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Foot Bone to Skeleton Key
Dramatis Personae

Asger and Dani Olsson (who was accompanied by her hedge beast companion Jorgee)

April 8th, 2021

Asger gives Dani a crafted Fetish, a Skeleton Key, and a crash course on two simple phrases in the First Language that are used to activate it.


somewhere in the woods on Rising Moon Isle near Fallcoast

Asger walks along the interior of the island, hold something made of bone in his hands as well as a lock box. He sent word for Dani to meet him here as he waits for her. His foot was regenerated back, and there was a scar at the ankle where he cut it off. For now he waits for Dani to show back up.

Dani got the invitation which piqued her curiosity so she donned her normal attire and used her Contract of Colors to make the jacket and boots a vibrant Kelly green, the denim skirt shades of brown rather than its normal blue and the belt that Asger made for her a pale, pastel pink rather than it's natural raw leather coloration. Once she hits the pathways though the woods of the island Jorgee climbs down out of her hair, along her neck to her shoulder. Its not hard for the Beast to find the nearly foot taller Werewolf-in-Human-form and she doesn't try to conceal her approach either, probably safer then stalking a predator at least twice as massive as her after all.

"Bonjour Monsieur Asger," Jorgee says in greeting a beat before Dani greets him with a simple, "Hey," and a nod.

Asger nods as she shows up. He then smirks. "Hey Jorgee." He says as he moves to sit down and puts the box down on the ground before offering the bone key to the woman. "Here it is." He says as he hands it to her. "I will be teaching you the ban to make it open mechanical locks for you." He says as he watches her. "I kept the phrase simple, but speaking the first tongue in a human form is difficult so you will have your work cut out for you." He says calmly.

As she takes the keys Dani runs her fingers over the surface of the larger of the pair. "This is bone, Asger," she says stating the obvious. She glances at her cousin and, after her eyes locked onto the scarred ankle, she looks up at him and asks, "What sort of bone did you use for this?"

"My foot." He answers plainly as he shrugs. "I regenerated it in 6 hours so no harm done." He says calmly as he looks to her. "The Phrase to unlock is-" He says as he recites some gibberish sounding words. "Say what I said, and touch the box with the key." He says calmly as he holds up the box for her to test it out.

Dani touches the box with one end of the larger key, letting the smaller one hang against her palm, as she forces those alien words out of her throat. There's a soft click as the lock in the box disengages and she looks like she wants to be grinning but it's more of a grimace as she's reacting to the pain of having made the sounds of the First Language for the first time. Her pronunciation was good enough to work but heavily accented... not enough to offend the spirit, but enough for any accustomed to hearing that language to know that she's not accustomed to the words. She moves to open the box and then stops and asks, "Do you mind if I open it now that its unlocked?"

"Go ahead." Asger says as he lets her open the box, inside was a candy bar, Dani's favorite kind of Candy bar so she may take it if she desires. "To Lock it is a separate phrase." He says as he says the phrase to her, the words sounding like gibberish more than actual words. He then holds the box for her to practice the locking phrase.

Speaking almost at the same time, Dani and Jorgee both say, "That's almost the same as the first phrase," and the Beast continues into a pair of questions, "What am I saying? Would I be embarrassed by it?"

Asger chuckles. "The first phrase is Open says me. The second phrase is Close says me." Asger says with a laugh. "Very embarrassing no?" He asks as he looks to Jorgee. "The fetish also works if you give it essence but seeing as how you both don't have any essence, the only way to get you to make it work is the same for our wolfblooded." He says calmly.

Having taken the candy bar and closed the box, Dani tries locking it by tapping the lockbox with the key again and mangles the phrasing... mainly due to the bout of coughing that wracks her body as she attempted to say it this time. Grimacing again she says, "Well, I didn't even need to not hear the lock re-engage to know I messed that up," and then asks, "Can I hear the second phrase again?"

Asger repeats the phrase for her to hear. "You know, legends state that the first tongue was the first language used by everything, including pangean humans." He says with a smile. "If you want to learn the language I can teach you, but It isnt easy to speak with a human mouth." He explains.

Dani nods and doesn't comment on this but her expression shows that she didn't need to be told that to know it about the First Language. She tries again and this time pronouncing the locking phrase properly as she touches the key to the box and is rewarded by a soft click. "Well, that worked that time," she observes and Jorgee says, "First ... that's interesting," with curiosity as well.

"All spirits natively speak the first tongue, they do so upon being created. Werewolves get a basic understanding of it when they first change but cant speak it proper without practice." He explains to Jorgee as he watches them. Asger then smiles.

While her cousin and her companion have a brief discussion about the hypothetical mother tongue of all languages, Dani tears open the Baby Ruth she'd retrieved from the box and takes a bite of it. After swallowing that bite she says, "Yeah, it's tough getting those sounds right." She tries again, saying all of the phenomes carefully and getting them all roughly correct. (Saying "me says open close" as she works though them in an order that makes sense auditorially based on the sounds of the words in the First Language.) "Why did you make it out of bone?" she asks before taking another bite of the chocolate bar.

"The fetish normally calls for iron and considering your own allergy to the stuff I decided to make it an actual skeleton key and I knew if I killed something you would be angry at having taken a life just to make a fetish for you, so I made it out of my foot bone. I regenerated my foot obviously." Asger explains.

Dani nods and smiles. "Thank you for the consideration," she says, not needing to voice the statement that he was totally accurate about how she would have felt knowing that the item was tied to a death. "It's not the same for leather. I mean... when you kill a cow and harvest it's hide and meat and everything else... that's it's purpose in life pretty much, right?"

"Depends on the cow." Asger says with a shrug as he looks to the woman. "Anyway, Dont lose it. Bring it back to me once a month to appease the chiminage of the spirit within." He says calmly as he looks to Jorgee. "So how are the two of you doing? Getting into trouble?" He asks curiously.

"Actually..." Dani starts and hesitates. After a moment again she explains, "I helped sort out a situation the other day, made a friend in an Ent... let's just say an organization of Changelings that transcends geography and local needs."

"That is handy." Asger says as he watches the two. "I told Bjorn to keep an eye on you when you are in this hedge thing, mainly because I can't go in to rescue you if something tries to take you." He says calmly as he watches her. "You are like a little sister to me, and it would pain me greatly to lose you after fate has brought us together as a family once again." He says calmly.

Dani's expression darkens on the comment that he asked for her to be 'looked out for' but this disappears at the mention of the fear of anticipated pain of losing her and she sighs as she says, "Like Cori," idly showing that she understands. "You can't be my white knight, on or off a fiery steed," she says with a grin as she waits to see if the reference is caught or missed.

Asger thinks about it for a minute and smiles. "Holding out for a hero eh?" He says calmly as he shrugs. "I do not like the idea of beings taking my kin. I would face them if I knew I could kill them." He says calmly as he takes off his shirt to show her his scarring on his back, looking like Norse knot work. He then holds his hand at his back and his axe appears in his hands. He then presses it against the scar and it fades into the scar.

Dani's eyes go wide as Asger literally pulls an ax out of his back and puts it back in. "That's... pretty radical, fraenka," she says using the Icelandic word for cousin to refer to the Nordic werewolf.

Asger smirks as he turns to see Dani's expression. He then puts his shirt back on. "So how are you and Bjorn doing? I told him that I would still be his friend even if you left him." He says calmly.

Giving Asger a blank stare, Dani just looks at him for a bit and then shakes her head as she laughs. "I'm the talk of the family now, am I?" she asks stating, "Seems everyone wants to know how I'm doing with Bjorn," before further explaining, "He's been taking me to see the Indiana Jones movies. He likes to dress up for them and after Temple of Doom he actually showed me how to use his whip."

"Bullwhips are tricky to use, More likely to hurt yourself then the target." He says calmly before shrugging. "I need to make an arbalest crossbow with ephemeral ammo meaning it never needs to be reloaded." He says with a smirk to the woman.

"Ephemeral?" Dani asks and is immediately answered by Jorgee saying, "Lasting for a short time, not sure what he means in context however," in his French-Canadian accented English. With this information provided by the well-educated beetle, she asks, "Arbalest crossbow I know but what do you mean by short term ammunition? or... I guess it means something different translated from the First Language?"

"Meaning I can fire the crossbow without having to reload it." He says with a grin. "The problem with arbalest crossbows is they take about half a minute to reload." He says calmly as he smirks. "So I removed the process." He says with a grin

Dani chuckles and nods. "I see," she says. "Kind of like how my hedgespun throwing knives will return to their sheaths if I miss my target and they aren't embedded in a surface. If I activate them at least." She then asks, "Did I ever show them to you?"

"I saw them, they are impressive." He says calmly as he watches the woman and the beetle. Asger then smiles.

Dani nods. "They are indeed," she says and then plays with the tassels on the belt that Asger made for her. She then states, "This has served me well already by the way, thanks for making it for me," she taps the pocket of her coat that she put the skeleton key into and says, "As I'm sure this will also."