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Ferals Meet The Werewolves

Because shit is about to go down.

Dramatis Personae

Kaydin, Jingshen, Roman, Maleko, Helga, Kyrie, Nate, Jaymee, Jackson, Nadya, Kharn, Thalia, Levi, Zillah, Deborah, Kai and ST


The Ferals meet the Werewolves to discuss Pendragon. Part of the Calm Before The Storm plot.


A secluded spot

Ishmael had spread the word among the Forsaken that they had a request from the Changing Breeds of Fallcoast to meet. Some people may not like it, but it's something that sounded like it was extremely important. Ishmael is already at the designated meeting spot when people show up.

And with him is a very large older man with long silvery hair and a beard. He looks a bit grumpy on first glance, but after Ishmael says something there's a deep laugh and he nods to the Werewolf. There's a few others here already. There's some drinks on the table as well as chips and BBQ boar. Because the Changing Breeds makes some awesome BBQ!

Kaydin assumes it isnt safe to change here so we got to come in in beast form or preferably human form, right?

There's an unmarked police car pulling up to the area, and out steps a man in a suit with a badge and a gun. Jackson opens the door for Nadya and then for Levi, checking the back seat to make sure that nothing is amiss. Following that, he pushes his hands back through his hair and turns his attention up toward the barbecue and Ishmael with his large friend. He loops an arm around Nadya's waist and begins to trudge up in that direction, moving at a slower pace to approach. With his spare hand, he unclips his badge and tucks it into his coat pocket, eyeing Archibald for a moment before giving an up-nod to Ishmael.

Levi climbs out of the truck nimbly. The Gypsy is dressed in worn denim jeans and boots, his shirt proclaims the Metallia '97 Poor Touring Me tour. A flannel of indeterminate original color looks to be a faded light blue and grey. One of those cheap vape pens from the liquor store rests between his lips and he pulls at it like a nursing baby. A face made at every puff it seems. Recognition is for Ishmael and he slips around Jackson and Nadya to head the charge thataway. When he reaches the other wolf he gives Ish a clasping handshake, his friend Archie gets an upnod. The Irraka says nothing for now, turning to watch the rest mill in.

Already here, Nate is browsing the food that is out. A nibble here, nibble there.. Oh.. like that.. small plateful and continue. He seems rather relaxed despite the nature of this meeting. Seeing Archie, he gives the man a nod followed by his head cocking to one side just a little as he looks over Ishmael.

Zillah arrives, a slinky sort of walk that holds confidence and sensuality in equal measure. She comes alone, when it comes to human-formed company. But overhead, there is a significant amount of noise as just over a half dozen crows swarm in together, and take perches with ruffling feathers and the squabling of avian conversation. There's BBQ. Of course they came. Leftovers might happen, or the head of their murder might provide. The woman glances up, before she looks around. A purse of lips becomes a smile for Archie, and the woman finds herself a place to lean. Studying faces, shuffling them into the categories of Ours and Wolf.

RIght next to the unmarked police car, an old Wrangler pulls in at break neck speed and skids to a halt just in time. Maleko reaches into the cooler behind him and fishes around for a bottle of some local brew and pops the top, taking a drink as he drops out of the lifted vehicle. Walking around he opens the passender door for Kyrie and flashes her a smile, "I brought you some Fago if you want one, babe. But I'm sure they will have something to drink inside too." Then he heads inside, escorting the blonde and peers around when they enter, throwing up his hand to wave at Nate and the others, "Dude, what's up Tommy?!"

Nadya follows Jackson and Levi in, although settles in close to Jackson's side when his arm goes around her, offering a quick smile up to the man. The assembled group is looked over, dark eyes scanning all the unfamiliar faces, taking note of them in case she runs into anyone in the future.

While she might be new to the area, Thalia got the message. There's no car dropping her off as she walks up to the spot wearing cut off jean shorts and a vintage Marilyn Manson tee shirt that declares 'Everlastinng Cocksucker' in crack pink glitter vinyl across the back of it. The blonde moves quietly while scanning for a face, any face that she might know. There are a few and she starting heading towards Nate.

Kyrie hops out of the jeep as Maleko opens her door. She's in cutoffs and a ratty t-shirt over a well-loved bikini and flip-flops and shakes her head. "Nah, I'm good for now, baby." She makes her way up to join the rest. The two 'elders' hosting the event get a nod and then she finds some place to lean. Perhaps the only Forsaken to arrive with a Feral, she doesn't seem to think that's unusual.

Jingshen arrives on foot, having parked some distance away. He's wearing Levi's and a red-white-blue striped Polo rugby shirt, and is looking around with open curiousity. Several faces catch his eye. The old Kodiak of course, but so does Zillah. Not knowing anyone though, he keeps to himself, although he eyes the BBQ speculatively.

Helga walks the last little bit on two legs, in human form. Her head lifts and her nose twitches as she takes in the smell of cooking pork. The cool blue eyes scan the group and Helga focuses in on Jackson. The woman gives a wave to Jackson and moves closer towards the crowd.

It seems that Jackson knows Helga, considering he returns the wave. He grins a little at her and says in a louder tone, "I knew it. Knew I smelled something on you that wasn't human." He nudges Nadya and reaches out to push Levi's shoulder, pointing at Helga. "She saved my ass when those cultists shot us with a rocket launcher." In any case, it doesn't seem that the Ithaeur is particularly ill-at-ease around the Ferals. They had one as an honorary packmate, after all. He brushes his thumb against the wedding band on his left ring finger, turning it slightly. There's a quick head-on-a-swivel look at the rest of the assembled. He's come to a stop, but hovers near Nadya protectively.

When Kai steps in he notices Storm Crow and his lovely pack-mate. He raised a curious eyebrow at a familiar suited fellow lingering near. As he warily scanned the room,some one recognized from Scouting, one of the Wildlife guys. Kai stifled at happy grin. He was looking for a corner where he could watch the others. A corner opposite Murder Pack. When he bumped into the food table. Cousin Helga? Kai retreated to corner so he didn't embarrass her or invite too much attention at his clumsiness. He offers a bland, 'Sup" to any one in the bath of his retreat.

Nadya smiles at Helga when Jackson explains that she's the one that saved him, "Thank you for doing that. I knew something was up, but there wasn't a whole lot that I could do from home. It's good to know that he has people watching his back when he's at work." Her head turns a bit so that she can eye Jackson, "Considering he's now run into zombies with assault rifles and people shooting grenades at him with grenade launchers."

The sound of flapping wings announces the arrival of a white bat that flies around the group, circling around the people who show up. "So This is the wolves Hootenanny or ours?" A high pitched melodic voice calls from the sky as the bat lands on a random person, Thalia specifically.

Levi is, thankfully, not being worn by anyone. Instead he's watching as the crowd rolls in and making small observations here and there. His vivid green eyes roll over everyone until they land on Ishmael again, giving him a nod before the wolf fades to the edges. He keeps an eye on his pack, Jackson and Nadya in particular. The rest are kept within periphery for now, not suspicious just wolf.

Jaymee knows next to no one but that's hardly going to stop her hugging her way through the crowd. "Hey, everyone!" smiles the barefoot Australian when she arrives, dressed in what looks like a long sweatshirt or a short dress - camo pattern too. Her satchel where all her possessions reside over on shoulder. "How are you all doing? Mal!" She rushes up to the shark to give him a tight hug. "Been too long. Well...can it ever be too long" she grins before looking around at the assembled. "Big crowd. Nice to see." A laugh when she sees Thalia's t-shirt. "You must be very popular" she calls out to the blonde before smiling to Kyrie. "Hey, I'm Jaymee. You and Maleko... awesome!" Kyrie gets a hug whether she wants one or not. "I'm starving. Don't suppose anyone did fish?"

Zillah is the sort of woman that notices when she's noticed. And so, one hand lifts to wiggle fingers at Jingshen, friendly-like. Those crows overhead are finally starting to settle down, though they still give caws to each other, and down to Zee, every now and again.

Ishmael gives a nod to everyone as they come in, but he doesn't move to find a seat. He's staying up by the large Storm Bear. "Thank you all for coming out tonight. And I'd like to thank our friends for bringing us information that could impact our community as well." he states as he looks over to Archie.

The big man steps forward and gives a wave, "Evenin' all, I'm Archibald Hanover, but I go by Archie. I'm the caretaker for Bower Animal Rescue and watch out for most of these cubs here." he motions to the Ferals in the room. Yes. Cubs. "So we've had issues with this company named Pendragon. They do animal research and all that jazz. What they do that's off the books is that they do genetic testing on Shifters. We've been fighting them for well over a year and we keep tabs on them." he explains. "One of my contacts in Bangor stated that they had an issue with some of their Beastkin and Wolfblooded going missing. When they dug deeper, Pendragon was behind the disappearances." he scowls.

Yeah, loaded plate of tasty things and Nate head over one of the close by tree. Plate gets placed in a crook of one branch that Nate stretches up to reach to, and then with mix of climb + parkour, gracefully maneuvers onto a higher sturdy branch that gives him a nice vantage to watch things from above. He then reaches to the plate so he can eat there. A bottle of ice tea is pulled from his jacket to drink from.

Jackson continues to scan the area. It's hard not to pick him out as one of the wolves, given his nervous energy, the consistent study of each arrival. He pulls his arm away from Nadya's waist long enough to remove his suit jacket, glancing down at Nadya's side, then just setting it down at a nearby table. He does take care to take his badge out and slip it into his pants pocket in case it gets stolen. He rolls up his sleeves, exposing a tattoo of crows' wings on his right forearm and what appear to be glyphs on his left. He looks over to Archibald as the man starts talking and goes quiet, listening to him.

When Jaymee gives him a hug, Mal makes a big act of being squeezed so hard, then chuckles at her, "Yeah, where you been? Seems like I never see you anymore." Attention drawn over to Thalia by his fellow ocean dweller, he gives her a smile and waves, "Hey kitty." Then his attention is back on more local things and he grins a bit at the comment about himself and Kyrie. Then he turns focus on Ishmael and Archibald, falling silent as things seem to get under way some.

Up pulls the mlst awesome of minivans. Sports rack. Power doors (ON BOTH SIDES). Lots of cargo space going to waste right now. Had the driver planned ahead, she could have brought fixings to prepare for the feast. Speaking of the driver... out steps Deborah. Wagner is an easy guess for any locals who see her. She's that sort of blonde. Tonight finds her un her usual attire... black jacket, BDU pants, and SWAT style boots. She moves through those gathered, winding her way over to Helga. "'Sup, coz?"

Nadya stays close by Jackson and Levi, keeping the two in her sights, even as she looks around and listens. As Ishmael and Archibald start talking, she looks back toward them with a slight frown as new information is offered up to the group. Obviously not something that the wolves have heard of before now.

Kyrie gets hugged. By someone she doesn't know and she blinks, a glance sidelong at Maleko that's more of a smirk. "Hmm, so you know Mal, huh?" She doesn't seem to mind that she's been paired up with the shark. She did come with him and doesn't correct Jaymee. She looks up as Archie steps up and then silents, srs discussions means actually paying attention.

Levi passes behind Jacks and Nadya now and then, leaving them with a reassuring touch or a brush of his shoulder. He's also probably easy to pick out as a wolf considering the nature of his small rounds. Listening to the story it is easy to pick up where he starts giving a shit. "Stealing Blooded? And Beastkin. So where to we strike? Or is this more information gathering first?"

Jingshen blinks, surprised as the pretty Jaymee hugs him, though as she's making a line of it he doesn't take it personally. Still, he's a bit distracted until Archibald speaks. Then he devotes his full attention, frowning as he hears of this Pendragon matter. Watching the others' reactions as well.

The brick wall of a wolf shows up behind his pack but he's quiet and his eyes are scanning the crowd. Roman is huge. Muscles and stoic nature. He's lost some of his happiness as he's again mateless. His bird left him to explore the world. He moves over to find a place to sit and he sits easily. The man isn't nervous, perhaps the only one that isn't.

Helga gives a nod to Kia, "Hey." The blonde woman offers, looking about to pick up more name and faces in shifter society. A few polite nods, but her attention is stolen by Deborah's arrive. "Hey Deb, things just started. They are talking about some Pendragon Company." Helga relates quickly before motioning to the Elders.

Thalia kinda stops as all of a sudden she has a new accessory in the form of a white bat hanging off of her. Fixing to say something to it, there's a pause because Important People are talking. Jaymee, she gets a confused look for a moment before her attention slips to Mal and the blonde with him. But she's got this bat on her you see. "Um.. hi?" she says quietly to the creature.

Watching for newcomers. Memorizing faces. Listening for names and pertinent details. Trying very hard to spend to much time at the agile Wildlife Guy perched in the tree and focus more on Snowball's antics in the ladies hair. He looked at the food laden table hungrily and shrugged patient. Better to wait and grab something on the way out then risk embarressing himself. He swallows when the huge guy enters. Yeah the corner is just fine. He's distracted by his cousin's greeting. he smiles and nods politely not having a clue as what to say to the unexpected woman. He looks defensive over at Snowball and his Lady Perch making sure his friend was okay, ready for action.

"I think I met Mal on the beach" Jaymee replies to Kyrie before brows furrow for a moment. "I think. But, hey, pretty easy to run into each other. You know, shark and dolphin. Which really should be a Cartoon Network series." But then things get serious and Jaymee listens to Archie with a frown - she doesn't often frown. As he speaks she glances around for Nate, spotting him in the tree and giving him a wave. Nate knows all about Pendragon. "They were shipping some of us out...on ships" she offers to the crowd. "Gaia knows where they could be now."

Noting the arrival of Roman, Jackson reaches a hand into his pocket and takes out what appears to be a small whistle scrimshawed out of a human femur. He shakes it at Roman and then gives the man a slight nod. The talen gets set back into his pocket and he turns back to look at the others before his gaze slips back to Archibald. Since Levi's already asked, he doesn't say anything. It seems more like he's thinking, with a far-away look in his eyes.

Levi orbits his pack now that Roman is here, that thick wall of muscle is run into affectionately a few times with shoulder bumps and eventually his head butts the guy affectionately. Of course this now alters his path of pacing as he keeps an eye on those he claims. He watches new people coming and makes his own mental notes as they speak.

Zillah's hazel eyes settle on the two information-bearers as they speak, full lips pursing together in thought. Her brows furrow, and the stripperbirdie nods. It's not entirely new information for her, but there's been a bit of time since she's made her face seen. Speaking of...Roman's arrival has a smile suddenly blossoming on her face, and she pushes off of the tree she was leaning against. Her Murder, they remember him too, and so there's a bit of conversing towards the wolf, as if he might understand. Zillah, moving near to him, though she keeps a wary eye on the trio of what she assmues are also wolves. Touching his shoulder, and offering in a hushed, husky voice, "Hey, handsome. Good to see you here."

"Hello, can I say you are one of the prettiest girls here?" He says to the woman and and the smell of food hits him. "Food...." He says lovingly as he flutters off of Thalia and flies for the table, landing between plates. He moves slowly as if trying to decide which delicious thing to go for first, mutterings of how good things look.

Thalia blinks somewhat as the white winged puffball makes her cheeks pink up in a little blush. "Thanks? I think?" And just as quickly as she got a new accessory, she looses it. Taking a moment to look around at all the people, she chews on her bottom lip and starts weaving through the groups.

"Yeah, totally met on the beach." Maleko whispers aside to Kyrie and Jaymee as he crosses his arms over his chest to listen. "Crushing some heavies." he adds with a grin, but then pays attention to Archie and gives a slow nod of his head. He has an idea what is going on at least. They have been dealing with this for a while now. He does move a little to stand behind Kyrie and leans on her with a smile.

Late, Kharn arrives at the meeting. Levi and his pack are given a solemn nod before he surveys those gathered. He only knows the wolves and wolfbloods, so he says nothing. Yet. His firebeard matches the mane of unkempt auburn hair. Emerald eyes move among the others as he stands with his arms folded against his chest.

Roman bumps against Levi and lightly headbutts him. He stays silent though. His eyes turn to Jackson and he sees the human femur. He just seems sad as he looks away from it. There is no excitement, no happiness, no mission. He just nods and then looks away. He hears the murder and Roman looks up towards them. He grumbles towards them. The Rahu looks to the woman and nods to her before brushing his cheek against her own.

Kai slides over to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his blond haired cousin, posing in solidarity. No way she was wolf. He'd have know after all this time. It was okay. He's comfortable around ferals. Maybe more so then his own kind. He offers Helge a quiet 'Hey' glancing between the Perky Aussie and Buff Hawaiian Dude. He kept an occasional defensive eye at Snow Ball and did everything under his power to NOT look at Mr. Wildlife Dude perched in the trees. Kai huffs. He had enough troubles. "Hey H? Do you know that guy in the suit?", he nodded toward Murder Pack while still eavesdropping on the conversations around him. His question was forgotten when the Wild Ginger entered the room.

"So, Archibald," Jackson speaks up, "I can't remember hearing anything about Pendragon in regards to law enforcement. Do we know how they're abducting wolf-blooded and beastkin? Our pack alpha," he gestures to Levi, "is Irraka, uh. Sun... dancer? I don't know what your version of them is. Anyway, our pack tends to be more interested in finding information, seeing as our Totem gives us gifts to seek it out."

Kyrie shifts to lean back against Maleko, stealing his arm around her waist as she listens to the discussion. She's more of a watcher and listening than someone to leap into the fray, content with absorbing info until something specific comes up that she wants to bring out into the open.

Nadya turns her head to look at Jackson as he speaks, nodding to his words. Then she looks back toward Ishmael and Archibald. "And I can try to get information from objects if there are any. From this Pendragon group, I mean. I can't promise decent results, but it might be something. Whatever I can do to help." With that, she falls silent again, but at least the offer is out there.

"We don't know who to kill at this moment, but we're going to find out. I wanted to bring it to your community so that you guys would be able to keep any eye out on your Blooded and things while we take care of our Beastkin and things." Archie tells Levi and Jackson. All the talk of pretty girls and the slinking and the cheek rubbing makes him frown, but he doesn't say anything. "I want to work with you guys, to make sure that if this is happening here we can stop it." he adds. "And you won't hear anything about them with Law Enforcement. They are an international company with more money so they can pay off people. We're working on that slowly though." he tells Jackson.

"If they're paying folks off, I can reach out to my contacts to see about trying to find some information on that. They do animal research, you said? So probably have a pharma branch. I have a CI that I give a free pass to for information that deals mostly in designer drugs, if you want me to do some mundane checking." Jackson gives a pause at that, then says, "Though, that may bring attention to it. However," he looks over at Levi, then Roman. "Should I tell him about the window sight thing?"

Speaking up, Nate shares, "Pendragon is very good about dotting eyes and crossing tees on the legal side of things. I know, seen their permits, squeeky clean. So far they have kept under the radar as far as the law is concerned that I am aware of. Don't know what their end game is, but they have been messing around with some pretty advanced stuff involving genetics.

Helga turns her attention in the direction of Jackson, leaning a little towards Kai, "Name is Jackson, very brave detective. Cool under pressure. I don't know anybody else here besides you and Deb though." She says, glancing to her other cousin when she mentions the name. Her focus goes back to Archie though, listening to the info.

"Actually if this is a business or corporation, Jori's contacts might actually be of some use too, I'll alert her to the problem." A pause comes and before anyone looks at him suspect like, "My mate is far better equipped for corporate manueverings. If we can find information, who do we give it to? We tend to prefer organization over chaotic frenzies." Because wolf pack. Levi noticed Kharn and the big ginger gets a solemn nod of his own before his attentions return to the gathering and the two older men at the head of things.

Zillah's cheek rubs against Roman's, and the murder seems satisfied by the grumble the wolf gives them. She lingers near to the moose of a wolf, but out of the circle of Levi's protective stalking. "I'm not sure that Sun-Chaser and Irraka are a good comparisson. We do not quite line up with things the way that your kind do, wolf." The word is used, as she lacks a name, for Jackson. "But we can be good spies, when needed. Especially those of us that don't go noticed in everyday things." Her gaze flicks to Kharn as the big ginger enters, studying him with the same consideration she's given to the other unfamiliar faces. Archie's look of disapproval doesn't seem to overly phase her, considering that the meeting was set to try and work with the wolves, and she just happens to know one.

Thalia listens as she moves. She listens to what Archie is saying, she listens to the questions being asked. Looking over towards Jackson and that group for a moment, she cants her head a bit as she studies them. It's just a moment and he then looks over at Nate as he gives a little more insight. Lip chewing makes another appearance asass she starts to move again.

Nate goes home.

"Are we worried about how much this gets out?" Jaymee asks the assembled. "If we get the cops involved then, sure, we can get them for kidnapping and stuff but what happens when the details start coming out...like our DNA and our backgrounds and all the strange things that happen around us? And when we start ripping into them, that's gonna be a lot of death to hide." She shrugs. "Not saying we don't do anything, just thinking about how many people we bring into this and how we keep it on the lowdown. Or at least some of it." A pause. "I'm gonna keep quiet now" she smiles.

The bat settles on a chicken leg too big for him. Yet he manages to put away the one chicken leg and flutters, a bit heavily towards Kai and Helga. "Want to know me? I am a loving and caring werebat looking for someone to snuggle with during the day. " The bat says as he flutters and tries to land on Kai's head now.

"Laughter of Crow, sorry," Jackson says. "Or Jackson Wilkes to humans. Ithaeur of the Hunters in Darkness, Isib-Durume and Beta of the Murder under Hala'Amdulim." Yay, First Tongue titles! What wolves are typically good for! He glances at the white bat. His upper lip twitches, and he looks back to Zillah. "Anyhow, yeah, I figure you guys are good enough at stealth. But -- two groups are better than one." He looks back to Archibald. "Storm Crow's right, considering his mate. She's got some corporate contacts. If we can stymie them financially and maybe create a scandal, they'll be dealing with that instead of dealing with us fucking around with trying to save our respective peoples. I'm all for sticking to our own games. Us protecting the uragarum, you protecting the beastkin. But I think working together may be important." He spreads his hands and shrugs.

"As Nate said, they are good at the political and mundane side of things. So we need to watch them." Archie states. "We just wanted to get you guys together so we could let you know. Not really stuff we can send a postcard about." he admits as he looks to Jackson and his pack. Then there's a look to Kaydin, "Flying Marshmallow, can you hit on people after the meeting? Thanks." he asks him with a laugh. "You guys can feel free to contact me, Ishmael has my contact information and I'll leave it with you guys as well. Mainly, we just need to get on them, see what they are doing here and go from there." he nods.

Jingshen nods, his mind wandering over whatever he might possibly do to help, without inadvertently stepping in it.

Levi watches Zillah carefully, the bat too as it starts to harrass poor Kai. There's a small air of care there, the kid is blooded even if he's not part of the alpha's pack. When Jackson does the formal titles thing he chuffs softly and literally mutters his, "Storm Crow, Levi Grey, Irraka of the Blood Talons, Alpha of The Murder," the string is a mouthful and the Gypsy seems a bit begrudging to even use it. "We will see what we can dig up and get back to you, let us know if you plan on an offensive. We can at least back you up or provide scouts. This is a danger that faces both of our kinds and under Luna or over Gaia, we face it together. If there is nothing else pertinent?" he asks rather apbruptly.

"Zillah Skinner," the pale woman offers, "Leader of the Red Right Hand. I understood about ...a tenth of that, mainly the Murder and the Crow part, considering. But yes. We're a whole lost stealthier than the majority of you, in our other skins." She's....actively ignoring a lot that's going on, really. Save for the important bits, and the ones she suspects are wolves.

Roman brushes his cheek against Zillah in his friendly greeting but his expression his blank. He moves around her to let her talk and walks over to her murder to sit under it. He doesn't care if any poop on him, he'll just eat them and they know it. It's a delicate balance. He adjusts his flannel buttoned shirt and grumbles. Fucking clothes. He keeps working on being more comfortable with them but right now he's just wanting to listen.

"Somebody said they are shipping, like...over seas? On the water?" Maleko asks Archie, calling out and lifting his hand. "Dude...if we know they are shipping something by boat I can handle that straight JAWS style." he says with a grin as his arms are taken by Kyrie then and wrapped around her. Hearing other people talking about who they are he throws out, "Maleko Aukai, pro surfer and huge Jabber Jaw fan."

"I am Jingshen Huang, Rajanya."

"Jaymee Watanabe." A pause. "Umm...that's it" she smiles sweetly. "I'm up for anything that'll stop these guys doing what they're doing but I would like to just hit the right ones. I don't think everyone who works at an evil corporation is evil. At least I hope not." A nod to Maleko. "We stopped one of their freighters. So, like, a really big ship not a fishing trawler. But, yeah, me and Mal can take care of seaward. And maybe some others if I can find them."

Thalia wrinkles her nose just a little bit as titles get flopped out. How very complicated. Coming to a stop near the food table, she just leans against it and folds her arms over her chest to watch and learn. Looking here and there at the different faces as they speak up, she opts to stay quiet and out of the way for the time being.

Kai freezes, allowing a solid perch for the tiny Ghost Bat trying to ignore the food it was going to be dragging in his hair. He stands firmly ready for any off comment. This was part of having a friend's back, by sacrificing your head and a little dignity, Something puzzles him though. "Hey H?" he whispers. "Doesn't wolf blood turn human when it's spilt. So they goota... what... keep the blood 'alive' somehow?" He shrugged. Maybe it didn't matter. It was being done. Kai listened to the strange lady and was surprised, He looked to Levi and Murder pack when she mentioned crows. He pays careful attention to the topic of boat usage while ignore his friendly hat and Kaydin's antics.

Nadya shifts a little bit, moving her weight from one foot to the other. "Nadya Wilkes, blooded." She gestures toward Levi, Jackson and Roman, "Part of their pack. If you can't find one of them and need to talk, you can always look me up. I'll leave a couple of business cards for people to take, if they want them. It'd be good to exchange that kind of information, I think."

Kharn has just been standing there, quietly, listening. He's no good at politics or information gathering, so he let's the pack that's gathered do most of the talking. He doesn't introduce himself, despite his own litany of titles, many of which aren't relevant to most of the ferals here. There's a quirky grin that has replaced the solemn look though, as everyone speaks.

Noting the different conversations, Ishmael and Archie give a look to each other and then a firm shake of hands are given. "I'm going to get out of here and back to Bower. Got a patient coming in that needs new stitches." he chuckles. Then there's a look to the gathered, "Please be careful and keep your little cousins close. They are vital parts of our communities." the bear states to them.

Helga chews on the corner of her lip, her head shuddering slightly in a nervous fashion as if reacting to a bad smell or trying to shake something of her hair. A deep breath and she steps forward, "Helga Wagner: I am with the maritime division of Fallcoast PD. Oh, and my other suit is a dog." She glances to some identified as wolves, "But not wolf. If I can assist with any issues you might track down on port shipping, contact me of Jackson. We can keep it in house so to speak."

Jingshen having heard enough to go on, for now, watches the big gathering, holding himself aloof from it for now. In fact, with a last glance at the BBQ table, he turns to go, expression thoughtful.

Jackson gives a slight nod. He reaches a hand up to brush over his stubble and glances at the sky briefly. He glances at his pack, then looks at the assorted Ferals. "So, uh. Any of you one of the Maerans--" and Helga answers the question for him. "Okay. Well, I've known several of you in the past, Helga, and I'm glad that you're around." He pauses for a moment. "I do criminal investigations with general crime, but primarily homicides these days," he says at large. "So, I'll look into the disappearances and see what I can see there. And yeah, Helga or me, we'll be able to look up stuff on the docks. If you need anything, I'd suggest heading over to East Division. We'll lead you in. It's a relatively safe haven. I'm a ... shaman. So, spirit protection around."

Deborah eyes the bat as it flutters over to her kin, and grumbles at it. "Shoo," she says, before glancing at Jaymee and her solution. "Sybil of Retribution, Cahalith of the Hunters in Darkness," she introduces. "There's a fair few kin I can call on that couldn't make it tonight. We've a fair few blooded to check in on, now, too," she looks to Kai, assigning the task. "If they die, then they die. Investigations like that are why we have people on the inside." She gestures to Helga and Jackson, for demonstration.