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Discussing Werewolf Things

Fetishes, Klaves and Weaponized Silver (Oh my!)

Dramatis Personae

Asger, Dani, and her hob companion: Jorgee (NPC)

Feburary 18th, 2021

Dani visits Asger at the lighthouse on the Wagner family's island to ask him some questions about werewolves. As he immediately offers to make her a fetish, thus opening the discussion, she doesn't even have to force the matter.


The Lighthouse on Rising Moon Isle

Asger is busy cooking breakfast, a couple eggs and a slab of ham as he seems to be frying it, half dressed, his pants on but no shirt. This also means she can see the runes carved into his chest. He then goes to the table and puts the food at the table and proceeds to get to eating.

Dani is fully dressed and is carring hints of the scent of bacon in her hair as she steps up to the lighthouse door and raps her knuckles on the door and calls out, "Good morning, Asger."

Asger gets up an goes to the door to open it and lets her in. "Welcome. I been researching a few things and I think I can make you a fetish and I know the perfect fetish for you. It is called the skeleton key, and it opens any mechanical lock when activated.

Stepping into the apartment, Dani blinks and says, "I hope that's a totally different meaning for that word then I am familiar with, Asger," but from her shoulder Jorgee says, "Its a term for items of power that some mages and shifters make, Dani," and with a snicker he adds, "Asger's not offering what you're thinking of," which causes her to blush a violent red in embarassment.

"Well I can make fetishes for wolfblooded but they require doing the ban of the spiirt in the item to activate it. I think someone of your condition can do the same. The weakest form of the fetish is within the power level to be used by wolfblooded." He says as he begins to go to his seat and dig into breakfast. "Would you like some breakfast?"

"I could eat some more before I sail to the mainland," Dani says in reply with a smile and then she says, "Being able to bypass locks sounds... interesting," as she takes a seat at the table also.

Asger nods as he gets some eggs and begins to fry them, scrambling them. "So what brings you to me?" He asks curiously as he cooks the eggs so they are nice and moist and in a matter of minutes gets a slab of ham and fries it. Once both are cooked he puts them on a plate and gives them to her with a knife and fork.

Dani talks to Asger while he's cooking. "Well, you've been telling me about the Pure and talking about needing allies," she starts. "As I am one," she pauses and smirks as she adds, "An ally of course," and then continues, "I figured I should be prepared. Legends say silver, but legends aren't always right so I was curious what type of things I should have on me if or when I'm going to be facing your enemies with you." She stops and says, "If you trust me with that information of course."

"Silver was Luna's personal metal and what she dubbed would be used to kill us for killing her mate. Recently the forsaken managed to appease Luna to lessen the damage to silver. meaning we can actually touch silver without it hurting us. However, when weaponized, it still deals massive damage to us." He explains as he sits down and begins to eat. "The pure can't touch silver at all, it hurts them like weaponizing it against us. There is a talon which when used can actually force a werewolf into human form and have human regeneration." He says calmly as he watches the woman.

Dani nods and asks, "Weaponizing it... would just adding silver to a blade do that?" before she starts to eat the scrambled eggs she's been served.

From her shoulder, Jorgee asks, "So... the bad werewolves are alergic to silver but you guys aren't...?"

"The pure believe we should be venerating father wolf instead of mother luna. Because we venerate mother luna so much she gave us all a blessing to be able to touch silver." He explains and nods to Dani. "Silver bullets, silver edges on weapons, that's weaponizing it and it can hurt us massively when the silver is used as a weapon." He explains as he eats.

Dani nods and begins working on the ham. "Its good," she says about the food between bites but focuses on it for now.

Jorgee, almost sounding like he's asking a rehearsed question, asks, "How do you know that your Father Wolf and Mother Luna weren't keepers and that you guys aren't just descendants of changlings who bred true?"

Putting the truth into the sense of rehersal of that question, Dani nods along as if the question was her's but the more eloquent beetle was speaking it for her while still continuing to eat the meal Asger prepared.

"Because last I checked, changelings are sterile upon leaving their keepers. How can they breed true if they are sterile?"

"Because last I checked, changelings are sterile upon leaving their keepers. How can they breed true if they are sterile?" Asger says as he looks to Dani. "I fucked a changeling who could change her appearance...she said becoming like you people makes them sterile on leaving the hedge." He explains.

A surprised look spreads across Dani's features and she frowns, looks towards her shoulder and, with mild anger in her voice she asks Jorgee, "Why didn't you tell me that when we were discussing this line of inquiry?"

Speaking defensively and quickly, the beetle says, "I tried to tell you. You told me you didn't want to hear about what was done to you though and said to shut up about that, mademoiselle." Then, his attention turned to Asger, he says, "Its not my fault!"

At this Dani just sighs and says, "Okay, so I need to listen better I guess," to her companion and then asks Asger, "Would it offend you if I started carrying weaponized silver? Also would you and your ilk know I was if I was near you?"

"I don't think we would notice though there may be gifts which lets us detect silver. I don't mind as long as you don't use it on me." He says calmly as he watches her. "Weaponizing silver can kill us, easily even when we are in our war form." He says as he gets up. He then shifts into gauru form to reveal a blonde and red wolf man creature easily 8 foot tall as he looks to her. He sniffs her before shifting back to human form and sits back down.

Jorgee, maybe expected for the coward he is, eeeps and scurries up his changeling's neck to hide behind her ear deep in her hair when Asger takes on his war form.

For her part, Dani scoots her chair back reflexively and puts her hand to the hilt of her knife on her right hip in response to the form change but otherwise doesn't act until her cousin is back in his human form at which point she says, "Wow, that's... massive. And I'd only use it on you if you were trying to kill me... so it won't happen, right?"

<Wagner> Plate says, “Sounds great”

"If I stay in that form too long, the chances increases where I go into kuruth, the death rage and once in that...well The only way I can be brought out is nothing left to kill and brought unconscious." He explains as he eats his breakfast. Asger then looks to the bug. "Your companion is so brave." he says with a snicker.

Dani crosses her arms across her chest and asks, "If you were less than an inch long and considered tasty by many things in your enviornment how brave would you be, Aster?" in defense of the cowardly beetle. "He's my companion because I've promised to protect him after all," she adds. None of this sounding angry, more disappointed instead.

Asger snickers. He then goes to the bedroom and pulls out a large battle axe out from under the bed and sets it on the table. The axe is large, and the blade has a golden edge with silver runes along the blade. the handle is red wood and has a wolf head carved at the bottom of the axe. "I made this recently." He says calmly as he lets her looks to his klaive.

Dani pantomimes picking it up and asks, "May I?" only doing so after a nodded acknowledgement from her cousin. Hefting it and looking over the weapon, she says, "Impressive," and then, nodding towards the gilded edge, asks, "Not weaponised with silver I see, right?"

Poking his head out of the Beast's hair, Jorgee asks, "Its magic itself, isn't it?" out of curiosity, not any special sense that allows him to know already.

"That is what we call a klaive. It is a weapon fetish which has a gift which allows it to be used in war form." He says as he shakes his head. "To kill a werewolf is a sin. Using weaponized silver indicates a desire to kill a werewolf which means the weapon is sinful." He explains as he watches the woman. "I intend to work on a skeleton key for you. I found some pieces of bone I can use to make it an actual skeleton key." He explains. "The ban on the fetish will be you have to say a phrase in the first tongue, the language of the spirit."

"Kind of like a wizard speaking in Latin to cast spells?" Dani asks, harkening to some fantasy story she's been exposed to obviously and follows that up with, "Will I be capable of doing that?"

"Speaking the first tongue in human form isnt easy. Certain sounds dont exist with the human mouth but it is passable." Asger explains. He then watches her heft the axe. He then nods. "I can wield that axe with one hand in my human form, I gain more strength in war form so it will be easier to wield it." He says as he pours some coffee and offers some to her with sugar and cream. He drinks his black apparently, like a badass.

Dani's face momentarily twists into one of disgust as the scent of the coffee reaches her nose. "No thank you," she says politely. "I'll take some orange juice though if you have it?"

"Luckily I do." he says as he gets into the fridge and gets a jug of orange juice. He then gets a glass and pours some into it and he gives her the glass. He sips his coffee and waits for the woman's reaction.

Dani doesn't really have a reaction to Asger drinking coffee himself. After taking a sip of the juice she says, "Spirit tongue, eh? Interesting."

"All spirits speak the first tongue. Rumor persists that the first tongue was what werewolves taught to humans during the days of pangea." He explains as he sips his coffee. "So are you really interested in my culture? I would think being a faerie would keep you busy most of the time." He says calmly.

"You're my cousin and one of the first two people I saw after successfully escaping, so yeah, I'm curious," Dani replies. "Joining it fully and learning everything about it may be more than I can do however," she admits before retrning her attention to the food so as to finish the meal.

Asger finishes his food an when he looks to Dani he stands and puts his axe in his custom sheath strap on his back. He then begins to head to the door. "Lets go see what trouble to get into." He says to dani as he begins to head out.

"Speaking of changeling things," Dani says as Asger starts to head out, "I need to meet with another member of my court." She pauses and grins, "I didn't tell you about that so maybe later I'll come back and we can see about that trouble you wanted to go looking for?"

Asger comes back in and gets his shirt on and the strapping for his axe. He then looks to the woman and nods. "I appreciate your help." He says calmly as he begins to head out.