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Fear and Loathing at The Gallows

"Hey, Scary Crow, can I buy you a drink?"

Dramatis Personae

Kylee, Darius, Frankie, Nicole, Thomas, Isrieal, Donovan, Kilo and KiloST

24 September, 2017

A group gets together to drink, talk and play pool, but a loner in a leather jacket shows up who seems to have an unpleasant past with Isrieal.


The Gallows

Thomas, Nicole, and Frankie are at a bar. Norbert Ghost-Crow is perched up on top of one of the glowing beer signs.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Nicole finishes her carbomb with an explosive sigh, not-quite-slamming the pint glass down on the bartop as she drags the back of her hand over her mouth. "Ugh! Thanks for that one, Tom." She and Thomas are apparently in it to get wasted, given there /were/ three carbombs on the bar, now down to one and Frankie just declined hers. "Yeah, I guess," she nods to Frankie's question about whether she's 'back'. "I'm not takin' another job like that one again. Russia sucks balls in the winter."

Thomas is seated between Nicole and Frankie. The fur-coat wearing Bonepicker has been one of the Bound for about twenty two years or so...twenty. Something like that. All of that time has been spent in Fallcoast, and as a member of the Society of Crows. Hell, awhile back he went through the horrific, secretive ritual to rise into a Founder position, in fact. Kilo did his tats, even! She'd know him to be a troublemaker, hedonist and con-man. A terrible (Or perhaps perfect) example of his archetype. He glances at the undrunk carbomb and considers it before picking up his own IPA to take a long sip. "Russia sucks nuts, anyways. Why go anywhere but here? Fallcoast has all you need...," says the Skinner who has never really left town, other then the wilderness around it.

"I can imagine," Frankie tells Nicole. She claims a seat at the bar, walking around Thomas and Nicole to sit on Nicole's other side. Rude again? "Sort of. I've never been to Russia. Or left the country, really."

Kilo comes sauntering in like she owns the place. She actually doesn't. It might be one of the last bars in Fallcoast she doesn't own! OK that might be an exaggeration, slightly... "I heard there is a party going on in he... Hey!" She spots Frankie at the bar and.. is that... Could it possibly be... "Nicole? Is that YOU?!" She leaps into Nicole for the fiercest of hugs. "NicNic! It's YOU!" Hugging her for a few, she finally disengages and turns. "Hi Frankie! I promise, no hugs!" She learned her lesson yesterday. "And... Thomas! Good to see you man!" She offers out her fist for a bump, bro-style. Because that's what they do -- he's a long time friend. Then she turns back to the girl of the hour. "Nic! When did you get back? How have you been? What's up? It's so good to see you!"

That voice, that chirpy voice is one Nicole will never forget, and so she's already turning towards the entrance as Kilo is speaking, just in time to be tackled practically off the barstool she's on. "Kiki," she agrees happily, squeezing the teeny-tiny latina to within an inch of her enhanced life, then planting a kiss on the woman's cheek. "About four hours ago, not too bad, and my alcohol level is up thanks to the very generous Tom Skinner. Also, we have a spare carbomb, and here you are." One plus one equals a free drink for the tattoo artist? "It's hard to compare here to other places. Other places have freedom and all kinds of diversions. Fallcoast has family keeping an eye on me. But, it's still home," she asides to Thomas, ever-mindful of her white-hat relations and how much they would disapprove of her vices.. if they knew all of them.

He reaches out to tap knuckles to the King, and he nods idly. "Kilo," he grunts. He pushes the carbomb towards her. A shot dropped into a pint and chugged. "She didn't want it, so it's all yours. Join the club." His voice is deep with a pleasant growl to it. Tom sits quietly for the moment, letting the others catch-up and chat as he brushes off the collar of his bear-coat and nursing his beer.

"Hey, Kilo," Frankie greets. She relaxes a little when Kilo says she won't hug her; she probably didn't even realize she tensed up. Norbert quorks in Kilo's direction. Perhaps a greeting. In the meantime, the bartender gives Frankie something of an expectant look. She makes a bit of a face and orders ginger ale.

"Thanks! This looks amazing!" Kilo takes the carbomb carefully and downs it like a boss. She has to show she can keep up with these two maniacs after all! "This round is on me! What do you want this time?" She gets their preferences and gets the bartender's attention after he's taken care of Frankie, and also just gets them a whole bottle of whiskey in addition. Might as well not fool around. "We should play pool or something while we talk. I'll bet money that Nicole can take Thomas. She is pretty bad ass, Tom." Kilo looks over at Frankie, "Any luck so far?" Frankie probably knows what she's talking about.

"Jack and coke please love," Nic requests of Kilo, perking up a bit as she suggests a game of pool, though the grin that crosses her lips is decidedly the product of a dirty thought or two than mere enjoyment of pool-playing. "I can take Thomas, you think?" she enquires with an innocent tone, her gaze sliding across to the man in question, dipping down and then back up to his collar-framed face. "Hmmn." With that, she's sliding from her stool to meander to a table, collecting a cue on the way over.

Frankie receives her ale of ginger, raising it to her lips to have a sip. She turns on the barstool and leans back against the bar to watch the progress of this possible pool game.

"Frankie! It looks like Thomas took a call or something. You want to play first? I'm -so- bad at pool... I need a few drinks in me first before I can actually deal with the humiliation." Kilo smirks before pouring whiskey into a nearby, hopefully clean, but who knows at Leigh's, glass. "I mean, otherwise I'll just be the cannon fodder for Nicole until Thomas gets back if you don't feel like it."

It is just after 4pm on a clear, relatively warm Sunday. While most folks are out doing family and/or churchy things, there are a select dozen or so putting in time at Leigh's. Amongst them, Frankie is sat at the bar with a glass of something pale orange and fizzy, Kilo is making a drink behind the counter, Thomas is off to one side on the phone, and Nicole is just about at a pool table.

"Cannon fodder? Maybe, but I'll put a twenty on it for you nonetheless," Nicole promises Kilo as she takes up her pool cue, adding a few coins to the table and causing the balls to drop down so she can start racking them up.

Frankie holds her hand up, shaking her head. "I don't think I have time. I've got a shift pretty soon," she says. She digs into her pocket and produces a smartphone, consulting it for the time. "Yeah, I gotta go," she says, getting up off her bar stool. She digs a battered men's wallet out of her back pocket and pulls out some cash to leave to pay for her drink. "Later!"

"Twenty! Ha! You're on. I can lose $20. Which I am guaranteed of losing for sure." She laughs and throws a bill on the table from a wad she produces from her pocket. "Rack 'em up Darlin'!" And then Kilo goes to find the least bent, warped cue stick she can find... which is impossible to find in Leigh's. "You break."

Kylee open the door, stepping inside the pool hall. She paused as she saw Kilo behind the counter, glancing around then looking back to the counter. "Do ya jus' go behind any damn bar ya wan', lass?" she asked with a smirk as she continued further in. She nodded to Frankie as she headed out, moving to sit at the bar. She was in a pair of grey slacks and yellow blouse, revolver at her hip, with trenchcoat mostly covering it.

Racking up the balls and removing the triangle, Nicole leans in to break, a sharp tap to the white that sinks two solids. She follows up with two more, and then narrowly misses sinking a nother. Four balls down on the first turn - maybe Kilo was right. "You're up, Kilo," she informs the latina with a small smile, finding somewhere to prop herself while she waits for the other woman's attempt. Kylee draws her eye - the newcomer entered while she was sinking solids - and she lifts her hand in a friendly-if-generic wave if Kylee looks over.

Having been called out by Kylee, Kilo grabs the whiskey from behind the bar, drops a $100 dollar bill on the counter and runs off giggling. "SHHHHHHH - you're not suppose to rat me out! I'll get kicked out of here and this is one of my favourite places!" She gives Kylee a wave, not sure if they're on hugging terms yet. "You look really nice tonight. You going on an interview or something?"

Kylee shook her head. "Nah.. this is me usual attire, lass," she said, looking to Nicole and giving her a quick nod in greeting. "Ah was in a quick meetin' wit' me boss," she said, "And ya don' wan' ta ge' caugh', then be more sneaky," she said, smirking slightly. She watched her move out over to the pool table, watching them beginning.

Watching Kilo take her shots, sinking two, Nicole then straightens when she misses the next. She grins faintly, walking around the table once or twice before taking a few shots in short order.. #4, #2, #7, they all go down easy. She -just- misses sinking the black - likely on purpose - giving Kilo the chance to try and reclaim her dignity.

The door is booted open for a moment, it is silent then into the Hall comes Darius with a unlight joint hanging out of his mouth, for a moment his eyes dancing along the room, and then the joint is placed into his pocked of his leather jacket, with a huge SouthSide king logo on the back. The fabric is purple with a golden stitching and his pants are matching and then he beams at Kee and then he nods toeards Kylee."Hey everyone and whats going on?" He moves towards the bar to buy a pitcher and then he sighs softly watching as it fills up, his black jordans resting on the stool for a moment, the other one kicking at the bar itself.

Kilo is having a -really- shitty time at the pool table. No matter what she does, she can't really get much of anything to go down in those little holes! She watches in dismay as Nicole sinks just about everything and then she can tell... she purposefully misses the 8-ball. "I don't need your charity!" She bristles. Then misses the next ball entirely. "OK, turns out I totally need your charity." Laughing, she takes a few more drinks of the whiskey and lights a smoke. GOnna be a long night. She waves to Darius as he comes in. "Hey ya! Do you remember Nicole"

Kylee looked over as the door opened her emerald eyes settling on Darius. She was in simple grey slacks and yellow blouse, with a trenchcoat over top and a revolver just visible at her hip. She gave a quick wave to Darius, then looked back to the game. "Ya ain' so good a' i', are ya, lass?" she asked Kilo teasingly.

"What's going on is Kilo is losing her ass at pool," Nicole comments to Darius, before grinning at her opponant and leaning in to drop the #8 ball just like that. Easy as breathing. "There you go love, it's over now," she teases the tiny ganger, moving away from the table to set her pool cue back in the stand. "And your $20 will be sweet. Might treat myself to waffles with it."

"NAh don't think I meet Nicole, and sup?" Darius up nods towards her, and then he poors himself the first glass for a moment with a long sip of it. But then he carries both over to a table next to the pool table to hold it. Then he picks up the glass again to take another long sip of it with a content sigh."I'm Darius Yates, a good friend of Kees." His voice is soft for a moment, then he laughs softly."Well damn girl you got your ass kicked at pool, Kee I'm not sure if I have ever seen ya play though."

Kilo nods at Kylee. "Noooo. No I'm not very good at it. In fact, that's why don't see me do it that often. I try to spare myself the humiliation. That and I used to think I was a badass and I got myself into a lot of bad situations with bets and compromised situations. Which we won't go into any details." She coughs a few times and sucks on her smoke. "So who is up for playing the new reigning champ? That being Nicole here? Maybe she has a more interesting bet than $20 this time." She winks at Nicole.

"Tha' was a rather sad match, lass," she pointed out, before turning to order a glass of whiskey. "Ah don' like ta play fer money wit' the residen' pool shark," she stated, chuckling softly. She glanced over to Darius, studying him. "Ain' seen yer arse around much, boyo."

"I don't bet, it is not a good business call." Darius laughs softly at the personal joke, and then he sips his beer again for a moment."Mr Bo gets pissed if I fucking do it you know. But yeah it would be amusing to watch of course." He then sighs softly, allowing himself to relax for the first time in the day, and sitting down at the table."If you want grab a glass and some beer, you know. I can finish it off but it is not a good call."

Isrieal saunters in wearing a little black dress with a vinyl waist corset on along with fishnets and knee high boots. She has that german officer cap too but she takes it off and sets it on the back of a chair at the bar. Now she's got two blue streaks dyed along her bangs that spill over her shoulders, the rest of her hair that moonwhite. Lord knows how she gets dye out of it so fast. Probably best not to ask. She waits for a bartender then leans forth to order. There's always that slight intimidation about her presence, can't really pin point why. She's usually felt before she's seen but then again she's not hard to miss.

With the drink in her hand she takes a long sip, not yet looking around. Just assuming she's doing her usual thing but its not long before she hears Kilo's voice. She darts her sharp blue gaze in that direction and just gestures for the entire vodka bottle before dropping money on the counter and heading over.

"Whaaaaa?!" Kilo looks at Darius and then Kylee and can't believe it? "What a bunch of chickens! Play her for a buck Darius, you cheap bastard. I'll sport you the buck. For fuck's sake." She rolls her eyes and can't believe they won't step up to the plate. "I'll play you again NicNic, I'm not afraid." She wraps her arm around her friend's waist, though she's considerably shorter. "Here, have some whiskey... I gotta get you plastered so you're not as good at this as you were just now." She snickers. "Then I'm gonna get you to wash my car or something really good!" Laughing she ashes out her smoke. "We on?" She spots the blue-haired girl though before they start and waves her over. "Hey Spooks!" And jets over for a hug. "How goes? You doing OK?" She smiles and turns to Nicole. "Do you remember Nicole? I'm pretty sure you were around when she was still in Fallcoast..."

"Yeah been crazy busy Kylee between work, and other work." Darius nods for a moment with a wicked smile, sipping his beer again for a moment, and then he looks over at Izzy with a nod."Hello Isrieal, and it seems beer is our bond." His voice is teaisng and then he looks right at Kee."Nah not afraid got more rules in my life is all, then befrore trying to live a tad diffrent ya know, but if you need me to baby sister?" His voice is teasing once again and then he stands up walking towards the table, with his beer in his hand.

Leather jacket (weathered), black jeans (holey), red sneakers (worn and smooth of soles), black hair (wild, untamed). Can we guess who it is? He enters, drifting this way and that. Eyes rimmed red with drink or drug. A stumble on the path of redemption. Donovan coughs, bringing a hand to his throat, massaging the flesh. To the bar, ignoring or unseeing of the gathered.

"Oh man. I'm not a pool /shark/, I'm a fuckin' pool shark/nado/," Nicole corrects Darius with a lopsided grin, before squeezing Kilo when she gets that hug. "I'll pass on slaughtering you again, I hate to see the hope die in your eyes," she then declines, though does take a long drink from her friend's glass of whiskey. "You want me to wash your car? Make sure there's plenty of hot men watching and I'll do it for free," she then adds in a soft, teasing voice to the bouncy baby-ganger. She moves away to a chair, her gaze caught by the very pale and slightly uneasy-making chick who just made her way in, something unsettling about her but nothing /obviously/ causing so. Nic decides discretion is the better part of valour, and sticks to occasional looks rather than heading over to the ruskie.

Kylee snorted. "Ah need all me cash ta buy more clothes. This new job requires a new wardrobe for certain things," she said, shrugging slightly. "Ya try walkin' fer Sui' Man and no' feel underdressed.." she said, smirking. She glanced over, spotting Izzy, nodding in greeting before looking back to Darius as she accepted her glass of whiskey. "Ah don' wan' ta know the other things.." she said, groaning at Nicole. "Ya serious going ta use tha' stupid term? Those are the dumbes' movies e'er. She looked to the door as another entered. "Apparently i' be busy time here.." she said, watching the unknown man for a moment.

Isrieal blinks surprised at Kilo's hug. She's never used to it then pats her back gently. "Oh, Im perfectly fine." She says with a smirk then pulls back to look over Nicole for a second. "Priviet." She greets in Russian. "Don't think we've met back then. I'm Spooks." She gives her nickname that Kilo's so fond of. She nods to Kylee and the rest as well before glancing over to see that Donovan has entered. "Shit..." She whispers under her breath and takes a drink straight from the bottle. She's never ran into a scare victim this many times in her life.

"Hot man is a good motto and I guess, mine was hot girls till recently." Darius laughs softly and sipping his beer and then he nods towards Kee."This trouble maker and had to stick her nose into my life, but it good now." He chuckles softly and then he looks at the new arrival studying and judging, his body tense again, is this going to be trouble, as he watches Spooks. His eyes narrow for a moment as he walks besides Izzy.

Donovan arrives at the bar, makes a order in his whispered voice and turns with a whiskey in hand. His eyes sweep across the room, falters on Isrieal and a slow grin touches his face. He pounds the whiskey and sets it overturned on the bar, folding his arms he lets his eyes linger on her a moment (I see you) and then sweeps them across the others.

"A what? A 'shark-a-nado'? Is that like an 'aficionado'?" Kilo smirks. She has no idea what Nicole means, but the Latina does visit Nic with a light, playful punch to her upper arm when she tells her she won't play her because she hates to see hope die in her eyes.. "WHATEVER!" But she's laughing -- they have a great relationship like that. And then she's laughing at Kylee. "Wait. Did you just call Al 'Sui-Man'? That's hysterical!" Wow, everyone is a comedian tonight. She declines the baby sister offer from Darius, threatening him with a punch too, but it's Isrieal that has captured her attention when she curses in a whisper under her breath. "What? What?" Because Kilo is on high-alert with Isrieal right now. The girl has got a warrant, of sorts, and if someone is up here from, well, down below, she needs to know and needs to know now. She zeros in on the man Izzy is looking at in the leather jacket. "Who? Who is it?" She whispers.

Being greeted in Russian draws a hint of surprise to Nicole's features, but a grin crosses her lips. "Priviet, kak dela?" she calls back to return the greeting and ask Izzy how it's going. Her accent is good but not quite that of a native. Just someone with a lot of practice. "A tornado full of sharks," she then explains to Kilo, stealing another sip from her BFF's glass.

Isrieal see's him too. She leers back at him for a long moment, drawing in a breath and tilting her head slightly when she hears Darius whispering to her. Distracted, she looks away and over to him, shaking her head then laughs when Kilo chimes in on it as well. That octave too high laugh. "No, him?" She rolls her eyes, 'please'. "Nothing. It's nothing." She throws back another drink. She just seems to be a magnet for trouble. "I got this." She looks to Nicole, surprised as well and smirks. *Just perfect, you?* She responds in Russian to her.

Kylee looked around, her eyes trying to watch those moving back. She noted the interaction with Donovan and Isrieal, her brow arching slightly. Her attention is pulled back to Kilo, shaking her head slowly. "Umm.. no Suit Man.. cause... he doesna wear anythin' else bu' suits," she said, smirking, tilting her head. She moved over towards Kilo, studying her, especially her eyes.

"So you have a suited man now Kylee, quiet the trade up." Darius teases for a moment, and then he slides a coin out of his pocket, spinning it this way and that using his fingers idly."But yeah and okay then....." His voice is soft towards Izzy and then he watches the man, and his eyes locked on to him."Russian and been meaning to learn that to talk with a buisness partner."

Donovan taps the bar for a refill and another one comes. He's getting a tingling at the back of his neck. These people seemed to be together and they all have glanced at him. Being the center of attention never suited him. He spins to face the bar and stares at the bottles, taking slow deliberate sips of his drink, gears turning slowly in his head.

"Well, lucky for you I offer lessons," Nicole informs Darius helpfully, before rising from her seat and sauntering towards the bar again, this time to perch near-ish to Izzy so she's not shouting foreign phrases across the room at a stranger. Not super-close though; there's still something 'off' about the blonde. *Good thanks, glad to be home,* she murmurs to the pale lady,

Kilo laughs. "Suit Man" got it. Clever." She watches Kylee back and wonders if she super curious about this whole Spooks thing too like she is. Kilo processes what Isrieal says though when she claims she's 'got it' and the gangster shrugs. Isrieal leads a complicated life. Best to just stay out of it. She pours Nicole more whiskey, then gets some over to Kylee. "Darius, what are you drinking? Beer? You want another?" While she waits for his answer she gets back to Nicole, "You back for good now NicNic? I'm worried that your'e going to disappear again and break my heart. I'm not sure I could take that again." She gives her friend a little wink.

"Nah I got a pitcher for now, and I should be fucking good." Darius nods and then he sips his beer again slowly, with a sigh for a moment he frowns at the other side of the bar, and there seems to be something there. But it is just out of sight and then given his look it is gone again."Fucking A, feel like someone or something has been watching me, and it is not a good feeling you know." He then leans against the table for a moment, and his hand almost going for his pistol but he stops himself, and then he looks over at Izzy."So whats been going on anything?"

Kylee shrugged. "Ah go' a well payin' job, is wha' Ah go', boyo," she said, looking over to Darius for a moment as she took a sip of her whiskey. "Which Ah rather enjoy.." she added, smirking and then looked back to Kilo, shrugging slightly. She accepted the 2nd whiskey, finishing her first. She glanced back to Darius, her brow arching. "Wha' did ya piss off recently?" she asked.

Isrieal laughs to herself. "It's easier to me what 'hasn't' been going on." She tells him with a grin. "A lot of things really, but.." A glance to Donovan. "We had a little party at the Gallows the other night, been thinking about some new tattoos and stuff....I don't know." She says with a shrug. There's a glance to the mage symbols on her arm and then a glance to Kilo. Eh? "Yeah , what did you piss off. Need any help?"

"I didn't piss off anyone this time around, well more then my normal work." Darius nods for a moment, exhaling slowly into the air for a second, his eyes drifting around, and then he picks up his beer."But yeah you know, being me isn't generally fucking safe." He then looks at his empty beer with a smile, as he pours more into it using the pitcher with a little wicked smile."But yeah this time, no idea you guys fuck with anyone?"

He doesn't think she'll hear him, but he rolls his neck and says as loudly as he can, which isn't loud at all. "Hey, Scary Crow, can I buy you a drink?" He snickers under his breath, sweat beads on his brow. Drinking, drugs and a leather jacket in a bar filled with people...No-one said Donovan was none too smart. He spins on his stool like a kid sitting on a office chair and downs the rest of his drink. Then breaks out in a song, again, barely whispered. "Hangin' in a field you'll never know I'm out here, I'm telling you people best beware,I creep into town, I'm hunting my prey,Back on my post by the crack of day." Those in the know would recognize it as Ministry's Scarecrow.

Kylee shook her head. "Ah been too busy ta ge' in trouble wit' other shite, boyo," she said, glancing over to Isrieal for a moment then back to the others. "Ya sure i' ain' jus' somethin' bein' particularly stubborn and jackassish?" she asked, before looking over to Donovan as she heard him talk, tilting her head slightly. "Ya workin' ta lose weigh' wearin' all tha' shite, boyo?" she asked.

Isrieal sets her drink down after another sip and laughs to herself. "Excuse me..." She purrs to the others and turns to head towards the bar, straight over to Donovan with a glare in her eyes. "What did I say? What did I tell you?" She reaches out to grab his arm to get his attention, curling her fingers tightly around it and leaning in closer so that only he can hear her whisper.

You paged Darius with ‘we should!!! you and amy have been gone!!!! :(’ <OOC> Kilo says, “sorry! was grabbing food!” Isrieal mutters "... ... ... ... as far as ... ... it never happened. If ... were ... ... be running instead ... ... ... out in front of ... ... people. ... was kind in ... ... ... don't ... ... ... ... ... ... "I ... ... off of posts ... the ..." to Donovan.

Kilo looks concerned and then kind of pissed when Isrieal grabs the dude's arm. "Isrieal!" What did she -just- tell her about going around bullying people. "Ohhh for fuck's sake." Does she want to get involved? Does she not want to get involved? Kilo makes her way over and looks at the guy. "You ok? You want help?" She asks him flatly. If he says yes, she'll intervene. If he says no, she'll go away.

A shudder runs through him at her touch, but he remains seated that stupid grin still on his face. He tilts his head and giggles listening to her. Shaking his head he glances at her, letting his eyes stop on her face. "What can I say, I'm forgetful." He glances at Kilo and shrugs. "I haven't been ok for what...a week now? No, no...The world is a shattered place when truth bursts through like a bullet hitting a mirror." He tries to extract his arm from Isrieal's grasp and leans in to whisper back.

Kylee looked over to Isrieal and Donovan, sighing softly. "Tha'.. is no' goin' ta go well.." she muttered, shaking her head and plopping down in a nearby seat to watch the train wreck. "Ya know.. this jus' need popcorn," she muttered. "Please don' ge' too violen' though.."

Kilo mutters under her breath. "Nope. That wasn't the 'Please help me.' response I was looking for. Enjoy the ride." She moves away and picks up her cue stick again. "Seriously? Doesn't anyone want to play pool? I've got so many fabulous betting opportunities. All you got to do is take a chance that you're better than me. And really, what kind of leap of faith is -that-??" She laughs.

Isrieal lets his arm go when she feels him tugging it free but still stays in close. "I can make sure you never forget..." She starts then looks over at Kilo as she comes by. "He's fine. I'm not stupid enough to mangle him in public don't worry." She jokes before looking back at him. "Why should I help you?" She asks him. "Unless you want to make a deal with me...I can open your eyes to a whole new world." She says slowly.

"A new fantastic point of view, No one to tell us no, Or where to go, Or say we're only dreaming..." He mumbles at her turning back to his drink for a moment. "This world is shitty...And I spose I really ain't got nothin you want...well..." For once he takes a second to think about his words and turns his eyes to the crowd before turning his attention back to her. "Nothing I'm prepared to give again." He grunts and rubs a hand on his throat again, letting out a soft cough. "If we stopped running into eachother my mouth wouldn't get away from me...but you're everywhere and that makes it worse." Donovan squints at her through blurred eyes.

Darius nods for a moment, listening for a moment and then he sips more of the beer for a moment, and then he looks around the room for a moment."But yeah, it seems our lives are fucking nuts, lately." He exhales again, fishing for a pack of smokes out of his pocket, and then he pops it into his mouth."I'm go smoke and ya'll be here when I return, I hope." He fishes out a lighter beat up bic from his right pocket, as he steps outside to light it.

"Not me. Heading back to the shop. Nobody's playin' and these two need to get a fuckin' room." She grins at Isrieal with a lopsided, toothy grin. "Later Gators." And out she heads into the night.