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Eurovision Party 2016

Dramatis Personae

Aurore, Christian, Deborah, Sloan, Toyah

14 May, 2016

Patrygoers gather to watch and celebrate the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.


A Pub

Note: Please forgive spelling and grammar mistakes as the event was run as the contest was being broadcast live. So posing was a rush.

Eurovision is a stranger to most Americans; probably even stranger if they ever watched it. But somehow some European ex-pats have encouraged a local bar with the right cable channel to show it live and the place is decked out in flags and colors of the various nations. Toyah, representing Sweden where it is being hosted, has shown up in slacks and a t-shirt with 'Swedes do it aurally' emblazoned on it. As models, and competitors, wearing paper costumes representing each act emerge on stage the show has begun.

Toyah stares at the paper creations and isn't sure whether to laugh or cry. "It's art" she states to the room...quite unsure of that comment. "At least the music is good."

Deborah is here, but kind of off over there. She's got her drinks ready to go for in inevitable drinking game to begin, though she doesn't seem to be entirely here. Best that way, since... Eurovision.

Aurore's European connections are decidedly limited... but the chance to support an alternative to mainstream US culture seems to be too good for the native to pass up. Indeed, she's sitting with her laptop beside her, one headphone plugged into her right ear as she takes one of the more irreverent commentary feeds, courtesy of a spoofed IP. Flashing a grin at Toyah, the former model laughs and shakes her head. "Rather them than me. The outfits might be hand-folded, but still. Very, very Eurovision."

Christian has grabbed a chair, towards where the TVs are. This is his first Eurovision, because he isn't so 'cultured'. He takes a sip of his beer, and shakes his head, as the music drops and people flow onto the stage. Some ripped dude in spandex is shown on the TV, "Dude, I'm going to need more alcohol." Especially since the dude is really wearing just spandex.

The hosts appear and it’s time for witty banter. Swedes have a sense of humor dammit! Toyah nods to Aurore's comment. "You think all those bulges were real?" she asks in reference to all that spandex.

Sloan had not thought he would get to see Eurovision, after all it is not something one would expect to have on in a bar in Maine, but when he spots a flyer advertising the viewing he rushes over to it. He is dressed in his normal clothes though instead of his usual assortment of plain t-shirts he is wearing a blue one with the crest of Finland on it as he arrives to cheer his country on.

Christian leans back in his chair, "Real? Come on, you know they are stuffing themselves with socks."

"Lucky socks" Toyah asides to Christian as the hosts explain the new voting rules. No voting in Maine unfortunately. Belgium is up first with a perky, poppy singer doing her best early Kylie Minogue impersonation. And she played Annie once on stage.

Laughing again, Aurore shakes her head. "Oh, I suspect that at least some of them get their jobs for the quality of their naturally-occurring bulges." Her richly musical voice is wryly amused... even before she sniggers rather dirtily in response to the UK commentator's description of this year's them of 'come together'.

Toyah raises her drink in Sloan's direction before turning her attention back to silver hot pants on the screen. She may also be grooving a bit to the music.

Christian shakes his head, "You say that now," He comments, and as Belgium is up, he leans back listening to the performance with a cocked head. But as the beat drops, his head starts bouncing. "Catchy. But those outfits..."

"Was that the female Leo Sayer?" Toyah muses as Belgium finishes. "You ain't seen nothing yet with the outfits" she smirks to Christian as the Czech Republic emerges with a much more tranquil song.

Sloan gets a drink from the bar and returns the salute with his drink before he takes the first gulp of the eye opener. He then moves to get a better view of the screen moving closer to it, "I hope I haven't missed the best part." He comments.

Deborah tsk tsks. "Slow start. Shame," she says. Seems she went into this blind. Not knowing the lineup or anything. This'll be good.

"Twenty-four more songs in the competition after this one. And a performance by Justin Timberlake, among other things," Aurore responds to Sloan... before wincing slightly as the Czech briefly diverts rather more into shouting than singing.

Christian nods, "But see, the outfit she's wearing is better, and it accentuates her figure." He pauses, "Her voice, though, she's not quite got the highs down."

"There's a best part?" Toyah replies with a quirk of her brow to Sloan. "This is probably what counts as classy in Eurovision" she remarks about the Czech, her grooving certainly stopped. Next up is the Netherlands...with a ten second silence break and real instruments on stage. What!?

Deborah makes a face as the Netherlands tries (and fails) to sing country. Fails /bad/. "Time for another shot." And another shot is had.

Sloan laughs and responds, "Well the Finns performance of course." He states with pride and he nods to Aurore, "Not sure I am excited about Justin Timberlake."

"Is this Netherlands country and western?" Toyah seems perplexed. "I didn't think they had a west or a country that wasn't underwater. Though I guess that's why it's so wet. Did they finish? Oh, no, silence break." A smile for Sloan. "You do know that Finland didn't make the final."

Christian mouth opens as they openly joke about being bisexual, shaking his head. As he watches the instruments on stage. "This is just... You really need to be American, and from the South to really handle Country." Christian turns his head, as the camera pans to a woman about to fall out of her top. "Nice crowd."

Azerbaijan hits the stage with a more traditional Eurovision entry of the last ten years - singer coordinated images on the screens behind them. And lots of fire. And dancers in midriff exposing grid iron pad outfits...and that's just the men.

"It's not a ballad and you can't dance to it" Toyah muses. "Time for another drink. She is cute though."

Christian says, "She's cute, sure, but this pop stuff reminds me more of Britney Spears before the insane days. Ditto for the dancers and whole scene they are setting."

Hungary is up next with a former basketballer doing moody with a huge drum sharing the stage. "Is his t-shirt meant to be like that?" Toyah asks about the strangely shaped garment. "Ooh. Whistling. But you think he could have worn jeans that weren't ripped."

Sadly, Sloan had not heard that and his face gets more than a little crest fallen, "They were screwed." whether this is true or not he states it like an article of faith.

Aurore's brows lift slowly higher, as Christian comments... then Hungary delves into other Eurovision conventions. "'Hunk in white t-shirt and ripped blue jeans' is something that the Central and East European countries trot out surprisingly often," she directs to Toyah.

Christian watches Hungary dude preform. "I dunno. But what's wrong with ripped jeans? They give a rugged look." As he listens more, "I actually like his song, it's real, but the whole not singing is a little annoying. More of yelling or shouting into the mic."

The first of the big five is up next - Italy. "Is she using sign language to explain the lyrics?" asks Toyah before nodding to Aurore's comment. "I wasn't complaining" she winks. Another mid-tempo ballad type song with only the young female singer on stage...in sparkly overalls.

Christian glances, "A little heavy on the makeup, especially on the cheeks." He says, listening and watching. "Cute voice though, even if I can't understand a single word."

Sloan watches the singer and then comments, "You know she is really shiny." He comments on the overalls. "Not sure if that is a plus or minus."

"Did anyone else think she was a bit flat?" Toyah shrugs as Israel, looking like a member of A.F.I. crossed with Phil Oakey, heads to the stage to tell us we're all made of stars. Repeatedly.

"First appearance of gymnasts" laughs Toyah as two people spin in a circle frame behind the singer. "And the first appearance of raining fire" she adds. "The song is quite nice actually even if he doesn't have much to say at the end."

Christian listens to Israel perform, eyes slipping shut, head bouncing slightly at the music. "Wow." He says, to himself. As he finishes, "You really didn't expect something like that, from someone that looks like him."

Bulgaria is up next with a more punky flavor...and uptempo returns. The singer looks like she's stepped out of a fetish version of Tron but it has Toyah dancing again.

Sloan laughs at the crowd shots and says, "You know I think the crowd is as good of the a show as the performers are."

Christian claps his hands in time with the beat, it just seems like that sorta up tempo song. "With that cream colored fabric, you'd think she was barely wearing the outfit." He looks to Toyah, "Go girl, break it down!"

Aurore cracks a grin as an unconventionally-clad young woman with a half-shaven head sings "If love was a crime". Sloan receives a grin. "They can be. They can also some of the best commentary on things."

"And here come the winners" Toyah grins, offering Christian a little wiggle before turning her attention back to the screen. "Is he twelve?" A very relaxed mid-tempo song...and performance.

Christian laughs at the little wiggle, "Don't tempt me." He says, shifting, "I have trouble listing to sorta love songs from someone that doesn't know what that really is."

Germany arrives with a singer that looks like she's shown up from a J-Pop cosplay convention. The singer is vegan and so is her costume!

Sloan blinks a bit at the German singer’s outfit and shakes his head, "Vegan huh?" he shrugs, "To each their own I guess." He then signals the waitress for another drink.

"So the green lasers in the dead trees signify leaves?" Apparently Toyah isn't too entranced by the singing or the performance. "And it's about ghosts getting together? I might grab another drink too, Sloan. Make it a large."

The native with the half-shaven head boggles at the stylistic choices made by the German performer and her set-designers... then snorts and half-stifles a giggle in response to the IP-spoofed British commentary feed plugged into one ear.

Christian laughs, "I didn't know that Rachel Dolezal went international." He watches the performance, and "Wow, this is Germany? I guess they have their own singers that go all out." A glance to Sloan, "Oh she likes meat." A wink.

"That is what happens when parents allow children to dress themselves" Toyah sniffs before the next artist is up. France. A former dental surgeon gets all funky. To his country's horror he is actually singing in English every now and then. "Do they not sell razors in France?"

"Stubble seems to be a mandatory with a white t-shirt," Aurore responds to Toyah. "I can see why this is one of the favorites to do well, though."

Sloan laughs, "Well that depends on who is wearing the white t-shirt, the t-shirts I think look best rarely have stubble with them." He then shrugs, "Maybe he shaved this morning and just grows it fast."

Poland arrives with a pirate singer...or at least the hair, goatee and jacket would suggest that. "He's very earnest" Toyah notes about the performance. "Not sure if that is a good thing when it involves flinging your arms out all the time."

Christian pauses, "Speaking of shaving, look at this dude with the chin hair." He pauses, "The whole speaking with your hands, or rather singing, it can be a bit distracting to figure out what they are doing with the whole scene."

"D'you think he plays in those vampire LARP events?," Aurore asks, eyeing the black nail-polish, long hair in ringlets, and over-the-top faux-military jacket worn over mismatched black.

Sloan shrugs, "It is the Poles what can you really expect." it seems he has picked up some prejudice while he lived among the Russians in New York befrore moving to town.

Toyah chuckles at Aurore's comment. "I guess the color of life is red and black. Ooh...time for a break. Just fourteen songs to go!"

Christian signals the waitress, "Can I get another beer, and two shots of Tequila?" He smiles, and settles in for the break. Chuckling at the high heels comment, "Makes sense, really, when you think about what color blood is. And that nose ring, looks cute."

Australia is up next. Yes, Australia. There are more sequins here than stars in the sky.

Christian laughs, "Oh there are always asses to cup, just a matter of will you get smacked for doing it." He grins, and as his drinks get here, he tosses back a shot, carefully setting the glass back down. "Her outfit looks awesome, very blingy though." He pauses, listening more. "I love her voice, something about it..."

"She won X-Factor" Toyah notes, "Even with Danii Minogue as her mentor. At least she can hit the notes though the chorus could have a bit more oomph." Cyprus is up next and time for some EMO metal!

"Oz was seriously impressive," Aurore observes, sounding rather surprised... even before double-taking at the Right Said Fred tribute band that comes up next. In cages.

Sloan laughs, "I see they are using an expanded definition of Europe." Cause someone had to make that snark.' He then looks at Christian, "Awesome outfit is right."

Sloan starts to tap his feet along with the song from Cyprus, "You know I like these guys." He says, "Though from their look I was expecting something more metal but still good song."

"Neither so good nor so mad as Lordi," Aurore notes. "But I liked that more than most thus far, I admit."

Time for some, light, headbanging from Toyah. "Wolves are popular this year" she laughs as the singer howls. "That wasn't too bad. Certainly the only one like it this year. Ah, Lordi we miss you." Next up is Serbia and a ballad about domestic violence.

"They do like their leather in the Balkans" Toyah downs her drink as the Serbian belts out her song. Lithuania is next to lift the mood a little...or at least the tempo.

Christian listens to Serbia now, and he comments, "Beyonce? With that outfit, you're looking at trying to be Madonna." He sighs though, "Again with the hands, I guess it's like a musical thing to sing with them. But dang, that guy is lucky, getting up behind her like that."

"I think he was meant to represent her abuser" Toyah delicately points out to Christian. Back to Lithuania. "I haven't see that type of jacket since the eighties...and I wasn't even alive then. Ooh...he leaps."

Sloan laughs, "Yeah I think I have noticed a few eighties touches so far, maybe that was part of an unofficial theme."

Christian oohs, as he looks at Toyah, "My bad." He comments, as he tilts his head. "Ehhh, I thought he had more of a Bieber look to him, albeit a little older."

Croatia is up next from a singer who likes to avoid rehearsals...this bodes well. "Hell of an outfit" Toyah laughs as the artist starts to sing. Eventually the huge shell is removed to reveal another ornate gown. "I can see why she isn't moving much. She's probably nailed to the floor. Will they keep taking off layers of dress?"

Sloan looks at the dress and comments, "Do those arm thingies remind anyone else of batwings?" He asks. "I almost expect her to take off."

Aurore's brow furrows as she listens to the others... then again when Croatia serves up a heavily-accented performance of a rather odd song. "The bookies' favorite up next," she says. "Though Russia tends to get booed, in recent years."

Christian watches the screen and comments, "Bold move, to do an outfit reveal. So much can go wrong, that's got to be worth a few points."

Now the favorite - Russia. They've thrown everything into this. Toyah develops a little frown as he starts to sing. "I don't think it's that flash" she mutters with no hint of envy or jealousy at all. "But, hey, if you want to spend millions I guess you want a return. I do like when he walks up the screen though."

Christian wows, mouth dropping open. "They spent a lot of time and money on that trick."

"Not the best song, I think, but that was amazing staging," Aurore concedes, sounding really rather impressed.

Sloan cheers for Russia, because well he lived among Russians even if his natural Finn inclination is to boo them. He watches the performance and nods, "This might be the best show but I have preferred some of the others songs."

"I suppose if they don't win they'll invade someone" Toyah sniffs, refusing to acknowledge she was dancing along. Next up is Spain where they're also singing in English - shock horror!

After a slow start...and a scripted fall...the Spanish song gets dancey and Toyah starts to groove again. "C'mon, Sloan, shake it" she smiles to the large Finn.

Sloan jokingly shields his eyes during the song, "Wow I think we have a winner for the most shiny trophy." he does grove a bit in his seat as well.

Christian dances a little in his seat, as he listens to the song, "It's basically a shiny basketball jersey being used as a dress." He's not too impressed. "Pretty upbeat song, too."

"Spain normally screw it up... but that was pretty good," Aurore says, sounding surprised.

Sloan puzzles at the announcer’s comment, "Jordan never wore 3 at any point in his career." He harrumphs a bit.

Lativa arrives onstage. "Didn't he just sing for Lithuania?" Toyah asks with a confused frown. "And there's the ripped jeans again...black this time though. Actually, he's like the negative of the Lithuanian guy, black jacket instead of white." A mid-tempo pop song that gets Toyah buying another drink.

Ukraine is up next with a ballad about Stalin's forced expulsion, and murder, of Crimean Tartars; specifically, the singer's grandmother. Russia are no doubt thrilled by its inclusion. Toyah sips on her drink as she listens.

"And now for a commemoration of Stalinist ethnic cleansing, in somewhere that Russia recently reconquered," Aurore says dryly, devoting more of her attention to the screen than most of the songs have received.

Christian finished his beer, as he watches. He doesn't really comment, as hears about the song. It's more somber than he'd think would be offered. "Russian must be screaming bloody murder." He mutters mainly to himself.

Sloan watches the song and because of the subject matter does not snark, he smiles a bit, "She is a really good singer." He comments.

The pregnant singer of Malta is up next. Her dress having to be let out a touch for the performance. "She won't be dancing around in that dress" smiles Toyah as the hips start swaying once more.

Sloan grins a bit, "Is that a break dancer I see?" He laughs just a little as he starts to seat dance again.

Georgia arrives with another rock band - though more of the Wolfmother/Fratellis variety. "Was that a member of Oasis in the band? And what's with the hat? Are they Kasabian's less talented cousins?" Toyah asks.

"I was just wondering if it was a Gallagher on guitar," Aurore says, nodding in agreement to Toyah.

Sloan says, "this reminds me of an 80's music video." He shrugs, "Not bad but not really impressive either." He takes a drink, "Not really an act to put right before the closer.""

"That guitarist is spending more time fiddling with his knobs than playing his instrument" Toyah notes about a perpetually bent over member of the band. Next up is Austria with a song sung in French...as you do. "She looks happy to be there" Toyah remarks as the human apricot starts to sing...and smile. And smile some more.

"They're banned from playing the instruments live on stage, to stop people spending half an hour tuning up," Aurore points out to Toyah. "The singing has to be live, however. But every on-stage musician's just miming. And... yeah. Nice to see people enjoying what could be the chance of a lifetime."

Sloan finds himself seat dancing gain almost against his will, "It is catchy and with the show behind her almost like something from a Disney movie."

Christian is dancing in his seat as well, but he stops at a point where the instruments fade slightly, just enough to toss back his last shot, signaling the waitress again for more shots and another beer.

And here comes the United Kingdom with a peppy lad duo...and two drummers! Are Adam and the Ants making a comeback? "Seem harmless" is Toyah's assessment before grinning at Sloan. "Get out of the chair and dance."

Sloan laughs and says, "Alright if you insist. 'he then stands up to dance along with the UK song, hoping it is as danceable as the one before it. He is not a bad dancer, not a good one either really decidedly average.

"That's one I can actually imagine doing all right in the charts," Aurore says, sounding somewhat surprised, before chuckling at Sloan.

Final song. Time flies when you're having fun. Armenia is up with a spoken intro. "Is she wearing a net?" Toyah remarks, "Wish I could pull off an outfit like that." For a moment it seems the song is about to take off into dance but, nope, mid-tempo ballad.

Sloan looks over at Toyah and says, "I don't know I think you might be able to." he shrugs, and the oohs as the gets six duplicates behind her.

"She's dancing with holograms of herself...interesting. So leotard and a cape. Guess she's auditioning for 'Armenia Woman'" Toyah shrugs as the last song finishes and totally apolitical voting will soon begin. The skit from the cast of 'Vicious' makes the Swede look confused and reaching for another drink.

"Does Oz get to vote this year?", Aurore asks - chiefly looking to Toyah as the person most likely to know. "And I think that 'Lady Armenia' or whatever might get a bit of an audience, if she dressed like that throughout."

Christian gets his drinks as the final song ends. "That's not a bad performance." He listens, "Too bad, but I can understand why they don't want us voting. We'd steal the show, being Americans and better at everything." A grin, "Russia will probably steal it, by paying someone off."

As the show reminds the audience who to vote for, Toyah takes a bathroom break. "Be right back. Hopefully I won't miss Justin."

Aurore eyes Christian for a few moments, before taking a deep breath, then a long sip of her drink. For Toyah, she musters a smile and a nod. "You've got two songs of his to come, apparently."

Sloan watches the end of the songs, "Well my favorite was Cyprus." He says. Though his player would disagree but that is neither here nor there. "Though I would not be surprised if Russian won, usually does go to a big country."

"Some of the smaller ones have been desperate to *stop* winning it too often, because it costs so much to stage," Aurore puts in. "There were jokes about Ireland deliberately submitting *terrible* entries for a while, just to make sure they didn't have to host it again."

“I think Australia can vote" Toyah replies to Aurore before resuming her seat and her drinking. As a short piece on Swedish musical acts of the last 40 years rolls past she si impressed enough to point at the screen with her drink. "Go Sweden!"

Christian shrugs softly, as he watches the screen. "Huh, Justin looks a lot younger than I remember." He comments, "Though, I gotta admit, he seems like a nice guy." He pauses, "I'd really like uhmmm, what's her face, from Serbia."

Sloan asks, "Can Canada? We could always road trip real quick." He grins thogh with his tone of voice it is hard to tell if he is kidding or not.

"I think you have to be competing to vote" Toyah grins to Sloan. "Ooh...Justin's on. Though I really hate when artists ask people how they are tonight. It's just lazy. One day I hope the audience yells back at someone 'bored!'."

Sloan doesn't seem to be paying a lot of to the Timberlake performance, (player can't see it) instead he has gone for a round of shots for those he has been chatting with during the show. He returns with five shot glasses with a black liquid and sparkling gold flecks in it. "Alright anyone got a good toast." he then distributes a shot glass to each person.

Toyah is dancing around the bar as Timberlake plays, trying to recruit Aurore into starting a conga line. "So who do we think will win? Russia? Austria? Australia?" She takes one of the drinks from Sloan with a smile of thanks. "A toast? Hmm..."

Christian looks up at the screen as they missed Timberlake’s performance. Guess they're recapping, and then there is the toast. He moves over and takes the glass in his hand, "Russia, probably." He shrugs, "As for a toast... I'm not good at public toasts, someone needs to do that."

Though it didn't look as if Timberlake was sufficient to incline her to dance of her own accord, Aurore laughingly complies with Toyah's encouragement - showing off more than a little grace and timing even as she plays up to the silliness. "I'd like Oz to win, I think. In terms of talent, she was certainly one of the best."

The winner of the Junior Eurovision competition is dragged out to give a spiel about the kid's version of this competition. "I don't watch that one" Toyah informs the others as she goes back to considering a toast. "Umm...to non-ironic camp and just having fun for fun's sake?"

Christian watches as the girl is dragged out and asked how her life has changed and she really doesn't answer. "Promo is promo." He glances around to everyone and nods. "To that." He says, raising his glass up in a toast.

"Why wasn't this an entry?" laughs Toyah as the hosts display how to make a winning Eurovision song. "This is brilliant." Then she raises her glass to the toast and drinks down her millionth drink of the night. "I love that they even admitted that Eurovision was thirty years behind the times."

Aurore also lifts her glass, laughing happily. "I would *definitely* vote for that if I could. By far the best of the night. That was brilliant."

Christian watches the song, by the hosts. "They better offer that for download, that was amazing." He says, clinking his glass with the others. "And yeah, it would really be the song to vote for."

Sloan downs his shot at the toast and has starts to dance a little again the alcohol overtaking natural tendency to blend into the background. He nods, "Well sometimes you have to save the best for after the competition I guess."

"They're doing stand-up comedy now?" Toyah does find a couple of things to laugh at so it's not all a lost cause. "So now we get to see politics in action. And a bunch of people around the world looking bemused as they are asked for their votes and the time delay makes everyone look silly. Wasn't there a third part of that Swedish Eurovision History skit to be done?"

Christian hmmms, "The whole reflection, projecting images onto the stage as a part of the performance... It plays well for the camera, but not the crowd. Not very good." He comments about the previous winner’s performance.

"I think that he'd have had a good chance of winning again," Aurore chuckles. "Definitely one of the best performers on show tonight."

Sloan says, "Well I guess that depends on which audience you want to impress more." He shrugs, "So any side bets on who the winner will be?" He asks."

Toyah stares as they go over the new way of presenting the votes - splitting jury from popular votes. "Oh dear...does this mean it is going to be twice as long as usual?" Last year's winner gets a cheer...he is Swedish after all. "And here we go."

"No... they're bundling all the popular votes together, I think. And... from the look of it, they only let the individual countries announce their chosen favorite. No more painful countdowns through the top few for each one” Aurore offers.

Toyah laughs at the Azerbaijan rep when he appears. "He looks angry."

Christian nods, "And probably going to get stale after a while." He comments on how the new voting is going to take. He glances to Sloan, "I would, but I don't have cash, just credit on me."

"San Marino has a favorite rapper? Surely they only have one" Toyah notes as a gangsta guy from the late 80s shows up to give their votes.

"Population's just over twenty thousand... so I suspect they'll have a few among the teenagers," Aurore muses, before chuckling dryly. "Fewer and fewer of Russia's neighbors give it the votes they used to...."

"And supporting the Ukraine song instead. Hmm...could have a war out of this" Toyah frowns.

Christian watches as the points start coming in. "Huh, so is it smaller Countries that are adding points without hearing it, or is that the popular vote?"

"This is the jury vote" Toyah explains. "So it is the 'industry experts'. I think the popular vote will smooth things out...or not. It's all over the place at the moment."

"Everything except the 12 is listed on the screen for each country," Aurore explains, sounding a little perplexed. "They're up there beside the country representative every time."

Sloan laughs, "Well I can see that. Russia has bene playing the bully a lot lately, this does give their neighbors a change to tweak them without having guns being pointed right away.

Christian chuckles as he listens to how it’s done. "Ah, and yeah, Russia isn't going to be thrilled with the votes."

"A couple of years back, Russia publicly protested about the Azeris not giving them any points," Aurore says dryly. "Russia sees it very much as a matter of national prestige."

"I love how the hostess is trying to move things along and all the reps still want to prattle...and they all say the same thing" Toyah smirks. "So we're half-way through the half-way point. Lots of points on the table still."

"At least they only have to get one score from each country now, rather than dragging out half a dozen from each person trying to hog the stage," Aurore says with a grin.

Christian looks at the screen as they take a pause in the voting. "Huh. I'm surprised that Australia is practically running away with it so far."

Sloan says, "I can see that from a political stand point though, after all they are the outsider."

"The popular vote might knock them down" Toyah nods to Christian. "Lots of 'how dare a non-European country win' kind of thing. Though if they do win then they will probably hold it in London or Paris." Another nod, this time for Sloan. "I guess you're right. And there are so many people in Australia from all these countries they may think they're voting for themselves?"

"She has a bird nest around her neck" stares Toyah about the Australian rep.

"If Oz wins, they have to hold it in partnership with a country in the European broadcasting union, so it'll physically be in the region. And... yeah. Wow. Bizarre outfit." Aurore shakes her head.

Christian watches the Australian rep, and shakes his head, "Tell me there aren't any women here that thinks that actually looks good."

Sloan laughs and does his best attempt at a falsetto, it is pretty bad, "I think it looks smashing." He then laughs some more and drinks.

Toyah cheers at the Ukrainian rep. "I loved that guy a few years back. He should have won."

Aurore stares, wide-eyed, at the Kievan representatives.... "Really? Wow."

"That Italian woman obviously wants her best side to camera" Toyah smirks. "Refused to move an inch."

Christian looks at the Italian rep., "Mmmm, Italian women. Something about them." Being a man, "And man, she's getting a little shade thrown in, at all these reps, pushing them along for their votes."

"There was the washed-out blonde earlier, who was even more fixed in place I thought," Aurore says. "And... heh. Two more Slavic countries giving Russia zero and Ukraine twelve."

"Last of the jury votes. Half way through and Australia in front. Who knew?" Toyah shakes her head for a moment. "But now the popular vote which could be...nope...not going to call anything."

Sloan grins, "I think we might see a comeback, not sure who though I am not getting a Russian win vibe at all."

"The head of Eurovision seems to get more nervous every year. Does he not have a teleprompter?" Toyah asks.

Christian shrugs, "He's probably just really nervous more than anything else." He pauses, "Man, I didn't think Russia would be almost a hundred down going into this part."

"In theory there's something like 500 points on offer if you got a 12 in every country. Unlikely but...you never know" Toyah points out as the hosts stretch out the final ten popular votes.

Sloan watches the voting, "I wonder if you times it which part would last longer the performing or the waiting for the winner."

"It looks like the Polish vampire LARPer was hugely popular with the public, though not with the juries," Aurore muses, cocking her head as the hosts struggle through delays with technical glitches as well as the 'tension-enhancing' ones so beloved of TV.

Christian hmms, "Wow, Poland is holding on in the popular vote, even though the juries didn't like them."

"I think Ukraine has this" muses Toyah.

And Ukraine win it! Australia second and Russia third. Expect war to be declared soon. "Off to Kiev next year then" smiles Toyah, "Assuming it is still in the Ukraine then."

Sloan applauds the winner, "That is rather surprising. I mean the song was excellent but there was not a lot of stagecraft with it." He shrugs, "Still a deserving winner."

Christian wows, as Ukraine wins. "Awesome. And Russia goes down to third, below Australia." He lets out a rough laugh, "Putin is going to be pissed."

Toyah raises a glass to the winner as she performs again. "Time to party" the Swede smiles. "Nice to meet you all...or see you again" she adds to the others who came along to enjoy the contest. "Same time next year?"

Aurore laughs and nods, raising her glass to Toyah. "Sure. And here's to a good winner *and* Putin being put out."

Christian reaches for the rest of his beer, that he had sitting around and raises it as well. "Of course, and next year, we'll understand better what is going on." Speaking for himself, at least. "She was amazing, and as this young woman said," He nods towards Aurore, "Putin gets to go cry by his fire."

Sloan laughs, "Poor Putin, still he can enjoy being ruler for life so I guess things are not all bad for him."

Sloan finishes his drink, pays his tab and slips out with a wave to the folks he has been chatting with, "Good to see you again, Toyah." he adds verbally to the one whose name he actually knows.