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Donuts and Coffee


Dramatis Personae

Rakel, Westley

26 August, 2016

A woman buys a homeless punk some breakfast, and offers a couch for him to crash on.


Dippin Donuts

Westley is in a bit of pain. His clothing hides the bandages well, but the young punk is fairly battered from...something. He is seated outside of Dippin Donuts, sipping a cup of black coffee and taking small bites from a donut. He isn't filthy or anything, but the kid certain looks down and out. He glances up now and again as people pass by, wary and tired.

One of those people that passes by is Rakel, her blue dress marking her out as someone who is atleast moderately successful or at least likes to wear a nice dress once in a while. Apparently she is feeling in a charitable mood, as she approaches Westley and offers him a twenty. "Here, buy yourself something nice for supper tonight." Pretty smile!

He blinks and glances up. His gaze travels up the length of her form and he clears his throat, reaching out to take the twenty. "Uh. Thanks, miss. That's a nice dress." Westley's accent certainly is not local. Midwest, maybe? He downs the rest of his doughnut and washes it down with some coffee, stuffing the cash away. He winces slightly as he does so.

Rakel smiles. "Thank you. It is one of my favorites." She looks at the donut shop for a moment, as if considering getting one for herself. "Hmm... how are the donuts here?"

Westley considers that as he glances back at the donut shop. "They're pretty good, yeah. Good coffee, too." His stomach audibly growls. "Might use that twenty on some more donuts for now." He chuckles and pulls himself to his feet. As he does so the hind of a bandage under his shirt can be seen, and he tugs the shirt back into place.

When Westley gets to his feet Rakel catches sight of his discomfort and the probable reason for it. "You're injured?" She inquires, a slight hint of concern in her voice.

"Eh, I'm fine. Got into a scuffle," he lies. "I'll be good again in no time, though. Already mostly closed, anyways." He flashes a grin and makes his way over to the door, holding it open for her as he brings his coffee to his lips with his other hand.

Rakel follows after him towards the door, but pauses a moment. "There will be a martial arts studio opening in the historical boardwalk in the coming weeks. You should look into it, I could see that you get some lessons to keep yourself safe from... more scuffles." She then enters the establishment ahead of Westley.

Westley arches an eyebrow at that and then shakes his head. "Uh. Thanks but...nah. Not really my thing." He holds the door for her, and then slips in behind her.

Once inside, Rakel looks about for a moment before turning back to Westley. "Well, allow me to buy something for you, and you can keep that twenty for later. Alright?" She smiles reassuringly before finding a place to sit.

Westley is a hormonal teen, so he briefly takes advantage of her heading ahead of him for his gaze to dip from behind. He then lets the door close and moves in beside her. "Not one to turn down a free meal. Sure. I'm Wes, by the way."

"I am Rakel. It is nice to meet you." Once she had spotted a potential spot to sit, she steps up to order and gets a plain glazed donut with a coffee before letting Westley order as well.

Westley furrows his brow a bit. "Rakel. Huh. Never heard a name like that before. Kind of cool." He steps up to order an old-fashioned with maple frosting, and a refill on his own coffee. He then moves over to help claim the booth for them, setting the donut down.

Rakel slips into the booth with Westley. "Well, my real name is Heather, but I've been going by Rakel for quite a while now. It's a bit of a long story." She takes a moment to test-nibble her doughnut and smiles. She is pleased.

Westley nods to that. "Well, Rakel it is. Who am I to judge the name you go by? I have blue hair." He smirks and takes a big bite of his donut, before nodding in approval. He washes the bite down with a long sip of his coffee.

Rakel grins. "It has a story, but Im sure your hair has a story, too." She laughs pleasantly and sips at her coffee. "So, do you not have a place to live or do you just... look like it?"

Westley smirks a bit at that. "Where I lay my head is home." He works slowly on his donut and coffee as he glances up at her now and again. "Been on the road for coming up on two years now. Had a few people offer me couch-space now and again but...usually dudes wanting to...you know." He shrugs. "And not quite my thing."

Rakel nods at the potential Metallica reference and smiles. "Ah, yeah, I can see how that would be less appealing. Probably more likely to take them up on that offer if they were attractive women, no?"

Westley blushes a hint at that, and he pops the remainder of his donut into his mouth. "...Probably." He shrugs and washes it down with some coffee. "As long as she isn't crazy. I mean, 'Gonna save you for Jaysus' crazy, you know? Had that, too."

Rakel grins. "I am not going to save you for Jesus or anything." She adds a little laugh. "But, you could come stay with me for the night, if you wished. Get washed up, a good night's sleep, and a bit of food. Yeah?"

"That's awful nice of you. How do you know I'm not, like...an axe murderer or something? That my last victim didn't give me these wounds?" Even as he says it it really doesn't seem very convincing.

Rakel shrugs a bit. "I think its safe for me to take my chances. I'm not exactly defenseless, after all." She smirks. "I definitely have my ways of taking care of myself, and others..." She sort of purrs at that last bit.

Westley blinks at that and laughs softly. "Alright. Sure. But don't take it personal if I head out tomorrow. Haven't slept in one place for a long period in...years. Not sure how I can handle it..." He trails off and sips his coffee. "But, I haven't tried it, either."