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Double Beach Picnic Date

Two couples, two changelings, two shifters, and two cats

Dramatis Personae

Bjorn and his HBC Huginn, Dani and her HBC Jorgee, Kirsikka and Samantha

May 1st, 2021

Dani invites her boyfriend, her cousin and her cousin's fiance to join her on a beach for a picnic. Discussion leads to them sharing certain secrets.


Rising Moon Isle in the Open Ocean near Fallcoast

xxxxxWelcome the the Family by Little Big Town

It's the first of May... May Day to many, Beltain to some. It's a pleasant day, with a balmy (for Maine) 54-degrees Fahrenheit but also fairly windy. Early in the day Dani texted (yes, she knows how to text!) Bjorn and her cousin Kirsikka inviting them to join her around noon for a picnic on the beach at the family island; her message to her cousin said to not forget to invite her intended of course!

In preparation she enlisted the aid of the children at the longhouse. With their help she located an appropriately thick blanket and prepared a lunch including fish (relatively fresh), sandwiches, snacks and drinks. The troop of kids even helped her truck the supplies to the beach as the time approached and, in exchange for their help, she gave them each candy: a Hershey Kiss and a peppermint disk (one each so as not to over sugar them).

The children departed as the time approached and Dani laid out the blanket, putting small stones (four at each of the corners and another four roughly on the middle of each side) to hold it down and selected one of the dozen throw pillows brought out as well so as to lay down and rest her head while she waited for her guests.

Bjorn arrives a relatively short time after. He manages to move passed the children on their way out smiling and saying hello to all before making his way further down the beach. A raven perched upon his shoulder as he arrives at the beach he smiles at Dani and greets her. "Hey there love." He says before sitting down long blonde hair tied back into a braid as normal, he wears a black t-shirt with Tyr's logo on it (A band.) His leather jacket over that jeans and boots but on top his head is a Indiana Jones style hat.

Samantha walks along with Kirsikka, a small basket held in her arms, she smiles as she glances slowly about curiously at everything and everyone. The tiny woman dressed in a loose sundress today of a pale blue, looking odd next to her much larger companion.

Kirsikka, being Kir... doesn't have the same paleness in her outfit. Her dress is yellow. With pea-green long socks on top, giving the outfit just a hint of horribleness "So, free food..." she starts

Dani's outfit is similar to her normal one: leather jacket and boots with a denim skirt made from a pair of jeans split up the inner seam with additional fabric between the legs to fill out the front and back; however, the colors are not her typical choice... the boots are dark green (as is the woven leather and tasseled belt about her hips), the jacket is a bright sky blue and the skirt is dark brown jeans with moderate brown additional panels. A knife is attached to a supportive belt at her waist which is also brown. As her guests begin to arrive she sits up and greets each with a smile.

To Bjorn, the Beast says, "Hello elskan," while her hedge beast companion says, "Bonjour Gardien," ("Hello Warder") in his native Quebecois French.

A few moments later, addressing Samantha and Kirsikka, Dani says, "Hey there ladies," after which she asks, "I made lots of sandwiches as I wasn't sure everyone's preferences but if you like cheese, hummus and mustard I'd recommend the turkey, provolone and hummus sandwiches," and then asks, "Does everyone know each other, other than Bjorn and Sam or are introductions needed?"

Bjorn smiles back. "Hello." He replies to Jorgee with a nod. "Huginn you can go explore the Island if you'd like or stay up to you." He says to his own beast companion who appears to give Dani a nod and what could be a laugh though with the cawing Raven it's hard to tell. "And Huginn no stealing shinies if you leave." This earns Bjorn a caw of indignation from the Raven. But he looks up and tips his hat back. "Her I met at Bifrost, during the opening though I can't remember her name." He says pointing a Kirsikka. "Ladies I'm Bjorn Torsen a pleasure to meet you both." He stands removing his hat and giving a flourishing if over exaggerated bow where his hand with the hat comes out to the side. He straightens up after a few moments places his fedora back upon his head and sits back down.

Samantha looks up to Bjorn, way up and smiles and says softly, "It is a pleasure to meet you sir." he smiles keeping her arm wrapped about Kirsikka waist "I am Samanth McKeen." glances curiously after the birds.

Kirsikka looks after the bird as well "I mean, Turkey sounds good..." she starts, sniffing instinctively, her eyes still traveling "And stealing shinies... why would anyone do that?" she teases, before smiling at Bjorn "Kirsikka!"

Dani gives Bjorn a look and calls out to Huginn, "Don't get into fights with the local ravens, return to us as fast as you can if there's trouble!" Then, at a normal speaking level she says, "The two of them are engaged," to Bjorn and, "Bjorn and I.... we're bound together but nothing as formal as a marriage. We're dating though."

Bjorn puts an arm around Dani and chuckles. "I'm sure Huginn will be fine I don't think he's crazy enough to get into fights." He says watching as his raven soars off for a bit. "Well congrats to you both than I'm glad I brought this than." He grins pulling out a bottle of clearly homemade mead from his jacket. "Mead, my family's recipe." He says to them setting the bottle down. "Yes were dating and so far I seem to have the approval of the Wagners I've met so far. Though being of Scandinavian culture who really knows?" Bjorn teases with a chuckle.

Samantha grins over to Bjorn and says, "I know what you mean I am never sure if they approve or not, I mean little Irish me...." she shrugs, "But I think they like that I am in medicine...

Kirsikka tilts her head "Well, too many ravens." she teases with a smile "So, the two ravens get into fights?"

"Well... no, but... Sonja's ravens are /the/ ravens of the island... just don't want Huginn to... cause Bjorn problems unintentionally," Dani explains to her cousin. Then, on the concept of family and acceptance, she looks excited and, after going "oh oh!" for a moment, she says, "I heard a song recently that explains it really well I think..." she frowns and says, "Jorgee, come out and tell me... what was that song about the family with the undertaker, the sheriff and the judge?"

As requested, a red and black ladybeetle crawls out of Dani's hair, where he was hiding behind her ear, down to her shoulder. "Okaaay, you'd better be right about the cat's beloved though," he says in his French-Canadian accented English. Not showing any outward signs of concern (how do you read an insect's body language after all) he answers the question, "It was 'Welcome to the Family' by Little Big Town."

Nodding, Dani sings some of the song's lyrics under her breath: "Brother, here's some brotherly advice: If you know what's good for you, You'll treat her right, cause..."

Bjorn laughs as he hears Dani about the lyrics. "Asger, that's so Asger." He chuckles before he groans. "Oi Huginn what did I say about the shines. Get back here now." He shouts and the Raven appears to sigh as he flies back and lands on Bjorns shoulder. "She's apparently ok, Huginn." He says. "Now whats with you and shinies." Huginn than laughs or caws that sounds like laughing. "I'm a Raven we take shinies and play tricks that's what we do." The Raven retorts before falling silent again. "Well we Scandinavians can be hard to read some times. Medicine nice and here I thought my amateur MMA career was something to brag about. Yours is by far more brag worthy."

Samantha blinks looking between the lady bug and the raven and says softly, "Ummm." she glance to Kirsikka and says, "Are they um... like us or?"

Kirsikka looks over "I don't think they are." she offers, biting her lip "At least the ladybug isn't."

Looking the other two women in the eyes, first her cousin and then her cousin's fiancé, Dani says, "I'm like Kirsikka in some ways and not like either of you in others," to Samantha. Regarding Bjorn and his raven she says nothing, giving him a meaningful but silent glance to let him know its up to him what he wants to say. Continuing to speak to the two shifters, who she returns her gaze back to, she asks, "Do you become a feline also, Sam?" of the shorter woman.

Bjorn leans back. "Like you not sure what that means. Huginn is a Raven, and me well I'm like Dani and also not like her in the same way." He says simply. "I wouldn't ordinarily say anything or even have Huginn speak but I thought it'd be alright my apologies if I've made you nervous."

Samantha looks to Dani and shakes her head and says, "Not a cat no..." she blushes and bites her lip looking to Kirsikka and says, "Um."

Kirsikka smiles at Sam, as if trying to encourage her, reaching to squeeze her Shoulder "I see." she starts.

Dani hands out sandwiches and bottles of soda, all cream soda unless asked otherwise. She lets the moment linger as she eats some of the sandwich she pulled out for herself. After a few bites she speaks again. "Okay, so... y'all are like werewolves but not right? Also we're all family... or family adjacent. I can't tell Bjorn's secret but if he tells his you know mine... in the most overarching sense." She smiles and asks, "Who wants to break this awkwardness?"

Bjorn takes one of Dani's hands in his and kisses the back of it softly before he takes a bite of his own sandwich. "My secret is mostly the same as Dani's. I'm like her just a different..." He taps his chin here. "Ethnicity I guess you could say. So like you have Scandinavian which is all encompassing but then there's Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Greenlandic, and such all of which are different though very similar. It's kind of like that." He then raises a brow and looks to Huginn and back to Dani kind of shocked. "Werewolf but not?" He asks scratching his head.

Samantha blushes and says softly, "Nothing so grand as a werewolf. I mean, they are big slobbering monsters aren't they, I mean I am tiny and cute..." she sighs and looks to Kirsikka, "One of these days you really are going to have to show me the trick with the clothes..."

Kirsikka blushes "I mean, dogs are dorky... and so are werewolves..." she starts, looking at the blonde.

Dani laughs and, after handing her half-eaten sandwich to Bjorn with total trust (she let go before knowing he had it), hops up to her feet and says, "Okay, you guys are still bandying about this so let me kick this conversation in its ass."

In reaction to his changeling's swift movement, Jorgee takes to wing moments before her form blurs causing her to become a fairly large feline of the Maine Coon variety (possibly on the order of half her natural weight and standing nearly a foot at her shoulders).

Dani-the-Cat looks at Bjorn and wriggles her nose and whiskers at him before looking at the other couple. She then speaks, her voice having a weird blend of Sounds-just-like-Dani and cat meows. "So, see, I'm something like my cousin, but... maybe even less natural?"

Bjorn stands and pops his neck. "OK So I'm not quite as cute and adorable as Dani kitten over here. Mine is Dragon and an Incubus hybrid of sorts if that makes sense." He says with a chuckle. "But only those like us and a very select few others can see that."

Samantha blushes brightly and looks to Kirsikka and says, "Um, you really need to teach me that trick with clothing, you know I can change dressed..." her ear tips redden, "I am um... and otter?" glancing between the Dani and Bjorn, really hoping they will just take her word for it.

Kirsikka nods, biting her lip before just... changing, looking at the cat with wide, yellow eyes, becoming a rather large cat herself and.. meowing. Like a normal cat

Dani-the-Cat nods as her cousin becomes a cat as well. "I knew that," she says with a feline accent to her speech about Kirs' transformation. She then looks up at the five-foot-tall Samantha and questioningly comments, "Otter?" before adding, "That's interesting," with an amused flavor to her words.

Bjorn scritches Dani behind the ears before looking at Kirsikka. "I see interesting. Your family doesn't do normal do they?" He asks teasingly before looking over to Samantha. "An otter, that's adorable. But I won't ask you to shift I can't exactly show you my true form so it's fair." Bjorn smiles genuinely and reassuringly before turning back and biting his own sandwich and speaking to Dani again. "So you and your cousin are both cats that's cool."

Samantha nods to BJorn and says, "Thanks, I am really new to this stuff, I have run into other things in the past though....dark things.' she wraps her arms about herself and shivers a bit.

Fluffy Cat meows in protest, as if turning into a cat were entirely normal, before looking at Sam with concern, climbing into her lap

At the mention of dark things, the DaniCat shivers. She then nods, very human like and says, "There's scores of us Wagners in town and there's what... a dozen or so of us who are... not normal as you put it, Bjorn." She then turns her muzzle towards Samantha and asks, "Are there names for what you two are?"

Bjorn smiles and pets Dani. "I don't mean that to say there's anything wrong with it. Normal would be rather boring I know I lived it once upon a time." He then looks to Samantha. "I've seen dark things myself plenty of them. Know you're not alone in that ok?" Bjorn says with a smile before looking between Kirsikka and Sam. "Actually that is a good question."

Samantha says softly, "I have heard of what I am called river kin, as a group I am not sure if there is a name for all of us furries."

Fluffy Cat blinks, staring at Sam, poking her with a paw.

Dani bobs her head to acknowledge the information provided by Samantha and slow blinks at her cousin's actions.

Bjorn nods. "I see. I think I have some stuff to read up on see if there's any mention of such beings in our ancient tales." He looks to Sam. "It truly is interesting, I hope you have the best of times with what you can do."

Samantha smiles and says, "Well I love the water and the ocean so." she smiles, and looks down to Kirsikka, "Well you are furry you know look at all the fur all over our room

Fluffy Cat lets out a chuckle, poking her tongue out, before her gaze roams, to let her voice be in everyone's head "I mean, it had to be the room... she dislikes when I climb into the laundry basket... but it is nice and warm!"

Dani nods again as if this is not the first time a cat has spoken into her head. "We..." she glances at Bjorn but her cat face is unreadable to any but the fluffy cat who sees that she's saying you-linked-us-first before continuing "...are victims of abduction. Unless you grew up without human contact you're familiar with stories of our abductors... Disney made them seem friendly but even the famous brothers' forms might be... kinder than reality. I won't say their name..." the DaniCat's eyes dart to Bjorn and then return to the woman with the cat in her lap "...and we ask that you don't do so either, just indicate you understand... if not Bjorn or I can try to find another way to explain."

Bjorn nods his head. "The stories of our abductors are well known through a lot of cultures and mythos. Most notable is Celtic who tell stories about our abduction though again they are kinder and gentler and make it seem like they only take children. This clearly isn't the case, but some were treated better than others. I myself was forced into blood sport and acts of well lust to get information I'll let you fill in the blanks." He sighs and takes a drink from the mead bottle. "But we escaped we are back and we are happy right kitten?" Bjorn asks with a light hearted tone. "Though as Dani said we do ask that none speak their names."

Fluffy Cat tilts her head "And I... just basically got up and... changed into a cat." she offers, blinking

DaniCat sits back on her haunches and, shrugging her shoulders slightly, releases the glamour holding her transformation.

Dani, in her human form and sitting cross-legged on where the cat was a moment ago, simply says, "Oh," before asking, "You don't know others like you then?"

Bjorn smiles and scratches his head thoughtfully. "Well looks like we'll have to attempt to find more like her huh Dani?" He asks giving her a playful nudge.

Dani nods slowly to Bjorn but keeps her eyes on the cat in the lap more than the possessor of the lap as she asks him, "But would she want me to?"

Fluffy Cat tilts her head "Well, it means sharing laps and tuna." she teases "But I met a few like me! They are fun! Mostly. One is odd. Prefers to be a cat, you see?"