of vampires and werewolves. It does not last long, however she is not entirely certain of what the Roman system consists of. "Can someone explain to me the role of consols and tribunes?"

Milo shrugs, "I'm fine with informal roles. I confess, I have never been in a cabal before. So all I know of them I have learned from the Mysterium's library. As you all may know, my order, while contributing many wondrous things to Magi, is...a bit rooted in strict formal tradition. I am much less so, having an unconventional teacher." He smiles, and uses that moment to grab another chalet strawberry.

"Two consuls, hm. Sounds like it might be a bit... circuitous for such a small gathering, but having a Second of some kind might not be a bad idea." Viktor answers thoughtfully, huming a little "As for curing other gifted, especially the lycanthropes... I would recommend you do not voice those thoughts to them, but it is certainly a field of study I would encourage you to pursue. Just... not by force. As for tribunes... I'd say it's a bit much, reducing the rest of the group to merely holding a collective veto to the decisions made?"

Popping another chocolate into her mouth as she leans back and lounges in her chair, Alyza murmurs "I don't think having a second is necessarily a bad idea...we do have a tendency to get rather bogged down in our work sometimes, and whoever we grant that executive power to might not always be readily available! That said, ultimately, a cabal is made up of its members, and I agree that we should be certain not to reduce the power that individuals hold!"

Taylor softens in her seat, "Well, I have not had time to give it a truely deep contemplation..." she replies softly to Viktor's final point. Doubtless she will hit the baths and give the matter some thought the second she can get out the door, thus she falls silent once again and turns her attention to both Hesper and Alyza, then finally Viktor.

"Well then, it's settled." Viktor says and nods "We have now, at least provisionally, formed a cabal, though we have some further discussions to iron out the details ahead of us. I propose we call it La Singularité, as in the singularity, because that is in a way what we are trying to attain, each part propelling the others. Anyone object?"

As expected Taylor shakes her head no, always the quiet one, but at least offering her full, undivided attentions.

Milo shrugs, "I am fine with it. I like the concept, though not sure why french, but it is a beautiful language, so..." He shrugs.

Hesper also nods in agreement to the name with a smile.

"I'm quite fond of French as well, and if the other cabals make fun of us for it, we can always change the name to something else later! Sounds good!"