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Dream of Me - That Will Happen Only
Dramatis Personae

Quibble as ST. Part of the Dream of Me plot line. Gwydion, Nanette, Nina Cassin, Primrose Sauvage, Rebel Nicks, Rosalind Lowe

1 July, 2021

Traffic in the Division has been unusually high. To the Changelings of the city, notably, the traffic has been high near the entrance to the local Goblin Market...which may or may not be a GOOD thing. High traffic tends to mean Big Things are happening, or might happen, or have happened, and the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Or crowding up to the buffet, depending. Rebel Nicks is drawn away into an alley by an old, ferociously revolting woman and given advice, as well as the key to getting into the Market, but, thankfully, wiser heads prevail, and she is prevented from any such shenanigans. For now.


D01 The Division

xxxxxRebel is certainly one iron in the fire, but no self-respecting Fae would put all of its eggs in the same basket.

xxxxxOr seeds, in Lily's case.

xxxxxNothing of great importance has occurred over the past two days. At least, nothing with witnesses. Today seems rather slow, itself, and as quiet, peaceful and inoffensive as one would expect it to be, in The Division. Neither Fallcoast nor Hanging Hills, this nor that, the place is a liminal borderland of potential.

xxxxxRather like the Hedge itself, if one thinks of it...

xxxxxThe keen-eyed may note that traffic in the shadows has been a bit more, well, MORE, however, and not all of those passing by are human. Or Changelings, for that matter. The coming and going is discreet, but typically ends up by the riverbank at one point in the process.

xxxxx"In the end, I just used Vix rub and told the girl that if she blew on her thumb long enough she would summon a star that could grant wishes," Rosalind is telling Nina as the two meander down from the Marina. "She looked pallid and had these huge, puffy eyes, so it looked great. She looked hauunted. Well. As haunted as any child not growing up in Hollywood can be," Rosalind concedes, drawing whatever story she had begun to a close.

Curiosity has brought Nanette out tonight. It's not that she's planning on setting foot in the Goblin Market alone, but at least scoping out the entrance is something she's taken it into her head to do. It helps that she is not alone, though it is likely that only the Purified fellow soon to be in the mix would be aware of that. Trailing after Nanette is a ghostly figure; an elderly gentleman, very much dead and not-so-gone. The ghost trails after her, talking in French in a lecturing sort of tone. And Nanette? She has chosen to lift a cellphone to her ear to mask the fact that she's talking back to someone that most people can't see nor hear, though her side of the conversation is also in French, which she is quite fluent in, even if her half-Hispanic looks make it seem to those who expect the expected that she should be speaking in Spanish. Not that she's saying much as she meanders down closer to the river, dressed in simple black jeans and a crimson crop top.

Leaning against Gwydion is Rebel, her hand loosely holding onto his arm. She still looks extremely tired, to the point she almost looks sickly. Sleep has started taking its toll on the little immortal. In the hand not clinging to Gwydion she holds a pouch, "This way, Dion. I want to go here." she insists to him, sounding a little more adamant that she normally does with him. "It seems a good place to go." Her hand holding the pouch grips tighter. She holds onto it like it is a life line.

xxxxxNina keeps pace with Rosalind, though her attention is on pretty much every aspect of their surroundings. The other people passing by, the various entrances and exits onto the streets, it's a subtle but reflexive observation of the area, conducted in-between the little nods of someone who's paying just enough attention to know when to respond. xxxxx"Things like this make me glad I'm already about as disillusioned as I can be when it comes to Hollywood anything," she remarks, however, proving she has, in fact, been keeping pace with the conversation! Whatever that happens to be.

Gwydion yawning a bit he nods some, "Sure sure. Lets go see what's what over here I suppose." His eyes are casually scanning the area with an almost bored look on his face likely having seen something like this, "So is this from the flowers again or did you really want to come over here on your own volition?" The tall stockyish man dwarfs the tiny Rebel next to him but he's extremely gentle with the young woman.

xxxxxThe water of the river ripples as Nanette approaches, something moving beneath the surface. Whatever it is, it darts fluidly away, never breaking into the air. Rosalind and Nina may not see the whatever-it-is, but they can certainly see Nanette.

xxxxxOn the other side of the street and far enough away for the shhhhh of tires on asphalt to cover most of the sound, Rebel and Gwydion, once Rebel gets close to a certain alleyway, receive a "Hsst!" to catch their attention, a figure wearing layers upon layers of grimy knitwork and crochet beckoning to them to come closer. The holes in the very patchwork garments have been carefully arranged, layered such that none of them go clear through to the inside. "Pawn! You, girl. Come to granny, yes, that's a good child." Eyes almost lost in wrinkles look up at Gwydion, beckoning him in too.

Nanette spots Rebel and her companion before she does Rosalind and hers, and her mismatched eyes widen. "C'est la fille, Grandpere. Une minute, s'il vous plait." She then stuffs the phone into her jeans pocket and starts off in the direction of Rebel and Gwydion. "Rebel!" Somewhere, somehow, she's finally learned the little Immortal's name. "Rebel, are you alright?" She's too far away to hear that beckoning sound or see who calls out, though she does startle and pause at the whatever-it-is in the water, turning her head sharply to the side to stare off after it. Is she a little edgy? Perhaps. Any time she's seen Rebel before, things got strange.

xxxxxRosalind appears ready to say something, but the Rebel Yell sees her effervescent small talk fall flat. "Shit," She whispers to Nina, leaning in to say something quietly between the two.

"I do everything of my own violation, Dion." scoffs Rebel, with a laugh. She is absolutely ignoring the fact that there is an incident or two that indicated otherwise. A bit of a cheeky grin is given up to Gwydion, "Unless it is something you want me to do. You're the most demanding of all." It doesn't sound like complaining, just teasing. A surprised sound is given at the attempt to get her attention then the beckoning. The 'granny' is studied by the little Rebel then she hears Nanette call her name and beams at her. "Hi!" she greets, seeming far more at ease with Gwydion present. Back to the Granny she looks, "Lets see what she wants, Dion. Maybe she has a store that sells cute things I can use for costumes." To Nanette, "We're going this way." It is has, so far, not ended well when Rebel decides to go do a thing, especially since she arrived insisting they had to be /here/. She still clutches the pouch securely. To Gwydion, "That one is nice, Dion." She's probably described Nanette to him. When Rebel sees Rosalind she does press a little closer to Gwydion and tugs him a little more towards the Granny, as he likely expects she's not interested in being around a person that makes her uncomfortable.

Gwydion blinks a bit then looks over at Nanette holding his finger up to the old woman in the alley, "You can wait a second." Then he looks over at Rebel, "I think we should hold off on going in dark alleys just yet. Specially to meet with children who call you a pawn." Then back to Nanette, "Comment ça, c'est la fille ?" Then back to the old woman, "You come here if you want to talk."

xxxxxNina's own gaze is tracking Nanette, initially, that startle noted, curiosity piqued even as her attention is drawn by Rosalind over towards Rebel. Ultimately, however, her attention strays back towards the railing overlooking the water, brow furrowed slightly, and she leans her head to murmur something back to the woman alongside her.

xxxxxThe alley-garbed granny's expression flickers through the faintest hint of disapproval when Rebel and Gwydion call someone else over, but the expression is gone again almost before it arrives. With Gwydion stopping them from going into the safer shadows, the short, filthy woman steps closer instead, moving in haste before other

xxxxx"Listen closely, girl," the granny murmurs in her broken voice, then leans in (with ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE BREATH) to whisper something to Rebel. Seriously. It smells like a flat, dead opossum found on the road, then simmered in rotting swamp muck and tobacco.

xxxxxSettling back down, she holds out a hand, expectant, and hisses a wary encouragement to hurry.

Sent privately to Rebel: (The granny's whisper is: "You have his look about you. For a seed, I'll give you truth: say the words by the riverbank to enter Nonesuch Market. It is not a safe place, no, not for girls like you, but it is safer from HIM, for market truce.")

Nanette is fairly easy to describe, even if she'd have to be a lot closer for her most unusual feature to be apparent... that one eye is sky blue and the other bright silver. Still, she could probably still be recognized based on a description. It also seems to be her lot in life to go chasing after Rebel, and that is what she does now, breaking into a sprint to try to get across the street. "Seriously, are you okay? I've been freaked the hell out since...." And then Gwydion is speaking to her, and she's blinking, then flashing a quick, tense grin. But she replies in English, perhaps for Rebel's sake. "I was just speaking to my Grandpere... on the phone." Riiight. And not to the man of grandfatherly age ghosting along (literally) behind her. "I'd told him about what happened." She's finally approaching close enough to catch sight of the filthy grandmother, though at this point her ghost companion hangs back. "I'm Nanette, by the way," she informs Rebel.

She does also finally spot Rosalind and Nina, giving the former a quick, worried look before turning her attention back to the trio before her.

xxxxxRosalind leans in closer to hear, and her eyes follow Nina's words, hidden only by her large shades. Her face blanches.

xxxxx"That's my... Oy. I need to deal with this. I feel weird saying it, but I understand. This isn't something I would drag you into," says the woman who would absolutely drag Nina just about anywhere. She nods at Nina again before breaking into a run towards Nanette

"But the best stores are always hidden in dark alleys, Dion!" A sulky look is given up to him but she doesn't actually resist his decision. When the Granny approaches and whispers to her Rebel tilts her head. A moment of uncertainty is given but she does pull something from her griped pouch, releasing the arm she holds to do that. She, almost grudgingly hands over what she took out. It's not clear what, except, maybe, to Gwydion. She does seem a bit concerned for parting with what she did, though. To Nanette she beams, tugging at Gwydion a little to follow the Granny. "I'm well. I'm a resilient girl. Besides, I have Dion." she assures Nanette. Rebel's expression makes it clear that she was following what was being said (even if the player was not). Language doesn't seem to be much of a barrier for Rebel. "I'm Rebel and this is Dion." Rebel never calls Gwydion anything but Dion so he gets to give the name he is currently using.. "Well, you already know my name. So, I don't suppose I need to tell you again." When Rosalind approaches Rebel moves to a point where she'll be furthest from her without being far from Gwydion.

Gwydion looks beyond Nanette's shoulder and offers a simple nod before he looks back at Nanette, "I see. Well I'm sure that he's very close to you. And I heard what you tried to do for Rebel. And I'm Evan. Dion's just an old pet name she's got for me." As Rebel starts to shift to be further away from Rosalind, Gwydion rotates himself slightly to be between the two, "I don't believe anything good can come of those darlin." He's keeping an eye on the old woman but isn't preventing Rebel from doing what she's needing/wanting to do with her just not letting her run down a dark alley with that kind of breath weapon wielding old woman, "What's your name ma'am?"

xxxxxThe furrow in Nina's brow deepens upon hearing what Rosalind has to say, but while Rosalind herself rushes off, Nina remains behind to move closer to the railing, affording the water a curious glance. The surroundings, themselves, are given another slow appraisal as she starts to move towards Rosalind again, flanking the older woman at about three feet-- close enough to hear, but giving enough room so as to not immediately engage, the cluster of people given a rather thorough once-over.

xxxxxThe rattily-clad old woman seems content to shuffle back into the stinking messes of 'her' alley, starting to turn away before Gwydion's words stop her. She looks up at him, squinting through her wrinkles, and smiles a gap-toothed smile before lifting a finger to waggle his way. "Naughty lad, asking for names. Call me Granny Appleseed, and that will be enough."

xxxxxHer breath only gets worse upon repetition.

Nanette shifts around until she is flanking Rebel, though as protectors go, she looks a lot less capable than the taller Purified on her other side. Another glance gets cast to Rosalind and then past her to the trailing Nina, before she looks to Granny Appleseed. And finally to Rebel. "What did you give her?" she asks, trying to keep her tone as gentle as she can.

The immortal Reborn is polite enough she makes zero comment on the breath of Granny Appleseed. Rebel does, briefly glance towards the Riverbank, staring there a moment. Then Nanette's question comes and her attention is drawn back to her over the riverbank. Something must have Rebel's attention in regards to river. "A payment." says Rebel, not a lie but neither is it the full truth. After the Granny Rebel looks, "Pish, Dion, I know when things are good and bad." Not that her actions have really indicated as such recently. Though, there is a notable different from previous interactions with her. She seems more calm and patient over just doing what she wants instantly. Likely it is due to the Purified at her side. "Lets go to the river." says Rebel, quite abruptly. "Dionnnn. I want to go tot he river." She is always so demanding of him.

xxxxxWhile the group clusters around the alley, a few passersby give them odd looks, but the look turns to either sympathy or a quick look away when it seems they're talking with a homeless lady.

xxxxx"Granny Appleseed?" Rosalind says, coming to a stop and standing with her arms clasped behind her. "I think that's a lovely name. No relation to the young mister of the same surname?

xxxxx"Did you decide that the Red Delicious was overrepresented and so you became Granny Appleseed, and you planted all those gross green apples everyone always finds worms in?

xxxxx"Or do you just like apples because they're delicious and for some reason New Englanders won't shut up about the damn things, those and cranberries, which are gross?"

xxxxxAll that eyeballing the river has certainly caught Nina's attention, that curiosity ratcheted up considerably enough that Nanette is afforded only a passing glance, and a vague incline of her head in Rosalind's direction as if to say 'I'm with her.' And with Rosalind is more or less where she stays, within that same reasonable radius, though the bulk of her attention is-- or was, on Rebel and Gwydion. xxxxxThat is, until her expression makes it clear that she's registered the absolutely foul smell in the air, the depths of it hitting her hard enough that she seems to pale a little. Not so much that she'll be adding to the river's biodiversity anytime soon, but man. She looks like she definitely wants to.

Gwydion looks over at Granny Appleseed, "Is it naughty to ask for a name? I thought it was proper manners. But I must say that's not a proper name to call you by! But if that is what you'd prefer to be called." Then he steps back because that breath is a war crime in of itself and looks over at Rebel, "The River? Is it warm enough to go swimming? Otherwise I see no reason to go by the water." Then Rosalind steps over to begin asking Granny some questions, "Isn't that Granny Smith not Appleseed?" And then he reaches into his pocket to pull out a little round 'tin' of 3 hour Breath Savers and pops one into his mouth before he offers one to Granny Appleseed.

xxxxxThe smelly woman in the alley laughs at Rosalind, a low chuckle at first, then more openly, cackling gently in her old and broken voice. "Oh, you sweet spring child," she soothes, which would be more soothing if her breath didn't still smell like something which would make vultures doubt their life choices. "No. You're asking up the wrong tree, girl."

xxxxxWhen Gwydion offers her the breath saver, she looks him up and down, then asks, "And what would you like for it, dearie?" She grins a gap-toothed grin.

Nanette does, somewhat belatedly, seem to parse something Gwydion said awhile back, and gives him a sudden, sharp look, then one over her shoulder at the person only the two of them can see, and back again. Then a startled look to Rosalind, and then back towards the river. "Are you sure that's a good idea? I saw... something in there, it could be dangerous. I don't think you should go anywhere near there." She reaches out, attempting to place a hand on Rebel's shoulder, but also gives Gwydion a look. "Ever read fairy tales, when you were a kid? Remember any lessons about making deals with humble looking old women? I... seriously wouldn't do that. I am talking the older tales, mind you, not the modern versions."

Rosalind refrains from giving a harsh glare to someone who would intimate she were old, /twice/.

From, well, somewhere... Primrose can be seen a short distance away from the group. She's carrying a canvas bag that's filled with various items, along with a bouquet of flowers that's wrapped up in brown paper and tied with a string. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a singing cartoon pineapple on it, she'll look fairly normal to most folks. For those that can see her, though, flowers grow around her with each step, flourishing and vibrant in colour. Behind her, blue butterfly wings flutter, causing the flower stems to bend and sway as she moves.

Her steps slow a little as she catches sight of the group, a curious look given to them as she takes note of a few familiar faces. That seems to be what has her heading toward them, her features set in a cautious expression. Groups near an alley usually don't equal anything good.

The words spoken to Granny Appleseed by Rosalind get the rankles of Rebel up, overriding her discomfort, "Is there a reason you feel obligated to put insult on each person you meet?" asks Rebel of Rosalind. "I've yet to have an instance where you do not treat someone like they are dirt beneath your feet." Rebel doesn't get angry, easily, but the over tired and likely stressed because of it Rebel finally snaps. "Haven't you heard the saying you catch more flies with honey?" Despite her anger she does stick close to Gwydion, he is who she's been clinging to this whole time. A little sulky look is given to Gwydion at his words, "You don't want to show off how great you are by going to the river with me?" To Nanette she peers then nods, "I think it is a great idea. IT seems very interesting."

xxxxxFor her part, Rosalind simply laughs along with Granny Appleseed. Very likely, one Enchantress to another, or something similar enough in its role. She quiets herself, however, choosing to remain silent. From one tree to another, it would seem.

Gwydion looks towards Granny for a moment and shakes his head, "Nothing. It's a simple gift with nothing required in exchange." A pause, "No debt owed." He looks over at Nanette, "Read fairy tales when I was a kid?" He pauses for a moment, "I can't say I did read them until I was an adult." Most likely because they weren't written down until then. "Rebel darlin if the river is where you want to go we'll head over that way but I'm going to say again I don't think it's a good idea."

xxxxxThat second blast of foul air nearly has Nina's eyes watering-- and she may well wish it did, as it might dampen the full brunt of it that she's taking. But she manages to keep it together, her expression easing a touch after she does herself the favor of finally putting a hand over her mouth, and moving a little further away, in the general direction of the water - you know-- just in case - though not entirely out of earshot. xxxxxCertainly not too far away that she can't hear the one-sided exchange between Rebel and Rosalind, or afford the former a dubious look, but just far enough away that she can mutter a growled, "Jesus christ just take the fucking breathmint," without overt risk of being overheard.

xxxxxThe exceedingly odoriferous old woman smiles up at Gwydion, pats his hand, and accepts the mint with a mild, "What a charming young man. I'll give you advice, then, and you'll take it, if you're wise." She points past the group toward the very Springy Primrose, who did, indeed, come up from the river's edge suspiciously where Rebel has been trying to go. "Don't let your girl go alone."

xxxxxShe laughs again, cackling her rotten-toothed glee, and turns to slowly hobble her way back into the alley, disappearing behind stacks of black plastic garbage bags and metal rubbish bins.

The flutter of butterfly wings at a human size catches Nanette's attention, pulling her gaze off to one side and towards Primrose, who she clearly recognizes from the recent crowning. The woman gets a respectful sort of nod, but she keeps that hand on Rebel's shoulder. She turns to look somewhat helplessly at Rosalind, now, clearly unsure precisely what to do here. Still, she keeps hold of the shoulder. "I /really/ don't think it's a good idea. Would you believe, I saw a shark in the water near my house the other day? What if it swam up the river." Actually, she saw a shark in her super secret sea cave complete with functioning docks, but hey. Details. She isn't unaffected by that gawd awful breath, but her senses are pretty much mundane, so at least it's not going to knock her over. She does look after her shoulder at the retreating Granny, and murmurs, "She's not wrong, though I wouldn't let her go at all. Hasn't she been in enough danger? I've seen what happens to people who get caught up in there. It's not good."

xxxxx"Goodbye, Granny Appleseed!" Rosalind calls out. A moment of heartache is deflected with sunglasses, reflecting something other than her own future. Crossing her arms, she simply seems checked out.

Primrose glances behind herself, just to see if the old woman was pointing at something, or someone, else. Not seeing anything there, her brow furrows a little more as she approaches the group. "Everything okay?" Hazel eyes skip across each person, subtly checking them over to make sure that they look okay, but linger a bit longer on those that she actually knows.

The resting of Nanette's hand on her shoulder causes Rebel to glance at her, a little amused, "Sharks would probably die in a river. They are salt water creatures, generally." At Gwydion Rebel beams and lifts up on her toes to plant a kiss on him, "I'll actually do work at your bar later." By work she likely means drink his alcohol and hassle him and /maybe/ be all bartender like. She lifts a hand to clasps NAnette's wrist of the hand on her shoulder to tug the other woman along, "Come with me then. My Dion will keep you safe too." Rebel has decided for him, totally. When Primrose arrives Rebel's eyes are drawn to her and she is studied, "She looks pretty, Dion." Then to Nanette and Gwydion, "A trip to the river bank we go!"

Watching Granny make her way back into the alley Gwydion simply nods a bit, "Already the planned advice." As Nanette talks of not letting her go at all he shrugs some, "If she were a child and utterly at my control I'd agree I wouldn't let her go at all but she's an adult and capable of her own choices even if I don't agree with them all. Best I can do is help keep her safe." He looks over towards the woman approaching that had Granny's attention for a moment and at the question Gwydion shrugs a bit, "I've been better and a lot less confused but overall fine?" Then Rebel gives him a little kiss, "Sure you will. And yes I'll do my best to keep you safe darlin. Also depends on the Shark. I've seen some caught up the Mississippi when I was down that way a while back. They'll travel a ways up there Bull Sharks I think? Might be mixin up the types but they don't tend to stay long."

xxxxxThe riverbank by the totally innocuous patch of nothing at all important remains as riverbanky as usual.

xxxxxNina is too busy being overwhelmingly grateful for Granny's retreat to note Rosalind's shift in attitude, though she takes her sweet time in dropping her hand away from her nose and mouth. As in: she doesn't, not yet, preferring instead to just breathe this one out until such time as the worst of it passes. xxxxxWhich isn't to say she's entirely without awareness of her surroundings; she still has an eye on the trio, but the distance is such that the peripheral observation may well just go unnoticed.

xxxxx"Rebel?" Rosalind says, finally responding to the other woman. Her tone is soft, the natural drawl of someone who would prefer not to raise their voice. And will not. "Your mind has been invaded and you are suffering from delusions, definitely thoughts, and possibly even memories or suggestions that were planted there.

xxxxx"But you are also showing all the classic signs of what I am going to call a sort of brain cancer. A highly degenerative cancer that eats the lining of your nerves even as it spews poison into your bloodstream while hoarding nutrients for itself.

xxxxx"You willl likely continue to degenerate until you are nothing more than a husk. And it spreads, like an infection. So go to the water, go to the rivers," Rosalind says, as though bored, raising her arm to dramatically point. "Find your baptism there, but you won't find last rites."

Upwards at Gwydion Rebel beams and tucks herself into his side once more. "Probably not fun for sharks in rivers. They don't have much space to do their thing. It would be fun to see a whale in the river, though. Those things are /massive/." To the river bank Rebel urges Nanette and Gwydion, leaving it up to Nina and Rosalind if they follow. She does stop by Primrose to beam, "Hi! We're going to the river bank if you want to come." There is no dissuading Rebel from her plans. Once there, entirely ignoring Rosalind's words. She's entirely leaving it up to Gwydion to respond if she decides too. Once at the river she murmurs something and watches the water, likely she is trying to debunk (or prove it to be true) something. Not once does she release Gwydion's arm. The words she speaks are probably familiar to some people present.

"Mm. It depends on how close we are to the mouth of the river. I haven't been back in town long enough to be entirely sure. Salt water tends to mix with the fresh, especially when the tide is coming in." Nanette smiles, though it's a tense sort of smile. "I spend a lot of time on boats." But she's looking back to Rosalind, even as her wrist is being taken, eyebrows going up in a question, though whether the question is understood is another matter.

Then, back to Primrose. "This is Rebel, the young woman you may have heard of recently? She... seems to be drawn to the river. Like she was to the hedge maze the other day." Then, back to Rosalind, and the Enchanted woman looks honestly a little bit shocked. Still, in the end she allows Rebel to tug her along, perhaps hoping to prevent calamity by staying close.

Since there's only one interesting thing by the river that the Fairest knows about, it has Primrose frowning a little and shifting her bag on her shoulder. "Thank you," the comment is given to Rebel when the other woman says that she's pretty. A sidelong look is given to Rosalind when she speaks and it looks as though Prim is about to say something, but decides against it in the end. Nanette's explanation seems to get her moving, though, as she turns to follow the trio toward the water. "She seems to know where she's going, which likely isn't a good thing." The words are murmured half under her breath. She's not telling people to stop, though. No longer being in charge does have some disadvantages.

xxxxxThe river, sadly, shows no signs of containing convenient sharks. Or whales, for that matter. The water laps at the banks, seemingly empty of any interesting attractions. Sure, it smells like more people have been walking onto this patch of bank than can reasonably be understood, but maybe they were using it as a boat launch?

xxxxxNina does eventually make her way back in Rosalind's direction, watching the whole slow-motion would-be trainwreck as it continues to take place, without any real sign of anyone stepping in to intervene. Save one, to whom Nina remarks, "Watching this makes me feel like I have a head injury."

xxxxx"I think my head injury is giving me migraines," Rosalind responds, forcing herself to settle down. She smiles at Nina. "I'm wiped out. I'm going to go home and just..." Rosalind spaces out for the space of a whole breath. "Think. Maybe watch the shadows grow longer on the wall. Listen to some Glass Animals."

Gwydion looks over towards Rosalind for just a moment listening to her words he frowns almost letting the weight of his age show on his face... Almost. Instead he takes a breath as if he's going to say something then just sighs and starts to go with Rebel although he does start to lead her away from the path she's trying to take, "Let me circle the area. Just to ensure it's safe." Then a look towards Nanette, "The hedge maze?"

Nanette digs in her heels at a certain point, and frees herself from Rebel's grip, as gently as she can, but firmly nonetheless. "Look. I can't go there. You shouldn't, either. I know you think you want to. You probably think it's your own idea, too, but... it's not. And I know this stuff is all weird and confusing. But seriously, don't. I can't go with you. It's not safe, and I haven't survived twenty five years of seeing this stuff to just.. traipse into that place." She turns to Gwydion. "I respect your willingness to let her make choices for herself. The thing is? She's not. She's beinbg controlled by something that doesn't mean her any good, or so I'm guessing, because they never do. Something alien. So... do with that what you think best, but I just.. I can't." She backs away. "I'm sorry." And she backs away further.

xxxxxUpon seeing Nanette start to back off, Nina looks to Rosalind again, and says, "Looks like your goddaughter wised up, at least." Beat. "Any chance you want some company?"

"I was really hoping to see a shark in the river." Towards the more trodden area Rebel moves and humms. Though her pockets she ruffles and pulls out a needle. She's a designer, of course she has a needle at hand. At Gwydion's request she gives a pause with the needle and waits for him to do his thing and once back she does the proper steps for the opening of the market at the river banks. Nanette's departure, "It's okay, Nanette! I have my Dion and he'll never let me be in a bad place. Besides, I never ask people to do what they aren't willing." She studies the river again, "I wonder if it is safer or not." This is murmured to herself.

Gwydion looks around as he finishes walking around the area before he looks back at Rebel, "This doesn't feel right. I'm going to insist we get more information before we continue on." He looks towards Nanette as she backs off to leave and then Rosalind before she'd left as well then his gaze settles on Primrose, "I don't suppose you'd be able to tell me what's going on? I'm fairly worried about Rebel here and I'd like to see her returned to normal."

xxxxxAs granny told her they would, the stepping stones appear in the river, leading Rebel toward the glowing light of the now-visible gate.

Primrose watches the others leave before she returns her attention to Rebel and Gwydion. For a few moments, she doesn't say anything in response, looking as though she's trying to decide on how much to actually /say/. Finally, she lets out a quiet sigh as the path becomes visible. "Where Rebel is wanting to go, it's not safe. Not for her, not for you. For someone like myself? Even then, it can be dangerous. If I understand correctly, someone is..." her head tips back and forth, "Someone is poisoning her dreams. I /think/ that's what's happening. I, myself, don't know how to fix it. Rebel will need someone to walk her dreams and help that way and that takes a bit of trust." Yes, the Fairest is likely giving a hell of a lot more information than some of the others would have.

Towards the open gate Rebel starts to step, pausing when Gwydion asks to get more information, "Granny Appleseed said it is safer for me. I'm curious to know if that is true. They keep warning me against the..man?.. but he says such sweet words but it doesn't seem like it is right." Another step is taken towards the gate, "So, the best solution is to test the words put to me. To see which is safer for me."

Gwydion nods a bit as he thinks but he just shrugs, "I haven't lived this long to be worried about something not being safe." As Primrose talks about dreams he looks back at Rebel, "We're not going in there just yet darlin. Don't cross that path yet. Until I know what I'm facing I can't properly prepare to be able to protect you. And that man from the hiking trail? He was... Wrong. And you know when I say something is wrong it's so far from the natural order that it's disturbing." His eyes settle on Primrose again, "Trust is a two way street. Rebel's dreams are being influenced by something or someone so your thoughts that her dreams are being poisoned is likely correct. Is there any way we can get the information and help to actually fix this? I'd prefer a peaceful solution."

Primrose offers a faint smile to Rebel, "It may seem like the better option, to take that path, but it might not be." Her gaze slips back to Gwydion, "I can put you in touch with someone that can find the right people to help." A small shrug is given, "I'm no longer in charge, or I'd take care of it all myself. I'm kind of wary about stepping on toes, though, now that it's Summer. Can you give me your number? I'll pass it along to the right people and someone will come talk to you and Rebel. They'll help and hopefully get things straightened out. I'd only gotten a few reports on what was happening before Spring ended, so I'm not up to speed on it all."

At Gwydion's refusal to enter Rebel stops her steps and turns to him, "You think so, Dion?" Back to him she starts to walk, peering behind her at the gate then she moves to Gwydion's side once more. She's not (yet?) in a place where she ignores what he says. Another glance to the gate is given before she settles against Gwydion's side. Now that she is so close Primrose can probably see pretty clearly how very tired and worn out Rebel looks. She puts up a good front. "Well, you seem like Linus, who is nice and seems very smart of this sort of stuff. I just go with what Dion says."

Gwydion nods a bit, "I don't think we should go in there. It's... Not someplace I feel safe going." He looks over at Primrose and pulls out a card from his pocket for the Red Dragon Saloon, "I own the Red Dragon Saloon can usually be found there but it's got my number on the card. And if you'd like to be there I'd appreciate it. You've at least explained things somewhat." He looks back towards the path and shudders a bit not seeing anything from twilight or shadow along the way, "Oh Rebel do you know how to get in touch with Nanette? She had a friend I wanted to talk to."

Primrose nods to Gwydion as she takes the card. "I'll pass this along to Thorn and let him know what's going on. And I'll tell him to make sure that I'm there when he goes to talk to you both. I'll try to explain things as much as I can when we meet up again, because being in the dark is a shitty thing. Besides, I get the feeling you're not the typical human. Oh!" She offers both a smile, "I'm Primrose Sauvage. If you need me for anything, I own Blossom and Bloom and I'm usually there during the day. If you come around at night, just ring the bell for the apartment above, which is where I live."

"Nope, I don't! I never asked her." Then she peers at Primrose and grins at her, "I'm Rebel Nicks, I own Fantastic Finds and work for my Dion." By basically doing nothing. A glance is again given towards the gate, which is probably closed by now (right?!).

Gwydion nods a bit at Rebel's response, "I see. Well I'll see if I can't get word to her through other channels." He looks back over to Primrose and smiles, "Thank you. A pleasure to meet you. I'm Evan Smith. This is." Then Rebel introduces herself, "We should step away from this area. And Rebel you have to promise me not to go through that gate without me."