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Donut venture into the paranormal!

Dramatis Personae

Amanda, Aurore, Iezika, Yoo Mi Yeo, Stig

8 April, 2017

Aurore and Amanda have coffee while trying to stop Iezika investigating the paranormal.


Dippin' Donuts

It's a busy day at Dipping Donuts. The coffee and donuts must flow! In line at the counter, looking over what's on offfer, is the ever colourful Amanda! Heaven knows she needs to keep her figure.

Iezika sighs, as she comes in, originally to get a Donut and coffee and waves as she sees Amanda. As she comes over, she says "Hey,Amanda! I need help." Iezika is quite blue today. She doesn't wear a suit for once! Instead, she is dressed in a dark blue t-shirt of the Italian nathional soccer team, a Napoli Track jacket and a pair of jeans.

Having placed her order with Amanda, Aurore moved to secure a table for the duo. The former model now arches a brow in her friend's direction as the unfamiliar (to Aurore, at least) figure of Iezika calls out... but she continues the task of unwrapping her Winter garb, then hauling out her laptop from her backpack.

Cigarette in her mouth steps Yoo Mi into the dippin' donuts place. Cops and Donuts. They just work so well. Then again, it doesn't hurt a PI either. Ditching the cigarette outside walks she over to the counter, her gaze wandering over the people gathered, offering them a faint little nod, before she turns to the barista... bartender...? Donut lady? Well, whoever is serving behind the counter. "Twelve Donuts, half chocolate, half cream filled."

Amanda rolls her eyes at Yoo Mi and says, pointing at the queue with her thumb, "Get in the line, yeah?" The queue moves, and she arrives at the counter. "Two black coffees, one with syrup, the other with cream and a half-dozen plain donuts please?" she orders. Looking to Iezika, she asks, "What's up?"

Iezika sighs "Well... I found out I needed to learn a language, so I saw that professor, and we were having a chat and then all turned creepy. Things changed colours, and one of his eyes turned black. I think something may be wrong with my eyes or wrong with him... and he had a dog... that seemed... unnormal. Didn't move, didn't react... totally still, like a corpse. But it was warm and breathing! And it appeared, despite not being there a second ago!" Iezika shakes her head "Anyways... it was like... unnatural. Like out of Buffy!"

Aurore pauses, part-way through folding her overcoat neatly into place atop her backpack. She blinks at Iezika's overheard words - which catch her attention more than Amanda telling off a queue-jumper - then slightly shakes her head and forces her gaze back down to the task in hand. Still, she pensively bites her lower lip as she does so.

Iezika looks confused "Anyways... that is... impossible! I think... vampires and demons don't exist!"

Amanda sighs rolling her eyes at Iezika's statement. "Maybe stay away from the stoners and anyone selling dodgy incense?" she offers to Iezika. Her donuts and drinks arrive, shortly after she pays for them. Taking them, she turns and starts walkign to Aurore.

Iezika puts her hand on Amanda's shoulder "I am NOT taking any drugs. I could swear, I saw it with my own eyes! Probably! Either that, or I am going crazy!" she sighs "You have to believe me... I am starting to be afraid!"

With the possibility of extra company arriving, Aurore scoots her pack right over to the wall, and slides along the bench to sit close beside it. The native raises her hand in greeting, offering a slight inclination of her head. "Hi there," she directs to Amanda and her troubled acquaintance. "Don't even often hear fear discussed over doughnuts." Her voice is a rich, warm, near-magical alto ((Striking Voice 2; Hypnotic Voice)); the accent mixes local tones with more exotic influences.

Amanda puts the drinks and donuts on the table and sits next to Aurore. "Had you stayed up late? Or were there any wierd smells in the professors officce?" she offers, taking her syrupy coffee and blowing on it to cool it down. "I've seen the odd weird thing after some super late revision sessions."

Iezika nods "Some kind of... green tea... rather odd, like his dog. But I didn't stay up late..." she says "And... if EVERYTHING on him, suddenly changes its colour, at once, even sleep depriviation shouldn't explain it." she sighs

Aurore's hands move in a rapid flicker of motion - akin to ASL or something of the sort - before she looks back to Iezika and extends a hand over the table. "Hi there. Again," she says with a smile. "I'm Aurore."

For Amanda, or anyone with active paranormal capacity to understand even the most obscure of visual languages, her gestures declare: ~He's real. I met him.~

Iezika smiles at Aurore "Lucchese, IEzika Immacolata Lucchese." her accent, betrays she is from New York.

"He gave you odd green tea?" Amanda asks, "Maybe there was something in it?" Her eyes flick to Aurore's hands, then her own hands move in turn, ~Which proffessor? Supernaturally strong Harrison, or the one that likes hanging round in sewers and circumventing Police investigations?~

"I didn't GET tea. He SMELLED like it." she sighs "He was blonde and blue eyed, teached Spanish 101 or 1001, can't remember the number... and had a very wornout suit... and a Corgi... with really large, pure black eyes."

Iezika says, “And why are you gesticulating even more wildly than my mother?”

Iezika shakes Aurore's hand, after introducing herself

"It's a little more subtle than passing notes. Usually," Aurore says, flashing a smile at Iezika. "Have you ordered anything for yourself yet? You can have a seat either way, but I don't want to direct you to park yourself here if you'd rather be at the counter getting a drink."

Iezika shakes her head "Nah... that can wait... I think drinking a cup of coffee less, MIGHT be good for my health!" Iezika is a coffee addict!

Amanda nods, pointing at Aurore and she takes a drink of her coffee. After, she grabs a donut, taking a bite. "Yeah, the hand thing is something we do occasionally," she says.

Aurore flips open her laptop, setting it to powering up, before snaring her own coffee and taking a cautious but appreciative sip. "Well, do feel free to settle down, then. We *might* even be talked into letting you have a doughnut, if you're lucky."

Iezika tilts her head "Why do I think that was some kind of secret language between you? More subtle than passing notes... you ARE hiding something from me..." she said, calmly, just stating a fact, not accusing "Let me guess, the professor WAS supernatural?"

Iezika pulls her own laptop out, which looks AT LEAST 16 years old, before starting it. "And I think, I found Amanda's Youtube channel..."

Amanda looks to Aurore's laptop, then perks up a little. "Ooo, Aurore, I need to show you something later. Might help on your research," she says to the ass-tastic Aurore. "Not too hard to find my channel," she says to Iezika.

Iezika smiles "So, it appears, you ARE believing in the supernatural." she said, LIGHTLY teasing Amanda "So, cards on the table, what is going on." Iezika appears to REALLY want to find out what was going on "I didn't take drugs, and I suppose Prof. Corgi wasn't drugging his own tea."

Aurore's derriere is presently quite firmly out of sight, however -tastic it might be. Its owner, however, blinks and chuckles at each of her companions in turn. "Amanda's somewhat famous, in some circles," she says dryly. "Is the paranormal something of interest to you, Iezika? It's not necessarily something to ask about openly in a doughnut shop. And my own research, Amanda? Sounds interesting. I had someone show up out of the blue to ask me to do some research on a few Roman coins she'd found. Not exactly my field of expertise, but it made for a fun diversion." Her fingers rattle smoothly on the keys, entering her password so that her laptop can enter the final phase of booting up.

"I'll show you later Aurore," Amanda says. "Yeah, I'm into the supernatural, but I tend to prefer proof and investigating," she explains to iezika.

Iezika shakes her own head "I am not into supernatural, but... well... I was scared due to that professor... and... there doesn't appear to be a rational explanation, for what happened, you know? I am just afraid that if he is a demon, he might attempt to kill me." The student said, honestly

Aurore deftly opens up Notepad on her laptop, nodding sympathetically to Iezika. "There're a lot of freaky types around the university, to be sure. Around the city as a whole, in all honesty." Her fingers rattle on the keys, typing what's likely to be gibberish to virtually anyone who gets a glimpse of it - though with only Amanda beside her, that should be hard to manage anyway.

'World-breaker. Researches mind, at the big place of learning. Deals with spirits, and flaunts it. Arrogance more dangerous than intent, it seems. Little self-restraint', she types in Passamaquoddy, avoiding any words that might be recognisable to someone unfamiliar with her mother's tribal tongue.

Amanda nods as Aurore talks. "Yeah, some people can convince you of anything, others are /amazing/ magicians," she says. She reads what Aurore types, then takes the laptop and types, in the same language yet managing to truncate it more, "Not met him. Need 2 investig8? She ax 2 mny Qs. Thng I tell u abt is lng dist comm prog."

The Napolie fan shakes her head "REGULAR freaks don't change colours. They stalk, they do odd things, sit around in basements, but... they don't change colours at will... some thing is off about that guy... and he ISN'T a magician" the girl, still suspected the two others were hiding something... especially, given they exchanged the laptop to type, the gestures...

Aurore offers a low, rich chuckle as she shakes her head - but her expression is rueful rather more than amused. "Sadly... if you nose around at all here, you might well find more of that sort of thing. Though *most* people manage to avoid anything too overt. But there are certainly way too many who enjoy playing tricks of various kinds, no matter how unsettling they are."

'Society has truce with his lot. But they're supposed to be subtle, anywhere those not 'awake' can see them', she types, still in Passamaquoddy. 'Seems to pride himself on going his own way. As I understand it, not too unusual for a world-breaker. Too often think that if they *can* break the rules, then rules must be there to be broken. Even if they're what hold most people's world together. But the world-breakers are among the civilised groups the Society cut a deal with, to face worse threats. Including any of theirs who go wholly mad or *try* to end the world, I believe.'

"Yeah, there are groups here that /really/ value their privacy. Nose around too much and you'll be at risk of harm," Amanda explains sadly. Typing, she says, "World-Breaker? Which group tht? bld? woof? rbt-hat?"

Iezika sighs "So, best pretend as if I never saw anything? Just ignore the next time I see such an odd thing?" she asks

"If you honestly think that he's capable of making a dog appear out of thin air, and either warp your perceptions *or* really change the colours of things in front of you... then caution might seem wise, yes," Aurore suggests quietly. "At best, he's a prankster who has no compunctions about unsettling you. Which could certainly fit: the man in question, I believe, teaches Psychology as well as Sociology. His Spanish classes are a side-line. But caution can be sensible in Fallcoast. The city has a large and dark underside."

'What I can do is either innate or slow, as you've seen,' Aurore types, fingers moving in a rapid rattle as she undertakes a longer explanation, still in Passamaquoddy. 'There's the even-slower route I've tried to teach you guys for some of what I do. There's also a near-instant route, some can access. That doesn't work around rules or try to find loopholes: it just powers through them. And can leave wreckage in its wake. "World-breaker" is a term I came up with for them; others of my kind seem to understand it when I use it. Our stuff can have bad results, same as any action someone undertakes. But the world-breakers can cause mayhem by *how* they force things into the way they want them. They call it 'true magic' and the like. Many of my kind call it crazily dangerous and crude, however awe-inspiring it is.'

Stig hops out of the ambulance while his partner live parks it out side. He's come in to buy a round of coffee for the, and maybe a couple of muffins. He is looking crisp and bright on this beatiful day and the cuffs of his uniform are rolled up and pressed midway over his pale biceps. He has a pair of mirror shades on and the blonde stubble on his head shines in the daylight.

Iezika sighs, before muttering "Odd city." following this, looks at the door, as it is opened. She shakes her head "Who wears mirrored shades in the spring? And it isn't THAT hot!" she turns to Aurora "After all, you still wore winter clothes!" she shakes her head once more "Good I probably won't have to deal with Paramedics."

Aurore's gaze flicks to the new arrival... but her morning remains a comparatively relaxed one: his form of reanimation does nothing to trigger any of her array of paranormal senses, so he feels blessedly normal and unthreatening to her. Indeed, there's a slight smile in response to the uniform, and she glances outside to confirm the presence of the ambulance. Then she looks back to her companions at the table. "I suspect it's a style thing. Or more likely an 'end of a long shift' thing," she says with a wry smile. "It's not as if they tend to be able to choose when they work."

On the keyboard of her laptop, her fingers rattle out another reply to Amanda, still in Passamaquoddy. 'Don't think we need to do anything. Would risk truce if Society got involved unless he went rogue. Even then, they should sort it out themselves if they can. But it's scary they *haven't*, given what he's done to himself, and how casual he is with his abilities.'

Amanda glances at Stig amd smirks before looking back at the others and sipping her coffee. She types into the laptop, "shd we reprt him to their grp?"

While waiting for his coffee and muffins to be prepared, Stig wanders over to the plate glass window where some locals publications have been stacked and picks up the weekly entertainment paper. He thumbs through it, seeing what bands are playing. He removes his shades revealing a pair of disarming blue eyes. Something he sees pleases him because he breaks into a grin and rips out an add.

Iezika shakes her head "Poor guy, then. Another point for pathology. The dead don't need THAT much hurry. Waiting until the morning doesn't kill them." she chuckles at her own joke. She turns to Stig "Anything interesting there?" she shouts to him

Aurore shoots Iezika an amused look, before turning it on Amanda for a moment, then glancing to the shouted-at Stig. As she does so, she touch-types, 'Wondered about it. Might know someone I could mention him to', still in Passamaquoddy.

Amanda nods at what Aurore types but doesn't respond. She chuckles at Iesika calling out Stig, grabbing a donut to munch on.

Stig looks over at the woman in the suit. and then at the others. "Umn.." he says, uncertainly. "Killing Joke is touring and coming by here in May..." He holds up the add. "I love that band." He moves to get his muffins but has to wait for the new coffee.

Iezika smiles "Killing Joke? Pity I won't have my degree by then! Would provide a lot to work with!" she jokes "I have to admit, I never heard of that band, though..."

Amanda finishes her coffee then says, "Sorry guys, I gotta head out. Got coursework that needs doing. Enjoy the donuts!" With that she gathers her stuff and disappears out the door.

Aurore blinks at Iezika, then offers a low, richly musical laugh. "Killing Joke? I wouldn't have thought they were still around. Or are they as long-lived as The Cult?" Then Amanda's dashing off, receiving a wave and a grin as she effects her escape. With its intended viewer gone, Aurore deletes the text on her Notepad document of Passamaquoddy comments, before closing it down without saving.

Stig tells Aurore. "The Cult still tour... they were at the Casino Ballroom down in Hampton Beach last Summer." He steps aside for Amanda and moves a little closer to the ladies' table. "Are yoiu all in school?" Now that he's spoken a little more you can hear he has a Minnasotan accent.

Iezika sighs "Sadly. They don't let me cut up corpses to determine the corpse of death without a degree." Iez said, speaking with a Brooklyn Accent "I never heard of either. Hardbass is a mostly... digital genre, and for the other bands, I don't have the money to go to Europe. That, or the vocalists are dead... or, as said before, not touring in America." she waves at Amanda

"That's why I asked if Killing Joke were as long-lived as The Cult," Aurore says, flashing a brilliant grin to Stig. Her own accent mixes local tones with much more exotic influences; her voice is a richly warm and near-magical alto. Looking to Iezika, she shrugs amiably. "A lot of my own tastes in music came from buying cassette tapes as a kid. So I know a random selection of old rock and other bits and pieces. 'Killing Joke' is familiar as a name, but I can't bring anything to mind for them."

Stig says, "Well they'd broken up for a bunch of years. This is like a reunion gig." He squints a little at Iez. "You want a degree so you can cut up corpses?" He laughs a little.

Iezika laughs "Well... actually, I want to help to solve crimes, and actually study BOTH forensics AND medicine as majors..."

"Ahh. Do you know Amanda through the forensics?", Aurore asks Iezika, before squirming around a little to make it easier to look to and fro between Iezika and Stig... then the paramedic receives a call, and has to dash out to his ambulance. "So much for getting a break," she murmurs, head canting to one side as she watches the vehicle pull away at speed.

Iezika smiles "Actually, I got to know her right after I got here. I decided to get something to eat, and met her after my first helping at that waffle house..."

Aurore blinks, then laughs. "She does *love* her waffles," she says with a grin. "So you're a recent arrival here in Fallcoast?"

Iezika smiles "I got here on monday... so, not even a week."

"Wow. So you're a very late arrival in the academic year. Are you signed up with the university yet?" Aurore sounds genuinely curious.

Iezika nods "Yes. I even started attending classes. If they pull the grades together with New Jersey, I will only have missed a week. That is, if that is possible."

"Ahhh. So you've transferred, rather than officially starting from scratch? That makes sense." Aurore nods approvingly, taking a long sip of her coffee. "What drew you up here to Fallcoast?"

Iezika sighs "Honestly... a breakup and a scholarship at this college..."

Aurore winces sympathetically. "Well, *half* of that sounds good. I'm sorry about the first bit, though."